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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  September 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report," fair, balanced and is still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by rachel campos-duffy starts in 10 seconds. i gave you an extra 10 seconds. >> rachel: a little extra time huh, bret? you were speaking really fast. thank you, bret. >> bret: have a good one. >> rachel: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> rachel: he i'm rachel campos-duffy. tonight, joe biden is desperate to change the narrative. and he has found the perfect plan to get the nation's mind off of his failures in afghanistan. he is not mad at the taliban anymore. he is angry at you. 88 million americans who haven't been vaccinated. what happened to him being the president for all americans? >> this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million americans who are still not vaccinated.
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elected officials actively working to undermine the fight against covid-19. what more is there to wait for? what more do you need to see? we have been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. and a refusal has cost all of us. >> rachel: but, wait, this is the same administration that promised us last spring that they would never crush the freedoms of millions of americans. >> let me be very clear on this. i know there has been lots of questions. the government is not now nor will would he be supporting a system that requires americans to carry credential. there will be no federal vaccination database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential. >> rachel: and the first domino of freedom has fallen for federal employees and contractors. >> i will sign an executive order that will now require all executive branch federal elmly . >> emily: employees to be
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vaccinated. all. i have signed another executive order that will require federal contractors to do the same. if you want to work with the federal government and do business with us, get vaccinated. >> rachel: and biden's assault on our rights doesn't stop at the public sector. at the white house going after private businesses. maybe even your employer. tonight, i'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers, with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at least once a week. >> rachel: democrats in the media spent four years calling donald trump a tyrant. but what we just saw from joe biden is more authoritarian than anything donald trump ever tried. biden will tell you he is making these decisions because he cares
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about the lives of americans. but don't be fooled. on the very same day that the white house cracked down on freedoms, and forced millions of americans to undergo a medical procedure his department of justice is suing the state of texas and doing everything it can to support the murder of untold numbers of unborn babies. the president. >> on the day this announcement was made in texas the president made pretty clear to the department of justice, to the department of homeland health and human services that they were to do everything they could to protect a woman's right to healthcare. a woman's right to choose. >> rachel: just so we are clear here, the government supports your right to choose unless it's your choice to be unvaccinated. the babylon bee summing it up with this tweet. joe biden unveils your body, my choice vaccination program. now, this is a phony headline but the babylon bee is satire after all. but today the joke doesn't seem funny because it feels so true.
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joining me tonight, our town editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich along with former white house press secretary and co-host of outnumbered kayleigh mcenany. welcome to both of you. so, this is so interesting. >> good evening. >> rachel: i will start with you, katie. i think part of the problem is that the biden administration keeps forcing it, which is making people resist it. maybe if they just let it go, more people would feel more comfortable about taking the vaccine. >> wow, there is so much they have done wrong, rachel in terms of trying to influence people to get the vaccine. we don't have enough time. there is basic things that they could be doing that would make people feel more comfortable. the first is stop lying about how this process is going to go. you know, joe biden in december of last year said he wouldn't mandate something like he did today. and you had the cdc director just two months ago saying they were not mandating private businesses to implement these vaccination requirements or, you know, calling on osha to come up
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with some kind of rule they haven't even written yet to implement on private businesses. that's the first thing. the second thing, and this is something that dr. marty that carrie pointed out yesterday. he said in previewing president biden's remarks that he had hoped he would talk about natural immunity. this idea that natural immunity isn't even being considered in the conversation when we have data, science, real hard facts now that show that natural immunity has far more protection than the vaccine. the other thing, too, that president biden did today, which i'm not sure if he did this on purpose, but he inadvertently undermined the vaccine and how efficient it is at protecting people from the virus. because he made this whole argument as he has for a couple of months that it's the unvaccinated who are presenting a threat to the vaccinated. well, if the vaccine really works in the way the cdc and the fda has told us it does, then the vaccinated are protected from the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated can make their own choices about the risks they
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want to take when it comes to covid and getting the vaccine or having natural immunity. and so they are lecturing people from the white house and making them a target somehow as joe biden did today going back on his word is not making people more comfortable, it's making them angry. >> rachel: exactly. kayleigh, so, let's talk about it from the aspect of, you know, she is right there. is a lot of lies being told about this. it's making people uncomfortable, including the cdc taking advice from their political donors, the democrats' political donors the teachers unions. i think when it comes all down to it, a lot of people just feel like this feels a lot like the chinese credit score if you are vaccinated you get certain amounts of privileges if you are not you are not going to regardless of whether you have had covid and natural immunities as katie pointed out. >> that's right. look, i am going to say four simple quotes for you. if you break the rules, prepare to pay. our patience is wearing thin. it's time to shake people. and the voluntary phase are
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over. those four quotes are not from the math i can't. those four quotes are from joe biden and bill de blasio. they have decided we are moving forward from the voluntary phase and we are going to compel people, force people to take this vaccine. look, i was a part of the trump administration. we oversaw operation warp speed. i have always said i believe it's a good vaccine. i took the vaccine myself. but the used that you are saying it's time shake people. that's what de blasio said. voluntary phase is over. compel and force people, as katie points out, when joe biden said he would not do a vaccine mandate, when walensky said that when jen psaki said that and then they did, you hit the nail on the head, rachel, this is exactly how you compel people not to take the vaccine. to threaten to club them over the head essentially. no carrot, all sticks. this is insanity and people will not take the vaccine because of that political stunt. that's what it was. a political stunt today where joe biden says i won't turn my back on you. but you have turned your back opt american people on the
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vaccine, in afghanistan, and beyond. >> rachel: katie, i have just been really surprised throughout this pandemic of how compliant americans have been, especially young people, how too we fight back? what is going to be the final straw before americans say enough is enough? >> i think a lot of americans are fighting back and saying enough is enough. we just found out, right before coming on the show, that the u.s. postal service union gets an exemption from this federal government vaccine mandate that joe biden put in place today. so we do know that people are fighting back. i'm sure we will see lawsuits against this federal mandate that private businesses, you know, mandate vaccines for their workers. and so, i think people are saying, look, i have been compliant. i didn't want to kill my grandmother. i did the right thing. and now every single time that i do what i am told, by the so-called experts, they change -- they move the goal post. they change what the expectations are. and then they lecture people for
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having questions about their credibility. and when it comes down, rachel, to what we have seen throughout this pandemic as well with the elites doing whatever they want to do, and the working class, it's amazing how president biden won't fire dr. fauci but if you are a federal employee who has questions about the vaccine or you have natural immunity or you want a religious exemption, you get to lose your job. >> rachel: kayleigh, tell me about the politics of this. i know that the biden administration wants to turn the page on afghanistan and the disaster and they are hoping that this big announcement today will do that really quick, do you think it's going to work? >> no, it's not going to work. joe biden is at 39% for the economy. 25% for afghanistan. now in the 50's with covid, probably below that at this point. so mandates are 50/50, i don't believe that is actually the credit polling. looked at the public polling, he saw that trying to flip the script. not going to work, joe. we you a see through this act. kayleigh, katie, thank you for
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joining me tonight. if you thought our kids would be except from the vaccine madness, think again. the los angeles school board is meeting tonight in less than an hour. they are expected to have a mandate for vaccines for every single student over the age of 12. the move -- this move would affect more than 400,000 children in the district. but it goes against the science as dr. marty makary has highlighted the lack of risk children face saying quote: my research team at john hopkins works to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with covid. our report found a mortality rate of zero among children with a pre-existing medical condition. so, why force this vaccine mandate? let's ask dr. harvey risch an epidemiologist at yale university. doctor, what do you say about this study done at john hopkins university that no child who did not already have a pre-existing condition who got covid has died in this country of covid? why are we mandating vaccines
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then? >> well, we shouldn't be. it's not rational. people are scared and running scared and their anxiety is causing them to make irrational decisions. >> rachel: explain to me, for example, why natural immunity continues to be something that the administration refuses to acknowledge when they talk about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in that school district in l.a. about 58% of the students have had the vaccine. i imagine a very high number of those children have already had covid. >> yes. that's likely. and the thing that's not realized is that not only is natural immunity better, for the individual, it's also better for the society. the only way we will get out of this whole covid pandemic is having a large amount of natural immunity throughout the population. and this is only gained by having people at lower risk take the risk of having the infection. and, in fact, somewhere over
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70%, i believe 77% of americans now have had the infection according to the cdc information. this means that we have a great base for depending off but it's not going to happen from vaccine immunity because vaccine immunity lasts only a few months. it's too narrow. it doesn't get all the variants. the natural immunity from having had mild or asymptomatic covid is much stronger and that's what's going to fight off the variants. these variants are ones that are going to going to be and do occur in vaccinated people. not unvaccinated people. the vaccinated people create the variants. that's what would have to be fought. >> rachel: dr. reber, thank you for joining us tonight. >> pleasure. >> rachel: we bailed out of the banks and auto industry. now it looks like bemight have to bail out the taliban, too. get ready for pallets of cash part 2. ♪ ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪
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♪ >> rachel: we left billions of dollars worth of high end military equipment for the taliban to use. but, clearly, that wasn't enough. because now they want more. they say afghanistan is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. not because they are killing their fellow afghans but because they're already out of cash and they're using the pakistan as their propaganda mouthpiece to pressure the united states into unfreezing roughly $9 billion for the taliban to use as they please. and if we don't start sending them money, pakistan warns us that terrorism will return. meanwhile, according to reports, the taliban are are already relying on the chinese to help fund their government. this may sound like a lose-lose situation for the u.s. but, don't worry, the same brilliant people who negotiated the iran deal like tony blinken and wendy sherman are on the case.
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joining me now is lara logan the host of lara logan has no agenda on fox nation. lara, thanks for joining me tonight. it does sound like a little bit of a nice country have you pakistan tell us, a nice country if you don't -- it would be really bad if something happened to testimony. you better release this $9 million frozen assets from the federal reserve or else we are going to get terrorism again? >> does sound a little bit like blackmail to me. hasten. >> rachel: is this another hostage situation. >> the pakistanis have been blackmailing the u.s. for decades nuclear capability. and congressman senators and both sides of the aisle are stupid enough to believe that the only policy is one of appeasement. that's the only one that can work. never mind that india is a nuclear power right there. and they are not threatening to flood the u.s. with terrorists, right? and this is much worse than anybody else i have had, you know, the last few hours have been incredibly significant for me because i have had people
4:20 pm
stepping forward to speak up because they are so horrified by what they are seeing right now, what the united states government is doing. >> rachel: people stepping forward from where. >> well, this is afghan and american sources with direct knowledge of what is happening who are directly involved. what happened when the taliban what was going on, afghan pilots fed to uzbekistan. that was one of the places they went. the pilots part of the afghan air force. and they have been in uzbekistan and the united states government, as i understand it from these people directly involved, multiple sources, including even guards on the ground in uzbekistan say that the u.s. has agreed to give all of that air force capability to the taliban. so we are talking about 7 black hawk helicopters, we are talking about close air support, what have you got there is four mission cable 8, 29 six wing aircraft. four special mission wing
4:21 pm
mi-17s, two little birds and so on. these are aircraft that have some of them at least two of them have very, very, very sensitive intelligence gathering capability on it and when i say sensitive, i mean i'm talking about cameras that do day and night mission that also allow for laser targeting of people on the ground. this is what our military is equipped with. and the united states is allowing this false narrative to be perpetuated and the media is dutily carrying this narrative that somehow we have to do this. we have no choice, got to get those american citizens out. what people are raising, intention people, veterans, active duty. military people, not just military people by the way. intelligence personnel, they are saying it seems to them almost as if the u.s. is quite happy to let these american citizens fall into the taliban so that they can then be used as the justification for what they are doing, because will are standard operating procedures that every single person in the military
4:22 pm
and intelligence agency know has to be followed. so when you withdrawal you don't lee that capability behind. and, also, if you leave it behind, you have the option of activating all of your systems that have designed to destroy that. >> rachel: destroy it, exactly. that's what everybody asks. >> so now we have firsthand reports that indicate that not only is the u.s. sending money to the taliban, not only are they letting them keep this equipment and capability that they have. but that they are actually going to take very sensitive significant capability from uzbekistan where it is not in the hands of the taliban and they have agreed to give it to them. and when it comes to the humanitarian aid, i have been reporting about a week now that they were going to pass off the money to the taliban as humanitarian aid. this was planned. it was part of the talks. are tony blinken and susan rice and jake sullivan and millie, mackenzie, all of them. they have blood on their hands.
4:23 pm
and right now there is an urgent crisis going on in the country where the afghans are still fighting and the u.s. is watching this happen and they're allowing pakistan to carry out mass killings from house to house to house, beheading two 12-year-old boys, killing women and children. killing the president of afghanistan's brother in the pue panjshir valley. >> rachel: wouldn't give the internet to the freedom fighters in cuba it doesn't surprise me they are not lifting a finger here as well. great information that's breaking news for all of you. thank you, lara, for sharing that with us tonight. >> thank you. >> rachel: all right. the walls appear to be closing in on the secretary of state tony blinken. what was he doing in the hamptons in the afghan government imploded and blood started spilling in the streets? we have an update for you on that next. ♪ ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this.
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♪ >> rachel: what the hell went wrong in afghanistan? that's what americans want to know right now. why did we decide to abandon bagram air force base before we evacuated americans and our allies? why was tony blinken in the hamptons as kabul fell? and why did we leave billions in weapons and technology for the taliban to use? well, we are about to find out soon. secretary of state antony blinken will be in the hot seat next week testifying before congress. and in two weeks, thanks to pressure by senate republicans, senior officials at the pentagon will have their day of testimony as well. alabama senator tommy tuberville led the way for these hearings and he joins me now. senator, welcome. >> thank you. >> rachel: so, tell me, what exactly do you want to hear? what questions do you want answered from, you know, general lloyd mille and blinken? >> well, first of all, everywhere i go everybody is wanting to know what the heck happened? to ho made these decisions?
4:30 pm
was it a political decision made by the state department or was it a military decision made by the -- our generals. everybody is asking that question and we can't get a direct answer so i wrote a letter to chairman reed, armed services, and asked that we have hearings and that will be next week. so, we will get some answers, hopefully, but this has been a debacle from day one. we can't get straight answers. the american people who pay the bills deserve answers. >> rachel: you know, i'm still scratching my head at how we allowed these weapons to fall in the hands of the taliban and we just had lara logan talking about how these resistant fighters were not helping them. yet now they are fighting a taliban that's even more powerful because we basically empowered them. we have given them our weapons and technology. i know, senator, my husband was a congressman. if you lose a computer in your office, if anyone in your staff loses a telephone or a computer or a laptop in your office, you senator, are responsible for
4:31 pm
that equipment, for that piece of office material. how is it that nobody is being held responsible for billions of dollars that have fallen into the hands of our enemies? >> well, they are afraid to answer up to who made these decisions. the problem that we have got -- the situation we have got to get to is we have to make sure we ask the right questions. if you look at all the hearings and/or the questions that have been answered from the state department and the military, they all have been just basic questions and answers, nobody has asked the hard questions. that's what we will do next week. understanding that if we don't do that then we are going to be talking about this all the way to thanksgiving and christmas. and the american people don't deserve that. >> rachel: yeah, well they are presenting it as if it's a success and they want to turn the page and talk about covid and mandates and, you know, abortion. it's really quite unbelievable. really quick, your colleague, marsha blackburn, says that she says mr. austin, general austin
4:32 pm
and general milley should actually resign now because she says it's pretty self-evident that they failed. >> well, they better have some good answers because we have had hearings for the last seven months about afghanistan, other things. all they want to talk about is white rage, getting extremism out of the military. we need a fighting machine. we need people to go fight. that's exactly what we have got. this is not the military's fault. this is our leaders' fault, whether it's the state department or a general, somebody is at fault. we need to find out who is behind all the problems that we had the last couple of weeks. >> rachel: senator, i think our generals are really focused on white supremacy and domestic terrorism instead of what is happening around the world. thank you, senator. appreciate it. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> well, the taliban kicked us out of afghanistan with our tails between our legs, embarrassed on the world stage. biden's state department has said -- stead it time and time again. the taliban is in control. and now that we're gone, the
4:33 pm
intelligence community is concerned that al-qaeda could once again start using afghanistan as a launching point for an attack on the united states. but don't worry. secretary of defense lloyd austin has this under control. he says we are putting the taliban on notice. yeah. that ought to do it. and if it doesn't, maybe he will listen to a strongly worded letter. joining me now to react is rob o'neill, the former marine who killed usama bin laden and general antoni at a time that author of "chasing the lion." i'm going to start -- welcome to both of you, first of all. i will start with you. >> thank you, rachel. >> rachel: of course. i will start with you, general, i know it's lloyd austin's job to advocate for the best plan for the state department. he clearly, i mean, backs the plan. that's what he did. he approved. it is he just incompetent? how did this happen and how come he is not embarrassed about what happened in afghanistan? >> well, i would certainly like
4:34 pm
to see more contrition from all of the errors. i mean, defense and the military? you have tony blinken completely out of his depth who is the one -- he was the lead federal agency for this noncombatant evacuation. you can see how seriously he took it. he went to the hamptons. it was his job to do the noncombatant evacuation. it was the military's job and secretary austin's job to come up with a plan to help support the lead federal agency, which was the state department that's the one, blinken is the one that drove kabul vs. bagram which a huge point of contention here. having served there for 13 months, i know that bagram was the right choice and kabul was, you know, like black hawk down terrain. so, choosing bagram or kabul
4:35 pm
over bagram, what you have got is blinken wanting the quote, unquote, easier, closer to the embassy. they don't want to have to relocate a makeshift embassy back up into bagram, et cetera. and we have completely abandoned the -- our people there, our afghan allies. and the northern alliance. i can't even believe we are not supporting them. a friend of mine, someone that i became very close with in panjshir valley, the governor, he was killed two days ago by the taliban. and it's just shameful whether a this administration is doing. >> yeah, rob, it is shameful. my question to you is about the navy seals and the special forces. they train to go and rescue people all the time around the world in very dangerous situations. we have now left it up to ngos and veterans. why -- what are you hearing? why hasn't the government -- you
4:36 pm
are u.s. government allowed our special forces to go in and rescue americans? i'm sure that you know, people that you know in the forces are probably itching to go in there and do it. >> thanks for having me today. great to see you too, general tata. yeah, i mean, a lot of veterans, special forces, especially navy seals and green berets they want to be in the fight and know what to do. they have been getting hamstrung so long rules of engagement a lot of the powers that be won't let us do our jobs. we are seeing it now because the government is so involved with trying to get out of bagram so they can have their ticker tape parade or whatever they want to done 00 anniversary of 9/11. former forces going in there as civilians with private industry to help rescue these people out of there so they can still do it. we know we can do it. we fought the taliban and al-qaeda and isis a lot. we never lost to them face to face. it's a shame they are not going to let us do it. not only that it's going to be hard when we go back in there to get any translators or human intelligence on the ground simply because no one trusts us
4:37 pm
anymore. if i was an afghan i certain certainly wouldn't work for the united states right now. especially they have 7,000 devices that they can see who we took retina scans and fingerprints. they are going house to house. and if they find you worked for the americans as a translator or even a driver or secretary, you are lucky if they just kill you. what they are generally doing right now, even though we are not seeing it because we are only seeing what they let us see they are torturing families in front of them before they cut their heads off. barbaric stuff going on. sad to see. i want to tell every veteran nothing but love for people who rose their right hand in the air to defend this country. what you did was not in vain. what at the end of the day you fought for your brothers and sisters and did a great job. >> rachel: such terrible news. both of you thank you so much. general, rob, thank you. >> thank you. >> rachel: of course. kamala harris called the fake attack on jussie smollett a modern day leveraging. so what does she think of the very real attack on republican larry elder? does his black life matter?
4:38 pm
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♪ >> rachel: last night we were the first program to show you the brazen attack on california gubernatorial candidate larry elder by a in the job in a gorilla mask. it was a story that should have been too hot for the press to ignore. yet, all the liberal media has hardly covered it. same with the democrats. kamala harris was in california campaigning for gavin newsom when the egging actually occurred. unlike the phony attack on jussie smollett which she called an attempted modern day lynching. hmmm, i wonder why? joining me now is fox news contributor joe concha. so,. >> hey, rachel. >> rachel: welcome to the show. what would have happened if this woman had pulled this stunt on say stacey abrams or, say, michelle obama? >> kamala harris, first, what does she think about this particular attack? the answer is who knows? kamala harris hasn't done a on-on-one interview in months.
4:44 pm
she hasn't healed solo press conference as president. you could find amelia earhardt no relation of course in her plane than. that still up the one who said attempted modern day lynching, 79,000 likes and re-tweets. jack dorsey might want to get on that a little bit as far as misinformation is concerned. to answer your question, rachel, here you have a white individual, dressed in a gorilla mask, attacking a black person, a black person getting tig tall how is she how is she not in jail charged with a hate crime. cory booker attacked in the same racist fashion. what do you think would happen then? you would have the media screaming with pitch forks on top of soapboxes calling for jail time for this individual while condemning individuals as a whole condemning such a culture of hate.
4:45 pm
that what would have happened. >> rachel: they would find out who she is. all over the daily mail, lost her job. looking at her and thinking maybe she doesn't have a job. i don't know what her situation is let me ask you one quick question about kamala, she is campaigning for gavin newsom in california. she is not very popular, why would they bring her to california to help gavin newsom? >> and, rachel, when you say not very popular "u.s.a. today" poll she is at 35% approval. we are not even 8 months into this administration and she is polling that low because when you are put in charge of the border and the border is an absolute catastrophe and when you brag about being the last person to sign off on the president's afghanistan decision and you are basically not likeable in general, we saw that during the 2019, 2020 campaign where she didn't even goat iowa. yes, if i'm gavin newsom, i'm like it's okay, i think i got this at this point. maybe he doesn't want to do that and he couldn't say no to the vice president. you see where her priority are, not the border, not afghanistan. not taking questions. making sure that a democratic
4:46 pm
governor beats a recall in a state that joe biden won by 29 points, i believe. great job. >> rachel: okay. really quick. how nervous are the democrat in this california race? >> i think they were. i'm not sure they are at this point because the republicans can't quite decide on a frontrunner and it seems that gavin newsom, because it's so overwhelmingly blue in california, he will survive but it's still not exactly a victory that he even had to use these resources time and effort and politicians coming in to hold on to office. it's pathetic actually that's it's gotten this far quite frankly. >> rachel: joe concha, thank you for joining us tonight. and for everyone watching at home. larry elder will be on tucker in just a few minutes. meanwhile, indoctrination in the classroom is getting so bad that some educator are just jumping ship. a professor at portland state university announced his resignation this week blasting the school as a social justice factory. peter gozian who taught philosophy at the university for
4:47 pm
a decade he said it got too woke for him and forced him to call it quit. part of his resignation letter reads, quote: students at portland state are not being taught to think. rather they are being trained to mimic the moral certainty of idealogues. joining me now to react seattle radio host jason rantz. always great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> rachel: i have to say it's got to be the most hostile work environment to be a conservative or a free thinker, professor on a college campus. i don't blame the guy for quitting. he has been attacked every which way. >> absolutely. i don't think it's just for conservatives. i think the issue here is on college campuses. they have become indoctrination camps. and if you dare to question anything, that you are not supposed to question, according to the left, you are going to get attacked. you are going to be either bullied into silence or thrown off of campus. and the problem that this poses is that every single stupidity, every single student, is worse off because of it.
4:48 pm
we grow as people intellectually, emotionally, when we are challenged. and, instead of allowing for that kind of challenge, instead of actually having open debate on issues that aren't even controversial, but also controversial issues, by not allowing kids to do that what do we get? we have them coming into the real world with a crumble into the fetal position every single time that they hear something they disagree with and they say i have been offended. i can't handle it that's not how the real world is supposed to be. we are supposed to get these folks into a mental state where they can actually handle disagreement or we are supposed to push them aside and simply say we're not going to allow crazy people to dictate how we live. and unfortunately right now, we have given so much power to the lunatics. >> rachel: yeah. many of those line particulars are the students themselves. i have to tell you i have spoken to many college professors and they're petrified of their own students. if they say anything that remotely russells a feather that somebody feels sensitive about they will be reported to the department and the department
4:49 pm
always folds and ends up allowing that professor to be smeared. most professors stay in the closet until they get tenure or frankly i think they are self-selecting out of the profession. >> i agree with that i think at one point teachers used to talk about academic freedom as if they actually cared about that. all of a sudden you don't get any of that anymore. instead, you have professors and their students pushing for speech codes on college campuses saying that if you dare to question the orthodoxy on campus, well, we should be excommunicating you. i'm sorry, but that's not the best way to train kids to be out in the real world. here is the most scary part of this. they're graduating and they are becoming bosses. they are becoming lawyers and doctors and ceos and politicians. and they end up changing society for the worst. i think we are becoming more closed minded in this country. we see it in the debates happening every single day in this country. >> rachel: absolutely. i have to tell you i have thought a lot about this. i have college-aged kids. i decided i made the mistake
4:50 pm
with a first one. i sent her to a fancy nice liberal school and i'm not doing it again. i've decided i'm not going to fund the people that want to ruin my kids and ruin my country. so if i'm going to foot the bill, i'm going to decide what college they go to and better be one that's not trying to tear down western civilization. >> yeah. i went to occidental college. i kind of made the wrong choice. as somebody who is conservative and wasn't pushed around and bullied. i grew as a person. i am a better person because i got challenged. i wish liberals would understand that. >> rachel: there has to be open debate. jason, it's always great debating with you. >> thanks, rachel. >> rachel: all right. don't go anywhere, the one and only jimmy fola is here and he is going on the clock next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> just a few minutes left in the show. time to put jimmy failla on the clock, for a story, 60 seconds each.
4:56 pm
my favorite one, it's fun and he's fascist. take a look at kim jong un flaunting his new tan and slim physique at the north korean military parade. after the follow-up many may start calling him slim jong un. >> these weight loss stories hit home for me because when i'm not at fox i am a before model. i don't buy this. >> he does look good! he looks better than our president. >> this is a body double. remember when they said they hadn't seen him in a while and they replaced him with a body double, he didn't give a speech at the biggest event of the year. why would kim jong un not give a speech? if he really knew how to lose weight it would be called kim fast. >> you don't think he went through gastric bypass surgery? that is why he was not at that speech. >> he's wearing a tan suit like
4:57 pm
barack obama so maybe he has a wife who bans french fries too. >> next up if you want to save the planet you may have to slow down. climate activists are pushing for more speed limits for drivers because slow driving creates more emissions. do you buy this? >> this is the dumbest thing in the world. they're going to decimate tourism because they go to the audubon to speed and cheat death. it's like buying a hot dog outside of times square. to find out if you can pull through. if they were serious about cutting emissions they would make every u-haul fleeing a democratic state electric. if gavin newsom didn't have 15,000 gas guzzling u-hauls leaving his state. >> you're right, everyone is leaving california and they're going to florida and arizona and texas -- >> maybe if it was electric. they want to force electric cars on us because no one wants to buy one deep down. it's exhausting, you have to charge it and you have to work
4:58 pm
it into every conversation. >> it's true, everyone brags about that. according to a study, texans are by far the most likely to be a bit by a wild animal in the data doesn't lie, staggering 520 texans have died from an animal in the past two decades with california coming a distant second, do you believe this and what of the animals that are killing people? >> i do believe that they spend so much time hunting and shooting in the woods, listed as natural causes when you die in the media rewrites it as covid. >> [laughs] so true. >> the texans are out there all day. he think of gators and swamp activity. >> was that number three or something? >> florida is the number one place to get eaten by a person. all the crazy people on bath
4:59 pm
salts, the zombies and stuff like that. i was surprised new york wasn't higher. we will do it later. >> arizona, scorpions. get ready for this failure, cbs has debuted a new competition called the activist. they will go head-to-head for the title of the ultimate activist. whoever promotes the most social justice change wins. one, what do you think of this? two, do you think aoc will be the judge? >> i like this better under its original title, chapter 11. i wouldn't watch this at gunpoint. we have so much activism in our lives you can't watch a football game, you can't buy make a grocery. you want to donate $1 to save the trees. if you want to save the trees why don't you not give me a receipt that is three blocks long. no one is watching this. hostage situations, maybe. >> you don't think woke college students will be like, oh, my god, finally something i can do. >> now, they cut the cord, they don't watch tv, they are all
5:00 pm
activisming on twitter. >> i got you, we get it. and thank you for watching "fox news prime time." don't forget to catch my podcast with my husband sean come "from the kitchen table." see you tomorrow. it is jesse watters on tucker carlson up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm jesse watters, obviously, in for a talker. hours ago joe biden delivered a speech that marks a clear turning point in his administration. it is a declaration of war against nearly 80 million americans and it's a promise from joe biden that he will ignore the constitution and basic principles of federalism just to get what he wants. this afternoon joe biden announced that most


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