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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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activisming on twitter. >> i got you, we get it. and thank you for watching "fox news prime time." don't forget to catch my podcast with my husband sean come "from the kitchen table." see you tomorrow. it is jesse watters on tucker carlson up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm jesse watters, obviously, in for a talker. hours ago joe biden delivered a speech that marks a clear turning point in his administration. it is a declaration of war against nearly 80 million americans and it's a promise from joe biden that he will ignore the constitution and basic principles of federalism just to get what he wants. this afternoon joe biden announced that most businesses
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in this country are required to start forcing employees to either get the covid vaccine or submit to regular covid tests. >> my job as president is to protect all americans. so tonight, i'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at least once a week. >> jesse: joe biden added that if state governments don't go along with this, he will "use my power as president to get them out of the way." what power does the president have to override state governments on this issue exactly? joe biden didn't say. maybe it's the same authority that allowed at the cdc to suspend all evictions in the country. this administration no longer
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cares about the rules, they will do whatever they want. keep in mind, less than a year ago joe biden told us that vaccines would never be mandatory. he knew he didn't have the authority to do this. >> reporter: will vaccines be mandatory? >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory. i won't demand it be mandatory. >> jesse: now joe biden is threatening the unvaccinated more than he is threatening the taliban. it's the same we saw with the cdc eviction moratorium. first joe biden said he wouldn't do it, then he did it anyway. so there is no legal justification at all. but listen carefully to joe biden's scientific justification. and i joe biden appeared to admit that the covid vaccines aren't very effective. >> we are going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers. we are going to reduce the spread of covid-19 -- of the workforce that is vaccinated and businesses all across america. >> jesse: wait a minute, if
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the vaccines work, why do the vaccinated need protection from the unvaccinated? again, joe biden didn't say. he also didn't explain why vaccinated travelers still need to wear masks on airplanes. instead tonight he announced steeper fines for travelers who don't know that. >> the transformation safety administration, the tsa will double the fines on travelers that refuse to mass. if you break the rules, be prepared to pay. >> jesse: the irony is that today while joe biden was announcing these mandates, kamala harris spoke out against "government interference" in what she called personal well-being decisions. now republicans are responding. republican chairwoman ronna mcdaniel has just announced that the republican national committee will sue the biden administration over this order. "when his decree goes into effect, the rnc will soothe the administration to protect
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americans and their liberties." matt walsh's host of the matt walsh show and he joins us to respond. matt, this is like a temper tantrum over afghanistan, the president just taking out his anger on the country, on businesses. how do you see it? >> i think it's interesting that we were assured for four years that donald trump is a tyrant, that he is hitler incarnate. meanwhile he was the least tyrannical president we've had in a very long time with the way that he used his authority. no, we had to election this rotting bag of oatmeal to get a real tyrant. joe biden as you point out, this is not the first time that he has explicitly said he doesn't have the authority to do something legally, and then done it anyway. so we can sit here until we're blue in the face and say he doesn't have the authority to do it. it doesn't matter, he admits he doesn't have the authority to do it and he will do it anyway. all of us as americans have to
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understand this, as far as they are concerned, the powers that be, the legal justification is that they want to do it and what are you going to do about it? that is really their justification and why that maybe this in the end is a good thing. in a sense, it's a time for choosing for americans and american business owners and citizens, are we going to comply and lay down to this or are we finally going to stand up and say, you know what? it is not going to happen. you want to send the army in and shut down millions of businesses and start arresting business owners? because that is what you're going to have to do. we have to draw that line. if we don't draw it here as americans than we might as well forget about this country and forget about freedom entirely. >> jesse: biden is going to run out of federal employees to enforce these mandates because of half a million federal employees aren't going to get
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vaxxed then they will get fired so they are just going to have to go out and find them. my prediction is known is going to trust joe biden after he declared independence from the pandemic in july, after he said there weren't going to be mask mandates, there would be no vax mandates and puts on a show and now he throws down the gauntlet and goes to the permanent pandemic printing thing with afghanistan, the taliban is not going to take over, we've got this under control, next thing you know kabul is falling and americans are stranded. no one believes him anymore. >> no one believes him or trusts what he has to say for a lot of good reasons. number one, he doesn't even know what he saying half the time and that it's pretty clear but i also think the other part of this is that no one is going to trust the vaccines. there was already a problem, especially from the perspective of the federal government and the people pushing the vaccine, there is a problem, people don't trust them. well, you're not going to convince people to trust the vaccines when you go about it
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this way and if you're worried about "conspiracy theories" and all this kind of stuff, having the federal government tear the constitution up to force these substances into your arms, that is not going to quell these conspiracy theories and as you pointed out, if the vaccines work, as many of us have pointed out, to the vaccines work or not? because if they do then it shouldn't matter to you if you are a vaccinated person whether or not your coworker has the vaccine. that is the question that cannot answer. the other question i can't answer is what about natural immunity, does that not exist? we are just pretending the natural immunity doesn't exist. in his order he passed out today, natural immunity doesn't factor in. we are just pretending that is not a thing. at the tells us it is a thing and that it provides lasting protection, but we are throwing that on the burn pile i guess. >> jesse: if you have been vaxxed, nothing to be afraid of for the unvaccinated is to make
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any sense, he's taking a sledgehammer to vaccine confidence. matt walsh, thank you so much. civil rights attorney joins us to assess whether any of these mandates are actually legal. so far, it looks like he is pulling the occupational safety and health administration deal, osha, as it's called basically. federal government can make any rules for workplaces to reduce hazards, said this, he's pulling out that bag of tricks. osha, to make this work. is this going to fly? >> i don't think it's going to fly and i'm certainly one of the constitutional lawyers that classifies the legal challenge to this unconstitutional order as soon as the regulations are announced and we have multiple clients who are asking us to do this and i think we will be joined by many other challenges. osha has an original set of regulations that were passed at the beginning of osha decades
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ago and then it has some additional regulations that were passed after notice and comment. what he is trying to do is announce them under this very rarely used emergency provision and the emergency provision provides that there must be some immediate, shocking, unusual threat to the workplace that is dire and there isn't time to go through the normal process to do this. that is obviously not the case here. we've been living with covid for 18 months. it's not even a pandemic anymore, it's an endemic, something we are living with. in the chief of staff actually retweeted a comment from somebody on twitter saying that this was actually a workaround to get around his promise that he wouldn't do a federal vaccine mandate. he's using osha, wink-wink, nudge nudge. >> jesse: if they are calling it a requirement. the lingo changed. speak of right, so i think it's
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totally illegal on the private employer side. public employers, you didn't mention the postal workers, they are not going to have to get vaccinated under the federal part of this mandate. talk about vectors of disease, who go around to every household in the united states, why are they exempted whereas a lot of workers in america today from companies of over 100 people are working from home, why should they get vaccinated to the point where we are ignoring the science. i think a lot of what we are seeing with the illiteracy about science is simply a product of our very lacking educational system in this country. this is scientifically baseless and people are not going to trust public health officials going forward. what about a real threat to our health? people are not going to believe public health officials. it is a huge problem for our country, so this is a shambles, this is a disgrace and i think we will see the courts clogged with litigation challenging this and other aspects of the biden agenda that are really
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decreasing our confidence both in science and in the government and also, frankly, coming at the worst possible time for a struggling american economy. >> jesse: you can't upset the postal workers because they are the ones that have to hand out the ballots. you have to get those mail ballots out unsolicited. you don't want to upset those people. and i think if you listen closely you can see here every hr department in the country hit the liquor cabinet. >> it is going to be impossible to administer this and who are the police going to be policing it and who was going to pay the costs of it? it is effectively a tax on the american employer and i think it is not going to fly, frankly. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> jesse: in the race to which country can have the most tyrannical covid -- australia
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telling other countries to hold its beer. according to the new south wales health department in australia is now limiting the amount of alcohol residents can get delivered to their homes. residents who are locked down are allowed to just six beers. six. or a bottle of wine per day. that's it. residents of one apartment complex said the health department searching all bags and packages that come into the building. any alcohol above the limit immediately confiscated. they probably drink it. this isn't about health. it's about the new world order they are trying to create, and that's not a conspiracy theory. it's what they're admitting out loud. here is a health officer in new south wales today. >> we will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order. it will be pubs and clubs and other things we have positive cases. >> jesse: australia is looking more and more like the prison colony they once were. we hope the rest of the western
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world is taking notice. larry elder was just attacked in broad daylight in l.a. he will tell us about that next. plus his response to the divisive coronavirus speech. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: we just heard that joe biden is mandating vaccines for 80 million private sector workers. larry elder is running for governor in california. the recall election there is on september 14th. he joins us with his reaction. i don't care what you think of vaccines. here for them, you are against them. america got a little less free today and there's nothing we are going to be able to do to change that. >> well, you're right. and i'm not anti-vaccine. i've been vaccinated, i think vaccines do work. i'm in a high risk category. this is on a collision course to the united states supreme court and i believe that what joe biden just now did will be
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ruled to be unconstitutional. it will take a while to get there but i think 5-4, maybe 6-3 it will be determined to be unconstitutional. >> jesse: the problem is people in california, larry, they love it. they don't care if it's legal, they just want to jam this stuff down people's throats come into their arms. they don't care about whether it's right or wrong. they just go along with whatever the government tells them. >> i'm not so sure how much longer this will last. a whole lot of people are ticked off. that is why 2 million people signed a petition. a good third of them at the very people, independents and democrats voted for them two years earlier. my opponent, gavin newsom mandated that if you are a state worker and you have not been vaccinated you will be tested once a week and required to wear a face mask at work. firefighters and cops are mad about it. there's going to be a lawsuit in this is going to be on a collision course up to the united states supreme court and ultimately the people who want freedom are going to be vindicated.
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>> jesse: the government has failed, the water, the energy, the forests, whether it's the pandemic, he has failed to manage that state and that is really what this entire election is about, or should be about. but larry, they don't wanted to be about that. they wanted to be about personal attacks. you were attacked broad daylight yesterday in l.a. here's that clip, watch. >> jesse: you see the white lady in the gorilla mask throwing eggs. what exactly happened there, larry? >> she might be one of the 20,000 people that were released early from our prisons, felons, many of whom were violent offenders come out of this governor. we have two soft on crime d.a.s. i consider this to be one of the
5:21 pm
many intersections in california, the intersection between lawlessness and homelessness. i was at a homeless encampment in venice and home owners are angry, children have to go pass these people to and from school and the homeless population is in danger and it's also a health hazard and nothing is being done about it. it's one of the many failures of this governor, so it was a very angry, ugly scene. if i were a democrat, obviously, this would be called systemic racism and it would be called a hate crime. i don't like to play that game. i do know this, there was a big article about me, never ones mentioning i am black and i would be the first black governor of california. i don't want people to vote for or against me because i am black but in the very same "new york times" there was a big headline about "the first female governor." so they cared about the first when it was a female democrat but didn't care about when it was a first black republican. >> jesse: i will say it looks like a hate crime to me.
5:22 pm
gorilla mask, first potential black governor of the largest state in the country. we reached out to gavin newsom's office, to maxine waters' office asking them to condemn, no response. how does that make you feel? >> crickets. and when gavin newsom's children were criticized because gavin newsom mandated that you where face masks outdoors and his kids are at summer camp not wearing face masks we put out a statement saying leave gavin newsom's children out of this. but the government has not put out a statement about this white woman, apparently white woman, wearing a gorilla mask throwing an egg at me. i don't expect this because all these people coming in, joe biden has made a statement, bernie sanders, barack obama has got a commercial and nobody has under the following words, gavin newsom has done a good job for the people of california. you won't hear that because he hasn't. not on crime, not on homelessness, not on the decline of the quality of public education. a former state senator, leader
5:23 pm
of the state senate at the time, lori romero, still a democrat that has crossed party lines and support of my candidacy largely because of school choice. this is across the board, not just democrats and independents, people are fed up which is why they live in california in the first time in our state's 170 year history. >> jesse: another thing you want to hear about is the story in the mainstream media. can't find it on cnn, "washington post" won't cover it. imagine it was the other way. stacey abrams, maxine, something like that. forget about it. but this is how they rigged elections, larry. the big media colludes with the big donors to suppress the stories that come out of their precincts and then they hurl negative smears at you, and that is how they rigged elections and that takes away the power of the people to vote freely and fairly. he just mentioned obama releasing the video message about you, let's listen to that. >> hello, californians. you've got a big choice to make
5:24 pm
by september 14th. governor newsom has spent the last year and a half protecting californians. now republicans are trying to recall him from office and overturn common sense covid safety measures for health care workers and school staff. your vote could be the difference between protecting your kids and putting them at risk. >> jesse: bringing in the big guns, larry. barack, joe biden, kamala. netflix ceo throwing his wallet around. they are all in because if you win, that just shows the liberal mechanism that they have, super majority, failed in that state. >> that's right and obama called this, the republicans, 63% of hispanics voted for gavin newsom two years ago and now they show a majority of hispanics want him out. i just mentioned former democrat senate leader has crossed party lines to support me. a majority of independents now want him gone and they voted for
5:25 pm
gavin newsom two years ago. it's a nice try, notice obama did not say governor gavin newsom has done a good job for the people of california because you can't defend this man's record. it is indefensible. >> jesse: exactly right. fresh off the birthday party in the vineyard, barack obama. it larry, good luck out there. thank you. >> and don't forget go to throw something in the tip jar and make this a fair fight. my opponent has raised $70 million already. let's make it a fair fight. go to >> jesse: september 14th, that is the day. thank you. >> you got it. >> jesse: we told you in april about the anti-gun extremists of the bite administrated nominated to lead the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. tucker recently ran down a list of some of his unhinged beliefs. >> we do know what he said publicly tells us all we need to know about how he got this job. in october 2018, he told the
5:26 pm
hill that ar-15s should be treated "just like machine guns. machine guns are banned in this country's. he believes ar-15s, the single most popular rifle in america, should be banned. he made this remark in his capacity as a policy advisor for an anti-gun group, one of the many funded by michael bloomberg. in 2012 he suggested on msnbc that the secret service shouldn't carry firearms and last year, he openly mocked the millions of americans who are buying firearms to protect their families from the crime wave that his party has unleashed on the country. >> jesse: that guy's beliefs were so extreme that even some democrats refuse to support his confirmation. that is why today, the white house withdrew his nomination. but that doesn't mean the biden administration is going to stop trying to undermine the second amendment. we will be watching very closely to see who joe biden nominates in his place and of course we will keep you informed. after a debacle in afghanistan china has realized that joe biden is weak.
5:27 pm
now china is testing joe biden with a major military operation. that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: the white house is now asking congress to provide green cards to tens of thousands of afghan refugees so they can stay in the country indefinitely. also demanding lawmakers provide
5:33 pm
$6 billion to help resettle afghan refugees on u.s. military bases. according to "the wall street journal" the money would also provide "resettlement benefits" to afghans. a former senior white house advisor, he joins us. stephen, i remember back in the day when afghan veterans died waiting in line for health care at obama-biden's va hospital and then obama-biden bureaucrats paid them bonuses to cover up. these wait lists. now they are bringing in afghans, giving them health care, probably free college tuition, food stamps. that doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? >> president trump used to say that under president obama, illegal aliens were treated better than our veterans, which of course is true today under president biden. we can now add to that, that under president biden,
5:34 pm
unfettered, unverified, unauthorized afghan nationals are also treated better than our veterans. let me briefly break down for your audience what is in the proposal. now, the biden administration is relying on the fact that many in the media either won't understand or want care to explain in their newspapers or other outlets what is actually in their proposal, and you have summarized it exactly and correctly. it provides free lifetime welfare to all afghan nationals biden has flown into date or that he may choose to fly here at any point over the next 13 months. we can assume if that were to be included in the upcoming government funding bill it would be continually extended every year thereafter. but that is only just part of it. it keeps going. they redefine afghan national to mean anybody who has ever lived for a length of time in afghanistan, even if they're not living there now and haven't lived there and many, many years. in other words it allows
5:35 pm
joe biden to go to, for example, afghanistan. afghan nationals who been living in pakistan for decades, flight of the united states and give them lifetime welfare. it also gives them green cards. what is a green card? permanent residency and a path to voting citizenship. you know what else comes with that? chain migration. so if you bring and say, 100,000 people, they can then bring in s not all. they also include a catchall waiver -- get ready for this -- a catchall waiver that allows him to waive the statutory, the legal entry bars come on people who are guilty of trafficking, who are guilty of human and sex trafficking, who are guilty of drug crimes, guilty of a wide variety of criminal offenses, or who present a public health threat. in other words, on the same day that you are being ordered to surrender to all of these
5:36 pm
government mandates, all health mandates are waivable for, you guessed it, afghan nationals. that is the summary of the proposal. >> jesse: let me get this straight, if you're an opium trafficker or a dude that has a child bride in toto -- >> child bride, yes. >> jesse: remember, only 70% of the people we brought over were actually helping us. the rest of the people were not, they just got to the plane fast enough for the taliban let them through and said, you take them. speak of the taliban where the gatekeepers. joe biden's immigration policy was literally outsourced by the taliban. you think that would have happened under donald trump? i don't think so. the taliban is choosing now who gets to be an american citizen. this project will not end well. >> jesse: i don't trust biden to vet these people. he couldn't even vent his vp and look what happened to her. stephen miller, thank you. >> or his atf nominee or anyone
5:37 pm
else for that matter. >> jesse: or anyone, right? >> stop the bill. thank you. >> jesse: china's government knows joe biden and our military leaders are totally inept. the disaster in afghanistan made a very clear. now china is testing joe biden. chinese warplanes have just entered taiwan's air defenses known. what happens next? gordon chang's senior fellow at the gate stone institute, he joins us. so gordon, do we have a treaty with taiwan? if china physically assault taiwan does the united states have to respond militarily to protect taiwan? >> we don't have a mutual defense treaty. we have the taiwan relationship act that allows the united states to sell weapons to taiwan and other things but most of our obligations are those that have been passed down from administration to administration. the six assurances and a number of other items that have really been state department generated.
5:38 pm
>> jesse: okay, good. that gives me a sense of relief that biden is not going to have to go in there and go crazy but the problem is joe biden could go crazy at any time. you don't know who he's capable of, who is making the decisions for him, if he's even making his own decisions, so china in taiwan, in the straits, how he has dealt with our allies and enemies throughout the world so far. we burned nato just to get out on biden's timeline, so they are testing us. what are the implications? speak of the implications are that taiwan will do something tt accidentally devolve into conflict. but i think russia, iran, their terrorist outlines are going to take advantage of it, so basically what we are talking about is the next world war. >> jesse: so the iranians, i am sure, not going to jump back
5:39 pm
into the nuke deal joe biden is begging them to reenter, so you have that. you have the russians probably going to hack again. remember biden gave them the little list of things they weren't allowed to smoke? i'm not so sure putin is going to pay much attention to that anymore. and the chinese will probably cause problems for us in north korea and basically see where we are soft. do you think biden and the generals have a strategy to contain that type of action or not? >> not right now because they are preoccupied with afghanistan and essentially they're trying to get out of that without more political turmoil. so really right now, we've got a number of hot spots and it's not just taiwan. it's also in india and the himalayas, and also japan and the east china sea. there are a number of places china is pushing right now. remember xi jinping, the chinese rule is the most ambitious person in history and he really needs to take taiwan to preserve
5:40 pm
his legitimacy because that is what he talks about all the time. so many domestic problems at home, he needs a war and as you point out he looks at biden and thinks he is incapacitated or incapable so what could go wrong? >> jesse: he also looks at biden knows his son earns a major stake in a chinese concern worth millions that he hasn't liquidated. he is compromised, we know it. i think we gave them a bunch of diamonds if i recall correctly. gordon chang, thank you so much. we know whatever decision biden makes will be the wrong one. history tells us that. a professor at a major university has just decided he has had enough of the indoctrination that occurs on college campuses. he has just left his job in dramatic fashion. he joins us to explain what he did. that's next. ♪ ♪
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit ♪ ♪ >> jesse: just days after choosing to arm the taliban with billions of dollars worth of state of their military equipment in afghanistan, democrats are once again reminding us who the real threat is. the american people. according to reports, capitol police are we installing a fence around the u.s. capitol because of an upcoming january 6th rally that will be held next week.
5:47 pm
these politicians are only concerned with their own safety. meanwhile they open our borders to armed terrorists. it shows you where our priorities really are. peter taught philosophy for the past decade. he just wrote a letter to the university provost announcing he is quitting. you can read the whole thing on sub stack and you should. here's a part of it. "this university has transformed the bastion of inquiry into a social justice factory. the only input for race, and victimhood in the only grievance are division." the author of "how to have impossible conversations." great, great title of the book. almost as good as about how i saved the world." he joins us here. all right, professor, x professed her as of a couple hours ago, how did this all go down?
5:48 pm
>> the university basically created conditions that didn't allow me to teach what i was hired to do, which was critical thinking and ethics. so i could not retain my current position as is. >> jesse: you were saying you were doing what you've always done, teach critical thinking, assigned reading materials of famous philosophers -- >> correct. >> jesse: and encouraging robust debate and conversation, and that was impossible because of what, precisely? speak of the university told me i wasn't allowed to render my opinion about protected classes or teach in any way about my opinion about protected classes could be known. the university really made it difficult and that students were telling me that other professors told them not to take my class, there were flyers around me, around campus with the pinocchio
5:49 pm
knows but this isn't necessarily about the things that happened to me. that is just a piece of the larger picture of the social justice ecosystem that is taken over our university system. >> jesse: described that ecosystem, describe for people who didn't experience that in college. i did not experience that at all. i was actually a philosophy major for two years until i read the manual the and couldn't stand the guy, i'm sure you will agree and switch to history. what are things like you were experiencing professors are unable to do their jobs? >> anyone who speaks out against the dominant orthodoxy particularly as it relates to race, sexual orientation, trans for example. one issue we are facing as a society is trans issues. trans bathrooms are an issue of that, trans women in sports,
5:50 pm
trans men in sports and what that means. trans is a protected class so i wasn't allowed to speak about protected classes, among other things. there was a censorious notice. there was always, always investigated. i was investigated for so many things and the results of the investigations were zilch, they found nothing. but they weaponized officers of diversity, equity, and inclusion and even the threat of going to be called in for a theft of your time and nothing else, the investigators are incredibly thorough. they have these mechanisms in place in the university to enforce certain speech codes against dissident professors come against anyone who questions or challenges what is morally fashionable. >> jesse: so they actually employ little social justice warriors within departments to keep tabs on professors that are deemed controversial. they were controversial maybe
5:51 pm
years ago but now, because everything has gone nuts, are controversial. they threaten investigations, or they do. did they investigate micro-aggressions? is that something they're looking into? you can even define what that is, by the way. >> it's a small slate usually against race or gender or some kind of perceived status, likability status. they don't have an office for investigating microaggressions but among the things that i was brought up on charges, someone asked me if race was a social construct or biological category and i said i don't know. i'm a philosopher, i'm not a biologist and among other things, i was brought on charge of that. i've been accused of micro-aggression when i asked for the evidence for microaggressions. if an accused of microaggressions when asked my colleagues and by students when i asked for the evidence for policies about trigger warnings. why should there be a trigger warning on the syllabus?
5:52 pm
what is the evidence that safe spaces are helpful to students? even asking for evidence was a micro-aggression. see you've created a culture where even asking questions about things is viewed as a violation. it has become a dogma factory. >> jesse: that's astounding. humility is now a chargeable offense. saying "i don't know, that is not my area of expertise." they can bring you up on charges of micro-aggression. well, i'm sorry to hear that and it looks like it is destroying rational discourse in our universities which is the point of universities, to explore, to ask questions, to understand opposing opinions. you can't do that anymore. you can't ask questions, you just have to go along with the dogma it if you don't, you're in trouble. >> right, and having conversations is impossible. having robust debates about certain topics is impossible. so think about the injustice we are doing to our students when
5:53 pm
we are creating these large ecosystems that don't allow that. they don't allow questioning, they don't allow challenging. so students are particularly brittle when they hear the other side of the debate. i believe very strongly that we have to be taught by people who actually believe things. i believe there should be a marxist in an economics department. i believe there should be afraid of might and economics department. i believe there should be intellectual diversity and we give students tools to ask difficult questions and we are not doing that. >> jesse: albright, peter. just don't ask about the vaccine. that is way, way too dangerous. speak i appreciate you having me on. >> jesse: all right. officials in virginia have just announced they're putting a new time capsule inside the base of the robert e. lee statue. you're not going to believe what is going to go inside that little time capsule. straight ahead.
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>> jesse: back in 1887 virginia has put a time capsule inside the base of that robert e. lee monument that was just taken down in virginia. the governor of that state, has ordered it to be replaced with something that better reflects the current climate. he doesn't care about the 19th century. instead he wants a new time capsule to tell the story of last year's blm riot and pandemic. the new and improved woke time capsule will include the following. an lgbtq pride pin, expired vial of a covid vaccine, and a cloth worn at the 400th commemoration of the year 1619. we are not sure they are taking recommendations but we think a photo of the governor's blackface should make it into the time capsule just to remind people that races democrats still existed in 2021. that's about it for us tonight.
6:00 pm
you can watch tucker's incredible interview with curtis your van right now on and of course, tune in each night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. don't forget, president trump tonight with greg gutfeld. that guy, for a very exclusive energy. have a great evening, everybody. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: jessica mccray to see you. welcome to "hannity" and tonight we are going to have a very serious discussion about joe biden speech, first and foremost, pretty much contradicts every single thing he promised you, the american people, that he would do. everything the cdc promised you would never happen. everything jen psaki said wouldn't happen and everything kamala harris says that she is against. and we will discuss joe's new vaccine mandates, the coming legal ramifications, the


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