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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 10, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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race and at least in this city, the hope that maybe the yankees or the mets would surprise us. that was then. this weekend we look into what is now. i'll see you tomorrow for special coverage at 8:00 a.m. eastern time as we look back in and look forward. >> jesse: hello, everyone, i am jesse watters. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden telling republican lock governors to bring it on as they prepare lawsuits to fight back against the sweeping vaccine mandates that will impact up to a hundred million americans.
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>> president biden: i am so disappointed, particularly with some of the republican governors, i have been so cavalier with the health of these. so cavalier with the health of the communities. this is, we are playing for real here. this isn't a game. >> jesse: republican sound like they are happy to oblige calling the mandates patently unusual. >> i don't believe that people should lose their jobs over this issue and we will fight that. >> we live in america and you would expect words like that from the president come it may be of communist china or north korea. >> this is not a power that's delegated to the federal government, it's unbelievable to me what he's doing. i knew he would wreck this country. >> jesse: and it looks like his vaccine mandates are just the beginning. the white house says buckle up because i could be more along
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the way. >> is he now considering mandating vaccinations to fly domestically? >> we are always look at more we can do to protect and save lives. obviously he made a significant and bold announcement yesterday so i don't have anything to protect her preview for you but we will continue to look for ways to save more lives. >> jesse: all right, an essential worker who worked during the pandemic, front-line worker was there every day and bbc caught covid. now because she doesn't want the vaccine because he has immunity, she will get fired. what would you say to her? >> while you are asking an emotional, personal question. as a lawyer i could give you the constitutional arguments. >> but you are not an emotional person, geraldo. i've never heard that before. >> heard liberties are not
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absolute. the state has what's called police power. the state has the right in the states wisdom or lack of wisdom to determine what the rules are. >> jesse: there was lack of wisdom without president, they ended up sterilizing hundreds of thousands of women decades ago because they were crazy and they were having imbecilic children. that was a breed upon consensus back then. >> what irks me is to see all of those governors, most of them republican or all of them republican as i am saying this is blatantly unconstitutional, this is unconstitutional. the constitution of the end of it states -- they don't even read the constitution. they have no idea what they are talking about. they are not lawyers and the law has been on the books since 1905. 1905. in other words even the supreme court would have to reverse over a century of precedent to give the individual
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the right. >> jesse: and that's if joe biden can argue the science, which he is having a hard time doing. if you have immunity then why do you need the vaccine or why do you have 99 people under your employment? so what's the difference there if you are going to let illegal immigrants cross? no vaccine there? is an emergency? not for them. >> apparently it doesn't affect them. the babylon bee had a great headline saying the constitution had died of covid. an argument that is being made is that it's the states right and that the federal government doesn't have broad power to mandate issues like this. so i wanted to dispel this myth for the first of all that's going around that if you are anti-and vaccine mandate when you are anti-vaccine, not something that the white house is trying to pin on republicans. the republicans have done a good job, and ron desantis is a great example of this. getting the vaccine available to of vulnerable communities and i
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remember this time earlier this year that he was accused of a pay to play scheme. it was such a bogus story that the democrats were even defending him on that. so this idea that republicans are somehow being cavalier or aren't concerned about people's health is a total lie and if, in fact, a lot of republicans like arizona governor ducey has faced a lot of criticism for being too harsh on things like lockdowns and restaurants. it's not true with the white house is saying in terms of trying to force republicans into this anti-vax box and act like they are the saviors of the country by now mandated this vaccine and ignoring natural immunity. >> jesse: this could go on forever. if it mutates, if there is another variant, its booster after booster. it never ends. permanent pandemic. >> but here's the thing. this has nothing to do with the virus and that's what's
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shameful. this is tribalism at its worst and the american people, republicans and democrats, it's all political. if either one of them looked at the science and said, we are going to figure this out the right way, but the democratic -- they are new agenda is if you are not taking the vaccine you are a trump and you are against government. and it's republicans, whatever they say. instead of going back to the science, because of both parties were focused on the science, there would be some line of agreement but it's just tribalism. they can't even -- got felled had an interview with president trump and in the most classy way he talked about how important it was to be vaccinated. he tried to convince his wife, got feld's wife to be vaccinated while respecting her and that's what you would expect from president biden and that's what you would hope to get from governors but it's not about that. it's political. who's suffering? us. small business owners, their necks are getting stepped on by
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this rule. you got a hundred employees and they get a bad effect from the shot and you can't work it, you have to pay their salary while they are out. that's not going to be taken advantage of. so they barely get through covid and then in certain parts of the country you deal with the hurricane and now you are telling them they have to fire employees if they don't get vaccinated and you have to support them if they get sick? >> greg: , cuts before he comes out and says we need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. that makes no sense. >> dana: i just wrote down how incoherent that was. the vaccines do protect you but we have to protect you from the unvaccinated. i know what they mean in terms of breakthrough cases but if you look at the numbers, you have to look at the numbers. you're talking about life and death decisions and businesses in all of that. i am continuously surprised about how the white house has a total blind spot in his community's into a huge part of the country.
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does anyone here watch the west wing? remember ainsley hayes? ainsley hayes was a republican that they hired and they put her in the basement and every once in while president bartlett would call her up and say, what do you think of this? and she would say, you're crazy. you should not say that, you should say it like this. i don't understand why they don't have someone like that there. remember yesterday i said i don't understand ways giving the speech today. we are about to go into a very important unifying weekend to mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. it wasn't urgent. none of these things seemed to be urgent and it hasn't even been a month since you started the federal employee vaccine mandate so you don't know if that's working. and i have a theory. >> it's a great theory. >> they wanted to try to change the subject from afghanistan. he's going to go to three places, but he won't give a speech anywhere.
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and i think they did this for gavin newsom, the governor of california because the democrats in california really wanted this. what happened in the first hour after the speech? the l.a. county school district mandated that any student in that school district was eligible for a vaccine must get the vaccine. >> and gave newsom cover. >> you want him to look like he's got an ally in the white house? i think would be interesting to ever find out. >> you know it's true because they rushed the rule. >> and they couldn't wait until monday after the 9/11 effect because the election is on tuesday. >> jesse: dana perino with another theory. and she's usually right. up next, america sets to mark a 9/11 while the biden administration quotes about with the "businesslike" taliban. ♪ ♪
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>> on the eve of 9/11 the biden administration getting busted for working with the taliban, the same group that 20 years ago gave safe harbor to al qaeda. the white house has praised them as the professional and businesslike while 100 americans are still stuck in afghanistan. meanwhile white house press secretary jen psaki saying today that it's about accountability. >> i'm sure if there had been any offers of resignation from anyone in the chain of command or anyone involved in the decision would be evacuation. so, the president is still confident in those. >> yes. >> it's of dana we are seeing this break between general leadership and the pentagon and the veterans of the afghanistan war in the past couple of weeks as people tried to process how this happened to end this way. >> dana: it's interesting also, if someone has something of yours that is of value and you need to get it back but they hold all the cards, you are
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going to have to be nice to them until you get it back. it could be that one of the reasons they have to use words like businesslike is because they want to make sure that they can get the americans or green card holders or people who helped us in the war out which is probably obviously not happening. you've seen some of the pictures today and you know what the taliban is doing. i'm in touch as i know a lot of you are with some of these groups, private groups, former veterans and others who are trying to get people out and the taliban is hunting them. and they know that so it's like they are one step ahead of the taliban to try to get this done but they are also holding your fire because they need the cooperation of the state department in order to get help them. now you pay a price for not having anyone on the ground and that's one of the things that they keep saying at the state department and the white house. we don't have anyone on the ground that we are trying our best. it's just such a debacle, i can't believe that it's
2:17 pm
happened. on newsroom we had the interview with the interpreter, carl, and we keep track of his progress. he is safe. but there is just very little that can be done outside of these outside groups. >> if you 9/11 tomorrow and this situation that the united states and with very little leverage over the taliban you have people looking back on the past 12 years and the actions and the obama situation and some of the people that they swapped for bowe bergdahl are now back in charge and were told by the biden administration that they would not make it back to the battlefield. let's take a look at what jen psaki said about it in 2015. >> was it worth it? absolutely. we have a commitment to our men and women serving in our military and we will bring them home in any way we can. >> jesse: look at the links we
2:18 pm
went to to bring back a deserter. we did not go through the same links to bring back allies or americans are stranded americans and it cost cost us lives. tomorrow, 9/11, the 20th anniversary was supposed to be a major deal for the biden administration. joe biden was supposed to come in tomorrow and close the chapter in an iconic way on america's longest war. and he's not going to do that, he's not going to speak tomorrow, katie. because what is he supposed to say, he blew it so badly stranding americans, we lost people we shouldn't have lost, we armed the enemy? so now he will go through ceremonies. what would he say anyway, would it be well received by the crowd? i don't think so. could he come up with the right words alive in the moment to convey what he thought about it? i don't think he'd be able to pull it off so instead he will
2:19 pm
keep his mouth shut, the commander in chief after we ended 20 years of war. so we hear about this heaping praise on the taliban, and i get it, it's a delicate dance. it leaves a disgusting taste in the mouth of everybody that here is it because the taliban put bullets through g.i.s chests. shot limbs off of americans. i have pictures on my phone, afghan allies right now and whips on their back, brutality like you wouldn't believe. the reason we are doing this is strategic but we are doing this because of biden's dumb decisions. he will have to own that for the rest of his life. >> geraldo, people are trying to act like this just happened, like there was no way to plan for this but at the same time we plan for every single contingency. but jesse is right. everything that happened in the last month with afghanistan was a result of decisions that were made either by the
2:20 pm
administration recently or in years past. it's not just about the 20th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow whereas americans we should be remembering what happened that day, the taliban is expected to announce their government. they are back in charge and they are going to embarrass us on 9/11. yet they are saying, they are very businesslike. and we can work with them. >> i think it was bizarre to want peace by 9/11 and so work so hard to bring it about so that instead of grieving over the 20 years in the event itself, the trauma that scored so many people, we are talking about the taliban and whether or not they will keep their deal and whether or not we are totally distracted. a couple of quick points. number one there was a second air plane out of afghanistan today, another flight they offered 40 odd american seats on that plane and 19 accepted. so the taliban, think back to the 18 months when no gis were killed in afghanistan. everyone thought that it was
2:21 pm
because we held bagram and we could hold bagram with 2500 people, why give up bagram, it wasn't because of that. it would be was because the taliban wanted to desperately need to pick the organization and so they played by their rules. they negotiated with president trump, with president biden and the captain, as the flight indicates, they are despicable, bow down at the dirty and i hate to have to continually convince people how much i hate them but the fact of the matter is they are abiding by their deal. i hate what they do, i hate the excess cruelty, and the fact of the matter is they are playing by the rules that our negotiator and their negotiator. >> so tyrus, speaking of playing by the rules, i think we will learn about in the next six months what's really being promised. >> this is the simple story of
2:22 pm
the frog and the scorpion. this is the woke administration, defunded the police, defunded our military, they made deals and give them all the awards before they actually do the work and now we are surprised. they come up with wonderful things like, can you believe there are women not in their government? that's our administration, the scorpion and the fraud. >> wisdom with tyrus. what happens after being attacked by a liberal mob. ♪ ♪ gold. your strategic advantage.
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crowd of violent protesters including an apparently deranged woman wearing a gorilla mask of all things through an egg that nearly hit the candidate. [bleep] we are getting egg from behind. [bleep] [bleep] take your hands off me [bleep] [bleep] >> so far, there's been little outrage from the left and the mainstream media is being accused of downplaying what happened with headlines that minimize the violence. and it makes little mention of what seems to me at least of the racist nature of the incident. isn't that the headline? the racist nature of the incident? larry elder tearing into the silence. >> the sheriff said it was a hate crime. if i had been a democrat can you imagine what could have happened?
2:28 pm
i would been talked about in bangladesh. they would have called it an example of systemic racism. but because i didn't have a r at the end identify name it didn't get the attention it deserved. >> and that is where, you know how much i respect you. but don't call her deranged. don't call her crazy. she knew exactly what she was doing. the only thing she didn't do was practice throwing things with the mask on. that's the only thing she didn't do. bottom line is it's 100% racist, it wasn't a hate crime but because the left has pitched him as an uncle tom, anyone who wants small government and fiscal responsibility can't possibly be black and this is what a lot of brothers and sisters out there, democrats only want to support you when you are with them. it's not racist when you're against them. it's literally laughable. we don't know who this person's name is. if that would have been during
2:29 pm
the previous administration, all his questions after that speech he gave yesterday would have been his thoughts on what happened there and did he condemn the attack. but they don't because there was one on cnn, it was literally dismissed. like this is what happened. they are not really concerned with racism unless its use to support what's going on over there. you don't have to like larry. i'm not a fan, he talks too fast for me. i like caitlyn jenner as policies better but he has every right to run and shouldn't be attacked like that. >> i like larry and if he beats gavin newsom then gavin newsom could take over the really factor commercials. >> i'm going for that. but the pole seriously looked like gavin newsom was going to walk. >> dana: and recalls a very difficult and if gavin newsom does when he comes out stronger. democrats need a new generation of leaders and i think he would
2:30 pm
be in a pretty strong position as the governor of california to be able to do that. i would point out that during this campaign governor newsom spent a lot of time saying that larry elder is a black white supremacist and i think the question should be asked, do you think that's okay? and it does saying things like that about opponents whether they are black or white, it's wrong. leaders need to be the role models and in this case that didn't happen. >> do you think, katie, but too much was made of newsom's payroll, that it was never that close? >> i think it's important to pay attention to the reason why he's being recalled. democrats are registered to 2:1 and it's a tough uphill battle but the idea that this many people in california got organized and were successful at even getting enough signatures for a recall petition is a success in itself in a place where democrats outnumber
2:31 pm
republicans. but i do want to talk about this incident. it's amazing to watch how much media oxygen was given to just a small at when he made up a hate crime. bob wallace when he had a pulley in his garage, how much the fbi investigated that. nick sandmann's life was destroyed for a very long time because of the media, they accused him of racism that he wasn't involved in racism. now you have silence from the media and in fact the media and california when they wrote that headline that said larry elder left a homeless encampment after an incident, they used a photo of larry elder making it look like he hit a woman. like he implied in the photo that he was the reason he had to leave the homeless encampment, not that he got attacked. so the double standard is there but the good news is larry elder has been fighting against us his entire life. >> what do you like about
2:32 pm
caitlyn jenner more than larry elder? >> jesse: i didn't say that, but that's not what i base my vote on. i base it looks. [laughs] i think that was sexist for you to say. i think she throws like a liberal. she actually throws better than fauci. but notice this has not been covered on cnn. as of yesterday "washington post" never pick this up and newsom has not even condemned it. kamala harris, has she had said anything? waters world asked for the statements, it would have been in bangladesh and this is how you reagan election in california, geraldo. this is how you break any election. you go report negative stuff that comes from the left-wing precincts like this and at the
2:33 pm
same time you just slander the republican opposition with racial attacks. black-white supremacists? what does that even mean? >> you are right, it is all our cubbies, it's whatever team you are on. to anything you can, regardless of morality, as long as it suits your team. i'm really sick of politics. and recall elections are done, just dumb. i head as america vows never to forget, we take you inside the hunt to kill usama bin laden. there are more details that you might not have heard about. ♪ ♪ where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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>> dana: welcome back. as america remembers 9/11 20 years later we look at the new book "countdown bin laden and he is hosting a new special on how we hunted down the most wanted terrorist in the world. watch here. >> we found a thing on this thing is in a house and the house is in a bowl and the bowl and the mountains are in a country and you guys are going to go and get this thing. well what's the thing? we can't tell you. what wears the ball? what we can't tell you. how are we getting there? we can't tell you. how much air support? none. that's our only answer, no air support. and that's how it started. >> dana: that airs this sunday. chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday and he joins us now to tell us more about the book and the special and we will take around the table here. chris, let's start with why you wanted to dig into the full bit more. >> obviously this was time for
2:39 pm
the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and it never occurred to me that the group that was in charge of afghanistan in 2001 would be in charge of afghanistan in 2021. but i think it a funny way it actually makes the story of our successful mission to hunt down and kill bin laden even that much more important. a lot of people, myself included, feel pretty bad about the way our longest war ended but this was an important success. it's why we went into afghanistan in first place, to kill bin laden and decapitate al qaeda and prevent an attack from afghanistan on the u.s. homeland. we were successful in doing that for 20 years. >> dana: let me take around the table. not jesse? >> just two quick questions. bin laden was in pakistan so tell us about what went wrong there and what we knew and didn't know. it quickly there has been a big debate about what specific intelligence led us to the
2:40 pm
location. was it gained through waterboarding? what exactly did you find? >> you are exactly right. in fact two weeks before my book begins on august 27th, 2010, when people come in to cia director panetta's office and tell him, we have this tip about a compound in a bottom on pakistan. couple of weeks before that they said where is bin laden and he said i think is in that remote tribal area between afghanistan and pakistan in a cave somewhere but they were entirely wrong about it. and how did they get it? a lot of it had to do with enhanced interrogation. for instance, one specific incident where kay sm, his waterboarded at 183 times and he is and what they call, this is cia jargon, a compliant state.
2:41 pm
they ask him about a man they think had been a courier for bin laden, and he says, he was a member of al qaeda but he is not anymore and he was never a courier. then he goes back to the black site where he's being held and he says to the other prisoners there, he didn't realize that the place was bugged. don't say anything about the courier. so they knew, they went to great effort to protect the guy who supposedly isn't important in the first place. >> thank you so much for doing this. i'm proud to call rob o'neill a friend. what would your message be to the young adults, for the most part it's been such a long time, they don't understand why we were in afghanistan for so long. how important it is it for our younger kids who are becoming adults watch the special? >> thank you for that, tyrus. the fact is, and honestly we are remembering it today and over the next 24 hours and for the rest of our lives.
2:42 pm
9/11 was a horrible incident, the worst terror attack on the u.s. homeland in our history. 3,000 americans were killed and, just as important as that, they came to the center of our financial power, and our headquarters in new york. the center of the pentagon, they took us down. one of the people who has never talked before, i guy we called gary was the head of the pakistan afghanistan department and the cia and he said they brought the battlefield to new york and washington and we brought the battlefield back to pakistan and afghanistan. that of course is the key now to keep the battlefield over there and not back here in the u.s. homeland. >> did rob tell you what they were watching on television when they brought bin laden's body back to the jalalabad base? they were watching fox news. i thought that was pretty good.
2:43 pm
i wonder what rob feels about the way this war ended? the man who killed bin laden, seal team six and the magnificent job they did, how do they feel now ten years after their heroism to see that the bad guys won? >> while they feel terrible about it. and in fact, rob has said, we had all those americans caught and they were going to that awful evacuation, he said i would like to get some of my buddies from seal team six and go over there and just push the taliban or whatever it took out of the way and get the americans back. one of the things, and you probably know this geraldo, they thought this was a suicide mission. they said how dangerous did you think this was? he said one way ticket. i said what do you mean? he said suicide mission. there is no way if we go there they we are coming home but we will do it anyway for the woman who went to the 90th floor of
2:44 pm
the world trade center that morning and then had to make the decision where, though i say and where it's 2500 degrees and the infernal or do i jump out? and she decided to jump out. so they don't like the way this war ended. >> thank you for putting together such an important piece of history for all of us to read. i have two questions. you are a news man and i are not of the night that usama bin laden was killed and the way the news came out. do you talk about that at all in the book? also i would say based on who you talked to what were people saying after usama bin laden was killed? i remember people saying we are happy he is gone, this was our mission, but then two months later we had extortion 17 happen where that chinook helicopter was shot down with dozens of special forces. two different topics but interesting ones, to me at least. >> they were devastated by the shooting down of that helicopter and a lot of their seal
2:45 pm
colleagues were killed and that and that struck them in a terrible way. the one thing that the people who were at the white house that night and the people from the cia, they were all there and they came to the white house. the president makes the big speech and of the things that they all talk about is after the president's speech they all went out, some of them to the rose garden and some to the front of the white house and they could hear these crowds, young people that came from washington university in georgetown, they are in front of the gates of the white house and they are chanting, usa, cia. and leon panetta, but then director of the cia says he had been through vietnam and been through some of the troubles with the cia and the 70s. the idea that people were in the street chanting cia, he said it was a proudest moment of my professional career. it's too bad in a sense that that kind of national unity and sense of common purpose and no
2:46 pm
polarization, no party lines at all, that's too bad we don't have that everyday. >> dana: indeed. it is countdown bin laden that it's out now, the special errors this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. fan mail friday is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i got my reading glasses on because it's fan mail friday and we are answering your questions. jesse watters. i'm sure it's me, but who is your best work friend and -- that you can turn to a hard day? >> jesse: well, i've lost some work friends but i think currently greg gutfeld i would say would be my closest work friend at this point. but dana is probably my female work friend. >> you almost got me there. it's her geraldo, same question to you. who do you go to for advice?
2:51 pm
>> advice? >> i work with my brother. i have worked with my brother for 50 years. it's hard to replace, you know, your best friend brother. and when you are together and work and play, you kind of marriage. >> katie? >> i have a lot of great work friends. a lot of people at my town hall team, and then of course, geraldo is my best friend. always gives me good advice. >> i have friends everywhere. >> you have lots of friends. >> i would say bill hemmer is my newest closest work friend since january since we started working together, but hair and makeup, keep them close because otherwise this would look really bad. >> while this is awkward because mine was dana perino. but you know what, i'm done with you. "one more thing" is up next. no one talked to me.
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♪ >> jesse: before we get to one more thing i would like to issue a retraction. only my third retraction distraction of my career here at fox this one is very important. gutfeld is not technically my best friend at the network. my best friend at the network is johnny, who i love. i didn't think of johnny because he is not talent. not in that way. you are talented. talking about on air people. johnny. johnny, final answer i love you, johnny. also, tune in tomorrow for all day fox 20 year commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. "the five" is going to be live at cityfield. we will see you there. so one more thing, dana?
2:57 pm
>> dana: bill and i will be there tomorrow morning as well tomorrow morning. and condi rice is going to be on the show. i wanted to show you this. there are over 7,000 american flags placed across forest park in st. louis, missouri, this is to mark the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the flags are to aurn each of the nation's men and will killed in combat since 9/11 as well as 412 first responders who died that very day. and i just thought that was very powerful and touching tribute and a park that i used to visit when i was in graduate school. >> jesse: beautiful. katie? >> katie: so more than 200 schools across america have participated in the 9/11 never forget project created by young americans foundation. each memorial is made up of 2977 american flags. one for each. 20 years ago tomorrow. to date, more than 12 million flags have been planted. and here are some of the photos from the schools.
2:58 pm
high school villanova prep. texas a&m. high school dayton christian school. all of the schools participated and young americans foundation for organizing this every year. started in 2003. >> jesse: yaf. >> geraldo: frivolous one more thing. commemorate tomorrow with your family. don't let it go unnoted. so, you know, i'm lame. i have a cane. i have a great cane i got from italy. i lost my cane. hundreds of dollars. made of carbon night. i lost my cane, you know, the weather, so this is geraldo's where is my cane news with geraldo. i even wrote a little diddy what joy fame without my cane oh the pain in the butt. so, we did everything to find it. my terrific producer and brother
2:59 pm
craig, we tried -- they tracked down the car, there was a car swap that rainy wednesday. >> jesse: like finding bin laden. car service, the driver, the official anyway, they didn't find it. >> dana: i thought you were going to find it. >> jesse: if you find his carbonite $500 cane let us know. >> katie: he can't walk. >> jesse: i want to wish rookie a happy birthday, he turned 3 the other day. i didn't remember. sophia had to tell me. so follow rookie at rookie watters on instagram. there is a lot of amazing pictures of this amazing dog right there and i'm going to be petting him in a few minutes there he is with jesse jr. after the live five at cityfield lye here and you will see me and we have now tyrus. tire tire my one more thing is
3:00 pm
sponsored by shovels which you will need because you keep digging holes for yourself. professional wrestler. we love fanny packs and yesterday the wife oakland a.'s game all the way back into the stands and caught by lucky fanny pack. >> jesse: that's it for us. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. we are following two major stories. there is major pushback against president biden's vaccine mandates in some corners of the country. the president says it is not a matter of personal freedom but the good of america. several state attorneys general are already drafting court challenges to those mandates. but we begin just hours away from somber memorials and remembrances observing the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. attacks that launched the country's longest war. not only is the taliban still in afghanistan, the terror group is now in charge.
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