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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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september 11, 2021. we salute you and we love you. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight on this 0th anniversary of 9/11. we'll never forget. now to my open. there is no other day on the american calendar that remind us how vulnerable even the most powerful nation on earth can be. september 11, 9/11.
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memories of that beautiful sunny day from 2001 * are haunting and palpable. america was injured and in shock. our president came forward to speak to us. >> it can't go any louder. i can hear you. i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. judge jeanine: it wasn't scripted. it wasn't on a teleprompter. but it was moving, comforting, captivating. even to this day it still gives me chills. when president bush spoke america town what she needed a
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leader who brought us a sense of unity. and suddenly because of his strength, america was one against those who wanted to destroy us. we found our strength, courage, fearlessness and the unequivocal belief the united states of america is exceptional. [crowd chants usa! judge jeanine: after that we were able to and towel and united to fight the radical hate from the muslim extremists who came to our homeland to kill us. i remember that day. as d.a. i was in new york city for scheduled meetings. my security detail insisted i leave the city immediately and rush to west chester. only the phones were down. only police radios worked.
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people were desperate looking for loved ones. my own daughter kiki was with her class visiting the pentagon. nobody could reach any of the children. i called police commissioner bernie kerik and hours later we were able to tell the head master at that school and the families that all of those kids, all of those children were fine. i set up a center in the d.a.'s office for the families of the victims. we collected dna. the family members who came every day looking worse and war as time went on, started to realize their loved ones were not going to be found, that they weren't coming home. confirmed by the hundreds of empty cars left at train stations throughout west chester. they took much from us that day and the ripple effect is still with us. what have we learned in 20
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years? are we any safer now? are we still vulnerable? sadly, i believe we are more vulnerable. there is a deficit of leadership today. the kind we need to protect and chart a course for america's safety. you don't have to look at a poll to know instengively only 39% of americans approve of. jon: . his lies and ineptitude and his choice of ideology over the safety of america and her citizens. it's effort day after day. on this one of the most sacred days on the american calendar we are left with one of the most confused, feckless incompetent presidents. he lied and said he let only 10% of the americans behind. sadly his brainwashed minions come out and stick up for his
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lies. >> i am confident and we are far stronger and secure now than we were 20 years ago. we are rising in prominence around the world as a place of refuge. we are being celebrated. we are leading. judge jeanine: when the british parliament condemns the united states and we vacate bagram air base in the middle of the night without telling our allies, are you just stupid? while the administration tells us the taliban is kinder and gentler, they shoot women who don't cover their faces in the streets and they go door to door look for anyone who worked with americans.
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ilhan omar and rashida dlaib put forward a resolution on the eve of 9/11. lies constantly come out of our white house. days after americans were incensed about the death of our 13 service members, the biden puppets tell us they launched a drone to kill our enemy. in reality that drone killed 7 children. they hit the wrong car. they lied to us and said they took out taliban facilitator. the satellites are so sophisticated you can read a license plate from outer space. the same terrorists who allowed people with suicide vests to be frisked. this administration stand in front of the american people and
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lies. and said they went after the enemy who killed our servicemen. despicable. in honor of people like todd beamer who saved countless lives by coming up with a plot to crash the flight. >> todd was able to have that conversation with her, provide reconnaissance information, pray together, and asked her to send his love to his family. he said we are probably not going to make it out of this. and his last words, are you guys ready? let's roll. judge jeanine: todd beamer and those who charged the cockpit are real american heroes. another was chic burlingame.
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his sister has been an advocate for 9/11 victims the last 20 years. >> this administration is embracing a terrorist regime. the very people he's referring to are the ones who sheltered osama bin laden and provided a safe haven while they practiced storming the cockpits. judge jeanine: i felt americans all around me. i am so tired of all this woke nonsense. the creation of division, our own so-called commander-in-chief pitting groups against each other. i'm tired of defunding police and wasting my time and energy trying to fight those who hate america and hate our flag. it's time for us to drown their voices out. it's time for the silent
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majority to stand up at the star-spangled banner and decry those who take a knee. i want to live in a country who understands we are lucky to be in this experiment of democracy together. and no one can ever divide us. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter, #judgejeanine. here now with reaction to my open and much more, remembering the anniversary of september 11. the way i see it was the taliban running afghanistan in 2001. and here we are 20 years later, the taliban is running afghanistan, armed to the teeth with all of the military supplies that we left them, and now we are trying to bring them
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into nations staying they are cooperative and business like their investigation. what say you, jake, about all this? >> first of all, it's a somber day. and reflecting upon this day is very interesting for me and many americans of my generation who joined the military after 9/11. i think i speak for a lot of us watching the events unfold as a 12-year-old in 7th grade. i was sad, i was angry and i wanted revenge. i think the first seed was planted of the call for me to serve our country in uniform. fast forward 20 years, we have a feckless, incompetent administration that you are exactly right is making us less safe than ever before. he treats the taliban as an equal regime which of course they are not. they are a terrorist organization. our enemies, china, north korea,
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iran, the russians, they see this weakness and incompetence and fecklessness on the world stage. we are less safe at home domestically. this country is full of marxist radicals who want to destroy the very foundation of this nation. they want to destroy it root and stem. every marxist regime has to start from scratch. there can be no history, there can only be a future. i was at a razor back football game. there were great signs of unity. i hope that continues. judge jeanine: i think baseball game, football games and you are a former nfl player. lara, i want to go to you. you tweet a lot. you tweeted today every islamic
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terrorist is celebrating this victory over the u.s. abdomen and women are left to fight this alone. the terrorists murdering their way through afghanistan, who is you? >> you is "the washington post" journalist who have -- who wrote these fawning profiles on joe biden today. and citing when he was -- the moment when he knew about all of this and how he vowed they would never win. you know, judge, the thing i cannot -- i cannot understand how we can be doing this. i cannot understand how you can have afghan women beaten and so of them murdered, how you can have your enemy, the people responsible for 9/11 on this very day, they are going through and taking 12-year-old boys and
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above and they are disappearing. these are the people that extended a hand of friendship to the united states for decades. without them, nothing we have done over there would have been possible. as jake will tell you, what you have done here is obliterate your human intelligence capability. nobody trusts the united states anymore. why would they? we literally took the lists of player can citizens and also green cardholders and special interest visa holders and any other afghans who worked with us and were vulnerable and at risk and we gave it to the afghan al qaeda to hunt them down and murder them. every time a handful of americans gets on the plane for the theater of the taliban we celebrate. what we have done is given victory to al qaeda on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. i don't believe it's incompetence. there is way too many
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indications that indicate we know exactly what we are doing. every procedure from disintegrating machines that are supposed to destroy our data. there are 400 million things we could be doing to change the outcome. we do not have to leave weapons in the hands of the terrorists responsible for 9/11. some of the lies, judge, and i was very moved by your opening by the way. thank you for including us. there are still afghans fighting today, special operations forces that never gave up. the democratically elected leader of afghanistan is still fighting today. and we chose to side with terrorists and funds them with taxpayer money. jake is right, we have never been more vulnerable, never been more isolated.
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and for some insane reason we are breaking the law, negotiating with terrorists. we were even going to give the air force in uzbekistan from afghan pilots who fled. we agreed do give those to the taliban. not just leave the weapons they had in their hands. but give them more. what you are doing is a death sentence for everyone wearing an american uniform. judge jeanine there is no question. you say it well. jake, do you agree with lara, this isn't about incompetence, this is another agenda. >> that's a great point. nothing could be more foolish than abandoning bagram air base that led directly to the death of 13 -- judge jeanine: is it incompetence. >> we are dealing with the
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taliban with strongly worded statements? the only conclusion here is baden is purposely weakening america. they have to destroy this country. that's what they are doing. judge jeanine: lara logan, thanks for being with us. the one and only sean hannity joins me on this solemn day as we remember 9/11 20 years ago.
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judge jeanine: an emotional day for all of us as we remember their lives lost on 9/11. i spoke to sean hannity about this and much more. thanks for being with us. i'm excited to have you on "justice." >> i'm honored to be on with you. i try to watch your show every week. you are killing it.
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and your monologues scare me. but these are scary times. >> these are, sean. >> just like a great brilliant judge closing argument. you lay out the facts. i love watching every time you are on. it's great and it's an honor to be on. thank you for having plea. judge jeanine: obviously i feel the same about you which is why it's so important to get your thoughts on this show. september 11 as far as i'm concerned is one of the most important days on the american calendar. as we come up to the 20th anniversary of september 11. i remember being the d.a. in new york city, my security detail telling me we have to go back because the second plane hit the world trade center. my daughter being at the pentagon that day. where were you on 9/11 and how
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is 9/11 clinged your life -- changed your life, sean? >> i will give you a roundabout answer. my son now graduated from college. i was taking him to nursery school. my best friend from third grade john gomez called and says are you watching this? i go home and turned on the tv and watched in horror. you couldn't get into the city at that point. i was able to get my radio show up and running. we had five different stations they got. that's something radio stations never do and they did the on 9/11 because it was that important for all of us to be on the air. i lost friends that day. i was a pitcher in high school. the kid that was the catcher for all the years i pitched, him and his brother both died that day. i see his wife in church with
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their three beautiful daughters and it broke my heart. it changed me. as the 9/11 commission report says, they were at war with us and we weren't at war with them. now when you look at -- it's almost surreal where we are today 20 years later and joe biden saying, we'll stay as long as we have americans, and then abandoning our fellow americans behind enemy lines of the taliban. of course, the islamic emrights of afghanistan will be a safe harbor for terrorists. judge jeanine: we can talk about that later because we both feel the same way. i want to focus on something you said. we were americans, and we were stunned. it was the homeland. they attacked us in the united states, the homeland. people of our generation.
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that never happened. the last thing was pearl harbor. and we are talking about 3,000 people here. we have this president who gets up and says, i hear you and they are going to hear from us. and we had a leader who stood up, he comforted us and focused us. he focused america for the first time on the fact that there were people who wanted us dead. how long did america take to understand the hate people had for us? >> there was this period where it was nice, actually. it was a miracle. i think what happened on 9/11, i define it as pure evil. 2,977 of our fellow americans were slaughtered. that defines evil. out of that rubble came incredible kindness, unity of purpose, and part of that was getting the people that did this
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and making sure it never happens again. i mean, i willer in forget, campbell's soup, they opened up a soup line. restaurants were feeding any first responder down there for free. everybody got on board. the whole country united together. it was a good period for the country in that sense. good came out of the evil. but we have taken our eye off the ball and we abandoned afghanistan. and that's where we left it. i never in my lifetime -- judge, we have been friends a long time -- i never thought we would ever leave our fellow americans hostage behind enemy lines based on the whims of known terrorists. this will become the next safe harbor for the next 9/11. judge jeanine: i want to focus
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on the america that evolve as a result of what happened on 9/11. today we have kids in college who were saying that the 9/11 education has not been focused on in schools today. they are saying we should avoid placing blame and leave out the gruesome details because it might lead to extreme nationalism according to college student. what has happened to the children who should have understood what this was all about. sean: my daughter who is now in college was born days before 9/11. she didn't grow up knowing about 9/11. she knows about it now and we watched videos together. there is a whole generation or generations now of americans that don't understand the magnitude of this. look, we are not a perfect country, i will be the first to say that. but as the late great barry
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farber said, there has never been a country on the face of this earth that accumulated more power and abused it less. and i add to that, used its power to advance the human condition and we shared it with the world.
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judge jeanine: in my interview with sean hannity we take a closer look at the threats that still exist to america 20 years later. sean, you hit the nail on the head. you said real americans never leave anyone behind. i want you to listen to his defense secretary lloyd austin. take a listen to this and i want to hear what you have to say. >> the whole community is watching to see what happens and whether al qaeda has the ability to regenerate in afghanistan. the nature of al qaeda and is * --and isis-k, they will alwaysy to find space to grown and regenerate whether it's there or somalia or any other ungoverned
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space. sheen * that frustrates me. i will tell you something. if you don't know your enemy. i watched tony blinken this week. and i know you have been talking about it. he's going to lecture. not enough i cluesivity and woke -- not enough inclusivity in the taliban government? you jackass. these are the people that take young women as sex slaves. when they were in power they didn't let women go to work or school. judge jeanine: they brought child brides here to the united states. but not the siv holders. and the americans are left behind. these people do not belong in these positions. the taliban ruled afghanistan in
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2001 and they hit al qaeda. they defended al qaeda were al qaeda hit us. it's 20 years later. the taliban is ruling afghanistan again in $85 billion in it in equipment. we put them in a better position. sean: leaving americans behind, seeing 13 of i call our national treasure. you think of all the lives lost in afghanistan, all the people who came back with these lifelong debilitated injuries. blown up legs. >> our blood and treasure. you think about the carnage and the sacrifice they have. our vets, and their families are saying why? why did we send our national
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treasure there? we keep showing -- i have been showing for two weeks this map. all it is is the taliban on the march. and july, july now, joe biden says it's one of the best trained militaries in the world. they even have an air force. by that time they already squashed the afghan military he was bragging about. now we have him on stipulate. now they are saying why don't you lie and just say it's okay because we have to change the perception. everybody knew they were getting their asses kicked. everybody knew they were rolling over and the taliban was advancing. if you don't follow every dotted i, crossed t, i will obliterate
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you like i did he will al-baghdadi and soleimani. the last year of the trump presidency, not one american died. when they were on the march and had 20% of afghanistan. why didn't they use the drone strategy that trump used to defeat the caliphate. judge jeanine: he's going to the u.n. to ask them to tell us how racist we are. sean:er american behind enemy lines that died, they have blood on their hands. they had all the time in the world. they could have pushed them back with drone strikes the way trump defeated the caliphate. they can get out every american safely while they had control. and we could have taken our military equipment home, our apache amendments, our v-17s,
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our munitions. judge jeanine: what makes me crazy is seeing the taliban wearing a united states uniform. of the united states. they are fools. a big thanks to my friend sean hannity as always. we love having him on. secretary of state blinken blasted over reports that afghan he evacuees are hiring ubers to leave american military bases.
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judge jeanine: explosive allegations this week from my next guest as he seeks information from the state department and across tire
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blinken over afghan refugees in the u.s., though i think they are he evacuees. congressman mark green joins me with more. we are talking about he evacuees, they haven't gotten refugee status. >> that's correct. they are technically evacuees. they haven't been granted refugee status. judge jeanine: who brought them here? why are they at fort bliss. >> fort bliss, mccoy, picket. they are at a number of different locations. these are the people and tony ay blinken allows to get on the
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airplanes. we have intel that says there could be some bad actors in this crowd. it's tragic. it puts america at risk and it's all antony blinken's fault. judge jeanine: while we leave americans behind. we bring in people we don't have biometrics on. they don't speak english which tells you they are not interpreters. the interpreters we are leaving over there and the journalists. this is crazy. you are in congress. give me aned a verb. give me -- give me an adverb. >> we don't even know who were evacuated when our own friends and allies were left linds.
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i think it lies on the state department. the dod was telling state during this draw down. we are drawing down, start moving these people out. the state department failed to move. the president had the you a disastersity to say they didn't want to come here. there were 90,000 applications pending when the president of the united states said they didn't want to come here. it's a as far as and a lie. it's all the president and secretary of state's fault. judge jeanine: when you bring blinken before congress, let's just hope when he swears to tell the truth that he really does. thank you for all you have done and for being with us tonight. are newsom's days as california governor coming to an
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judge jeanine: president biden is heading to california monday to try and carry golf gavin newsom's campaign across the finish line. joining me, leo terrell and joe
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concha. joe, the california election is tuesday and gavin newsom is saying the republicans are weaponizing the process. why couldn't they wait until the election next year. why did they have to do it now. everybody is coming in and giving him money. what say you? >> i say the president of the united states decided to not go to the southern border which he has not done yet since he took offers. flying over there and going to california shows you his priorities in terms of his political stature at this point. polls for what they are worth, they are not worth much on the state level. gavin newsom surviving, but perhaps the democrats are sensing something different in terms of their own internal polling. why else would every other major democrat fly to california to stump for him.
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biden, harris, obama. win or lose, the fact that the democrats have to spend this much time, this much money, this much political capital to defend the state, joe biden won by 30 points, it shows you how desperate they are. judge jeanine: i hear soros is dumping a fortune into this campaign as well. as well as hollywood and the woke crowd. >> you are right. soros dumped another half million making it a total of 1 million. the democratic big boys are afraid. this is a potential tidal waves. it's a chance to get rid of one of the most incompetent
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governors ever. it's not just republicans. democrats and independents signed this petition too. there arey elder represents the best and the brightest of take over california in a deep blue state. the most ratist political campaign. larry elder is a black man, yet a woman in a white gorilla suit assaulting his staff and throwing things at him. if he were a democrat the media would be all over it. the democrats think they own black people. they are afraid a black republican will destroy their narrative. they are afraid the black community will follow larry elder. the black people need to wake up and lead that party. it's corrupt.
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judge jeanine: larry elder said they are scared to death. a kid from the hood breaks the stereotype. they are so afraid. larry elder was doing very well. and, you know, when you see a white woman twearg gorilla mask which is something that's outrageous, and they are cursing at larry elder when somebody goes over to tell her to stop throwing eggs at larry elder, she punches him. there is know law and order. they have no value. it's about them, only them. >> imagine if this was stacey abrams or cory booker in that video you are playing, being accosted by somebody with a gorilla mask. the apocalypse in terms of media
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coverage would be all over this. it's silence of the lambs right now. the president of the united states will travel to california monday to speak on behalf of gavin newsom at a campaign stop. but joe biden couldn't manage to give a speech today to honor 3,000 dead, and the first responders who exposed themselves to god knows what. instead he had a video released the dade before. why isn't every democrat and republicans shaking their head right now. defend the absentee president at your own peril. saying he didn't give a speech today because a prompter wasn't available. judge jeanine: leo we are going to end with that because we are running out of time. they don't care, and it's all
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about them and they are wing. the battle over masks in schools. dr. siegel weighs in
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biden's new vaccine mandate coming under fire. doctor marc siegel joins me now to weigh him. good evening. very quickly, the president when he gave his i believe divisive speech about mandating masks which he said he wouldn't do, what can you tell us about the rapid tests? >> i agree, he was chaining people who don't want to wear a mask or can't wear a mask, shaming people who want take the vaccine, warning chris to those who have the vaccine. the one thing the vaccine works,
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you're not going to go to the hospital even if you encounter somebody who has not been vaccinated. human made about shaming and arrogance and looking down on people. the one thing i was looking for but he did say that's important is to keep schools open, let's break news tonight, you need a free rapid test in every household in america so we can see if your child has covid or not. the national health service in the united kingdom of all places is where they are during the test coming from the country like were from the beginning, china makes the test. these tests are here and we need to make them in america and we need to be free in every household so we can tell if a kid is sick or not. i encourage masks, of course everyone can be vaccinated to protect those around you but as usual, purely political speech, i think medical about it. judge jeanine: one of the
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problems is we don't make enough medicines in the u.s., they are coming from over there. the administration says they are working on it rapid test five was talking about, it's coming from china, is that what you are telling us? >> that's where a lot of it is and that's where the united kingdom is getting in the ones available here cost too much. the ones they are selling in the premises cost too much so he said okay, want to get money towards that but i want purely free. that's what the act is for, free. you're right, china is doing this, they made a crummy faxing they try to push around the world. luckily we caught on to that, the vaccines here in the u.s., moderna faxing is way better than one came out of china and same with pfizer. china not only has caused the pandemic but also try to benefit off of it. retesting in every household in america from rapid test to see if your child is sick with covid
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or has been exposed to covid or not. that will keep the schools open. judge jeanine: makes so much for being with us. thanks to everyone, don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. thanks so much for watching. i am jeanine pirro, advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: welcome to "unfiltered". folks, i had a different showed plan for you tonight. over the more optimistic. ordinarily something wrong with optimism but i'm sorry, i don't feel that optimistic right now. i know a lot of you don't either. you know the old cliché, time heals all wounds? you've probably heard it a few thousand times but does it? i don't feel particularly healed and it's


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