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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 12, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪♪ >> this is an unpolice dented -- unprecedented assumption, a federal mandate authority that really disrupts and divides the country. mike: arkansas governor asa hutchinson on the fallout from president biden's vaccine mandate. welcome to "fox news live," i'm mark emmanuel. -- mike emmanuel. mark meredith is live at the white house with the surgeon general's response.
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>> reporter: the biden administration is trying to get some 80 million americans to take the vaccine, and now we know what the white house is trying to do. osha is going to start requiring employers of more than 100 people mandate vaccines or have those people undergo weekly testing. we know federal workers and contractors will be targeted with this and that medical workers in places receive ising medicare and medicaid, they have to be vaccinated. the surgeon general says these are all necessary steps to bring covid under control. >> so, yes, from time to time, there will be disagreements on policies, but that doesn't mean we don't stop dialoguing and working with one another. the reason we're pair suing some of -- pursue ising some of these requirements is, again, we know at lot of businesses have welcomed it. >> reporter: we're also hearing from republican governors that are vowing to challenge this in court. the president was brushing off the possibility of those legal challenges when we spoke about this on friday. meantime, on capitol hill a lot of lawmakers are going to be
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focused on afghanistan with the secretary of state getting ready to testify before two different committees, one in the house and one in the senate, and republican lawmakers say they have plenty of questions they want answered. >> yeah, i want to hear from him why did this go so is bad, how did he get it so wrong? why didn't he listen to the intelligence community warnings since april and may of this last year telling us, telling me that the taliban was going to take over, the afghan army was going to fall, and the embassy would be in trouble? >> reporter: the white house insists it's still doing all it can to get americans still in afghanistan out of the country, and so far there are no discussions about anyone resigning here at the white house over this matter. last week the administration did announce it was temporarily halting flights to the u.s. carrying evacuees because four recent arrivals had tested positive for measles. the white house saying it was the cdc that recommended the
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pause. as for president biden, he's up in wilmington today, and he's going to stay oversight. he is set to travel to idaho tomorrow to look at what's going on the wildfires, combating wildfires out west, he's also going to campaign for embattled governor gavin newsom who's election has been tied to the pandemic. mike: mark, many thanks. hours after president biden visited the september 11th memorial in lower manhattan yesterday, the fbi released a newly-declassified docks unit. alex hogan joins us live from new york city with more. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: the president ordered the declassification of documents that have long been shielded from the public, and this was the first record release in two decades. families of the victims said they did not want the president attending the many events commemorating those killed unless the administration declassified the report, and
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biden did so by executive order. after reading the document, some plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the kingdom of saudi arabia issued a statement saying, quote: this initial release is a crucial step towards finally bringing those responsible to justice, and is we look forward to further disclose yours. the 16-page document does not actually provide proof that senior kingdom officials were involved in the event, the report does detail the 2015 interview of a man in contact with saudi nationals in the u.s. who supported the first hijackers. 125 of the 19 -- 15 of the 19 hijackers in 2001 were saudis. the saudi government did release a statement last week writing: any allegation that saudi arabia is complicit in the september 11th attacks is categorically false. and, adding saudi arabia knows all too well the evil that al-qaeda's ideology and its actions represent. now, this is not the only
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declassification to expect. biden has ordered the release of more documents within the next six months. mike? mike: alex, you're there in new york city. obviously, we had the september 11th commemoration yesterday. what's the mood around the city? >> reporter: yeah, mike, that's manager i think a lot of new yorkers have been thinking about in the last 24 hours. there's definitely a feeling of somber attitude especially when we're looking at those bright beams of light that are remarkable, shooting 4 miles up into the sky, visible 60 miles away. obvious, people do feel that unity that we felt 20 years ago. there was definitely a higher police presence along the streets, something we've heard firms say, and i think a lot of people are just taking time to reflect on some of those horrifying stories and the family members who now 20 years later continue to grieve. mike: never forget. alex hogan live in new york city, thanks very much. >> reporter: thank you. ♪ ♪ mike: california voters have is
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just two days to decide whether to oust governor gavin newsom in the recall election and replace him with republican opponent larry elder or another candidate. marianne rafferty has the latest. >> reporter: good morning -- or good afternoon, should i say, here in l.a. we're in front of around early voting location that just opened a few minutes ago, and we have seen people kind of trickling many and out. gavin newsom taking full advantage of these last couple of days. president biden will also be stumping for him in long beach tomorrow. the president among many top democrats to campaign for newsom, that includes vp kamala harris and senator elizabeth warren. but gop front-runner larry elder saying the recall's not about political affiliation but, rather, a referendum on change with issues like homelessness and failing infrastructure in the state. >> crime doesn't have a party. poor forest management doesn't have a party.
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rolling brownouts doesn't have a party. and they're talking about this being a republican takeover? it is insulting to all of us who signed that petition. >> reporter: governor newsom has called this an attempted republican takeover saying a vote for larry elder is a vote for the policies of donald trump. >> folks on the other side of this ballot that have one thing in common, they all supported donald trump, and they all support repealing mask mandates and vaccine verification. >> reporter: and the berkeley/l.a. times poll showing 60% of likely voters oppose recalling newsom compared to just under 40% saying he should be replaced. and larry elder is holding a press conference later today with rose mcgowrch alleging -- mcgowan. a spokesperson for newsom's wife saying in part, quote: what is being aled is a complete
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fabrication. it's disappointing but not surprising to see political opponents launch these false attacks just days before the election. and we also know governor newsom does have plans to campaign here in l.a. at some point later today. mike: marian rafferty, thanks very much. let's wring in our political panel, founder of the center for american liberty and rnc committeewoman for california harmeet dhillon and fox news contributor richard fowler. welcome to both of you. >> good to see you. >> happy to be here. mike: how engaged are folks in this recall election? >> well, i think people are pretty upset across the political spectrum about the abysmal situation we have here in california. you heard larry elder mention some of the main reasons, but for decades now democrats have been controlling california and failing. we are losing a congressional seat in california because so many people are moving out of california.
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so this is really a referendum on the leadership of california, the recall effort add had nonpartisan and bipartisan support, and this is a final chance for californians to take back our state. so we are looking at record good turnout, over 8 million, close to 8 million people have voted already which is more than the population of most of our united states. so people are pretty energized, and we are still in the home stretch here. you're to going to see a surge of voters voting on election day and we're going to see, i think, record turnout. mike interesting. prominent government officials are heading to aid newsom. >> i think it's a sign of democratic unify. not only do you see democrats showing up to vote early, but what you also see happening is a lot of folks, the sort of secret
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majority if, right, the secret majority of the vaccinated, all these folks who want to go on and live their lives in california are saying to themselves if we vote for larry elder, will this state go backwards given the fact that we are now dealing with the delta variant that's causing not only our children to get sick, but it's increasing hospitalizations across the board. and which is the best candidate to deal with that. don't get me wrong, i do think governor newsom had trouble dealing with covid at the beginning, but you have to ask yourself which will be the best one to manage this pandemic as we go into another variant. mike: for vice president harris, this is, of course, taking place in her home state. take a listen. >> they think if they can win in california, they can do this anywhere. we will show them you're not going to get this done, not here, never. >> we know what's in his record. they can't dethe fend his record. mike: what about governor newsom's record?
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>> governor new. >>'s record is absolutely abysmal. he's lied to californians about the amount of effort he is spending towards fire prevention. he cut the budget for cal fire by $120 million. he has had a terrible record. i personally had victories against him in court over his unconstitutional covid shutdown. he's fellow ringing with his -- frolicking with his friends and lobbyists at the same time he's telling other californians to stay at home. i think he's had a terrible record, and so of course democrats are desperate to paint this as something other than a referendum on gavin newsom. there aren't two candidates on the ballot. question number one is a referendum on gavin newsom. question number two is who should replace him. and we're not going to get unvaccinated, richard, if our leadership changes in california. that's not how science works. the majority of californians, the vast majority, are vaccinated. so the issue here is what level
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of freedom we're going to have in this state. are we going to continue to have literally in my city of san francisco gangs of criminals roaming the streets breaking into cars and knocking over people in broad daylight or do we deserve better. that's what this election is about. >> i think you're right, this election is about do we deserve better, and you're seeing policies put in place by the mayor of san francisco has allowed for the schools there to not have a high transmission of covid-19. it's not about shutting down, t about how do we insure that we put mitigation processes in place in our school systems which california's doing to -- >> but schools aren't open. the schools aren't open, richard. >> the schools in l.a. and san francisco are open, harm if -- march meet -- >> they're not open the way they used to be. [inaudible conversations] knox. >> so there's not in-person learn anything san francisco and l.a., is that that you're saying? >> barely.
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>> what barely? what's barely? >> it's not the regular volume -- >> is it five days a week? all right. >> it's not five days a week. >> it is, it is. >> it is not the same as it was the way it was. please educate yourself. >> i am, i'm telling you it's five days a week. mike mike soon we will find out what california voters decide. thank you so much. >> take care. mike: right after this show chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with supreme court justice stephen breyer, and later today mark levin will interview larry elder, california candidate in the recall election. thousands of afghans now fleeing their country to escape taliban rule. where they are going coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
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♪ mike: thousands are still trying to leave afghanistan, both americans and partners as the taliban imposes new rule on education. they will not allow boys and girls to study together. trey yingst is in pakistan just other the border with the latest. hello, trey. >> reporter: mike, good afternoon. we're learning more information about that u.s. drone strike late last month that killed multiple civilians in can kabul. according to a new york times investigation, that strike that
10:18 am
american military officials initially claimed hit an isis-k suicide bomber actually hit an aid worker and his family. the report detailed where u.s. officials may have misled the public as it relates to the number of civilians killed. u.s. military forces told -- sources told fox they're still confident in the strike as civilians were still trying to flee afghanistan. still today thousands are leaving on foot. over the weekend some foreigners and afghans crossed by land into pakistan. with 1.4 million afghan refugees already living in pakistan, officials are concerned that a new influx of people could destabilize the region. with the taliban in control of afghanistan, the united nations estimates hundreds of thousands of people could flee on foot to pakistan in the coming months. pakistan has a vital interest in keeping afghanistan stable and says it can't handle new evacuees. over the last week a pakistan has arrested and deported
10:19 am
hundreds who crossed into the country without proper documentation, although not all civilians are escaping. one man is headed to his home. he brushed off the idea that life would be more dangerous under taliban criminal. other afghans are going wherever they can to flee the taliban over fears they could be killed or imprisonedded. >> some of the people that they worked with american forces, some of the people, they are afraid of the taliban. >> reporter: understanding any growing security concerns, president biden has dispatched a number of top officials to this renal over the past week -- region over the past week. mike? mike: trey yingst live from pakistan, thanks very much. for more on what it takes to help americans and afghans leave, we're joined by u.s. army veteran corey mills. he's helped several people leave afghanistan as the taliban has regained power. this as the u.s. state department insists they are
10:20 am
helping those who want to leave while suggesting some want to remain in the country. >> we are proud to say that we have brought over 6,000 americans home, and we remain deeply committed to facilitating the safe transit of u.s. citizens, lprs and at-risk afghans who wish to leave afghanistan, and we will continue our efforts. we will be relentless in doing so. mike: corey, welcome. is the biden administration trying to take credit for the brave efforts of you and other veterans' groups? >> i would say is, first off, thank you for having me on to to try and cover this. it's very important that we set the record straight here. the in-country state department efforts by certain bordering countries are certainly trying to do their best, but i think d.c. politics has continued to try and rear its ugly head and take credit for things that groups like ours basically went forward and conducted. i was one of many team members, all former special operations, who was successful in completing the very first over-land ground
10:21 am
evacuation of americans since the fall of afghanistan. and, you know, it was kind of surprising when all of a sudden the first cnn headline was that the u.s. state department successfully evacuates americans when they really didn't apply any effort until we were at the 99 and a half yard. mike: is i'm curious, as someone who's never if done one of these rescue operations, any dicey moments? any nerve-racking experiences? >> quite a bit, actually. at one point even one of our evacuees, she that had a pistol held to her head by one of the taliban commanders after the state department insisted that she -- her name was on the list. and, you know, the u.s. state department and the government reporting 160 afghans were killed outside of the abbey gate with 13 service members killed, the reality is we were in contact with a woman, all u.s. passport hold earth who were outside of the abbey gate, and we were refused landing because
10:22 am
we were there to pick her up and 24 other americans five hours later, we haven't heard from her since, and we believe she was one of the americans who perished. mike: are you making any plans to go back and help others? >> absolutely. our team is currently over there. i'm the member of a brilliant team of individuals who are exceptionally skilled. we have an entire list that we have compiled to try and help get out others. i will keep a lot of that confidential because i don't want to compromise ongoing operations, but we continue to try to support the americans that were left over there. mike: so we've heard from the state department initially it was less than 200 americans still there, now we're hearing ballpark about 100. do you have any better sense of the numbers of who's still over there and how many more people we need to get out? some. >> i don't think that the american government truly knows the number that's over there at all. they're continuing to kind of throw out this arbitrary number to diminish the fact that there are many willing americans that
10:23 am
were. left behind. the premise that they were allowed to leave is just false. we had many americans who were denied access. they were told to leave. they were told they were on, and at one particular place, mike, we had four americans at the gate, the taliban commander we had negotiated and talked to said, hey, if someone even says their name from across the gate, we'll let them pass, and we went back and forth, congressman ronny jackson went back and forth to say her name, and they wouldn't even say her name to get her into safety and shoved her back out to the afghan taliban. mike: corey mills, we thank you for your service which continues to this day trying to help innocent people get out of afghanistan. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, mike. mike: the debate over mask requirements in schools still raging on in florida. we will bring you the very latest after the break. ♪ t a couple of bogeys on your six, limu.
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♪♪ mike: a florida appeals court reinstating governor ron desantis' ban on mask requirements just one day -- on friday. we go live to charles watson in atlanta. good afternoon, charles. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, mike. yeah, that florida appeals court ruled that governor ron desantis' ban on mask mandates can move forward in florida schools and will likely remain in effect until at least the end of the semester until a final order is made on the legality of the ban. a state appellate court reversed the lower court judge's decision. it is certainly a win for golf ron desantis who has continuously pushed back against masks in schools even as covid-19 infections continue to increase among school-aged children. >> since i've been governor, i think any issue that has any
10:29 am
type of -- and i don't know why the masks have politics around it. let the parents make the decision that's best for their kids. if you want the mask, do it. if you don't, don't. that's fine. >> reporter: and now the u.s. department of education is stepping in announcing it has opened an investigation into how the state's ban on mask mandates may discriminate against disabled student with heightened risk of illness from covid-19. the superintendent of miami-dade county public schools says he believes the state ban is out of bounds. >> i believe that the recent actions taking in tallahassee are contrary to the expert advice of public health and medical entities that declare that mask mandates are protective measures that serve a compelling public interest. >> reporter: and, mike, the attorney representing the parents suing governor desantis over that mask mandate says they plan to take
10:30 am
this matter to the state supreme court to get it answered. mike? mike: lots of legal fights ahead. charles watson live in atlanta, thanks so much. many americans are concerned with the increase in covid variants. for the latest on the delta and mu variants as well as what what president biden's vaccine mandate means for us all, let's bring in dr. marty makary, fox news contributor. welcome, doctor. >> good to be with you. mike: the latest figures suggest 98.9% of current cases are the delta variant with .1% the mu variant. your thoughts, doctor. >> we've had about 2,000 variants of covid to date, and it's still really the same virus. now, the new variants have a tough time competing with the delta variant because the variant that's the most contagious is the one that dominates, so these mu and delta variants are being outperformed by delta. mike: you've been someone who in
10:31 am
favor of counting natural immunity. what's the news today from a major hospital in detroit? >> so spectrum health has announced that they are going to count natural immunity; that is, having previous covid infection and having recovered as a form of immunity, and that will waive your vaccine requirement. this is a major step forward, and we're seeing more and more in the scientific community recognize now the newest data which is mounting, and that study out of israel with 700,000 people found that natural immunity was 27 times more effective in preventing is symptomatic covid than vaccinated immunity. we've also had natural immunity a lot longer and to be honest, mike, it's done a lot of damage having natural immunity is unreliable hypothesis. we could have rationed our vaccine smarter instead of giving it to those already immune when they were supply-constrained. mike: okay. so there's been a push,
10:32 am
obviously, to get children 123 and older advantage -- children 12 and older vaccinated. the pfizer vaccine a may be available to children 5-11 years old starting in october. what's the science? >> well, we're going to see pfizer report the results later this month, possibly early october, and we'll see what they show. you know, pfizer recognized, in my opinion, that the dose was probably too high for adolescents. it never made sense to me to give an adult dose at an adult frequency to kids, to a thin 12-year-old girl. she shouldn't be getting the same dose as a heavy 50-year-old man, and we're seeing the heart inrah from a mission complications really clusteredded around the --, infrom a nation clustered around the second dose. the study out of israel found one dose was 100% effective in kids 11-15. mike: the los angeles school
10:33 am
district is really trying to force the issue on vaccinated children. is that a smart approach? >> no. there's going to be unintended harm there, mike, because 1 in 6,800 boys will develop a heart complication after the second dose. and if we're immunizing people already immune -- and, remember, roughly 25-50% of school-aged children already had covid, most asymptomatic, we could be creating some harm. i recommend one dose for those kids. mandating two doses in a blanket way will have unintended harm, in my opinion. mike: i talk to a lot of participants who worry about their young children wearing masks, is there any science on the potential problems with that? >> this is a new area, but there is concern among psychologists, speech pathologists, among people who are around the kids a lot and certainly kids with disabilities really struggle. and that's why i believe it's an
10:34 am
individual choice. we've assumed that masks have no downside whatsoever, but some kids really struggle. other kids do well with it. my concern also is some areas of the country have very low rates of infection or soon will in a matter of weeks or months, and we should always have exit criteria if a local school district wants to mask their kid. final point, cloth masks are almost completely infective. the surgical mask is the one that reduces transmission, and it does so by a factor of about 11%, so not a huge effect compared to ventilation, distancing, podding and adult vaccination. mike: when i'm out and about visiting with family and friends, the question i get a lot, is this ever going to end? we got vaccinated, a lot of us, and we're still wearing the masks. so, doc, is this ever going to end? >> i think people have this false perception that we're going to eradicate covid, and we've got to learn to live with it.
10:35 am
downgrading it has always been the goal, and i think we should not be afried of break -- afraid of breakthrough illnesses that are mild. migrants still streaming across the border, the latest from the ground coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man.
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10:40 am
border patrol is stretched thin in the rio grande this weekend. looks like a whole lot of people gathered there at the border area. processing by border and -- christina coleman is live in hidalgo, texas, with the latest from our southern border. hi, christina. >> reporter: hi, mike. yes, that's right. agents have been extremely busy with processing and runners, they were extremely busy yesterday. this is a live look from our fox news drone at a port of entry bridge in del rio, texas. at least 100 migrants are being held for profession at this very moment in that brutal heat, as you mentioned. painting a picture of how dire the situation is right now, just hours earlier, last night during a ride-along with state
10:41 am
troopers, fox news photographer brian allman, caught video of the aftermath of a busted human smuggling operation. the smugglers made it 30 miles north of the border before their car crashed on the highway. border agents were able to apprehend them. state troopers are also exiting more boat patrols early in the morning to disrupt human smuggling and drug trafficking efforts along the rio grande river. more than 1,000 state troopers are helping border agents including texas dps lieutenant chris oliver less. he had this message for president biden. >> you have to come down, you have to visit the epicenter. you've got to visit with the men and women that aren on the front lines day in, day out risking their lives to secure the border. >> reporter: and again, no sign of this border crisis letting down. border agents busted multiple human smuggling operations since thursday and arrested at least
10:42 am
34 people tied to those incidents. mike? mike: christina coleman live in south texas, thanks very much. coming up, chris wallet lace sits down -- chris wallace si sit ises down with supreme court justice stephen breyer. the key has been, will justice breyer retire so is president biden can make a pick? >> they would say you ignored those calls and increased the chances that a republican senate will be there to confirm your successor. >> i mean, there are factors, there are many factors, in fact, quite a few, and the role of the court and so forth is one of them. mike: chris wallace will have much nor in his exclusive interview right here at the top to have hour. with the taliban now back in control in afghanistan, thousands of afghans are now seeking refuge here in the u.s. more on that next. ♪ ♪ and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health.
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♪ mike: it has been a major operation to evacuate thousands of people from afghanistan, and it takes even more logistical planning to get them set up in a new place. one organization has stepped in and is helping the u.s. military out with this huge task. joining me now, emily os meant, she was at ramstein air base last week assisting refugee
10:47 am
operations, she's at the welcome center for afghan refugees and families at dulles airport outside washington, d.c. right now. emily, welcome. >> hi, mike. good to be here with your viewers. thank you. mike: more than 124,000 people, american citizens and afghan partners, have been seek waited in recent weeks -- evacuated in recent weeks. how's the red cross helping? >> sure. we are operating both overseas and is here in the u.s. on different u.s. military bases shoulder to shoulder9 with the u.s. military. we are there to provide that critical relief after a rescue. we are providing diapers for babies, moms who are in stress and can't provide milk, we're providing formula, sleeping bags, blankets. you name it, food, snacks, water. i notice that there are many people who got off the buses and planes, mike, with just the clothes on their back, so we are making sure they have warm clothes, if needed. lots of different ways that we're providing here on the states, indiana and new jersey.
10:48 am
mike: a lot of these folks, as you mentioned, basically had to run with what they had on their backs, starting from scratch in a brand new country in many cases cannot be easy. >> no, absolutely not. and something i really want the note is i served alongside military spouses and afghanistan war veterans who raised their hands for the first time to volunteer with the red cross because they thought this was a critical mission that they wanted to be a part of. mike: wonderful. there's also concern about the many military and veterans' families after the quick withdrawal from afghanistan. what's the red cross been doing to try to help those folks? >> sure. at the american red cross, we understand that military and veteran families may be struggling in the aftermath of recent events in afghanistan. we have resiliency workshops that are military-specific led by mental health professionals for military and veteran families in need.
10:49 am
those include trauma, stress, you know, whatever their needs may be. they're free, they're confidential, and they're available by going to mike: i've been a correspondent at this network for 25 years. i feel like i've seen the red cross at many idahoss over the years whether it be hurricanes, fires, floods, you name it. but helping people get out of a difficult, unstable political situation is not a new role, is it? >> no, it's not. in fact, after the seat yam war, the american -- seat yam war, the american red cross stepped in as well with operation baby lift and helping refugees from vietnam and cambodia doing similar thing we're doing today. mike e mike you were at ramstein last weekend helping with the effort there is in germany. what was it like in. >> it was such an experience. i was so honored to be on base serving with military folks. i've got to tell you, mike,
10:50 am
they're the backbone of the operation overseas. i was just so honored to be there and to see the families. i saw so many children, and initially they got off and were a little apprehensionive, and -- apprehensive, and i came back the next day and they were playing with toys and drawing pictures alongside one another. it was a beautiful thing to see. mike: and for folks at home inspired by the great work you're doing, we've had at the bottom of the screen how they can help from home, red and just go to the red cross web site, you can donate your time, your efforts, your resources to help the mission along the way. emily osment, god bless you and the great folks at the american red cross. >> thank you so much. mike: big day at the international space station as astronauts participate in a six-and-a-half hour space walk. what they're working on, next. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
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10:55 am
♪ mike: and the astronauts onboard are remembering life here on earth also heart attacking the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. in 2001 moak from the world trade center could be seen from the international space station. >> the horrifying images of that day are still present in so many of our minds. as we remember 9/11 20 years later despite that time of tragic loss and grief, it was also a time we saw the strength and resilience of our nation and incredible support from people all around the world. mike: even as the astronauts continue their work, they have commemorated the anniversary by playing taps and displaying american flags. two decades after 9/11 the events of that day are still ingrained in the memories of many americans. but such massive tragedy can also bring important lessons for the next generation. laura ingle sat down with a father and son working to teach
10:56 am
students about 9/11. >> i. catch a glimpse of a plane coming down that hudson river. i remember following it with my eyes as it circles around the statue is of liberty, and i watch it drive right into that south tower. and the huge ball of flame that erupted. i remember i just said to myself, how are we going to put that out? i said, that's too much fire. >> reporter: former new york city firefighter bill spade remembers rushing to lower manhattan to help on that september morning like it was yesterday. >> there was no panek. so many people -- panic. so many people were evacuated. it was a positive thing the way new yorkers were coming together that morning. then i hear a loud, a loud noise, twisting of steel, a lot of noise, and i knew something was collapsing, but i didn't know what. >> reporter: like most first responders, he says the memories of the second tower collapsing around him are still vivid. >> i said good to my wife -- good-bye to my wife, i said
10:57 am
good-bye to my son billy, and then i said good-bye to my son john. and i said, man, you'll never know your dad. he was just a month old. that was the worst part of the whole day. >> reporter: today his youngest son is now 20 years old. never knew what life was like before 9/11. >> both my boys went through the public school system in new york, and each september 11th they'd come home and i'd say what did you do today, and they'd say i had a moment of silence. that really bothered me. >> reporter: it was this lack of mention of 9/11 in any of his classes that drove john to join his dad, becoming a volunteer at the 9/11 memorial and museum. >> i definitely felt a sense of responsibility. >> no current national guidelines require states to teach about that tragic day in school. with only 26 statements, including the 9/11 attacks -- states including the 9/11 attacks in curriculum. >> at every grade level, there's
10:58 am
something to learn in an academic setting whether that be the morals or the actual history that's going to go on to shape the next situation. >> i always think -- >> reporter: father and son work together as docents to fulfill the promise, never forget. >> as time goes on, it's only going to get more difficult to keep things in the forefront of conversation. >> my son john, it's future of our country. >> reporter: this year they're lawning a -- launching a fundraising campaign about commemoration and the ongoing repercussions of 9/11. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. mike: a special 9/11 tribute saturday by army football as fans returned to the stadium.
10:59 am
the black knights coming out onto the field at west point with every player carrying an american flag to honor the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. army went on to beat western kentucky 38-a 35. 38-35. also a special night last night at citi field in queens, new york, as new york's two major league baseball clubs, the yankees and the mets, faced off in a classic game. you see players from both teams side by side. they put aside a lot of the rivalry for bringing baseball back into new york city and the city coming together in unity 20 years after the 9/11 attacks. i should add the yankees went on to win the ball game over the mets in a really thrilling ball game. tune in to "fox news sunday" today right after this show. chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with supreme court justice stephen wrier, and later -- stephen breyer. and later today mark levin will interview larry elder.
11:00 am
so that's all for this hour of "fox news live." "fox news sunday" can with chris chris -- with chris wallace is next. i'll be filling in for shannon bream this week, please join us or set the dvr. have an awesome day. have an awesome day. chris: president biden faces a barrage of challenges to this sweeping vaccine mandates, impacting tens of millions of americans. >> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. chris: as the delta variant surges, the latest offensive in the fight against covid, faces pushback from republicans, accusing the white house of big government overreach. >> to protect my people and to defend their freedom. >> president forgot we live in america. >> these pandemic politics as i


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