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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  September 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm trace gallagher along with lisa boothe, leo terrell and dr. nebraska coal sapphire, and welcome to the wig sunday show. lisa -- big sunday show. >> it turns out that actually might not be the truth. >> leo. >> trace, biden is forcing millions of workers to get the covid-19 vaccine, but what about illegal immigrants?
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>> and nicole. >> well, sports teams unite america. twenty years after 9/11, the patriotic messages from the field to the racetrack. >> but first, california's recall election is less than 48 hours away. voters will then decide if governor gavin newsom will be forced to give up his job. the leading republican candidate is radio host larry elder. weed asked people in -- we asked people in los angeles what they think about the race to the recall. watch. >> he was dishonest to people. politicians should be honest and should be -- should act what he says. if he doesn't believe in something, he shouldn't do it himself. >> no, absolutely not. >> no. i think that he was elected to a term, and we shouldn't recall him just because we disagree with the policy issues. >> now, a recent poll shows dwindling support for newsom's recall with roughly 60% of
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registered california voters planning to vote against it and about 38% planning to vote for it, is that's way down from july when 47% said they would vote for it, 50% said they would vote against it. many on the left have been attacking elder since he rose in popularity among the republican candidates. tonight he's calling out media and democrats in "life, liberty and levin." 9. >> they've called me the black face of white supremacy because they cannot defend this man's record. black and brown parents want school choice, yet they vote for democrat after democrat when the largest impediment is the california teachers union, the largest funder of my to poarnghts gavin newsom. and they're scared to death, god forbid this kid from the hood who went to public school breaks this jedi mind trick stranglehold that the democrats have had over black and brown voters. that's why they're so deathly afraid. >> elder makes some good points. but first, lisa is, i want to go
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to you because what i find interesting about all of this is, you know, joe biden has consistently gone after president trump, blamed him for everything from the border crisis to the disastrous withdrawal in afghanistan. doesn't really seem like it's helped him. his numbers are going down, and yet you look at california, gavin newsom's doing the very same thing. he's blaming trump, and his numbers are going up. we talked about it, you know, back in july you had 47% voting in favor. they said, you know, the recall might be a good idea, now it's way down to 38.5%. what do you make of the change just in a couple of months in those numbers? >> well, i think what gavin newsom has done is try to paint larry elder as this right-wing conservative, and we're talking about a state where democrats outnumber republicans by 5 million, right? we're talking about an incredibly liberal state. so ultimately it comes down to those democrats in the state and independents, do they hate gavin newsom enough to stomach voting for a very conservative person?
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and i don't know if that's going -- you know, i don't think that's probably going to happen, right? i don't think they hate gavin newsom enough to symptom is act a right-wing -- stomach a right-wing conservative, but i am a right-wing conservative. however, there is positive news. the generic ballot has moved in republicans' favor. i think if you look at ahead at the virginia gubernatorial race, and also joe biden is in a weaker place, and republicans picked up over 20 seats in 2010. so i think democrats are on a really rough track and republicans are potentially heading towards a landslide victory for the midterms. >> i think she makes a fair assessment, dr. saphier, because you're talking about a state with 24% republicans. so the fact that this is even a race, this recall thing, is troubling for a lot of democrats
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and a lot of democratic leaders. but i want to play this because we had vice president kamala harris, she was in california campaigning for gavin newsom. i want to play this sound, and i'll get your reaction on the other side. watch. >> we want in our leaders someone like gavin newsom who always -- [inaudible] [applause] the republicans' recall will fail! [cheers and applause] they think if they can win in california, they can do this anywhere. well, we will show them you're not going to get this done, not here ever. [cheers and applause] >> she spoke for a long time, and she went after republicans every which way. what she did not do can that you may have noticed was defend gavin newsom. and a lot of people say, you know, it's tough to defend his record, and that might be why. >> trace, absolutely. by the way, it's nice to see the vice president coming out and actually making a statement on anything, because she's kind of a had a quiet role. at least she's speaking in public. but, listen, you really hit the
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a nail on the hate there, trace, because the criticism is warranted when it comes to covid. from the anti-science measures to being caught by the camera of breaking his own restrictions of going and dining to also allowing that l.a. school district vaccine mandate go through the same week when you have former fda commissioner and current pfizer adviser dr. scott gottlieb saying that vaccinating children shouldn't be binary. therefore, governor newsom is continuing not to follow the science here. but we have to remember, trace, when it comes to the criticism of newsom, it's not just covid, okay? he has been part of california leadership since 2004 when he was elected the mayor of san francisco. and last year polls showed californians, the biggest concern they have is the homelessness at a near -- and in nearly two decades of giving promises of how he's going to fix it, his actions have not mirrored his words. to this criticism is warranted
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by him. that populace state needs leadership. >> in the intro, we played some sound from larry elder, and is we're going to hear a little more from him. but i want to play this video, leo, because it was really troubling. the woman who was throwing eggs, she's wearing a gorilla mask. it is one of those things where you wonder what would happen if this thing was flipped, right? if this was a democrat that people were doing that to. you wonder what would happen then, and larry elder made that very same point. listen to him, leo, and i'll get your reaction. [inaudible conversations] [bleep] >> we're getting pegged from behind. [inaudible conversations] [bleep] [bleep]
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[inaudible] [bleep] knox -- [bleep] >> if i had a d at the end of my name, they'd be talking about this being an example of systemic racism because the person wearing the gorilla mask apparently was a white female. how we have the endemic racism in america, and it's gotten very little coverage in the left-wing media. it's again the kind of double standard i'm facing. >> just so you know, the full interview airs tonight, "life, liberty and levin," that starts at 8 p.m. eastern time. what do you think about the point there, leo, is it a proper assessment for him to say, you know, if there was a d before his name, this would be a hate crime? >> oh, come on, there's no question about it. i want everyone to know this. if that person -- if that was
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maxine waters, there would not only be a hate crime allegation, there would be riots in the street. you would have the left-wing media going after this woman 24/7. and i want, before we did this show today, i want to know the identity of that woman. why hasn't her identity been revealed? i want to know if she's been arrested. i want her charged before tuesday. it is a double standard and it's offensive. the problem is very simple, you cannot, as far as the democrats are concerned, you cannot be black and republican. you cannot be black and a conservative. you cannot be black and support donald trump. this is why the democrats, notwithstanding the polls, are nervous. their internal polls must say something because there's a massive turnout on tuesday. you can bet the house it's a yes on recall. but the identity of this woman should be disclosed. and something else, trace, that's very important. one month ago 30 ballots -- 300 ballots were in a car. where is that guy is?
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why hasn't he been arrested and charged? that person should be charged before the end of this hoe. before the end of this show, both that woman and that man with 300 ballots should be arrested, charged, and we should know who they have before election day. this is outrageous. >> trace, can i add one more thing -- >> yeah, you can. both points that leo was making very valid, and we are looking into both of those things. listen, the l.a. times has been all over a larry elder. the black face of white supremacy e? >> right. and if a white woman in a gorilla suit throwing a egg at a black man isn't racism, i don't know what is, right? clearly they get away with it on the left. but i just want to say i don't think gavin newsom has this on complete lock, otherwise he wouldn't have kamala harris and joe biden campaigning for him. he's cleary taking this race seriously. if you're in california, you definitely want to vote, you definitely want to push forward
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because it's important. >> yep. >> and -- >> you make a very good point. very quickly. >> very quickly. joe biden should not come to california. he should stay in washington and address the americans who are stranded in afghanistan. they are, they only care about power, that's all. they don't care about life, liberty or personal choice. it's outrageous. >> and if you watch television, you'll notice that not only is biden coming this week and kamala harris came last week, they are still pouring tons of money into advertising. so i don't think anybody believes they've got this recall on lock. great conversation, all of you, thank you. remember that u.s. drone strike the pentagon says took out two isis targets in afghanistan? now a new report reveals no members of eye access were killed. -- isis were killed. and who was killed might be even more shocking. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." on saturday is' 9/11 memorial in
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shanksville, pennsylvania, president biden defended the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. listen. >> if you had told anybody we were going to spend $300 million a day for 20 years to try to unite the country after we got bin laden, after al-qaeda was wiped out there, can al-qaeda come back? yeah, but guess what? it's already back other places. what's the strategy? every place where al-qaeda is we're going to invade and have troops today e there? come on. 70% of people think it was time the get out of afghanistan. but the flip of it is they didn't like the way we got out out. but it's hard to explain to anybody how could you get out. for example, if we that sic stad and we pulled up a c-130 and said we're going to let anybody who was sympathetic to us get on a mane, you'd have -- a plane, you'd have people hanging on to
2:17 pm
the wheel well. >> "the new york times" now reporting a drone strike in afghanistan that the pentagon said took out two eye access targets actually killed an innocent u.s. aid worker and his family including seven children. leo, let's just, let's just go through this scenario, okay? so we have a trump administration tells us that that they take out isis targets. turns out it is a u.s. aid worker in afghanistan and his seven children. what would happen? >> i'll tell you what happened. if the biden administration's inability to accept the truth. they botched this entire evacuation. they have basically lost 13 u.s. service members because of theiring obsession with trying to blame trump and also their obsession to try to make political points. it failed. they tried to get out before the anniversary of 9/11. they failed in the sense that
2:18 pm
everyone is still thinking about the evacuation. everyone is still thinking about the americans who are still stranded and those afghans who helped us. they can't get this right, and it's going to be their albatross the, lisa, around their neck up until and including the 2022 election. >> well, yeah. and he's, like, how could it be different? maybe not pulling the military first? trace, "the new york times" dropped this story on a friday night. why hasn't this gotten more media attention? you would think it would warrant it. >> you know it's not going to get attention. it's not going to get the attention it deserves, and there's a list of other stories that are not going to get the attention they deserve from other networks. we'll continue to coffer it, and then it'll kind of go away in a few days, and nobody will bring it back up. it's amazing when you listen to the president speak and there's no opinion here at all, it's about a facts where he's not, apparently, reading the room. his numbers are going south, and
2:19 pm
he says how else could you get out of afghanistan? you so touched on it, lisa. one, go and sit down and talk to general jack keane, and he would give you a step by step on how these plans were implement inned and what should have happened at the bagram air base, is point one. you maintain the bagram air force base. you give yourself more time. there are point-by-point ways that he, the president saying his generals were on the same page. well, there were a lot of generals who were not on the same page. and it just brings up the consideration of is the administration ready for plan b, is there a plan b in any of this stuff. you closed down the keystone pipeline, gas goes to $5. is there a plan b. you go in and shut down the remain in mexico policy, and there's a flood of people coming across the border with covid. is there a plan to stop it? afghanistan's a disaster, and it and seems like somebody in the administration needs raise their hand and say, sir, what is plan
2:20 pm
b if this doesn't work out? >> well, i think if they're not smart enough to get plan a right, they sure as heck -- [laughter] don't have plan b in their back pocket, but just my assumption. dr. saphier, i want to switch gears a little bit. let's listen to this clip and we'll talk on the other side. >> >> [inaudible] would you strongly consider having days of recognition for outstanding service -- [inaudible] around the country? >> i think it's an incredible question, and you won't believe this, i've never been asked that question before. i like the idea. think they deserve it -- i think they deserve it. >> [inaudible] >> you have a deal. [laughter] isn't it amazing that nobody's ever -- when i say nobody's ever brought that up. >> yeah. so we saw there yesterday president trump chose to spend
2:21 pm
his day with first responders giving them support, as you just heard with one police officer asking him for a national recognition day, which should happen. but look at that photo. you see president trump, clearly, level of enthusiasm. do you think joe biden would ever choose to spend his day that way? [laughter] >> well, lisa, i'm not going to comment on how joe biden spends his days, because i don't think most of us really know. president trump specifically, it always was a priority to promote and discuss positively police officers, first responders, the military. that always was a staple of his administration. i can tell you i believe afghanistan would have been handled much differently. we have no more military stronghold. president trump believed in our military if believed what their importance was to our national security, and so i don't think that that would have happened. but i can tell you, lisa, i just want to go back to afghanistan for a second because one of things that we're seeing this
2:22 pm
week, secretary of state blinken who is going to be testifying at the house foreign affairs committee meeting, this is what americans want. they want to hear him say, you know, we messed up. yes, we wanted to come out, but we messed up. and i really hope someone actually says to him, secretary blinken, why do you think it was a good idea to go and vacation in the hamptons hours before kabul fell? president trump was criticized every time he went on the golf course whether or not something was going on. but way that the biden administration handled afghanistan, we need to hear from them mea culpa, we should have handled this additionally. >> well, of course, blinken was in the hamptons. it just makes perfect sense. good conversation, guys. still ahead, joe biden is forcing some workers to get vaccinated, but what about illegal immigrants? >> -- it's a requirement for people at a business with more than a hundred people. it is not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. why? >> psaki's shocking response to that next. stay with us.
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♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." from his teleprompter, biden announcing sweeping covid-19 vaccine mandates in the boldest attempt so far to getting shots in the arms. companies with 100 employees must now require the vaccine or a weekly covid test. >> -- to be patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us. so we need to do more. this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself
2:28 pm
and those around you. these governors won't help us beat the pandemic. i'll use my power as president to get them out of the way. >> you know, lisa, i want to go to you. you're going to be my political expert. he makes this announcement on thursday, right before 9/11. and, again, the backdrop is the disaster in afghanistan. oh, let's not forget the southern border. if the game plan is simple, can we distract the american public by using a covid mandate? what's your perspective on that? >> yeah. he screwed the pooch on afghanistan, and now he's trying to drag america's attention to another shiny object which is forcing the vaccines on 80 million people who have chosen not to get them. and, look, none of this is about the science, it's about control. it's about government trying to assume more control. it's moving america more in the direction of cuba or china. it's not about the science. if it was, we'd close the southern border. the white house wouldn't move forward with a boost e shot
2:29 pm
without the fda's approval. the vaccinated people would be protected, right? so none of this makes sense, none of this is about the science, and i also think it fundamentally rejected the premise that everyone needs to be vaccinated. with over 100 million people in this country who have had covid, study ises show that natural infection works better than vaccine immunity as well. further, there are young and healthy people even my age group, 30-36, i have a 99.97 chance of survival against covid. so the government is asking me to inject my body with something that i'm not afraid of and that is not a threat to my life. i rethe premise that -- reject the premise that everyone needs to be vaccinated, and i think joe biden's headed in a dangerous direction. >> you know, trace, i'll tell you this, as a journalist, as a reporter, as an anchor i want you to listen to the exchange between our white house correspondent, peter doocy, and
2:30 pm
white house press secretary. when he pressed her on the exemption for immigrants not being required to take this covid mandate test. here we go, let's play it. >> our objective is to get as many people vaccinated across the country as humanly possible, and so the president's announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses, to give businesses the tools to protect their work forces. that's exactly what we did. certainly, we want everybody to get vaccinated, and more people are are vaccinated whether they are migrants or whether they are workers, protects more people in the united states. >> but it's a requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people. it's not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. why? >> that's correct. go ahead. >> trace, what do you think of her dismissive nature? as a journalist, a correspondent, a person in the news, how do you react to that? >> leo, she didn't answer the question because there is no answer. i mean, there is no answer to that question.
2:31 pm
when you're saying, okay, companies of a hundred people or more having to to have mandatory vaccines, it's compulsory, and then you talk about the border and they're saying, it's okay, it's fine. i just want to point these numbers out -- and dr. saphier is going to have a lot more on this because she knows more, but i can tell you 30% of immigrants being held now are refusing to be vaccinatedded. 18 percent of migrant families coming across the border are covid-positive. 20% of unaccompanied minors, covid-positive. we shut down cities at a 5% if positivity rate. these numbers, as the doctor will tell you soon, are immense. they are immense, and they're coming through with impunity. they go in, they put them in hotels, they don't tell the doings where they are -- towns where they are, and it's only being covered by a few outlets, and a lot of people are ignoring this. but that is a massive problem on the southern border. >> let -- i agree with you 100%.
2:32 pm
let me go to the best medical doctor in the country. dr. nicole, regarding the biden mandate, certain hospitals now have to make a decision, a medical decision. some nurses refuse to take the vaccine. they have basically required some of these hospitals to put pregnancy patients on pause as far as delivery, and there's some focus tension in some -- some tension in certain hospitals due to the mandates for the vaccine. from one of the director, gerald -- the louis county health executive on baby delivering said we're going to have to pause the service now and focus on recruiting nurses who are sake nateed. what do you tell joe biden, what do you tell the patient, what do you tell these nurses and what do you tell these hospitals? well, leo, i can tell you that these newly-developing nursing shortages, technology shortages and other shortages because of these mandates are completely manmade. we can debate the origin of the
2:33 pm
virus all we want, but these shortages, because of the mandates, are manmade. and, yes, vaccine mandates do make sense in certain workplace environments like hospitals, nursing homes, even some of those factories where we saw those massive super-spreading vents. you can argue for vaccine mandates in people who have not recovered from covid-19 having natural immunity. you can argue for their merit. but to say that every single business needs to have these vaccine mandates, you're going to be pushing out these qualified workers when it's unnecessary. and to trace's point, yes, we have always been concerned with immigrants coming across the border about certain public health issues. they also have a lot of needs for medical care and come into the united states, and we provide the medical care, and if they're coming across with covid-19, it's unsurprising as they are all hoarded together, they're in hotel rooms, tents,
2:34 pm
buses together. it's going to spread like wildfire. if president biden does not have the resources at the boarder and now at our military -- border and now at the military bases to be treating these people and making sure there's follow-up so they're not spreading it to someone else, it makes no sense these policies that he's doing on americans and not parallelling them for the refugees and immigrants. [inaudible conversations] >> and pointing out -- [inaudible conversations] >> you're not supposed to come during a pandemic. title 42. so all of this stuff, you are not supposed to come. so that's the bottom line here. >> okay, thank you. >> nobody should be coming. >> sounds good. thank you, trace. the left pushing hard for supreme court justice stephen breyer to resign, but he's not backing down, and he's responding to these calls when "the big sunday show." returns. ♪ ♪ a beautiful day ♪♪
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muck i'm still standing better than i ever did. ♪ looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show is." justice stephen breyer, the oldest member of the supreme court at age 83, is facing increased pressure from democrats to resign. >> if he is seriously considering retirement, and he has said he would do it based not only on his own health, but also the future of the court, i think if he's going to do it, sooner rather than later. >> just to be clear, you do think that justice stephen breyer should retire at the end of this term. >> i would probably lean towards yes. >> justice breyer, for whom i have great respect, should retire at the end of this term. i mean, my goodness, have we not learned our lesson? >> on "fox news sunday," chris wallace sat down with justice briar and addressed -- breyer
2:40 pm
and addressed possible retirement. chris: they would say you ignored calls and increased the chances that a republican senate will be there to confirm your successor. >> there are factors, there are many factors, in fact, quite a a few and the role of the court and so forth is one of them and the situation, the institutional considerations are some, and i believe -- i can't say is i take anything perfectly into account, but in my own mind, i think about those things. chris: so why didn't you retire? >> i didn't retire because i had decided on balance i wouldn't retire. >> on balance, i wouldn't retire. leo terrell, our finest legal mind on the panel. [laughter] i want to get your take -- >> it's the only legal mind. >> the only legal mind. thank you, dr. saphier -- [laughter] >> fair enough. >> but also the finest legal mind on the panel. you know, you have these people
2:41 pm
saying, you know, i have all the respect in the world for justice breyer, but he needs to go. >> no, they don't. look, they don't care about justice breyer. they're political animals. they want to get their agenda pushed through the supreme court. i am a civil rights attorney, i'm a constitutional law attorney. i talk government. i appreciate the whole purpose of the supreme court. independent. you know what the job is, trace? to interpret the constitution, to read the constitution and not play political games. and what they're doing, to me, is just simply trying to politicize the court. another thing that's offensive to me is age discrimination. they're saying, you're old, get off. you know what? senator dianne feinstein, we're going to use age as the standard, not the ability, not skills. there is nothing wrong with this man's performance, but they want power. one of the fundamental reasons high i left the democratic people -- why i left the democratic people. they don't care about the people, they just want power so they can have some type of
2:42 pm
control of the supreme court. one last point. it's back door way of court packing. >> yeah. and you make a very good point because you brought up senator dianne feinstein, and when there was a lot of concern that this recall was going to go the way the democrats didn't want it to go, they were saying, you know what? maybe it's time we replace senator feinstein. they feel like they're pinned in a corner, they want to change it around a little bit. lisa you are your thoughts. >> i -- lisa, your thoughts on this. >> i find it interesting about his age when he's not that much older than joe biden. [laughter] i actually think democrat leadership wouldn't want him to step down before the midterm elections because what that actually does is put a lot of their democrats have a really vulnerable position who are running for re-election in the senate. kelly in a tough spot in arizona, hasan in new hampshire. you would think leadership
2:43 pm
wouldn't want him to step down. i would like him to, you know, put them in that position for all i care because, you know, i would love those people to lose, but if you're democrat leadership, maybe not. >> i want to put up some of the heedlines, dr. pfaff psi, and then we'll -- dr. staff dr. saphier, and then we'll go to you. you a had back on a may 3rd npr, liberals admired justice breyer, now they want him to retire. i don't know if the symmetry or the wording was right. the"the washington post" with democrats poised in january to take over, supreme court's breyer faces renewed calls to retire. so you're going back nine months and the calls, you know, you're going to see a lot more of this. and i'll tell growings as we get closer to the midterms, they will scream from the rooftops. your final thoughts. >> how insulting it is for justice breyer who who is in one of the most consequential pieces for people to be calling for his
2:44 pm
retirement. senator fine stein's 88. speaker pelosi is 81. rewe going to start calling on people to retire after a certain age? it is incredibly partisan is. this is supposed to be an independent, nonpartisan process, but as we saw with president trump's appointees, the democrats have made this a partisan process. >> yeah. and breyer's a brilliant jurist. coming up, sports teams honor those lost on 9/11. the messages of unity from the football field to the racetrack is next. ♪ hearts on fire, strong desire. ♪ rages deep within ♪♪
2:45 pm
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♪ new york. ♪ what dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do. ♪ now you're in new york ♪♪ >> all right. welcome back to "the big sunday show." it is hard to believe, but yesterday we marked 20 years since 9/11. here are some to have best patriotic tributes from the sports world. take a look. >> a look at citi field this saturday night, part of an
2:49 pm
emotional day filled with so many memories of the events from 20 years ago. [cheers and applause] >> please rise and recognize a moment of silence for those we lost in the tragedy 20 years ago on september 11th, 2001. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> so, lisa, i can tell you for me, one of my favorite parts was watching at the army game running out with the american flag. i get choked up when we are all standing and watching the american flag. but how did it make you feel to see some of these tributes? >> i mean, it's beautiful. look, i'm a patriot. i love this country more than anything, so it's beautiful to see the flag being held high particularly at a time where, you know, we have an increasing percentage of people particularly on the left who
2:50 pm
hate the flag and is view it as a negative symbol. so it's nice to see these athletes do this. i thought it was beautiful. >> and, leo, it has become increasingly clear to us that our leadership is unable to unite us as a nation, but leave it to america's pastime of sport to work to unify us as a country to remember 9/11. >> you're absolutely correct, dr. nicole, because again, when i see -- the greatest pitcher of all time in major league baseball history, it's not thrown by any professional baseball team, it was thrown by george bush when he went onto the mound and threw that strike, rallying the country as one. it was america at its finest moment, and it was behind the backdrop of the national pastime, major league baseball. it was a beautiful moment. >> yeah. finish. >> well, and, you know, there is another thing that i -- there was a cat from the top of the
2:51 pm
stadium dropping onto the american flag. take a listen. [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> trace, is there anything -- trace, is there anything so great that this cat was -- a disaster was averted because he was saved by the american flag? >> saved by the american flag. that was great video. we showed it a little earlier as well, dr. saphier. that's the whole thing. and if you haven't seen is it, the michigan marching band, did you watch that? it was ten minutes long, and it was absolutely astounding. if you haven't seen it, it's worth ten minutes. it's really one of those things where if you don't on 9/11 feel patriotic and you have heroes lined up there, you know, there's an issue is. there's something wrong. and you talk about sports and sports does unify us. in fact, this is the band director said, quoting, we are
2:52 pm
stronger when we are unified. the band director of the michigan band. and he's correct. sports can also tear us apart as we have seen in previous years, you know? these protests and so forth. but you talk about sports being the unifying thing it is whether you're involved in it as a coach, as a band member, as something else, that's why we get so many kids involved in sports, and my thing would be -- and i tell leo this all the time -- listen, if you're going to do something and get involved in sports and for the next big unifying event, go into the cities and get these kids uniforms and the stuff that they need because that's where you can change lives, you know? maybe skip the next protest and get in there on the ground and help some of the kids who desperately need the uniforms and the equipment and the coaching and the mentorship that is going to get them to the next level. >> there's also some great -- [inaudible conversations] >> chants going around about joe biden at college football games that is uniting some americans. [laughter]
2:53 pm
>> well, i'm going to go back to trace and say sports for children, great for their physical and mental health. i'm so glad to see that sports were uniting us yesterday instead of being more controversial protests that we saw in the last few years. but yesterday was an incredible display of patriotism, and i really appreciated everything that they did. but stay tuned, because coming up next we reveal the big four. coming up. ♪ ♪ [ "the addams family" theme playing ] ♪ they're nice but irritating ♪ ♪ their excitement can get grating ♪ ♪ they're dressed for pastry baking ♪ ♪ the progressive family ♪ ♪ they're helpful but annoying ♪ ♪ they always leave us snoring ♪ ♪ accidents are boring with the progressive family ♪ so... when do you all go home? never! we're here for you 24/7. how terrifying. protection so good it's scary.
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>> welcome back to the big sunday showed now it's time for the big four predictions of the biggest stories this week and lisa you are up first. >> my prediction that is the president will trample our freedoms and distract us from the failed presidency. i don't think we will see anything in "the new york times" soon. >> my prediction is we will start hearing more about booster shots because the fda advisory committee is meeting this week to discuss booster shots coming on the heels as to fda advisers put in for their retirement after the president said the general
2:58 pm
population have access to boosters even before the fda reviews the data i am sure we will hear more about that. >> my prediction is that we will do the big saturday and sunday show again. just joking. [laughter] i am predicting it will be a massive election fraud recall election and it will be called for court intervention i want them arrested today in charge by tuesday. >> so the california recall election results we just showed you numbers at the top of the show how that is trending down because it looks like gavin newsom will hold his job at least for now. the bad news is 24 percent
2:59 pm
vote republican and now you talk about 50 or 42 percent voting we call. it is a very strong examples. that people in this day are dissatisfied with way things are trending the past couple of years. >> you are absolutely correct this is a petition and recall the democrats and republicans last year was the first time i wanted to leave california because it is bad here. it is horrible here californians will vote how they feel not with the national media does. >> come to miami spent the taxes of the highest in the country the housing is the highest but it is 72 and sunny you have that.
3:00 pm
>> . >> we are out of time the fax report on —- the foxy port is next. with jon scott. starting now. jon: multiple hospitalized after a gas explosion at a complex in georgia good evening this is a "fox report". several police and fire departments respond to the explosion about half an hour north of atlanta they reportedly smell gas fumes and they arrived at the scene. the number of injuries are unknown and charles watson his life.


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