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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 12, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> . >> we are out of time the fax report on —- the foxy port is next. with jon scott. starting now. jon: multiple hospitalized after a gas explosion at a complex in georgia good evening this is a "fox report". several police and fire departments respond to the explosion about half an hour north of atlanta they reportedly smell gas fumes and they arrived at the scene. the number of injuries are unknown and charles watson his life.
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- - is lives to make you can see the scene here is fluid first the first responders that roped off the road that leads to the apartment or of the apartment complex as they try to start work that you can imagine that will be a their own investigation we just got an update who tells us they had cleared 100 percent of the apartment complex in emergency crews are working to stabilize the building and as a 15 minutes ago could make their way into three apartments that were just about leveled around 1:30 p.m. at least two people are unaccounted for but it's not clear right now if they were home at the time or lived in those apartments that the crews are most worried about. for have been taken to the hospital that have been
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described as minor injuries. we spoke to one resident who said he heard and felt the force of the explosion and considers himself lucky to not have been caught in it. >> we just heard the loud sound. >> these were the most badly damaged. >> the atlanta gases on the scene work looking to see if the explosion was by a gas leak there were reports of strong odors and gas fumes we are told the american red cross has been notified many residents who live in this apartment cannot get back inside tonight. jon: live from dunwoody
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georgia thank you. twenty years after 9/11 terror attacks, the fbi last night released a new declassified report relating to the investigation with the connection of the hijackers in saudi arabia. as we monitor the latest from afghanistan where many vulnerable afghans are fleeing to neighboring pakistan. we have new york republican congresswoman here with her reaction. mark meredith is standing by at the white house but first live from the new york newsroom. >> the white house releasing a classified report yesterday afternoon to decades after 9/11 families of the victims said they did not want the president attending the events commemorating unless administration declassify that information biden did so by executive order. the first report is 16 pages of details from an interview of a man in contact with the saudi nationals who supported
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the first hijackers providing them travel assistance and lodging. does not suggest there was any involvement by senior officials but the saudi government has not responded to this material it did release a statement last week saying it has always advocated for transparency around the attacks and any claims it was involved is categorically false. but that is not enough for some victim family members with the litigation against the kingdom of saudi arabia. the court appointed plaintiff cochair things the president for sharing long-awaited information. >> this is a great step. it is the tip of the iceberg. we want the whole iceberg to be visible but this is a terrific preview of everything the fbi has. >> yesterday was a day of
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mourning and family members spoke out after over two decades since the terror attack. >> my brother who we continue to miss and love every day the world is a lesser place without him. >> even though i never got a chance to meet either of you there are two angels in heaven watching over me and my family. >> i wish you were here to see a beautiful grandchildren. >> so many touching and emotional stories that are expressing the people that they lost and now all the moments they have missed. jon: alex hogan. thank you. fox news alert north korea testfired a long-range cruise missile over the weekend according to local media a few days ago the nation celebrated the 73rd anniversary we will stay on top of the story to bring you the latest as it
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unfolds. military officials the us forces shut down to drones that attacking the airport in iraq yesterday. one official says the drones were made in iran and contained bombs. spokesman for the us-led coalition says there were no injuries or damage the iranian backed militia forces attacked the airport several times this year. about 2500 us troops are stationed in iraq still some based at the airport. a busy week ahead for president biden as he tries to put the humiliating afghanistan fallout in the rearview mirror new vaccine mandates laid out by the white house are slammed by republicans critics call it unconstitutional. the blowback times as democrats try to move forward on a massive spending bill and the president tries to make a trip to california to campaign
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for governor newsom ahead of them are great —- ahead of the governor recall vote. reporter: a lot going on as you mention president biden is brushing off criticism from some republicans against the new vaccine mandate saying that they are not only needed but welcomed. >> so from time to time there will be disagreements but that doesn't mean we don't stop working with one another. the reason we pursue these requirements is we know a lot of businesses. >> you know the government is trying to roll out a mandate of more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or those who opt out have to undergo testing and that the federal government was to expand the government's and the tsa will double the minimum fine if they violate the mask
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mandate. but the president is overstepping his authorities calling it counterproductive and unlawful. one leader is the governor of nebraska. >> this is not something the government should mandate and somebody should have to make the choice between keeping their job and a job in the arm. it is wrong. >> tomorrow the president will be on the road focusing another domestic issues. making a stop in boise idaho to see how the government is responding to the devastating wildfires. and then to california to campaign for embattled governor newsom with his recall election coming up. so lawmakers are asking secretary blinken what was going on with all things afghanistan he is expected to speak in front of house and senate lawmakers this week republicans have made it clear they are plenty of questions as well as other administration officials. last week the white house announced it was temporarily suspending flights of evacuees
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because there are cases of measles the white house says the cdc recommended that. the president may have more to say about the president or covid after tomorrow. jon: thank you. from the white house. mark meredith the taliban flag flies over the presidential palace and no us personnel on the ground so the question looms over the biden strategy. we have a member of the house foreign affairs committee new york congresswoman, it is my understanding the secretary of state anthony brink and will testify tomorrow what do you want to ask him quick. >> i have a lot of questions for him i'm sure many democratic friends do. right now we have people that are still stranded their legal permanent residents or green card holders there is one family of seven were three -year-old is an american
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citizen so there is just an adequate response from the secretary of state including don't rely on the us government to get you out of afghanistan. so every member of this family is a legal permanent resident except the three -year-old was an american citizen so only one parent can accompany the american citizen back to the united states so mom, dad you can't leave mom in afghanistan obviously and to give that was rights to women to raise children so they have to take mom over at least and as part of the debacle secretary blinken needs to answer that. we also went to make sure if he will actually recognize the
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taliban government a terrorist organization right now concerned with so many things but those are my questions at the moment. jon: you also asked the speaker of the house to begin impeachment proceedings. that will not happen. obviously she is a fan of joe biden spent the reason why i'm calling for her is the republicans bring something to the floor but over the course of conduct over the last several weeks from president biden makes these decisions so our secretary of state that reports to the commander-in-chief so the buck stops with me and it seems to me he overrules many of the recommendations and decisions which resulted in quite an arrogant strategy to strand
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american citizens and over the horizon it is the knock on wood strategy. and hundreds others were killed that are non- soldiers this is just devastating and when we talk about this where are the democrats coming out to recognize and was warren he should become to the foreign affairs committee or the house veterans committee to report on the casualties that are pursuant to the national defense authorization. he failed to do that and use a saudi waiver to get out of it so there's a lot of questions that need to be answered plus he has been conversing with former president donnie - -
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donnie that i thought was revealing asking him to cover up the situation but it is the course of conduct where are the democrats are the never bidens out there? they know this is a problem. they are struggling at home they also commemorated the horrible tragedy of 9/11 yesterday. i would like to see answers from them as well and name may be showing up in a bipartisan way. if we don't ask it will not happen. jon: the 9/11 attacks and the taliban are raising the flag while at the same time incorporating members into the cabinet and government. people who were released from gitmo. >> another terrorist organization and khalid shaikh
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mohammed is in the middle of his trial so he may went to negotiate with him i know that's a stretch that so worried about portraying the arrogance and the heartlessness that is not becoming of the president and as you alluded to now they are emboldened use the china start to be more aggressive against taiwan and that's because we are showing will stand by our allies and our friends. jon: congresswoman we watch that committee hearing tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> two decades since 9/11 and still no trial including self-proclaimed mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed that the congressman just
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mentioned. spent the 20th anniversary the 9/11 attacks including mastermind has never been to trial preliminary hearings dragging on a decade with a death penalty case held exclusively i get mail. >> fox news has a rare access inside the maximum security courtroom along with ten family members behind reinforce classed as proceedings presumed following a 500 a pause due to the pandemic he keeps smiling and praying and waving at reporters. >> he has been in lockdown for as long as everybody else and to see people his legal team he has not seen in a long time is a cause for pleasure. >> he went to a small college in north carolina before returning to a life of
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terrorism. >> in court questions from the prosecution and defense but the new judge signed the case squeaking by the two-year minimum to run the military tribunal here at gitmo costing the taxpayer $13 million per year for each prisoner and 39 remain before being elected. >> we still have the capacity to detain these folks or these individuals and not put them in the united states. >> others are not so sure donald arias lost his brother on 9/11. it is a comedy of errors. >> four out of the five detainees occupied top positions in the taliban
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government now control afghanistan once again 20 years after the 9/11 attack. fox news. >> countdown bin laden is tonight the 247 day hunt of the mastermind behind the terror attacks. former cia director leon panetta and those who killed osama bin laden countdown bin laden airs tonight on fox news and will be available on "fox nation" after it airs. and then to decide if governor newsom can keep his job in bringing in the big guns.
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jon: i recall election is now just two days away the latest polls have the liberal leader ahead and tomorrow the president will head to the golden state for one more final show support.
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reporter: gavin newsom is taken advantage of the last couple of days for the recall during a rally today in los angeles framing as a republican takeover. this is the extension of the january 6 insurrection and what is going on in states all across the country and then their own reproductive health care quick. >> larry elder held a press conference today with actress and those using the appearance and his first partner also attempted to intervene before weinstein accusers came forward. they deny the allegations saying what is being alleged is a complete fabrication it is disappointing but not surprising to see political
3:23 pm
opponents launch the attack days before the election. larry elder focuses on the hot button issue like that pandemic shutdown that hurts all businesses to make a shutdown this day in a more severe way than any of the other 49 states. we are one third of all small businesses are gone forever. many were run by black or brown or asian people that give it on desk avenue some claims he cares about. >> the poll shows that 50 percent of likely voters intend to vote no compared to 41 percent voting to remove him from office. the governor will be joined by the president and to make a final appeal in long beach before election day on tuesday. jon: thank you. as marian mentioned, tonight on "life, liberty & levin"
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sitting down with california gubernatorial candidate larry elder to talk about the recall election tonight at 8:00 o'clock p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. it will be a rough couple of weeks for the president as they sort to crises here and abroad can the administration get a handle on messaging? we had the analysis next. because it means everything to you. i'm not getting through the pandemic just to end up with the flu. i asked for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older.
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>> i'm jon scott this is "the fox report" the bottom of the hour if you are just joining us the top stories starting in washington dc. where capital police face disciplinary action against some officers for their behavior during the general qatar riots the internal review found wrong doing six of 30 cases in which the investigations were open some include improper remarks and conduct unbecoming of an officer. warning shoppers inflation is higher than previously thought
3:29 pm
kroger says customers should expect prices to rise as much as 3 percent in the next three months. space x is getting ready to launch the all civilian crew into orbit on wednesday attack mogul expected to launch from florida on a three-day trip before members of the crew spent the last several months preparing for emergency and altitude training. for more these and other stories scan the app scan the qr code or go to / apps. >> do we have the urgency to spend another three.5 trillion right now? most urgent thing we have to do is get the bipartisan infrastructure bill unattended for over 30 years. >> i know they work very hard on the bipartisan bill it would be a terrible thing for the american people if both of those bills fail.
3:30 pm
jon: you heard the first the key moderate democrat west virginia senator joe mentioned says he cannot support the three.$5 trillion spending plan and bernie sanders calls that unacceptable and then to show some cracks he also faces other crisis grappling the nation right now let's bring in fox news contributor teefifteen you know how things are supposed to go supposed to be a sleeping monster everybody leaves town and not much happens you cannot say that about 2021. >> you could over the past five years there is always an active news cycle even in august but now this is a pivotal moment for joe biden and his administration and agenda. as far as passing the infrastructure bill three.5 trillion. not quite it's more like
3:31 pm
$5 trillion joe mentioned senator manchin democrat from west virginia is a true powerful joe in washington at this point. he doesn't support if he doesn't if you look at kyrsten sinema and that is that it cannot pass. so therefore you have a shift with the biden administration as far as passing the senate and the ramifications if this does not get past and the squad and aoc turning as the president and their own party saying how can you not pass this? if there's nothing positive when you get the economy americans are greatly concerned about inflation those that are deeply concerned about inflation for the new fox news poll it is a
3:32 pm
cruel tax on the poor and middle-class and americans don't feel safe whether they like it or not after staying silent after peaceful rights last year. the absentee vpn kamala harris put in charge of the one.5 million migrants in the administration does not seem to care so how do we turn this around? i have no idea so if you look at it objectively. >> you heard that moment where the white house correspondent asked jen psaki how come the white house wants to mandate vaccinations for employers who have at least 100
3:33 pm
employees, that nobody seems to care who is coming across the border? if they are vaccinated and she did not have an answer. >> she said that's correct. that was the answer. you cannot pick and choose what is and is not a super spreader event if that number is one.5 million that's only what we know about. coming across the border it is siphoned off florida and arizona and texas and committees all across the country that leads to the spread of covid so the one item that president biden was covid coming into his administration but it doesn't that labor day in 2020 compared to labor day 2021 and infinitely more cases with
3:34 pm
vaccine even than one year ago when joe biden was not the president. so nothing is going right and the president doesn't seem to have any answers as how i solve these problems in the bigger point at 31 or 32 percent those that decide elections in georgia arizona wisconsin pennsylvania and michigan and that he had a plan to deliver us from the worldwide. it does appear if he had a plan it hasn't worked. >> he says that buck stops with him before he blames the unvaccinated or the variant or
3:35 pm
his predecessor there could be a delta variant people see that home and say blame everybody else but how do you solve the problem? the country i live in is more expensive in terms of inflation it is less safe because of crime in my community and in my city and terrorism abroad is a bigger concern after what happened in afghanistan because even though you are handing me these vaccines cases are going up so what is he solving at this point we have a president that cannot articulate his argument without a teleprompter that doesn't give americans very much confidence that this person is in control or confident in not being programmed by someone behind the scenes it is amazing eight months in and you cannot think of a worse scenario for the biden administration right now
3:36 pm
how everything is going on autonomy and inflation and foreign policy and covid. jon: there was the feeling the president that has been articulated by several that the president wanted to be out of afghanistan by the end of august so by the time we marked 20 years of 9/11 he could say the ask air war the longest were in our nations history is over. but that does it did not work where does the white house find good news or where does it look for some other achievement? the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the president of the united states was at three sites and didn't make any remarks to any of them even george w. bush did not speak and fortunately afghanistan
3:37 pm
decision is done through a political prism. get the headline. or by 9/11. and then the kubul international airport. and then who goes in or who doesn't go in and then the military out and in the winter and what does he pivoted to? so from the communication standpoint what would i do if i was jen sake? i don't know what that is at this point because there is nothing going well for the administration that's a whole
3:38 pm
problem. is not like cancer it is arbitrary to be hit with bad news. that's a problem. jon: halloween is coming everybody likes halloween. >> i love halloween. [laughter] jon: thank you t15. the body of the marine killed in the attack outside of kabul airport has returned home to indiana. dozens line the procession route honoring american flags i should say holding american flags to honor sanchez. one of 13 servicemembers killed in the august 26 bombing the deadliest day for american troops in afghanistan in a decade. he was providing security after being transferred from the us embassy in jordan. just 22 years old. a last-minute deal with nuclear monitoring that another big storm could be headed to the gulf coast.
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next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. jon: other headlines around the globe, officials will inspectors put surveillance cameras at nuclear sites is avoids a potential communication breakdown between nuclear deal negotiators. and hungary pope francis thing the nation can preserve the christian roots while allowing immigrants into the country. agrees prime minister has said muslim immigration could destroy the nation's heritage. in peru, the leader of the
3:44 pm
insurgency group died yesterday at the age of 86. the group is responsible for several car bombings and assassinations in the eighties and uk authorities scrapping plans to require covid-19 vaccine passports for crowded events. they might reconsider if covid cases rise. in spain separatist gather yesterday for the first major rally since the pandemic began. son in the region have spent years calling for independence although voters are split 50/50 on the idea. in taiwan a typhoon bringing 5 inches of rain and wind topping 100 miles per hour and more than 2000 people evacuated from the flood prone areas ahead of the storm. that's a look at stories from around the globe. the gulf coast bracing for
3:45 pm
another tropical storm nicholas could make landfall as early as tomorrow in parts of texas and louisiana already getting hit with rain we are life with the full forecast. and then lifting up to the gulf coast and then guesting at 50 miles per hour in cheyenne 15 miles per hour and then through the day even into early tuesday that we watch the system there is still some indecision where it makes him landfall late monday afternoon through tuesday morning as it slowly works its way up the coast. and then taking a little higher to the north. scraping along the texas coast.
3:46 pm
and now we start to see those watching and warnings in place and then stretching up to north galveston. this is just one model that there is a lot of heavy rain. this could be a rainmaker it has been wet across the gulf coast the last month or two kicking up the warm water and then you start to see a risk of more rainfall and flooding as a result and then you see the pink and purple that is even more widespread the red into louisiana and mississippi they are still cleaning up from hurricane ida and that is where you will see heavy rain another five or 6 inches so flooding will be one of the major concerns from the texas
3:47 pm
gulf coast from the louisiana gulf coast and wouldn't be surprised if it lifts a couple little bit higher when can be a concern much smaller than the rain feel that there will be damage at 40 and 50 miles per hour making landfall monday into tuesday morning. nonetheless this is what we should be seeing this time of year. it has been an active season obviously. this is where we statistically see the most tropical activity and we are right here at our peak not until mid-october we start to see these numbers. is a good reminder there is still likely going to be more on the way and we will be watching this through tomorrow and tuesday. jon: louisiana does not need more rain. thank you adam. supreme court justice stephen breyer response to demands
3:48 pm
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jon: supreme court justice breyer making an extremely rare tv appearance and "fox news sunday" responding to those on the left to demand his retirement he gave chris wallace his answer he is not going anywhere it's not the right time. >> what do you think of those calls. >> they are entitled to their opinion. not only do they understand the political world but i understand it pretty well and here we are. else to me to say? think they would say that you ignore those calls and increase the chances that a
3:53 pm
republican senate will be there to confirm your successor. >> there are many factors, in fact, quite a few and the role of the core is one of them. jon: one of the three liberal justices on the court some democrats say he should step down while a democrat is in the white house along with the democratic-controlled senate to make sure another liberal gets on the bench. crews are battling a wildfire north of los angeles to force the closure of a major freeway and has burned more than 450 acres with 0 percent contained jumping across the five freeway forcing officials to shut it down in both directions officials are working to build a containment zone around the fire we are days away from getting new august numbers on the border
3:54 pm
patrol on my grade crossings agents are already dealing with the 21 year higher people coming into the united states from mexico. the new numbers could easily set another record we have more from hidalgo one —- el dorado texas. reporter: hammered in the rio grande valley with trying to evade law-enforcement. look at the video from fox news drone at the port of entry bridge and lbo. one hundred migrants were held for processing this morning. groups of migrant have been here all day. looking at how dire the situation is right now we have our drone sodas law enforcement and the cartel in human smugglers part of the counterintelligence that law enforcement has to deal with it. >> the proliferation is stunning to me personally they can map out different units
3:55 pm
there is no way to avoid the eye in the sky. >> doing a right along last night the fox camera caught the border patrol after they busted human smuggling operation in the rio grande valley on highway 281. with this group of migrants got 30 miles north of the border before they crashed in brush. also assisting agents with apprehension with increased boat controls along the rio grande river. they found loads of narcotics in some cases. >> we do have boat operations and resources that patrol the rio grande river it is vital because they are the eyes and ears not only for border patrol because the drugs are coming from mexico. we have a first line of defense to interdict the drugs before they make it into the country. reporter: ~-tilde 12000 apprehended in july on the
3:56 pm
border we expected numbers for august any day now. jon: christina coleman in texas, thank you. we will be right back. that's r. but what if i'm already a customer? oh, no problem. hey, cam...? ah, same deal! yeah, it's kind of our thing. huh, that's a great deal... what if i'm new to at&t? cam, can you...? hey... but what about for existing customers? same deal. it's the same deal. is he ok? it's not complicated to open your possibilities. with at&t, everyone gets our best deals on every smartphone like a samsung galaxy z fold3 5g. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygienic clean free. it's gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent.
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wealth is your first big investment. ask worth is a partner tocist help share the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. jon: the stars and stripes employed in a heart-stopping moment off the field at a college football game. it happened as the university of miami played last night. video shows a cat dangling from the upper deck of hard rock stadium. fans below stretched out an
4:00 pm
american flag and caught the cat as it fell. the stadium erupted this careers, but the cat did not seem too grateful and was seen clawing its heroes after the rescue. the feline appears to be just fine. and that's how fox reports this sunday, september 12th, 2021. i'm jon scott, thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm trey gowdy, and it's "sunday night in america." the biden administration is trying to turn the page on afghanistan. his withdrawal or evacuation or surrender or whatever you call it has been universally criticized. one of the architects of this feckless withdrawal, secretary of state tony blinken, will be on capitol hill tomorrow, and and we should pay close attention to what is asked and demand fulsome answers and not


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