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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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too come america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." shannon bream from a brand-new set in washington. raking tonight round 2 for antony blinken begins in a few hours. the secretary of state testified before a's senate committee. plenty of fireworks as republicans last administration's handling of the afghanistan withdrawal. and sitting by the live to break it down as there is still on
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crime. and now, begins in california, as embattled governor gavin newsom two bites to save his job. what you need to know penn new york hospital plans to stop delivering babies after numerous nurses quit over vaccine mandate. and staffing at hospitals across the country could play out. we begin with ongoing fallout and chaos in afghanistan is the secretary of state faces the music over botched u.s. withdrawal. white house correspondent kevin corke taking a closer look. >> good evening, shannon, this was ripped out of the biden administration playbook. all else fails, blame the trump administration and usually speak in the media will give you a pass. arguably secretary of state antony blinken beginning of this fiasco in afghanistan happen. and frankly it didn't change awful lot today and republicans on capitol hill.
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>> i don't want to hear from the secretary. in front of the camera. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> on a day of heated exchanges and blame shifting on capitol hill, republican lawmakers took secretary of state antony blinken to task for the administration's disastrous and deadly departure from afghanistan. an exit he said was hampered not by his failures but those of the previous administration. >> we inherited a deadline. president biden immediately face the choice between ending the war were escalating it. had he not followed through for the attacks on our forces and our allies would have resumed. >> information that didn't explain how than they administration managed to not leave the country by may 1st as promised. when it did leave, it did so in
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spectacularly poor fashion. >> i yield the remainder of my time. >> it is greatly unfortunate the consequences and i agree with you, sir, should resign. your bizarre airfield led directly to 13 marines murdered in kabul. you should resign. i yield back. >> meanwhile a familiar refrain as g.o.p. lawmakers demanded blinken stepped down from the withdrawal, a debacle of unknown american stranded despite a promise by mr. biden himself to not leave afghanistan until all american safely evacuated. former president trump accused blinken doing everything in his power to make the most unethical drought in history to look at least acceptable. it never will. the republican national committee issued a statement accusing the secretary of peddling "lives about biden and disaster and handling of have afghanistan and lives of americans left in the taliban
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run country and failed leadership on the world stage." secretary blinken with numerous reviews about the loss of military equipment left in afghanistan, which he counted by serving the television with skills to use the technology. he also said much of it will soon become inoperable or needs to be maintained. however, that doesn't mean they won't fall into the hands of potential adversaries, perhaps russians, iranians, or russians and could be reversed. that is the fear among many in washington, shannon. >> shannon: that is the worry. kevin, the secretary taking heath for refusing to testify virtually rather than in person. a lot of lawmakers were there. here is an exchange with the congressman scott mary. >> mr. blank and assuming it's not classified, can you tell us where you are today? >> yes, i'm at the state department. >> you couldn't bother to come down here and see congress,
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that's great. >> excuse me, sir, my understanding that house is not in session. >> i'm right here, secretary. we are here. >> shannon: kevin, did they reach conclusions on that? >> there are a couple of ways to look at that. yes, he was at the state department but this was a head back-to-back capitol hill meetings. so they are arguing, look, he needed to be there, simple, safer, smarter but look. the bottom line is this he was g itself took place. as you saw there a number of ranking members were actually on the ground, however, chairman means that this was a hybrid hearing which means some chose to be there and others chose not to be there. here is what the critics will argue: this will establish a trend. others especially in this administration and future administrations to use events like covid or other events to simply stay away in particular the high-stakes hearing. that is the concern here but i
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suspect the secretary will do everything he can in his power to be in person the next timeout. >> shannon: you lose something in translation. we will see. all right, kevin. more fun things in a moment. see you soon. >> muscles. >> shannon: all right, reaction to secretary of state did have to say today. a couple of veterans from the war in afghanistan, former army special briggs intelligence with covid and green beret michael waltz here thank you for being here. >> thanks, shannon. >> thank shannon. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit more about what kevin played today. this was an exchange with congressman sherman and secretary blinken about what the trump administration, blinken said left behind. >> how meticulous was the planning for the trump administration declared may 1st withdrawal? >> thank you, congressman.
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we inherited a deadline. we did not inherit a plan. >> shannon: congressman, what do you make of that? >> well, i think we continue to hear zero in terms of accountability. we are not hearing anyone step up, especially for the families, the veterans, the gold star families, the victims of 9/11 and say "i made a mistake. this didn't go as well as it should." and pointing the finger at the trump administration, three things there. there were conditions. we keep hearing them but what were they? getting into serious gun negotiations with the afghan government and truly entering into a cease-fire and seizing violence. they didn't do any of those things and that is why president trump left a residual 2500 person force. but the other thing that is so disingenuous, shannon from of the biden administration have no problem tearing up trump deals from paris to remain in
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mexico to israel to iran to keystone to nordstrom but suddenly, hamstrung about this. but i think that was so disturbed me was we didn't hear a plan for going forward. we didn't hear how are we going to get the remaining americans out which is much higher. it is in the several hundreds and we didn't hear green card holders siv counterterrorism plan and a superstate. what we did here is basically shoulder shrug when asked "well, is the taliban now the governor of afghanistan?" and he replied with this haphazard, well, they want a civil war. i guess they are the de facto government. and now, we are seeing tens of millions of dollars of aid going in. so essentially, that is recognizing the taliban and al qaeda has this terrorist superstate that now has an army and air force and soon to be
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tens of millions, if not billions in american taxpayer dollars. it is just mind-blowing incompetent and outrageous. >> shannon: this is a special, you know close to your heart issue for most americans especially after the tragic losses suffered in the last few weeks. now, a call for resignation from the secretary to date. and no intention of going along but why haven't others retired or resigned? the junior officers botched afghanistan and they would all be fired right now. afghanistan withdrawal was planned and approved at the highest levels of government. there is no commander to objectively review the operation and if appropriate hold accountable those who failed to anticipate the collapse of the afghan government and the afghan military. brad, that also means the thousands left behind still at this moment waiting to be rescued. >> you are exactly right. look my want to thank you, shannon, by the way, for
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covering on afghanistan and outlets are dropping it like it is yesterday's news well every single day the humanitarian crisis worsens. we need to keep afghanistan at the headlines and not forget the sacrifices made over there. there are so many people and organizations downrange working to get others out and fighting despite every day while the administration turns they are back. they want this to go away so bad, but the crisis has not gotten better since u.s. forces. i want to know when the resignations will start. when are the leaders like blinken involved in this botched withdrawal from the get-go will have the integrity to take responsibility for their actions. they owe it to the american people. the administration is so dishonest what went on over there with career policy likes before who have not fought in the trenches. they are leading the charge to embarrass the america on the world stage everyday. it will take decades for america to recover from this. biden refuses to hold members of the leadership team accountable and widespread consequences of african withdrawal and it is a
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disgrace. lives have been lost and more people dying every day. i believe frankly, america is seeing the real and disastrous consequences of having people like blinking and power in the senior levels of the u.s. government who have not fought n the battlefield or the trenches with allies and understand what that means at a policy level. they have no clue about the 21st century issues that we will face. i don't know how many timesthey. they botched this from the get-go and the facts before misled the american people on multiple occasions and should be held accountable and left 13 service members data. americans trapped in afghanistan, u.s. military equipment in the hands of the taliban. >> shannon: i want to play something he said back on june 7th. >> whatever happens in afghanistan, if there is significant deterioration, insecurity, that could very well happen. we discussed this before. i don't think it is going to be
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something that happens from a friday to a monday. >> shannon: to american still left. we wonder how badly we miscalculated. he's back in the hot seat tomorrow. we know the both of you will as well. thank you for your service and thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks to my shannon. >> shannon: officially recall official day in california. an assist on monday with 8.1 ballots cast and the governor is hoping that he stays in office although chief breaking news trace gallagher on the case live from the newsroom in l.a. good evening, trace. >> gavin newsom is unlikely to be recalled on tuesday. democrats are taking no chances and today president biden showed up in the golden state to campaign for the california governor. watch. >> sent a message to the nation. courage matters. leadership matters. science matters. both to keep gavin newsom.
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>> we have both mcallen and the me too movement supporting larry elder. no longer democrat because everyone who has harassed, stalked or stolen from her as a democrat. and she said this about larry elder. >> do i agree with him on all points? no. so what? he is the better candidate. he is the better man. >> and claims in 2017, gavin newsom's wife offered her a bribe to suppress her sexual misconduct allegations against harvey weinstein. and she says she has the email to prove it, and denies the claim but los angeles suburb, bunch of voters showed up to cast their ballots and were told they had already voted. >> about 70% of the votes at this location has been shown as
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cast. >> right, right. >> the l.a. county registrar's office said all voters affected were offered digital ballots, but as you might imagine, concerns about fraud or clearly running high. then there is the "los angeles times" which last week called very elderly the black face of white supremacy. call them this jean guerrero says he poses a real threat to communities of color. guerrero offered no evidence for her claim and went on to say his views were shaped by white supremacist and that the "los angeles times" was nonpartisan. watch. >> he's refused to talk to nonpartisan and media outlets and journalists who are critical of him. he has refused to answer difficult questions. >> today asian columnist for the nonpartisan "los angeles times" called larry elder "model minority who has "made a career
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of saying things white people love to hear about black people." shannon. >> shannon: all right, trace by the way, folks want to know tomorrow night. thank you, trace, let more of california's recall election tomorrow. we have a special two hour addition of "fox news @ night" that begins 12:00 a.m. eastern. 9:00 p.m. pacific. trace gallagher was special west coast coverage. 11:00 and then after the show he will come back eastern so you will be covered 24 hours through the whole cycle. all the developments live as the votes come in. republicans are putting together legal challenges tonight for president biden's vaccine mandate. the number of state attorneys in general drafting coordinated response. white house correspondent peter doocy tells us the white house had fighting covid still a top priority. >> even when he is talking about climate change... >> we have a global warming
9:16 pm
problem. >> president biden is thinking about covid. >> people are not just worried about covid, but when cans will be breathing. speak with the level of faxing requirements making difficult fr business owners. >> i'm concerned about making individual americans choose between getting a shot in their arm and providing for their families. >> biden officials insist people who don't want to be vaccinated to have an easy out. >> you are not being forced. you can work from home. >> not so according to the owner of 36 great franchises in nebraska and iowa jerry akers. >> we will lose employees. we are 70 employees down from where we need to be, and it is a struggle to get back into the workforce right now. this will add one more layer. >> now republican governors are crafting legal challenges. >> i've been talking to my attorney general. he is coordinating with the other attorney generals across the country who share similar reviews about the overreach. >> president biden hoping to find businesses or schools that
9:17 pm
don't require vaccines but now threatening to find businesses that do. >> with a government agency in the state of florida forces a vaccine as a condition to employment, that violates florida law. and you will face a $5,000 fine for every single violation. >> some republicans are urging frustrated democrats to look in the mirror. >> let's remember the politicalization of the vaccine started in presidential campaign. we started by president harris who said that. >> i would not trust but i would trust the florida health experts but not donald trump. >> that put us in a totally different area that allowed it to be politicized and that politicized nation is continuing out. >> vaccinations have become political but he hopes climate doesn't. >> it's not a democrat thing or a republican thing but it's a weather thing. >> this is a new paradox for this president long talked about building back better to add jobs
9:18 pm
lost during the pandemic. he says the new concern is that some of these new vaccine requirements he likes could hurt people who are struggling just to stay in business, shannon. >> shannon: peter doocy, good to see you at the white house, thank you, peter. breaking tonight tropical storm nicholas upgraded to a hurricane at this hour. as a storm paris down on the southeast coast of texas, bringing torrential rain to houston and galveston area with strong winds with potentially dangerous storm surges. louisiana is also heavily impacted by the storm. over the next 48 hours and possibly longer. coming up the catch of the day but it didn't happen on the field and a gender reveal for -- here is the viral video next.
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>> shannon: check this out, the perfect catch with miami hurricane football game. the sea lion falling from the upper deck, and if it wasn't for fans, using an american flag because they saw the kitty was coming down. they rescued it. luckily it was not armed. but i have to tell you that cat went a little crazy on the guy. maybe the guy got injured. but everyone is asking, how did the cat get in the stadium in the first place? now this, multiple people reportedly trapped as heavy inferno raged. the wichita, kansas, fire department with body cam footage of the terrifying rescued that the apartment complex. hundreds of thousands in damage, but news with a post from the
9:25 pm
fire department said no lives lost. great for the responders. moving onto her warming video two weeks natalie browning found out 94-year-old grandfather could not make it to her wedding. he suffered a stroke and wasn't able to travel so not long after the ceremony she packed up her wedding dress and arrived at her grandpa's for the belated, special dance. what a beautiful moment. it meant a lot. and detroit police department releasing crazy security footage capturing a suspected driver doing doughnuts in the parking lot of a gas station and crashing into a pump. and massive ball of fire then fled the scene and apparently he ditched the car a short time later and authorities are searching for the driver. finally, the latest gender reveal this time for a panda family and soon to be dad, sharing the news on his birthday, tugging at his share gifts from the singapore zoo and
9:26 pm
the pinata breaking open with blue confetti and so it's a boy. you know we love the animal videos and if you've got one, share it with us, hit us up at shannon bream "fox news @ night." skepticism and a mandate with staffing shortage in a maternity unit upstate hospital housing plan baby deliveries to be put on hold, alex hogan shows us tonight, good evening, alex. >> good evening, adding to already stressful experience for expectant mothers delivering a baby could become more complicated in new york state with one hospital closing its maternity ward. the gender reveal party with even delivery for that matter, one hospital lewis county health system near lake ontario taking a break from bringing babies
9:27 pm
into the world. the reason? simply not enough employees to deliver them following the state vaccine mandate. 13 workers in the hospital maternity ward walking off of the job. six of them because they won't get the vaccine and another seven say they are undecided. by the end of next week decembes to stop here the hospital's chief executive hospital says a drastic change is temporary. >> if we can pause the service and now focus on recruiting nurses who are vaccinated, we will be able to reengage in delivering babies parents was county. >> adding is a growing problem around the country. >> we are not alone. there are thousands of positions open north. >> to ramp up the rollout nationwide, last week president joe biden announced for federal employees a vaccine mandate and must have employees
9:28 pm
vaccinated or tested regularly. while the american hospital association supports the new measure it once this policy may result in exacerbating the severe workforce shortage problem that currently exists. >> in a survey nationwide nurses say they have already received the vaccine and 85% say that they would get a booster shot. the medical professionals hoping the personal trust in the vaccine will help those still undecided, shannon. >> shannon: alex hogan, thank you so much. it is time to bring back one and only kevin corke. he has a new survey that reveals most americans are struggling to do just five push-ups. okay, kevin, i know you can do way more than that. i'm confident. >> i do all right. i like push-ups. it's one of those things if you like you don't have a lot of time. you can knock out a few, you know what a lot of people do them and go to the gym or the pool.
9:29 pm
guilty, absolutely. in a study i want to tell you about an september 1st by jim liss dot org. based on a survey of over 1400 people, the respondents were asked how many consecutive push-ups can you manage? at this stunning 36.4% said they could do less than five push-ups in a row. less than five! 17.4% said they can do 6-10, in other words 53.8% of all americans in the surveys self-reported thing unable to perform ten straight push-ups. interestingly of those admitting that they can't do ten push-ups, 31% were men. a lot of people out there, they are not working out. , 12-ounce girls. >> shannon: guys have so much, just generally, men have much better body strength and my
9:30 pm
husband and i trying to do pull-ups in the gym. and he is cranking it out. but in my mind, when people get the survey, how many people are like, hold on a second and got on the ground to figure out how many they can do. that is what i picture. >> don't forget, even though it doesn't sound like, a lot of people feel i can do that, i can do this. if you don't practice, you might surprise yourself so if you want to take the challenge, see how many you can knock out. >> shannon: report back to me tomorrow and i can do 20. >> i do a lot of push-ups, old training. >> shannon: i will add a zero, 200. >> i will let you know, i promise. >> shannon: deal. >> deal. >> shannon: thanks, kevin. professor is suing his university to recognize his natural immunity in light of the vaccine mandate and dr. fauci said on vaccinated, you may be
9:31 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into nights news roundup, alexandria ocasio-cortez the tenting exclusive top dollar net gala tonight. the white designer dress reading and read "tax the rich" on the back. democratic socialists being praised and ripped on twitter. new york times saying "someone paid $35,000 for her to attend and it seems she might have wanted that money used for something other than an elite party ticket. msnbc with a member of "the washington post" editorial board calling mecca supporters more worrisome than the taliban. here is what he said the day before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. >> almost 20 years later, the
9:37 pm
capital was ransacked by domestic terrorists who lay siege to the u.s. capital here that was to my mind the ultimate step back. i think maga and domestic terrorist threat is much more worrisome then any foreign threat that we could face. >> shannon: okay. and slamming the nfl decision to play two songs before the season opener, the national anthem and lift every voice and so-called national anthem. >> maybe we should get rid of our national anthem, but i think we should have won national anthem. i think when you go down a road where you're having two national anthems, this is what i mean segregation. you have inverted the idea, we are going back-to-back under a different name. >> the psychiatric professor in california is suing the university where he works over
9:38 pm
vaccine mandate. dr. aaron says he doesn't need the shop because he contractor covid-19 july last year and is now naturally immune to the virus, let's bring in the doctor for the center of american liberty, and medical and legal part of the vaccine mandates, welcome to you both. >> thanks, shannon. it is good to be here. >> shannon: doctor last week, dr. fauci why he would counsel someone natural immunity to get the vaccine here there is just not enough data to tell us what we need to know about natural immunity and durability. your response. >> yes, that notion we need to continue studying this more until we have enough evidence to consider natural immunity sufficient just can't hold up under scrutiny. the evidence now is overwhelming, especially after recent study out of israel, tens of thousands of people showing not only natural immunity just as good as the immunity preferred by the vaccine, but in fact considerably better.
9:39 pm
there is a huge gap between the natural immunity comes out on top. that is not to denigrate the vaccines but to call attention to how good the immune system is at responding to covid once we have already had its pier of the other advantage of natural immunity as opposed to what we are seeing is unfortunately with the vaccine is the efficacy of the vaccine is now waning over time, decreasing. again not to denigrate the vaccines but to say that they were not perfect from the beginning but less effective both with time and with new variants like the delta variant. on the upside, for the one-third, one half of americans that have already been infected with covid, those folks have immunity that is not declining, it is not waning over time here and so to discriminate against those folks with facts mandates that do not recognize robust natural immunity that is durable and long-lasting and by every
9:40 pm
measure in virtually every study on the subject better than immunity conferred by the vaccine doesn't make any sense. i argue it is a violation of our equal protection rights. >> shannon: your case is ongoing and harmeet dhillon you have several cases. while that conversation is continuing and we have no discussion from the biden administration about natural immunity, bone, there new mandates. here is what you had to say about that, let's get one thing out of the way, they are not unconstitutional in supreme court upheld the decision with smallpox vaccination in 1905 case and routinely require all school-age children to receive long list of vaccines. harmeet dhillon that case over and over but wyatt does it not be part of the conversation? >> i can spend an hour telling you why it does not apply to the situation but one simple fact that he gets wrong is it was a
9:41 pm
state mandate. they have power to regulate vaccination and school attendance but the federal government does not generally and we have a tenth amendment. and these rights are not something that the federal government has retained. so president biden simply doesn't have the police power to mandate school policies throughout the united states. vaccination policies, and in fact there is very little police power. that is one issue but the second professor just mentioned equal protection. he had a whole body of scrutiny analysis from scrutiny down to intermediate and basis review. that is built up over the last several decades in the supreme court and jacobson versus massachusetts has done primitive time in this sort of development of that jurisprudence. so it simply isn't the analysis today but that time to recognize all kinds of privacy rights, all kinds of due process rights, all times of equal process that did
9:42 pm
not exist in 1905. looking at it with that kind of ancient crack lens will not give a clear picture of what people's rights are today. so i applaud the lawsuit but my friend from law school todd wiki with a similar lawsuit in george mason. and the school back down and allowed him to teach without restrictions so i hope we see more challenges. >> shannon: doctor, quickly i want to get a comment from a story earlier which is the fact nurses are resigning in mass and other professionals also will so come i will not stand or a vaccine mandate and the staff is available for the surgeon in that area. quick comment on that? >> you don't persuade people or regain trust in the institution and public health by trying to force people's hands and very well educated, very experienced frontline health care workers like doctors and nurses, many reached out to me in recent weeks and received a flood of
9:43 pm
correspondence to people, nurses especially saying ready to walk i'm ready to leave if they try to force me to do something i don't think i need for good, scientific reasons or a medical invitation they are not accepting. i will not risk my health to maintain my job. and i think what we saw in the last segment with a hospital in new york, we will see a lot more that in the coming weeks if people don't back off of these course of mandates. >> shannon: well, there are so much more to discuss with you and the idea that you will not be able to buy plane tickets, trains and all kinds of things the vaccine so please come back and continued this conversation, great to have you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: inmates getting your tax dollars under the cares act. is it legal? should they be forced to give the money back or to their victims? we will have it all. next.
9:44 pm
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>> shannon: oh, boy, a man caught on video berating and/or county with a flight attendant in front of a couple apparently kicked off san diego flight. they are alliance has for refusing to wear a mask. that is according to jetblue. banning the couple from future flights. the tsa come as you know extended the requirement for several modes of transportation including commercial aircraft through january 18th of next year. missouri law now traded with prisoners getting federal covid relief check. under this new state law, cares act money paid the inmates to make restitution payments to victims and proponents of the law argue tax funded relief program to aid everyone impacted by the pandemic. that is where we pick it up, it the legal discussion with a specialist and attorney sarah gounder with defense attorney brian claypool. welcome back, guys. >> hi, shannon.
9:50 pm
>> hi, shannon. >> shannon: this is a report from the headlines to take stimulus checks back from prisoners under the law. past as a corrections omnibus bill and covid related stimulus will be received by any offender to make a court order restitution. maybe the money would go to -- >> shannon, at the federal level, if this was intended to eliminate inmates, the onus on congress to create the guidelines from the top. in fact, there was a requirement year and income had to be met and therefore the inmates are eligible. now at the state level, it is not uncommon in the department of corrections would be managing these inmate accounts and dispersing it to victim restitution. now, what is really interesting though is yes, it could be legal based on that. but they don't talk about access amounts. what i mean by that, what if
9:51 pm
restitution isn't required or what if restitution is already paid? what happens to the stimulus? and so there could be a way where inmates get the stimulus even though the state law says this. yeah, it will be interesting to watch this but in the meantime senator tom cotton known to be tough on crime said this in a tweet "senate democrats to give stimulus checks to criminals in prison have not lost their job. they are not worried about paying rent or groceries but another example of unrelated spending and the partisan fund coming back in march he predicted this would be an issue. >> shannon, this is a classic example of where morality intersects with legality. what i mean by that come if you look at this missouri law strictly from a moral standpoint, then it passes mustard and it should be active. why? the covid relief act was not
9:52 pm
designed with criminals in mind who are incarcerated but designed for those people standing in food lines trying to get food during covid and who are desperate to survive, who lost their jobs, not for inmates. now if you look at this from strictly a legal lens, then the law does pass muster and it should be enacted. and by that, i mean the irs designated inmates as qualifying for benefits as sarah said. it is within the irs code. also there was a federal court order that affirmed that federal law. so you can't have a state legislature and enact a state law that is conflicting now with the federal law and the federal court order. that is a violation of federalism. >> shannon: this is what the missouri state senator who offer the law had to say about it. my legislation will ensure murderers,, child sex offenders and dangerous felons do not
9:53 pm
profit and recover from the pandemic. it going on to give this money to people when reeling from loss and giving it to inmates is devastating and wrong. quick final word from you and then from you brian. >> i agree with brian. the federal law certainly trumps everything here, but if there is any case this is legal, it will be based on the state agency department of corrections ability to manage the inmates account. >> shannon: brian? >> federal law -- i'm sorry it's the law is not always moral here. these inmates, shannon, they are not paid in health care or food. the taxpayers are. >> shannon: all right, we will keep fitting the bill for all kinds of things when we pay our taxes whether we like it or not. we will see you soon. >> thanks, shannon. >> the delivery driver of los angeles hailed a hero
9:54 pm
after quick thinking saved a toy road at night. he was delivering food when he's part of the 2-year-old boy and running in front of a car. first immediately parked his car and chased after the boy waving his arm so the driver could see him actually stopping traffic picking up the toddler in front of a church. this was all caught on dashcam when safer act of bravery. i'm not a hero, he has a hero. he was in the right place at the right time. >> you took the words out of my mouth. god bless him and the little kid too. the great state of georgia for this good news tonight for a little over a year, caleb webb has away from her family in boot camp in san diego but the welcome home was so, so worth it. surprising her little sister at her very first day of school after being gone for a year. needed more time to come out of the camp because of an injury but when she finally got there, was it worth it. by the way, she is an engineer in the navy, and mike kayla was
9:55 pm
with her little sister and on behalf of every body else, well done. >> shannon: this is such a great reminder for people that it's not just individuals who are doing great service to the country but their families serves right along with them. >> they sure do. >> shannon: we love to see those reunions. good one, kevin, washington special coverage of the california recall tomorrow night. i am shannon bream.
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