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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. and updates from nicki minaj on covid updates. in the meantime, sean hannity takes over for the hour. >> sean: welcome back. and thank you. and welcome to "hannity." >> abandoned behind enemy lines. 10:30. >> sean: additionally, day 30 of americans held hostage. they were abandoned by joe biden behind enemy lines. they are still trapped behind enemy lines, hostage to the taliban. we still cannot get an exact number which in and of itself is a disgrace. and likely hundreds of americans and more when you start including their family members. our fellow citizens hopelessly trapped in afghanistan along with thousands of green card holders, thousands more with special immigration visas, and our afghan allies.
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they know will be sentenced to death one after it has already begun. they're all now at the mercy of the taliban. according to the biden administration, they are very businesslike and very professional. and of course, nothing can be further from the truth. they are evil, murdering terrorists who now control the fate of scores of americans and our allies for 20 years that we made a promise to that we would get amount if this moment everde came. you abandoned them. as we speak, taliban death squads are now going door to door. they're hunting their political enemies and anyone with any ties to america or the west. and according to the times of london, at least four american-trained antiterrorism agents were tortured, murdered by these death squads. one victim had all of his fingernails pulled out before they shot him in the head. how is that for professional ane businesslike, joe and tony blinken and jen psaki?li this updated image posted to social media about a week ago.
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we have not verified it, but it shows the taliban beheading an afghan soldier. "washington examiner," they have the video. we have this picture.ex very professional and businesslike, right, joe? tno other videos not yet verifd by fox show taliban terrorist now. we do have videos of them whipping and beating women now all over the country. this is happening daily now and with regularity under taliban rule. it is illegal for women to protest. it is illegal for women to hold certain jobs. it is illegal for women to show any of their face in public. women are now segregated in schools and there are reports of young girls ripped away from their moms and dads and forced to marry taliban fighters and becomes like or becomes like. there are travel restrictions on women. clothing restrictions. schooling, work restrictions. breaking any rule results in
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whipping and beating or death. and listen to this gut wrenching video as evidence.en [screaming] beating a woman who is screaming professional is businesslike? joe, are you watching? clearly afghanistan is hell on earth for all the women and alll others, paradise for the world's most brutal terrorists. according to obama's own secretary of defense and former cia director, this country is a safe haven for al qaeda, isis, isis k and other terror groups. and as for the over horizon anti-terror strategy that joe biden is now bragging about, also bragging about having leverage that he has none, it'sb not going so well. look at this investigation from "the washington post" and "the new york times."
11:04 pm even lame squirrel gets the acorn. a recent drone strike, the one they bragged about about but wouldn't tell us who got hit, that targeted an imminent threat armed with explosives? "the washington post" and "the new york times" are now saying that they killed an unarmed human rights worker and seven children. joe, you did that. americans in our allies left behind. 13 soldiers murdered and now we are taking aid workers and young children and joe killed them. imagine if it was donald trump. the terrorist safe haven, 20 years after 9/11. biden's spineless, impotent actions around the withdrawal have been so bad that biden is now b gettg booed pretty much everywhere he goes including this weekend at the 9/11 memorial in new york city. take a look. [boos]
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>> you're a -- for what you did to afghanistan. terrible. terrible. >> sean: weak, feeble, cognitive mess. notice that joe is walking in with bill clinton and barack obama in order to look more credible. this weak and pathetic as he really is. but it really doesn't matter, does it? because everyone on earth, all of our enemies, all of our allies, everyone knows. very few people have the courage to just say it, joe biden is completely and totally inept and out of it. they know his clueless secretary of state is not much better. tony blinken today didn't even have the courtesy of going before congress, walking two blocks and announced that he expects the terrorists and the taliban, the professional and businesslike taliban, to uphold their commitments ont counterterrorism and respect the
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basic rights of women and girls just like last week he was lecturing them on wokeness and how dumb is this man? take a look. >> we expect them to ensure freedom of travel, to make good on his commitments on th?counterterrorism. to uphold the basic rights of the afghan people including women, girls, and minorities. to name a broadly representative permanent government -- -- >> sean: where is mike pompeo when we need him? he is so totally and completely and utterly clueless it makes neville chamberlain look like patton in comparison. he is that dumb and a complete fool. no clue about the real world. no clue or understanding at all about the enemy that is the taliban. .they are our enemy. they are terrorist. how dumb are you? how is it possible for one person to be that stupid? he expects terrorist to uphold their antiterrorism commitments, lectures them on wokeness,
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inclusiveness, expects the sharia loving taliban to protect the rights of women and girls, you're not watching the videos, tony? not seeing any of the beatings that we are showing almost nightly? and today, blinken was not given the benefit of the doubt. he was actually given the benefit of the doubt because the taliban as he was busy trashing donald trump, the same donald trump who before they had any negotiations said i will obliterate you if you don't follow every dotted i and crossed t. take a look. >> how meticulous was the planning for the trump administration declared on the may 1st withdrawal? >> thank you. we inherited a deadline. we did not inherit a plan. >> so no plan at all? it's amazing that it wasn't much, much worse. >> sean: also inherited secure borders, energy independence, and a good economyt that was bouncing
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and he raised covid cases by 300% compared to last year. no problem ruining the good policies of donald trump but now that it's convenient, he went to blame trump that you didn't obliterate them the way he would have had? this is the opium season or the biden administration blew right through the deadline. blinken was lying as the world watch the taliban on the move, they did nothing. when they had full safety and security in kabul, they could've extracted every american and every afghan ally and even the billions of dollars of military equipment. donald trump's plan, the one ythat he had in place, we would have kept bagram airbase in perpetuity and held the taliban accountable by force. if they stepped 1 inch out of where they were allowed to step, he would've bombed them. if they harmed any american, nod a single american died in 18 months in the last year of
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trump's presidency. antony blinken is living an alternate reality. if you had any honor at all, he doesn't, he would resign immediately. he should be fired, impeach, but guess what? he does not have honor or decency. a and he is not bright paired in fact, he didn't even show up to his hearing at capitol hill today. instead, he appeared on webcam from his office like three blocks away. take a look. >> mr. blinken, assuming it is not classified, can you tell us where you are today? >> the state department. >> couldn't be bothered to come down here and sees congress. how many afghans came to the united states that have t not mt the qualifications for special immigrant visa? >> we are in the process -- >> how many? you were just there. how many did you bring? >> we will have by the end of the month, we'll have brought a total of approximately 60,000. >> that have not met the process? >> some of those will have been
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through the process. >> are afghan refugees required to be vaccinated for covid before coming to the united states of america? >> they are vaccinated in the united states before they are resettled. >> sean: they didn't vet them? that only exists for american stcitizens. we left thousands of people behind enemy lines in afghanistan, but somehow evacuated tens of thousands of other people without any appropriate paperwork and no vetting. many of these individuals are allowed to leave the wisconsinte military base completely unsupervised and travel as they please. unvetted. great work, tony. great job. mission accomplished. joe, way to go. by the way, it's monday, in case nobody reminded you or gave you a card. mark my words, this crisis will have lasting consequences for this country, one of the biggest
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foreign policy debacles in the history of this great republic. at one point during the hearing, a line of questioning took a pretty unexpected turn. blinken was left speechless. which actually was maybe the only moment that made sense. take a look. >> how long was your recent interview with the fbi and was it a deposition? >> i'm sorry. i don't know what you are referring to. >> are you saying that you have not had a recent interview with fbi since becoming secretary of state? >> i -- i'm not sure what you are referring to. >> did the state department turn over documents to the fbi related to hunter biden and/or the blue state strategies corporation? >> you will have to -- >> you have no knowledge of this? are you saying you have not had an interview with the fbi since -- >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on any legal proceedings that the department --
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>> sean: oh, you want to plead the fifth, tony? based on blinken's weird answers, i guess he has been interviewed by the fbi. just a about hunter and biden's family and their international moneymaking scheme. the syndicate. very serious. the president of the united states is any way compromise, do the american people i think deserve to know that. here with direction, two members of congress present at today's meeting. ranking member michael mccaul and a congressman from california, darrell issa, who has been working very hard behind the scenes along with others to help rescue americans caught behind enemy lines. congressman mccaul, let's start with that last answer. obviously he was caught flat-footed. your reaction. >> i think he was caught flat-footed the entire hearing. he could not explain how he is going to get american citizens behind enemy lines out. the interpreters as you
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mentioned are being executed right now by the taliban. and when i asked them about whae are we doing about intelligence and surveillance recognizance, i as our capabilities, we have no eyes and ears on the ground in afghanistan. it's dark. and we can't see russia, china, and iran as well. and when i asked him about this, and i asked him that president putin threatens the united states of america telling them that he could not build intelligence capabilities in the region, he could not respond to that question other than to say we need to go to another setting to talk about that. >> sean: congressman issa, we can get a direct number of how many americans are caught behind enemy lines. i have -- i saw your stated number publicly of about 500. if we added family members, probably over a thousand. tell us what the latest numbers
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you are getting are because we have people like yourself and others, these stories will be told, stories you know about and i know about.a efforts to help save americans but we can't tell it now. how many americans do you estimate are behind enemy lines and how many afghan allies are left behind enemy lines with data that will likely get them c killed? >> it is many of those people who fought and helped us throughout the years that are genuinely and accurately entitled to those visas that the state department never issued then burned and left without granting. but the number of 500 or so is still a very valid number, perhaps a little more. only 60 additional americans and their families have gotten out in the last few days with a lot of fanfare from the state department even though they did not come out on a chartered flight by the state department or in any other way assisted by the state department. when i question the secretary on something, he says do know count on your government, he said that
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is not true even though it came off his website and his email to us by state department officials. >> sean: i've seen those and i quoted a lot of them. congressman issa, the administration is saying the taliban's professional and businesslike. now we see them beating women almost on a daily basis. we see the segregation in schools now. it's only a matter of time before women won't go to work or schools. we get these reports of young girls ripped away from their moms and dads and married off to taliban members. is that professional and businesslike in your view? in the videos of women being beaten in your view, how does somebody make such an ignorant statement as they have?ne >> it's so naive. and let's introduce the new taliban government, the new team. one who actually harbored
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bin laden. a network famous for tying itself with al qaeda. l and the taliban five that got released from guantanamo courtesy of president obama now are part of the afghan taliban government. and the idea that they are going to try to negotiate to legitimize this government, that they can somehow trust them is one of the worst foreign policy debacles i think i've seen in my lifetime. these are terrorists. i do know what, they have a lot of weapons now that they have inherited and they have al qaeda building -- and this is worse than pre9/11 in the territory it's going to be real. >> sean: congressman issa, they would not give us the names of the isis k person that they claim they took out with a drone strike. the newspapers arers saying it s actually a 43-year-old engineer working with a group, nutrition and education international, which aimed to eliminate
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malnutrition in afghanistan. and seven children were killed. did they lie to us?ut >> that may have lied or they may just be that wrong. understand that when they completely withdrew, the state department and the central intelligence people and the -- they lost all their ability to be accurate. so would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. i suspect they didn't know and they made something up.hd but again, if this administration trust this government so much, why is the embassy empty? why did have to be withdrawn if, in fact, we are going to hand over the terrorists the country? >> sean: if we watch them on s the march in february, march, april, may and we watch the afghan army collapse and they didn't push them back and they didn't expedite the withdrawal, it could've been done safely while we had control. we could have saved every ally, every american, and we would not
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have had to leave billion dollars and billions and billions of dollars of our military equipment. thank you both. keep up the good work. i hope you can save a lot more americans. now we turn to biden's illegal, unethical vaccine mandates tonight which are causing serious ramifications all over the country. reporting one new york hospital forced to put baby deliveries on hold as paternity workers quit over this mandate. get this, if you work for congress, you are exempt from the mandate. rules don't apply to them. of course not. and meanwhile, want to be dictator dr. anthony fauci, the guy who helped fund the wuhan line, is now pushing for more rules. now he wants a vaccine mandate for all air travel, international and domestic. something he said he would never do. not out of the question giving the current federal mandate which is something fauci, pelosi, joe biden, jen psaki all said they would never do and we played that tape over and over again. here with more, cohost of "out numbered," kayleigh mcenany and mike huckabee.
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governor huckabee, joe biden said he would never do the mandate, he did it. nancy pelosi said we can't require people to do this. jen psaki said it's not the role of the federal government. flip-flop fauci said he was never going to do it. it would never come to that. and it came to that. t t i'm an extremist because i support their position of six weeks ago? help me out with that. >> first of all, you have to realize joe biden doesn't remember what he said yesterday. he certainly doesn't remember what he said six months ago. >> sean: all right, i'll give him a pass. he doesn't remember. what about everybody else? >> everybody else is just following the line. this is about controlling us, not about controlling the virus. i want to be clear, i have had the vaccine so i'm not an anti-vaxxer, but i am a person who believes that if biden is really as good as he claims to be at selling great ideas to america and bringing us together, he ought to be able to convince us by way of telling us the benefits of the vaccine.
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but also making allowances for people who have natural antibodies. i've never had covid so i don'th have a natural antibody. i had to get some artificial ones. but for those who have had them, about 100 million americans, they don't need it. but here's the thing. when my mother wanted me to eat spinach, she didn't try to tell me about the virtues of vitamin e. she told me popeye ate spinach and i would get strong like he was. joe biden needs to tell us the benefits rather than scaring the daylights out of us or boring us to death. he says follow the science but he's not following the science. if he was, he would be saying to congress you guys have to mandate vaccines. they think when they eat beans, they don't produce gas. they are asking americans to do something we don't have to do and we are sick of it. >> sean: you can see the backdrop. all over football stadiums are on the, i hear a lot of "f joe biden." kaylee.
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>> can't say i am surprised on every single front. afghanistan, the economy. you know when it is bad when you have to pivot from the disaster that was the afghanistan withdrawal to inflation and a flailing economy and vaccine mandates. you know it's bad, sean, when you have to use language like bill de blasio, we will shake you. the voluntary phase is over. joe biden, you will pay if you do not do this. the vaccinated have a right to be angry at the unvaccinated. he says we will run them over speaking about ron desantis and greg abbott. when you pivot into that language, i can tell you being b former press secretary, you are not in a good spot. >> sean: all right, thank you. and by the way,
11:22 pm
governor huckabee, you have to keep that beard until sarah huckabee sanders becomes the a next governor of arkansas. just a row i just made it up. all right. coming on, texas governor abbott sahas a lot to say. he joins us live. leo 2.0 terrell asks people in california about the recall ♪ ♪
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>> this is a fox news weather alert located southwest of texas and impacting maximum state winds of 75 miles per hour right now. a category one storms expected to bring heavy rain and floods close to the coastal areas to louisiana and mexico. hurricane nicholas expected to bring up to 20 inches of rain in some parts. the mayor of flood prone houston says high water rescue vehicles have been deployed's and barricades erected in areas that tend to flood. people are being urged to stay home and the houston school district announced all classes are canceled today tuesday. if the governor of louis is in the declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. the states recovering from hurricane ida which hit the state hard to weeks ago.
11:29 pm
120,000 people are still without power once again. hurricane nicholas making landfall a short time ago on the texas gold coast. category one storm could dump 2. sticks with fox news for more on the developing story. now back to "hannity" already in progress. recently he said he did not have the authority to impose a debt moratorium on evictions and the courts ruled against it. he also said he didn't have the authority to and would not mandate vaccines on americans and he does not have that authority under the constitution. as you point out, it is states and governors who have the authority. i issued an executive order already in existence that prohibits any government from imposing a vaccine mandate on my fellow texans. so we are going to have a constitutional showdown. i believe that the governor's orders will supersede the president's orders because the president does not have the o authority to impose this. but more practically is the effect that president biden is having on businesses. president biden's order will cause businesses maybe to shut down.
11:30 pm
i have seen a report that showed as many as 40% of workers may not show up to work if they were required to get a vaccine shot.e that will cause employers not to be able to have the employees they need to run their businesses. so this is a very dangerous for lobusinesses. in fact the texas association of businesseses says this is a frightening precedent because if he can do this, he would be able to establish any type of regulatory regime over the way businesses operate. >> sean: let me ask you this. i am against one-size-fits-all medicine here. what about people that have rare conditions? what about people who have national immunity. we are going to follow signs completely, that would be -- how is it that joe biden only last week for the first time mentioned monoclonal antibodies like regeneron as a therapeutic when taken very early has shown
11:31 pm
tremendous results from what i've seen. i am a not a doctor. i refuse to. i ask people to ask their doctors and make decisions based on their unique conditions and do their own research and talk to their own medical professionals they trust. how is it that dr. joe knows better than somebody's own toctor? >> you make a very good important point. i will talk about a doctor who plays a doctor on tv and in person and that is the former administrator for the fda and a consulter for pfizer who recently said that acquired immunity can be just as effective as a pfizer vaccine. and as you know, there are maybe as much as 30% of americans who cemay have acquired immunity tht should not be required to get a vaccine shot. and there's no understanding or acceptanceuc of that.
11:32 pm
>> dr. rand paul had covid and he talked about t cell antibodies the cleveland clinico is going to study it further. but they had had results -- initial results that they thought if you had it, you don't need any vaccine but they are encouraging people to get vaccines but they are studying it further. but the initial results were very impressive.e. so again, following the science. and then you have the issue, we now have breakthrough cases. so wise and the more emphasis -- and i'm not a doctor -- on therapeutics like monoclonal-- antibodies like regeneron. i know ron desantis, your counterpoint, he set up centers all over florida. i think you are doing in texas. >> we are opening these regeneron antibody therapeutic centers across the entire state of texas. it's so important for people to understand the value this antibody provides. it can help people quickly recovered.
11:33 pm
and it's absolutely free. all you need is a doctor to recommend that you get it and we make it so easy for people to get it. it is one way that we can keep people out of hospitals and hele people more quickly recover from covid. that needs to be taken into bideneration by the administration but also all the governors who are running thehe states and making these decisions about whether or not people should be mandated to get a vaccinene appeared we encourae people to get a vaccine, but we should not mandate it. >> sean: you had a break through case. maybe i'm mistaken. i thought you got regeneron very shortly after you are diagnosed after being fully vaccinated, correct? >> that is correct. i was vaccinated. i did get covid. i did take the regeneron, and i quickly i had some aches and pains that would be consistent with a very mild case of the flu, but i tested positive for four days
11:34 pm
and then was good to go after them. so i am seeing the value of regeneron and i encourage my fellow texans and my fellow americans to take advantage of this incredible treatment that we have that will help you to quickly get over covid and get back to work. >> sean: take it seriously, do your own research, talk to your doctor or doctors and make a decision with the professionals. and i am pro-science, i am pro vaccination science, but i am also pro-freedom, and people have conditions that we don't know about and i think it'srs dangerous for people to play doctor with one size fits all medicine. that doesn't work for me. governor, we appreciate it. now he is in deep blueue california, governor newsom is fighting for his political race ahead of tomorrow. every single one of his failures is on the ballot from economy failures, making students suffer, his energy policy, rolling brownouts, homelessness, crime, lack of the science ofs forestry, and all of this out of control burns, the infamous
11:35 pm
dinner at the french laundry restaurant, while he is telling everyone else you have to go home. no mass, no social distancing. blatant hypocrisy. far left and green new deal socialism and so much more. and no forget, he is pretty much -- let me send a check just before the recall to almost 60% of people in california. we send our own leo 2.0 terrell down to venice he had a tough assignment to get reaction to tomorrow's recall. take a look. >> did you vote and who did he vote for? >> larry elder. >> why would you vote for him? >> because he cares about the politics and he's not going to sit there and keep making welfare -- >> i like to vacation here but d don't want their governor. >> was wrong with him? >> recall election is tomorrow. who are you voting for?
11:36 pm
>> larry elder of course. >> tell me why. >> it's the only chance to save california. >> voting against the recall. >> can you tell me why? t>> because there's no reason o recall newsom. particularly not if we're going to replace him with someone who is going to get a low percentage of the total vote. >> he's done a good job. >> in what areas? >> in all areas. >> absolutely not. i've been here for four years in california and i've seen nothing but decline. >> do you think larry elder would be a better choice? >> yes. >> tell me why. >> he's going to clean this place up. we have to get gavin newsom out of here. this guy is a clown. look at this place. the guy is a mess. >> sean: leo 2.0 terrell. my first question is how many people do you think know you from all your appearances on the show with that hat on? >> they knew sean hannity first, sean. they love sean hannity.
11:37 pm
>> sean: it's the hat. i don't have a hannity 1.0 hat. it's interesting. you are dealing with the bluest of blue states. if he is recalled, this is a political earthquake.he this is a 9.5 on the richter scale. it is very difficult on question one, the vote has been going on forever. 9 they are mailing out ballots to everybody. i think it's always an uphill battle. what are your thoughts? >> this job as governor is too big for governor newsom. he can't handle with her that's why he is overwhelmed. he has been a disaster. you mention the homelessness, the crime. i will tell you right now, it's going to be same-day voting. conservative republicans, if they come out, if you see long lines tomorrow, it's going to be in my opinion a nail-biter.
11:38 pm
i know the polls favor newsom. but same-day voting can make this race very close. >> sean: is very interesting. when you are hanging out in venice beach, did you work out with the guys down there or what? >> first of all, they required me to keep saying how much they love the sean hannity show.wn >> sean: they know i work out every day.. that's it. >> they want you to come down here to muscle beach. they want you at muscle beach here. >> sean: i would love to hang with them. it be fun. i like you in this role. we have to do -- leo 2.0 terrell america. >> all day on "hannity." i'll be out tomorrow for you. >> sean: we are going to find out. no democrats trying all the stops to prevent newsom's early exit and of course that means they are questioning allies and the mob and the media and doing everything in their power to smear larry elder.ur a "los angeles times" columnist saying elder is "a real threat
11:39 pm
to communities of color." okay. and meanwhile, gavin newsom appears to be trying to buy then votes of californians. this blows me away. as a state is next week is dishing out another round of $600 stimulus checks in addition to the previous batch that we know in late august. you get one before, he got one after. before the recall election, after. and they are going to about 2 million californians. there was a reaction, former acting director of national intelligence, ric grenell, along with the with dave rubin. we will start with you ric grenell. i don't know. i grew up in new york and i've lived all around the country. where i come from, if you give people money before an election and then after election, it looks to me like you are trying to buy an election. but what do i know?
11:40 pm
i am just a little old talk show host. >> one thing that is clear is that gavin newsom is scared. he has joe biden here today in long beach campaigning. they are paying people with stimulus checks. he is calling this the republican recall. he is doing everything he can because they are scared. i think no matter what happens over the next couple of days, we have already won. us conservatives and republicans in california. we have already won. we are putting to the vote of the people whether or not the governor is qualified and there is a healthy debate. and we know that we have really terrible voter rolls here in california. it's going to take us a couple of elections if we don't do an immediate turnaround here with the recall. i am encouraged. i think we are already winning. i hope that every single person who has a ballot in the mail will fill it out and vote to recall gavin newsom. >> sean: i am watching all this unfold.
11:41 pm
i read numbers. for example, rudy giuliani won as a republican mayor. pretty liberal on social issues but that's not how he governed. don't work issues he was dealing with. and he turned new york city around and did a phenomenal job and saved a lot of lives in the process. it is possible but is now getting more rare as more and more conservatives are abandoning california law's population in their hundred 71 year history. that speaks volumes. >> first off, i want to thank you, sean, on behalf of ric and myself for sending leo terrel. we both live here but there iss no amount of money you can give us to get down there. it is an absolute disaster with homelessness and drug use.s >> sean: he said this is a rough area. what are you doing? i'm going to get hurt down here. >> it's a true nightmare. but in a broader sense, i campaign debate with larry and i
11:42 pm
am obviously very much for his candidacy and larry doesn't want to become governor the way gavin newsom does in that gavin newsom wants to rule over the people of this state as a king. the realtor once to get out of the way. and the means that these people -- that somehow this is a republican recall, i've been there and been there with real people. most of the peoplepl supporting larry. they are not traditional republicans. there is plenty of republicans and conservatives of course but these are regular californians that are sort of a political or may be democrats or independents who have been mugged by theed reality that you described. all the terrible things that atgavin newsom has done to this date. so tomorrow is truly one of the most important days in america and the last ten years. it's like if we can fix california -- that is the signal. and everyone in america needs
11:43 pm
hope right now. >> sean: am i hearing you right?>> you believe he can be recall? >> i believe it is possible. this is america. anything can happen. they said trump can become president and he did. are they going to do hijinks and -- dealing with the voter rolls there is also to have weird stuff going on. we know that. it's a one-party state and its deeply corrupt but i believe in the people and i know people are angry and frustrated. >> sean: a lot of the people that would vote -- do you really believe on question one, ric grenell, that there is a fighting chance? >> absolutely. we are up against a big tidal wave of mail-in ballots. they are throwing the mail-in ballots to everywhere but i believe that the anger is high. that's why i say we already won. i know that we will have a real scare opportunity for government all my gavin newsom. we could possibly see larry
11:44 pm
elder as governor. >> sean: that would be a great day. that's a 9.5 on the richter scale politically speaking. thank you for all your work. after the break, anti-biden chants. "f joe biden" chants broke out again at sporting events. the rest of the mob in the media are ignoring it. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: we showed you footage of the anti-biden chants breaking out spontaneously in college football games are on the weekend. it happened again this weekend. it also happened at a baseball game in bright blue new york city.i- take a look. >> [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [chanting] [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. >> sean: i can't help it. just cracks me up. sportsmen everywhere awaken up to biden's incompetence.
11:51 pm
some are getting fed up with local obsessions of the sports leagues. a their leadership. by the way, they take the most unifying events, shared passion of a sport and a team and you just ruin it. here's what bill martin had to say about nfl playing the black national anthem. >> i saw on the football game alicia keys saying lift every voice and sing which now here is called the black national anthem. maybe we should get rid of our national anthem, but i think we should have one national anthem. i think when you go down the road where you are having twohee different national anthems, colleges sometimes -- many of them have different graduation ceremonies were black-and-white. separate dorms. this is what i mean. it's segregation. you have inverted the idea. we are going back to that under a different name. >> sean: here with a reaction, florida congressman byron donalds and -- we'll start with you.
11:52 pm
i want to get your take on this. and what happens have other groups want there anthem played. >> i will tell you i never thought i would agree with bill marr but i do. there is just one national anthem. as the one we all stand and sing to, especially with somebody a doing and a fantastic way. but i will tell you, i am somebody who when i was in school early on i also saying what is called the black national anthem, lift every voice and sing. it is a song that matters a lot to many black people in our country. but it shouldn't be our other national anthem. issued only be one. if the nfl wants it would have time or some other time, that's fine, but there should be one national anthem without question. lift every voice and sing is a good song and what i don't like is it is not being used, unfortunately, and any social media political way o bringing division to the country.
11:53 pm
>> your thoughts. >> i think sports fans are leading us back to normalcy. the chance against joe biden.r i would bet the cardinals-titans game, might not want to call it again because the cardinals won, they started to chant u-s-a in the stadium. i've been going for a while, i don't member that happening for a long time. and i've been going all over the country on a bus tour. i got to watch the texas-arkansas game. >> sean: let's talk about this. i don't get invited to these games. how come you did? >> you are invited. i will send the invites. but i think we are seeing a great uprising for people from sports fans who -- these are packed stadiums. nobody is wearing a mask. it is hard to see how you can argue that you need to have the vaccine to get on an airplane 1,100,000 people are showing up
11:54 pm
with her brothers and sisters and watching a football game. i think it's a really good sign that america is healing. >> sean: that looked like the big house. a hundred 10,000. all right. good to see you both. when we come back, john has written a song about afghanistan. next. ♪ ♪ ide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent.
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>> five for fighting has written a song about biden's disastrous afghanistan withdrawal entitled blood on my hands. very powerful, i have the statement in song on my web site, put some images of biden leading from behind. watch.
12:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ and i don't understand ♪ ♪ what's happening ♪♪ >> the whole video is on let not your heart be troubled. laura: what do you mean welcome that? are you in a time warp? >> i told it to him and nothing i have experienced in my life. >> he was the only guest host in the history of television - >> we need a host with a voice.