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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 14, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> greg: trey in couple afghanistan. again, remind you earlier today the secretary of state said he is very hopeful that those will get out particularly the hundred or so americans, the number has never really changed will be among the first to get the chance. we'll see. that will do it for us. here comes the five. ♪♪ >> hello everyone i'm dana perino along with katie, jessica, jesse watters and bryan 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. another bruising day before congress for secretary state antony blinken the senate panel drilling him for answers about the botched withdraw from afghanistan because so far the biden administration refused to say it did anything wrong, republicans not mincing words. >> you won't.
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the biden administration caused this disaster. >> this is a complete debacle. >> we had every reason to believe and to plan for the rapid collapse of the afgan military and the of a began government. >> president biden has described the evacuation from afghanistan as an extraordinary success. this has to be the lie of the 21st century. >> things got really heated when senator ted cruz pressured whether the officials gave the taliban the names of american citizens during the chaotic evacuation. >> did the state department give the taliban a list or multiple lists of americans and/or afgans that we wanted out? >> those reports and the idea that we would do anything to endanger our citizens or anyone else at a time when we're trying to save their lives is flat-out wrong. in limited instances where we were seeking to get a bus or a group of people through a check point, we gave a manifest to the
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people at the check point to demonstrate that those people were expected -- >> roughly how many names were on the list you gave? >> doesn't matter because they -- >> dozens? hundreds? thousands. give us a magnitude. >> this happened in -- >> it's your testimony it wasn't hundreds, did you give them thousands? >> no, absolutely not. >> dana: one of thehe things senator ron johnson said to blinken is there's frustration that it feels the administration is detached from the situation >> jesse: he did an okay job but the republicans were focused way too much on sound bites that they can push out to donors and on social media. this hearing needs to be about establishing a pattern of facts, a time line, and getting direct testimony on the record. when did you know, and what did you know and when did you know it? and then you can present that evidence to the american people, and that's how you get to the
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truth and accountability. kabul did not fall in 11 days, dana. that is a lie. it took months for the afgan army to desert and surrender. the taliban takeover came after three months. biden was briefed by the intelligence agencies, state department cables went out, embassy cables went out. biden knew in july that the taliban was taking over because he got on the phone call with the afgan president and said lie for me. make sure it looks better on the ground so i get help politically and then maybe i'll give you a little more air support. so the lies cost lives, and we need to know the facts. so al kade a's back in afghanistan and we have dead marines and we have a huge technology transfer to the chinese military which we're going to have to deal with in the pacific and now we're importing all these child brides. we're bringing in thousands of afgan men who married 12 years old, crews got into that, where will they live dana?
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in america they're called child molesters. they're not going to live in antony blinken's neighborhood so what do we do with them? if this was a republican president he'd already have impeachment hearings. they go after these hearings like litigateers in a homicide trial. republicans act like it's debate club. no. we want antses, we deserve answers and we're not going to get it if you beat around the bush. >> many times these hearings feel performative not productive. on the house side they had 3-5 minutes and on the senate side they have seven so there's benefits i guess to being a senator. but there was something from senator bob menendez in terms of his frustration as the oversight chairman. watch. >> the execution of the u.s. withdraw was clearly and fatally flawed. this committee expects to receive a full explanation of the administration's decisions on afghanistan since coming into office last january. there has to be accountability. >> i want to get your take on
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something. so lloyd austin would not testify today, secretary of defense. they said he's going to be testifying in front of another committee later this month. there's some frustration from people who follow this that this is just all being done in a piecemeal way and they would like to have like the 9/11 commission. is that something the democrats would be willing to do. >> i actually do think it's something democrats would be willing to do. bob menendez is a strong biden supporter. this is someone, he backed biden in 2016 when hillary ended up being the nominee and his words were as forceful as ted cruz's or ron johnson and yesterday we saw it from key figures in the democratic house like karen bass. and i think that it is going to continue. i do think on an optics level it made a big difference that secretary blinken was in person today. not that it was his fault for not going yesterday, was the rules that you could zoom in. there was even the congressman who was in his closet who did it. but you should be there. this is a big deal and will be as leon panetta said it.
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a huge moment in his time as secretary of state, for better or for worse and i did like the dynamics better in person. it needs to be treated with respect especially since we lost american lives, 13, and 18 wounded. but it felt like a bipartisan shellacking to me. it felt like yesterday was longer time limits. and i think that that's something that the biden administration is prepared for. they know what the polling looks like on this and they're going to show up and they're going to take it. >> dana: katie one of the things that frustrated some of the people working behind the scenes, these private groups working with veterans who are trying the on get there, interpreters and their families out, was when antony blinken said, every one of the people, and i guess he was talking about the americans that are left behind and the green card holders, has been assigned a case worker. >> right. >> dana: case manager and they have a team of case managers and one of the young women i talked to said that can't be true. she said if it is true then all
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these messages i'm getting are people who just can't get anybody to return their calls at the state department. >> the state department has kind of tried to take credit for the private group and organizations that have been able to get people out when the government has failed to do so. and when the secretary of state was asked if the state department, you know, didn't allow certain flights to take off, if they were denying people access to the airport, the answer from the secretary of state was no, when we know from talking to a number of people and from co-ersing that they were denying flights taking off, they were denying people coming into the airport and they were telling people to come to the airport when they couldn't get there because the taliban wasn't letting them through, for weeks on end. the bipartisan nature of this i thought was interesting, and based on the idea that when you listen to each of them speak today, and this happened a lot yesterday in the house, every single senator and congressman has a story linked to trying to getting somebody out of afghanistan. and it is, you know, the job of congressional offices and offices of the senate to help
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get people home, but it really is the state department's job. and for the administration up to this point to keep saying that this was a successful airlift, it was a successful evacuation, when you have senators and congressmen still getting phone calls from americans and sivs still stuck? afghanistan that makes it closer and the work they're doing. >> dana: one other piece from senator ted cruz if you pull that up because brian this is one of the questions americans are going to have. excuse me, it's rand paul. $64 billion? that's possibly going to be going to the he-to afghanistan. and i'm wondering, does that pass through the afgan government? here's senator rand paul. >> this week, you've now released $64 million in aid to afghanistan. don't we have some prohibition to giving aid and comfort to the enemy? do we really -- are we really naive enough to believe we're going to continue sending charity to afghanistan and they're not going to interrupt it. i think that's a foolish notion.
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could you pledge today without equivocation that the biden administration will not release any of that money to the taliban. >> absent the taliban making good on the commitments and expectations of the international community that i've outlined previously. that's correct. >> maybe we could deduct a fee for the weapons they took. >> any thoughts on that or anything else. >> 64 million is part of the 1.2 billion we promised for international aid. turns out 18 million afgans depend on the government to for their food and clothing. congratulations taliban you have a country to run, hot just people to bee helped, you have to do other stuff and they want aid. and they also say thank you very much but can we have more. i don't see why we give them anything but you go ahead, you want more. the big thing was over the last few days is it's trump's fall fault. it was trump's deal we have no choice. so the guy undoing everything president trump does, and i think joe biden takes great pride in it, everything trump did he's undone. when it comes to taliban, this
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is iron clad, this is the deal trump had. it's six pages, my health club contract is harder to get out of than this. it is generic as it gets anyone can get out of this. you almost went to law school, you did you were at the bottom of your screes. class. so i texted mike pompeo, and he had an important job. he said we would only have left once all conditions were met. we didn't plan for chaos because we wouldn't have had it. we had constant deterrent. we would hit them as soon as they broke the agreement. and the butcher said if you any of these promises we will find you and kill you like coal mainy. that's why he called at the edge of kabul and said do you want to take it or do you want me to take it and general mckenzie said why don't you take it i'll just take the airport. can we say that's one of the
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stupidist responses to the taliban, and there's been a lot. i cannot be more frustrated because not what democrat what lieberman did to senator bush, they questioned war decisions, they forgot about party. nobody forgot what party they were in today on the democratic side. even though menendez did say we're going to find out about that, but there was more kissing his butt than calling him out. >> he called it an abject failure and in your health club thing does it also say we're going to release 5,000 tal bans for a thousand afgans. >> 5,000 to 1,000, a bad idea. absolutely a bad idea. but that does not mean you can't break it, push it back and undo it because it's not in america's interest. >> trump isn't president anymore. joe biden is. >> big responsibility. >> it's september. we're still deciding that? just kidding >> ahead decision today in california, gavin newsome fighting for his political life
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by making the recall election all about, guess who? donald trump. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> it's decision today in california to determine if governor gavin newsom will keep his job. the polls close in a few hours and democrats are pulling out all the stops. unbelievable what happened the final few weeks. president biden trying to make the recall all about trump instead of newsome's job performance.
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>> all of you know in the last year i got run against the real donald trump. this year, this year, leading republican running for governor is the closest thing to a trump clone that i've ever seen in your state. you either keep gavin newsom as your governor, or you'll get donald trump. >> all right, that was inspiring. newsome continued to push race based attacks against leading republican candidate larry elder. >> the issue of diversity, pluralism. the issue that defines so much of our politics, that's all on the ballot tomorrow night. racial justice is on the ballot tomorrow night. >> brian:. >> brian: man he's looked nervous unsure of himself throughout the recall. he's called out the president, the vice-president, the speaker of the house, senator elizabeth
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warren and raised $70 million. does that show they're nervous or is that democrats saying we're going to win big and we all want credit for it. >> dana: five, six weeks ago i think they were very nervous especially as larry elder started picking up speed. he already has state wide name id, which is hard to get. but because larry elder had it and he's very popular and he was talking about the issues. he didn't talk about donald trump or biden or kamala harris. he was talking about homelessness, crime, education, and the economy. and he was worried that people in california were wanting to leave. and anytime that i saw gavin newsom get out there and try to campaign, one, he didn't seem authentic, he was kind of very angry didn't seem like him, he wasn't talking about the issues and they so badly want to run against donald trump that ace little bit bit of a tell for the 2020 midterms. the other thing if you're the commander of chief and left the
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enemy stranded behind enemy lines in afghanistan. i would spend all my time on that. i wouldn't go to california. i wouldn't campaign. i would make sure everybody knows i'm going to get these people out >> brian: why did he show up. >> jesse: he's campaigning in the middle of an pandemic. we can play that game, too. trump is now the wedge issue for democrats. this is what they've done. so you're either a trump republican and that fires up the democrat base, or if you try to distance yourself from trump, the republican base goes crazy and hates you. so that could work in a state like california where republicans are outnumbered, but that's not really going to play in swing districts next fall. it's a lazy argument. but the real issue immigration has killed the republican party in the state of california. the foreign born population in the state of california is 25%. foreign born voters vote 2-1 democrat. you do amnesty, you do those special visas, green cards,
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chain migration, birth right amnesty, you're loading it up. we already know they vote 2-1 democrat, asians 2-1 democrat, blacks 2-1 democrat. in a state like that if you throw out a lot of nasty racial attacks to that population, you know, we're not all paying attention that much to politics, that's going to move the needle. and then you throw in the $70 million in advertising appear the guy's good looking, great head of hair, charisma, well tanned. a lot of people pay attention to that kind of stuff. i don't personally, at all. but a lot of people do. >> brian: very similar hair style head set. for more on that let's go to jessica. jessica why did they not bring up things he did well? why don't they say he's done a great job bringing up the homeless population, raising taxes? why don't they bring up some things he did well? how come they're always just saying you don't want donald trump. >> jessica: you don't want donald trump or you do want
2:21 pm
donald trump is the most animating issue in america and continues to be that way. and it's just not going to change even through the midterms. and jesse is right, not about the hair thing. i mean, he is, gavin newsome is very good looking but that does not get you a governorship. but coming out right now and saying that larry -- >> what has he done well? what has newsom done well? what has he done well. >> great question. >> jessica: the pressure laundry is lovely. i didn't go during the pandemic. >> besides that what did he do well. >> people in the state he had a very high approval rating. >> what has he done well jessica? >> jessica: what are you talking about? what do you want me to say about it. can i just say something about who's voting in contrast to what jesse was saying, yes, you have a latino population that tends to vote democrat that is shifting. you also have a conservative population asian representatives that spent more asian representatives on the republican side in 2020.
2:22 pm
those make a difference. they won't shift the recall. but the democrats are aware of a shifting tied in terms of how a minority population is voting and he's bringing up racial issues not to say larry elder is a white supremacist but to say one party, the democratic party is the one paying attention to the racial ine quality issues. >> he has the meade why on his side. for them to not have the white woman in a grasry a mask throwing eggs at him. >> they called it an egg throwing incident. and then the la times viciously used a photo of larry elder in a moment where he was moving towards someone he knows, looked like he was hitting her, on the story, like this, and said he had to leave this homeless enkavrment because there was an incident larry elder implying he was engaged with this woman instead he was being attacked by a white woman in a gorilla face. i will say it's been a long time since ronald reagan was the
2:23 pm
governor of california but conservatives have been making up ground in the more conservative districts and i think that people in california, including minorities, care a lot about crime and homelessness affecting their communities and the places they live. it's interesting to me, to ask the question to someone like gavin newsom or president joe biden, are all the democrats are voting against gavin newsom donald trump? are all the democrats running against gavin newsom the same thing as donald trump? because it's not just republicans and larry elder who want to recall the governor. there are a lot of independents and democrats who want the same thing. >> brian: so let me tell you what's coming up over the next 37 minutes. this story, president biden about to give a speech in colorado on green energy. i know you're saying finally. we'll monitor for any news. coming up socialist hip country aoc defends wearing tax the rich gown to a star studded event that we were not invited to and
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actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪ ♪♪ . >> jessica: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez defending herself of that pock arrest after wearing tax the rich dress to a star studded gala that cost $30,000. >> oh, my god, tax the rush, what a model aoc. i didn't know you model as well. >> when aurora and i were first kind of partnered, we really started having a conversation about what it means to be working class women of color at the met, and we said, you know, we can't just play along, but we need to break the fourth wall and challenge some of the
2:29 pm
institutions. and, you know, while the met is known for its spectacle, we should have a conversation about it. >> jessica: okay. so housekeeping first. she didn't pay for the tickets, she didn't pay for the dress. >> dana: who did? >> jessica: it was donated and i don't know what goes on. but today everyone is talking about it which was the point. so doesn't aoc just win? >> dana: i guess she wins in terms of her goal of furthering the conversation, which she did. everybody is talking about it. but i actually found this infuriating and it has nothing to do with her dress. if you watch the way that these elites walking the red carpet, they are walking unabated. their faces are open. they get to smile for all the cameras and all the working class people serving them have to be faceless, they are masked and we see this as a habit for the left. and she claims to be fighting for the people and i watched a
2:30 pm
video of her having her train carried through the carpet into the met by a bunch of people working there who were masked. we saw nancy pelosi do this with herbig outdoor dinner while the servants, many people of color, by the way, you know, serving them. we saw this at president obama's party. so this idea now of the left and the elites allowing the pandemic -- they've never had to deal with it. they all flew in on private jets, they don't have to worry about vaccine mandates for commercial travel if they want to see theory family. but the people they think serve them and work for them, they have to be sub jew gated to these rules. so it's not about her dress, this is about marxism and communism at its core which means the elites get to do whatever they want and the peasants and little people have to serve them and obey the rules if they want to just go to work for a day. >> jessica: what do you think about that point? >> dana: a couple things. so she is aoc antoinette and this is a perfect event for her
2:31 pm
the champagne socialists all get together once a year and katie that is a very good point about the working class people that were there. because the democratic party has a little bit of a problem, and the republicans have taken a different tact in the last several years that they're more of the party of the working class and you might start to see a little more if the republicans can figure out out how to do this. she didn't pay for the ticket, the ticket was donated. do you think that the person who donated the ticket through the nonprofit fundraiser didn't deduct that from their taxes? of course they did. and they didn't show up in hybrid cars and green new deal vehicles. they are right now trying to pass a $3.5 trillion bill and reverse engineering, like it's going to help all sorts of people. and the trust in government is at such a low he been right now that i don't know if it's going to pass or not. the thing for her is, she knows how to get attention. she does it very well. beautiful young woman. she's got a big following.
2:32 pm
my last point is, i really respect the designer, aurora james. impressive person. but in her twitter feed, aoc said that she was an immigrant. okay, she comes from canada. okay? it's not like she was making her way up from a really tough place like bangladesh or nicaragua. she came from toronto. >> she speaks canadian so it must have been really tough. >> the other thing on that too is aoc is not working class. she grew up in a very rich suburb went to boston university, was a bartender for a short period of time and now is a congresswoman living in washington, dc, in one of the most expensive buildings in dc and lives above the whole foods and drives a tesla. come on. >> jesse:. >> jesse: bernie sanders would have stood across the steps of the gala with a little placard that said tax the rich and a bull horn. that's a protest. this is a performance. this is a pop star socialist
2:33 pm
trying to get street cred for the slogan and also wanting to hang out with celebrities. here's how it goes, anna runs the top of the met. so she sends aoc a ticket, and everybody else, as dana said, writes this off as a tax deduction. so aoc goes, she gets buzz, the met gala gets buzz. we're talking about it. and all these rich liberals get to feel like, yeah, we're vert with us, yeah, sure, tax the rich. and then the next day their accountants are working 24/7 to lower their taxable income. the funny thing is aoc writes the tax code. she's raising awareness? okay, we know liberals want to raise taxes on the rich. we've known that for a hundred years. she could write a tax bill. aoc has never written a bill that's gotten out of committee her entire career. she does nancy and chuck do it with a room full of lobbyist
2:34 pm
they car have out the loopholes and then the next cycle the republicans scar have out the lobbyists and work out the loopholes. she does it every time and gets what she wants. >> brian: right now if you work in new york and you have $10 you have to give away six. how much more money do you want. 61% of everyone's income on the books between state and local and city taxes, goes to somebody else. and yet most of those people that are rich, very few inherited it. a lot are working 60, 70 hours a woke supporting other people who are not working or who work government jobs. the other thing is, to bring up, mayor de blasio was also there. this guy's poverty, a marxist really against the rich and for the working class and hates cop and hangs out with the rich and famous. that's where he's going to end up in his years. i find the whole thing detestable. but i feel as though this is going to be the preliminary to the mansion aoc heavy weight bought that's going to be taking
2:35 pm
place in two or three weeks. >> i don't know, mansion was dismissive on the shows, he said we haven't spoken i really don't care. >> he wasn't at the met even show she spent all week accusing him. >> he doesn't want to spend 3.5 trillion. >> jessica: up next president biden accuses gop governors of putting people at risk while his administration causes more covid confusion. ♪♪ you've been taking mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements called tardive dyskinesia td. and it can seem like that's all people see. ♪ some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling.
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. try new liquid-filled this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ . >> dana: president biden slamming gop governors to dare
2:40 pm
criticize. >> people are doing everything they can to block or undermine the life-saving mandates we proposed. putting the people at risk. putting their children at risk. putting their states at risk. and here's the worst thing. these republican governors, it isn't about public health, about the health of the people, it's about politics. >> katie: that comes as the biden administration causes more covid confusion, coming from vice-president kamala harris, that talks about protecting the vaccinated has people scratching their heads given that the vaccines by designs were to work and a group of scientists including two senior fda officials who will be reportedly stepping down soon saying there isn't enough evidence for booster shots for the general population but the white house is going along with it anyway. dana? the communication throughout the pandemic has been terrible, but most recently what they're trying to implement these mandates but saying you're protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. you could argue the unvaccinated
2:41 pm
are at risk to the unvaccinated but you can't say the unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated especially when they're saying the vaccinated are spreading. >> dana: that was the most inco-leernt part of the president's speech last week, with the mandates. the other thing the president seems to be trying to do is to silo his political enemies into being against vaccines. and it's just like it's not right and it's not fair. and if you look at the merits of it, it's not true. so maybe on the masking thing, if we really, truly believe that masks were going to be the end all cure all maybe you could have an argument about that and we're talking about vac scenes, in fact ava hutchinson from arkansas had a good point, what are you doing? i'm trying to get people vaccinated and you coming in with this heavy government push is making it harder for me. the other thing is in the washington post today there's a big piece about the concern that the vaccine hesitancy about covid could actually spill over into other vaccines, like for
2:42 pm
chickenpox, measles, polio, things like that. what's interesting to me about that is where was that concern a year ago, almost to the day, when kamala harris and joe biden were running for president and vice-president, and they said they would be unwilling to take the vaccine if it was approved under a trump presidency. and nobody said anything about vaccine hesitancy at that point. >> katie: right. doctor kill me we know you love telling people what to do with their medical decisions so we're giving you the floor. >> brian: don't ever have me go after dana, she took like nine of my points. she stole my notes, never should have left them out. that's fine. a couple of things, hundred percent right about governor hutchinson. not only that dr. scott gottlieb hardly an a positively gist for trump or anybody else, he said, listen, you don't want to do that. i have conversations with people in my office to describe why they should get the vaccine, what mdo, what mrna technology
2:43 pm
is. the other thing and i know other people have to get in here. when you go through this vaccine and you want people to take the vaccine, i think it would be perfectly honest to say who's not taking it. ph.d.s aren't taking it, a huge number of medical experts aren't taking it and the african american community 40% have been vaccinated. so don't yell at trump supporters and say you're the problem. point out there's some smart people that don't want to take it. ask them why >> katie: right. jessica? >> jessica: i think everyone who hasn't taken it yet should get a fair hearing why they're not and that's why immunity conversation is a huge factor in this and that was part of the biden mandate is that you could also get tested on a weekly basis and that would cover you in terms of getting vaccinated, you could get on an airplane and all those things. the kaiser family foundation who really leads the way in terms of great data when it comes to healthcare has a lot of
2:44 pm
interesting information as to who people turn to when they want advice, it's friends and family and your personal doctor. that's where people are getting most of this information. i think that is a good thing. but i also do know that a lot of private businesses have welcomed biden's mandate because they don't want to be the ones to say you're going to lose your job if you don't do this. they can now say these are the rules and we have seen huge spikes in people getting vaccinated because of it and we know that that does cut down on your chances of ending up on a ventilator in a hospital and that is a i good thing. >> jesse we also see though a lots of especially small businesses, the corporations are fine with this, but small business saying we can't afford this and they're setting them up really to get sued. >> jesse: right and the trial lawyers donate to the dems so it all comes back to that. actually, after biden announced the vax mandate, vaccination rates have dropped. it actually back fired. this was like almost ten days ago. >> it was friday. >> jesse: no, it wasn't friday.
2:45 pm
>> it was federal, two different announcements. >> jesse: look at the charts jessica, can't argue with the facts. same thing happened with the j&j pause, same thing occurred then and these are from the same people who said they wouldn't take a trump vaccine. additionally, as a constitutional scholar, only the states can mandate vaccines. this is a workaround through the labor department that congress is not authorized the labor department to do this, this is a major rule. so this is not going to apply. and a new thing that just broke, hospitalizations they keep talking about, overwhelming hospitalizations. it's not necessarily people going in because they have covid, they're going in for other things and they happen to pop positive for covid. so that's been a total misinformation game that the left is playing. no one is talking about california. highest death toll, la county is like a mortuary when it comes to covid but all they want to do is talk about florida. go figure. go figure. >> jessica: past new york now
2:46 pm
and they had to -- >> jesse: come on man >> we have to go but we'll talk about this again i'm sure. >> next up jesse watters steps into greg's shoes and roasts him in an epic fashion. not sure greg likes it but we did. ♪♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what are you wearing, dog? they're pants, dog. no, these are pants, dog. no way. my pants are pants, dog.
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> jesse: i had the esteem pleasure of filling in for my colleague greg gutfeld on his highly a claimed gutfeld exclamation point and i couldn't resist but roast the king of late night. my deepest condolences go out to you the audience. you thought you were getting gutfeld, instead you're getting someone taller, better looking, and someone who didn't get fired from a ton of magazines. filling in for gutfeld tonight. got to dress the part. let's see what he's got in his closet. pretty nice. >> now that's comedy. stealing other people's material.
2:51 pm
kind of like what greg does with scott adams. so, dana, afterwards i felt remorse because i thought i might have been too mean to greg. was i too mean? >> dana: i feel that i laughed. i think that roasts are supposed to be where you make fun of someone, and i don't think that you said anything that he hasn't already made fun of himself about. >> jesse: didn't sound like anybody else was laughing when i was doing it. >> she said they were laughing. >> a small audience because of covid. i laughed very hard, the exclamation point thing, the wardrobe, the can caling. you know, it made me just love all y'all. >> jesse: well, i did say at the top that when gutfeld took off he wanted the second funniest guy at fox to fill in but you were on vacation. >> brian: very nice. i will say this. this is my opinion, the famous relationship, vince lombardi was a tough coach but in awe of paul horning because paul horning had the great hair and got all the
2:52 pm
girls. and vince lombardi had a gap in his teeth and was kind of a short guy. i think greg, who is famously angry at me all the time, worships you. i feel like he worships you. he only laughs at you never goes after you. >> jesse: you're causing so much trouble but i like everything you're saying. katie, i also mentioned that greg's big achievement is now he was the last fox host to interview donald trump. >> katie: that may be true. he may want to fact check you on that. >> there's some who haven't interviewed trump? who are those hosts >> katie: there are a few. >> jesse: jessica, was i too mean. >> jessica: i don't think so but as someone who was really poorly received by the gutfeld audience as well, we have that in common. we share a name. i'm just saying, i got boo'd. >> jesse: okay. i think i got boo'd.
2:53 pm
i groaned actually. >> jesse: one more thing is up next. .
2:54 pm
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♪ ♪ >> you missed a great commercial break. time now for one more thing. jessica? >> jessica: unfortunately we lost one of our great comics nora mcdonald passed away after a battle with cancer. this is one of my favorite skits he did. >> he became the first defensive player to win the heisman trophy, congratulations, charles. that is something that no one can ever take away from you. unless you kill your wife, in which case. [laughter] [laughter] >> jessica: snl and making weekend update the most fantastic bit for a while. constantly went after o.j. even though executives were could you
2:58 pm
please stop talking about o.j.? totally fearless, beloved by all. just a fantastic human. only 61 years old when he passed away and i know that everyone in the comedy community certainly like greg and jesse here after last night our mourning his passing. >> dana: he was wonderful. >> dana: everybody know i married a brit. he has tried to explain to me the rules of cricket. yind it. this is a dog who stole the ball and show during cricket match in ireland. this dog named dazzle is like i got it. ball beforehand nobody can catch him. might deserve a spot on the team. if you are in, you are in, something like that brian probably understands it. the. >> brian: i don't know cricket but i do know this coming up on november 2nd the president of freedom fighters coming out fifth history book and this was probably the most exciting took two years to put together.
2:59 pm
i will be on stage talking about it eventually with dana. we had to postpone our event ashbury park i will be in charleston west virginia december 7th. orlando, 21 national weather service clearwater on december 4th. brian war against history how to win it something else happened. tim green a good friend of mine has als. also a fantastic writer. he wrote with his eyes this book the final season. he talked about it through synthesizer today. >> i have lost the use of my voice and all my limbs but i am so grateful for the technology that allows me to write books. >> brian: i'm thinking the falcons one of the greatest college football players ever. pick up "the final season" money goes to als. number three on amazon right now and great for young kids. >> dana: get it to number one. >> jesse: my man bra sadr got off to hot start.
3:00 pm
looking pulling in big monsters garrett first harvest of the 20021 core season. way to go t. roy. my man. >> dana: i'm disappointed katie had a great one more thing. >> katie: save it? deign day save it get it tomorrow. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. brit. >> bret: i kind of want to give you the time. senators of both parties piling on the president's top dip over the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. the faster than expected collapse of the afghan government and the stranding of thousands of u.s. citizens and afghan allies. secretary of state antony blinken testifying today before the senate foreign relations committee in person. one day after a virtual appearance before a house committee. and the questions today were even more pointed. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie starts us off tonight as she did last night from capitol hill. good evening, aishah.


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