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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  September 15, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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west virginia, november 7, december 3 florida, cheerwater on december 4, orlando, florida november 21, and abraham lincoln , frederick douglas that comes out in november. ainsley: also as bury park is on there too. brian: that's in may with dana perino. ainsley: have a good day we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> general milley has a lot of explaining to do and ought to stop honking like a goose and try to make our country more secure. >> bill: if tomorrow general milley decides joe biden is senile or a future present is not in his right mind. it's a military coup. >> there needs to be a full congressional inquiry. it is vital that general milley needs to resign. >> bill: we begin with peter doocy but first to the pentagon and jennifer griffin.
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>> general milley plans to address these accusations under testimony. the characterizations of the phone calls with the chinese in the book are not accurate and were taken out of context. i spoke with a former seen trump defense official told me the phone call to the chinese was done at the request of the then defense secretary. it was designed to lower the temperature and prevent the u.s. and china from stumbling into a conflict. the phone call was made at the request of the civilian leadership of the military. general milley was asked to follow-up. at no time did he promise to give the chinese a head's up if the u.s. planned to strike. there were 15 people in the room
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during these 2 calls one in october and one after the january 6th riot including note takers. one topic was the election. the chinese were concerned about instability in the u.s. system. general milley reassured them this is a stable democracy. the call was in the contact of assuring them we won't carry out a surprise military strike at this time. i am told by u.s. pacific command sources the defense secretary was so concerned about not spooking the chinese he asked for a delay in sending ships and war planes to the region around the time of the election for a december exercise. the pentagon didn't want to demonstrate aggressiveness.
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according to another senior official the report about the nuclear weapons is more ridiculous. speaker pelosi called milley and was worked up and screaming to general milley about president trump "he is crazy, he is nuts! he implored milley to take the nuclear football from the president. he assured her the nuclear weapons are fine. we have checks and balances. milley reached out to 2 other people on the joint staff. the department director of operations and the watch officer who oversea -- oversees calls for a nuclear strike. the group was remind there had is a conference call should the president any president decide to launch a nuclear weapons and
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the chairman of the joint chiefs was on that call. that's standard operating procedure. this was a system's check and not a secret move to sure the nuclear weapons or undermine the sitting president. >> bill: thank you very much. >> dana: secretary blinken is facing tough questions for the teched time this week about the botched u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. he has no idea who was killed in the u.s. drone strike in kabul despite the biden administration claiming it took out an isis-k terrorist. peter doocy is live at the white house. >> now we are learning there might be a reason they don't want to tell us the names of the terrorists they took out. >> the guy the biden administration droned was he an
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aid worker or an isis-k operative? >> the administration is reviewing that strike. >> you don't know? >> i can't speak to that and i can't speak to that. >> you don't know or won't tell us? >> i don't know. >> maybe the defense secretary would know the democrats running that committee invited austin to testify and he did not show. democrats are considering drawing up a subpoena to compel austin to show. >> we have an oversight function. i take that seriously. i will do what is necessary to exercise that function. >> other democrats are steamed for them not having a better plan to get afghans and americans out. >> i am disappointed that the state department failed to put leverage on the taliban that would enable their evacuations.
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>> blinken is coming clean that the taliban and al-qaeda are cozier than the administration led people to believe. >> has the taliban abandoned their sympathy with al-qaeda? do they continue to have the same aim? are they in like spirit? or has that relationship been severed? >> the relationship hasn't been severed. it's a very open question as to whether their views and the relationship has changed in any kind of definitive way. >> the taliban have a country now. officials are saying they are tight with the terror group that planned 9-11 but officials are saying at the same time no threat to the u.s. home land..
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>> dana: thank you. >> bill: former texas congressman and cia analyst. this hearing did not go well. republicans and democrats alike. milley will be up there 2 weeks from yesterday. we should see austin as well. if this administration wanted to turn away from afghanistan this will be hanging around for sometime. what was your read on how everything went yesterday and where we are going? >> well, it brings up more questions than answers. when you don't know who the person is that you believe you hit with a drone strike is really concerning. that brings in the question of how you decided to make that strike. did you know the right information in advance before making that strike? did you understand the amount of civilians that would be impacted? because you take that into account, because you don't want to create more problems in the
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country that you are trying to take action in. that is really disappointing. the question i would be asking if i was still in congress: the information that was given to president biden and his senior officials, was it bad information? was it bad advice or was the decisions that were decided bad and the implementation was difficult? this will be an issue for a long time. we need to do a review of not just the withdrawal but over the last 20 years. what did we get right or wrong? democrats should not have subpoena democratic officials to talk about their jobs. one of the hallmarks of our government is civilian oversight. that's an important piece to what is happening and how we have been successful over the last 200 plus years. >> dana: one hearing was behind
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closed doors. general milley in charge of the war in afghanistan he was there and senator inhof said this. we don't have it. he said we heard enough to know there are inconsistencies. president biden did not listen to all of the military advice. he might have listened and just disagreed with. one of the issues that the senators focussed on yesterday is that they have constituents who are concerned about people who are left behind. americans left behind. green card holders left behind and people with special immigration visa holders. that moral outrage continues. your thoughts? >> i think there is more americans that are on the ground and want to get out in afghanistan than what is being reported. there are more legal permanent residents in afghanistan than
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received and more siv visa holders. this is why you don't have arbitrary deadlines. you make sure you achieve your objective before you say you will leave. that created many of the problems we are dealing with right now. here's the reality: the taliban and al-qaeda are still close. the fact that a son was appointed the minister of interior. now he is responsible for security throughout the country? you have the taliban fighting each other in the capitol. and a senior official is missing. this information was provided to the administration and throwing people in the intelligence community under the bus is not the right move.
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he should have listened to the information. >> bill: we may hear more from general miller. quinnipiac found out with a poll. not a lot of good news for the commander-in-chief. here's what they asked: it's not just republicans. independents were heavy on the negative side. >> dana: and the numbers on covid, economy and crime were really bad. >> bill: i thought the covid switch, flipped between a month's time. >> dana: and gavin newsom surviving the recall. a silver lining for republicans? >> bill: and new developments in the search for the young
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american woman who vanished with her boyfriend. her father went on the road to find her. >> dana: america's top gymnasts are about to testify on capitol hill. we will talk to the first woman that spoke out against nasher. tomorrow holds the course of your financial future. which is why it's good to know exactly how you'll get there. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life to protect their tomorrows. because protecting those you care about with life insurance and retirement solutions is a winning game plan. ask a financial professional about pacific life. ♪♪
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police arrested an alleged hit man in connection with the shooting of alex murdaugh earlier this month. he found the bodies of his son and wife shot at their home. investigators say murdaugh hired a hit man so his surviving son could collect million dollars in
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life insurance payouts. >> bill: this mystery now. the search for a missing new york woman who disappeared during a cross country road trip with her boyfriend. now we are learning utah police responded to an incident in moab with the couple 2 weeks before she vanished. 2 members of gabby's family join me. joe her father is in florida. jim her stepfather is in wyoming. jim in wyoming, i think you are in the area of jackson. what are you looking for? what have you found so far? >> yes, that's correct. we came out to wyoming yesterday. our reason for being here is to help law enforcement with any questions they may have. that's our reason to be here. we have our family and friends
6:20 am
in new york where gabby is from. she has her father and step mom and family and friends in florida. we have those two areas covered but we didn't have anybody out here. we agreed we needed somebody out here to assist to locate her. >> bill: the reason you went to jackson, wyoming, that's the last time gabby was seen, is that right? >> yes, one of her last text messages to her mom was she was heading up to the grand te ton national park and yellow stone. >> bill: from florida, joe joins our conversation. you can figure this out? >> if i could figure it out, we would know where to go and i wouldn't be on the phone line with you. >> bill: how about did you know
6:21 am
brian, the boyfriend? >> about as well -- i was living in new york and they were down in florida. not as well as i would like to. there were no red flag that we would be here today. >> bill: did you ever talk to him? >> i have. down in april. me and the family drove down to see my uncle in naples and gabs and brian met us. we drove up to venice beach with the kids and gabby and brian. we visited them. nothing to indicate what is going on today. >> bill: understood. were they engaged at one time, joe, or not? just boyfriend and girlfriend? >> no, they were engaged. there is confusion. it felt like they were rushing for a wedding.
6:22 am
that wasn't there. their main focus, they wanted to go out and enjoy their youth. gabby always wanted to travel and see amazing sights. she was doing it. doing that at 22 and people try to do it at 65 when they retire. i am a little jealous. i was talking to jim last night. jim, you heard it. you said it. i got here and i know why gabby game here. it's ridiculously beautiful. >> bill: does it strike you that brian has been so quiet? he put out a statement but only through his lawyer? >> that's not a statement. i'm sorry. no, that wasn't a statement.
6:23 am
that was -- i have to quell my emotions. listen, for get brian. he is home safe. his parents it's hard for them, boom. no. my daughter is not here. our daughter is not here. we don't know where she is. what state she is in. we are shooting from the hip here and trying to do what we can. i don't care about the statement. i care about finding gabby. one of the things that i saw this morning her instagram is down. i don't know who took it down. if you could reach out to instagram to put it back up or get the pictures out there as much as we can. best case scenario someone sees those pictures and memorrizes her face and finds her when they
6:24 am
are hiking or driving. worst case scenario, those are the pictures i need for me to comfort me and i don't have that right now. no. we have to get that back up. >> bill: i am glad you said that. one more specific. were they engaged as of 2 weeks ago or a month ago? what was their status? >> they have been engaged. they were together -- >> bill: they didn't break that engagement off? >> no, it was just not their main focus. they were trying to enjoy their trip. they had no plans on anything. they wanted to be together. they loved each other. all of that stuff is great but it is not helping us with the main focus. we don't know where gabby is. i am doing all of this stuff to get her face out there.
6:25 am
i hope you put up the tip line. it's not me you need to look at. you need to look at gabby. memorrize her face and tattoos and watch that video. >> bill: jim, one last question in jackson. what do you do today? who do you talk to? who are police telling you? >> well, right now, the police are doing everything they can. that's all we can rely on right now. all of these law enforcement agencies are working together. they are doing their best to find out what happened. where she is. as of right now, we got in late last night. they are aware we are here.
6:26 am
our hopes are we can reach out to them today and speak to them in person. there is a presence here. we are looking to do here is -- there is a lot of stuff out there. a lot of people want to help and do searches. that's not what we are looking to do right now. we are hear to help law enforcement do what they do best. that is to find gabby. that's all we want. >> bill: jim is gabby's stepfather in jackson, wyoming and joe is gabby's father. joe we are putting the picture out. there we have the story out there. we are hoping for the best. thanks for being here today. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert: north korea new missle testing today. president biden is pushing
6:27 am
congress to push a massive spending proposal. what is in the bill? we will break it down next.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> dana: in 30 minutes from now simone biles and 3 other top u.s. gymnasts sexually abused by team doctor larry nassar will testify on the fbi's handling of the investigation. joining us now is the first woman to pursue criminal charges and speak against nassar in 2016. the inspector general of the fbi and the justice department lambasted the fbi saying this investigation was improperly handled. it was a failure by the fbi and the fbi director christopher
6:33 am
wray will testify today. what are you looking to hear from the fbi? >> i am looking to hear a coup of things. honesty for the first time in 5 years. it was not long after i came forward. it was when the article ran we found out that larry nassar was reported to law enforcement 18 months earlier. i will never forget calling the detective and saying larry nassar is still in the office. the fbi not just dropped the ball but engauged in corrupt behavior and has been lying about it for 5 years. i look to hear honesty. >> dana: what would accountability of the fbi in this situation look like to you? >> i think accountability has multiple layers. we have negligence and instances of outright corruption.
6:34 am
the fbi field agency were wining and dining him while little girls were penetrated by larry every day. we need hard conversation busy what accountability looks like. with sovereign immunity laws in our country there is no way to hold law enforcement officers accountable when they engage in corrupt behavior. if anyone else lied like abbott about he would be slapped with criminal charges. there is no way to pursue justice. we need to have hard conversations about the facts there are groups in our country that have all of the power and none of the accountability. >> dana: what gave you the courage to speak up you? were the first to do so?
6:35 am
>> it had to be done. i believed that because i know how common this is in our country. what we are seeing with the fbi the corruption and negligence is a story every sexual assault victim will tell you. it's hard to get law enforcement to take sexual abuse properly. i knew that going in. that's why i came forward because i was convinced there was no other way to do. what we have seen over the last 5 years i was right and that's trauma upon trauma for all of us. >> dana: for young girls in gymnastics now, do you think you coming forward and the other girls coming forward, him in jail, this should being exposed. do you think they are more protected now from a predator
6:36 am
like larry nassar? >> i would love to say yes. the answer is no. what we know is the fbi was negligents and certain agents were corrupt. there are no consequences. what that communicates to all of these little girls, there still won't be consequences. what that communicates to predators and bad actors in law enforcement there is nothing we can do. what we are getting here with the senate hearing is something most survivors never get. most survivors are fighting the system. >> dana: you are an inspiration and brave. i thank you for coming on and getting it going so there can be
6:37 am
accountability. we will watch the hearing with you. >> thank you. 3.5 trillion dollars only add to the national depth and tell demand that the wealthiest people in this country 2 pay zero in federal taxes. >> bill: that's bernie sanders. pay no attention to mais behind me. [laughing]. that in a moment.what is behind me. [laughing]. that in a moment. there are a ton of zeros this. we wanted to break it down. this is the category of health and education labor penses. -- pensions. under this category 726-billion dollars. what do you get for that?
6:38 am
pre-k and free community college. this is the agriculture bucket. the civilian climate core, what is that? >> dana: do you remember after world war ii and you had the administration hiring people during the depression to give them jobs. what alexandria ocasio-cortez and other progressives want this this bill, this would hire a bunch of young people to do climate related jobs. >> bill: okay. i still don't know what that is. we will look for a better definition. >> dana: a green job.
6:39 am
>> bill: right. do you check the car or solar panels? another category. folks at home. this is the environment and natural works 67-billion dollars is the ask. you have climate research here and environmental justice and clean vehicles. one more i will show you. this is the judiciary bucket. 107-billion dollars and permanent status for qualified immigrants. it's a ton of tony. -- of money. we are trying to understand it. yesterday we did the tax thing. if you get the tax bill you are looking for folks in new york and california, the high earners could be taxed at 61% of their money. for every $10 you give $6 to the government. a lot to go through. we will do the work. they want it written today. >> dana: this is happening when
6:40 am
you have inflation going up on costs of goods. look at the car and truck rentals. 52.6%. gas up over a dollar eggs are up and meat is up. the administration said everything is fine except for meat. well, that's what people eat is beat. >> bill: voters know how much prices are rising even if the politicians don't. they conclude that democrats should heed the warning from joe manchin and work for a pause. we learned that joe manchin and kristin are meeting with the president. >> dana: they meet before they go to the white house? i bet yes. teamwork. we will move on to this. the bad news keeps coming from president biden. his approval rating sinking
6:41 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> bill: president biden finding himself in a place where no president wants to be underwater. approval ratings are on in negative territory on every key issue from the pandemic to foreign policy and the economy.
6:46 am
the former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell and jim was chief of staff to president obama. back on the board here. under coronavirus, he is underwater by a point. but it's a 14 point swing in a month! foreign policy 59% negative. commander-in-chief military 55% negative. the economy among independents in the polling at 42 and 52. climate change under by 3 points. jim, where do you go from here 8 months in? >> well, a couple of things. you are right the most predictive number in the mid-terms is the president's approval rating. this is something both sides will watch closely. you look deep into the numbers and look at numbers i care more about which is enthusiasm. which party is more excited to
6:47 am
vote? that's the interesting number in last night's california elections. more democrats voted than republicans showing good enthusiasm numbers. if i am a democrat i would say let's go past the stimulus bill and move forward and get things done we can talk to the voters about getting big things done in the mid-terms. >> bill: all right. josh, what would you do? if you were calling the shots? is this a stunning turnaround in 30 days? >> yes, every once in a while there is an eternal event that causes the center of the electorate to reevaluate their assumptions about their administration. this event was afghanistan. it opened a pandora's box about
6:48 am
the coronavirus and all things that president biden had strong numbers for. the independents are reevaluating that. the coronavirus is back and immigration is back. >> bill: jim, spending. 3.5-trillion dollars or 4.5-trillion dollars. would you go forward or pull back on that? >> look, i think if you look at what is in those packages, you have hot popularity items like a children's tax credit. community college. child care. those are popular. i would move forward with them and get them done and go to the ballot box and talk about what you have done.
6:49 am
not passing things won't help the democrat party. passing things is the way forward. >> bill: josh, what do you think of that strategy? >> the problem for democrats is what they have done. not what they have not done. almost everything they have done to this point ended in a political problem for this president. the prolific spending in the last 9 pontis created incredible inflation and independent voters are moving away from.monhts cree inflation and independent voters are moving away from. if you don't get it done it's a lame duck presidency in the first year. you have a lot of moderates that are probably going home in they support this package. >> bill: gentlemen, thank you very much. i don't know what they will do. we will have it out in due
6:50 am
course. >> dana: coming up in the next hour the alaska republican senator sullivan was inside a closed door meeting with a former u.s. afghanistan commander in offings. and how social media can harm a teen's self ateem. what facebook is saying behind-the-scenes. your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate
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veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> bill: u.s. condemning north's firing 2 ballistic missiles fired in the direction of japan. the japanese prime minister calling the launch outrageous. meanwhile south korea launching a missile from a submarine hours later. that was schedule in advance. coming days after north korea tested new long range missiles. that ends a year long pause in
6:56 am
testing. >> dana: a shocking new report. facebook is aware that the popular phot's sharing app instagram increases anxiety among young users especially girls. 32% of teen girls said when they felt bad about their bodies instagram made them feel worse. the comparisons change how girls i assuming this doesn't surprise you? >> it surprises me a little bit
6:57 am
it was not made public. through communication and helping teens learn how to use instagram or social media for the good would be helpful. anything that can be toxic can also be helpful. what we have seen with social media and teen girls is their identity is still being developed. they are very vulnerable. their brains are still developing. they are still trying to figure out who they are. when they see these images, you can't unsee it. in their minds, if they are isolated and the more invested in instagram they are, they tend to put a lot of identity based on the likes and how they are perceived in relation to other posters. it can easily get them to feel depressed and anxious and have a fear of missing out which we want to keep an eye on.
6:58 am
>> dana: how has the issue with the concern of girls and body image started to improve just before social media came on the scene? any lessons parents can take to help their young daughters now? >> well, as we know, do all of the apps anyone can look like they have the perfect body even in they don't. to remind our female teenage users on instagram, many of these photos are photo shopped and there are a lot of different body images that are considered beautiful these days. find different posts where body positivity is available to see and watch and identify with. to realize these things and also to help your teen ask themselvesed question: is viewing instagram healthy for them. question:
6:59 am
is viewing instagram healthy for them. do they need to look the other posts to have a better experience and feel more in control? . >> dana: and influencers can help. britney spears announced she is suspending her instagram account. saying she is celebrating her engagement and will be back soon. in order to celebrate, she wanted to get off instagram? >> there is an addictive component to instagram. we can scroll. if it takes you away from living in your real life, that's a problem. britney spears was sending the message i will go live my real life now and take a break from instagram. sometimes what you post on instagram is not a reflection of who you are. that creates problems itself. >> dana: the best thing about instagram are the dog and cat
7:00 am
videos. >> i think so. >> dana: they don't make you feel bad about yourself. doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert a hearing about to begin on capitol hill. america's top gymnasts including simone biles will talk about the fbi's mishandling of dr. larry nassar's abuse case. we spoke to his first accuser in the last hour. >> we have known for 5 years that the fbi not just dropped the ball but engaged in corrupt behavior and has been lying about it for 5 years. i am looking to hear honesty. >> dana: simone biles will testify today. we are learning the fbi fired an agent they say failed to properly visiting tips on nassar. we will bring you news live as
7:01 am
it happens. new information about the disappearance of 22-year-old gabby petito who vanished on a cross country trip with her fiance. utah police responded to a call involving gabby and brian 2 weeks before her last long sighting. welcome to "america's newsroom." i am dana perino. >> bill: i am bill hemmer. we talked to gabby's father. we asked what he would like for people to be on the look out for. >> memorize her face and tattoos. if she is walking down the street or struck on a trail, you know what she looks like. >> bill: john live in north port, florida.
7:02 am
jonathan, good morning morning. >> police in moab utah responded toa an incident involving the couple on august 12th reported by a third party. but officers found insufficient evidence to file charges. the fiance's family issued a public statement through an attorney. they are remaining in the background. gabby's responded with this statement: prior to her disappearance. gabby petito was in constant contact with them and the world. she was active on social media with her cross country travels with her fiance in a camper van. the fbi conducted forensic tests
7:03 am
on the fan. last weekend police located the vehicle at a home in north port, florida where the couple had been living with brian's parents. >> her boyfriend's parent handed a piece of paper with contact information worry their attorney. >> gab's father and stepmother hope someone recognizes her from the social media posts and help bring her only safely. >> you be hopeful? >> until i am told otherwise, he is out there. >> investigators ask people to call the fbi tip line: this morning gabby's father is expressing concern it appears her instagram account was taken down. unclear who took it down.
7:04 am
the father wants to keep her image on social media as much as possible. >> bill: thank you, jonathan. >> dana: angfor all sides over the pull out from afghanistan. we are learning the last general to leave u.s. forces in afghanistan thoughts it was a bad idea. >> he did not tell the president that because the president was not there. he talked to his austin mckenzie and milley and told them that he had been opposed to the total withdrawal. >> dana: senator dan sullivan is on the armed forces committee. explain why the hearing was closed and the testimony was behind closed doors. what you are able to tell us about when he said given it was behind closed doors. >> a lot of these hearings are
7:05 am
behind closed doors for classified reasons in terms of the information that the generals are sharing with the committee. we intend to have general milley in an open session and general mckenzie and secretary austin in an open hearing soon. what i can tell you, it's increasingly clear that the military advice to president biden last spring was to not go to zero troops in the country. he rejected that. more importantly in some ways is that some of the military advice also predicted the chaos that we are seeing right now. he rejected that. president biden rejected that. even though he was forewarned. i think foreign policy fiasco given when he was given these predictions of chaos is should go that president biden solely owns.
7:06 am
>> bill: and blinken agreed. he said in the public hearing yesterday. all calls come from the commander-in-chief. that's true. >> yes, but bill, what is interesting, they say that. the president has been saying the buck stops with me. look at blinken's testimony. he is blaming president trump. blaming the uniform military and then he is continuing to say that the operation in afghanistan was an extraordinary success. that's what president biden side. the problem is nobody believes it. no american believes it. our allies don't believe it. the terrorists don't believe it. this is a foreign policy fiasco that president biden owns. what we will do in the hearings is have accountability and responsibility and try to get this administration to level with the american people. they have been telling a lot of
7:07 am
untruths over the last several weeks. we need to get to the bottom of all of this. >> dana: senator, this seemed like you could look over the past few weeks. what we were seeing with our own eyes and the people we were talking to on the ground told us a different story than what you heard from the administration. you can see the administration is trying to turn the page. they would rather talk about anything else than this issue. they seem detached. what do you hear from constituents? you have a heavy national security constituency in alaska. what are they saying? >> that's a great question. i mentioned to general miller yesterday i have never seen my constituents -- alaska has more veterans per capita than any state -- they are livid and want
7:08 am
accountability. and of that goes to the issue you raised. the president has been coming out, his administration telling things that are not true. he said that we are get every american out who wants out of afghanistan. that wasn't true. he said that al-qaeda is gone from afghanistan. that is not true. he said that our allies were fine with the august 31st deadline to leave. that wasn't true. he said we have a great over the horizon capability. it's been dramatically diminished. people are seeing this administration come out and just tell blatant untruths from what they are watching on tv. it's frustrating. that's why people want accountability. they want these hearings to dig deep. >> bill: the president said he listened to the advice of his commanders on bagram and all of that stuff.
7:09 am
you are saying today that general milley will testify publicly. we will find out in real time, correct? >> that's correct. i think we will see increasingly particularly the advice that was given to the president last spring from his military advisors was not to leave, not to go to zero. if you do go to zero, the chaos we are seeing right now was likely going to happen. people need to know that. president biden rejected that. he owns this foreign policy fiasco. >> bill: thanks for your time. >> dana: the "new york post" cover has stinking blinken on it. it says that blinken is a yes man at biden's side for 2 decades and fingering team trump
7:10 am
for the debacle and sidestepping questions about his own involvement. >> bill: 5 hours yesterday. >> dana: at least he showed up. secretary austin was asked to come and did not come and the chair of the committee that said it could lead to a subpoena to get austin to come. >> bill: in a moment here another day and another atrocity in afghanistan. a sniper who served along side british forces hunted down and executeed in front of his family. the taliban claims their actions will bring security to the afghan people. trey back in kabul again today. >> bill, we continue to hear these concerning reports about theitable targeting people who used to work with foreigners. today we visited a prison that held thousands of taliban
7:11 am
fighters and spoke about their views on security in afghanistan. we are entering the prison with the taliban. when they assembled the afghan capitol they came here and freed thousands of fighters. they said it was a 15 year struggle to take over afghanistan. they are happy they now control the country. they are bringing security to the afghan people. as we walked through the prison we need a man who served a 4 year sentence. he is now a top taliban intelligence official. when asked about fox news about americans stuck in afghanistan he said everyone is safe and denied reports about in-fighting between senior afghanistan leadership. >> everybody obeys the rules. the order in kabul is implemented in all provinces. >> it's important to remember when the taliban said they are bringing security to the afghan
7:12 am
people that comes at a high price. they implemented sharia law across the country banning music, banning women and men from working in the same places and starting the executions in rural parts of the country. >> bill: wow. the taliban guards are your guards and your escorts. how do they react to you as a western reporter? >> it's interesting to talk to them. you sit and talk before you get started to learn more about your subjects and who they are. what is their life story? you have these conversations with many taliban fighters. suddenly they will talk about how they killed a number of american troops 8 or 9 years ago. it's stunning to hear them talk about the fighting. their value of human life is far lower than many people around the world. they talk about the fire fights with american forces and other nato forces across afghanistan. they are happy to control the
7:13 am
country. looking to leadership that is speaking with officials in qatar to talk about the future. the taliban wants to be taken seriously but have a very dark past. >> bill: did you ask them about women and how they treat them? did they answer it? >> we didn't talk to these fighters about women am we spoke to a taliban spokesperson in doha. the groups claims they will respect the rights of women and allow them to study at universities and take part in society. the reality on the ground when you are walking through the treats of kabul is different. very few women are on the streets. the few are wearing a burqa. their place in society is not equal. women are considered second class citizens and the taliban is focussed on maintaining security. human rights and quality is low on the list for this group.
7:14 am
>> bill: more to come on that. thank you very much. >> dana: the justice department putting limits on choke holds and no wrong raids by federal officers. lawrence jones ahead. >> bill: and california governor gavin newsom keeps his job. the recall results from california. >> we have lost the battle but we will win the war. >> [cheers and applause]. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪
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7:19 am
bill california governor gavin newsom survived the recall. william is live. >> for republicans this was a long shot but democrats won
7:20 am
with 64% ever voters giving governor newsom a second chance. won every major county including republican orange county. contributions from hollywood help. newsom said california did not just vote on the recall but yes on masks and vaccine mandates. >> so i am humbled and grateful to the millions of californians that exercised their right to vote and express themselves overwhelming by rejecting the division. by rejecting the cynicism and so much of the negativity that has defined our politics in this country. >> president trump calling larry elder a clone. he got 47% of the vote. last night he conceded.
7:21 am
>> my opponent governor gavin newsom. >> [booing]. >> come on. let's be gracious in defeat. by the way, we may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war. >> [cheers and applause]. >> bill: newsom is likely to run again in 16 months. how he governors is an open question. larry elder may still have a political future. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: garland has a new doj policy limiting choke holds and no knock warrants. lawrence jones, i want to pull that up garland statement.
7:22 am
these are important steps to improve law enforcement safety and accountability. what do you think ever these issues? >> a couple of things. of course i am against any time the federal government decides to bring in policies. most of the action that happens is in local communities. this will only help with federal agentses. i don't know how much of a difference it will make. there is a conversation to have. the difference is choke hold. i am against it. they kill people. you have to have the proper training to do it. blunt chokes work. they are different. you pass out but it won't kill you. there are different conversations to have. no knock warrants i am against.
7:23 am
if there is a terrorist or a risk to society, just knock on the door and give them the warrant and take them into custody. >> bill: you can talk to the nypd and they say it will affect how i behave on the street. >> that's right. >> bill: because i am concerned about the perpetrator turning the case against me. what do you think of that? >> i think that goes back to my larger points. they didn't even include the law enforcement in these conversations. we can did back and forth on what worked and giving police the proper training. the real conversation is what the department of justice going to do about the massive crime wave in the country? they are avoiding that issue. >> dana: bret stevens from the "new york times" yesterday found out murders are up 31%. he said slogans don't save lives. you can drive down any street in
7:24 am
a liberal neighborhood seeing lawn signs saying black lives matter with pictures of george floyd. but the lives of others have also matter and where are the yard signs for them? he describes what happened to each younger people. >> i read that same piece. if you talk to the democratic party they will tell you there is no problem here. overall crime is down. well, if you are more likely to be shot, who cares about the rest of the crime? you can't walk down the street in new york or any other major city without the threat of being killed. people are shot at birthday parties. this is a growing pattern with the democratic party. the border is closed and no vaccine mandates but then they
7:25 am
do. they just deny the problem, it will go away. they were able to get away with it when it was just in major city but it's happening in suburbs and across the country. it's not just chicago. they have to provide a solution. >> bill: the names you mentioned from the piece, chicagoer across the country? >> across the country. new york as well. >> dana: and they were young people. >> exactly. the new study came out saying kids are more likely to be shot than die of covid, we have seen all of these mandates and lockdown and emergency with covid, but kids are more likely to be shot. that's a real problem. >> bill: sure is. >> i reported across the country and the national media won't cover it. they say it's not a real story. >> dana: we will see you tonight
7:26 am
on prime time. >> bill: law enforcement facing odds on the border. check this out. >> [sirens wailing]. >> bill: fox news did a ride along with texas state troopers. and allegations that general milley worked to undermine president trump in the final weeks of the office. why that report could make for interesting testimony on the hill. bret baier has thoughts on that next. >> general milley has a lot of explaining to do. we ought to stop honking like a goose about white rage and make our country more secure. are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more because the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. use that cash
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7:32 am
apprehended just in the month of august. bill you rode along with texas state troopers. what did you see? >> good morning. we witnessed a wild situation with a human smuggler. we will show you that video. this was late last night. texas pulled over this red pick-up truck which they noticed its frame was riding low suggested it was loaded with people being smuggled. they pull it over and people bail out of the vehicle. the driver runs the freeway. a trooper has to yank guys out of the vehicle as it was crammed with men inside. yanks them out of the vehicle. others jump out of the car and run into the brush. there were 6 or 7 guys who took off running. the guy on the freeway got away. we didn't even notice whatever's
7:33 am
in the back. the second piece of video here. the back of the pick-up truck had 6 migrants just lying in the back this entire time. we had no idea. there is dangerous. imagine if that car crashed or flipped over. troopers tell us this is happening more often. they are seeing people running from them more often and smuggling pursuits are shooting through the roof. this piece of video out of del rio. this was in the eagle pass area. texas state troops pulled over i u-haul driven by a woman. inside 11 illegal immigrants who are smuggled inside. mostly men. they arrested that woman driver for human smuggling. he was going to san antonio and didn't know who the passenger were. over in del rio at the
7:34 am
international bridge. thousands of migrants are under that bridge who crossed illegally into the u.s. and are waiting to give themselves up to board. border patrol. there are more than 4,000 migrants under that bridge and more are coming by the hour. the holding facilities are over capacity so they are waiting under the bridge. look at this video. showing the same situation. minorities streaming under the bridge and thousands cramped under that bridge. not a situation that border patrol wants to see want not a situation that anybody wants to see out there with the migrants having to wait in the sun. border patrol is completely overwhelmed.
7:35 am
put up this graphic. fox news john roberts was told that the august numbers for migrants apprehension at the southern border are 208,887. that's a 300% increase over august 2020 and compared to august 2019 when trump has his own surge it's up over 300%. nothing is slowing downed at border. >> bill: republicans calling on the joins chiefs chairman mark milley to respond in response to a book by bob woodward. it claims milley made 2 secret calls to his chinese counterpart as an effort to ease fears about
7:36 am
president trump about launching an attack in his final days. milley is quoted this way: this was first reported yesterday. this is january 8th, i believe. a few weeks left in power. >> there are a couple of calls. october 30th and january 8th 2 days after the protests and riots on capitol hill. i think context is key. this is a bob woodward book. i respect bob woodward and costa a lot. every administration, bush administration and obama administration and trump administration and now the biden administration has a tough time with some element of the woodard
7:37 am
books. that seem overstated. at times with trump he has actual tapes of conversations that match the quotes. there are other times when they don't. it's all anonymous sources. some people said in the past that didn't happen. that's context overall. but the calls with the chinese counterparts, joint chiefs chairmans do that a quite a bit. this is specific to the joint chiefs saying and the chairman's office saying this was to calm things down. say it will be okay want don't read into more than that. the line i have an issue with the last one. if we attack we will call you first. that seems kind of weird for any
7:38 am
general to say. if it's a transcript and we see it, that's fine. we have not gotten the statement officially yet. the other one is more concerning. the nuclear process. a call between speaker pelosi and milley. it seems like pelosi's office recorded that call and released a transcript. we don't know for sure but there is a transcript. after that the general goes to the national military command center which is the situation room in the pentagon. it's in the basement. it's huge where all of the operations happen. according to the book, he said he wants to be in the loop if a call comes for nuclear action. it goes down you got that, yes, sir? the book, he took it as an oath. if that's true, that's a problem. he is not in the chain of command. he is an advisor to the president.
7:39 am
he is not in the line of authority for that action. there is a lot of if that's true in this whole deal. >> dana: it depends on who talked to hem. we have been down this many times before. >> bill: one observation here, dana and i talk about how tight this west wing is. you can count the leaks on less than one hand? probably. when you go to the pentagon, you have other people in the orbit, it seems like the wall can be broken. a quick comment. >> anybody who talks to bob woodward seems to look better in the books. i had one person tell me that milley talked to woodard. that's an issue. i can't say -- i just have one source saying that. in past books everybody who talked to woodard has looked better in the character presentation. >> dana: some people in the bush
7:40 am
administration did it on the record and it didn't work out for them either. thanks. new developments in the search for the young woman who vanished with her fiance. the latest with nancy grace next. >> we are actively looking for her. a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> we have been lucky so far. i only slept on my hammock once. i set it up in a tree. >> we are in the desert. >> dana: gabby petito and her fiance recalling their road trip. utah police responded to an incident regarding the couple before she went missing. brian is back in florida but refusing to tell gabby petito's family why he left her alone and drove to florida. these questions require immediate answers.
7:46 am
we have nancy grace here. we have breaking news on simone biles testing on capitol hill. >> your commitment to ensuring the safety of gymnasts and amateur athletes is appreciate and necessary to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. please bear with me. to be honest, i can imagine no place they would be less comfortable right now than sitting here in front of you sharing these comments. my name is simone biles. i am a gymnast trained at the levs of the sport. i have had the honor to represent the united states of america in world championship and the olympic games. i won 25 world championship medals and 7 olympic medals for team usa. that record means so much to me. i am proud of my representation of this nation through gymnastics. i a survivor of sexual abuse.
7:47 am
i believe that the circumstances that led to my abuse and allowed it to continue are directly the result of the fact that the organizations created by congress to oversee and protect me as an athlete, usa gymnastics and the united states olympic committee failed to do their jobs. nelson mandela said there can be no keener revelation of a society than the way it treats its children. that empowers to me be here in front of you today. i don't want another young gymnast or olympic athlete or any individual to experience the horror and hundreds of others endured before, during and continuing to this day. [voice breaking]. in the larry nassar abuse.
7:48 am
to be clear -- sorry. >> [voice breaking]. >> take your time. >> to be clear, i blame larry nassar and i also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. usa gymnastics and the olympic committees knew i was abused by their official team doctor long ever i was made aware of their knowledge. in may of 2015, rhonda the former head of u.s. gymnastics was told by a teammate that she suspected i too was a victim. i didn't understand the magnitude of what happened until the star published an article in the fall of 2016 entitled former usa gymnastics doctor accused of
7:49 am
abuse. when i was a member of the 2016 u.s. olympic team they nor the fbi ever contacted me or my parents. others were informed but i was not told until after the rio games. this is the largest case of sexual abuse in the history of america's sports. although there have been a fully independent investigation of the fbi's handling of the case, neither organization was made the subject of the same level of scrutiny. these are the entiies entrusted with the protection of our sports and athletes. but questions of responsibilities and failures remain unanswered. as you pursue the answers to those questions i ask that your working guided by the same question that rachael and many others have asked:
7:50 am
how much is a little girl worth? i sit before you today to raise my voice to that no little girl must ensure what i did and the athletes at this table and countless others who needlessly suffered under nassar's guise of medical treatment which we continue to endure today. we continue to suffer because no one did what was necessary to protect us. we have been failed and we deserve answers. nassar is where he belongs, but those who enabled him deserve to be held accountable. if they are not, i am convinced this will continue to happen to others across olympic sports. in reviewing the report, it feels like the fbi turned a blind eye to us and went out of its way to protect using on.
7:51 am
if you allow a predator to harm children, the consequences will be severe. enough is enough. one final thought. the scars of this horrific abuse continue to live with all of us. as the lone competitor in the tokyo gameses who survived this horror the impacts of this man's abuse are not ever over or forgotten. the announcement in the spring of 2020 that the tokyo games were postponed meant that i would go to the gym and training and therapy and living daily with the reminders of this story for another 365 days. one thing that helped me push every day was the goal of not allowing this crisis to be ignored. i worked hard to make sure that my presence could maintain a connection between the failures and the competition at tokyo 20.
7:52 am
office -- that was a difficult burden to carry particularly traveling to tokyo without the support of my family. i never should have been left alone to suffer the abuse of larry nassar. the only reason i did was because of the failures that lie at the heart of the abuse that you are now asked to visiting. again, i appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with this committee today. i want to thank each of you for joining the survivors of this abuse to do what we all can to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. thank you. >> thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> you have to push the button on your microphone. >> are we on? good morning. thank you chairman and members of the judiciary committee for
7:53 am
inviting me to speak. as you are aware i was molested by the u.s. olympic team doctor larry nassar. he was more of a pedophile than a doctor. what i am bringing to your attention is something disturbing and illegal. after telling my entire story of abuse to the fbi in the summer of 2015, not only did the fbi not report my abuse, but when they eventually documented my report, 17 months later, they made entirely false claims about what i said. after reading the office of the inspector general's report i was shocked and disappointed at the narrative they chose to fabricate. they lied about what i said and protected a serial child molest or and did not protect me or countless others. jay abbott did not want you to
7:54 am
hear my story. it's time that i tell you it. in the summer of 2015, i was schedule to speak to the fbi about my abuse with larry nassar over the phone. i was too sick to meet with anyone in person. talking about this abuse would give me ptsd for days. i chose to speak about it to protect others. i was sitting on my bedroom floor for 3 hours as i told hem happened to me. i had not even told my own mother. as uncomfortageable and has hard to tell my story i would make a difference and hopefully protects from the same abuse. i answered all questions and disclosed all of my molestitation i endured by larry nassar in extreme detail. i told them about the sport of
7:55 am
gymnastics and how i met larry nassar when i was 13 at a texas camp. the first thing larry nassar said to me was to change into shorts with no underwear and within minutes he had his fingers in my vagina. the fbi asked did he insert his fingers into your rectum? no. used gloves? >> no, he never did. did this treatment help me? no, it never did. it was 100% abuse and never gave me any relief. i told the fbi with tokyo. the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to work on me later that night. that evening i was naked, alone with him on top of me molesting me for hours. i told them i thought i was going to die that night because there was no way that he would let me go.
7:56 am
but he did. [crying]. i walked the halls of the tokyo hotel at 2 a.m. and only 15 years old. i began crying at the memory and there was dead silence. i was so shocked at the agents's silence. he asked is that all? those words in itself was one of the worst moments of this entire process for me. to have my abuse be minimized and disregarded by the people who were supposed to protect me just to feel like my abuse was not enough. the truth is my abuse was enough. they wanted to cover it up usa gymnastics with the fbi and the olympic committee worked together to conceal that larry nassar was a predator. i told them about london and how he signed me up last on the sheet so he could molest me for hours twice a day. he molested me right before i
7:57 am
won my team gold medal. he gave me presents and brought me things when i was hungry and sent them screen shots of nassar's last text to me. i love you how see the world in rose colored glss. this was cookie cutter pedfellia and abuse. the fbi falsified my report and silenced me yet again. given the severity of the situation i thought they would act to protect other girls. took them 14 months to report anything when larry nassar in my opinion should have been in jail that day. the fbi and others sat by as dozens of girls and women continued to be molested by
7:58 am
larry nassar. according to the report 14 months after i disclosed my abuse to the fbi, a year and a half later, the fbi agent who interviewed me in 2015 decided to right down by statement that the report determined to be false. let's be honest. may not taking immediate action from my report they allowed a child molester to go free for more than a year. this inaction directly allowed nassar's abuse to continue. what is the point of reporting abuse if our own fbi agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer? they had legal evidence of child abuse and did nothing. if they are not going to protect me, i want to know who are they trying to protect? what is more upsetting is that we know that these fbi agents
7:59 am
committed an obvious crime. falsified my statement and that's illegal in itself. no recourse has been taken against them. the department of justice refused to prosecute these individuals. why? the deputy attorney general lisa could not bring herself to be here today. it's the department of justice's job to hold them accountable. i am tired of waiting for people to do the right thing. because my abuse was enough. we deserve justice. these individuals clearly violated policies and were negligent in executing duties and more girls were abused by larry nassar for over a year. to not indict these agents is a disservice to the system designed to protect us from
8:00 am
abuse. why are public servants getting away with this? this is not justice. enough is enough. i ask you please do all that is in your power to ensure these individuals are accountable for lying about my initial report and covering up for a child mole ester. i express by gratitude to the u.s. senate that from the beginning fought for us rather than against us. thank you and i welcome any questions. >> thank you. miss nichols. >> distinguished members of the judiciary committee. thanks for inviting me to speak. i thank you for


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