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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and every night at 8:00, the shell that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. as we said at the outside and again in the middle of the show, the biden administration's faa has tried to shut down our news gathering at the border, and we are not putting up with it. update tomorrow appear to have a great night! sean hannity takes >> sean: welcome to "hannity." americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines. day 33. >> sean: our fellow americans hostage, trapped behind enemy lines, and competence the biden state department. wait until you hear the updates, their coordination with the very professional and businesslike murdering terrorists is not going to plan, to say the least. children as young as nine and ten are getting executed. clara logan has a full report.
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later we will also bring you an important update. the young woman who has been missing for weeks after she returned home from across country trip they were taking without her and clamming up. her mother and stepfather will all be here. why won't he try to help them? but first joe biden is desperate to move on from the crisis he created, his own making in afghanistan, frankly everywhere else. hasn't even mentioned it since last week. his poll numbers have never been lower and he is desperate for win. he tried to shift the focus to covid-19, announcing his brand-new, clearly unconstitutional vaccine mandate during a nasty speech where he was scolding and vilifying half the country, but with infections spiking nationwide, biden's poll number surrounding the pandemic are also in the tank tonight. so today he tried to shift the focus once again.
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this time he targeted corporations and millions of americans. according to biden, they just aren't paying their fair wow fair share. the top 10% pay 90% of the bill. i wonder if this includes zero experience hunter who is reportedly being investigated for not paying taxes. does that include hunter, joe? a massive tax hike will raise funds for something democrats are now calling human infrastructure. in other words, big government socialism from welfare to child care to medicare tomorrow obamacare to pre-k to day care to free college, to college tuition forgiveness, all in the name of climate change. you see, climate change as defined in the swamp as swamp jargon, that equals socialism. of course any tax hike on corporations, you will pay that. that will be passed on to their
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consumers and the inflation from any massive spending bill, that will hurt lower income americans the most. after this year's reckless federal spending, "wall street journal" is reporting for the lowest paid americans, real wages adjusted for rising prices, fell 0.5% in august. that is a dramatic decline. people are paying more for energy, to heat and cool their homes and they pay more for every product they buy in every store because it costs more to ship it there. that means the spending power for lower income americans went down. their salaries were essentially slashed because of biden's policies. but today as per usual, you didn't get the truth from joe biden. instead, you got a whole lot of hacking and coughing. i don't know, biden has been battling this mysterious illness for weeks. take a look. >> i'm not sure you know it but
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if you didn't know it, you should. meanwhile, for these republican governors, it isn't about public health, about the health of the people, it's about politics, mississippi. children are required to be vaccinated against measles. >> and we can continue to do it. covid. the data shows the overwhelming majority of americans agree with my proposal. there is no surprise. we are also going after the bad actors and pandemic profiteers in our economy. [coughs] >> sean: is called read sell regular, it works. i use my voice four hours a day. but she is reporting that her boss is totally fine, if he is knox. the ox may need medical attention. of course biden's coughing fits are not unprecedented. maybe no one in the history of
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american politics had a worse off than failed candidate hillary rodham clinton. then when she fell down at ground zero that was even worse. take a look. >> [coughs] >> i've been talking, so. too much today. [coughs] >> sean: i don't know, i have man suspicions. anyway we are happy that hillary eventually got better even though she will never fully recover from her humiliating defeat to president trump. but for what it's worth at least hillary could usually use remember names and dates and is not the cognitive mess that
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joe biden has. joe couldn't remember the name of australia's prime minister. during a meeting with australia's prime minister. take a look. >> thank you. over to you, mr. president. >> thank you, boris. and i want to thank that fellow down under. thank you very much, pal. appreciate it, mr. prime minister. >> sean: thank you, boris and the down under guide. for the record, he's the prime minister. his name is scott morrison. i think we can see why vice president harris frequently conducts all these meetings with foreign leaders instead of biden. of course she does have plenty of time. biden's borders are common law has done nothing to fix the crisis at the southern border. this is the scene at the border. look at your screen. over the past 24 hours, 4,000 migrants crossed into texas, were apprehended by border
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patrol, including many unaccompanied children. on tuesday night, many babies rescued by border control after they were abandoned right in the middle of the rio grande and as you can see, the situation is so dire that texas governor greg abbott attempted to shut down six points of entry with mexico and then the biden administration blocked his efforts. so far this year in the middle of the pandemic, more than a million and a half illegal immigrants have been apprehended and then processed and allowed into the country from the southern border, including over 200,000 alone in the month of august and a lot of them are put in those overcrowded biden cages in the middle of the pandemic with a high rate of pay 30 positivity and by the way, they are not tested and there is no vaccine mandate and then they are dispersed to the rest of the country. many with covid. this is essentially and officially now the biggest super spreader event in human history and the financial and human toll
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is extreme. joe biden doesn't seem to care. in fact, joe biden hasn't said one word about the border crisis in over a month. breaking tonight according to our own bill melugin, we showed you this is drone footage from fox news, the faa just implemented a flight restriction over this international bridge, right there, trying to prevent fox's a drone from showing you the american people the truth and capturing images just like this. in other words, the faa is being used to cover up for biden's failures. we are going to let that stand? i don't think so. here now, the del rio international bridge at texas where thousands of illegal immigrants wait to be processed. senator ted cruz. senator, first of all, the faa, we know the doj has been weaponized and have the doj's going to be weaponized? >> it really is ridiculous. i've never seen anything like that. the drone footage started this morning and people all across the country were horrified and i
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guess the political operatives at the biden white house saw that and the side of they want is fox news actually reporting on what is happening down here, so now the faa is saying please, no journalists allowed. as you know, they did the same thing in the rio grande valley where they wouldn't allow fox news to come and when i brought 19 senators to the rio grande valley, i had to go in with my cell phone and photograph and take videos. i tell you, i'm right there. that bridges behind me and i just finished going myself, not taking videos of what happened there. it is the most horrific thing i've ever seen. right now as we are speaking -- >> sean: go ahead, sir. >> right now as we are speaking there are 10,503 people under that bridge. it is packed in, it is a mass of humanity and the scope of it,
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until you see it and i'm putting those videos out tonight, you will get a chance to see it, they take your breath away because it just goes on and on and on. infants, little children, people struggling enormously and something stunning i discovered today as i discovered the cause of why this is happening. >> sean: we are showing right now, your team was over to get it over to us. by the way, we wouldn't have the issue inside of joe biden's overcrowded cages. you're right. our cameras were with you when you were there and they wouldn't allow our cameras in and the only video we have came from people like you who shared it with us. i appreciate it and we are showing that video right now that you took earlier tonight. >> and this is the fox news undercover drone right here. >> sean: the fox news undercover drone, i'm not sure how much we are allowed to pay you, you do have another job.
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honestly, the american people need to see it. now we are going to weaponized the faa, we can't fly our drum because god forbid the american people see the mess created. can you explain to me, the vaccine mandates, how is it possible that democrats rejected the plan to mandate vaccines for illegal immigrants? they are not even testing them? you showed us the overcrowded cages in the middle of a pandemic. we know the high rate of speed 30 positivity. then dispersed throughout the country, how many americans get sick and die that we will never know about because of these open borders? speak of the answer is simple, joe biden and kamala harris are absolute hypocrites. those 10,000 people there, do you know how many border patrol has tested? zero. not one. they don't have the capacity to do that and let me tell you something stunning about why this happened, because this is a man-made crisis. eight days ago on september 8th, under that same bridge there were between 701,000 people.
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that is what was coming, 1,000, sometimes 1,100 but it would range somewhere from 700 to 1,100. in eight days ago on september 8th, the biden administration made a political decision. they announced they were no longer going to fly deportation flights back to haiti. 85% of the people under their are from haiti. they are fleeing from haiti, they announced they weren't coming back. about 900 haitians getting ready to board the flight when the political operatives in washington canceled the flight spirit of what happened? those 900 people all pulled out their cell phones in the email there families and they texted their friends and their families. that was eight days ago on september 8th. today it is september 16th, 8 days later and 700 people has grown to 10,500 because the word has gone out. if you are from haiti, joe biden and kamala harris have said, we have open borders, come to del
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rio and they will let you in. everyone under that bridge is turning themselves in and it's a political decision that joe biden could end tonight by simply following the law and saying we are going to send people back to haiti, which is what federal immigration law requires until biden and harris got into office. >> sean: why do i feel like if i just pick and choose the laws i would like to abide by and ignore the ones i don't it wouldn't work out as well. senator, i guess you are unofficially, not paid reporter reporting live on the ground in texas. texas senator ted cruz. thank you for sharing the video's with us on a serious note, it is an important story. thank you. now the crisis of the border is just one of many self-inflicted catastrophes of the biden administration. as we speak the situation in afghanistan also remains dire. we have according to darrell issa and many other contacts we have come up to 500
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americans still trapped. even antony blinken admits, even our friends with green cards, tens of thousands have been left behind and the terrorists, the taliban are growing more violent by the day. according to report in "the new york post," a former army officer working to rescue at risk individuals inside afghanistan is claiming two children. one aged and nine, one aged ten recently beheaded by the ever businesslike and professional taliban, as joe biden calls them. the state department is allegedly encouraging those trapped inside afghanistan, actually telling them, you might want to visit. you are trapped as a hostage to the taliban behind enemy lines. the state department, blinken is advising you visit an embassy in a neighboring country. if you need a visa. mr. blinken, how on earth is someone held hostage by the
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whims of the taliban behind enemy lines that you and joe biden abandoned, how are they going to get to that neighboring country? your stupidity is beyond shocking. laura logan, welcome back. you've been following this closely, there are rescue efforts that we will hear many stories of heroism, but what's happening is real, the numbers are very high. even blinken admitted thousands of green card holders trapped. at least 500 americans, over 1,000 if we count their families. what are you hearing? >> let's look at some of the terrible things they say, sean. they say we've helped all the people who wanted to leave. or all the people who tried to leave. those are lies, as dishonest as saying all the afghans gave up and all the political leaders fled the country. afghans love the taliban and that is why they didn't fight
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them. none of this instrument is hard to really describe the depth of evil that is really implicit in these false statements because every single one of these people knows when they say those words how far it is from the truth and more than that, they have yet to explain why, when you have afghans who you know are at risk, who you know are vulnerable, the most vulnerable in the entire country because they have worked for your intelligence agency. they have capabilities, biometric capabilities, and they have sources and methods and all kinds of top-secret, even above that capabilities. why would you not protect these people? why would you instead take the lists of them, their contact numbers, their addresses, their biometrics and hand that to the very people who want to kill them, in fact, who are killing them. you are going to their homes at around ten local time and taking
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them from their homes. if you are an afghan and you see a light on from a phone that is filming, you go with them. these people have not been seen again. the taliban is executing and torturing enduring extrajudicial killings of people all across the country and you know what? it is not just the taliban. i wish we could stop lying about this. it is ridiculous. the intelligence agencies now, they are tracking in real time that al qaeda is leading the military assault and their higher-ups, they don't want to know about it. don't talk about al qaeda. that is the political narrative since the obama administration. it has been the political narrative of all these democrats and republicans who have lied about this to the american people and to see them in the 20th anniversary of 9/11, to see them stand up and say never forget. what are you talking about? you just gave al qaeda their
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caliphate and you are taking american tax dollars to pay for it. you are financing it with the blood money of americans that they have murdered. why would they do that? >> sean: here's my question. the beheadings now, i actually have pictures of them, that we see, the beatings of women that we see and the mistreatment of women in the deaths and the shootings in broad daylight that we are reporting on, this is just the beginning. this is the reality, this is who they are. why would tony blinken try to talk to them about inclusiveness when this is who they are. why do you not know that? i'm having a hard time understanding his mind. >> it's a lie. why would you try to understand his mind? clearly he is either brain-dead or he's lying. no one in afghanistan, no honest person really believes any of that. it was obvious from the very,
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very beginning this is a political construct. you know what it reminds me of? the same lie that says al qaeda is decimated or on the run. there are 17 taliban leaders who are on the u.n. sanctions list. they have been their designated terrorists by the u.n. since 2001. where did they come from? pakistan. the entire network. these are foreign terrorist organizations and we have given them our intelligence capability, our weapons, our allies. we are helping them kill the best people in afghanistan. the soldiers we trained who are still fighting, for what? for freedom, so we can recognize and legitimize terrorism as a form of governing. >> sean: not with our military equipment that he gave them. biden and blinken, they have blood on their hands.
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americans are dying, our allies are dying, green card holders are dying, afghan allies are being hunted down, beheaded and murdered. wow. thank you, sad. it is all preventable, that is the sad part. coming up major development in the durham probe tonight. oh, still working? the grand jury has indicted a lawyer whose firm represented hillary clinton's campaign. how close does this get to her? the durham indictments. oh, okay. a little too little, too late, but worth following. weighing in, we will give you that update and much more straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: after crickets from john durham for months and years we have a significant development tonight and it is significant. the steele dossier link to democratic lawyer michael sussman has now been indicted by a grand jury in the special counsel probe, accused of making false statements to the fbi. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with investigative reporter john solomon. greg, as you read the indictment, it was very rarely revealing for a lot of reasons. i will let you explain it. >> it was one of the many lies
6:27 pm
that was conjured up by the dirty tricks department of the hillary clinton campaign. at the helm of that was hillary clinton herself. the defendant in this indictment is one of the minions that was spreading the lie at the behest of hillary clinton and now he's been caught allegedly lying about his lie. the person who should really be indicted as hillary clinton. one of the things i discovered as i poured through thousands of pages of documents as i was writing my book "witch hunt." i kept asking myself, who invented the light, the russia hoax? what was the genesis? i discovered it was hillary clinton. it was drawn from the insidious depths of her imagination. it was magnificently devious and classic hillary clinton, meant to distract from her own email scandal and to frame her opponent in the presidential campaign with crimes he didn't
6:28 pm
commit. guess who caught on to it? the cia. in the summer of 2016, they discover the hillary clinton had invented this glia, financed the lie and through her minions like sussman, disseminating the lie. he rushed to the white house to tell obama about it, who buried it. in order to cover his butt, brendan sent me a criminal referral against clinton to james comey. what did he do with it? he buried it and he proceeded to use this lie is a pretext to spy on the trump campaign and to pursue an investigation of donald trump to ruin his forthcoming presidency and to some extent, he succeeded. so the people who should be indicted are people like hillary clinton, james comey, andrew mccabe and peter strzok and i've got a long list of
6:29 pm
those. >> sean: let me get your take on this, john solomon, what i basically take out of this is the whole thing was made up from the beginning to distract from hillary's email server problem so they would make up this whole trump-russia collusion, they disseminated and that they are using campaign dollars to do it and they have willing accomplices in the deep state to help pull it off. let's get your interpretation. >> 100% right. in the book i wrote a year ago we talked about this poll that hillary clinton did in the summer of 2015, the money that was changing hands and the closest to the putin regime was the single greatest liability to her being elected president and they set out to neutralize that by making the eventual republican nominee donald trump look like he was in bed with russia, not her. they created a three legged stool. the first leg was the bogus of dossier appeared the second leg of the stool we saw fully
6:30 pm
exposed today, a lawyer named michael sussman going in and creating a computer piece of garbage basically suggesting there were secret communications going on and then giving it to the fbi after he was warned. after his team was warned that this was a red herring, wasn't real. he gives it to the fbi and lies to the fbi saying i am giving this to you because i am a good citizen. i don't have any clients. he was being paid by hillary clinton for every moment he worked on that including the day he met with the fbi. the second leg of the stool in the third state are the deep staters, that joined in hillary clinton and flooding the fbi with all this russian disinformation, collusion allocation to make it look real in the final days of the election. >> sean: will anybody be held accountable for the premeditated fraud on the fisa court even though they were born to this was a dirty russian dossier repeatedly? they are firm attest that it is true to the best of their
6:31 pm
knowledge, they found out it wasn't, are they going to be held accountable? last question. >> absolutely, more criminal investigation going on, a year too late but it is going on and the focus of that are the fbi people who work on that court and submitted the knowingly false documents. i think you will see some more indictments and a report where the whole story is told from beginning to end. >> sean: gregg jarrett, john solomon, we will follow the story. tonight, and upcoming book, blockbuster revealing more of the nefarious behavior of the biden family syndicate and also revealing how they used their political status to profit and enrich themselves. remember, it snatches zero experience hunter biden, because joe's brother jim biden is also a key player as well. for example, he teamed up with hunter back in 2006 to start a hedge fund reportedly telling
6:32 pm
one financial executive "don't worry about investors, we've got people all around the world that want to invest in joe biden." and that's not all because the book which is called "the bidens" explores biden's troubling history on race relations and more. we did reach out to the biden white house for comment and jen psaki is yet to circle back and we have yet to hear anything. here to explain this and much more as the author, the new book, "the biden's: inside the first family's fifty-year rise to power." political reporter been tracking juror is with us. welcome to the program let's start with the issue of race. the things about you can't go to a 7-eleven, dunkin' donuts for the first time ever, clean, bright, articulate, that is storybook. and i talked about his relationship with robert kkk bird. standing against integration of schools and busing.
6:33 pm
chronicled that and more. what is the take on the issue of joe biden and race and why does he get a pass when republicans wouldn't? >> certainly joe biden has a history, long public record of positions he held in the 1970s are not ones he ran on in 2020 when he won one of the big ones that you referred to, his position on busing. we go into that in depth in the book. he was a leading opponent of busing in the senate in the 1970s and obviously, that is not a position he is trumpeting today. >> sean: also his family apparently lived in a house over a decade, apparently he moved into the house that his parents had vacated in delaware and it was a house that had a restrictive covenant. what was that restrictive covenant about? >> there had been a restrictive covenant on that house. it was owned by his father,
6:34 pm
biden lived in it in a few years in the 1970s, barring ownership by any black person. by the time biden lived in that house the supreme court had rendered that clause completely unenforceable but this came out in the 1980s when there were questions about covenants on the house. and he lived in a house of one of these covenants as well. >> sean: what is your conclusion then? you did all the research, you discovered all this information on biden and race. what do you conclude? >> i conclude that he held a number of positions over the course of his career that he is not sticking to today and are not the positions he was running on in 2020. >> sean: it sounds like you're ducking. does this sound like someone that has evolved on racial issues or some of that is being politically expedient on racial issues because i can't see when robert byrd died why anyone
6:35 pm
would praise the former clansmen, who filibustered the voting rights act and joe biden work hand-in-hand to stop the integration of public schools and busing because he didn't want public schools to be racial jungles. those are joe's words. so what do you conclude? >> i can't say what is going on in joe biden's heart. i do know that those are not things he is eager to highlight today. and things that are sort of uncomfortable for him to revisit -- >> sean: let me ask the question another way. why does the media give him a pass? why do they give him a pass on that issue? do you think they would give donald trump that pass? >> you know, and again, i can't speculate -- >> sean: ben, ben, apply common sense here. donald trump, if he was involved in stopping the integration of public schools because he didn't
6:36 pm
want schools to be racial jungles, if he said it would be all over the place. he's got to pass because he is a democrat. is not what would happen? >> what i would say that would not give him a pass in this book. there's a lot of very, very tough security. both his record on race. a lot of it deals with his family foster best business dealings over the years and it is something i have been also covering at politico for the last two years and it's told in the most complete form in this book. >> sean: all right. our friend peter schweizer, secret empire, broke the story. he discussed a lot about the money he was making abroad. let me ask you this. actually, we're just out of time. we will bring you back for more but the book is interesting. i learned things that i hadn't learned before. appreciate you being with us. he to get reaction to it, fox news contributor miranda devine. miranda, he didn't want to go there, but yet it's in there. the answer was pretty obvious
6:37 pm
that there is a double standard and if donald trump did it, we know what the reaction from the media would be. >> of course. you don't really need a degree. we saw that during the campaign. joe biden's innate racism just leaked out. his cognitive issues that mean that his inner feelings are easy to cover up. we saw that with a black talk show host saying if you don't vote for me then you ain't black. we've seen a lot of examples such as that and we know that during his career, when he was a high flyer in the senate, he presided over an absolutely appalling judiciary -- in which
6:38 pm
he treated clarence thomas in the most appalling way in which clarence thomas felt that he was being racially discriminated against. and we are just seeing this history of joe biden. remember when he talked about crime and his sons not wanting to grow up in a jungle when he presided over the most draconian crime laws in the country that targeted specifically black men. he now has done a complete 180 and unfortunately, he is serving for himself, between himself and his maker but he is making the rest of the country be complicit in his previous racism. it's not a systemically racist country but joe biden is projecting his own problems and we are suffering for it. >> sean: i can't wait for your book to come out, yet to give you an answer.
6:39 pm
it's a little frustrating, can we print a little faster? i've been waiting for it. >> i want it, i wanted to. i will get you a copy as soon as i can. >> sean: i'm waiting. we will tell you the truth of what is in the laptop. the media will, we know, covered up. when we come back, the shocking disappearance of 22-year-old gabby petito. this story, the twists, the turns, why won't this boyfriend help this family? it is unbelievable. trace gallagher with the latest. and gabby's family pleading, begging for information from the boyfriend about their missing daughter. we will speak to her parents coming up straight had. - i'm al neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we are continuing to follow the sad developments in the disappearance of 22-year-old gabby petito, his last known location was on august 25th in 1 of their grand national parks and tonight, even more developments at the utah police, releasing in august 12 the body cam footage after 911 call about a possible domestic violence incident.
6:46 pm
with the very latest, our own trace gallagher. what is inexplicable to me is why is this boyfriend not telling his family that is missing their daughter where he last saw her and left her? >> that is the baffling part because he traveled the country with his fiancee for month. they visited national parks, documented the entire trip on instagram and drove in a camper van owned by gabby. on september 1st, laundry shows up with gabby's man but without gabby it wasn't until ten days later that her family reported her missing. that is ten missing days. police and gabby's family say time is running out and they are begging brian to cooperate but he refuses and his lawyer says it is because whatever laundry says can be used against him but police counter, if he is not involved why would he not help find his fiancee? we now have as you mentioned police body cam video of gabby
6:47 pm
in utah. this was taken after she was in a physical altercation with her fiance. she was upset, watch. >> you grabbed the steering will? >> no, i didn't grab the steering wheel. [indistinct] >> police say there was a lot of flapping and grabbing but it was more of a mental break than domestic assault. the last text came on august 30th but the parents do not believe gabby wrote that text. >> sean: all right, trace gallagher. thank you for joining us as gabby's mother nicole schmidt and her stepfather jim schmidt. also with us, gabby's father and her stepmother is with us. nicole, let me start with you. i'm just trying to stand back, and as a parent myself, i have a son and a daughter, try to put myself in your shoes. it is impossible, believe me. i understand that and i'm very
6:48 pm
sorry to all of you for living through this. i'm trying to understand why this boyfriend, ex-fiance, ends up back at his home in florida and will not tell you where he last saw your daughter? why won't -- any human being with a soul would be doing every thing possible to help get the answers to find your daughter and every day that passes now gets more difficult, doesn't it? >> it's scary and heartbreaking. i don't know how to describe it, to be honest with you. we are running out of time and we are scared for gabby. we think she might be in danger and we just want him to talk. just tell us, where was she? where did you leave her? i want to just know what happened and i'm getting angry now at this point, as you can tell. i am beyond frustrated. as a mother to another mother, i beg his mother to make and speak or at least, for the parents, to
6:49 pm
say something. >> sean: let me go to joe petito, gabby's dad. you ask the right question, you want to ask the boyfriend, where did you leave gabby, where did you last see her? he suspects this august 30th text was not actually sent from gabby. why do you suspect that and what has been the outraged of this young man and his family, in terms of will you please help us find our daughter that you were with and you took her van home? >> the outreach is, i think i'm a 350 million plus people asking, where is gabby? everyone is asking. we've got one person not doing it. so in all honesty, it's -- we are all trying to find the answer and the only person who knows it is sitting over in their house over there and you can't have a more frustrating situation. i mean, think about it. look at where we are.
6:50 pm
everyone is sitting here trying to bring gabby home in the other one who doesn't care as the one who is supposed to care about her the most. >> sean: did you reach out to her family and say , can you ask your assigned to help us? can you ask him to put aside whatever legal advice -- why would you need legal advice if you are not involved something nefarious? why would you put aside everything when someone's life maybe on the line here? >> you're asking the right questions and we have reached out. we reached out, i can't even tell you how many times, to the media. now we are asking everybody to continue looking because obviously, the three people that live in that house just don't care. they can put whatever statement they want out. at the end of the day, they do not care. it is cold and it is as cruel as you can possibly be and they are over there and so the rest of us and the rest of the country are doing everything they can.
6:51 pm
i get emails from strangers i've never met dying to help. >> sean: i'm so sorry. as a father, i am so sorry. nicole and jim, let me ask you, why do you believe the august 30th message was not sent by gabby and you have any evidence, do you know where that pain came from, because you can track where text messages actually came from? >> i'm sure the fbi has that information, i'm hoping they do. we know as little as you at that point, but i know my daughter and you do the math. we know that she didn't send it because she was home september 1st and they never went to yosemite. they never had plans to go to yosemite. so it's obvious. >> sean: yeah, and i don't know if this young man's mother is alive. as his mother left? did you ever reach out to her and say did you please help me find my daughter? >> yes, i reached out to her on
6:52 pm
friday the ninth, or the tenth, i'm sorry. i texted her, i'm worried about the kids, i haven't heard from them, and i got nothing. called, left messages, got nothing. >> sean: she won't even call you back? >> nope. >> sean: and joe and cara, you reached out, they won't call you back? >> no. >> we called on the tenth, i can't tell you how many times. we sent text messages, we are worried, we are calling the police, if someone texted me and said they can't find my son, i'm going to drop whatever i'm doing to call me back. but i guess it's evident how they run their household. because 350 million other people in the country. >> -- home at that time. >> sean: i'm sorry, tara? >> she knew her son was home at that time when we were texting her. at that time we didn't know that he was home.
6:53 pm
>> sean: joe and tara, what do you make of the video that was released of this encounter? they said it was more emotional and not physical. i guess they didn't see signs of any physical altercations. could you glean anything from that video? >> i myself couldn't bring myself to watch the whole video, but that's me. i know a lot of people have seen at. >> sean: you're a dad. >> really, yeah, i get it. it was a distraction, that video does nothing to help me find my daughter. because that was on august 12th. i last talked to her on the 21st so any time that, anytime after that is where we are concentrating on, so that video, whatever you want to call it, as it can be, distracts from everything we are trying to do. we are trying to find gabby. the video, we got contacted
6:54 pm
after that. to me, at this moment, that video doesn't mean as much as her location. >> sean: you ask the fundamental questions, where did you leave gabby, where did you see her last? nicole and jim, have the police going over that man with a fine-tooth comb? >> i believe the police do, they have it in their possession. i believe they have done whatever they had to do with it. again, we don't have a lot of information on the investigation itself. it is a very fluid, very moving investigation. unfortunately we wish they could divulge information to us but they can't and we understand why. >> sean: if anyone has any information, please contact the fbi. i want to say to all of you, we are sincerely sorry. we are all praying for gabby to get home safely. hopefully, he will step up and give the information you need. more "hannity" next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. 33 days, abandoned behind enemy lines. keep them in your prayers. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. you totally nailed me last night. >> laura: that was funny. >> sean: that was great. >> laura: they didn't tell me that raymond arroyo was going to pop up in the next box. >> sean: they didn't tell you? >> laura: until the next show so i was not really prepared for it but anytime we can pull a prank on you, we are going to pull a prank on you. all i can say is watch what's in your water glass to your right. watch out, okay? >> sean: wait a minute. >> laura: oh oh, it's jen! i've got to go here. >> sean: if it was