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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> friday september 17th. the second prosecution is special counsel john durham's investigation is a federal grand jury with ties to the clinton campaign. in order to launch an investigation into donald trump. >> more shocking images, 10,000 migrants are crammed under a texas bridge waiting to be taken into us custody. in the white house facing a cover up. >> the shocking disappearance of gabby petito is video raises more questions about the state of their relationship. >> >> you are watching "fox and friends first".
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>> john durham charging michael sussman for lying to the fbi, the trump russia probe. >> griff, good morning. >> in may of 2019, this investment says, lied about the capacity of information, durham's office, the false statement misled personal and deprived, including the identity of the assessments, they are
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swinging back, and they are using this indictment, to advance a conspiracy theory, will never stand for. rick grenell reacted implicating the fbi. >> it continued, not because some lawyer lied to them about who he was working for but because the fbi leadership knew this information was wrong. they knew it was made up. >> reporter: this after kevin kline said last year, pled guilty to falsifying a document used in a fisa warrant to survey of trump campaign aide carter page. meanwhile former federal prosecutor and fox news contributor amy mccarthy says the case is playing out overseas. >> christopher steele is being
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sued in england for libel for things in the steel dossier. steel testified in the british proceeding that it was sussman who gave information about alpha bank pressed on the fbi. >> they will make that first court appearance later today. as more indictment, there is no indication that he wrapped his investigation. jillian: with many americans somebody more accountability legal analyst greg jarrett, they strike this. >> the person who should be invited is hillary clinton who invented the lie, the russia hoax, it was hillary clinton. it was drawn from the insidious death of her imagination. it was magnificently devious and
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classic hillary clinton, and the presidential campaign with crimes he didn't commit. >> john solomon predicts we should hear more on this investigation. >> more grand jury activity, a year or two late, the focus on that are the fbi people who worked on the fisa court and submitted those knowingly false humans. you might see more indictments, where the whole story is told from beginning to end. >> a federal judge appointed by former president obama. >> jen psaki dodging a question on whether president biden was being honest when he said his advisor supported his afghanistan withdrawal after general scott miller commanded troops in the country, told congress he advised the president to keep boots on the ground.
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>> i'm not going to get into details of private advice. what is clear is the president asked for candid, non-sugarcoated advice in afghanistan. >> jackie heinrich, the answer the president gave last month. >> the they wanted to keep 2500 troops. jillian: all of this, at the airport. the state department confirming the taliban is not alone in evacuation flights. todd: house lawmakers demanding records related to claims of generalizability's calls to his counterpart. before and after the riot are crucial areas of focus. general milley is accused of
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making calls behind donald trump's back, the chief of staff chairman denies he did anything illegal saying the calls were within his purview. chris miller denies he gave general milley the green light to make the calls was the former chief of staff doubling down on his former buys's claim that he followed the law. >> the law prohibits the chairman from operational command authority anywhere. we can't coordinate it. any instance, attempting to deflect, there was never permission granted to chairman general milley to tip off the chinese because it would have been illegally. todd: the committee asked for extensive records related to general milley's calls. >> reporter: the family of missing 22-year-old gabby petito is insisting her boyfriend brian laundrie knows where he is as he refuses to help.
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todd: a member of his family finally speaks out. carley: brian has a mean tightlipped that hasn't said anything about the disappearance of his girlfriend, brian's sisters is gabby was like a member of their family. >> obviously-month-old family want gabby to be found. we love her and all i want is for her to come home safe and sound. this is a misunderstanding. >> reporter: comments like that are not good enough for gabby's parents who tell fox news brian knows where their daughter is and is choosing to remain silent. >> 15 million plus people, the only person who knows it in their house over there, but you can't have a more frustrating situation.
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>> we are running out of time, we wanted to talk. where do you leave her? >> reporter: brian is gabby's cross-country road trip was not as perfect as it appeared on social media. moab utah police releasing body camera footage that shows gabby and brian after someone reported they got into a physical fight. no charges were filed but police separated them for the night. >> you go somewhere else. you want to stay away from each other. >> reporter: utah police say they are actively looking into any connection between gabby's despair into the double homicide of a newlywed couple outside a campground outside moab.
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they were found shot to death less than a week after brian and gabby's big fight meaning all four people were in moab around the same time. police stress this is a missing persons case and there is no criminality suspected at this time. todd: eight minutes after the are, bashing unvaccinated americans. >> we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this in the vaccine, you can't shame them, can't call them stupid, yes they are. jillian: joe concha is fired up and joins us live. todd: stop stealing - joking. this is why there is always gridlock in new york city, this driver's response at a green light.
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todd: see an and host don lemon insulting unvaccinated americans. >> we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine, you can't shame them, you can't call them stupid, yes they are. the people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, time to start changing them or leaving them behind. jillian: here is joe concha. some people for health, religious reasons, whatever the case may be can't get the vaccine. there are other instances where people have natural immunity and are told by their own personal doctors to wait on getting the vaccine because they have antibodies. >> the irony of don lemon saying this to chris cuomo, the guy who faked his own quarantine, got a verbal confrontation with a 67-year-old man as he was
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shedding the viruses lost on no one but this is what don lemon does best, divide people against each other in the most pious terms possible. he should also report or at least realize that when broken down by race the highest is among african-americans, 30% of african-americans in new york are vaccinated. that is it. when you compare that to asians it is almost 70%. this isn't done southerners is who he is targeting as he thinks it is. there are many reasons people are hesitant or maybe they think they had the antibodies which is better than the vaccine. either way you don't get people to get vaccinated by shaming them, bullying the more talking in a condescending way on national television. >> i know someone who had covid
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19 and was told to wait 3 months and is person to get vaccinated but were told by their doctor to wait. you have instances, not getting a shot at the moment you want them to doesn't mean they are wrong. todd: i to know doctor don lemon was a thing. i forgot the point he got his medical degree but to pull back a little bit, a more general question. i thought cnn told us we are all in this together. >> supposed to be the fact first network. what kills me is in prime time you have anderson cooper and chris cuomo and don lemon for two hours, not even one and have the title of anchor. they are opinion hosts, their advocates, they are activists and nothing more so when you watch this network you know tucker carlson and sean hannity and laura ingraham are opinion hosts, they have to stop pretending these are objective journalists, all they do is lecture people every night. it is quite comical. jillian: there's a lot of
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backlash, this headline, 100 most influential people of 2021 and look at this headline, president xi loves his country and his people dearly. and if you look at what it says below that trump surpass nixon as a minister the constitution, trump's only world his ruthlessness. what a difference. >> we've seen this movie before. we have a media celebrating our enemies abroad and overall leaders and family members, president xi who advocates wave camps for leaders who insists his side had nothing to do with covid 19 killing millions, 620,000 americans here, who used only for us to quell protests, i didn't see that in time
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magazine, gets this review, into a comic book at this point. former president gets filtered again, so predictable. we saw this with the washington post, we have some tweets on this, celebrating the life of that austere religious scholar, the younger brother of donald trump, dies at 71. they had to throw the lawsuit in the headline. you have general celani who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of american soldiers, he was call the master of iran intrigue by the new york times. this is where we are at this point. celebrate our enemies and bastardize on the red team because that is the side that some in our media are on and why trump is in this institution dipped to where it is at this time at an all-time low. todd: it is beyond a head scratcher but maybe time is up for time.
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we will see. >> very good wordplay. great thai by the way, you are uping your game. todd: have a great weekend. jillian: it is 19 after the hour. a clinton campaign attorney indicted as part of social councils under him's investigation into the russia collusion investigators with former federal prosecutor and us attorney brett coleman is helping us bring down the case. todd: a facebook report revealed he knew about instagram being toxic for teens, the new investigation just launched. ♪♪
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dozens of americans from tennessee to virginia honor a fallen servicemember killed in the kabul attack, leading the motorcade carrying the body to arlington national cemetery, supporters lining up on overpasses and along roads to pay tribute to the hero. 12 other servicemembers were killed in afghanistan during the attack, he was 23 years old. putting pressure on secretary of state anthony blinken to reveal whether the biden administration is offering aid to the taliban, they wrote a letter reading and part, quote, the payment of ransom to terrorists likely including september 13th announcement of $64 million in humanitarian aid to telling controlled afghanistan provided without guard rails will further place americans in harm's way by incentivizing the caliban and other terrorist groups to kidnap more americans.
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todd: a clinton campaign lawyer indicted as part of john durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe, former attorney for utah joins me now to react, great to see you again. what is your main take away from this indictment? >> this is an odd indictment, the underlying crime is typically a minimal crime, lying to an agent, and fbi agents but it wasn't an agent, it was a conversation between the two lawyers, the fbi lawyer and a former campaign lawyer and private practice attorney. it is an odd indictment that would not have been expected after two years and all the money john durham spent in this investigation. todd: is this it or a precursor to a bombshell? >> i hear there's going to be more indictments, there are individuals more closely connected to the campaign but
2:26 am
what we are looking for is what happened during the campaign in 2016, moving the chess pieces that invoked russia and all kinds of conspiracies against the candidate they didn't like and we don't see the puzzle being put together. todd: how worried should sussman be? >> it is a crime that carries with it a potential lengthy sentence in prison. there is no parole in the federal system. if sentence to anything he will serve all of that time. i'm sure he is concerned about it but the reality is this is unusual. fbi investigators informing him of his rights, having an interview and later identifying
2:27 am
him of having lied, it was all about who was his clients, an attorney does not have an obligation to reveal who his client was, he said he didn't have a client when he came forward with information. todd: else is having trouble sleeping tonight or this morning? >> i would like to think there are individuals higher up in the campaign that utilized the extensive powers we give to use fisa and others. i would hope hillary clinton and barack obama and those who knew on the inside of the story would be concerned. todd: listen to what pete hegseth had to say. >> the ones that were there in 2016 are in the white house right now.
2:28 am
this is indicative of how washington dc works and you wonder why people don't trust jake sullivan or anthony fauci, inside the halls of so much bureaucracy in washington dc are in the take for one side so trusting them is not an option. todd: how disconcerting is that we had a full throated investigation of donald trump and his campaign based on flimsy manipulation of the fbi. >> this was supposed to be the investigation that gave transparency but we are living in a time when we don't have transparency and certainly have not seen accountability. it appears one side has the the to manipulate the power the government gives the that should scare all of us. todd: great to have you back on the program. haven't heard the end of durham. jillian: a total washout in
2:29 am
richmond, virginia as heavy rain leaves commuters stranded on russia. todd: trapping drivers on this interstate prompting water rescues. adenosine has more. >> janice: the remnant of nicholas and an area of low pressure which is a characteristic off the coast and that brought their heavy rainfall. the cold front has moved on through but we have flooding concerns are cross the gulf coast even though nicholas is out of the way. we have some remnant moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico, the ground is saturated. anymore water is not a good thing and that is why we have fled advisories from louisiana to the florida panhandle. in other weather news areas of concern this low-pressure center off the coast of the carolinas, that will move out to see and then we have this other area of concern in the atlantic that will move toward the bahamas over the next couple days so we will monitor both of those but looks for now moving away from
2:30 am
the coast and this one out here in the atlantic we have to monitor because we are into peak season. large wildfires we haven't talked about in a while but many of them burning over 100 acres and wildfire danger ongoing across the west and spreading quite rapidly so we will watch the potential wildfire danger but the good news is moisture working its way in and if you see some white on the maps, hello, we start talking about the four letter word. it is still technically summer. you have a couple things to talk about. this is happy friday. todd: either way it is all good. 30 minutes after the hour. faa blocking fox news drones from flying above a massive migrant camp under a texas bridge. that was after we captured this
2:31 am
footage. is the white house trying to hide something? todd: 911 related cancer, joining the desperate search for gabby petito, helping to bring gabby home next.
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jillian: the biden administration forcing 6 border points of entry after governor greg abbott ordered them to
2:35 am
close. todd: under one texas bridge absolutely explodes overnight. >> reporter: only an hour following the move before was reversed and texas governor greg abbott said the federal agency and cvp in texas to step in and help with the massive surge of migrants crossing the border but the biden administration refused to close points of entry, governor abbott said, quote, the biden administration has flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border security and makes it easier for people to cross illegally and cartels to exploit the border. lieutenant governor dan patrick said cvp is being overrun. >> we received a call for help from border patrol because they are being overrun so governor abbott with my support and other republican support in the state said we are there to help you and then we found out other
2:36 am
patrol did not have - they came out and said we didn't need any help. >> this is cvp is seeing migrant encounters triple this fiscal year compared to last. the number of migrants waiting under a bridge to be processed has doubled in just today. >> they announced they are no longer going to fly deportation flights to haiti, 700 people has grown, the word has gone out. jillian: the faa implemented a temporary flight restriction over the international bridge in del rio but this means they cannot fly drones over the area as they have for 7 months. the faa said it was for special security agreements. todd: the time he is curious. jillian: the search continues
2:37 am
for 22-year-old gabby petito who vanished without a trace. in new york nonprofit raising money to help with the search. joining me as president of the foundation, thank you for being here. the foundation was formed because the firefighter who passed away from 911 related cancer is your husband. i am sorry for your loss. you are trying to do a lot, and can you tell me why you got involved in this? >> i've known the family for two decades. they stood by my side as my husband died. we've been close friends since we moved into this neighborhood. the mother, nicole, is on my board of directors. gabby babysat for my son jack on
2:38 am
occasion and the best people i know. i will do what i can to help find gabby. jillian: tell me how they are doing. >> as you expect they are trying to be strong, they are very helpful but this is a difficult time for them. jillian: listen to what they had to say in the last few days. >> she is amazing, the coolest chick you will ever meet and she needs your help. jillian: it is important they keep getting her name, her photo and everything out there because they are asking anyone for help. what are you doing? what are you asking of our viewers? what can people do? >> the most important thing is to share her picture. the most important thing is to keep the story out there. anybody could have seen her
2:39 am
anywhere. if anybody has seen anything or think they may have seen anything call the police, call the fbi, that is the most important thing. to help with the cost of travel, flyers, food, anything the family needs in the future. jillian: the country has been overwhelmed with the story and everyone wants to know what happened for her. there is a massive outpouring of support. are using attraction with people wanting to help? >> it has been amazing. we come from a small community of less than 5000 people and everyone in this community has route around this family which is amazing and the way it should be. i have seen support come from other areas of the country, some from overseas. jillian: have you ever met him? >> i did not know her boyfriend. will: thank you for joining us,
2:40 am
keep raising money through the johnny mac foundation, sorry for the loss of your husband. keep us updated on the progress and everything. >> thank you for having me. todd: 2 dozen republican state attorneys general challenging the vaccine mandate, their call to action next. world war ii veteran flying high on his one hundredth birthday, you don't want to miss this war hero's dream flight. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on
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>> coming up on "fox and friends" in 15 minutes. mike pompeo, chris christie and general jack keane join us live as americans are trapped in afghanistan and the state department is admitting the taliban is not cooperating. senator john kennedy sounds off on biden's worsening border
2:45 am
crisis is new video shows 8000 illegals huddled under a bridge in texas. nancy grace breaks down the latest twist in the murdoch case as the south carolina lawyer turned himself into police. justin moore performing his latest hit in our all-american concert series, summer continues, don't care what your calendar says. all that and more in moments away. over to you. >> it is still technically summer. all the two of the republican state attorneys general are threatening to take legal action against president biden of he does not alter his vaccine mandate. >> reporter: 24 ags say the vaccine mandate is illegal, it is called a threat to individual liberty and a public health disaster. all the two signing a letter
2:46 am
asking the president to modify the mandate or they will take legal action from alabama, florida, mississippi, new hampshire, texas, arizona, utah among the 24, mandating companies with 100 employees, federal workers, contractors that accept medicare and medicaid must get the shots or face weekly testing. they discuss booster shots as two fda officials are said to depart this fall. jillian: brand peter krause say boosters for the masses are not necessary. it will be an interesting afternoon. todd: mitch mcconnell calling a bluff. >> mcconnell is not budging, even risking disruption of financial markets by not rallying for increasing the debt limit which sets at $28.4 trillion. >> republicans are united in
2:47 am
opposition, they have the ability and responsibility to ensure the federal government. >> leader mcconnell is playing dangerous political games by not stepping up to the plate as he asked us to do and we did when trump was president. >> reporter: democrats could force the issue by holding a vote on their own to keep the government funded past october 1st. we've been talking about the wall street journal report about negative effects on your health and there will be an investigation. >> this has been jaw-dropping, richard blumenthal and marsha blackburn plan to investigate facebook after another damning report from the journal was published, the articles own instagram by they were harming the mental health of team girls with public policy responding, demonstrates commitment to understanding complex and
2:48 am
difficult issues. they knew they were watching, did it for profit, mentioned tick-tock, tumbler and snapchat and another big article from the journal that came out yesterday about the fact that facebook knows some illegal things happening on the platform and they don't stop it. the journal says some incredible stuff. >> world war ii air force veteran hits the skies, and and the first flight in 58 years. >> i wonder if you agree, new york city driver responding to road rage with dancing. the man in the white shirt, semitruck driver did not take another after the traffic light.
2:49 am
jillian: the new york giants in washington, a last-second penalty in the field-goal attempt to flag outside, one more chance to down their divisional rivals. >> good snap. washington wins it. >> washington getting the comeback victory, 30-29. todd: i have never seen a teen in any sports steel defeat from the jaws of victory more than the new york football giants. when my baby had to pick a new team they had the game won. my baby put her hand like a bucket, hopefully for another other than the giants.
2:50 am
jillian: grocery prices team going up, businesses struggling to stay afloat and democrats kicking the biggest tax i can history. todd: florida congressman says it aside to put a end to the spending spree, joins us live next. ww has taught me how to live a great, sustainable lifestyle. i can eat the foods that i love. with ww, i have lost 78 pounds. ww. weight loss that works. wellness that works. get four months free at hurry, offer ends september 20th!
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. .
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♪ ♪ jillian: welcome back. americans are struggling with inflation and labor shortages with nearly 11 million job openings and rising grocery prices putting a strain on family. todd: pushing the largest tax hike in history. here to discuss house homeland committee member congresswoman kat cammack. here are the numbers. raising corporate tax rate 20 to 25%. 8% on the first hundred thousand of income. 21% of income up to 5 million. 26.5% on income about 5 million bucks. and height capital gains tongues top rate 39.6.
2:55 am
democrats say it's all about making the rich pay their fair share. what would this do to rural america? >> oh, well, good morning jillian and todd. woe need to bust out the mimosas we are going to need it for the next two weeks. it's going to be pure hell. the democrats are hell bent on bankrupting this country. you know, we have seen for the last two weeks the committee instructions that we have been going through to really mark this $3.5 trillion wish list of liberal items that bernie sanders has been working his entire career for. this truly is a biden blueprint to bankrupt america. but, in particular, like you said, rural america. i represent a very rural area of north central florida. and you look at just the cost of gasoline, it's up 42%. think of the impact that has just in trying to get to the job because at this point everything is so sky high you are working multiple jobs unless you are one of those being paid by the government not to work. so the cost of everything has
2:56 am
gone up. the supply chain is all out of whack. we are seeing cost of goods from groceries, eggs, chicken, bacon, you name it, it's all gone up. if you rented a car recently or flown on an airplane you have seen the prices are astronomical. everyday life is changing in front of our eyes because this administration is all about taxing us into owe bailiffian but more than that, i think is dangerous, is they're taxing us into submission. this agenda is nothing more about compliance and dependency. that is really what is scary. because it is all having a down trickle effect on all of us here in america from healthcare cost to everyday expenses and goods to travel, it is getting very scary for us out here in rural america. jillian: congresswoman we're taking a look at some those things you mentioned car and truck rental look at that 73.5% year-to-year. gas 43%. hotels 24 verse. as you can see some i don't have meats, things like that up
2:57 am
13.7%. milk 8.1%. eggs up 5.7%. take a listen to what house minority leader kevin mccarthy has to say on all of this. >> it's know reward for blue states. california and new york to raise their rates and have other people subsidize that. that's not what you want. you want to live within your means. but what's happening is you have got so many thief domes within the democratic party that want to expand not let people keep more. jillian: this is going to harm so many generations to many do. >> absolutely. we are garnishing the wages of our children and grandchildren. and you look at a state like florida. our top two economic drivers are tourism and agriculture. you look at the cost of goods and how that's all gone up. it's getting pass to the consumer at the end it's going
2:58 am
to chief import from mexico. tourism renting cars, flying airplanes and staying in hotels. all of those prices are up. people are going to stay and do staycations more than come to the great state of florida. when you look at what this administration is about, like i said, it's the tax and spend. they have no desire for americans to make decisions for themselves, let alone keep the money that they are working so hard to earn. we see that in the mandates that they are pushing. we see that in the tax code that they are ramming down our throat. not a single republican amendment in this $3.5 trillion plan has been adopted. that is extremely dangerous. not one idea has been offered by the democrats. it's a rubber stamp of bernie sanders' plan and biden's bankruptcy plan. that is what is so dangerous. if you look at the the course of 10 years, this is going to cost americans $68 trillion. it's not just 3.5 trillion. $68 trillion over 0 years.
2:59 am
and this is in addition to normal infrastructure. to our normal appropriation and, of course, in addition to all the covid spending that has taken place. this is insane. we have higher tax rates effectively than communist china. todd: which is insane. >> we have to wake up and get people turned out for the midterms. our country's future is at stake. todd: let's see how strong the moderate dems stand along with manchin and sipman in the senate. congressman kat cammack, appreciate it? >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. todd: jillian says why are you ending so earlier. it is cupcake time it's jillian mele's birthday. any big plans? jillian: dinner with the family. and dinner with some of my best friends. that's it. i'm 39 so i feel really old, really really old. todd: because you did me dirty on giants read these are all beef cupcakes. some chicken, fish and beef. jillian: huh-uh, you are lying. and matt made some wonderful
3:00 am
muffins, cupcakes, what were they muffins. todd: kind of miss this. having a little fun. and i can't wait to tear into one of these in about 1 seconds. jillian: which one do you want? todd: i will take that one. have great weekend. jillian: thank you. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> biden administration's faa tried to shut down our news gathering at the border. >> all of a sudden the last 24 hours we start showing these images and a temporary flight restriction goes up. >> white house decided the last thing they want is fox news actually reporting on what's happening. >> and brian laundrie's sister speaking out for the first time on the disappearance of her brother's girlfriend gabby petino. >> all i want is for her to come home safe and sound and this is a big misunderstanding. >> the president here, specifically the recommendation from the commander on the ground in afghanistan a full


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