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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  September 20, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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interviews. >> dana: great to have you. we had the breaking news throughout fox news channel all day today, trace. we'll be covering this breaking news. >> trace: this is a riveting story. our hearts go out to the petito family and hoping the brian laundrie is caught soon. >> dana: we'll keep everybody updated. "the faulkner focus" is up next with harris. here she is. >> harris: we'll pick it up from here with a fox news alert
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on what is happening. f.b.i. agents are searc it could become more we don't noe. his parents say they haven't seen him since tuesday. brian laundrie's parents are being held in a police van near the home. the f.b.i. announced searchers found a body in wyoming that they believe is gabby's. we'll bring you final confirmation as it happens. complete live fox news coverage nou. laura engel live in grand teton national park. i want to go to charles watson outside the laundrie home in north port, florida. charles, a short while ago i was watching you talk about all of the assets now that have landed at that building. >> that's right, harris, a lot of police activity here right now. just a short time ago we saw the f.b.i. move in on the laundrie home in full force. you can see what is going on across the street right now. we saw nearly a dozen agents go
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to the front door, announce a search warrant twice before going inside and removing both chris and roberta laundrie, brian's parents. both placed inside a van outside the home. right now it's not clear if they are still in the vehicle. no indication that agents have removed the parents elsewhere. we expected police to continue their search for brian laundrie at the carlton reserve this morning but learned from police that the search of that nature reserve had been called off and a surprise to everybody. it is a large place. it is 25,000 acres. agents had only been out there for two days searching. as of yesterday hadn't found anything according to the north port police department. obviously we learned the news yesterday of a body being found in wyoming that is believed to be gabby petito.
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we learned from local police they were trying to obtain cell phone tracking data for brian. not clear how far they got in that effort. but obviously the f.b.i. certainly looking at the laundrie residents. a lot of questions as to what brian and his family knew, if anything, about the disappearance of gabby petito. the two went on that cross-country trip out west and brian returned home september 1st alone. it was only 10 days later that gabby petito was reported missing, not my brian but by her family because they hadn't spoken to her in a couple of weeks. at that point we saw the family decided to not cooperate with the investigation, keep silent at the request of -- at the advice of their attorney. and they were quiet on this situation even though the
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petito family pleaded with them to cooperate. on friday we saw police arrive here at the laundrie residence for the first time to speak with the family. lots of people thought they were going to offer up information about the disappearance of gabby petito. police tell us that is when they reported that they hadn't seen brian since tuesday and believe he had went to this nature reserve to go hiking. police tell us the family went out to the nature reserve and found the mustang that he apparently drove there. there has been some conflicting reports about what they found in the mustang and when but they went out to the nature reserve, retrieved the mustang and on friday police learned that brian had been missing for several days. that's when they started to search over the weekend. >> harris: i want to unpack that little detail. legal analysts or experts at fox news coming up in a moment and make sure i got the
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reporting right. because i've read it several different ways. you just pointed out there were conflicts of reporting, if you will, from the family. they found this car on their own and they report evidence what was in it and there were other reports about what's in it. what can you tell us about how it is that they figured out exactly where to go? it's huge out there. look at the atvs and other vehicles that they are using and they just went right to where he was parked? maybe there is a singular parking area, they knew where to go. >> yeah, it's not clear how the family knew exactly where to go. the north port police department told us the family told them that's the place that brian frequents often. that is a place he would go to hike. maybe they had indication of an area he likes to visit often. they were able to find the mustang and retrieve it and
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bring it back to the home. when that happened exactly is still a question that needs to be answered but just like this entire story, lots of questions that need to be answered. >> harris: it seems like a sticky detail that i want to focus on this hour as well. we'll come back to you as breaking news happens. we could see some of the movement of law enforcement as you were talking. don't want to show too much of that but indicates how many of them are there. we're watching the events unfold at the home of brian laundrie's family but waiting for official confirmation on the body which searchers found in wyoming, the one the f.b.i. believes is that of gabby petito. the cause of death is yet to be told or determined. autopsy scheduled for tomorrow. laura engel has more from grand teton national park where the remains were found searching to make sure if that's her or not.
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laura. >> right. gabby petito's family said this park and this part of her journey on her cross-country destination was really just a dream. it was a trip that they had planned for a very long time. you can see how beautiful it is here. of course, it appears as though it has come to a devastating end. the area where those human remains were found sunday that match the description of the missing 22-year-old is still an active investigation site that according to the f.b.i. this was a massive area for law enforcement to tackle. when there was first word of her disappearance. the grand teton national park has 300,000 acres and appears a travel blogger provided a critical clue over the weekend after going back through video show shot on august 27th in a campground where petito and boyfriend were believed to be in the park. when somebody suggested she
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checked her footage she spotted gabby's van and shared the video with the f.b.i. and her family. >> when we were in the park we didn't think anything of it. the reason why we noticed the van is we're from florida and the van had florida plates. we wanted to stop by and say hi but the van was very dark, closed up, looked like no activity so we ended up just driving. >> last night joseph petito tweeted a photo of his daughter standing in front of a mural with wings saying simply #gabby petito. she touched the world. the attorney who represents the family of petito issued a statement that reads in part i would like the thank the f.b.i. the police departments and grand teton search and rescue team. your work and determination helped bring gabby home to her parents. the family and i will be forever great f*u. the autopsy
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is set for tomorrow. we got off the phone with the coroner's office in teton county saying they're waiting for a forensic pathologist to arrive from out of town and we asked how long an autopsy might take on something like this. they said it could be a couple of hours, a couple of days, we just won't know until they get started tomorrow. >> harris: a great deal of detail there. appreciate it. thank you. mercedes coleman is a news analyst and drill down on some of the facts we've heard and the ones you think, mercedes, are most pertinent. i raised some questions about the vehicle, the mustang which has been said had certain contents in it, other people said it had other contents in it. how important is it to find a vehicle like that? >> great insights on what you thought about the mustang. how suspicious is it that the family found where that mustang was at the time? as you said that preserve is
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enormous? how did they know where the mustang was located? that's suspicious, number one. also the fact that brian laundrie shows up to his home september 1st without gabby. not a word to anyone, to the peat ito family and law enforcement. when the mom couldn't reach gabby that they then finally contacted law enforcement. it was the laundrie family that knew as of september 1st. it was the family on september 11th, that's when the petito family contacted law enforcement and put in papers about the fact that she was missing. a lot of focus will be on the laundrie family. they knew so far into this. not only that, once brian laundrie was hiking on september 14th, not a mention. the fact three days gone by, 72 hours. not a mention to law enforcement my son is missing. think maybe he is mention. how is it that they decided ton
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17th at that point three days after his alleged disappearance on september 14th when they contact law enforcement. not to divulge any information about petito. whatever information they got from brian before his disappearance. they wanted to focus on his disappearance as well. there are so many moving parts here. you know the focus has to be on whatever evidence they can get. one the family, two the vehicles, laptops, anything they can get their hands on that they have a search warrant to go through the house. >> harris: you have a piece of evidence leave to a scene and go to another scene. that's why some focus on the car. it is not everything but the timing of how this family knew to go there, find it, whatever, we don't know what the contents originally were of the car because it left one scene and went to another and our reporter charles watson was
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saying they knew where they hiked so he maybe would have been able to park in the same place and figured it out that way. a lot can happen when it goes from the place they executed the search warrants on, a piece of that goes to someplace else. this family and how search warrants are executed. so they bring these parents chris and roberta laundrie out and put them in a law enforcement van. they've taken them off the premises. talk to me about executing that warrant or those warrants what's happening now? >> that warrant could have been done when gabby petito was missing before the body was found. they could have gone in saying the circumstances surrounding, the fact that she was missing is suspicious, too long a period of time went by. she was living with the laundrie family and he returns
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without her. there could have been an argument made before a court. whether the court would have decided they could have a search warrant. they waited until the remains were found. it is so befuddling why they waited. if you have someone that's missing and there is under suspicious circumstances and an intimate partner that does not want to cooperate with authorities, has lawyered up. hiding behind his counsel. enough sirens are going off in our heads. we're not even law enforcement. we've seen so many types of these cases where an intimate partner is involved in the disappearance and murder of their other partner. it should have at that point said to local law enforcement go speak to the judge. get before a judge and make
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your case there is this missing person, gabby petito is missing. we don't believe it's voluntary. we believe she is in danger. the only person able to help us in unwilling to help. i'm pretty sure a judge would have given them a search warrant to get into the home. they would have been able to get brian laundrie if they had done that. >> harris: we don't know what else was in the house. she had stayed there. if she was staying there before -- think about it. if she left a footprint there, if there was no other reason but to see the footprint she left i think it is a compelling argument to a judge. we're on two sides of this. i'm reporting, you're in the legal field and we come to the same conclusion. there should have been somebody besides the family at the home looking at it. there was evidence of something. evidence she was a happy woman there. we don't know. we can't see it before it would
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have been disturbed. mercedes, appreciate your expertise, thank you. >> great to see you. >> harris: i want to go to live pictures now. simultaneous things will happen this hour. we'll stay on the story what happens in the search for answers in the gabby's disappearance and demise as they confirm whether or not the body was hers. this affects every american in our country right now because what happens at our southern border feathers out from there. we know that. other parts of the country get touched by whatever is going on there, either the drug cartels or people coming across in need of resources, medical resources, a high percentage of them at times have been testing positive. it is a horrible situation. we're live on the border among thousands of people and senator marsha blackburn is also in focus. stay close. so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you?
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>> harris: this is the situation we've kept in focus. it has just gone from very bad to outrageously horrible. heartbreaking. now the border crisis has kurnd into this. look at the situation in del rio, texas, 12,000 estimated possibly more mostly haitian migrants packed underneath this bridge camp out there in squall i had conditions in a dangerous heat wave. border officials don't have the resources, the manpower to keep up with this. texas republican august pfluger says the president must take action now. >> this is a crisis. we need the administration to call it a crisis, to take action not just here but all
8:22 am
along the southern border where we'll have two million illegal immigrants documented doesn't include the gotaways. we need the administration to do something right now. >> harris: homeland security secretary mayorkas insists they have it under control. >> we certainly are experiencing a challenging situation but we are surging resources and we have a multi-pronged approach to this. we have sent a very clear message early on in light of the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic that the border is not open and people should not take the perilous journey here. we are returning people to other countries. >> harris: that was mild. apparently they at the administration have a different definition of under control than like the rest of us. wow. a "washington post" headline. determined migrants unphased as deportations begin from texas
8:23 am
border. bill is live in del rio, texas. >> good morning to you. i tell you what, it is wild to experience this from the ground. look at the conditions down here. it looks like we aren't in the united states. the conditions are like a third world refugee camp. there are 12,000 migrants living under this bridge now after they crossed illegally. many of them are using sticks, plants, whatever they can find to build temporary structures and want to give you a second look to show you how big this is. look at the second camera here to give you a shot of how many people are here. there were 15,000 people here on saturday morning. they've slowly started reducing that number but they have a long way to go. take a look at how many people are here. almost all of them are haitians, many asking if they will be deported. a live look at the drone from above showing you these drone pictures for days and it gives you the perspective of just how many people are down here. they have a lot of work to do
8:24 am
and again they started repatriation flights. it doesn't apply to everybody. usually single adult man. families and women and children will stay and released into the country with nta. why there are so many people here, look at this video we shot saturday. we were on a boat in the rio grande and we watched hundreds of people walking across the river from mexico into the united states. you can see a mass of hundreds of migrants gathering on the u.s. shoreline. bathed in the river and changed clothes and walk over here to the bridge. eventually texas surnld hundreds of troopers and got it plugged up but agents on horse back look at this piece of video yesterday. they moved to a different spot on the river trying to cross agents on horse back trying to plug that up. listen to what the chief of u.s. border patrol had to say yesterday. >> my grants attempting or considering making the journey to our border should know we're
8:25 am
still enforcing cdc title 42 order and that they will not be allowed to enter the united states. they will be removed and they will be sent back to their country of origin as mandated under our current law. >> again back out here live. again, it's mostly the single adult men title 42. the women and children and family units will have an opportunity to be processed and released into the u.s. with a future court date. potentially years down the road because of how back logged the system is. dhs secretary mayorkas will be in del rio having a press conference at noon local time. we'll have that for you and send it back to you. >> harris: i'm reading notes on that. his availability will be pressed by you and other reporters on the ground. bill, thank you very much. i want to bring in senator marsha blackburn in focus, republican senator from tennessee who sits on the senate judiciary committee and
8:26 am
visited the border earlier on in the crisis for a firsthand look. senator, i want to get your firsthand thoughts about what mayorkas may be faced with when he gets to del rio, texas. >> i think -- first of all concerned cbp agents trying to keep order on the border. he is going to hear from them first-hand why they need to have those additional officers on the ground there, why they need additional support. he is also probably going to hear from some of the family members and harris, they are concerned about the disease, outbreaks of measles, other diseases that the border patrol are being exposed to as they try to handle this humanitarian crisis, this health crisis that is there at the border. and i hope what mayorkas hears
8:27 am
is that many of these people found out they could head to the border through social media. and it is astounding that facebook will not take these drug trafficking, human trafficking cartels off social media who continue to market to people in haiti and other countries to say come on and you can come to the border. joe biden has that border wide open. >> harris: to hear you say the word, the platform being used to market what we're seeing on screen not only does it talk about the power that that platform can generate and where it can put people but the danger it could generate, too. right to this. let's stick with facebook. lawmakers in a bipartisan effort are demanding facebook executives testify over a stunning "wall street journal" report. they have a lot of problems now over there. part of the journal series on the social media giant showed
8:28 am
the company knew from its own research that instagram had devastating effects on teenage girls' self-esteem and body image and facebook tried to keep it under raps. a top executive said it contained mischaracterization of what we're trying to do and false motives to facebook's leadership and employees. senator blackburn, you are leading the charge on this. tell us what we're looking at at facebook with this. >> what we're looking at are documents and data that have come to us from a facebook whistleblower who has had it with what they're doing. facebook is chasing the dollar. they know that this is harmful to teens, but they continue to do it. harris, just like they know what the drug cartels are putting out there is harmful to our nation. one thing we do know is that we are going to hear directly from
8:29 am
this whistleblower in a committee hearing in a couple of weeks and one of the things i want to know from them is how much data they do have on the research with teens because teens themselves participated in this research study. they asked for changes at facebook. we know that older teens are advising younger teens not to pay attention or get their information onto instagram because it has led to an elevation in the rate of teen suicides, into eating disorders, and we have heard from pediatricians and from parents for quite a while, plenty of anecdotal evidence and we know facebook had the research and they chose to continue to encourage teens to be on that platform, to use that, to use whatsapp and
8:30 am
messenger and now older teens are saying just don't go there. >> harris: i hear you. on the other point with the drug cartels as you said using that platform of facebook to market in other parts of the world like haiti to get people to come here makes you wonder who at facebook is on our side as americans? that situation at the border is dangerous for everybody involved. >> very much so. >> harris: this situation is dangerous for our little ones
8:31 am
and teenagers and young girls and boys. great to have you in focus, thank you. >> harris: the submarine deal that could jeopardize th >> harris: maybe they thought we wouldn't notice because it was a news dump last friday. whether the pentagon admitted its botched last month's drone strike and killed innocent civilians. didn't hit one single terrorist in that. we want to focus on that. what does it say about the over the horizon capabilities that the president has praysed? and what will it do to our international reputation? pete hegseth in focus next. -absolutely. -there you go. that way, [whistles] let's put away the parking talk, maybe, for a minute. parking is where the money is, though. can you imagine what this place pulls in on parking alone? alright, no more talking about parking lots. a lot of these are compact spots. it's not pretty. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. we still planning to head out around the third quarter? let's not talk about leaving before we're actually at the game.
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8:37 am
the biden administration strongly defending its late august drone strike in kabul, afghanistan. now we know that it was, in fact, a intelligence failure. 10 civilians and seven children killed but not a single isis-k terrorist. progressive senator bernie sanders called it out. >> certainly hope they understand what happened and make sure that never happens again. this is not only a human tragedy, it reflects on us before the entire world and it is unacceptable. >> harris: latest fox news polling show 55% of americans say the taliban poses a threat to u.s. security. only 36% of voters approve of president biden's handling of afghanistan. pete hegseth, i'm surprised they could find 36% of people supporting the president how he pulled out of afghanistan.
8:38 am
>> very true. general milley, not a righteous strike. jen psaki it proves that unfortunately tragically it does not work. a key piece of information here, harris, is that general milley said we made a mistake. there is now new reporting from the "new york post" that shows the c.i.a. was attempting to alert the military to the fact that there were likely kids in the car. unfortunately it seems the hell fire missile was already fired. within the fog of that moment somebody within our intelligence services had a sense that there were likely a lot of kids in that vehicle. even if there was an isis terrorist in there per se. standing at a podium a few days later and saying this is a righteous strike means you are ignoring a certain part of the narrative you may have known at that moment. milley potentially misrepresenting something he should have known at the very least but didn't. in order to have an effective strike you need to know what it is and where it is and we
8:39 am
thought we knew what it was, toyota corolla like finding a needle in a hay stack. we didn't know who. when you don't have human intelligence or relying on the taliban, it means all you have is over the horizon drone surveillance. they followed this car for eight hours and think it stopped at an isis safe house. it was water and not explosives and children and innocent civilians are dead. there should be accountability for this and the question colonel waltz asked is right. was there political pressure to strike bus of what happened to marine soldiers earlier that pushed this. >> harris: who wouldn't come to that conclusion? one and one equals two. other people say it will be five they can say that but it is pretty clear something was behind this that didn't have
8:40 am
anybody's best interest at hand let alone the people in that car. what a mistake. nbc news reporter. >> and let alone our reputation now when we are saying talking about righteous strikes and killing civilians, it hurts us across the board and makes us more vulnerable. >> harris: nbc news reporter is going after the biden administration for calling the deadly drone strike on afghan civilians a mistake. a mistake is when you forget to take out the trash or sleep through your alarm. this is horrifying. chuck todd ripped into the president saying he whats a credibility problem. >> i think he has a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands. all of these problems in some ways showed up after he said something basically the exact op si. he has a lot of work to do. the u.n. speech. he has credibility issues on the world stage.
8:41 am
to make sure that people still view america as a -- not just a stable democracy but a competent leaders of the free world right now. >> harris: when your friends don't want to be your friends. >> here is the thing. i will give a lot of deference to our military in almost every situation meaning the intentions of that drone operator and the intentions of those attempting to find isis bombers, those were righteous intentions and attempting to keep americans there safe. i don't think there was ever an intent to kill civilians. i don't put that on anyone. what i do put on them though are the conditions that they willfully created which created an over the horizon capacity that was insufficient and led to this type of tragic situation happening. that's on them and there has been no accountability for it. >> harris: when senator cotton says over the horizon in this instance with no intelligence on the ground in afghanistan is
8:42 am
over the rainbow you can see how he gets there. pete, thank you very much. be sure -- i will brag about you now. check out his new series modern warriors. pete features four of our brave men and women in blue to insure justice is served. first responders get one year of fox nation for free. log in to sign up. well, you just heard pete saying this, multiple crises worsen here at home and abroad for president biden. he is catching heat for spending the weekend at his delaware beach house and going for a bike ride. we love athletics and keeping strong and all that. the world is literally coming apart at the border. have you seen it? power panel is next. a veteran who may have served in my time,
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8:48 am
announced it will share nuclear submarine technology with australia. it prompted the australians to drop a $66 million submarine contract with france. all of this as north korea is joining china and going after the deal. calling the arrangement an extremely dangerous act. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot with more from london. did the biden administration step in it this time? >> yeah, it is another foreign policy headache for the folks at the white house. let's go through this again. president biden announced last week the u.s. would sell nuclear powered submarine to australia and intel sharing and the u.k. aimed to rein in china. it stepped on a deal france had to supply australia with subs.
8:49 am
paris recalled its ambassador from the u.s. the first time ever that's happened. even canceling france was going to hold for the u.s. the complaint is that president biden did not give his close ally, president macron, advance warning of this happening. from all the accounts that we have been reviewing, this is accurate. a stab in the back is one of the kinder phrases coming from paris right now. the deal is getting pushback from china and north korea but that's to be expected as the biden administration tries to beef up alliances in the region as it sees a growing military threat to china. due to covid restrictions macron will not be in new york this week. at the request of the white house president biden will speak by phone with president macron trying to smooth this over. more damage control, however, from the biden administration,
8:50 am
back to you. >> harris: you add that to not giving them or other allies a heads up when you were pulling out of afghanistan and french troops and germans had to get their people. >> that has been noted over the weekend. >> harris: president biden is getting a lot of flak for hitting the beach over the weekend in his home state of delaware while multiple catastrophes were unfolding his his watch. critics let it rip. tom cotton telling fox news i think it is embarrassment. power panel now rachel campos-duffy "fox & friends" weekend co-host and host of moms on fox nation and kevin walling former biden campaign surrogate. rachel, i will start with you and get your top line thoughts. >> you keyed the segment saying the world is falling apart. i think joe biden is falling
8:51 am
apart. being the leader of the free world is the most demanding job in the whole world and he simply doesn't have the mental or physical stamina to do this job and his handlers and wife who increasingly looked more like visiting angels have to schedule in these senior breaks for him so he can take naps and go for bike rides because he can't con sten trait on the job the way he should. just compare it to president donald trump who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hour-long pressers with the media. president biden even in bob woodward's book reported that his handlers are creating a cocoon around him. they've done it since campaign days and continuing to do this because he can't handle this kind of impromptu talks.
8:52 am
he simply doesn't have the mental and physical stamina to do this job and it is obvious. everything is falling apart from the border to relationships. >> harris: who is running the country is what i want to know. when you look at what happened with our longest-standing ally, france and how fractured that relationship is now you do have to start to ask that question. i want to get to this. the latest fox poll shows an even split on his mental fitness. 49% say they believe he has mental soundness to be president, 48% say he does not. something rachel was just talking about. rachel, you mentioned this as bob woodward's new book reports that biden's campaign advisors built what they call the wall around him that you were telling us about to try to guard him from the public gaffes he often makes. kevin, you are in messaging and know what it takes. this is a big job you if you are working with biden. >> it is a big job and honor to serve on his team.
8:53 am
i'm sure everyone with him. but we know that the president is in command of his full faculties and running this country. >> harris: how do you know? >> he has down time. i wasn't going done down the route. the president spent a third at one of his vacation homes. i didn't criticize trump then and i think it is silly to see republicans criticizing the president now. the president -- any president needs down time to refocus and to gear up for this week at the u.n. general assembly where he will speak with the french president via the phone, when he will be working with world leaders in new york city. the president is entitled to down time and in full control of the presidency and a busy week for him. >> harris: i don't think we saw the back side of barack obama and donald trump and bill clinton. >> back side on the golf course, president trump.
8:54 am
>> harris: you got in your shot. during his inaugural address president biden promised to be a great uniteer for the american people. let's watch. >> president biden: to overcome these challenges and restore the soul and secure the future of america requires so much more than words. it requires the most elusive of all things in a democracy, unity. my whole soul is in this. bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. i ask every american to join me in this cause. >> harris: we're tight and rachel, get your response to these numbers. >> president biden lied a lot to the american people during the afghanistan debacle. the greatest lie is that he would unite this kun traoe. more divided and facing greater crises both economically and abroad and at our board. it is absolutely a catastrophe.
8:55 am
kevin is a great communicator, a great spokesperson for the democrat party but i know deep down he is very worried about what is happening. >> harris: i'll have to come back to you next time. you saw the numbers how people are starting -- thanks for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break. to pay off your high rate debt. the newday 100 va cash out loan combines your mortgage, credit cards, car loan and other high rate debt into one simple monthly payment near the lowest rates in newday's history. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four--
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♪ ♪ >> emily: fox news alert, right now the fbi is searching the florida home of brian laundrie after executing a search warrant and declaring the area a crime scene. approximately 20 agents have been in and out of the house for the last two hours. at one point his parents were removed from the home. they have since been let back inside. 23-year-old laundrie was named a person of interest in the disappearance of his girlfriend, gabby petito. authorities have been coming through a nature reserve in florida over the weekend looking for him,


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