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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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caused that and who authorized the shoot. simply put, neil, why didn't they wait till the vehicle left the compound before it shot? nobody knows. so we need to investigate. >> neil: a lot we don't know. thanks, lieutenant general kellogg. thanks for our service to our country. here's "the five." >> hello. i'm dana perino along with judge pirro, geraldo and greg gutfeld. this is "the five" in new york city. >> what is your reaction to the southern border? >> getting it under control. >> getting it under or control or you have it under control? >> we will get it under control. >> president biden vowing to get the southern border under control. better act quickly.
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while the administration works to deport thousands of haitians from del rio, more than 20,000 more haitians are waiting in columbia to make their way into the united states. texas governor abbott was in del rio and unloaded on the president. >> the biden administration has been promoting and allowing open borders borders. >> what i saw depicted about those individuals were on horseback treating human beings the way they were were horrible. i fully support what is
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happening now, a thorough investigation. >> i was not aware that whips, people had that equipment to use on humans. >> there's systematic race at play here. >> it does smack of a bygone era of slavery. aided by reports of people being beaten whether rioting crop or the reins. >> border patrol is pushing back saying agents use horse reins, they're not whips. i want to point this out. here's secretary mayorkas that yesterday defended the border patrol. today he changed his tune. watch him. >> images have come out of border patrol agents whipping immigrants. do you think it's a humane way to treat migrants? >> you're assuming facts that have not been determine. long reins are used to control the horse. we're going to investigate the facts to make sure it's the
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situation we think it will be. >> any mistreatment for abuse of a migrant is unacceptable. we're very troubled by what we have seen. >> a lot more to come on that. the investigation didn't happen overnight and yet he changed his opinion. i guess he got the phone call. greg, this is bad. not just the whole made-up thing about the whip but the situation is bad. there's a humanitarian crisis at the border as well. >> i don't care about the humanitarian cry it is until i can find an angle that i like. that's what you just saw with these dumb hacks that you just saw in that montage. these networks, these people had no interest in the story until they could create an acceptable village in law enforcement. they didn't give two poops and i said poop. i was going to say the other one about the 12,000 refugees that were there. they discovered a twitter image in their doom scrolling and looks like a whip.
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so they go fill covington. chris cuomo, all of these other bozos that pretend to have a story. if a democrat and the media cared enough about this crisis from the time that we started covering it months ago and weeks ago with this, this actual story wouldn't be necessary. when i say they're pulling a covington, i mean this. they could not use the striking video coming from folks, the drones or the helicopters because you cannot manipulate that image. those images are real. tells the story. you can take one disturbing image and you can turn it and manufacture a narrative that is to your liking. these lazy hacks ignored the stark footage that had been coming out and then suddenly they're outraged? we must reject these fools. they're disgusting. they don't care. >> they don't care about the
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fact that we are a sovereign nation. we have a right to protect the border. they're taking a story, saying you don't believe your lying eyes. you have a guy on a horse, border patrol, riding western with split reins. you use a rein to get the horse to move this way or that way if you're in a situation where there's people or another horse that is very close. it's a quick way to move the horse. has nothing to do with the people on the ground. it's you maneuvering your horse. the fact that they would turn that into them doing something like whipping the illegals is outrageous. it is outrageous. >> the border patrol agents were attacked by the vice president of the united states and now the department of homeland security before an investigation that they need to do an investigation. could they claim that they have a hostile workplace, geraldo? >> first of all, i have to say that what is this? the sisco kid? these are migrants fleeing a
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desperate situation. these are not escaping inmates. this behavior, this macho man behavior is absolutely unacceptable. >> how can accuse anybody of a macho behavior? that's been your career for 50 years. >> you might be right. i appreciate our front line uniform services. they have a tough job. there's a crisis at the border of joe biden's making. i concede that. absolutely. we have to do something. trump did it better. i concede that. when you have that happening, that shows an attitude that is unacceptable. >> what are they doing wrong? >> how would you like it if it was your ancestor coming across the rio grande and the guy on the -- >> the guy on the horse -- >> lash lerew and -- >> that is a border. >> he wasn't whipping. it wasn't i was a slave for 12
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years. but there is a big rein, big horses and trying to intimidate and terrorize -- >> you're interpreting an image, geraldo. >> if it was you, it wouldn't be an interpretation. >> he's not breaking the law. >> i'm with greg. reject the fools. here you have kamala harris saying we need to treat them as human beings. i get it. where in the hell have these people been when little girls are being sold to sex slavery? little girls are dieing in the dessert. drugs are flowing into the country, this is mass human -- >> hold on. that's his job to prevent it. >> that's what i said. >> we don't -- i watched the video before i came on the show where the migrants were pushing women in front of them into the horses. the border patrol is like what are you doing pushing women into us? what kind of people are you? geraldo, you can't take a small video and categorize border patrol who has been doing yeoman's work on the
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humanitarian side an castigate all of them. democrats have to say we created this mess. we have a humanitarian crisis. leave the border patrol alone. if you're going to get outraged, get outraged on the horrors taking place -- >> i am. all of it outrages me. there's no doubt about it. this is a crisis. joe biden's kindness has created -- >> kindness? >> kindness has created cruelty. but we still have to bend over backwards, this is america. this is a place where we don't have horses chases -- >> this is a country of laws. this is a country with a border. we're a sovereign nation. i don't care what they are. they're coming here illegally. >> they want a better life for your families -- >> my parents came here legally. >> they do this in times square at last call. i've been there. i've been there.
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the horses come out -- >> they saw you coming. >> there you go. >> the truth comes out. >> identity politics. >> carmine's restaurant. >> we'll get to that in my block. >> the other thing, sean, kamala harris, the press secretary said she was working on the root causes. where is that? >> a great point. where are the root causes? are they in the northern triangle, haiti, all over the country -- >> the root causes -- a good point. the report she provided -- >> the root causes are i want to come to america, the land of plenty. i want to get an education, medication, housing, welfare. you know what? disability. i want all that. maybe i want to work, too. >> there's 150,000 haitians in new york city alone. they are the best neighbors, they're business people, they are entrepreneurial. they're faith-based. >> mayorkas should be fired. you sit out here and say my
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strategy is i'm going to tell people not to come to the border as opposed to shutting down the border? shut it down, do what trump did. send people back. homeland security, our homeland security is devastated by this kind of leadership. >> we have to move on. we have a fox news alert. a major breaking news in the gabby petito case.
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>> greg: the fbi in denver announcing the autopsy results that the body found has been identified as gabby petito. let's go to laura ingle for more in jackson, wyoming. laura? >> good afternoon. we've been here all day awaiting word, knowing that today's autopsy was taking place.
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there was a flurry of activity awhile ago. we weren't sure what that was. the fbi tweeting out the results coming from the teton county coroner confirms the remains of gabby petito. gave out her birthday of march 19, 1999. the official cause of death is homicide. the fbi put out a tweet with an additional statement that i will read to you saying that the fbi's commitment to justice is at the forefront of each and every investigation said special agent in charge, michael snyder. the fbi and our partners remain dedicated to ensuring everyone, anyone responsible for or complicit in miss petito's death is held accountable for their actions. mr. brian laundrie has been named a person of interest.
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anyone with information concerning his whereabouts should contact the fbi. important to know, he's considered a person of interest even at this point. i soak with the family attorney in new york, all the parents for gabrielle petito. they said once gabby is brought home, the family will issue a statement in person. we're expecting a press conference from them when she's returned home. greg? >> greg: thanks, laura. so judge, it's determined to be a homicide and one person of interest, right? is that it? >> jeanine: yeah, he's a person of interest. they're not calling him the suspect. i suspect there's reasons. >> dana: why? >> jeanine: certain legal obligations kick in once you're a suspect. labelled a suspect. the police are not under a requirement to call him a
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suspect. here's the issue. if the manner of death is a homicide, we don't know the cause of death. was she hit with blunt force trauma, a strangulation. i'm inclined to think there was something physical because they were physical. my biggest concern is something that i said last week. the cops in utah did not make an arrest. the dispatcher said that there was a caller saying that he was hitting her. in addition to that, we have another witness that says he was hitting her. i pulled up the utah statute, which is like most statutes across the country. i know this. i've done domestic violence prosecutions since 1978. there's something called mandatory arrest. cops are mandated to determine who the primary aggressor is. not the last person to hit. we know from the scene last week that he was holding her face and the police say oh, he was
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holding her face to stop her from hitting her from hitting him. he wasn't letting her in the car. she was chasing the car. he had her phone. wouldn't give her the phone. we're talking jealousy, control. all domestic violence. they tell them to separate and talk about mental health? no, this is domestic violence. under utah law you arrest one of them. if that were the case, this wouldn't be happening. >> greg: what do you think, geraldo? >> geraldo: i think the police deserve scrutiny in light of what we know about what they did and did not do. a couple of other points though. men think they're so slick. they think it never happened before. they can put one over on the authorities. they can make it seem i don't know what happened to her. the man always did it. that's my presumption, my
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working presumption is the guy did it, start your investigation right there. the other thing is, social media is a lie. when you see social media instagram, all of these other things that kids are into, everybody is skinny, everybody is beautiful, everybody is in love. everybody is dancing and skipping and you envy them and you never envy anybody. everyone has situations in their life. live your life. don't look at these pretty people and say, i want to be like them. >> greg: he was hardly pretty though. sean? >> sean: so listen, i agree with the judge. law enforcement left something to be desired in how they handled this case. as a former prosecutor, we also had a mandatory arrest statute in wisconsin. oftentimes the cops, they come across he these situations all the time. women oftentimes will recant. look at the seriousness of what
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the altercation is. i'm telling you the perspective of law enforcement. and they don't make the arrest. hold on a second. i want to look at the facts. we all have the right suspect, i think. brian laundrie. but does -- what did he do after the crime? he flees the scene. he goes back to florida without his fiance. doesn't tell anybody where she is. doesn't take to the parents for the cops. lo and behold, he vacates his parents' house. >> dana: to your point, judge, the aggressor should be locked up. not just separating him for the night. he should be arrested. then her parents would have known. >> jeanine: and a different situation. and i started the first domestic violence unit in the nation in 1978. the department of justice. it was a pilot program. so here's the thing. we know that if the police can't
2:21 pm
make an arrest and you let them go on their merry way, they end up dead or seriously injured because domestic violence increases in intensity, frequency and severity and the guy thinks it has it all over everybody as time goes on. >> sean: what will happen, the woman said i was the guilty party. >> jeanine: you know what? i prove that wasn't the case. if she has the right support, if she has the support system where she's got shelter and she's got opportunities to defend herself, cops don't say hey, she liked it. let her have it. >> sean: had law enforcement done what she was supposed to, he would be a live tonight. >> geraldo: did he call her mom. what did they know. when he went home, did he speak to his parents? >> jeanine: that's a question. >> geraldo: if your son is suspected of something, did he
2:22 pm
talk to his parents? if you were a parent, would you have called the authorities? >> dana: there's a question of whether he went to florida. >> geraldo: of course. >> dana: so you have this crazy situation -- >> jeanine: do you think the parents could be charged? >> dana: sure. i'm not a lawyer. >> greg: if they helped him escape. if they created a detour saying -- >> dana: aiding an abetting. >> sean: they're not talking to the authorities. the white van -- >> dana: a great question. how did it get there. remember, the sister goes on good morning america and said i haven't seen him for talked to him. she lives there. she can't go in the house? i don't think he was there. >> jeanine: she used an interesting word. she said there must have be a misunderstanding. i spun around. she knews something happened. >> geraldo: i hope he had the good taste to take his own life.
2:23 pm
>> dana: the family deserves justice. >> greg: suicide is a cowardly way out. >> geraldo: you hit a woman, you're a coward. >> greg: next up, president biden boasting that america is back after the disaster in afghanistan. ♪♪
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>> sean: biden was at the u.n. trying to convince allies that america is back. spinning his take on afghanistan and boasting that the united states is ready to move forward. >> instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past, we're fixing our eyes and devoting resources to the challenges that hold the keys to
2:28 pm
our collective future. we ended 20 years of conflict in afghanistan. has we close this period of relentless war, we're opening a new era of releaptless diplomacy. those that commit acts of terrorism will continue to find a determined enemy in the united states. >> sean: greg besides the slurring and the stumbling, how do you think it went? >> greg: you want a low bar. i asked my buddy how joe did because i was working at the time. he said he was alert. i thought that's something that you say about a person recuperating after a car accident in the hospital. yes, he's alert, dana. that's a very low ban. look at afghanistan, the drone strike, the border. a deflated presidency. joe biden is the chief air mattress of presidents. fill it up. by the time you get the sheet on it, it's flatter than his hair
2:29 pm
plugs. you can't keep him going. >> sean: so going to do a speech, make it ten minutes -- >> greg: retire. don't make any speeches. >> sean: dana, you want to project strength. he's trying to turn the page on afghanistan, the border crisis, inflation. france. did he -- >> dana: they wrote this speech weeks ago. they didn't update it. they didn't refresh it. you can imagine when he said and we're now going to be relentless in our diplomacy, the french like excuse me in the south korean guy sitting on his hands. there's not a lot of emotion or clapping. so it's hard to read the room. i also notice that there's -- in a speech like this, i think, especially for the first one a president gives, you're looking for rhetorical lift.
2:30 pm
a little grace, something. that doesn't happen in his speeches. the other thing i point out is, he's vaguely talkn't about afghanistan. think of how many countries are there thinking how mad he are that wouldn't listen to their pleas to extend the deadline to get the people out. one person has resigned. it was the dutch foreign minister. the parliament said things were mishandled. she resigned. she's the only one that resigned. it wasn't her fault that all of these things were happening in afghanistan and they couldn't get their people out in time. >> sean: that's one. that's nice. >> dana: i don't think she should have been fired. >> jeanine: i want to play this clip and get your reaction, judge. >> our security, our prosperity and our freedoms are interconnected in my view as never before. so i believe we must work together as never before.
2:31 pm
>> sean: judge, our freedoms are interconnected with the rest of the world. freedoms come from god and our constitution. what is he talking about? >> jeanine: he's admitting everything he's doing is in collaboration with a globalist. he's up front with it. my favorite line from the whole thing, he seeds we're going to lead by the power of example. really? this the same administration that droned a u.s. aid worker with seven kids, lied about it to the world and the american people and then because the press, they had to say sorry about that. the same administration that put the taliban in charge of security of americans, this guy should be so embarrassed to even -- how could he get through the speech? i can't listen to it. everything he says is outrageous. you leave the taliban in charge of american security? i can't -- >> sean: geraldo, my view is
2:32 pm
this is a globalist speech. compare that to donald trump is an american first speech. i'll partner with you. how do you think the global's rhetoric plays to the american public? >> geraldo: first of all, i don't think anybody he said could have played. he's on his heels right now. the border is so humiliating. the afghan chaos, the seven children killed. the aussie submarine deal and france, our oldest ally withdraws our ambassadors. talk about diplomacy. so in terms of globalism versus, you know, nationalism, you know, i think that this is a decisive decade for the world. i think it is an inflection point in history. i would have gone on about china. i think that china -- you can't have climate change discussions
2:33 pm
without saying china is leading the world in polluting. you can't have free trade discussions without saying that china is screwing everybody over. i can't tell you how much money i lost in the last two weeks because of the chinese real estate market. >> dana: not to mention the virus. >> geraldo: not to mention covid. >> greg: and fentanyl. >> sean: it was a short coming of the speech. i agree. black lives matter protests break out at a restaurant after a violent altercation over vaccine mandates. that's next. ♪♪
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>> jeanine: liberal covid mandates causing a major
2:38 pm
confrontation. blacks lives matter pros testing outside carmine's restaurant in new york city after three african american women from texas got into a brawl with a hostess over vaccine passports. they claim the asian american hostess made racist remarks. the tourists were charged with assault and criminal mischief. video shows them confronting the hostesses after they were asked to leave. start with you, dana. the claim of racism by the three women who were ultimately arrested wasn't made until the next day. they didn't say it to the manager. they didn't say it to the police when they responded. >> dana: it's not on video. >> jeanine: they say that it's not on the video. >> dana: you can see that in the video there from up above. the manager at the restaurant obviously sensitive to this kind of accusation are adamant that did not happen and i'm sure that they have witnesses there.
2:39 pm
one of the things that is terrible for small businesses, they already have a situation where they can't find workers. you have the job creator's network has this huge lawsuit against the mandate. they're talking about small businesses. it's not because they're against vaccines. it's the fact that it's so hard for small businesses to find workers already. can you imagine if you're a young woman and you're thinking of getting your start in new york city. you're going to take a job as a hostess. is this worth it? they're the one on the front line. the first person that you see when you walk in. it's not a security guard. one of the things you have with the government is all of these government agencies have work-arounds so they don't have to necessarily get the vaccine. so all of these perks go to government agencies, not to small businesses. people are starting to notice. this was -- we knew this would happen. we predicted it. >> greg: i have the prediction here. i'm not going to -- >> dana: i'm good.
2:40 pm
what happened? >> greg: all right. some smart guy on a show said this like a month ago. >> two points here. can you imagine the spectacle of a black family going to a restaurant full of white people. they're told that they have to sit outside. so quite a visual for the winter, right? white people in, black people out. that won't go well. what is missing? the covid cops. is there a force that will be going around enforcing this stuff? >> greg: this is not the restaurant's fault. if you're a pissed off protester, be mad at the people that made the rules, not the enforcers. no hostess or restaurant manager wants to get in the middle of a racial conflict especially if it's ginned up. the videos from what we can tell, there were aggressors that the do you rememberists -- we can't hear anything. we knew this was coming. >> jeanine: we knew it was
2:41 pm
coming. hang on, geraldo. we knew it was coming. it appears that the asian american hostess -- i want to be clear -- she let the three black women in. they have their vaccine cards. three men joined them. they have their vaccine cards and then another three. all six of them came out for the three that didn't have the card. >> sean: all heck breaks loose. let's say there's a racial slur. what is the right response if someone makes a racial slur to you? go gang up on someone three and one and beat the crap out of them? >> geraldo: this is criminal behavior. that's not the point. >> sean: it's not to defend any racial slurs. i don't like black lives matter. i don't agree with black lives matter, but black lives matter says there's a did spared impact on black families because
2:42 pm
they're hesitant and being excluded from restaurants. one chock up to black lives matter first time ever. >> jeanine: so they decide to protest. the guardian angels are out there and cursing him out there. they're throwing anti-gay slurs at the guardian angels. >> geraldo: they assaulted the asian american woman, assaulted the latino that came to her aid, they assaulted the black man and woman. the video is so clear. it's absolutely intolerable. it's not about black people hesitant to get vaccines or show the card. we follow the rules. there's rules against jaywalking. there's rules -- you can't grab a little person and throble them and throw the -- >> greg: you're be good at the
2:43 pm
border patrol on a horse. [laughter] >> geraldo: i don't get the -- >> greg: you're talking about rules, laws and process. >> jeanine: geraldo is right. it's very simple. they commit a crime. even if someone is called a name, it's not justification for an assault. period. >> geraldo: it's ridiculous. >> jeanine: there's no indication. coming up, here's another one. san francisco's mayor gets caught breaking her own covid rules. what a shock. ♪♪ be
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♪♪ >> geraldo: she's feeling it the spirit, but not her own rules. the mayor of san francisco defying her mask mandate and giving a pathetic excuse. she was spotted dancing in a club in a room full of maskless people including herself. her rule says that people indoors need to cover their faces even if vaccinated unless they're actively eating or drinking. the mayor trying to defend her do as i say, not as i do
2:48 pm
hypocrisy. >> we don't need the fun police to come in and try to micro manage and tell us what we should or shouldn't be doing. we know what we need to do to protect ourselves. i got up and started dancing because he was feeling the spirit. i wasn't thinking about a mask. >> geraldo: you ever get busted by the fun police? >> greg: she is the fun police. she's the precinct captain, right? we're in a let them eat cake moment of this country. emmys, french laundry, obama's birthday. met gala. all of this stuff. by the way, she didn't defy the city's rules. she defied her rules, which by the way i happen to agree with her about having fun but she's not letting everybody else share in the fun. she's dictating people how to leave and violates these things. that's why leftists get into politics so they can be exempt
2:49 pm
by the rules. time for a peaceful revolution, this is a let them eat cake phase. >> geraldo: rules for thee but not for me? >> dana: the media coverage is interesting. remember when laurie lightfoot was in chicago at the lollapalooza. same thing happened to mariel bowser. she was at the wedding. critics pounced on them. why isn't the media pouncing on them? they're supposed to stand up for the little guy, the person in power trying to enforce rules that are ridiculous that they're not following themselves. >> geraldo: i think, sean, that the rules are ridiculous. i believe if you have a room like the emmys or this party where she was and everybody certifies that they're vaccinated, they check them out, like walking in to fox news. you don't have people wearing
2:50 pm
masks. it's like -- i was going to make -- forget about it. >> sean: i agree. they're stupid rules. what burns me is when the party goers take their masks off but the servants have to wear masks. that burns me. >> jeanine: another part. she says we need to know what to do to protect ourselves. they guilted us for 1 1/2 years saying you're killing grammy. you're killing grammy. even though you're protected, she's only talking about protecting herself. she's forgot the montra. even if you're protected, you still have to make sure that granny doesn't get it because you can be carrying it. >> geraldo: i think that the -- i believe in vaccine mandates. i believe everybody needs to be vaccinated. i believe -- >> sean: i disagree. >> geraldo: you can disagree.
2:51 pm
we lost more people than we lost in the spanish flu in 1918. losing 2,000 people per day. >> greg: that has nothing -- >> dana: if you're vaccinated -- >> this has nothing to do with it. to be vaccinated is good enough. one more thing is up. ♪♪ ying. protection so good it's scary. "the addams family 2" playing october 1st. ♪ ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain
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2:56 pm
quite a bit. thrilled with them. wish them the best, happy marriage jen and chris. congratulations. >> greg: haven't done this in a while. yeah. straight from the emmys. you know, as a world class celebrity i live in a world class neighborhood surrounded by fellow celebrities not as powerful. doesn't have a hit show at 11:00 crushing the competition. anyway i digress. hanging thought front of my house today. you wouldn't believe it. because it was a little rainy. take a look at this young guy. gordon ramsey. [laughter] >> greg: hanging out. he was a fan. he was hoping for a signed autographed picture from me. out in the rain for literally hours would not leave. looking. >> dana: not afraid of that puddle. >> greg: looking at his own. >> judge jeanine: how is that connected to him? >> greg: what do you mean? >> judge jeanine: umbrella? >> greg: umbrella hat. >> dana: looks like it's tied around him. ingenious product.
2:57 pm
>> greg: gordon ramsey is rich. he is afford anything. that's what he has chosen to spend it on. >> sean: think he has to lose a few pounds. >> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: this is geraldo's new hair cut news with geraldo. [laughter] >> geraldo: i finally i should have had a ponytail like chris but i decided to cut to have. the barber is elmer, real old school. he is one of the best in ohio. he is working on the adam driver movie they are shooting in our neighborhood right now. you know, my hair very near and dear to me. a big part of -- the biggest part of my act more than my intellect for 51 years. >> dana: does he do the mass attach as well? >> geraldo: mustache is happening. >> greg: are you waxing that's thing? >> geraldo: i have. elmer gave me a whole new look. >> dana: that is some one more thing, geraldo. >> greg: get any hirer you will be tying women to railroad tracks. [laughter] judge jeanine, your turn?
2:58 pm
>> judge jeanine: all right. there is this woman in sigh berea in russia her name is veronica and she rescued a brown bear right there. they are right there named u. the park that archie was rescued from was going out of business. she took arch were they spend their day on the lake in southern siberia. >> it's a man in a costume. >> judge jeanine: it is real. >> greg: it's a man in the costume. >> judge jeanine: she couldn't release him into the wilderness because he had been in captivity his whole life. but they are very, very close, like any other friends and they enjoy their holiday time together. and i don't know how he doesn't sink the boat on his side. >> greg: this is a dude in a bear suit. >> judge jeanine: no, it's not. i'm a judge. it must be true. [laughter] >> sean: stuck in the if you are? >> greg: he was wearing pants. >> sean: barber famous? i cut geraldo's hair that's like
2:59 pm
famous smith. >> dana: you never know. >> geraldo: i don't go to barber shops. i tried cutting it myself. that didn't work. and then my makeup lady tried cutting it and it was all over the place. but elmer came over and rescued me. >> dana: it looks good. >> geraldo: the pandemic has affected all of those people for years. half of their lives were totally interrupted no. business and scared to death of them. >> sean: to identify stop you on the hair because i have got to get my one more thing. at our house we a v. a lot of kids and chores. i love innovation and creativity. look at this north carolina boy he is mowing his lawn with a hover board. so he has a hover board. made his own riding lawn mower to mow his lawn this guy is going to be an inventor,. >> greg: is this one of your kids? you can't tell can you. >> sean: i can't. >> greg: do you know all their names? >> sean: i have 9 but i mess their names up all the time if
3:00 pm
you give me time i could go through them all. i call one one name and the other the other name because we didn't call any of them. you know i'm talking to you. >> greg: how much milk do you buy a week? >> sean: i buy 6 gallons a week. >> geraldo: how much is a gallon of milk? >> sean: 3.50. >> geraldo: i didn't know that. >> dana: now we know. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hi, bret. >> bret: hey, dana. thanks. i'm just down the hall. i'm not sure about the bear in the boat i'm with greg. >> dana: we will follow up on that tomorrow. ♪ good evening. i'm bret baier we are coming to you live from fox news world headquarters in new york where we are following several big stories tonight. president biden was down the road across town today to address the united nations general assembly. what he did not say is making a lot of the headlines. one of those ignored topics at the u.n. is the border crisis. we'll have a live report from south text. we


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