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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> tucker: and the fbi general counsel clearly knew. >> exactly. >> tucker: it is interesting and you explained it well, harmeet thank you very much. >> my flesh. >> tucker: new episode tucker carlson today on 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, you can extreme it back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and groupthink. 8 sean hannity takes over at nine >> sean: thank you tucker welcome to hannity. breaking news in the tragic case of gabby petito a full record has it. but first the crisis in afghanistan continues, no end in sight. >> americans held hostage abandoned behind enemy lines day 38. >> sean: day 38 will not forget on this program, our fellow americans, our allies, their families, abandoned by joe biden now trapped behind enemy lines now hostages to the taliban terrorists and the situationta s getting more dire by the day.
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graphic video yet to be confirmed by fox news though you can see with your own eyes shows taliban terrorists murdering 22 unarmed afgan commandos the people that allied with us that we swore we would help get out of there. they surrendered to the taliban back in july. no doubt biden knew this was going on. still abandoned americans thousands of people with green cards that are eligible to be in america, our friends, our allies, their families and our fellow citizens. now, thousands of afgan green cards, sivs over however many americans are all in hiding. we don't know the number. death squads going door to door searching for anyone whoever may have assisted the u.s. in the last 20 years. biden once lectured the t terrorists in the taliban about inclusivity and allowing more women in the government. now little girls can't go to school and now unarmed afgans are being murdered in the streets in broad daylight. women, girls blocked from
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attending school and workck and female government work, they have been told to stay home. and the all male taliban government is now enacting strict sharee law throughout the entire country. the new islamic 'em rants of joe biden. but today in his speech to the u n he didn'tbi say a thing about the dire circumstances that hepe caused inside of afghanistan. he said nothing about his botched pullout, nothing about the americans he abandoned, our allies are horrified, our enemies emboldened. nothing about biden's drone strike that killed ten innocent civilians including seven children. and now he can't be bothered to say aen single word about the tragic loss of human life except to have a spokesperson say that he understands loss. i'm surehe that's really comforting to the parents of the children that he killed. what a national embarrassment worse by the day. joe biden has allowed this entire country to be totally utterly humiliated on the world stage.
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america's back. no, joe, america is falling apart because you're missing in action. one humiliating disaster after another. clueless mumbling bum bling joe biden congratulating himself on successfully pulling out of afghanistan. if that's success how do you define failure. and then spewed meaningless platitude far left socialist buzz wards about climate change inequity and global togetherness and kumbaya. needless to say the speech lacked any real substance and biden as per usual looked his usual tired, weak and frail self. at one point he even seemed to forget where he was. it's humiliating. >> as we pursue diplomacy across the board, united states will champion the democratic values that go to the very heart of who
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we are as a nation and a people. freedom, equality, opportunity and a belief in the universal rights of all people. it's stamped into our dna as a nation and critically it's stamped into the dna of this institution, the united states. >> sean: no, joe, that would be the united nations the institution you're talking about there. my friend from down under, that guy. so embarrassing. by the way at no pointha during those remarks did biden mention humanitarian public health national security crisis that now is our southern border. it is worse than ever. make no mistake. this, too, is now an international disaster. migrants from all over the world coming across en masse. more than a million five so far this year. joe on track now to allow more illegal aliens into this country than the last 25 years. by the way, after donald trump's policies dropped america to a
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25-year low. biden's dhs secretary now claiming the southern border is closed. he is simply lying to you. the images tell a very different story. thousands of migrants are still pouring across every single day in the middle of a pandemic high rates of covid positivity and other illnesses, over 10,000 have been camping under a bridge in texas for day, squalor conditions, babies being born women giving berth, trash accumulating, the left mobrn feigned outrage over donald trump's tweets are silent about all this. get this kamala harris our border czar is troubled by the treatment of these migrants. if only we did have a border czar who was tasked months ago to fix this disaster. >> those individuals on horseback treating human beings
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the way they were is horrible.e. and i fully support what is happening right now, which is a thorough investigation into exactly what is going on there. and i was deeply troubled about it and i'll also be talking to secretary in my office today about it. >> in your role of migration from central america, are you also going to be looking into you know, looking at migration issues in haiti as well? >> well, listen, the whole point is that we have to understand haiti, i mean, talk about a country that has just experienced so much tragedy, as a member of the western hemisphere, we've got to support some very basic needs that the people of haiti have. >> sean: what's going on here? you're the one that denied that this was even a crisis. you denied it again and again. now you're appalled at how you and your administration is heating the migrants. the border czar kamala harris apparently more interested inn vilifying borderha patrol offics
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trying to protect and maintain law and order and border ansecurity and protect the couny amid a complete breakdown of all law and order because you're allowing the law breaking? you're facilitating the law break. you're aiding and abetting the law breaking. your policies caused this. you ended it's now catch and process and release. no more wall building, no more stay in mexico policy, those are your policies, you inherited secure borders. very few deportations, very little to no vetting at all. radical associates, no covid testing, no vaccine mandates likeia you're forcing on us and then jen psaki tells us well they won't beth here long. well, that's a lie, too, an outright lie now low and behold a month's long crisis, that has gone on since january the likes of which we've never seen. has anyone in the biden administration ever take a responsibility for any of the disasters that they caused?
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look at your screen. could you imagine if this happened and donald trump was your president? the media coverage, they would be apoplectic. they would go morele nuts over a tweet than they are about this unmitigated disaster. there would be hearings, talk of impeachment, investigations squad members at the border pretending to weep. still it's so bad many on the left are beginning to panic but not because the boarders are wide open or the terrible conditions under the bridge, no they're worried some of the illegal immigrants might get deported. oh, the law of the land might be followed? oh, the vapors. take a look. >> right now i'm told there are four flights scheduled to send four flights back to a country that cannot receive them. such a decision defies common sense and also defies common r. decency and what america is all about. president biden and secretary mayorkas to immediately put a stop to these pugs.
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>> the haitians migrants should be deported. >> how they're being treated at the border. >> but if you can bring 95,000 afgans here then why are you sending 86 haitians back on an airplane to a country that has been devastated. >> we're a nation of laws you're aiding and abetting the law break. i guess now don't let your hearts be troubled. seven months into the real crisis that they denied was a crisis, joe biden is making a solemn promise to get to the border and get it under control. this is his watch. really, joe? >> mr. president, what's your reaction to the images at the southern border? >> get it under control. >> get it under control or you have it under control. >> we will get it under control. >> sean: oh, boy. you promised, joe? like you promised to stay in afghanistan until every american
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is out? you promised george stephanopoulos like you promisd not to abandon our afgan allies just like you promised to get covid-19 under control just like you promised not to mandate vaccines, just like you promised to unite the country. just like you promised america would be respected on the world stage. joe bidene is so dishonest so morally corrupt if he even knows what day it is, he makes bill clinton ton look like honest now his inept policies and out of touchness, all these problems he caused and now continues to cause suffering at home and abroad on a scale we've never seen. but don't expect biden to answer any questions about afghanistan or the border crisis. in fact,he today his staffers we so desperate to avoid questions "i'm not allowed to answer" that they shoved reporters right out of the oval office. big shocker. take a look. >> thank you. thank you, let's go. thank you.
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let's go. >> what is your response -- >> let's go. let's go. thank you.u. let's go. let's go. thank you. >> let's go, thank you. >> i have no idea. i hope the microphone got it. >> no. >> reporters get questions? >> sean: investigative journalist fox news contributor sara carter has been embed wind the u.s.s. border patrol all day today. she gives us a live report what's really going on in del rio texas. sarah tell us about the day you had.d. >> oh, sean, it's been a long day. it's been a hot day. not just for me but for the migrants behind me.. as you can see right behind me the camp still has roughly 9,000 people. i could say about 50% of those people are women and children. it's devastating. the conditions are depreciating. there are charities bringing food in and water. but there's just not enough
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resources. and i've been speaking to border patrol agents and texas state police as well as texas department of public safety officers who say that the biden administration is the one that created this problem, and the federal government needs to come in and do something about it. as you know, the white house right now is conducting an investigation into a recent report that they say that border patrol agents possibly, possibly harmed migrants, those border patrol agents on horseback with whips. what i can say is this definitively. there were no whips involved with these horses. border patrol agents use with they call split reigns. i ride horsesit as well, these split reigns are long reigns and in the photographs that were taken by news agencies and put out in the news media, you could see the long reign kind of billowing in the air. they also use the long reign to guide their horses and to move
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crowds out of the way. this is very important for them to get the message out that they did not harmony of the migrants. what they were trying to do was keep the migrants from crossing and coming back in.m crossing a lot of folks out here have said that because of the opposition to border patrol and law enforcement, that the white house is using this narrative to deflect from what's really going on here, which is depreciative conditions that they put in plate. p i have to tell you right now sean. there is over 6100 people in custody growing as the night goes on. those are people they have in custody. they have over 7000 people from haiti across the river in the rio grande valley sector. the situation is really getting out of control. border patrol agents are concerned about their own safety, so is the texas department of public safety, so are law enforcement s officers here along the river.ty listen to brandon judd, the president of the national border patrol counsel and this is what they've who to deal with all day long.
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>> are you concerned about your border patrol agents. >> very concerned if you look at what just happened in texas when those people from haiti found out they were going to be flown back and expelled, this he revolted, took over the bus and broke out of the bus. luckily we were able to apprehend every single one of 'em this. it took a whilee to do it but we were able to apprehend every single one of them. if that happens here, we're in trouble because they outnumber us ten, 15, to one. this looks likee a war zone. >> it does. >> ify you are actually here in person, not just watching it on tv, the noise, the smell, the chanties that have been built the hunger, the diseases going on in there, this looks like a war area and it's in the united states. these aren't pictures from another country. this is here in the greatest country of the world, and this should never happen.
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and, again, it falls right back onto the biden administration. >> sean, i've got to tell you what brandon judd is saying is absolutely true. being here among the people i've covered wars, been in afghanistan and iraq. it looks like i am in a war zone. it's devastating to see these children under these conditions. it's devastating to see our law enforcement officials so enforcement officials so possibly happen if they lose control of this situation considering all of the elements that are involved in here. one thing's for certain. governor greg abbott said that if the white house isn't going to do anything about it, texas certainly will, and they are. sean? >> sean: i mean, it's pretty unbelievable to me the complete incompetence on their part. now, they're trying to create the image that everyone's going to be deported. every one of my sources on the ground says that is not true and that they're using children in particular as anchors
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because if you have a child, the odds of you staying are quite high.yo and, as a matter of fact,te liky that you will be able to stay in the country sis that correct? >> that's correct. that's 100%t? correct, sean. i was speaking to sources all day about that. there's a lot of people here from haiti. obviously you see all the children behind me, they're playing. a lot of children were brought here specifically for that purpose. and one of the concerns that law enforcement officials has is like, we don't even know if these children actually belong to thee guardians that they're with.el there is no vetting right now. there is no security process in place to understand that. and that's what they're trying to do. that's what they're trying to figure out. and i have to tell you, it's a very, very dangerous situation not only for those children but for our law enforcement officials as well. >> sean: you've been down there for weeks now reporting t for ts show, and our border czar hasn't really been to the real border where the problem is. >> right. >> sean: sara carter thank you >> here withri more former arkansas mike huckabee and judge
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jeanine peer 0 is with us. judge start with you, being lied to on many levels here, this is one of many crisis self-inflicted wounds by the biden administration. this is now an unmitigated disaster and they seem to have no plan to fix it. >> well, they have no plan to fix it because they don't want to fix it. this is a scenario where the america is losing its status as a sovereign nation. all of these people that are these these people that are illegals, i think 1.6 million since january, and now with the mess that we were just talking about, all of these people have been invited in. they are basically being flown into the interior of this country. they can say they're being sent to other places, but we all know they're being bussed, flown into the interior of the country. we don't know who they are. there is no vetting. we don't know if they have any kind of disease, any kind of covid. i mean, we'rei locked down, we can't go to restaurants, we've
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got to mask up. but they have the right to refuse to even take a vaccine. this is the breakdown of america, the destruction of democracy. and when joe biden goes to the united nations and says america's back, what he's really saying is america's in the back. and when he says that we're going to go against terrorists what he's really doing is he's having terrorists provide security for us in afghanistan. we don't want to work with our allies. he's ignored them from afghanistan going forward, he's lied to the world about a drone that killed children. france has told its ambassador the brits have condemned him in parliament. this is a game he says one thing and does another. this is a sad point for america. >> governor i look at hundreds of americans abandoned behind enemy lines, thousands if we include people with green cards we now havee a pentagon admittig to killing civilians andpl humanitarian workers, a joint
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chiefs chairman conspiring with other military leaders and nancy pelosi to undermine a duly elected president of the united states and usurp his constitutional authority, you have france recalling their ambassador, as judge jeanine says. now we have, you know, add to that, if fda rejected even biden's booster shot plan. and now he's rationing mono clonal antibodies and new green deal socialism. governor huckabee, he's only been in office eight months. is there a single thing going well for them? because i don't see it? >> it's hard to find it. sean. and i'll tell you the person i feel most bad for is governor greg abbott of texas. he's using his dps agents as best he can. a lot of people have said how come he doesn't call up the national guard, let me tell you why. i've been a governor. the moment he calls up his national guard, joe biden will
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invoke title ten and federal eyes t them and turn them againt what the governor is trying do. so that's an issue, the governor's doing everything he a can do and more. he's needing the support of the president, not the opposition and it's incredibly unfair, to the state of texas, to the people of texas and most of all the governor of texas who is trying to hold the line but the federal government ought to be the ones down there helping him do that. instead they're doing everything they can to thwart his ability to take care have his citizens. and that's something i hope people will understand, that he can easily be sucker punched by the biden administration and sean they would do it in 30 minutes. the moment he brings the state guard there, they would federal eyes him and it would make the whole thing even worse. >> sean: governor abbott's going to join us a little bit later on the program today. judge, let me go back to you here for a second. i mean, while all this is going on, joe biden, he hasn't mentioned afghanistan in ten
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days. not a single thing. they're not lifting a finger to help the americans abandoned behind enemy lines. they're not dealing with joint chiefs chairman that potentially, you know, colluded with an enemy country, the communist chinese, and saying oh, we'll tip you off if, in fact, things go awry and the chain of command is going to now go through me which is not constitutional. >> well, the amazing part of it is, you know, milley should be gone. i mean,, off with -- as far as i'm concerned, the whole lot of them should be gone. they created a scenario where americans, as you say every night, are left behind. they are held hostage. but what's even worse than all that is the fact that this administration is relying on the main stream media to carry their water. they don't have to explain themselves anymore, sean. they don't have to say, look
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milley's going, you know, we're going to throw, him out and blinken is a disaster, he's trying to stop, you know, the afgan refugees from coming in and south americans from coming in. we don't even need to have him address that because the press has moved on and there's a new narrative now that border patrol on horses are now whipping haitians. now, as sara carter said and i rode western as well, that's a split reign to control a horse where you're in a situation where you have close surroundings and you have to make sure those horses move when you tell them to move. and by the way, we're' sovereign nation. we have a border. that is an international border. unless we invite you in, you're not allowed? into we have borders laws and sovereignty. we'll give the last word to governor huckabee. >> i just hope joe biden will be held accountable forve the total mess he has made, not only of the border but the other things that you mentioned. and in every single case, this is a white house that is incompetent or intentional. it's hard to tell which. >> sean: all right.
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thank you governor and thank you, judge >> straight ahead on this busy breaking news night, more breaking developments today in the case of gabby petito. we have a live report, and it's confirmed, our worst fears. and as usual the left is playing the race card. we'll explain, we'll get reaction. herschel walker leo 2.0 terrell when we return. please stay with us.
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>> sean: sad development tonight in the disappearance of gabby petito as authorities have confirmed that the remains were found in a wyoming national park and, in fact, they are those of the missing 22 year old woman. here with the very latest our own matt finn. matt. >> sean the court ruled youtuber gabby petito was killed by another person but did not
11:28 pm
reveal the manner of death. petito went on a cross country trip in july with her boyfriend brian laundrie.. they got into a fight along the way. police responded to a call that laundrie was slapping gabby petito and officers separated the couple for a night. then on september 1st, he returned to his parents florida home without petito. tonight, police are using helicopters, drones and dogs searching for laundrie who is missing and has not talked to police or provided any details about what happened to gabby petito. here is her father. >> there is no scenario where you clam up, the way he has that doesn't at least perception or mind, emotionally drained optics come to the conclusion that you're the guilty party. >> tonight brian laundrie has been named as a person of interest.ty her father says he and his daughter dated for two and a half year and laundrie was always respectful. we'll keep youed updated on this
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developing story sean. >> sean: thank you. now unfortunately the mobpd and meade why are trying to make this heart breaking story about race and once again needlessly divide americans just listen to msdnc's joy reed. take a look. >> the way this story has captivated the nation leaves many wondering? why not the same attention when a woman of color goes missing. it has a name, missing white women syndrome. >> sean: here on this program we believe all lives lost matter. we believe in remembering the names ofiv our american treasur. take a look at your screen. we have been scrolling the names of the lives lost to senseless violence, for example, in the city of chicago dating back to 2009. by the way, joy reed, maybe you can join us in mentioning the names of fellow human beings shot and shot and killed every single weekend in cities like chicago and new york and elsewhere.
11:30 pm
it's why we scroll the names of the more than, you know, a hundred and some odd officers killed in the line of duty so far this year. like we do. i know msdnc like to talk a lott about the rye jot on january 6th. we condemned it on this program. maybe you'll support us in forming a commission looking into the estimated 534 riots plus last summer that injured nearly 300 police officers pelted with bricks and rocks and bottles andd molotov cocktails. testimony riots that killed dozens of americans. the riots that killed the chas chop autonomous summer of love zone where horace anderson lorenzo jr. was killed and we interviewed his father. why all the riots and looting took place, tens of millions in damage. we do them all on this show. the year alone over 550 peoplee have been fatally shot in the city of chicago alone. why doesn't america know their names?
11:31 pm
why doesn't msdnc scroll the names of the people shot like we do? maybe you can join us joy reed in talking about this. talking about how to make the most vulnerable communities safe and secure and have law and order. here with reaction, leo 2.0 terrell along with georgia now senate candidate herschel walker and he just wrapped up a listening tour in the peach state running in georgia. by the way maybe we need to get team herschel hats. if leo has his 2.0 hat, i believe you have a web site team herschel. what does it say? [laughter]. >> run herschel run. >> i love it. >> very good. >> sean: all right. i wasn't expecting that. well done. you know, i've been scrolling these names of people now in cities shot, cops shot names we don't hear every day. i don't know why some cases don't get more coverage than others, i can't explain it. nobody wants to pay attention herschel. why?
11:32 pm
why is hundreds of people, every weekend it's 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 people shot in chicago,s nobody cares.ho we've been scrolling these names since 2009. >> well, sean, you know, it's funny crime has no color and it's sad that joy would come out with something as terrible as shebl came out. you need to be praying for this family. but crime has no color. and i think for her to bring color involved in it is a shame. but it's okay, people do that. but now i'm just going to till i'm going to pray for the family and i'm going to continue to pray and we have to continue to get the police out there doing their job. remember she wanted to defund the police and now she wants to separate people. so let's just decide what you want joy. do you want police to come and show up and show up for everybody or just to show up to one crime? you have to have more police out there to do that. >> sean: your take leo terrell. why? >> very simple. listen, joy reed is a racist of the worst kind.
11:33 pm
she doesn't need race to make up a race story. this young 22 year old girl lost her life, and it didn't fit joy reed's narrative because america was grieving, so joy needed to play the race card. and that's the only reason why she's talking about this case. to play the race card. and i'll tell you something else. the network she's working at why don't they do a 6-part series on black on black crime in this city? why don't they do a six part series on why in democrat series education among minorities is deficient? why don'tn they do stories about that? because it doesn't fit their narrative, and that's the reason why. so she attacked this tragic situation. s joy reed is a hater. >> sean: let me ask you know, whent me ask you you -- i spoke with you first about running for s senate from georgia, you said you're going
11:34 pm
to every down, every city, every church, every community everywhere, and for you it's not about republican or democrat it's about the people of georgia and you said something to me that struck me. youo said i'm here to work for the people of georgia and serve the people of georgia and serve why aren't more politicians concerned about violence? >> well, i think they should be concerned about violence. i'm concerned about violence in georgia. that's the reason i'm running for the senate. i'm running for the senate heree in georgia because i care about the people in georgia and i want to hear what the people got to say. that's the reason why i decided i want to get out and do this listening tour. i want to know what the people of georgia are saying, i want to know what they feel, what's hurting them and what how they think is the problem and that's how i can solve it. right now wek cannot just continue to put people in washington that do nothing, that sit on their hands, you see what the country is, you see what the state of georgia is going through right now and right now, i think people need to realize this senate seat in georgia is very, very important. so we want to put the right person in that seat and i know it's herschel walker.
11:35 pm
so i want people to remember they have tol go to, i did my filings, so come out and put money in my account and let me money in my account and let me >> sean: by the way i think leo should have team herschel hats made up. are you going to have team herschel hats made up, leo? >> of course. soon to be senator herschel i salute you.. i'll be out there in georgia for you buddy. >> thank you, leo. >> sean: get him the team hat. >> i'll get him a hat. leo has a hat coming. >> sean: all right thank you both. >> thank you. >> sean: all right. the disaster at the border governor greg t abbott's been there all day touring the horrific conditions under the del rio bridge earlier today. he'll tell us what he sees and more importantly what can be done to stop it and to enforce the laws of this country. straight ahead.
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>> sean: at least 12,000 migrants, as we've been telling you tonight, are living in squaller in joe biden's border karp in del rio texas bridge getting worse by the hour but biden nor harris can be bothered to reallybr care. they're aiding and abetting the law breaking resting to offer any solutions of what is now a self-inflicted security humanitarian health crisis in south texas right in the middle of a pandemic. where's the vaccine cards? where's the proof of negative covid tests? and ask yourself, o has biden er accepted any blame for the chaos he causes everywhere. has he ever once admitted it's a crisis or admitted it needs to be fixed. get this we're now learning several haitian migrants revolted during a ride on a federally contracted bus in san antonio even taking over the vehicle and escaping before
11:41 pm
reportedly being recaptured. tonight texas governor greg abbott is t staying strong tryig to protect texans using the resources he can. he's asking the president to issue an emergency declaration the situation spiraling out of control. texas governorua abbott has been down there tell us what you've seen all day in del rio sir. >> sean i just got back and you used the word that really captures it and the word is chaos. it's almost leak a third world country in this little area that biden has put all of these migrants in. and it's a disaster, just to be blunt about it. and, you know, you've seen disasters like haines that cause devastation, this is a manmade disaster made by joe biden. here's what texas is doing because we know that biden is not goingg to secure the border. so texas is stepping up to secure the border.
11:42 pm
i signed a budget where texas is providing $3 billion by the state of texas to secure the border.ov and what we're doing with that to help stop the flow of people coming across that dam that you see there in del rio. because we put a steel barrier patrol car after patrol car after patrol car added by national guard vehicles that were miles long, and as the border patrol themselves articulated, as soon as the texas department of public safety and the texas national guard put that steel par i don't remember of vehicles up across the border, that stopped anybody from crossing the border anymore. a and so we have a way of shutting it down, and that is on top sean, of what we're doing in terms of arresting and jailing people coming across the border illegally. we have by far the most aggressive approach dealing with the border definitely of any state but candidly when you add to the wall that we are he a building in the state of texas
11:43 pm
we're up there with what trump was able to do with regard to securing the border and we're getting very aggressive about our approach. >> sean: what really is happening, though, governor, is joe biden is aiding and abetting the law breaking. we have laws. they're not enforcing the laws. they're just processing people into the country. i know a lot of people have even suggested, okay, if you bring up the national guard, but that becomes problematic, too doesn't it? from a legal standpoint? because as soon as they're federal iced, doesn'tan it then become a jurisdictional issue between the state and federal government whereby the jurisdiction would then be given to joe biden and they'd still have control of anything anyway right? j >> well, you raise two issues let me address them both. first witht the national guard listen, i've already called up the national guard. we have thousands of national guard engaged as we speak with more being added all the time. so the national guard, they are
11:44 pm
engaged and, as governor, i signed the authorization that authorizes them to enforce texas and so they are participating with the texas department of public safety in these arrests of illegal migrants coming across the border. and so we've unleashed the national guard to do their job. you did mention something else however, that must bee underscored. you talked about how, what joe biden is doing by the catch and release and allowing people to come in, that opens the flood gate. you know, we can deal with a thousand here or a thousand there, migrants coming across the border. texas can keep a thousand out. but because of what joe biden is doing, that's why you suddenly have ten, 15 thousand just in the del rio sector alone, and because of joe biden's open border policies, you're going to do more and more caravans. i had a briefing today with border patrol with the texas department of public safety and national guard and they say there are more caravans coming.
11:45 pm
so we are increasing our forces as we speak right now, sean, to be prepared to deal with crossings like this on multiple fronts. texas is having to engage in a war that the biden administration should be fighting to protect multiple fronts of our border where tens of thousands of people are attempting to cross. >> sean: so you're spending $3 billion of texas money to secure texas laws, but they're not enforcing federal law. and the federal law would allow for the deportation. is there anything else that texas can do to stop people from actually crossing the border wherein they then get the protection of the biden administration? does that make sense to you the. >> it does. >> sean: inn other words you're enforcing use you are laws they're not enforcing the laws of the land, they pick and choose what laws they want to so then once they're on american territory, it's their jurisdiction to deport them, is it not? and you don't have a say over
11:46 pm
that. >> the last point you made is correct. however, there is something that texas did do that should prevent the biden administration from allowing these people in. because you'll remember thehe remain in mexico policy that trump had in place. texas filed a lawsuit against joe biden to force joe biden a o apply the remain in mexico policy. and a federal judge in texas ruled that biden did have to apply the remain in mexico policy. what biden is doing right now he's not only violating federal law, he's violatingnl a federal judge's ruling here in the state of texas and he should be held in contempt of court and compelled to comply with the remain in mexico policy that a federal judge has upheld. >> sean: it's amazing that, you know, we literally have politicians now that just pick and choose which laws theyt choose to enforce instead of changing the law, just like they tried to through the reconciliation process, they were stopped boy the senate parliamentarian to implement
11:47 pm
amnesty. dire situation, we appreciate you giving us a full report. hope you get that situation under control because i don't think help is coming from the federal government. straight ahead democrats push their out of control spending bill while biden's approval sinks even further. house leader kevin mccarthy is next. straight ahead.
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>> sean: more bad news for joe biden tonight,ba his approval numbers cratering to a whoopinga 31% in an influential iowa poll signaling everyday americans are increasingly dissatisfied with his disastrous job performance and his worsening self-inflicted crisis at home and abroad, from the atrocity in afghanistan
11:52 pm
leaving americans behind enemy lines to the out of control catastrophe at our border rising inflation, destroying energy independence, oh poke reckless spending, chaotic covid response, joe biden is falling pretty much on every single front.t. what is the democrat solution? spends trillion more on their new green deal socialism? what are republicans going to do and stand up to this? answer this and much more house minority leader kevin mccarthy. congressman good to see you. how do you stand up to it? there's talk about maybe not increasing the debt ceiling. what are you going to do? >> stand up strong and say no. what the democrats are trying to do is extend the credit limit on the credit card and add trillions of dollars. when you talked about it a little earlier, you were a hundred percent correct sean. the only thing president biden is delivering is disasters. our border is not secure. our place on the world stage is not safe and our economy is suffering. here we are with inflation we
11:53 pm
haven't seen in decades and they want to spend trillions more only put us in more harm's way create a socialist big government. and what we all need to do is all we need are four democrats to vote no. we watched in markup the last week where three democrats said no in energy and commerce and we saved $700 billion. the democrats are coming back and just trying to put it back in the bill.n. we watched another democrat in weighs and means to say no. if you add those three plus the other that's four. if they vote no on the final bill we're able to stop it. >> sean: if they don't do it will republicans unite and not increase the debt a ceiling? now, okay, you can do take in the house, they'll have a bigger problem in the senate but then it's going to be republicans are shutting down the government and the full faith and credit the of united states government is in jeopardy, you know the arguments. >> not i at all. because remember what is done in the past debt ceiling paid for everything in the trump administration plus seven months
11:54 pm
of this biden administration. who in america today? there's no one economist, no. a democrat economist that says spending $5 trillion is the right way to move forward with inflation and the suffering we're having today. on the house right now, they just passed, with the debt ceiling in it, every single republican said no. in the senate, i believe the republicans will hold firm. remember, sean, the democrats have the house, the senate and the white house. if they really want to extend the debt ceiling, they can do it on their own, but i don't thinky the american people want that. >> sean: so let me ask you this. is there anything that republicans in congress can do to save americans behind enemy lines as hostages? anything they can do at the border? >> well, i'll tell you what we've done numerous times but as you understand, 218 is what runs the floor. we just need four democrats to join with us. we have precedent on where is the plan. we put it before on the floor and asked just for four simple things. one to extend the deadline to every american out.
11:55 pm
tell us exactlyme how many weaps were left behind. no money for the taliban and no recognizing of the the democrats, every single one of them votedem no. this is why we need people to join with us. those who are watching the show tonight need to call the democrats to join. not based on a party but stand up for americans left behind. never in the history of america has an administration done this. >> sean: never before, and this border is a disaster. we'll be watching closely. congressman thank you. when we come back our video of the day straight ahead. ..
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♪ >> sean: now our video of the day comes to us from miami where marlins outfielder makes an amazing, incredible catch. take a look. of. >> seeing this one close to the line.
12:00 am
bare hands it. >> he just went kevin mitchell. >> he did. >> that ball came twisting back toward the line. he had overrun it, and after hitting a long home run, he makes a barehanded catch. >> sean: i bet that hurt. anyway amazing catch, unfortunately that's all the titime we have left. pleads set your dvr never miss an episode and not let your heart be troubled because she's here laura ingraham. >> laura: nothing like the barehanded catch, that is a great way to end the laura: nothing like the barehanded catch. that is a great way to end the show. that puts me in a good mood and we will get straight to it. i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington, we have a lot to get to select dive right in. relentless surrender is the focus of tonight's angle. it was almost a year ago to the day the un