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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  September 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tulsi gabbard back deployment in africa to go after jihadists. she will talk to us about the state of affairs today. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's special for the fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth starts right now. >> pete: right on the nose. thank you, bret. appreciate it. all right. good evening, america. it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> pete: i'm your host pete hegseth tonight and for the remainder of the week. and once again, we train our eyes on texas because for all intents and purposes it has become texas vs. the world. the biden administration continues to woefully fail to secure our southern border and of course lie about it the white house is proving that its awol and has no desire to quell this
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escalating crisis. >> we are continuing to edges pell people coming from a range of countries as we are continuing to apply title 42. because there's a global pandemic that is ongoing. >> pete: that was one heck of a press conference today. the only thing they can point to is a trump era rule that they hate and they use as a talking point to pretend to deport some people. just more lies coming from an administration that is full of them. and today we learn that the administration has released thousands of residents of bidenville. since their only goal is to clear out of the camp as fast as possible. you got to make the pictures go away. that's the only goal. but when it comes to those so-called deportations, they are only worried about single adult males, it seems, with family units and pregnant women being allowed to stay. meaning more anchor babies and more illegals. according to border patrol
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chief, brandon judd. over 600,000 of the illegal border cross arers have release not u.s. under catch and release since biden took office 8 months ago. 600,000. and now reports show illegals popping up in states as far as away as florida, new york, maryland, and many more, we don't even know about. in a few moments, we are going to talk to one eyewitness on the ground who has a firsthand account of a pregnant woman from the bidenville bring in del rio being flown to florida in order to give birth to a new anchor baby son. and it's not just pregnant women who are about to birth that are allowed to stay. as fox news bill melugin reports, all a woman has to do is claim she is pregnant and she will be released. they are asked to please report, please, pretty please, report to immigration within 60 days. on their owns. so it's still open season on the
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u.s. border and it looks like almost everyone is allowed to stay. why the surge in illegal immigrants this past year? well, because biden invited them. when on the campaign trail. >> i would in fact make sure there is, we immediately surge to the border all those people seeking asylum. they deserve to be heard. that's who we are. we are a nation that says if you want to flee and fleeing oppression, you should come. >> pete: you should come. that's the only message the third world heard. you should come. and the message was received loud and clear by the hoard of illegals looking to rush. >> all the given us 100 days to get to the u.s. >> pete: here's the thing that 100 days has never ended. kind of like two weeks to slow the spread. so far it's been 245 very long days. 245 days of biden waving the
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flight flag on the u.s. border and rolling out the welcome mat for anyone from anywhere for pretty much any reason. he keeps telling us that he is going to get the border under control. but how can he know if it's never -- how can he know if the border is under control if he has never been there to see the reality firsthand? >> has president biden ever been to the southern border? >> in his life? >> yes. >> i will have to get -- look back in my history books and check the times he has been to the southern border. >> we have been looking all morning and we cannot find any record of him visiting the border as president, vice president, senator, or even as a concerned citizen. why would that be? >> i can check and see when the last time or when he may have spent. >> pete: in his life? we are still waiting for that answer from the white house by the way which we will bring to you if and when we get it the guy has been in government longer than i have been alive and he may have never been to the southern border?
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no pictures? no events? nothing at all? i mean, he has been to afghanistan and iraq dozens of times. mexico many times. but never to the border ever? maybe the white house will come up with some obscure former visit as a whole. he doesn't care. he never has. and now he is a useful tool for the open border left to completely control, you know, that big white building he currently wanders around in. biden has no idea what's going on n texas. he has had some strong opinions on haiti in the past. >> if haiti god awful thing to say if haiti just quietly sunk into the caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn't matter a whole lot. >> pete: sounds pretty racist to me. now he says he is going to deport them but is he actually not. now he just ehe is just a racist and a liar. and apparently his
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administration border parole. given fake news reports. the whip, the smearing their work. >> please watch the photos of haitians gathering under a bridge with families and horrific video of the cbp video on horses using brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people. >> pete: horrific video that's been debunked. only people taking brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people are the mexican cartel who are trafficking these people for cash. but the white house neff mentions that because by flying these illegally trafficked people across the country, our government has become an extension of the cartel pipeline. the cartels get them to the border. joe biden he takes it from there. now, today we learn that the white house is disciplining the horse riding border agent for simply doing their job. as new reports show those agents have been shifted to desk duty
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amid an investigation. they will probably be processing released illegals. well done, joe. trashing the only people actually doing their job. who would you like it control the border? oh, nobody? yeah,we already know that. once again, don't worry, as vice president giggles is on top of it. she is on her way. not to texas. no, no, no. that would make too much sense. instead she is heading to new york to join the crew atview this week. so to recap. bidenville residents not being detorted. cartels running the show, joe biden helping them. brave border patrol agents on desk duty. root cause kamala awol in texas vs. the world. because the message is loud and clear from this white house to the world. keep coming. joining me tonight is alley bradley who down here firsthand
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look at the unwe have seen the images in bidenville huddled masses under the bridge. to many of these people who have been released who are on airplanes cities around the country, what are you hearing and what are you seeing? >> yeah, good evening, pete. i was on the ground in del rio, for quite a few days, i landed on friday and i took off yesterday from del rio, international airport. and when i got to del rio parent in the, there were several people there because they had those folders with them. they also openly talked to me when i asked them where they were coming from and going to. i also asked them to take some photos and they were happy to pose for photos as well he was with a baby very small.
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i couldn't help but ask how old is this baby? she told me only five days. this was yesterday. so mateo only six days old. she confirmed she had mateo in del rio. i talked to the sheriff he confirms 11 babies so far born there in that camp area. they are usually taken to the hospital. but the confirmation i'm giving you today is that one of them was actually born on the ground. so that means that border patrol agents and different people had to work there now, i talked to several different families all going to we are talking new york, maryland, we are talking about this family going to orlando, florida. i just talked to them through what's app. because they reached out to me. she says they would almost rather be back in del rio because they spent all their money on flights now they have nowhere to go. they said their family has no room for them in orlando. that's the situation we are looking at right now. >> pete: what's the next step? what's the plan? so they are at the airport in del rio. they are flying to various cities based on connections they
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purport to have. do they have a notice to appear? do they intend to follow through on that? what are they saying as far as their status in the united states of america? >> so this family actually tells me that they are set to see a judge on october 5th. now, i circled back and asked if this year or next year? >> pete: good question. >> we know that notices to appear were 12 to 36 months when i was down there a month ago. now we are told they are given 30 days. i did not hear back. i will continue to work on that one. they say they are going to see a judge october 5th. we can hope that is this coming october 5th so that they know what their next steps are. again, most of them say they are going to meet with families or a sponsor will help them. so that's kind of what i have been told from several families that i have spoken with. >> pete: we are talking men. we are talking women. we are talking kids and infants. simply release to the airport. simply released to bus stations and with the ability to get a ticket to a flight really wherever they want in the united states.
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>> i mean, they do have their boarding passes and things like that. i will tell you as soon as i got off the plane in dallas-fort worth they don't speak english and they had no idea where they were going and wandering around. i told them you have got to go to that board and look and see where your flight status is and where your connection is they had no idea what to do once they got off that plane from del rio into dallas. so, yeah, they are going, again, i talked to people going to las vegas. a month ago there were peerp from you're gay that were going to las vegas. it's not just this situation. where it's isolated this has been happening for quite a while. >> and the entire goal is to get them out of bidenville so that they are not a p.r. problem for this administration. now, they are the rest of our problems and god bless them. thank you, ali, appreciate it also here tonight dan bongino host of unfiltered. the white house has abdicated any attempt to enforce the border. the signal is still out loud and
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clear to the world we are telling -- we are saying publicly that we are deporting folks coming to the border but our actions show that we are not. >> no, we are not. and, listen, we need to stop with any shenanigans. i know you get it but there is no southern border. the southern border right now is simply a suggestion. i mean, pete, you've seen borders, right? you have traveled a lot. have you traveled overseas. i have as well. when we come back to the united states in a commercial flight, you and i are citizens, right? you get back and there is a line. there is a passport line. there is a diplomatic line. the pile lots go over here sometimes, right? but there is a pathway. you have to wait in line as a citizen. you get the lookover, customs official there they check your form, right? there is no border down south at all. it is a suggestion of a border. pete, this is just what we're seeing by the way, pete, that fox ariel footage they tried to shut down and the excellent work of bill melugin, keep in mind just one area of thousands of miles, we focused even at the
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biden administration did care. in that one spot. think about what we're not seeing all the get aways and other ospots. we don't have a southern border. this is his 11 point 5th step in the 12 step program to destroy america and he has succeeded. >> pete: sure seems like it. most okay general on cable news networks has been an event on law enforcement officers on horseback. simply charged with actuallily attempting to enforce maybe a couple yards of the actual border where people are coming on. big news explodes. they are whipping people. video and photo evidence shows that's not the case. why the obsession from almost every single leader of the democrat party to include from the white house to demonize. now they are on desk duty. you have been in places where you make tough calls. these guys are on desk duty. yesterday they were asked to do their job. >> i mean, think about this, right in the power of the media. the media how powerful they are. i know, you know, we as conservatives know they are the
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enemies of the truth. we know that. they have been for a long time. and it bothers us to say it because we want to believe we're winning, but i hate to say it, we're just not. pete, they made this whole story up. whip incident there was no whip and no incident. there was a border patrol agent on a horse trying trying to drive people. this is -- for a second, folks, why is this the national controversy? why? think about it. because the media said so. i guarantee you, 60, 70% of the population outside of the insane liberals, if you tell them and show them the video and tell them the facts about what happened, they are like oh, so you mean a border patrol guy tried to stop someone from entering the country illegally? no problem. it's a controversy because we have lunatics in the media who decided to make it one. this is not a -- this is not even a nonstory. it's a total non--it's a nonoccurrence. nothing happened. no one was hurt. there were no fatalities.
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i mean, if these people ever done police work? what do they think enforcing the border means? what do you think? we are going to use foul language stop now i will curse at you. >> pretty please. >> what the hell do you think? >> pete: you make the right point. if you have never been in a situation where things have to happen and you can't relate to the type of aggression that's often necessary to enforce something, that someone doesn't want to comply with, it's not a please, not a thank you, it's this border is closed. i got to ask though, dan, we covered this story for three nights in a row for all the right reasons because it's a story that deserves to be told. does this story get better or worse? when you talk to border patrol agents who are dealing with that reality and the signals that are being sent from the white house. do the numbers go up or do the numbers go down. >> yeah, listen, i'm sorry, man, i'm just not an optimist. i'm just not. i know god has please blessed this country. i'm not trying to wax
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philosophic i'm not plato here. i think he has blessed this country and i think we will hit a bottom at some point and i don't think it comes any time soon. pete, how do you explain 60% of californians think they are walking across some guy taking a dump in the street is really terrific and they want more of it? really do you think the border situation? seriously, six out of 10 people hey i got a guy main lining heroin in the street while unloading his diaper. you know we need some more of that? and do you think they are going to fix the border? i know i'm sorry, i'm just not an optimist. i know god will save this place. he always has. you know, we shouldn't be here. we shouldn't have won the war of 1812. we shouldn't have won the revolution. we are still here. we will fix it eventually. we haven't exhausted all the bad options yet. i think liberals unfortunately have to be like new york city in the 1980s where their target is robbed and kids get mugged on the train and all of a sudden they vote? a rudy giuliani. and i don't think we are there yet. >> pete: it's amazing that we're not. >> it's incredible.
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>> pete: churchill says america always does the right thing after doing everything else. >> darn it you stole my thunder. once they do all the other things they will do the right thing in the end. i'm probably killing it a little bit. you are right. churchill did say that about america. that's what i like. that's why i love having you on my show you are so awesome. >> pete: always an honor, dan. i'm a fan. i appreciate it dan bongino, thank you. all right. they fled the clutches of the taliban for a better life. but now dozens of afghan minors are going to the only place more dangerous than kabul, chicago.
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>> pete: welcome back. while the southern border as we know is overrun by migrants, it's not the only place in america seeing influx of
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refugees. the welcome mat is officially now being laid out for migrants coming from afghanistan. according to the department of homeland security, today a flight carrying 75 unaccompanied afghan children landed in the glamorous city of chicago. this number is in addition to the 860 afghan refugees that the state of illinois is already planning on welcoming in the coming weeks. with 550 of those being children. and to be clear, the vast majority of this group does not include the brave interpreters who went through the special immigrant visa process and were vetted after fighting alongside american troops against the taliban. these are at risk kids, many without parents or sponsors, waiting for them in the windy city. meaning they will be wards of the government, which can't even attack care of the kids already living in chicago, a city that has already seen at least 261 kids shot alone this year.
4:24 pm
not to mention a city where 80% of 8th graders don't read at grade level. taking in kids from a country with a 38% literacy rate and trust me that number is generous. so, chicago can't even take care of its own kids and we have expect chicago to take care of parentless afghan children. what in the world could go wrong? joining me now is victor davis hanson the author of the upcoming book "the dying citizen." and i do very much look forward to reading it everything you say, victor, is thoughtful. in this particular case, we welcome afghans who fought alongside us. we also know that the vast majority that came -- are coming are headed to our country weren't in that category per se were at risk. now you got kids going to chicago. do we have a system set up to absorb them properly? >> no, i don't think so. i think children in chicago who
4:25 pm
are u.s. citizens will fair worst than even refugees. we are kind like of 19th sen dry british empire that had a port or base all over the world but charles dickens writing at home about poverty and crime at the heart of it all in london. we have hollowed out our cities and yet we think we can spread all of our cull trure fly pride flags and have george floyd muir hiewrls. hollowed out at home. the soldiers asked to accompany the refugees even if they have had antibodies and prior case of covid they are going to have to get vaccinated. people coming from afghanistan or the 2 million at the border, even if they haven't had covid, they won't ask to be vaccinated. and you and i, pete, we can't pick and choose which laws we follow. people coming across the border. the first thing they do is break the law. the second thing they do is break the law by residing here. probably the third will be some
4:26 pm
type of i.d. can't say i'm not going to follow an irs law. i don't like this federal gun registration law so i'm going to avoid it and duong mentioned the dan bonginomentioned when i come united states i'm paranoid about having my passport. i'm a citizen. non-citizens don't worry about that apparently. part of a larger project. i think the democratic and left wing agenda movement project whatever we call it on unhappy with the present electorate. we have about 50 million people that were not born in the united states that are now residing here legally and we think it's we have got change the demography because we don't get 51% support for our agenda and that's sort of the organ nic argument that flipped california, nevada, colorado, maybe arizona, new mexico, maybe some day georgia. and then the elites say well we have got to change the electorate but we have also get rid of the 9 person supreme court, the electoral college, the filibuster, get a national voting law and get two more states but it's part of a larger
4:27 pm
effort that says under the existing system and rules and under the existing electorate and demography we can't get what we want so we will change both at the opposite ends. that's what they're doing. >> pete: victor real quick we only have about 45 second. do they believe these kids will succeed when they get here or do they know the system will fail them and as you pointed out they are not just that concerned about it? >> no, i think they think -- i wouldn't be surprised if social workers focus on them in a greater fashion than they do the under class of chicago. we have -- i don't know what it is. it's some kind of weird tell you can you recall tick that if you are not a citizen and coming into the country, even without legality or maybe not through the legal lengthy process, we are going to do all we can for new a way that we have abandoned our own. i don't know how else to explain it. if you are a young african-american child, growing up in chicago, i think we are
4:28 pm
going to give you your parents some money subsubsidy did i we are out of sight, out of mind. we don't care about you. that's a terrible thing to say but that's our attitude. we prefer people from another country than we do our own citizens, that's a commentary where we are. >> pete: it's the exact opposite of america first. precisely what it is when you don't believe yourself you look somewhere else. >> it is citizenship last. >> pete: citizenship last. look forward to the book as well. thank you so much for the time. all right. coming up on "fox news primetime," bill gaetz can't stop giving really weird answers to questions about his old powell jeffrey epstein. >> is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this? >> well, he is dead. so, you know, in general, you always have to be careful.
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♪ >> pete: one of the few things democrats and republicans should be able to agree on is that the men and women, the warriors, killed in the 20 years that the global war on terror the wars in iraq and afghanistan deserve to be honored. doesn't matter what the politicians and the generals did. the war fighter delivered. however, this week the most powerful man in washington, d.c. senator joe manchin quietly blocked an act that would have placed a war on terror memorial in the national mall alongside monuments honoring those who served in world war ii. the korean war and the vietnam war. here now are two penal on the front lines of this fight senator joni ernst of iowa iraq war veteran and gold star wife who lost her husband chris in afghanistan both are friend, both are patriot. senator, let me start with you why would a bill like this be blocked? >> thank you so much pete. i'm glad to be here with my friend jane. but, why would it be blocked? this is a common sense move to
4:35 pm
honor those that have served during the global war on terrorism. they have served honorably, we need them to know that not only is america grateful, i am grateful. i'm grateful to jane's husband who gave the ultimate sacrifice. i'm grateful to jane and others like her that have stood by as patriots on the homeland. we want to honor those. they need to be honored. and we know the rightful place for this memorial is on our nation's mall. >> pete: amen. before i go to jane, senator, real quick, what is this a procedural thing? is this an infighting thing? is this a territory thing? too soon thing? why? >> again, it's common sense, and i am not sure the exact reasons on why our democratic colleague is blocking this bill, but, we do know that we have the vietnam memorial. we have the world war ii memorial and the korean war
4:36 pm
memorial on our nation's mall. we can, as congress, place this monument on the mall where it rightfully belongs. we have six former secretaries of defense. both democratic and republican administrations. they all agree that to honor these veterans, those that have fought, it needs to go on the mall. >> pete: jane, it's not hyperbole to say no one has been a more fierce advocate for our gold star families than you. what would it mean to have a memorial like this and you are the kind of person who makes things happen. i got believe eventually you are going to get this through. >> oh, this is the right thing do, pete. there is no other option at all than to have this memorial on the national mall. it speaks directly to the magnitude of the sacrifice of those like yourself who are willing to raise your right hand when our country was at war. being willing to fight, bleed and die for our country like my husband. one thing i don't talk about
4:37 pm
often but my husband and i didn't have any children. so his legacy is what he did for this country. and people will only learn about that once we build this memorial on the national mall and generations to come can come and visit it and honor him and remember those who have fought, bled and died for us in an all volunteer military. >> pete: so true, and, you know, we talk a lot about infrastructure these days. and they talk about human grurecket. and i don't mean to be flippant but this could be both. infrastructure that recognizes the lives that gave some. jane, what's your message real quick to democrats about this memorial? >> you know, it's for everyone. we need to come together as a country. i need my friends all across america to reach out to every office you can and senator manchin. there is no other acceptable place for our nation's longest multigenerational war than the national mall. i can't even believe this suspect for debate. i cannot explain the pain in my fellow gold star family's faces
4:38 pm
when they are saying how was this blocked? how is this already not just a given we must as a country honor those who have fought, bled and died for us. there is no other acceptable place than our nation's national mall. >> pete: amen, i agree. i filed this under a segment i never thought we would have to do but you need to do to get people to wake up. jane, senator, thank you so much. keep us posted. we appreciate it coming up, families are fed up with democrats. teachers unions and woke activism in the classroom. they are saying sayonara to the public government education system. more "fox news primetime" next. ♪
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4:44 pm
his friendship with the child sex trafficker? well,. >> is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this? >> well, he's dead, so, you know, in general, you always have to be careful -- >> pete: he's dead. it's in the past. nothing to see here just forget about it. we will bring you any updates on the story as they come. well, it turns out a lot of parents across the country are fed up with the public education system which we should call the government school system. so much so that they're pulling their kids out of public schools by the truck loads. and instead turning to private schools, christian schools, charter schools and home schooling. according to an analysis on the national alliance for public charter schools, during the 2020, 2021 school year, charter school enrollment grew 7%.
4:45 pm
the largest in half a decade same for private schools. by comparison district school enrollment dropped precipitously in every state. to be exact. 1.4 million students left their government-run school district. 1.4 million american kids with a new lease on learning. now, you can try to blame this on covid-19 and shutdowns and jamming masks on 5-year-olds, all you want. but the truth is, parents are also fed up with the marxist curriculum being taught in government schools, we are done. we don't want our kids to be indoctrinated with gender neutralities nonsense, the religion of climate change and racist critical race theory. the left has completely captured our public schools. i can't say that more emphatically. i was a public school kid. i'm sure many of you were, too. but the schools of yesteryear are long gone. kids learning from home during covid-19 exposed their parents
4:46 pm
to poisonous curriculum like say the 1619 project. i call what happened the covid 1619 effect. parents have found a real virus and it's in the textbooks. it's the woke versus the newly awake. and the only hope for our country is for this trend to continue. joining me now former university professor and author of black eye for america how critical race theory is burning down the house carol swain and north carolina lieutenant governor mark robinson. thank you both for being here. carroll, let me start with you, is it a good thing that a million and a half american kids are saying i'm out of public school? >> it's a wonderful thing. it's something that a lot of us have called for for a long time, pete. and so i'm proud of american parents who are pulling their children out of public schools but the rest of us, whether we have children or not in the public schools, we need to stand
4:47 pm
up fight for the children though are trapped and left behind. they have rights to and right now they are being abused by the curriculum. >> well said. lieutenant governor, you were part of a report in north carolina called the indoctrination in north carolina public education report. is that what you believe at this day and age is happening at our public schools? >> absolutely i do. i saw it firsthand with my children when they were in high school. i saw it at the university level myself when i was an adult children in the university system. and the entire time that i have been involved in campaigning and now as lieutenant governor, folks have been reaching out to me all across the state with these concerns. this is not as some politicians have claimed a conspiracy driven issue. this is a serious issue that we really need to tackle. and our office is doing everything that we can to do just that. >> pete: carol, what are parents missing that say, well, my public school is okay.
4:48 pm
maybe there is a little bit of that stuff. when you send your kids to a public school in that sense, what are they missing out of that they otherwise should be getting? >> well, they are missing the fact that the teachers, the educated in critical race theory and so they come out of the departments of education at the universities steeped in it. it is the classrooms and parents are just now, excuse me, learning about something that has been going on for a long time. and it takes away from academic learning when advanced placement courses are removed from schools. when standards are lowered for minority students. when messages are sent about white privilege and minorities being victims and racism being permanent. that's something that's very damaging and it creates a hostile learning environment for our students, hostile teaching environment for the teachers, it's not good for america. we need to keep pushing back.
4:49 pm
>> pete: lieutenant governor, have you been called racist or on the wrong side of history for daring to dare that critical race theory or diversity equity, inclusion maybe isn't a good thing in our public classrooms. >> oh, absolutely. we had a major news outlet that featured the cartoon featuring me and another member of the state school board a native american woman as clue deluxe clansmen because we simply wanted to teach what's flight history and what's right in the classroom. we have been demonized by many of those on the left. we choose not to listen to those voices. we listened to those parents and teachers and students who are reaching out to us every day. and demanding that something be done about this and that's exactly what we're going to continue to do. >> pete: i'm grateful for you both. those teachers unions have a stranglehold on places states can fight back but best option if you can if you have the resources or options i'm out of here. i'm not going to play by the
4:50 pm
government's rules because my life, my kid's life is at stake. thank you both. >> thank you. >> carol and lieutenant governor thank you. >> thank you. >> pete: coming up, will cain is here. i have breaking news to report he is now after the last night's performance the nice fun nest hope host on "fox news primetime." we are giving him a chance for redemption. we are putting him on the clock. stick around. ♪ 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them.
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>> just a few minutes left in the show time to put my good friend will cane on there clock four stories, 50 seconds each, let the emojis be our guide. they wanted me to compare you to matthew mcconaughey. you look like him. yeah. >> you know what they said? >> you know what they said? what they say? >> they said i look like matthew mcconaughey in dallas buyers' club. >> they're always trying to subvert you. behind the scenes to my face so i know they're jokes. >> there you go. it's true. first up tonight and tonight
4:56 pm
only all the late night hosts are coming together for a climate night special and if that does not make you wanna watch, well, wait until you hear who-who the big guest is going to be. it's going to be john kerry. will you be watching? it's simul cast on all the channels tonight? >> will i be able to avoid it? if it's on the channels, all the lathe late night speaking with quote unquote science it's going to be like the last 18 months instead of being about covid-19 it's going to be about climate change. we wonder why is greg gutfield the king of late night i give you this week - - >> tonight when gutfield beats every other child and they bring on the least funny guy possible. except we make fun of him. next up, two men were arrested in new zealand for doing the unthinkable. return to tried to smuggle buckets of kfc into a lockdowned city and were busted for breaking the country's covid rule. they also had loads of
4:57 pm
i'm guessing they were looking to satiate people who love kc? >> my first reaction when i saw this story was the person this food's being delivered to, the king of fast food, gutfeld the king of late night, you the king of fast food delivery, on the set of fox and friends saturday and sunday morning can we just take a note to just observe new zealand and australia, are totally losing grip on reality? we are punishing people who go outside of 5-kilometers from their residence and those who deliver kfc. one thing that tipped my hand that wasn't you, it tipped it off that it wasn't you, i have never seen you order kfc. you're more of a mcdonald's guy. >> i don't know if kfc even has breakfast but i would order it if i could. ten bucks says the police ate all that kfc as they should
4:58 pm
after confiscating it. connor mcgregor's one of the most ferocious fighters in the world but it turns out he's not so good at baseball. just a bit off sides. >> what'd you take from the chicago cubs? >> chicago cubs first pitch about 25 feet outside. >> i dilute awere quoting that line, just a bit outside from - - from - - >> major league. >> yes. >> took me a while. >> mitch wild thing, just a bit outside. excellent. >> he's a fighter. leeser not a pitcher. and whenever you see sort of soccer players or basketball players or probably television mosts try to throw out the first pitch it's always embarrassing. in my year that they told you in your ear it was major league. so i can't give you credit for that. >> why are you revealing things for the american public. i didn't know. i know now. >> by the way, can we anthony fauci for a second. that was the point of this segment to show tony fauci. you
4:59 pm
remember the pitch he threw was even worse and that's really why we wanted to do this in the first place. >> oh. >> there we go, america. last topic. if you thought people made a lot of bad life choices wait until next year. metro lifestyle magazine is predicting parents are about to give their babies crazy names like picksy, dovey, and birdie. now, i'm gonna defend the both of us - - i'm going to defend crazy names you've got son - - >> i was gonna say we live in glass houses. >> me too. i got a gunner and a boon and a rex, but bear and birdie and picksy? i don't know. >> careful, like you said, i have a west, comes from a long line o west texans, i'm not gonna cast stones from this glass house. i have a friend whose son is bear. i'm gonna sit this one out. you pixie your way all the way down to the wedding aisle. saloonosis. gonna be lovely, i'm sure she's gonna be popular in college, give her the name pixie. look at you signing off on it,
5:00 pm
very post-modern of you. i appreciate that. will cane, you're always a sport. thank you, brother. appreciate it. thanks for watching fox news prime time, i'm - - we'll see you again tomorrow night at 7. by the way check out fox nation, modern warriors law enforcement edition is up there right now you will love it. and law enforcement gets it free for a year. tucker carlson up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight, a flood of haitian migrants into the united states continues at this hour unabated. at the border for us now with anup update. >> hey, tucker, good evening to you. today fox news was able to confirm that in fact the federal government is releasing thousands of haitian migrants into the united states from this camp right here. my border patrol source who's on the ground working heren


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