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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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futile. people who took the vaccine will take and those who won't are not going to. >> tucker: if you treated your kids like the government treats american citizens, your kids would be in rehab. >> it would be abuse. >> tucker: we are out of time. sean hannity takes over. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." day 39 estimates of hundreds of americans with green cards that allow them into our country and thousands of afghan allies abandoned by joe biden behind enemy lines left to be tortured and 4 u.s. marines are still in the hospital a months after the
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terrorist attack at the airport in kabul. joe biden claims he turned the page on afghanistan. taking a victory lap. what an insulting thing to say. not lifting a finger to help our fellow americans he abandoned. this is not republican or democrat. bring the americans home. he hasn't mention them in 22 days. how is that possible? i wonder in the families of those trapped inside afghanistan if they turned the page? i wonder in the families of the brave soldiers that died last month in afghanistan, if they turned the page when joe could have evacuated everybody and all of the military equipment and allies and families before he allowed the taliban on the march throughout the spring and early summer. he had full control. i wonder in the family of the seven children killed in biden's
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botched drone attack, i wonder if they turned the page. joe biden thinks he can simply move on and turn the page and the media mob gives him a free pass. just like they did on that drone strike in afghanistan. joe biden killed ten innocents civilians and humanitarians and seven children. >> president biden said the drone attack against isis-k won't be the last. >> maybe 8 out of 10 times we are hitting the wrong target. we have killed thousands of civilians. it would be par for the course if there was significant collateral damage from a drone strike in afghanistan. >> drone strikes have been a feature of the 20 year war on terror. thousands resulted in thousands
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of civilian casualties. this has been characteristic of the u.s. mission overseas. >> sean: what would be the media reaction be in donald trump killed humanitarians and children in the drone strike instead of joe biden? the media would be hysterical. even during president trump's successful drone strike that took out the world's biggest terrorist. soleimani, responsible for the deaths of countless american soldiers if iraq and elsewhere. even during that successful strike without collateral damage, the media mob, they were outraged. take a look. >> donald trump gave them what they wanted by killing soleimani. then the other element all bets are off on the nuclear capacity and ambitions. >> if the americans or trump thought taking out soleimani
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iran will recalculate its policies in the region, it's the opposite. they will double down. >> in the first 24 hours by taking out soleimani, trump made the situation worse. that's dangerous for our country. >> his decision to strike soleimani endangered u.s. troops and embassies everywhere. >> sean: donald trump could have followed the model of obama and biden and sent planes full of cash to bribe them, please be nice to us. they say down to the united states and chant death to america anyway and burn our flag. 2 years later biden drones an innocent family and 7 kids and the journalists barely john. -- yawn. the media is corrupt. we witnessed the media.
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joe was in the media protection program. they allowed him to hide in his basement for months. they never asked him tough questions. now biden's presidency is an abject failure. his approval numbers plummeted in battleground states even according to fake news cnn should terrify joe biden. joe's poll numbers have never been lower. inflation is sky rocketing. gas up about $1.50 a gallon since he became president on january 20th. we are paying more for everything we buy. more to heat and cool our homes. after shuttering pipe lines at home he is asking opec to produce moril? they turned him down.
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covid is spreading faster than at any point under trump. biden is rationing monoclonals antibodies treatments to hurt the red states governors. biden never mentioned monoclonals antibodies until a week ago. france recalled their ambassador and israel is threatening to do the same. every enemy around the world is emboldened and china's threats go worse by the day. the southern border a start. -- disaster. for 7 straight months joe and kamala harris twiddled their thumbs. the "washington post" went to texas and asked migrants why
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they were coming to the border? they decided to risk everything after hearing from friends and relatives and smugglers that the biden administration would let them in. joe and kamala harris, we did not forget. the root cause of mass migration. look in the mirror. you invited this mess. you see the images of migrants camped out under this bridge. 11,000 in texas. they are now being let into our country by the thousands without a simple covid test. no vaccine mandate. shoddy vetting. very little paperwork. process and release. that's the biden immigration policy. come into the united states on a promise they will show up for a future court dates. almost none ever show up. this week fox followed the migrants after they were
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processed at the border and put on a bus headed to dallas. they are dispersed without covid tests across the country and no vaccine mandates ear. -- either. take a look. >> ♪ ♪
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>> sean: free food and transportation and no covid test and no vaccine mandate. the migrants who violated our laws and did not respect our sovereignty and borders. with the help of joe biden he is aiding and abetting. they are dispersed across the country. this administration is unwilling to say how many. but we know these illegal immigrants have not been vetted like those who immigrate here legal. i support legal immigration. some the haitians migrants have been violent. one group attacked u.s. pilots and assaulted i.c.e. officers on a flight and another took over a dhs bus and fled the season before they were apprehended and hhs documents show in february there were dozens of incidents of sexual and physical abuse of
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the unaccompanied migrant children joe put in cages. texas governor greg abbott is investing $3 billion state of texas dollars. called up the guard in his state to the border even forming a mile long makeshift border wall with a fleet of vehicles. that's how desperate he is because joe biden is aiding and abetting the whole process. there is only so much texas can do. the biden administration is releasing migrants into the country. they have total jurisdiction. biden is not only ignoring the laws of this country. he is aiding and abetting the law breaking. donald trump had this under complete control and joe abandoned everything that was working. we got to a give year low of
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illegal immigrants coming into the country. a humanitarian crisis and a public health crisis. i support legal immigration with checks and vetting to make sure people don't have radical associations. proof you have the ability to take care of yourself financially and in the middle of a pandemic we need to know you don't have covid-19 or any other disease. all of this could be resolved if joe biden would tell migrants not to come and end process and release and finish the wall donald trump was building. bring back the stay in mexico policy and enforce the law. that's not going to happen. the socialist base doesn't believe in borders or in u.s. sovereignty or in property rights or the constitution or the rule of law. democrats even trying to push through their amnesty using
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a process rather than changing the law. that $3.5-trillion new green card. and alexandria ocasio-cortez is the real speaker of the house. she is upset about a report that haitians migrants could be held at a facility in gitmo. maxine waters calls biden's treatment of the haitians migrants worse than slavery. take a look. >> i am unhappy and i am not just unhappy with the cowboys who were running down haitians and using their reins to whip them. i am unhappy with the administration. we are following the trump policy. he is the one that does not follow the constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to petition to get into the country. what the hell are we doing here?
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what we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. what we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery. >> sean: trump has been out of office for 7 months. aoc and the radical squad hold all the cards and nancy pelosi is terrified of them. they are trying to pass this new $3.5-trillion socialist legislation. human infrastructure they call it. this is why the crisis from the southern border has imploded. from del rio bill what is the
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latest? >> the latest is the bottom line is catch and release is in full effect at the southern border. this migrant camp over my shoulder. border patrol tells me they are releasing every family unit and every woman who claims to be pregnant. they want to get this cleared out as fast as possible. a live look at the camp, thousands still living here. about 5,000. many still waiting. some have been here days. since last week. waiting to see if they will be released into the country. you can take at a look at video this evening from our drone before the sun went down. the camp is starting to change. at 15,000 on saturday. now about 5,000. they are trying to thin it out. the ap reported that they are releasing haitians migrants by the thousands. just giving them future court
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dates that they may not ever show up for. border patrol sources said the only people deported are single adult males and females who are not pregnant. this mass release in del rio. look at this video. we were tipped off that migrants were dropped off by the bus load. haitians migrants dropped off stocked up with food and water and supplies and were on their way to go everywhere they want. look at these other photos. a local journalist sent me this photos. she was flying out of del rio and it haitians on her flight. they told her they had been under the bridge and are headed to maryland, florida, and new york. catch and release in full swing. despite the fact that mayorkas said these people will be sent
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back. their journey won't succeed. our border is closed. migrants are being released into the united states. what i am told by border patrol in del rio the migrants are given a notice to report. it's a request to please show up to an immigration office within the next 60 days. it's not a notice to appear, that gives a specific date that migrants have to show up. they are doing ntr's because they are quick tore fill out. about 20 minutes. -- to fill out. nta takes one out. the goal of the federal government is to get this cleared out as fast as possible. back to you. >> sean: there is something deeply concerning. laura reported that migrants
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surges are a way for enemies to launch a virus attack. she joins us with more. the administration is lying because they are letting these illegal immigrants -- transporting them across the country while they tell us otherwise. i don't like being lied to. the intel people you are talking to. your sources are telling you about a possible attack and people infiltraing the migrants community. >> they call it a virus bomb. you know you have mass numbers of people who are carrying this virus. now you are distributing them across the country. there are a number of law enforcement and intelligence and special operations offensive lines -- officials who are matching out the spikes in covid
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across the country and mapping out the movement of illegal immigrants. you will notice something. there are a couple of key features here. the strategy is to hide the truth. we don't want anybody to see what is happening. number 1 you can't identify the problem. number 2 you don't have to be accountable for it. number 3, this is the plan. this has been planned from the beginning. this is the policy they want, but it's not a policy the american people want. it's not a policy of people who believe in the sovereignty of this nation and the constitution. it's not what they want. maxine waters doesn't seem to know what is in the constitution. what you see happening here is the united nations came up with a global contract on safe and
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orderly migration. if you listen to jen psaki, there are u.n. observers on our border. you are not looking at an illegal immigrants crisis or a problem. it's the safe and orderly movement of people, human rights that supersedes the rights that are enshrined in the constitution. you have a wave of irregular migration. it's not illegal anymore. that language has been removed. what is the purpose? you had biden at the u.n. and the u.n. said it's 1.2 billion refugees who have human rights to migrate in a safe fashion and need to be protected. we will have waves after the
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earthquake in haiti which is what secretary mayorkas blamed on this. what is hidden beneath this, they are not doing what they are saying. they say the border is closed. it's not closed. they don't want to you see it. today what they were having to do. they were bringing migrants in buss to del rio. to those transport pliance. -- planes. most of the press can't see. you can't film it. you can't show the american people what is happening. homeland security investigated and tactical agents were showing up in force. they had to take these people off the buses 1 by 1. they were in full swat gear. they had 4 armored vehicles and 15 other agent vehicles. they were escorting them from the buses to the planes.
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then those planes take off. 4 c1-30s. you have all of this going on. they won't call it a problem and they won't change the policy and acknowledge it's a crisis. they talk about regular and irregular waves of the human rights to migrate that supersedes all sovereignty and all u.s. law. >> sean: your reporting has been performal. i saw your special. great job. we will get updated from law. here with more lara trump and radio host dana. lara trump, what if your father-in-law were president and abandoned americans behind enemy lines and had to beg opec for
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oil and fire american oil workers. kill children in a drone strike and say i understand pain too. open borders in the middle of a pandemic. inflation and i am just touching the surface here. there would be a very different reaction in the media and elsewhere. thoughts? >> yes. it's hypocrisy. we know. we have seen it firsthand throughout the course of my father-in-law's administration and now compareing to the biden administration. it hasn't been enough. the first order of business for joe biden and the democrats was killing the excel pipeline and putting thousands of energy workers out of a job. it's not enough they are paying people to stay home from work. small businesses can't run because they can't find workers to work after the pandemic. this is what the biden
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administration is doing. 13 dead individuals and we have been giving u.s. military equipment, now 83 billion dollars of it to terrorists organizations. now we have an open border and paying on the taxpayer dimes to send them across the country on the planes and the buses. america, joe biden and kamala harris and the democrats do not care about you. they do not care about squandering your taxpayer money. they don't care about your livelihood. they do not care about your constitution rights and civil rights. they care about themselves and remaining in power. the media has been covering up for them. now americans are out raged. i can't wait for 2022 and 2024. >> sean: i don't like being lied to and mayorkas lied to us. only 90 seconds but hone in on that. >> mayorkas lied to us.
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he needs to step down. sean, lara trump, i miss your father-in-law and the daily press conferences. the biden/harris administration could send planes for people crossing the border illegally and could not send them for people in kabul but for people who are illegally entering at the border. that's what this administration's priority is. the border is open. if they can pick and choose the federal laws they will follow the governor of texas can pick and choose what federal laws he will follow. we have had enough. >> sean: well said. we are only 8 months in. i don't think he knows what day it is. thank you, both. when we come back jen psaki
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stumped by peter doocy on a question of if biden visited the border and senator john kennedy join us on a busy news night on "hannity."
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>> sean: the biden administration is overseeing a full-blown humanitarian and health crisis and security crisis caused by joe biden. they are lying about it. the white house they have no answers why they let this go on for so long and go so wrong. circle-back jen psaki stumped by our own peter doocy about whether biden ever went to the border. take a look. >> has president biden ever been
6:30 pm
to the southern border? >> in his life? >> yes. >> i will have to look back in my history books. >> we have looked all morning and can't find any record of him visiting the border as a president, vice-president or senator or a concerned citizen. why. >> tell me why you are asking. >> this this is the president who made the point when there are disasters like a wildfired or hurricane to go see what the needs are of the local community so he can have an performed pov, to make policies. why not go to del rio, texas? >> the situation at the border is the result of a broken system. the president relies on his experience. >> sean: peter doocy joins us. did you ever get an answer?
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do you believe the answer that jen psaki gave when she said that well, they don't need a covid test because they won't be here long? we know that the dhs secretary said that they are not coming into america. our borders are secure and we know that's an absolute lie. an answer on any of those three questions? >> it's been seven hours since jen psaki said she would check the history book for a previous joe biden visit to the border. we have not heard back. if he had ever been and myself and the three guys from our brain room that looked for this missed it, we would have heard by now. for secretary mayorkas comment. 2 days in a row under oath on capitol hill he didn't know how many people are being released into the united states and how
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many are sent back from under the bridge. i asked if we don't know because we don't know or because the reality is that there are more people being released than sent back. jen psaki assured us that was not the case. she said we will have numbers by this afternoon. it's 9:30 at night here and the lights are off in the offices. i don't know that we will get that information tonight. as for her comment yesterday, they don't need covid tests because they are not staying for a lengthy period of time, that's in conflict it what we heard from our colleague bill under the bridge in del rio. he said they are trying to clear out that area and get people to go somewhere else. give them a piece of paper. we would like you to show up at an immigration office. we know from bill's description if they don't show it takes
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a whole process to find these people. >> sean: you are right. they are only requesting it. they don't need a covid test because they won't stay long? we call that a lie. just like they say they are not being released into the u.s. that's a proofable lie. -- that doesn't surprise me. >> yesterday when the british prime minister borris johnson was in the oval office with the president. he called on 2 british reporters to ask questions of president biden. president biden didn't want -- or his handlers piped before a u.s. reporter could get a question in. the u.s. reporter was trying to ask about immigration. he is wearing a mask. there is a lot of shouting. it's a confined space in the
6:34 pm
oval office. >> sean: he is not allowed to because he will get in trouble. he told us many times, i am not allowed. they get mad at him and he doesn't want the staff to get mad at him. new louisiana senator john kennedy. you had an interesting line and said biden administration relating to the border lie like they breathe about illegal immigrants. explain that to us. >> sean, i can't think of a single presidential administration that has broken more plates in his first 9 months than the biden administration. you talked about it. afghanistan, crime, critical race theory, gas prices.
6:35 pm
the destruction of america's energy independence. and yet, of all of the president's screw ups, there is not a single one greater than the crisis at the border. it is a crisis. this year over 2 million people will come into this country illegally and we don't have the slightest idea who they are. why? to me there are only 1 of 2 possible explanations. the first is incompetence. it may be that the president has put in charge of his immigration policy a bunch of pink haired wokers who don't know their ass from their elbow. i use ass in the king james bible sense. it may be that the president put
6:36 pm
in charge of his immigration policy people who should not be allowed to think for themselves because it's too dangerous. it may than the president is put in charge of his immigration people who speak english and stupid. now the second possibility is that this is all intentional. that the president believes in an open border policy and you have to watch what people do and not what they say. he doesn't want to say it to the american people because he knows that will be as popular with the american people as a -- >> sean: in other words, here's the greatest thing we can give as a gift. american citizenship. trying to force amnesty in the bill in the hopes they will vote for democrats. we will give you the greatest
6:37 pm
gift we can give you. free citizenship and we won't have a vote on it. is that a possible motivation? >> sure. we just don't know. we know one thing. there is a solution. it's very simple. all the president has to do is go back to what we were doing in december, the month before he took office. the remain in mexico program, the third country agreements and the border wall and deportation. it worked then and will work now. all he has to do is do it. >> sean: senator you speak from a place of common sense. if we did that, we would solve the problem. why do that? unbelievable. we would not abandon americans behind enemy lines. i will take mean tweets and a touch american president over this disaster. when we come back, as the crises
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mounts president biden's approval rating in a free fall. reaction. stay with us.
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>> sean: another day and another round of disastrous approval numbers for joe biden. 43%. a new low and a massive plunge among independents. every day americans see what we have been showing you night after night. that's simple. joe biden is failing on every front. i can't name a single thing he's done that is successful. not taking responsibility for any of his failures avoiding any questions and scrutiny along the way. the media gets shooshed and here
6:43 pm
is jim jordan and mark meadows. mark, you were with president trump. i can't imagine any scenario with trump would abandon americans behind enemy lines and i can't imagine trump begging opec for more production. i can't imagine the media would give him a pass if he killed seven kids with a failed drone strike. i could keep going am it would take up the entire segment -- >> you can keep going. you are right. joe biden begged saudi arabia and opec to lower gas prices and begged the taliban to protect american citizens that he left behind. now begging the media to cover him when he is not sitting for
6:44 pm
interviews. what we see every day is the american people see what joe biden is failing at. we have 13 soldiers that lost their lives because of his inadequate sponse. then innocent lives were taken because of failed intel in a strike -- you can't make it worse than this, other than to look at the border and they are ignoring it there. >> sean: jim jordan, i told people we need election integrity measures in every state. voter i.d. and signature verification and chain of custody. in november america gets to take over the house and hopefully the senate to stop this disaster. or will it considering joe biden
6:45 pm
didn't abide by the laws? >> it will because americans don't like to be lied to. they don't like joe biden and mayorkas telling them things that are not true. joe biden gave a speak at the u.n. and said we will build back our relationship with the allies and the democrats in congress are pulling money for the iron dome defense system of our best ally israel. mayorkas said the border is secure. our eyes tell us the truth. we see thousands under the bridge and democrats trying to give amnesty to 8 million people. americans will put republicans back in charge. >> sean: -- >> jim is right. today a prime example.
6:46 pm
the prime minister of great britain took more questions in the oval office than the president of the united states. when will this end? >> sean: you have to understand. joe explained it over and over. he is not allowed. they will get mad at him. >> [laughing]. >> they might take away his little ice cream at the end of the night. do you believe there is no covid testing because the people they are letting in illegally. do you believe it's because they won't be here long. my kids didn't get in trouble for what they did but when they tried to insult my intelligence and lie to me. they would get in trouble. >> this is the whopper for all time. the biden administration is saying that because this displays the hypocrisy of what
6:47 pm
they are doing against u.s. citizens and holding a different standard at the southern border. it was a whopper. >> sean: and the $3.5-trillion and the coming republicans are going to shut down the government. the government never shuts down. essential workers and the military works and social security checks go out. government workers get weeks off and get back pay. what is the best strategy for the republicans to deal with the $3.5-trillion new green new deal monstrosity of socialism. >> vote no! holy cow. how can republicans shut down the government when the democrats control the federal government? they are not sending anyone back. they are sending them to bay
6:48 pm
guantanamo bay. >> sean: have a picture of donald trump, do you miss me and #2024. maybe a red hat version. we have to put food on the table. coming up an exclusive interview with an army lt. col. who resigned because of biden's vaccine mandate and the take over the military.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: a developing story tonight. after an army lt. col. should a blistering resignation letter slamming the military's covid vaccine mandate. he said he was resigning after 18 years of active duty.
6:53 pm
he joins us. two years away from a pension. walking away from a lot of money and security for you and your family. tell us why. >> that's correct, sean. i spent 18 years active duty service. i have 2 years until i am eligible for retirement. i don't want the covid vaccine. i had all of the other army vaccines. 8 anthrax shots and smallpox vaccination. this is about the freedom of the american people. the right to choose your own medical procedures. the right to decide what will be infected into your body and what
6:54 pm
is not. that's a natural human right that we can't take away from people. i swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution which affords those rights to the americans. >> sean: let me ask you this. there is a slight loop hole in the vaccine mandate for companies of 100 employees or more. you have to get tested once a week. does that exist for the military? >> no, not to my knowledge that did not exist for the military. >> sean: so you are pushed into a corner. do you have any medical reason that perhaps a rare condition of should kind that will prevent you from getting the vaccine or is this a matter of principle? >> this is about principle and the freedom of the american people. i swore an oath to protect that freedom. the army's recent guidance on
6:55 pm
how it would unfold this plan for implementing this. i looked it over. i believe if i wanted to i could wiggle my way through the next 2 years and get my requirement but i would have to sacrifice my personal integrity and took my back on the oath i took to protect american's rights. this is not about me. it's not about my requirement. -- retirement. there is a quote i reflect on: the only thing for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. that's what i would be doing if i wiggle through. >> sean: i like people that stand up to principle. there might be a legal option. you might be able to get the weekly testing option. you risked your life for your country. you earned a pension. i hope you get it. i admire anyone that stands up
6:56 pm
to principles. when we come back our villain of the day. it's from the "view."
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>> sean: we don't have time for joy behar. maybe tomorrow. never miss an episode. let let. let not your heart be troubled. big show. >> laura: yes. did you see the dnc registration desk set up at the border. >> sean: we are requesting they show up in court. >> laura: no they go right to register to vote. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. not only has the biden administration bee