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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> sean: we don't have time for joy behar. maybe tomorrow. never miss an episode. let let. let not your heart be troubled. big show. >> laura: yes. did you see the dnc regis laura: i can't believe those haitians are going right to the dnc registration desk. did you see those set up at the border, that was amazing. >> we are requesting bishop in court, not demanding. >> they go right to register to vote.
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>> help you vote democratic. >> a good trade-off for the democrats, great show tonight. this is the ingraham angle, not only has the biden administration been lying about the asian migrants being released in huge numbers in the us but now some democrats are asking for all repatriation's back to the country to be halted, keep them all in the united states. senator ted cruz will have that but first, bought and paid for, that's the focus of tonight's angle. let's imagine for a moment that a christian university in rural texas has a lab doing research on viruses as part of their work on future vaccines. the work involves making the viruses more pathogenic, than a novel coronavirus appears in the same town as the university of maryland ends of killing some
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people and then spreading around the world. scientist at the university insist that their work had nothing to do with this new coronavirus and refused to cooperate with any health agency other than those controlled by the state of texas was the republican governor of texas is backing the university. how would the regime press cover that story, do you think the biden administration would be demanding answers, issuing condemnations of these risky practices and citing the crushing loss of life and gargantuan economic consequences caused by this irresponsible university, of course it would and of course the left would just assume the lab leak was purposeful at that university. let's get back to real life, president biden epstein let china off the hook completely for what it did in wuhan, for the ensuing cover-up and the
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cataclysmic harm inflicted on our country, going back to february of 2020 before the pandemic was even declared i knew something was up when i asked anthony fauci directly about china's response to the outbreak. >> the chinese authorities have been very explicit that they were not going to tolerate any misinformation. laura: i'm surprised he would say that given what we know about china's pattern of lying about critical issues. >> the chinese scientists i have dealt with myself personally for years if not decades, many of them were trained in the united states. i have faith that they are not distorting things. laura: so revealing. fast forward to this week at the un, despite all the challenges, trade, human rights, the virus, both biden and harris went out of their way not to single out
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china but to hold china accountable, how can we prevent this happening again and again and again? but don't worry, our vice president wants to throw money at a global health slush fund, $1 billion total. >> to avoid the mistakes of the past and meet this present moment we must also ensure transparency and accountability to ensure that all countries meet our global health obligations, a global health threat counsel that would monitor progress and identify gaps. laura: of china is lying and hiding facts we won't even know where to look. the press is more upset with covering a riot where one unarmed protester was killed in a pandemic that killed more than 675,000 americans.
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the fact is china is laughing, they got away with global death and destruction and america's response is the equivalent of thank you, may i have another. the order of how things went down with president biden and china goes something like this. early on in the administration team biden thought that europe would help us put pressure on china to change its ways but of course with trunk on europe is cutting its own deals with china. then blinken was embarrassed by china in alaska so we now have john kerry essentially running our china policy. that fact should terrify every living american. the man has been underestimating and mishandling a relationship with china for decades. >> our nations work together to bring about important progress on a range of global issues including a landmark agreement
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on climate change in paris last year. we also worked very closely together on the joint comprehensive plan of action on iran's nuclear program. >> the china pushed back against with china. >> when john kerry visited china earlier this month senior officials in china wouldn't dignify him with a meeting in person. it was all the way over there. they sent a junior little staffer to deliver their demands to carry. he took that lesson to heart and returned from that embarrassing trip and an even bigger ccp apologist than he was before >> there are other things like the legal situation in the west. what is the process by which one trades off climate against human rights. >> life is always full of tough choices and the relationship
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between nations. >> the choice of standing up for human rights is tough for carrie because of the incredible financial leverage the ccp has over his family. just yesterday we learned john kerry's wife, teresa heinz is heavily invested in china. government ethics disclosures review his wife has a billion-dollar interest in a new york-based investment firm run by a chinese citizen with major holdings in china companies. how does this add up to someone having an appearance of conflict of interest if not an actual one but the biden administration doesn't care here. conflict of interest, corruption are part and parcel of the biden family tradition and carry's family played a supportive role all along. in 2009 john kerry's stepson
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christopher heinz teamed up with none other than hunter biden to fund a private equity firm to enter a lucrative partnership with ccp owned companies and they have a multimillion dollar deal with the chinese oil giant, heinz's attorney's where there was no role in any of these ventures but we know the biden family did and i'm not talking about hunter. i want to remind you and think about this may have 2017 email recovered from under's laptop by the new york post. in the message one of hunter's partners mention setting aside a chunk of equity in their china deal for the, quote, big guy. obvious who that was. >> may 13th, 2017, i received an email concerning allocation of equity that says 10% held by h for the big guy coming in that email there is no question that
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h stands for hunter, big guy for his father. laura: the financial entanglements between the biden administration and the ccp are real and frightening and they cast some of the more next likable decisions that our government has recently made in a new and perhaps more understandable light. consider the shocking news that the secret service and fbi just purchased surveillance drones from the chinese company the pentagon singled out as a potential security risk. how the heck was that allowed to happen? if biden really wants to save our global position and save taiwan, boost our manufacturers, put china back on its heels, at this point he has a simple to do list. if you wants to do any of that should leave all of trump's trade policies in place. stop relying on europe, focus on
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the china threat. number 3, fire john kerry. is biden going to do any of this? not holding my breath. president xi is treating us like a plaything, somewhat pathetic it is so easy to play the united states. he knows that with biden and kerry at the helm he's got this in the bag because joe has bought and paid for and that is the angle. peter schweitzer, president of the government accountability and 2, host of the drill down podcast. a friend of mine last week said how does anyone in the press not look at this situation, we are dealing with china today and not conclude that president biden is bought and paid for by the chinese? is that an overstatement or does it get it just right?
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>> i think it does get it right and here is the thing. imagine if we weren't talking about chinese companies. imagine if we were talking relationships to big oil or big tech, the press would be all over it but there is a reason they don't want to deal with the issue of china and that is an intelligence term they use in china called elite capture. the lead capture is basically their strategy of going around the world and co-opting elites in asia, in the united states, giving them lucrative commercial deals, remember some of those commercial deals with beijing are still taking place. hunter biden is participating them while his father is president of the united states so this is a well thought out strategy by beijing, what they want to do is decapitate the leadership in the united states by striking lucrative deals and it worked with the bidens and
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others in washington dc. laura: one of the scandals the media laughs off is the secretive selling of hunter biden's artwork. at some point in the coming weeks hundreds of thousands of dollars as written in the atlantic will be funneled to the son of a sitting president and none of us will know anything about who sent the money or where it originally came from. that is in the atlantic. how likely is it that foreign buyers are going to be using this obvious opportunity to shove more money into hunter's pockets or other family members, mainly the president. >> very likely and if you go through the hunter biden emails as i have been doing with the team for close to a year then scouring the what you find out very quickly is that hunter biden and joe biden's finances
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are intertwined, they are not separate entities, there are numerous examples of hunter biden paying bills for his father which is not legal. politicians can get occasional gifts from family members but you cannot subsidize the lifestyle of a politician. that is what hunter biden is doing. whether they are these deals in beijing or he gets checks for $5 million and there's no evidence he really did anything or whether he's putting together a painting and putting that up for sale. at the end of the day the way the business model works in the biden family is that the finances are intertwined and president biden will benefit one way or another from what they are doing and let's be clear, hunter biden's friend, this gallery owner that is going to be selling his artwork has spoken in the past about the
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desire to have ambitious plans to seek and find buyers in china. that is something this gallery has been wanting to do for a while. laura: whether it is this a john kerry basically secretary of state, his wife has all this money in ccp entities in this trust, if trump were - they would be going bananas on this stuff. and now we're supposed to say they will do climate change deals and everything is going to be great, no more coal plants in central america. >> john kerry's position about climate change, negotiated this great deal with china when you look at the deal, look what china is doing in 2020 china built more coal-fired plants that are in the entire country
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of australia so this great deal he says he got from china is ridiculous and the climate change issue has become a stalking horse that beijing uses to avoid criticism. nancy pelosi recently gave a speech where in the past 15 years ago she was very critical of china where she said climate change trumps all of that so i'm not going to - laura: any criticism of china is out the window because of climate change period. that is obvious. john kerry should be nowhere near our china policy. under biden we are not taking on china, almost seen what we are becoming more like china. in love that other crack of the commission declared a public health emergency over covid
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vaccine disinformation. when citizens showed up to protest the vote, security showed up and treated them like this. >> first amendment rights! first amendment rights! >> what are you doing? you are violating our first amendment rights. >> the menus are shoved to the ground is also running for lieutenant governor of nevada. explain what was happening briefly in that footage. did you do anything to provoke that response? >> i asked for a badge number
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and name, the county commission meetings are supposed to be run by the commissioners for the people of clark county in nevada and those people have a right to ask questions and be interested in what is on the agenda at these meetings and what was on the agenda at this meeting was a proclamation basically to do away with nevada's first amendment rights and i was there to witness and oppose this proclamation and that didn't get to happen because i was attacked after trying to defend the people in this county. the woman this stop me from being able to defend them and they will never prevent me from coming up to defend the people of nevada. >> this is an image of what happened to your head when they slammed you into that metal detector, looks like you got a bump on the head. if you perhaps had a different
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political affiliation and were showing up to speak about some other protected cause, your bump would have turned into a human rights travesty. >> they would be attacking the other side and i would be the biggest victim ever but i'm not because they don't expect african-americans were in my case american africans of cherokee dissent would be republican. i'm national chairman of the republican chamber of commerce. i sit on boards like the chinese american citizens alliance. it is lucky they were there on scene when this happened. i blacked out. i was attacked by these security guards and i want to point out so that are men and women in the and first responders in this nation realize there is
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misinformation out there that no amount of misinformation should take away your first amendment rights and the police didn't do this. this is not a peace officer or police, these were hired security officers of the clark county commission that tackled me to the ground. >> is the goal here or their intent to intimidate others from coming out and saying you can't criminalize speech, you're not going to ban speech because you want more people to get vaccinated, if that is a lot of cause make a better argument. are they trying to intimidate people like you or anyone from showing up at these meetings? >> definitely a show of force. there are less people guarding our border than guarding this county commission meeting, to prevent citizens from coming in, listening and speaking their mind like they have a right to do.
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>> looking like hong kong protest reaction in the united states of america. americans like my last guest were being thrown out of meetings illegal aliens are being released into the united states with abandon. senator ted cruz reacts in moments. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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>> laura: the biden administration swears it is taking the >> the biden administration swears is taking the asian market situation seriously. >> we reiterated our borders are not open and people should not make the dangerous journey. if you come to the united states illegally will be returned, your journey will not succeed and you will be endangering your life and your family's lives. >> they deported some haitian migrants but today the associated press reports haitians have been freed on a large scale according to one official. many have been released with notices to appear at an immigration office in 60 days, an outcome that requires less processing time. here with me is senator ted cruz from texas. this is sheer lawlessness.
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reports tonight that the biden administration is even trying to get a contractor to run a facility in gitmo, to hold the overflow. what is happening here. >> what is happening in del rio illustrates the cause and effect of the biden border disaster. to really understand it you have to go back to september 8th. under that. there were on any given day between 700 and thousand illegal immigrants mostly from 80 and that had been the consistent flow for some time, 700,000 that they were crossing illegally. on september 8th there were roughly 900 haitians scheduled to be on airplanes to go back to haiti and the biden administration cancel those flights, we are not going to deport you, you can remain in america and what happened was simple. those 900 haitians pulled out their phones, they got their
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phones and called their families, their friends, you had 700 people on september 8th. i was in del rio eight days later on september 16th. the day i was there 700 people had become 10,503. with a couple days that 10,000 had become 15,000 and it was straight cause and effect and went out that the biden administration is not going to enforce the law and if you're from haiti come to del rio because you get to stay. laura: what can the senate do, people come to me and they come up to you and they say is there nothing we can do because this is the purposeful resettlement, it is going to be millions of illegal immigrants into the united states, the only thing we
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can do is an election. >> the senate could do a great deal but we are not going to because there's not a single democrat is willing to work with us to secure the border. every democrat, to that democrats decided they are the party of open borders, the last few weeks i traveled all along self texas, not just laredo, mccallum, roma, a bird and did roundtables with ranchers and farmers down there, sheriffs and law enforcement, with local elected officials, most of the local elected officials in south texas are democrats, that has long been a democratic area of the state. every elected democrat i met with was so horrified by what is happening at the border they said to me over and over, listen, if the democratic party is the party open borders count me out. i can't support this and it is
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an unfolding disaster and yet today's washington democrats there's not a single one of the workers, president biden may go to the border, cameras won't go to the border, she won't go to del rio, they insist these problems aren't happening and this lawlessness we are already at 1.2 million illegal immigrants, we have to 2 million and as long as president biden and kamala harris refused to apply the law is going to keep getting worse. jillian: only 13% from that report back in july 50,000 illegal immigrants being looked at with the court date they have given even show up. once they are here and resettled in the united states they are not coming back for the most part, those are new workers or people who are getting benefits in public schools, healthcare, do we have any idea how much
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this is costing the united states of america. >> we don't know, the costs are massive, whether the immediate cost of housing them, transporting them and many of them turn themselves into the border patrol and president biden and kamala harris are the last mile of the human trafficking, they bring them to their final destination but it is worse than that. when i was doing the roundtables in south texas, one of the things we saw the color-coded wristbands many of the illegal immigrants are wearing because the cartels which are global criminal enterprises, the charge anywhere from 3 to $8,000 across the board have 100% operational control of the border, you don't cross or they will kill you. what happens for many of them they cross the border and end of that mustache out of the cartels extract more money and the risk by how many thousands you paid and how many more thousands you owe and they locate you in whatever city you're going to and these teenagers, young illegal immigrants spend the
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next several years paying off the cartels, some of the teenage girls in forced prostitution to pay off the cartels and the cartels have workers across the country and people working for the cartels to pay off their debt. it is inhumane. laura: and costly to the united states and deadly for the united states. i want your reaction to breaking news, two afghan refugees that were airlifted into wisconsin have been charged with child sex crimes and spousal abuse, charged with attempting to gain in sexual act with a minor and mohammed are, strangling and suffocating her, quickly, do you trust this administration's ability to that any of these individuals who are by the thousands in the united states?
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>> not remotely. last week tony blinken testified before the senate foreign relations committee and i cross-examined him and he had two major admissions, one, he admitted the biden administration gave the taliban a list of americans and afghans which raises the question did he effectively put them on the kill list and the second thing he admitted is what you just asked about which is among the afghans the biden administration brought to the united states were adult males that show up with little girls, they claim the little girls are their wives and have child brides and engaging in sexual assault, blinken admitted under oath that is an issue, it is happening, these and islands are manifestation of that but he couldn't answer the follow-up how many little girls are being assaulted? laura: their committing crimes inside the united states.
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thank you for being here, great to see you. the musical un opener you probably missed, biden challenges clint eastwood. seen and unseen is next.
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>> laura: "seen and unseen" where we expose laura: time for scene and then see where we expose the cultural stories of the day and returned to raymond arroyo. we covered president biden's first appearance at the un yesterday, on the opening day of the general assembly. >> turns out countries like south korea are embracing new ways of communicating their countries agenda so president moon named bts as special presidential envoys that promoted ending poverty, protecting the planet and gender equality.
12:39 am
>> 13 million views online, i bet she didn't get that kind of crowd but given the backlash president biden got over the diplomacy speech he should have cut his time short and named one of the performers who saying at a convention. can't you see billy porter in the general assembly? ♪♪ >> reporter: going down all right. a new gallup poll has president biden at 43% approval rating is among independents down to 37%
12:40 am
but party be will make one heck of an opening act at the g7. >> that was all dubbed in, the voices? >> they were clearly dancing to a track outside it was a big production. clint eastwood just premiered a new movie called cry macho about an aged washtub rodeo star but the president may have beaten him to the punch with his own confused miniseries cry local. >> climate continues to change across europe, africa and latin america. pay your fair share. pay your fair share. nothing is more urgent than all of us working together to defeat covid 19 and the world will be much better prepared for future pandemics.
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>> never was a world leader did he see media shuffled out of the room like boris. the white house - it is like the praetorian guard protecting biden from any and all inquiry, they are obviously worried about his frailty, they are barring the american people from access to this administration. >> the gabby potato story has gotten wall-to-wall coverage. you made some comments over the weekend about the coverage, fox news contributor has been slam for calling the case a huge
12:42 am
distraction, years ago - >> i called the media coverage of the case a huge distraction, god bless the potato family, we should pray for gabby's return, this was the day before the body was found that people are drawn to these true crime stories like lifetime movies but they are largely local stories and the media attention to gabby's case makes one think she's the only missing person in the country, this is the fbi's kidnapped are missing persons page. is at the end of last year there were more than 89,000 active missing person files, 34% under 18. this is a real problem, the stories should be reported, locally, without for the pain of these families, god bless nancy grayson john walsh you made this a crusade. every soul is precious but my point is we can't affect the outcome of this criminal case. it crowds out issues like inflation and the border search and the $3.5 trillion spending bill your children's children will be paying the could reshape
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our future. we need to focus on that as well. >> many years ago i don't it tragedy tv, whether it is jonbenet ramsey or natalie holloway america heartbreaking stories but go to the st. louis missing person, chicago missing person, a lot of african-american kids or lifting diminish missing. a lot of them are getting no coverage and their stories - heartbreaking, thank you, good to see you tonight. president biden's vaccine mandate has support tumbling among the key constituency, black voters, the new findings and reaction, a conservative tick-tock star. stay there.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: a shocking new poll shows that biden's net approval among black voters fell 12 laura: a shocking paul shows president biden's approval among black voters felt well points since the vaccine mandate announcement and among unvaccinated black voters support dropped 17 points. top billboard artists tovar, good to see you tonight. what is your read on why this is happening? >> the trust or distrust, the administration started with
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people like joy reed of msnbc as stated last year when trump was pushing for the vaccine to be put out, who on god's green earth would trust the vaccine approved, this distrust started with the same administration that is trying to mandate it and is carrying over to what we see today. laura: this is a big drop, not a drop in the bucket, 12 points among unvaccinated african-americans, 17 points. could this be a new amalgam of a voting block going forward? african-americans and people who have their own concerns whether they be democrats or republicans, distrusting government? >> we are seeing a divergence and that is working-class black americans, lower income black
12:50 am
americans are starting to act politically like their white counterparts. what we saw ten years ago is this almost monolithic idea when you show up on election day you are going to vote for the liberal candidate. increasingly when black americans answer surveys they say they are not with the woke crowd and even though a large number have been voting with the lefties latest numbers go along with what we saw with the trump administration, black men particularly working-class and blue-collar are seeing themselves a lot like the rest of other working-class members. laura: do you agree with that? >> absolutely. we've seen the swing because i'm
12:51 am
out here everyday, we talk about these things all the time and as you see more people recognize the freedoms that have been taken specifically with how they are mandating vaccine mandate in new york, you can't go to restaurants and eat, can't go to the gym and work out, all these things that help curb - susceptibility to contracting covid, these mandates that disproportionately black people and we see this. there is a recently distrust fda approval. i read a report that said january of 2013 to october of 2018 over 8000 medications approved by the fda were recalled. that is a lot of medication. when people say fda approved, without any ability to sue the company for injuries it is a
12:52 am
problem and i'm glad people are standing up and speaking their mind. laura: this is not a political issue. it shouldn't be political. if you are young and healthy i understand why young healthy professional athletes, college athletes, football players, basketball players, not for me. i'm not anti-vaccine but this vaccine isn't for me because i had covid or if i get it i will generally tolerate it quite well. it is a personal decision but the government wants to take these personal decisions about a relatively new vaccine away from individuals and even blm organizers in new york threatening bill deblasio over his vaccine mandates, your mandate will not be another racist social distance practice, black people are not going to stand by or you will see another uprising and that is not a
12:53 am
threat, there's a promise, vaccination passport is not a free passport to racism. what is that? >> no doubt there is this divergence and i think this diversions is going to have some consequences and when the president of the united states looks at the american people not as citizens capable of making decisions for themselves but as subjects that he can be disappointed and have his patients come to a end a lot of people saw that and they were upset about it. when i heard him say he was going to make all federal employees take the vaccine i said to myself good luck with that, disproportionately black americans in those lower
12:54 am
categories of those grades - to get a vaccine. >> i want to put this up, vaccination rate by of misty. a lot of people watching are not aware of this. white americans 61.4%, hispanic 16.7, blacks are down 10% vaccination rates and yet the elites want to make you feel if you don't get vaccinated you are an idiot. people are not taking that will your community. >> not at all. i encourage everybody no matter what decisions they make to make sure they consult if this is good for my body, my family, the only one that knows our future, i put my life in his hands. laura: we appreciate it, gentlemen, thanks, the last bite next.
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>> our executeddive producer's big birthday. believe saa big la crosse player in college. i think he's laura: our executive producer's big birthday, he was a big lacrosse player in college. i think he's going to go pro any day. happy birthday, you make the show work every night. it is a big team effort every night. remember america now and forever bluegray gutfeld takes it from here. >> thursday september 20 third. a massive ground search for brian laundrie set to resume just hours from now, as the quest for answers in the death of gabby potato continues. we are live in florida and gabby's hometown, new york. jillian: you close this. >> is president biden into the southern border? >> i have to look in my history books. >> the white house silent on whether president biden has ever se


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