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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  September 24, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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today on all digital platforms under diana. trace, next time you come though new york i'll take you to the play. >> trace: listen, i hope we get a picture with you and david bryan. unbelievable. >> dana: i think you are a fan. trace is a fan. thanks for everything this week, trace, really appreciate it. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: breaking news at this hour the biden administration is scrambling to clear that massive migrant camp underneath the bridge in del rio, texas. i'm harris "the faulkner focus". federal government sending in heavy machinery to clear up the grounds of the home of haitian migrants. the numbers have dwindled to 3,000 people still living under that bridge. what we still don't know, despite repeated attempts to find out, is how many of them
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have been released into the united states. we had some numbers yesterday. our correspondent peter doocy tried to get answers from press secretary jen psaki. here is how that went. >> where is everybody else? >> i'm happy to get a more fruitful rundown if it's helpful from the department of homeland security. >> what you talk about some of these people are being placed in removal proceedings that doesn't mean removed, correct? >> it means they're in the process of a removal proper seengd so it can go to the immigration process that has long been in place. >> harris: take a look at what that means. "the washington examiner" is reporting u.s. border patrol released more than a dozen haitian migrants at a san antonio gas station on wednesday. and they continue to do so under government contracted buses. florida republican michael waltz is on deck with his reaction.
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but first jeff paul reporting live from that migrant camp in del rio, jeff. >> harris, what was once a camp of 15,000 migrants has now been vastly cleared out. you can see some heavy machinery out here moving things around trying to clear out some of the makeshift tents and personal belongings that remain. but this is a vastly different picture than we saw even 24 hours ago where you can see maybe a couple thousand people still camped out. now you would be hard pressed any people or haitian nationals walking around what was once a 15,000-person camp built under the bridge in del rio. sources on the ground tell us there is an official tally of around 2,000 people still here but again hard to see any people walking around this camp. we are also seeing a lot of border patrol and atvs and off
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road vehicles going into cane and brush. they have a decent amount of migrants hiding out there and trying to flush them out to the processed. roughly 2,000 haitian nationals have been flown back to haiti and 3900 remain in u.s. custody. those folks will likely be given a notice to appear and be released or will be expelled under title 42. then another portion likely just went back to mexico seeing what was going on out here. as crews work to clear out what is left from this latest surge, a lot of the crews out here whether with the texas department of security out here or texas rangers or the border patrol, they are bracing themselves for what could be next. a lot of the resources have been moved over here to del rio, texas, freeing up other spots where there could be
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another surge of migrants. so even just today as we came here we saw multiple families. one family we talked to asked them where did you come from. they said venezuela and walked right up to the processed. aside from the haitian nationals we're seeing, other countries, you are still seeing people from other countries coming in here as well. >> harris: it is non-stop as you put it. our border patrol at the center of it all. jeff paul, thank you. senator lindsey graham talking about that very point. he says the biden administration is throwing its own border agents under the bus. >> the men and women of the border patrol have been completely abandoned. demagoged, scapegoated and treated like dirt by elected officials in this administration. i'm not unhappy. i'm pissed. secretary mayorkas needs to resign. >> harris: on the other side of the aisle maxine waters used that same word. everybody is mad at the president at this point.
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michael waltz republican congressman from florida and moember of the house armed services committee good to see you today, congressman. okay, they started to attack the visual in del rio, texas. a lot of people out of sight. they aren't out of the country, though. so fixing the visuals is coming at a cost for americans. what do you think it looks like? >> this is a trend, right? i think the only reason they are taking any action at all is because of the visuals and i think that's the only reason they even started an evacuation take this over to afghanistan was because of the visuals around kabul international. otherwise the administration wants to turn the page and get back to its domestic socialist spending program. harris, i want to say loud and clear along the lines of senator graham how our border patrol agents, law enforcement agents are being treated here is abyss mall and shameful and i want them to hear from me loud and clear we have your back and thank you for the
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heroic work that they are doing. but at the end of the day they are getting no support from washington, d.c. and they are being left out on their own. now to see them scapegoated when the photographer of these images on horse back is saying he didn't see any evidence of any type of abuse is just again shameful and ridiculous. >> harris: moments ago in the last half hour we heard president biden reiterating what there is no evidence of and we ourselves have been covering for days now just simply didn't happen to the point where anybody can say it did yet he says that. senator ted cruz challenges democrats to visit the border now like they did when president trump was in office. let's watch. >> representatives ocasio-cortez has a famous of her grasping her head by the kids in cages. i give a simple challenge for ocasio-cortez and every democrat in the body.
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go see the biden cages. with your own eyes. >> harris: your reaction. >> look, i think at the end of the day there is a broader agenda here. we are on track to have 2 million -- 2 million migrants coming across just this year. so you multiply that by four and we are looking at one of the largest cities in america, 8 million migrants coming across our border and nothing -- they are taking zero action to stop it. that is a broader political agenda. meanwhile, you have 30 to 40% of young girls according to doctors without borders being sexually assaulted and sold into human trafficking and again you see nothing in terms of the numbers that are being bused and planeed and shipped around the country. this isn't -- what america needs to wake up to, this isn't just a border problem, this is
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a problem for every state in the union. we're seeing them come into florida. we're seeing the fentanyl coming across and the drugs coming across. what i really worry about is the 5,000 terrorists that were released out of bagram prison in that base that we handed over, isis, al qaeda, taliban that are now totally unaccounted for. where are they? are they coming across, too? >> harris: do they have access among the people flowing across the border. that has been a national security issue for weeks now just a couple of them ever since what broke apart in afghanistan not to mention is where are the democrats? we've been covering moms who made the choice to drop babies over the wall and our border agents catching those small children. we didn't see democrats gathering along the border at that point and just as heartbreaking four months before that and months since this president flipped the switch on day one from policies
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that were not allowing that to happen. i just mention this. the white house has announced the department of homeland security will no longer use the horse patrols coming after liberal coverage, outrage in coverage over images that democrats claim some border patrol agents whipping migrants. president biden actually took a question on it last hour and let's see it. >> president biden: to see people treated like they did, horses running over and being strapped it is outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. there will be an investigation and there will be consequences. it is an emotion bar'sment. embarrassment. it sends the wrong message around the world and home. it is simply not who we are. >> harris: administration accused the agents of not following protocol. the head of the border patrol union fired back the white
8:10 am
house is using the false whipping allegations to deflect from the immigration crisis. >> mayorkas knew the horses were out there and now doing a 180. when our agents are trying to patrol the border and do their job they're vilified by the president. we put on the uniform because we want to protect the american public. joe biden is trying to break that down. >> harris: i know secretary mayorkas says he works 18 hours a day. for 15 minutes he saw the same border patrol agents on horse back at brandon judd said. >> he said noebly he works 18 hours a day in response to my colleague from florida congressman jimenez asking how many, give us the numbers, how many are being sent into the interior. that was after the senate asked the day before. he refused to give an answer both times. what is really embarrassing in the biden press conference is
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when he continues to blame his predecessor for everything that is going wrong on his watch. he says i take responsibility and in the same breath pointing fingers what he inherited. he inherited a secure border and three vaccines from operation warp speed, he inherited bagram air base and 2500 soldiers still in afghanistan with flexibility on what to do going forward. he inherited energy independence before he started shutting down domestic pipelines and open up russian pipelines. he needs to stop lying to the american people and what has me so -- almost like dealing with an alcoholic that is in denial, right? he needs to stop being in denial how wrong their policies are taking this country into crisis and admit what has gone wrong and change directions. i think that's respectable and what we would expect of a commander-in-chief. >> harris: i also didn't hear him mention the name of the vice president kamala harris at all either. the person he put in charge of
8:12 am
this. but then you couldn't talk about the successes. it is easier to attack as you pointed out, congressman, the man who had the job previously. thank you for being in "focus" today. serious allegations now the charge that president biden's national security advisor lied to congress in a dirty trick scheme to smear donald trump. that actually is a felony. and then there's this. >> this is really, really scary stuff. if you had any question where things stood as far as hunter biden is concerned, we get more answers every day. he is a liability not just to his father but the united states of america. >> harris: a little reaction to the hunter biden bombshell. documents showing he tried to cash in off his name and bragged about his access to the highest levels in china, he said. marc thiessen in "the faulkner focus" next.
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>> harris: police and the mayor of collierville tennessee are holding a news con convenience live on the deadly mass shooting that happened 30 miles east of memphis. one person was killed and the shooter is also dead. police chief who we see here now is giving an update on the victims and he is now also confirming that 15 people were shot which is revised up from the 12 initially reported. we do know from last night four were in critical condition. now the police chief is saying they're stable at this point. police are not naming the shooter.
8:19 am
they say to stop him from gain extra notoriety but you can ask the public information officer for that information. went on a rampage allegedly. we'll keep you updated on any more coming out of this news conference. well, the problems for hunter biden just keep coming. emails obtained by business insider show the president's son reportedly sought an annual $2 million retainer to aid in the recovery of libyan assets frozen by the obama administration. that was while joe biden was president. these emails are separate from those on hunter biden's laptop. the "new york post" first reported on that. journalist glen greenwald says it proves the media lied when they tried to discredit the
8:20 am
"post" story. >> the evidence was overwhelming from the very beginning tucker that the emails were authentic and yet they lied and lied trying to con for instance people to not pay attention to them on the grounds that they were disinformation and fake. the media outlets, all of them with a few exception he deliberately lied to the public in the weeks before the election by telling them it was russian disinformation when they knew it wasn't true. >> harris: griff jenkins has more from washington what would be worse, lying or ignorant of the facts? >> good morning. look, it is unclear if any laws could have been broken. as you rightly point out this is new not related to hunter's laptop. they point to hunter seeking to profit off his father's position. the first email january 28 in 2015 by a democrat donor, an obama campaign donor seeking to
8:21 am
recover billions in frozen libyan assets going through hunter who had high demands. they write per phone conversation i met with number two son. he wants $2 million per year retainer plus success fees and wants to hire his own people. it can be close circle of people for confidentiality. his dad is deciding to run or not. he lists hunter's positives including access to highest levels in china and negatives such as alcoholism, drug use and quote chasing low-class hookers. a year later a second email dated february 26th, 2016 was sent to the two men by the attorney john sed wig that he appears he was working on the libyan deals. i spoke with hb's team. for them to get involved lobbyist, lawyers and pr would need to be a small group of
8:22 am
folks they had a tight relationship with. they don't want a large group involved at the white house jen psaki ignored questions over it. white house spokesman later responding no comment. the top republican on the house oversight committee had plenty to say. don't expect his committee to launch an investigation any time soon. >> here you have hunter biden. this guy is a walking, taurking conflict of interest. yet the democrats don't want to have any type of oversight whatsoever of hunter biden. it is very hypocritical. >> fox news reached out to hunter biden for comment. we didn't hear back. we'll see it if comes up again. >> harris: a walking, talking conflict of interest. marc thiessen fox news contributor and former white house speech writer and columnist for the "washington post". great to have you in focus. so first of all, with new
8:23 am
emails coming forth, how complicit or not do you think some in the mainstream media have been along the way with the hunter biden coverage? >> oh, very. first of all let's put it in context. more proof the biden administration is a second coming of the carter administration. runaway inflation, american hostages in the middle east. president begging opec to produce more oil and a presidential relative trying to do business with the libyans. everybody forgot in the 1970s we had billy gate. a major congressional investigations of billy carter doing business with the libyan regime. now hunter biden tried to do business with the libyan regime to make $2 million to get frozen assets frozen by the obama administration when his father was vice president. you can't make this stuff up. back then it was a big story. the newspaper were having media
8:24 am
wars who could break the next story on billy gate. hunter gate doesn't seem to interest them at all. >> harris: it is so interesting. as you talk about hostages in the middle east and imagery that comes to mind with former president carter and appreciably worse in afghanistan where we left them behind enemy lines, you can't even lean in any harder and see the facts. they're right there for you to see. i want you to take a look at this. adam schiff says a new democrat-backed law limiting presidential powers would actually apply to joe biden and his family. let's see, we won't see that but that's the information. there it is. i think we apply the same standard to any president of either party. if any president's conduct violates the constitution over
8:25 am
prohibition on emollients there needs to be a mechanism to enforce it. >> absolutely. the media isn't interested when the president is a democrat. if you take the words hunter biden and joe biden and change them to president trump and his son. there is no way -- nobody asked about any of this in the press briefing that president biden just had. the media would be falling over themselves and instead the media just dismisses this stuff. we just now found out i know this libya part is not connected to the hunter biden laptop. "politico" confirmed the emails were real. jen psaki tweeted it was russian disinformation. president biden said during the debate it was russian disinformation and no one called him out. we know it was not. "politico" published articles saying it was russian disinformation and they confirmed now it wasn't.
8:26 am
why doesn't anybody ask joe biden about it or jen psaki about this in her press briefing? maybe they will today. >> harris: you have to assume they're reading this. when you have the role that adam schiff plays in handling intelligence, just a quick thought on how interesting it is that he comes forth with a legal defense. >> adam schiff is completely discredited. this is a guy who went out and was the prime liars in the russia collusion hoax saying donald trump was an agent of the russian government. he said and implied because he was chairman of the intelligence committee he had seen evidence the rest of us couldn't. when mueller released the report nofn it was true. i don't listen to schiff. he is a joke. >> harris: i want to get the john durham indictment. national security advisor jake sullivan a top advisor to
8:27 am
hillary clinton's campaign knew about the dirty tricks campaign to smear donald trump ahead of the 2016 election but may have lied to congress about it. according to an op-ed in the "new york post" they say sullivan was briefed on the development of the opposition research materials which tried to allege a secret server of the trump organization was communicating with russia's alpha bank. conspiracy theory pushed by opposition firm fusion gps was later dismissed yet jake sullivan maintained in congressional testimony in december of 2017 he did not know of fusion's involvement in the opposition research. mark. >> so look, durham is on top of this. if jake sullivan committed perjury i'm sure that durham will get to the bottom of it. durham just indicted hillary clinton's campaign lawyer on charges of making false
8:28 am
statements to the f.b.i. and the false allegations trying trump to a putin-linked bank in russia. in indictment says he lied to the f.b.i. about the clinton campaign's role in it and says he exchanged emails with the clinton campaign's foreign policy advisor concerning the russian bank. sullivan was their advisor and testified he had no idea who was involved in the opposition research. that showed not to be true. he pushed that with the media. one of the things he said a couple days before the election he put out a lengthy statement and said we can only assume that federal authorities will now explore the direct connection between trump and russia. that is what sussman was indicted for. pushing the false narrative to the f.b.i. without disclosing he was working for the clinton campaign and sullivan was an instrument in doing that. we'll see where durham leads to this. >> harris: a lie proved by the
8:29 am
emails with sussman and with sullivan. it's interesting all coming back to the same thing. marc thiessen. thank you. as chaos reigns at the border vice president kamala harris hasn't been down there since june but she found time to be on the view. the search for brian laundrie continuing. the f.b.i. issued a warrant for his arrest but not gabby petito's death. here is nancy grace on "fox & friends." >> we know his defense attorney is parsing words saying it's about use of a debit card, not about her death? if it was his own debit card it wouldn't be a crime. of course it's her.
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>> harris: the f.b.i. has issued a warrant to arrest brian laundrie claiming he committed debit card fraud in the days after gabby petito's death. laundrie remains a person of interest. he disappeared 10 days ago. police have been focusing their search in the carlton reserve, day six. experts say he could have lied and may be anywhere. fox digital reporters yesterday
8:36 am
confronted brian laundrie's dad at that florida house. >> chris, where is your son? do you think brian is in danger? >> harris: jonathan serrie is live in north port, florida. you ask a parent if you think your kid is in danger and they keep walking. jonathan. >> a lot of neighbors and community members are commenting on that. meanwhile investigators are now armed with that arrest warrant. a federal grand jury indicting brian laundrie and a warrant issued for his arrest. he made $1,000 in fraudulent debit card transactions between august 30 and september 1st, the day brian returned to his parent's home in florida. laundry family attorney issued a statement saying it is my understanding the arrest war want for brian laundrie is for
8:37 am
acts that happened after the death of gaap. he met with brian's parents in orlando and they told police they haven't seen their son since september 14 when he went to go hiking in a nearby nature park. police continue to search the 25,000 acre carlton reserve. after heavy rains 75% of the swampy park is covered with water. police in moab, utah requested an independent investigation whether officers responded appropriately to a physical fight between gabby and brian on august 12. ceo of a longstanding domestic violence shelter says after viewing the body cam footage she does not believe police could have done anything more. >> i don't know that they missed anything. they asked the questions, they separated them. they separated them for the evening. they might have consulted with a domestic violence center.
8:38 am
>> gabby's father joe tweeted moments ago a memorial service for his daughter will be held sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 at the maloney funeral home in long island, new york. >> harris: thank you very much. you set us up for this conversation. danny collison is a former deputy assistant director of the f.b.i. and i'm so glad you are with us in focus today. i have so many questions about how they lost track of brian laundrie and even a plain sight investigation you could have kept up with him. what happened do you think? >> there was no crime. we have to remember. we feel badly about this young lady. however, there was no crime here. let's say they surveilled him and started to leave. i'm not coming back with you. that's the problem. the whole thing emanates from i think abuse. this was an abused young lady clearly. i think the officers on the scene knew it and they tried to
8:39 am
deal with her and get her to -- i have think she said she was in a toxic relationship. it all emanates from that. police have to follow the law. the f.b.i. has to follow the law. i wish they would have surveilled him but i don't know what grounds they would have surveilled him. >> harris: you can do it in plain sight. i can watch what my neighbors are doing and i'm out of town. we do it for each other all the time. you can see the front porch and back of the house from the street. you didn't have to get a warrant or any kind of legal reason or way to do it. >> no, you don't have to but my point is let's say they did and he just said i'm not going with you, i'm not making excuse he here, i just understand how these people have to deal with these situations and when the young lady refused to accept help, that kind of tied their hands and i think they did
8:40 am
everything they could. i'm really sorry. >> harris: i'm talking about the house and why we're all looking for brian laundrie. i understand when they are there and heartbreaking to know they went and mark fuhrman told me they went even beyond trying to help this young woman because they were counseling her a little bit if you want -- they were giving her a way out technically. >> they did. and they reminded her she was in a toxic relationship. i can't account for why there is no surveillance done here. >> harris: or simply watching the house from the street. the city of moab, utah tells fox news thursday it is launching an investigation into how police handled as you are talking about now the incident on august 12 between gabby petito and brian laundrie. mark fuhrman had this reaction yesterday. we'll watch this together. >> brian laundrie was highly manipulative and trying to work
8:41 am
these officers, downplay, minimize anything going on. moab was looked at if they had only done something this wouldn't have happened. domestic violence laws are not created for people going through your town or your county on a trip in a van. >> harris: danny. >> 100% agree. i think they did everything they have could. the lady who was a park ranger and i'll say this again, she said you are in a toxic relationship. police officers deal with these things every day and almost hopeless situation. i have handled these things and do it in my private business and trying to get these young or even older women to leave is almost impossible. when you do convince them, they almost always go back. it is a national tragedy and one we aren't properly addressing. >> harris: i know you have so much experience in those domestic violence cases. just one last quick thought on
8:42 am
searching that carlton reserve in florida and maybe this guy could be anywhere. where do you even begin at this point, danny? >> i would use aerial surveillance. the f.b.i. has outstanding thermal image capability that they can see bodies, people. thermal image signature is very distinct. i don't think he is there. if i was -- >> harris: you don't? >> if i were him i would not be going to a swamp. i would be going to the woods. it is very inhospitable. things sting, bite and kill you and there is no water or no way to sustain yourself. i would not go there if i were him and i don't think he went there. >> harris: interesting thoughts. thank you for being in focus today. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: president biden's approval numbers taking another big hit. should the white house be worried about the mid-term' elections around the corner? while the crisis at the border
8:43 am
draws national attention kamala harris decided the best time was now to go to "the view." a big wrench thrown into the works with positive covid testing for the people on set. the vice president can't do the interview in person now. the power panel next. veteran homeowners, with mortgage rate near record lows and home values at record highs now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off your high rate debt. the newday 100 va cash out loan combines your mortgage, credit cards, car loan and other high rate debt into one simple monthly payment near the lowest rates in newday's history. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> where is the border czar vice president harris? tomorrow will mark the sixth month since she was appointed to this role. in that time the situation at the border has only continued to deteriorate.
8:49 am
>> joe biden won't go down to the border. kamala harris won't go down to the border in the rio grande valley. >> where is the vice president supposed to be in charge of the border response? right now she seems to be in the witness protection program and nowhere to be seen. >> harris: heated criticism for vice president kamala harris for her handling of the border crisis since president biden made her his border czar six months ago today. she was supposed to talk about all of it in a sit-down interview on "the view." covid test results came back moments ago and two of the hosts of the show tested positive. they were taken off the set as the show was happening. the others will sit there on set but kamala harris will not be there obviously since they have covid on that set. i don't know how the other hosts tested. we're told she will now be in another location somewhere in the building and they will do
8:50 am
it by remote, the vice president. earlier today our joe concha had this prediction. >> questions about inflation, trillions proposed in spending, skyrocketing crime and 1.5 million people entering the country illegal and afghanistan and drone strikes. won't be broached. wouldn't want to make anybody uncomfortable after all. >> david avella and leslie marshall fox news contributor. before we go on. any time somebody tests positive we wish them well. it is the coronavirus and it kills and we hope everybody on that set will be okay. david, your top line thoughts on kamala harris at the center as vice president and border czar six month anniversary of sorts of her going into that job. >> a coin toss between vice president harris and jen psaki on who has a bigger struggle with defending the policies and actions of joe biden. let's keep in mind the vice
8:51 am
president's job is to promote what the president is doing. and given the fact that the president knew coming into his administration he was going to put a come on in sign at the border. and instead of being prepared with that by putting constructing more processing centers, getting more agents down for processing and making sure only those who we want coming into the country actually get into the country, americans want to know who is coming in from the border, joe biden didn't do any of that and now gosh, that only leaves them going to favorable media outlets as opposed to you have covered the border quite well, harris. the vice president could come on your show and ask her a simple question, do you agree with the president that the border agents are the problem down there? that it is their work trying to keep those we don't want in the country from coming in? the president says it's the border agent's problem and they will get reprimanded. >> harris: i would layer that,
8:52 am
david and leslie, with a new question that has come about just on this program in the last hour and that is secretary mayorkas was there to see the horses. so why, in fact, wasn't it a problem just a few days ago? these border agents have been doing their jobs for months since the president flipped the switch and before then when it wasn't as bad by far as it is now. this has been a problem. leslie. >> well, i will agree with you, david. the vice president and joe biden were not elected for either of them to go on the view. it doesn't help the american people. it helps the ratings of the viewers. i've said many times the vice president needs to be getting down to the border. that is what she has been tasked to do as a vice president. one of the things she needs to do is talk to mexico. mexico didn't stop the haitians who came from brazil at the
8:53 am
same time on the same buses. the department of homeland security should look into it and the vice president should talk about what they find in an investigation into that now out of the 13,000 a few hundred are still left and not put back. if she were doing her job better with mexico who clearly is asking for their allowance fra the united states we wouldn't have had those haitians under that bridge in texas at the border. regarding the horses, that was standard operating procedure not just for border patrol for other law enforcement officials and they can't go as fast on foot or with vehicles. that is something that they did obviously we see that when there are images out there the american public sometimes get outraged, administrations left or right respond, to stop that. the issue is not to be blamed on any one area. immigration is and has been a problem at our border for 17 years and it is a multi-faceted problem and needs a
8:54 am
multi-faceted. comprehensive approach to hearing that. >> harris: leslie a democrat saying that. i see why you and david are friends. you go deep. >> i didn't know we were friends. >> harris: you guys are always. it can get chippy but i see how you treat each other. nice to know that you can disagree. you didn't then. we'll move to this. we understand quickly that the first question for the vice president on the view was about the pandemic and now we understand perhaps it will move on to the border. and so we'll keep an eye on that situation but i do want to just quickly get to this. the president spoke earlier, david, and we saw him also talking about covid restrictions and he finally took questions and he had kind of a two-ended thing. speech at the top and bottom talking about the economy. the new pew polling finds only 34% of americans right now are confident the president can unify the country while 66% not
8:55 am
so much. i just mentioned a couple of really big issues. quickly your thoughts in 15 seconds. >> you go to the congressional elections next year there won't be a single moderate democrats that wants the leaders of the democratic party to campaign for them because it will cost them votes. >> harris: good to see you both. thank you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break.
8:56 am
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and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> harris: fox news alert. a minute underway for federal fugitive brian laundrie. ointment of the late gabby petito have discovered florida wildlife preserve for any sign of temperatures, concerned that he somehow managed to escape the area or maybe he was never there at all. ask questions both about how he was able to get away. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno. here is my cohost.
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