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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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watch a brand-new episode on fo nation. of course we will be back monda and every weeknight from now until they show that is this foreign enemy of smugness and groupthink. have the best weekend with the ones you love. may it refresh you, and we will see you on monday. ♪ >> american held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines by day 41. >>sean: americans and their families and our allies in gree cardholders all remember hopelessly abandoned behind enemy lines and today after spending most of the weekend hiding, joe biden finally issue a public statement and even answered four questions, but he's proud of his work in afghanistan. and wonder how the families feel , i wonder how the people
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caught behind enemy lines field. the reporters were all preselected as per usual, joe h called their names from his little list, he obviously put together by his staff and at no point did he mention the americans he abandoned and left behind to suffer under the taliban that have now brought back for sharia law in that means yes, the death squads exist, women and children can't go to school, girls can go to school, women and girls that is nor did he mention his drone strike that killed humanitarian and yes, seven children n0 terrorists instead joe again congratulatin himself on what was his debacle of the withdraw from afghanista and says he won't make apologie for the way it all went down. pretty arrogant, joe perry take a look. >> they're is no easy way to en that and we're now still gettin people out, but it's really, there is no picture book way to say okay, let's get everybody
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out and well go home. no war has ever ended that way other if it's a surrender and it's a totally different circumstance. they're is a lot i'm sure along the line, but things i could've done better, but i make no apologies for my proposals, how i'm proceeding, and why i think by the end of the year were going to be in a very different place. >> there was an easy way, no apologies. why didn't you take out when yo had full control of kabul and the taliban was only beginning their march and running over th afghan military that you brag s much about in july, why didn't you get americans and their families in green cardholders and afghan allies and our military equipment out in march. why didn't you do and in april, may, june, july when you had full control of kabul and could have done all of that safely an gotten everybody home? you said you wouldn't abandon them, and you did. you should apologize for that,
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joe. only one small part of his bizarre rambling defensive speech where a very irritated looking joe biden attempted to blame everybody, but himself fo every crisis he created. he caused them all. the scolding border patrol and people that won't listen to his one-size-fits-all medicine from a guy that never went too medical school and frankly was horrible student on top of all of its. first with covid cases biking all around the country, 300 percent higher than last year, condemning every american who has not received a covid 19 vaccine. lecturing them. what about people with where conditions, joe? what about people they just had covid and it's recommended they not get the vaccine while their antibody level is high? according to joe biden, they ar destroying this country and now more vaccine mandates are heade your way, thanks to joe. dr. joe. >> they are causing damage.
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the unvaccinated overcrowd our hospitals. overrunning emergency rooms and intensive care units. the unvaccinated put our econom recovery at risk causing uneasy economy and causing unease around the kitchen table. the refusal has caused all of u the refusal to get vaccinated has cost all of us. by moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever i can. >> ny, joe, are you controlling all the monoclonal antibodies and rationing it considering you've shown such great success i know you only heard about the week and a half ago. federal mandates are not only unconstitutional, but they're also deeply unpopular, especially if for whatever reason i don't know, like new york city, african americans in new york city it's a little ove 30 percent that have been vaccinated that according to joe , he is following his science and less it interferes with his political agenda. today what is being called a boost for biden's campaign to
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get a broad segment of american access to boosters, the cdc director single-handedly overruled her own agency the cd advisory panel to recommend covid booster shots for a variety of american workers and according to even the new york times, it's highly unusual this decision. so wet, politics first and science second, joe? it's also highly unusual that the biden administration is rationing these therapeutics monoclonal antibody. in red states. now the governor who actually set up centers throughout the state of florida, now he's had to go out on his own and buy them himself. joe never mentioned these until last week. but for joe biden, finding someone to blame for his failures is more important than protecting american lives great look at the border for example. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that is an unmitigated disaster of his making and has been for seven
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months. a real crisis that they have been denying. thousands of migrants back together in horrific squalid conditions. many infected with covid 19, women and children are being trafficked physical and sexual assault is occurring on the large-scale. virtually virtually none of the migrants undergo any proper vetting whatsoever. they're is no covid 19 testing, and people are then being released into the u.s. and no vaccine mandate for them either. this week illegal immigrants attacked pilots and ice officials on multiple transport flights. clearly health and background checks are very important, but according to joe biden, the rea crisis, he's going after border patrol agents in their horses. they are fighting back fiercely saying this is all a lie, but here is what joe is saying. >> we saw at the border this week, how do you failed in this promise and this is happening under you, do you take
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responsibility for the chaos? >> people should be treated lik they did were. it's outrageous, i promise you those people will pay. they will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. they're will be consequences. it's an embarrassment, but it's beyond an embarrassment, it's dangerous, it's wrong, it sends the wrong message around the world, it sends the wrong message at home. it simply not who we are. >> joe, you caused this disaster . you ended this day in mexico policy. it was working. you stopped order while construction, it was working. you not only brought back catch and release, you are responsible , you both invited people to come. those people will pay, i guess forget about due process or the presumption of innocence, what about the people that ordered
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the drone strike, joe, oh, that would be you, the one that killed seven innocent children and humanitarian workers. what about the people who planned the botched withdrawal from afghanistan that resulted in 13 dead american soldiers trapping hundreds of our fellow americans behind enemy lines? what about the people that you abandoned it in afghanistan tha have green cards are afghan allies, all of our families. what about the people that caused this border crisis and told these migrants to surge th border. according to joe biden, his twisted logic, a border patrol agents on horseback with a long rain is evil, but leaving thousands of americans and our allies behind in afghanistan, that will be tortured and many killed by the taliban that are very professional and businesslike as he quote turns the page. that's a success? make no mistake, american
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enemies are all watching. all of our enemies know, china knows, russian nose, at that uranian mullahs no, they know that he is a cognitive mass and weak, frail, and incompetence o nearly every major issue. they don't respect and they don't fear joe biden. china for example, they have been circling taiwan where they plan their reunification with fighter jets. what are you going to do, joe? yesterday the people's republic of china, they sent 19 jets and today they send 24. they know you are too weak and spineless and you won't lift a finger, will you, joe. you will abandon taiwan just as you abandoned the people in afghanistan, your own citizens. joe biden has harsher rhetoric for the american people than he does for the communist party of china. probably china has compromising
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stuff on hunter. joe biden now likes to lecture and schooled americans for not peering your fair share in taxes , which is ironic. i will explain. >> hey, step up. step up and pay like everybody else does. look i really mean this. my whole career, and i come fro the corporate state of america. i think it's about just paying your share share. >> pay your fair share. okay, joe. how about this, joe. how about you and hunter, why don't you both start paying you fair share and your taxes befor lecturing the rest of us and keep in mind hunter, your son, that's right, the guy that used crack that's probably compromised by russia and china and kazakhstan and ukraine, and libya, he's under federal investigation. why? international tax evasion and money laundering. tonight according to the congressional research service, nonpartisan, joe, you yourself,
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up to a half million dollars in back taxes great i wonder if th ag in delaware is going to go after you like they are doing t donald trump in new york? for the exact same quote allegation. cbc, msnbc, cnn, maybe you should be speculating about jai time like you do with everythin donald trump or does joe just get the presidential protection program like he had the candidate protection program because he is a liberal democra and he's not donald trump? only one of the only members of the press that ask tough questions as our very own peter ducey, naturally joe biden toda avoided peace or do you see lik the plague. there was no exception. he only took four questions. >> here with more as white hous correspondent our own peter
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ducey is with us. okay, so i know you're in the press room tonight. so the question is, they didn't take your question. that's not press conference wit four questions for it he has ye to do a prime time, press conference. donald trump talk to the press lot. what are the questions that the media are not asking? >> two your point from just a few minutes ago. we still have not heard him address in a meaningful way or in any way that drone strike that they told us seven days ag now killed the seven innocent children and the three innocent adults, ten total people, no isis take a terrorist area he hasn't address that. he did talk about the border. what i did was i was trying to build on what we heard a couple of days ago i asked jen psaki i president biden had ever been t the border because we can't fin any evidence of him ever going during his five decades of
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public service, so today i aske her what he didn't want to answer, why is it that he doesn't go to the border, liste to this. >> why hasn't president biden ever visited the southern border ? >> what would you like him to d at the southern border and what impact you think he would have on the policy? >> why doesn't he want to go? to get a don't think he wants t go, but it's an issue of what i more constructive to what we se in a broken immigration system. >> is somebody else hearing fro both jen psaki and the who both briefed us today that despite president biden's very very strong language for those mounted officers at the border, saying that people are going to pay and there will be consequences, they are telling us he is not prejudging the investigation. >> wait a second, that's not prejudging? our account is 23 days, we have hundreds of americans who still don't have the exact number hel behind enemy lines in
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afghanistan, and their families and as tony blinken said thousands of people with green cards and our afghan allies and military equipment that we left for terrorist, he is not apologizing at all for abandoning americans behind enemy lines? i can't find an instance where he has reached out to the families of those americans tha he did abandon. has anyone in the press room asked that question? >> there was nothing i can recall about afghanistan today or yesterday in the briefing, but if you want to talk about numbers. we still don't know precisely how many americans might be lef behind in afghanistan. we also did not know how many o the haitian migrants we're released into the united states the ministration talks a lot about how if you make the journey to the u.s., you will not be successful. today the dh as secretary said there have been 12,400 of the haitian migrants from under the
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bridge in del rio that have bee released into initiate removal proceedings for it what that means is they basically just start a process that on average because there's a one and a hal million immigration case backlo in the courts, that takes about to and a half years, so we've gone from a top couple of days ago hearing from officials here that these migrants do not intend to stay in the united states for a long period of tim to it's going to take at least two and a half years and many o them we understand are able to stay after their cases are adjudicated. >> by the way, jen psaki, i hav a message for him. the reason joe should go to the border. horses, all-terrain vehicles, i've been there when gang members are arrested. at bend to the drug warehouse i and i've seen the tunnels. you need to go to del rio to se that humanitarian disaster that joe created and maybe he'll sto it. peter ducey, great to see you pair a tier with reaction forme
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white house chief of staff, former white house press secretary himself and fox news contributor ari fleischer. i am listening to these answers the reason we are not covid testing illegal immigrants is because they're not going to be here very long. or giving them request forms to show up, they're not even mandatory dates to show up in court. we request you show up on this date, but we're not going to force you to show up right now, ari, i have a funny feeling nobody is going to show up. >> a funny feeling great and accurate feeling. today is one of the most distressing lowest moments i have ever seen in the united states government. everything that joe biden said today about this is not the american way, that this is a tragedy, that this is not how people should act. everything he said today should have been said about those that are trying to enter america illegally, and not about the people who were doing their job
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and enforcing america's laws. this is a perfect illustration of how the democrats led by joe biden are anti- police. everywhere and everywhere pair that's a message today, don't enforce america's laws. when you see somebody breaking into our country, let them in. he's also seen to police forces everywhere, and warhorse patrols . anybody on bourbon street, they have force patrols there all th time. is that somehow inhumane, it's to deter people from coming int the country but the result of joe biden's policies is going t invite many more people into th country. this is open borders at its worst encouraged by the president by the president of the united states part. >> pick a few wishes. we achieved energy independence for the first time in 75 years, for national security reasons it's great, we don't have to as countries that hate us to impor oil, we didn't import any oil from saudi arabia in the final months of the trumpet ministration.
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we don't have to care about wha happens in the streets of hormu where iran plays a lot of games with the world's oil supply, a third of which comes through there. and then, now joe is begging opec to increase production. why doesn't he go back to trump 's policies of energy independence like he could go back to trump's policies on the border, like he could go back t trump's policies on antibodies and not abandoning americans in afghanistan? >> because they don't want to. it's not who they are. i don't think they care about sovereignty. i don't think they actually car about borders. this is who they are. and every once in a while, thei competency or their incompetenc comes to light. you mentioned before, joe biden playing the blame game. he blames the border patrol for mistreating illegal immigrants. he blames trump for the taliban being in power. he even blames his staff are no
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calling on certain reporters that he doesn't want to call on. unlike trumka may josé i'm not calling on you because i think you're a liar, he just blames other people. here is my point. he has the opinions on these issues. you know that biden rescinded, and i just wrote a list of like ten things in a second during the monologue he rescinded the law, he rescinded zero tolerance , he presented the paris agreement, he rescinded keystone, he rescinded the policy on transgender in the military. they have this view of america that is not the view that most people in this country have. the problem that biden has now is that when because he ran as this guy of competency commit when this mess on the border comes to light because they don't care if hundreds of thousands of people pour over the border, but every once in a while they've got a really bad camera shots, and they've got 15,000 haitians under a bridge
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and people start wondering, wai a minute, this guy isn't very competent, they see what happen in afghanistan, 13 service people are killed tragically. wait a minute. this guy is incompetent and tha you have democrats who usually don't agree with us on the border or our foreign policy, a chunk of those people are sayin this guy is not competent right that's why his numbers are sinking. >>sean: i know a lot of people in the media would feign outrag over trumps mean tweeting pair they didn't like it. donald trump would never abando americans freight he wouldn't have given up energy independence donald trump would give it we had a 25 year low in terms of illegal immigrants coming into the country. we didn't have a single america killed in afghanistan for 18 months under his policies. they believed he would kill him. i don't say that is a deterrent factor with joe biden. >> that's exactly it. donald trump was rude when he wanted to be rude, he could be
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bull in the china shop and ever time he went, he brought a new china shop with him. but he kept the attention he change the way we did business and he was tremendously effective across-the-board. lowest poverty rate since 1959, china changing its behavior. no new wars started, that's because of policy and that's wh i'm a policy first person. i don't care if joe biden tweet or doesn't tweet, it's not what's relevant to how you protect america or enforce america's law, rule americans border. policy matters. when it comes to policy, joe biden is showing he is not up for the job. his judgment is wrong, and he's a liberal as liberal as it gets and he is trying to show throug the left-wing wishlist red. >> will donald trump try to com back? >> i think almost certainly he is going to run again. but look, joe biden, you become a failure when you start blamin
6:22 pm
others for your own mistakes policy is who you are. ari is right and the policies o joe biden is what will and do him. is going to run and we will hav a big race upcoming in 2024, bu we will worry about 2020 to next . >> i will tell you this, i thin people will be less concerned about the tweets and more concerned about being competent in knowing what day of the week it is. just my guess. i never would have guessed we would abandon americans and hav this disaster at the border. i never thought we'd be begging opec to produce more oil and that is just touching the surface. thinking while. when we come back, we spoke wit border patrol about biden's attacks from today. we will get reaction from her and much more as we continue. 3
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>> welcome to fox news life, th fbi confirming an investigation underway into an alleged attack on the female servicemember by male group of afghan evacuees a fort bliss. the woman filed a report on september 19th claiming she was assaulted at the new mexico complex. the alleged attack follows an indictment of two refugees on charges of sexual and domestic assault fred republican congressman calls the news a fitting failure. the del rio bridge encampment were almost 15,000 people gathered seeking asylum has bee cleared. that's according to local and federal officials for departmen of homeland security secretary says about 2,000 haitians were rapidly expelled since sunday and that over 12,000 have been allowed to enter the u.s. at
6:28 pm
least temporarily. now back to hannity for all you headlines log onto ♪ >>sean: president biden rushing to judgment camero demonizing border patrol agents clearly not knowing all the facts, the border page eight agents are furious. once again reporting from the border in del rio, texas. investigative reporter sarah corp carter is with us. sarah, it's universal, every border control contact i have, every member of the union i've talked to, they are apoplectic and they are angry, and they feel they have been unfairly demonized, lied about, and they want an apology. >> absolutely. there isn't a border patrol agent or law enforcement official in del rio who isn't outraged by the president statements that these agents will pay or by vice president w
6:29 pm
when harris statement comparing what happened here in del rio t slavery. i am here at the international bridge, this international bridge border area is right her with mexico and has been shut down for more then a week. the community has been feeling at where they've not only been feeling it economically, but right now the community as apoplectic as you said about ho the agents have been treated. we watched as community members just regular folks came over here to the bridge to bring water to the agents, to talk to law-enforcement officials. they were bringing food to them. i want you to hear from a former , just recently retired mounted police border patrol trainer, and what he had to say. he had a lot to say to presiden biden. biden had said these border patrol agents will pay the price . how do you feel about that when you think about what they're saying, this is the president?
6:30 pm
>> it's heartbreaking to know that we work for they ask us to do our job, and when we do it t the best of our abilities, then we get this kind of backlash. >> do you think it's dangerous that the ministration is making these kind of comments to law-enforcement officers? >> of course. they weren't asked to do anything other than their job. there was no if i look at the videos in the pictures, there was no, they weren't whipping the haitians at all, if anything , they were using the rains to either create distance from the haitians, some of them were grabbing at the horse rain and they were either using thos to keep them away or they were using them to drive the horses to move them off because they were resisting the commands of the agents. >> it is extremely frustrating for many of the agents.
6:31 pm
this is a dangerous situation. this border region is filled with mountainous terrain, rocky conditions for the area in whic they apprehended the migrants was actually an area where they normally patrol, at that area, they were able to get their boats there which is why they were trying to move the migrants . they say what's worse is what president biden and the administration did put a big target on them basically giving others the right to target law-enforcement and at times that's really strenuous for them . they got to say that they want the biden administration to bac down. they want an apology and they want it right away. by the way, so do the people of del rio. >>sean: thank you, we appreciate that report is only. joining us with reaction is charlie hunt, american server dave union union chairman match lap is with us. now the white house, they are claiming that in fact they will pay--they're not rushing to
6:32 pm
judgment, now when biden was with obama they rush to judgmen on cambridge please, on friday great in baltimore, they rush t judgment in ferguson, missouri, that was a signature of theirs. they will pay sounds like a rus to judgment to me and trying to back off that statement is nearly impossible. >> this is a threat, sean. you're not allowed to go out an just threaten your employees. remember joe biden was ultimately their boss. inasmuch is federal employees are sometimes, they have rights and think about these people wh are simply doing their job. we are supposed to prevent illegals from crossing the border, that's what our law says . joe biden, as the president he has to enforce our laws, instea he's demonizing law enforcement in the same cavalier way he lef americans behind in afghanistan.
6:33 pm
this is outrageous. this attack on men and women simply doing their job and following their oath, to have the president of the united states threaten them is a line we have been seen since clinton went after the travel office. >> the iron or neat is he cause it all. they cause this. by not enforcing the laws. >> exactly. it's important to remember that all of this is intentional. all of this, there is plenty of blame going back decades that both parties could share in but president trump saw the immediate crisis at the border. joe biden came in and ended all of the things that president trump puts in place that solves the immediate crisis at the border. what you wound up with was this catastrophe that i guess was getting out of hand even for th biden administration which is really remarkable if you stop and think about what they are intending to do with the border which is to completely remove it .
6:34 pm
the other thing i find so astounding about all of this is the kind of language that they're willing to use as matt says to attack the people that are charged with the duty of enforcing the border. and to bring up slavery and racism, and to equate slavery with enforcing our border. this is just nuts like nothing, we have seen some pretty crazy stuff over the last five years, sean, but this is a new level o just wacko crazy that i don't even think regular democrat voters, at least not the ones i know, and i know plenty of them around here, our willing to go along with. this is a new level of crazy. >> yes, and it's getting worse every day on every major issue that the country is facing. matt and charlie, thank you both . when we come back, all court appearance from kamala harris o
6:35 pm
the view today. we will get reaction. that's when we return.
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>> now vice president kamala harris, in her order czar, she was slated to appear on the vie this morning and what was bille as her first in studio intervie since taking office, but they show that off to a rocky start freight to other cohosts were asked to leave the set on live television, apparently they had tested positive for covid. its no secrets, we have many political disagreement with the ladies there at the view, nothing is more important than
6:40 pm
health, and all politics aside, i very sincerely wish both of them a speedy recovery. i mean it very trust me, no one knows better than i do anything that happened during live tv, that was one of those moments. vice president harris was able to join the show virtually and hearers of course wasted no tim slamming the border patrol agents in becoming the latest democrat to compare them to slave drivers pay take a look. >> i've been very clear about the images you and i both saw o those law-enforcement law enforcement officials on horses. i was outraged by it. it was horrible, and deeply troubling. there has been now and investigation that is being conducted, which i fully suppor and there needs to be consequence and accountability. human beings should not be treated that way in is we all know it also invokes images of some of the worst moments of ou history where that kind of
6:41 pm
behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country and has been used against african-americans durin times of slavery. >> border patrols union and border patrol agents we have mentally denied that characterization of both biden and kamala harris on this issue and they are fighting back strongly saying that this is being used as a distraction as we reported earlier in the show tonight for their failure at th borders. but has kamala thought about what happened now that she and joe abandoned americans in afghanistan, including women. afghan allies, are they not seeing the beatings that are taking place? are they not watching the murders taking place? are they not witnessing that women can't go to school and they can't go to work anymore? and they facilitated that with that botched withdrawal if you want to call it that.
6:42 pm
they abandoned americans behind enemy lines. here is tammy bruce, media columnist for the hill. it's interesting, the photographer whose photo they keep using and showing has said that's not what happened as it relates to the reins. i'm not a horse person, but, apparently there is what is called so i will defer to you o that, tammy and i'll ask you. we can compartmentalize one thing and total of their creation both there and afghanistan. >> isn't that convenient? this is what they do for a living. the reins by the way are instea of wearing spurs, and those allow you to move that horse around. we know living in new york ther is a horses that the nypd uses, they are intimidating, they're meant to keep people away and move them away.
6:43 pm
the horses can also get frightened by certain environments and those are used to maintain control of the horses as well. of course a photograph has to b looked at incontext and that's what the photographer is saying. i would argue and the secretary said something remarkable today and his statement, that this wa an example of systemic racism. i absolutely absurd and remarkably disgusting statement for the fact is there is democratic racism, it is systemic in the democrats, and it is this environment that the have created. having rhetoric and policy and encouragement for people of color effectively hispanics and black people coming to this border and undergoing trafficking, indentured servitude, sickness, suffering, and you know what the reward is going to be low-wage jobs that the americans won't take. that is the racism, putting those people in this position,
6:44 pm
and having the border patrol do their job. they're is no one the democrats and biden won't throw under the bus whether it is an innocent family in afghanistan by dronin them with a bomb, or the border patrol, if they want to win a news cycle, they want to distract, nothing is off the table and that is what we are watching here. >> joe, even mexican american agents have defended their fellow agents on this saying that is not the case. if we're going to look at rit causes of things because kamala had to go to control america defined the root cause of why people are coming. but looking for root causes the invited people, they're not enforcing the laws. by not enforcing the laws and processing people into the country, they have encouraged these large groups of people to keep coming and coming. we went from a 25 year low unde
6:45 pm
trump's policies which they abandon and we're probably now headed to a 25 or 30 year high of illegal immigrants that they are just processing into the country aiding and abetting the lawbreaking lawbreaking. >> instead of going too central del rio or instead of going to la jolla as the vice president goes too central park in essenc abc studios to go on the view. if the vice president's, currently pulling at 35 percent approval in the usa today, if she needed a state say space, this was the wrigley field of friendly media confines. a couple of thoughts on what happened during the show. after the two we're escorted of the set made show, joey could b heard coughing loudly with jim completely encapsulated this moment perfectly. when the finally the interview finally began, you want to hear some of the questions. as a time to get tougher on mandates and make to life
6:46 pm
tougher for the unvaccinated? madame vice president, we've been discussing those just dripping images of the inhumanely corralling haitians of the u.s. border and you've been tasked with immigration. how do you explain this? and as you justly before, she goes on to use the slavery analogy when talking about border agents considering she once compared ice to the kkk, this is totally and in her latest story, the photographer he took those viral images said border patrol was not weeping anyone in the photos are being misconstrued. this guy should be on 60 minute this sunday and pushing into th narrative that they are pushing as well saying the border agent will pay for their actions prid that sounds like a fair investigation here's another question which is really an advocacy position in the form o a question. will the biden administration halt all deportations of haitians at the texas border an allow for them to apply for asylum? joy, we are here to make a big announcement the bound broadban access.
6:47 pm
i want to give you time to talk about that for this is like getting into the ring with mike tyson in his prime. how did kamala survive this onslaught is what i wanted no part. >> joe, thank you, good to see you. when we come back the reverend al sharpton did not get a warm welcome when he visited the border. we will show you what happened with him and leo to point out, he will react. that is straight ahead. you don't want to miss this tape .
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♪ to get the reverend al sharpton never misses an opportunity to make himself the center of attention. this wiki headed to the border. he did not receive the warmest welcome local residents. take a look.
6:52 pm
>> they can scream all they want . we will stand to make sure. we will continue to cutback. >> here with reaction. this went on for quite a long period of time. they really were angry. and i will tell you, i haven't spoken to a lot of the border patrol guys, they are apoplecti over the rush to judgment and the accusations of racism of th border patrol over this force incident. i'm not a horse person, i don't know if you are, leo, i'm not, but the reins they use to control the horse and also if people are getting close to the animal, it could pose a situation where people can get severely injured.
6:53 pm
they're is a lot of factors in play here that if you don't rus to judgment, you might hear a reasonable answer. >> they're is a rush to judgment . joe biden light, kamala harris lied, and let me be clear, ther is no one that has been whipped there is no victim, there is no evidence, it is purely a lie, i want to thank the state of texa for telling al sharpton to get out of texas, they don't play the race card. he went down there to play the race card and the people in texas say we don't play that here, go back to new york. what they were trying to do, al sharpton, was trying to change the narrative from the dereliction of duty of joe bide on the southern border and play the race card to. people of texas that we don't play that here, go back to new york, go back to chicago and la we don't play the race card. systemic racism does not exist. i'm proud of texas for throwing al sharpton out of the states. >> the main argument the border
6:54 pm
patrol is making and the union is making is that they are saying this to distract from th policies they put in place that caused this that now has put this on a path where hundreds o thousands of illegal immigrants are entering this country each in every month in will set a 25 or 38 year record high. they had put the border patrol in the worst position possible in the middle of a pandemic not only a high rate of covid positivity among those illegall entering the country, they're not being tested, no vaccine mandate, but border patrol have a high incidence of covert positivity covid positivity because their taking care of people in overcrowded condition and that we see in del rio. >> it's very clear. you know why this is happening? the progressive left do not wan a border. tell you right now about the border patrol officers, they have been humiliated, they have been accused of racism and
6:55 pm
there's not a single shred of fact. they have been basically attacked by the democrats because, what you just articulated about the border, it's a refugee camp and what th democrats and al sharpton tried to do was change the narrative. no one can ignore what's happening at the southern border . its a war zone. like i said again. al sharpton, the state of texas does not play the race card. play that back in new york, but i am proud of the state of texa pork throwing al sharpton out. it's a great day today. >> leo to point out, we appreciate you being with us. we will have more hannity after this. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there
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♪ >>sean: that is all the time we have left this evening, we thank you for being with us, they show is impossible without
7:00 pm
you watching. please set your dvr in never miss an episode. we promised this coming you'll never get this news from the media mob. in the meantime have a great weekend and let not your hearts be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. have a great weekend coming int you monday. ♪ >>laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle from washington tonight. let's start right off, biden goes full sharpton that is the focus of tonight angle. >> it was horrible as you saw t see people treated like they did , or list running over people and people being strapped, and height outrageous, i promise yo those people will pay. they're will be, there is an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. >> so much for biden pack into the middle to unite the country