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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. thank you to everybody for bein here. hello and welcome to fox news a night. breaking tonight the border patrol outraged at the administration pushes the claim that these agents were hurting the migrants.
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the panel is standing by to lay in. they are frustrated about the mixed messaging. why the cdc director is now breaking with an advisory panel are we following the science? new details tonight in the investigation searching for her boyfriend heading into day seven. would begin tonight with accusations from the administration covering up his actions. here tracking the story for us to my. >> that is an old saying that was especially popular with it comes to politics. if you don't like what's being said just change the conversation. this meant changing the conversation to the border
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agents. without evidence they were usin a live on the migrants of cours this has been proven to be untrue. he said of course i take responsibility on the president. we are watching this controvers unfold. he said it's horrible and it's simply not we are. they've been troubled by what they saw in the photos. after comments that it appears the president of the vice president are looking at the outcomes of the investigation. >> to see people treated glycated. it's outrageous. and i promise you these people will pay. there will be consequences. it's an embarrassment. there needs to be consequence and accountability. these are images of the worst moments of our history where this kind of behavior has been used against people in our
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country. we know this contradicts the worst elements of our nation's ongoing battle. we have been swift and thorough in our response. however the photographers said he didn't see that. administration today admitted that this mandate have not been tested. they don't know if any of them have been tested i do not know
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whether anybody was sick. they did say they could test these people however the administration also claims a thousand people have now voluntarily returned to mexico well federal authorities evaluate more than 5,000 others at another 12,000 people still remaining in the us. there still fudging around with the numbers. they haven't counted the unknow tens of thousands of other foreign nationals that it comes to the border over the past few weeks. 's the vice president taking
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some heat because of her action and not spending enough time at the border. >> this is a very tough one if you are on television let me ge this straight she has time to b a guest on tv. but she can't get down to the southern border. the president tapped her to handle the border crisis that's a lot of criticism for the vice president who was getting to th bottom things in texas. even that her appearance i should point out faced a bit of a hiccup with the host of the show. for her part she conducted the remote interview. with live tv you just never kno what's going to happen.
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we have things to talk about momentarily. >> things that could really annoy just about everybody. now to the latest on the pandemic. they're going to go against the recommendation of the cdc on boosters. if it seems like there is mixed messaging it's because there is. today the director said that frontline essential workers eve be from healthcare workers to grocery store employees should get another shot coming after the advisory committee said people even at risk workers should not get the booster shot. they said it was a scientific close call. when faced with uncertainty
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healthcare leaders need to take action. she appeared on a special repor we're absolutely following the science. i attended into and into an hour-long deliberation and discussion on the admissions that were a part of our advisor panel i think what you are starting to see is the science is emerging. it's beneficial for people 75 and up. the booster referenced right no is to be administered six month after the second shot. this would not apply to the
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other shots people are expected to decide on those at a later date. tonight basketball is now tied up in the vaccine mandate debat officials are denying a player' request for religious exemption. he can't play in home games until he fills the city's requirement. they have made it clear they will not honor exemption request. let's bring in the dream team panel to discuss and debate.
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's national spokesperson welcom back to both of you. good to be with you. let's start with the pandemic this is a headline today. the chief overruling her advisers on boosters. what do you think about the member of the task force under the trip administration? he announced he was going to have a booster campaign the community says you don't need this but they are doing it anyway. of course this is going to lead to more vaccine hesitancy of course it's going to backfire i certain communities. she thinks the evidence is ther too back up this decision. >> she makes a good about the decision but the people are confused.
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this is why you see so many people that are hesitant becaus they don't understand what the policy is. we haven't heard from the task force from the white house podium. but we have our political decisions being made. it's causing people to be even more hesitant. it's encouraging people to have a better idea about what's happening. could they do a better job? >> i think we need more involvement when it comes to th clear guidance.
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it's obviously happening in rea time they are analyzing this in real time and i think the greatest example for whatever but he get the vaccine unfortunately in this country w are still seeing a fairly high death rate. 's the vast majority of them have been vaccinated if you nee evidence it's right here. they've highlighted so many of these stories with americans. they are pleading with their fellow countrymen to get the vaccine. the science is there in terms o the efficacy. lets talk about the border this is what the president has said. it's now gone viral the
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administration is curious about the southern border. they have used a single episode to deflect criticism from immigration failure. it's not what people are mixed with out to be. if there was a reason for refor hits right now. wherever they are it's a crisis. we need to search resources to the border to assist with these patrol officers. it's a very difficult task unde a lot of pressure that they are under. winnie to treat everybody with dignity.
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's. >> several polls showing a rapi decline of support especially minorities. a lot of democrats are upset with this president. with just the 'we both the photo. with be very clear. administration is lying. they are lying about the photo and about one border patrol did. instead of getting at the truth
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and trying to figure out the sa a crisis that's been created. have a good weekend.
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the search still underway for the only individual named in this case. is officially a fugitive following an arrest warrant on fraud charges. tonight people are remembering her with a candlelit vigil in her honor. police called this a night on day number six of their search. about 25 miles southeast of sarasota the manhunt is expecte to continue again this morning.
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he was indicted by a federal grand jury after meeting with their attorney on thursday. the war and doesn't change anything for us we are trying t find this today just as hard as we did on day number one. we are looking at the level of stress and drive. that's really what's turning th screw. people are building a memorials for her in long island new york. when people said she was always
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happy she really was. she was always smiling you neve saw her sad. >> just cry. are literally want them to just remember the good. and they are going two. >> around dinnertime they went into the home after a false alarm. >> a final report on the 2020 vote in arizona confirms the wi in the state. the review of more than 2 million votes are nearly identical to the county's tally. the former president issued multiple statements claiming massive fraud is in the audit. he will speak about this in georgia tomorrow. an excellent reason to put off
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doing the laundry ever again.
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the owner of a brand-new vehicl is not going anywhere anytime soon after the vehicle flew off the back of a delivery truck smashing into a parked pickup. take a look at this dog trying to doggy paddle away from his owner. he is simply trying to let him know that the fun is over.
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the dog is okay they just wante to keep it moving. >> and animal putting up a figh to stay inside. they finally got him out no wor on how the critter is doing tonight but he's not doing it inside of that house. check out what a woman found in her laundry room. a bunch of snakes. she said she wasn't completely surprised because of where she lives. but he gave her a good excuse t put her chores on hold. i was at the chores are done fo good. i would never do laundry ever again. this dog it could be on the extra level of shark tank this bulldog has a large following online showing that he knows ho to stay dry.
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on a more serious note check ou this video of an ocean rescue b the new york police and fire department a swimmer was forced into a jet. knew tonight they move to ban these theories and public schools but as students head back to the class from his parents are finding out that th schools are actually teaching the children. we have the full story. these teachers are being told t be careful about how they handl the students. it was the first of nine states to adopt changes to the
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curriculum. i don't want my child be told that is privileged. high dome a child to think any differently of the front is chosen. at a school education task forc hearing to give analysts and fearful. what this means to me is that him academically inept. i know i am not capable of speaking for myself. some changes have happened ther are notes plans for this next event any guidance to faculty
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this is the focus should be on teaching the students how to think. schools are being much more careful but they are restrictin some lessons. because they know -- some leaders it's not something to be afraid of. it's okay to look at history. and we need to give the proper context of what actual historical events have occurred. several dozen other states are looking at ending history class. they reportedly looking at suin one of the states. thank you so much it's time to bring back kevin's court.
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tonight it's most annoying food habits. what are we guilty of potentially. i love this one and i don't kno why it's just resonating with a. can't wait to tell you all abou this. i been left wondering who wrote something like this. the survey was conducted by a single pull and they asked to thousand people what they consider the most annoying habits. talking with your mouthful and chewing loudly. slurping your food and double dipping. they had 2,000 people and they asked if they would break up with somebody over there annoying food habits. 42 percent of men said yes. how do you feel about the most annoying list? lets put the list back up if we can because what i would tell you is my father would not have
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put up with any of this garbage at the table. the double dipping i might be guilty of this. the other ones would have gotte me chastised at the table. there are so many things there that it's like nails on chalkboard. i would say chewing with your mouth open. i'm a pretty laid back guy has you know and this would definitely be an issue for me. i'm out i would break up with somebody over this. thank you kevin.
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where does the administration's chaotic problem leave us in the region. the executions and all of the laws are coming back. he will show you where the investigation is on the state o religious minorities. ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ music swells ♪ ♪ ♪ [footsteps]
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amputations will continue. we've told the associated press that nobody has told us what th law is going to be. peoples of the message they are getting is simple. worried about being trapped man are turning off their phones. we've heard reports of people that have been killed. there are warnings to cease operations in their home. there are 12,000 people afghanistan although many have fled some are choosing to remain.
9:37 pm
they want to stay in bear witness. they're willing to stay regardless of the dangers that may be. let's bring in one of our leaders to talk about the fight. welcome back it's good to see you. i want to play something from this person. more about being there. we aren't able to control our emotions. we've worked so hard over the course of 20 years. the heart aches for the country. before they took over the country wasn't doing very well. prior to this it wasn't exactly
9:38 pm
a welcoming place. it's absolutely dire the entire community faces determined numbers and make no mistake the are working hard for their own religion. we simply don't agree with them and have different beliefs. we need to do more. we need to demand that this administration take action. there are things they could do very quickly. they are granting special statu to give people in and out we should show some compassion. second this administration should be destroying this stuff.
9:39 pm
third he should probably speak out against this. he missed a great opportunity i this last week i recall two years ago when trump was the first person to persecute people. this liberty is not a gift from the government it's a gift from me. it's time for this president to do the same. >> thereafter other minorities that don't line up with their view of how the country should not be ruled. as this withdrawal was implodin
9:40 pm
the community has not only been growing but they have become emboldened. harshly because of the forces o the ground in 2019 a number of children born grew to dozens of christians including the religious affiliations on the national identity cards. piece of the blood is the seat of the church. what they are doing is wrong. they aren't going to get the final say in this.
9:41 pm
i think many people are standin up to these organizations. this is what the church is doin there is a march coming on saturday if the march for the martyrs. we want to be sure these voices and lives are not missed. some very difficult news that w have. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for highlighting this it's very important. you may not expect most fast food to be healthy for you but somebody is alleging something much worse that taco bell left her paralyzed now she is suing. if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has plans built just for you. whether you need a single line or lines for family members, you'll get great value on america's most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited
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law enforcement leaders criticizing the new law in new york state. taking a look for us tonight in new york city. good evening and the governor said that new york incarcerates more people for parole violations in any other state.
9:47 pm
we hope this bill would transform the criminal justice system here. but just days after it was signed and it's already under scrutiny. this went into effect freeing00 of people. they are now facing00s of workers shortages. the governor liking the problem to a pressure cooker. will allow for earned time credit for people that the violate parole. the law changes standards meeting people won't get sent back to jail for technical violations. shifting from punitive model that lock people up to an incentive -based model to help people reenter the communities. it will transfer 200 inmates if the phase sentences under one year. one of the people is already
9:48 pm
back behind bars. in july people arrested the 21 -year-old for violating his parole. he was later identified as a suspect in the killing of a rochester woman that was stabbe 30 times with a hatchet. as they put the case together o tuesday this was one of 17 inmates allowed to walk into th new jail. us marshals bringing him back into custody hours later. he faces second-degree murder for the attack on july 10th. he's pled not guilty. she ate tainted food at taco bell and it caused her to becom paralyzed. she said she only eight half of her nachos because it looked
9:49 pm
different and tasted dried out days later she was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder and became a quadriplegic. she's now suing them on seven counts of negligence they are denying anything. the spring in the legal eagles. the former attorney and host of the talking feds. >> let's start with exhibit a. he outline to the case since approximately four hours after going to bed she allegedly woke up with chills of diarrhea and severe stomach pain. five days later she began to experience issues with her hand and loss control of all of her limbs. according to complaints she was admitted to a nearby hospital. 's that is not some good. >> not at all. this is a tragic case and we hope she gets the justice she deserves.
9:50 pm
if they talk about issue and no an employee issue. we want the cause to be taco bell not a different environmental issue. there were several days if not weeks that these symptoms were onset. we are going to be getting nutritional experts in hopefull we can track this back to taco bell. an expert to be very helpful in a case like this. take us to the second exhibit. the defendants deny they failed the dangerous foodborne pathogens test. we have some cases that are fun
9:51 pm
but this is not one of those. you can get this from contaminated food you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. 's fars causality it can be issues within a couple of hours. she is certainly going to have medical evidence that says this is the cause. it sure seems like it was and this means it's going to get past the motion to dismiss. it is going to have to go to trial. i don't think any defendant could possibly afford to go to trial with this incredibly sympathetic claim. there's a lot of joked cases ou there and this is one where we really need to compensate somebody that out of the blue has become paralyzed.
9:52 pm
we counsel our clients and you have to think that it would be pretty sympathetic plaintiff in front of a jury. for now taco bell is saying there is no causality or connections we will look at the testimony and the evidence coming up next. they say that she sustained permanent injuries as a result of the consumption of the food product purchased a taco bell. uncertain her lawyers are going to have a lot to say at the trial. i think this is also why it's important we highlight all of the stuff in court.
9:53 pm
these are just cases to gum up the court system. there may not be any public sentiment behind this because o all the frivolous cases. >> i agree with robert. i think they are going to say here is the evidence upon the motion to dismiss they will say you can go to a jury but taco bell is going to win. we are going to track this case because it's something that non of us would ever expect to happen. >> some good news before we say good night because we need this on a friday night a world war i veteran is celebrating her 100th birthday and a very good way.
9:54 pm
she was paid a visit by a uniformed member of the arizona national guard they serenaded her with happy birthday and she got more than 500 birthday cards. they were delivered by the police department she was the only black female army major to serve in the second world war. her battalion was credited with solving is serious crisis durin the war. we wish her a very happy birthday as well and we thank her for her service. and what a great life and story she had. >> a beautiful story. i've got a good story as well. undoubtably getting a classic belly for your birthday when yo turned 100 that's icing on the kick. especially when it's one that you used to drive. used to be a chauffeur and he
9:55 pm
shall for the person in 1964 driving that exact vehicle and for his birthday after 20 years of searching the family found it. i love that story what a fantastic story. there couldn't be a better ending to the aspects kevin hav a wonderful weekend. you do the same at home we are back in washington on monday.
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you know who's on next? >> he's a guy. ♪ >>tucker: welcome to tucker carlson tonight at happy friday. last month for youth those of you keeping track the buy new ministration announced >> welcome to tucker carlson. the biden administration decided to give so-called boosters to millions of americans. didn't see that coming. but the administration never explained why it was necessary or scientifically justifiable. they never bothered. with aggression


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