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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  September 27, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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avenue. avenue of the americas. great to have you on "fox & friends" this friday morning. will cain. thank you. >> great job. >> i dreamed of working here and it all came true. i pinch myself when i walk into the building still. >> join us tomorrow. >> have a good day. >> bill: the white house fudging the numbers on the haitian migrants released into the u.s. nonetheless these figures are stunning where we start today. good morning. good to be back with my partner here. >> dana: did you have a good time? >> bill: how can a vacation not be a good time? >> dana: it's true. even if the weather -- the weather was perfect. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." i have to clear something up. we did the tease with "fox & friends" and lawrence jones is there with a member of the livestock community, steve
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doocy said lawrence found a goat. i thought it was a sheep. he said it was a goat. gosh. it was a sheep. so just to -- i also exacerbated it. middle america, we do know the difference between a sheep and goat to clear it up. dhs secretary mayorkas defending his handling of the situation in del rio. thousands of migrants were living under a bridge forcing officials to force the border crossing for more than a week. >> bill: crews have cleared out the site. it is allowing the greater majority to stay and make their case for asylum, which may take years. >> of the 17,400 that weren't deported back or didn't return on their own to mexico, how many of them either -- first, how many have been released into the u.s. >> they are released on conditions and approximately i think it's 10,000 or so. 12,000.
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>> when we talk about a total of 12,000 or could it be even higher? >> it could be even higher. >> dana: kevin mccarthy is here with reaction. griff jenkins is live in mexico. let's check in with the white house where peter doocy is standing by. >> bill: good morning. a backlog of a million half immigration cases right now. most migrants that make it here and are not immediately sent back are in the country an average of about 2 1/2 years. some of these haitians that made it across the border into del rio were met by mounted officers whose jobs are now in jeopardy because they are being accused without evidence by officials here of whipping people. but the texas governor says he has their back. >> if he takes any action against them whatsoever i have worked side-by-side with those border patrol agents. i want them to know something. if they are at risk of losing their job that the a president who is aban dong his duty to
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secure the border you have a job in the state of texas. i will hire you to help texas secure our border. >> the credibility of claims that border patrol officers whipped anyone is in doubt. that is what dhs officials at the highest levels are going with. >> the person who took these photos of the border patrol agents said i have never seen them whip anyone. why is the president out there today talking about people being strapped? >> the image in the photograph that we all saw and that horrified the nation raised serious questions about -- let me finish -- about what occurred and as i stated quite clearly it conjured up images of what has occurred in the past. let me finish. there is also a question of how one uses the horse. and how one interacts with individuals with the horse. and so i'm going to let the investigation run its course.
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i'm not going to interfere with that investigation. the facts will be determined by the investigators and the results will be driven by the facts that are determined. >> the secretary had been warning migrants do not come, your journey will not be successful. after admitting on "fox news sunday" that more than 10,000 some unknown number greater than 10,000 has made it into the country for an unknown period of time while they're waiting for their cases to be heard, it turns out that's not true. >> dana: there are 10,000 more the mexican officials told us are waiting to cross. >> and dana i want to point out that this unknown number is after days of saying they didn't know at all. now they say they know what the minimum is. >> dana: a whole issue last week and probably will continue. thank you. >> bill: sounds like a fudge to us. the camp under the bridge is cleared. thousands more migrants are waiting on the mexican side of the border to cross into the
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u.s. griff jenkins is live in mexico today. good morning, griff. >> bill, good morning. that's right. this place is the southern-most city in mexico bordering with guatemala. every migrant that crossed into del rio came here first. officials here say there are more than 10,000 haitians alone at this office in this city trying to get their official papers to remain in the country to try to get work. one haitian describing the conditions here in this town yesterday as being a prison. as you can see here, not just 10,000 haishens, a lot of migrants from other countries all have told me, every single one. their ultimate intention is to get to the united states. this group of individuals at this office are mostly from ghana. we're seeing a lot of families but also a lot of single adult
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males. your name from ghana? >> we are from ghana. >> where are you trying to get to ultimately? >> we are here almost one month. we have some people that are here two months but our program is because of the language problem how to proceed and how to get documents. we went there but they don't want understand our language and it has become very difficult for us and we have children. we have to know they are safe. we have problem for our family and we need help. >> some people sick? >> sick and need to go to the hospital but because of the document problem when you go there they say that we don't have protocol. so we need help. >> are you trying to get to the united states? everybody want to go there? >> for me i need freedom. yes, i want to stay here to work if i get documents i will work here. >> as you can see we have some from ghana and many others as
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this office opens up. the conditions are difficult. they are going to try ultimately to offer volunteer flights starting next week for any of the haitians here to go back but none have told me they are interested in doing that, bill. >> bill: amazing scene. griff jenkins in mexico. >> dana: reaction to the president's handling of the situation in del rio and across the border house minority leader kevin mccarthy. i want to ask you this. you are in a position of leadership so you get intelligence briefings and national security concerns are top of mind. when you look at the overall border and the focus on del rio and the rest of the border we don't know all the stories happening there. record numbers of migrants coming across. the ones we know and the number of gotaways is what we don't know. very concerning. there is more than 140 countries people come from now know to come across that border. earlier this year in february i was down along the border when we first discovered that we had been catching people on the
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terrorist watch list. we recently had caught two people in yemen. when i raised that issue democrats on the other side of the aisle said i was lying. but the intel report even shows that and more. this is a real concern now that what has happened in afghanistan. now that you have had 5,000 prisoners escape. when the world knows the place to come into america is just to travel to mexico and go directly across the border. the most scary part about this is the democrats ignore the problems they ignite. if it wasn't for fox news with your drone showing this, the first reaction from this administration was to deny your drone to show the rest of the world. then they told us they were going to send these people back trying to stop the flow. now we learn this sunday we were lied to. no, they were not sent back. the majority of everyone was sent into this country. and when you look at the numbers, more than 1.2 million people have been apprehended coming across the border this
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year. it is breaking all records for the last 20 years. it is not just people, it is drugs, fentanyl. a 300% increase going throughout our country killing our citizens. this has got to stop. but it is the way the administration handles every crisis. they ignore it. >> bill: there is a problem on the border and we've been watching it more closely than anyone. you will see it here first. in the meantime there is a huge story in washington this week that could go to what joe biden calls generational benefits. i don't know what it means but the price tag is 3 1/2 to 5 trillion depending who you listen to. nancy pelosi from abc on sunday an getting this done. >> this will be paid for. when some say well, what about inflation? it will be paid for and that's the beauty of it by having those in our economy and society who have not paid their fair share paying their fair share. let's not talk about numbers
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and dollars, let's talk about values. >> bill: she had a commitment that today would be the vote on infrastructure. it won't happen today. maybe on thursday. where does it stand? do you believe now that democrats have the votes on a simple majority vote to get all this spending done? >> i'm not sure that they do yet. it only takes four democrats to say no to stop this. remember what this is. this weekend we learned in the budget committee it wasn't 3.5 trillion, it was 4.3 trillion. they'll continue to spend more. 100 bill for amnesty for 10 million illegal immigrants who came across the border. the one thing if you add that with the infrastructure build you talk more than $5 trillion. more money we spent in winning world war ii. what has it caused? inflation. that's why we find there are some democrats who said they can't go along with this. this will transform government as we know it. it was interesting that speaker
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pelosi didn't want to talk about the numbers to say it was paid for. it is paid for by putting a debt to the next generation of americans. that's how it's paid for. >> dana: one last question. the other thing that's happening is that the debt ceiling has to be raised. republicans so far have said they are not going to do that. the democrats say that that is irresponsible. can you commit there will be no republicans on the house side to vote to raise the debt ceiling? >> there won't be. the democrats control the house, senate, white house they want to add another $5 trillion just this week. if they want to raise the debt ceiling they have the power to do it. one thing to remember, our gdp is 23 trillion. our debt as we speak today is 28 trillion with you have another and they want to add another five. we haven't seen this disparity since world war ii. this is a real concern going forward. remember what's happening to our economy. inflation. it is caused by the spending.
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it will continue to spiral our economy out of control. you have americans held hostage overseas, the american board opened up. these are all problems created by the democrats who continue to ignore them. >> dana: we'll talk to maria bartiromo about inflation coming up. >> bill: we found doozys in the bill. tree planting and tree equity 3 billion. vehicle charging equity program. does that mean -- what does that mean? >> you know what they do in the new tax bill? they increase it if you make $800,000, the hard working taxpayers subsidize you for buying an electric car. >> bill: we want to go on for a long time. appreciate your time. late on friday one of our producers in washington came across this clip from indiana television. the prime minister of india was in the oval office friday afternoon and before the american press came in the
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indian media, that outlet was inside and this is what was picked up on camera. just watch here. >> what we're going to do is bring in the press. the indian press is much better behaved than the american press and i think with your permission, you do not answer question. they won't ask any questions on point. >> bill: all true and all incredibly revealing about the white house. >> dana: extremely troubling. here is what happened between johnson an biden. >> is it okay if we have a couple of questions? just a couple. >> dana: what happened to the leader of the free world taking questions? it is tradition, two and two. everybody that works in the obama administration knows that. that is upsetting. if you want india to be a democracy and they're not
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taking questions because you are afraid they won't be on point because you don't want to answer the other things that are happening. >> bill: revealing about the strategy. this from sunday, watch. >> gabby is the most amazing person i've ever met so if you are going to leave here today i'm asking that you guys be inspired by the way she treated people. >> bill: gabby's parents saying an emotional goodbye for the search for her missing boyfriend moves forward. where is he? nancy grace is next live on that. >> dana: a deadline is here for new york healthcare workers to get vaccinated. will it make hospital staffing shortages even worse? >> bill: how a perfect storm of supply chain issues is threatening to mess with your christmas. >> dana: it's a real problem. >> bill: we'll tell you about that, too. at aspen dental, weu find your happy place like milkshake mustaches high fives and high dives.
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>> dana: gabby petito's family held a memorial for her yesterday near her hometown in long island. more than 1,000 mourners gathered to pay respects. her death is ruled a homicide. the f.b.i. has her remains in wyoming as the search for her boyfriend laundrie considers in florida. jonathan serrie is live in north port this morning. >> police continued their search of the carlton reserve but say their search of the swampy nature park this week will be a scaled-down version of what we saw last week. instead they are targeting their searches based on the information that continues to come in. f.b.i. agents visited the screened in porch of the laundrie family home yesterday where earlier in the day one of brian's parents has seen leaving what the family leaves
6:21 am
some of brian's person ally tem. doing the bounty hunter showed up at the home on saturday. the bounty hunter says he believes if brian isn't in the carlton reserve he is probably in the appalachian trail because dog believes brian is not a career criminal. >> he can't stay and shoplift and stay in cheap motels or rob people like a lot of people that i chase. this kid is an outdoorsman. >> more than 1,000 people attended a sunday memorial service for brian's girlfriend gabby petito on her native long island in new york. her father and stepfather delivered the eulogies. >> and i want you to be inspired by her. that's something that i want to see. this trip you guys want to take, do it now while we have
6:22 am
the time. >> there is a lot of evil and wrong in the world there is more good and there is a lot of good people out there. they are all in this room right now and all across the world. >> gabby's parents and step parents plan to hold their first news conference together tomorrow. back to you. >> dana: we'll pay attention to that. >> bill: for more on this nancy grace is host of crime stories on fox nation. nice to see you this monday morning. want to take our viewers back to a piece of audio that appeared in the last couple of days. this is between cops in utah, remember the whole deal they got a phone call in moab, utah and you can see the body cam video. this is the 12th of august when dispatch went out the following way about seeing a man hit a woman. >> hit a female domestic. he got into a whiteford transit
6:23 am
van has a black ladder on the back, florida plates. the female who got hit, the male and the female both got into the van and headed north. >> bill: based on that description that's pretty specific. now this is what i understand. state law requires an officer to make an arrest if there is probable cause. you don't need a warrant. there might have been probable cause on the dispatch audio we just played. however, in the original police report we read several weeks ago, both gabby and laundrie did not want to press charges against each other so then what does a cop do in a situation like that? >> i can tell you what i've done in that situation. when i had a woman come into court with a felony aggravated battery as a victim she is the victim dragging her leg and half a body cast i told the man that did that to her i was
6:24 am
prosecuting not her. it's not her fault. under the circumstances that we now know, the cops could have arrested him because what we're learning now is they knew about the prior hitting incident. apparently two witnesses saw brian laundrie hit and slap gabby. a third said he only saw laundrie shove her. under those circumstances they could have arrested him. as it is, they decided she was the aggressor based on what the two of them said and they faced the prospect if they went to court she probably would not testify against him. do i think what happened was wrong? yes, i do. i originally thought they were being kind to gabby until they found out they likely knew there was another 911 call where he hit her and there were two witnesses. that changes thing. >> bill: where is laundrie? is he in the 25,000 acres in
6:25 am
florida? i want to read some. no buzzards, no body. he doesn't think he is there. unless he has a butt like a duck and can float he is not in there. where do you think he has gone? >> from the beginning i did not like laundrie was in a 25,000 acre swamp because of one thing. mama ain't crying. somebody told me one of my children were in a swamp about to commit suicide i would be out there right now on a scif screaming john, david, lucy, where are you? that's not happening. they're cutting their grass, going to see their lawyer. they aren't trying to save him. they aren't out in the swamp with the cops looking for him, number one. number two, no freshwater in the swamp. i just took my children on an expedition in a swamp not far from them to go gator hunting, you heard me. there is no freshwater there. there is no buzzards, no freshwater and mama is not crying. he is not in that swamp.
6:26 am
>> bill: carlton reserve home to 13 foot alligators, wild bear, panthers and lethal snakes. he might have had a head start by a few days, too. the mystery continues. >> dana: democrats looking to ram through trillions of dollars in spending bills this week despite opposition from republicans and divisions within their own party. maria bartiromo joins us to break it all down and the youngest team in u.s. history reclaims golf's reiter cup ryder cup and it wasn't even close. >> crowd chanting usa. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! yeah, and now business is rolling in. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual.
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>> bill: today is the deadline for all new york state hospital and nurse being homeworkers to be vaccinated or risk losing their job. a hearing on a similar policy for new york city teachers is set for this week after a judge temporarily blocked that mandate. alex hogan tracking it all from new york city. good morning.
6:32 am
>> good morning, bill. this mandate goes into effect today telling workers to get their vaccine or to go home. if they fail to get a vaccine by today and do not provide a medical reason they could face termination without unemployment benefits. so far across the state 89% of nursing facility staff have been vaccinated. still not one county has 100% of its employees vaccinated showing the potential impact statewide. medical workers vaccinated or not say that they are waiting anxiously. >> because of this mandate we'll lose last i knew it was approximately 400 employees, maybe more, maybe less. but that's a devastating amount. >> i'm scared because they are threatening my livelihood. the whole thing is scary. i'm the breadwinner for my family and i carry the health insurance. so to lose all that.
6:33 am
>> mass worker shortages could cancel surgeries and procedures. new york governor kathy hockey you will could declare a state of emergency to call in medically trained members of the national guard. retired professionals and new workers entering the medical field. meanwhile a vaccine mandate for all teachers and staff in new york city schools was scheduled to go into effect today. a federal judge blocking the rule over the weekend putting it in limbo. a three-judge panel will hear the case on wednesday. for now, teachers in the city if they are not vaccinated can still get tested to work at school. medical workers will not have that same option and will need to at least get their first dose today. >> bill: interesting. thanks. we'll watch that here in new york. a lot of different states are doing it different ways. being away i was largely in new york up the hudson valley and rhode island. the one thing that people aren't talking about there, they aren't talking about covid. >> dana: what are they talking about?
6:34 am
>> bill: just life. just being outside and enjoying. a lot of people who haven't gotten the vaccine surprised me. they run the gamut, men, women, old, young. a lot of them work outside and it is almost as if they feel it gives them protection. a lot of them feel like they've already had it over the past year and a half and not getting the vaccine now. >> dana: the biden agenda hanging in the balance on capitol hill this week as house democrats work to pass multiple spending bills but face divisions in their own party and republican opposition. here is what kevin mccarthy just told us. >> talking more than $5 trillion. more money we spent in winning world war ii. what has it caused? inflation. this will transform government as we know it. >> dana: let's bring in maria bartiromo host of mornings with maria and sunday morning futures. you said something last week worth repeating. people don't pay attention to inflation until it's time to pay attention to inflation.
6:35 am
if we look at some of these numbers, the cost of goods going up. 5.4%. gas 41%. utility services. those aren't optional. you can choose not to fly up 19%. when it comes to gasoline, utilities and also meat, poultry, fish and eggs 5.9%, maria. >> yeah. dana, the federal reserve continues to say this is transitory. we'll see what jay powell says when he faces the senate in testimony this week on wednesday. >> dana: what does it mean transitory? >> that means temporary. temporary. the bottom line is as you know there have been an incredible amount of supply shocks meaning there are supply chains, manufacturing factories that have shut down because of covid in china. when you have factories shutting down in china, you have the supply and demand situation. if you don't have the supply
6:36 am
and you have demand, prices go up. that's exactly what we've seen. so when you have a supply shock of factories going down we can't get the products we want, prices will go higher and that's what the federal reserve keeps blaming it on. the supply shocks, it's temporary. as soon as we start seeing the covid-related shutdowns end we won't see inflation anymore. i think this hot number whether it's food, gasoline, etc., all of these kitchen table items that have seen price hikes has gone on longer than people expected already. whether it's transitory, temporary, anything else, at some point it should end and it hasn't ended yet. that's the debate. fed keeps saying it's temporary. everybody else is saying it's still here and i'm paying more for these products. it's one of the issues. in the last hour over on fox business i had on the executive director of the port of long beach and he said the supply shocks will stay throughout the end of the year.
6:37 am
he said you better start doing your christmas shopping early because you won't get the products and it all has to do with those factories shut down in china because of covid. there is a lineup of ships right now at the long beach port waiting to get unloaded and then there are other ships that are not even carrying anything because they did not get the product from china. we have this long wait on products and that pushes prices up. that's partly what you are talking about in terms of inflation. the other issue, of course, that wall street is watching is this washington calendar. you just talked about it with kevin mccarthy. you've got expectations that we'll see a continuing resolution. we'll see a cr this week to take us through december 3 so we could, in fact, fund the government. wall street and investors have been here before. they've watched the deadline in terms of the government shutdown and so i don't think we'll see a massive sell-off. i think they are expecting a resolution at some point.
6:38 am
but this going on in washington about the cr and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, debt ceiling debate and reconciliation. this is the conversation. so far no resolution is causing uncertainty for the stock market and that is on top of already the uncertainty that you just mentioned with regard to inflation, dana. >> dana: it will be an interesting week. a busy week and a week to pay attention to you and everybody at fox business and mornings with maria in particular as we see what happens going down this road. thank you. >> bill: now a beat down, a whooping at whistling straits in wisconsin. team usa won by a score of 19-9. the largest margin of victory in modern history. the youngest u.s. team ever got a perfect 5-0 from dustin johnson, dekham bow and they
6:39 am
even hugged it out. the young guns came out to play. >> dana: do you think it's the secret to winning? >> bill: play the young guns? generational change. i don't know how your husband feels about that but it was whopping in wisconsin. >> dana: all we did all weekend was listen -- he watched soccer in europe and i listened to the crowd noise for hours. but i loved it. thank you. it was great. congratulations to the united states absolutely. things going from bad to worse for afghans in hiding who may have to wait years to get international help escaping their country. crime on the rise in the united states. critics say president biden's approach to law enforcement is not helping. >> they've all tried to defund the police. we want to refund the police because public safety is job one.
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>> dana: to afghanistan where the mayor of kabul is a former u.s. citizen telling fox news he expects the quality of life to get even worse since the u.s. withdrawal. trey yengst is still live in kabul for us. good morning, trey. >> good morning. according to the world food program 93% of afghans this week did not have enough food to eat with no firm government in place, the economy of afghanistan is crumbling. >> we know that some of the people say that we have got a victory but economically the people -- all the people face some problems economic crisis. >> lines at banks, withdraw limits in case and weakening currency afghanistan is in the middle of a fiscal collapse. the new taliban government is doing everything they can to convince the world that international funds will go directly to the people but the group faces an uphill battle.
6:46 am
>> the community to provide fiscal assistance to the public. >> former u.s. citizen is the mayor of kabul. now he is one of the last afghan government officials still serving under taliban rule. worries about the future of the country. >> i think my worries are probably not confined to the city. my worries we have to connect this city and this country to the world and vice versa. >> we spoke today with airport officials in kabul calling on international commercial flights to resume to afghanistan. there is a real understanding in the ranks. of the taliban if you continue to isolate yourself from the rest of the world there could be long term consequences. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. when you said 93% of people in afghanistan didn't have enough to eat last week that problem will probably get worse. >> bill: afghans in hiding hoping for a way out may have
6:47 am
to wait years for the next airlift. one international expert telling fox news they could soon look to escape by land if that's even possible. >> a lot of these people will flee over land and present themselves in various places bordering afghanistan. the journey to the north through iran to turkey and beyond is very perilous and gets worse in the winter. >> former state department spokesperson of president trump and marie harf and morgan ortagus. we were told about 100,000, maybe more afghan partners remain in the country. you have 100 american citizens and 1,000 green card holders. morgan, we were told we had leverage in that country. where is that status now on leverage? >> the news will continue to get worse out of afghanistan, i'm sorry to say. we saw just yesterday there was
6:48 am
a report an afghan interpreter was tortured and killed after an escape attempt and i think we'll see more stories like this and more stories like you just talked about, the number of people going without proper nutrition and food. while the taliban is in charge. i think, bill, you hit the key point. where is our leverage, right? we were told there is economic leverage over the taliban. that's only as effective whenever you don't have the chinese and russians willing to fill that gap, willing to fill that hole. we've also been promised that we were going to get all of our afghan allies and get as many of them as possible out. looks like we are going to leave tens of thousands behind. they are still there. you see as we saw yesterday some of them being tortured and killed trying to escape. all the questions that i had a month ago are still there. >> bill: those examples you mentioned. a barber in kandahar can't cut a beard anymore. what happened to taliban 2.0? i think it was short lived, would you agree?
6:49 am
>> i would, bill. look, i think there were a loft experts that never bought into the theory that there was a new taliban. they knew they would return to their brutality at some point and weren't surprised they took over afghanistan again. the speed with which they did was surprising but for four administrations they had been taking back territory. a lot of people weren't surprised by this. morgan is right that our leverage is only good so far as the chinese and russians or pakistanis or others don't fill that gap. and we have seen time and time again, bill. countries willing to repress their people often don't care if they are under sanctions or aren't able to get food to their people and there are unfortunately tragic stories around the world of countries like afghanistan, like north korea and others who are willing to suffer economic consequences which ultimately hurt their people. it is a tough policy call. you talked about it in the previous report from trey. do you give aid to a country
6:50 am
ruled by the taliban when there are people starving even if the taliban might benefit from that? it's a really hard policy question and not a good answer. >> bill: if somebody wants to get out by land you have 20 taliban checkpoints. a lot of money changing hands to make sure. if you don't have the money likely you don't get the passage. morgan, there is a big speaker at the u.n. today. it's the last speaker and it is afghanistan. and they will recognize the ambassador that has been in place as opposed to recognizing the representative from the taliban. how big of an opportunity is this for the u.n. to be able to take a position on this? go. >> so the u.n. member states will have to vote in who is going to represent afghanistan. i think obviously everybody is relieved that the last government representative there is not a taliban representative. and remember it will be tricky for the taliban to have any sort of formal recognition at the u.n. when at least a dozen
6:51 am
of their ministers are on the u.n. black list for terrorism, mass murder and other offenses. so again the u.n. member body will have to vote in eventually who is recognized. but in is a place where the u.s., our u.s. ambassador to the u.n. should rally other countries not to support the recognition of the taliban at the u.n. this is a real diplomatic opportunity. >> bill: quickly on that, marie. >> i think the u.n. did the right thing here. they should not recognize the taliban as a legitimate government. the reality on the ground, bill, is the reality on the ground. if we have ways to pursue our interests in afghanistan going forward, it is unfortunately going to have to involve dealing with the taliban. the u.n. did the right thing here. they made a statement to the world that they don't recognize this hostile takeover of the government. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you on a monday. >> dana: the end of an era in germany with merkel stepping down after 16 years.
6:52 am
social democrats narrowly beat her center right union coalition but the voting was close enough that neither party had a clear mandate and a leader might not be determined until christmas. >> bill: she survived a lot of american presidents. >> dana: 16 years is a long time to serve. i hope she has a good retirement. >> bill: federal investigators on the scene of a deadly train crash in the state of montana. what we're learning about a possible cause in a moment. and the secretary of homeland security admitting that most of the migrants living under the bridge in del rio have now been released into the united states. according to him the administration is simply following the law. we'll have a closer look next. ♪ ♪ charlotte! charl! every day can be extraordinary with rich,
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>> bill: federal investigators on the scene in northern monday monday where three people were killed when an amtrak train
6:58 am
derailed on saturday. dozens of others were injured near the town of joplin. dan springer is on that story. what caused this, dan? >> they don't know yet, bill. we have know that train's final destination was in seattle after starting in chicago. at 4:00 saturday afternoon it left the track and a team from the ntsb is now on the scene to try to figure out why. the amtrak train was carrying 141 passengers and 16 crew members. two locomotives and first two passenger cars stayed on the main track. the next eight cars derailed with the last one tipping on its side and that's where the most serious injuries were. three people died including a 28-year-old man from st. louis who was traveling with his wife to portland. seven people are still hospitalized, two in intensive care. it happened in rural montana near the canadian border to
6:59 am
free those trapped and help the injured. >> we came together to respond. i was talking to the group earlier and they mentioned that the hardest thing after being out at the crash site was going home and being with their families. with the impact of what happened. >> the accident happened near a rail switch on a section of track that was just inspected two days earlier. experts say speed is likely not a factor because this train did have speed controlled equipment. amtrak ceo says they are cooperating with the investigating. they said we share the sense of urgency to understand why the accident happened. however, until the investigation is complete, we will not comment further on the accident itself. the ntsb will identify the cause or causes of this accident and amtrak commits to taking appropriate actions to prevent a similar accident in the future. the ntsb will hold its first news conference from montana
7:00 am
later this afternoon. >> you are in the middle of nowhere and happens late in the afternoon and no weather. what happened? >> dana: those who are injured hope you get better soon. a steady stream of migrants coming into the country showing no sign of slowing down. the biden administration sent thousands of people from the southern border across the united states. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing? missed you last week. nice to be reunited my lady. that haitian migrant camp in del rio cleared out over the weekend. most put around the u.s. groups of migrants crossing into the country, a constant scene in del rio and elsewhere. fox cameras have been there from day one. now a new caravan with 20,000
7:01 am
migrants appears to be making its way north through mexico. house minority leader kevin mccarthy blasting the administration with dana and me last hour and said this. >> 1.2 million people have been apprehended coming across this border this year. it is breaking all records for the last 20 years. but it is not just people, it is drugs, fentanyl. a 300% increase that's going throughout our country killing our citizens. this has got to stop. >> bill: jeff paul on the border where there does not appear to be anything stopping this flow. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, bill. while that camp underneath the international bridge in del rio texas is cleared out the constant flow of migrant continues. a few minutes ago we watched a family walk up here, cross the rio grande and essentially give themselves up to texas dps, a family from venezuela and we're seeing it over and over. just yesterday this is everything we shot the day
7:02 am
before, five families, five different groups showing up doing the same thing essentially. some from cuba, some from venezuela. some from central america. the same thing we see. this is only one little small sliver, one spot of what is a very large u.s./mexico worder. -- border. it pales in comparison to what we watched unfold a week ago. that's when thousands upon thousands of mostly haitian immigrants came into del rio. in the span of two weeks 30,000 migrants cross had near del rio. 8,000 have gone back to mexico and 3,000 sent back to haiti. when questioned about the exact number of people released into the u.s. here is how the secretary responded. >> how many have been released into the u.s. >> they're are he leased on conditions. approximately i think it is
7:03 am
about 10,000 or so, 12,000. >> have been released? >> yes. >> when we talk about a total of 12,000 or could it be higher? >> it could be even higher. the number that are returned could be even higher. what we do is we follow the law as congress has passed it. >> that number could be even higher because 5,000 are being held and could be either deported or simply released. mayorkas also says more than 12,000 will have their cases heard by an immigration judge referencing ntas or notices to appear. migrants are released and will have to show up to a court date at a later date. secretary insists that they are, quote, monitored by us and the system will work. you talk to someof the people here on the ground, sources involved both at the federal government and the local government here and they just don't think that will pan out the way that the secretary thinks it will. bill. >> jeff paul on the border starting this hour. >> dana: more on this marc
7:04 am
thiessen, a fox news contributor and i have to ask the administration continues to say at the microphone the border is closed, period. but then they seem to not change any policy as if there is not a problem here. >> this is a closed border i would hate to see what an open border looks like. mayorkas went to the border last week and said don't come. if you do your journey won't succeed. he just said on fox news for at least 10,000 possibly 12,000 he doesn't really know how many haitian migrants that journey has succeeded. they are released into the united states. that's just the haitian migrants. according to cbp statistics over 100,000 arrests at the border in august. over the last six months they've released at least 217,000 people into the country who came to the country illegally. to put that in perspective there are 151,000 people in the entire united states arrested
7:05 am
for burglary entering people's homes illegally last year. we've got have over a million arrests at the border this year, 217,000 people released into the country. coming here. i don't know how people are supposed to think the journey is not going to succeed. for 217,000 people maybe more it succeeded beautifully. >> mayorkas was on with wallace over the weekend and he said we don't believe in walls when asked a question about a border barrier that would prevent them. that's how the administration views the issue of the southern border. it is pretty obvious and they show it to us every day now. marc, we've got a huge week in congress. i don't know what the house democrats are going to do. we'll see in time. looks like we'll gate vote on thursday. newt gingrich writes the following. the biden border disaster is a combination of big government, socialist ideological principles that do not fit reality and a total kol apples of competence. it is just going to get worse
7:06 am
until the american people demand dramatic changes. well, there could be dramatic changes in congress this week if they go forward with this massive bill. 3 1/2 trillion dollars. do they have the votes to get there? >> 3 1/2. and some estimates even higher if you look at the real numbers up to 5.5 trillion is what the real numbers are. this is not what the american people voted for. what they voted for is the infrastructure bill, a compromise, 1.2 trillion. republicans and democrats coming together and you have the progressives in the householding that hostage unless they get their 3.5 trillion dollar social spending bill through. so what the american people voted for. joe biden said he would unite the country and get things done for the american people and bring us together after the divisive period we supposedly just experienced and instead what they are doing, they're giving us open borders and socialism.
7:07 am
3.5 trillion. if you look at that bill that bill inserts the federal government into the lives of americans from cradle to grave and every stage along the way from birth until death. that's not what the american people voted on. they didn't vote for open borders and socialism. they voted for compromise and moderation and they aren't getting it. >> dana: i want to ask you about this. i missed this on friday. this is quite amazing. in the oval office there is president biden last friday with the prime minister of india and this is what he says to him before the american press is let in. captured on indian television. watch. >> president biden: what we are going to do is bring in the press. the indian press is much better behaved than the american press. and i think with your permission we will not answer questions because they won't ask any questions on point. >> dana: he said the quiet part out loud, marc. >> it's remarkable. he hasn't yet said the media is
7:08 am
the enemy of the american people but certainly thinks it's the enemy of the biden administration. they have an utter contempt for the free press. i think they are kind in shock and the tipping point was the afghanistan withdrawal. up until then the media gave them -- let them skate on the border crisis and let them skate on a lot of failures on capitol hill. afghanistan came along and it was a debacle. he considers it an extra order success. it was such a debacle even msnbc and "new york times" and normally friendly media outlets called them out and he doesn't understand it. he thinks they are too negative. i this i the biden white house has turned on the media because they called him out on the debacle in afghanistan. >> bill: marc, thank you. he said the quiet part out loud. marc thiessen, nice to sigh. we'll see what questions we get this week. tomorrow a major hearing in the
7:09 am
senate. general milley will be there. we'll bring it to you tomorrow on afghanistan. >> dana: i will bring the popcorn. >> bill: now to the nuggets. they are expensive. democrats are hoping to add $79 billion to the i.r.s. as part of a massive spending plan. that money would supposedly help enforce all the new tax laws that democrats have proposed and it is not the only controversial item in the build back better. there is a lot in it. aishah hosni getting her hands on some of the details and the hidden gems. >> hidden gems definitely. we get a firsthand look at some of the items in this massive, huge, insanely expensive bill. by the way, that is still being written at this hour as we speak. let's check it out together. here we go. $79 billion goes to the i.r.s. to strengthen tax enforcement. that means coming after you t. $12 billion for electric cars for your mailman and federal employees.
7:10 am
$3 billion for tree equity. $4 billion for distance learning in schools throwing 74 million for resources for minorities and people with gender identity issues and anti-discrimination and bias training. here is the thing, bill. this isn't the final version. so much of this bill hasn't been priced out yet. this is a progressive wish list including like medicaid and medicare, big ticket items that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. we're looking at the likelihood that this skyrockets over 3.5 trillion and pick off your moderates. house speaker nancy pelosi tied a vote on this bill to a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. today's deadline for a vote on infrastructure now delayed to thursday. progressives don't really seem very hopeful about this all. >> the votes aren't there. >> are you close to an agreement? >> i think we're finally talking which is important because that hasn't been hoop evening for the last couple of
7:11 am
months. >> this week speaker pelosi said this. let's not talk about the numbers, let's talk about the values, how realistic is that when that's exactly what's holding algorithm of this up? >> aishah, a big week. nice to sigh on the hill. more coming up in a moment here. the co-chairs of the problem solvers caucus will join us. that's josh gotheimer, moderate democrat. pennsylvania republican brian fitzpatrick coming up here whether or not this thing can go forward. stay tuned for that. >> dana: newly obtained 911 audio raising questions how utah police handled the stop with gabby petito and her boyfriend. >> do i think what happened was wrong? yes, i do. i originally thought they were being very kind could gabby but they likely knew there was another call. >> bill: it is 40 years since john hinckley shot president reagan?
7:12 am
is it time for hinckley to be set free without a single condition? ken starr and ed rollins weigh in on a decision that could come today. 'of you ny who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them.
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>> bill: speculation in two investigations the lab in wuhan china may be under the microscope. the world health organization looking to revive its investigation into the origins of covid. the who is reportedly putting together a group of 20 scientists to hunts for new evidence. the new team may be charged with answering whether or not the virus originated from the lab despite continued pushback from china on the theory. >> dana: how do you find new evidence two years later? >> bill: fair question. we've been down this road before. world health organization tried to get there and china gave them a backhand.
7:18 am
>> dana: good luck, everybody. president biden is dealing with a nationwide crime crisis we have bone telling you about. administration is rolling out a series of policies to keep police from effectively protecting the public. everyone across the country paying attention to this, david. >> absolutely they are. crime particularly violent crime is a problem in this country and the top brass in this building here at the justice department including all the way up to the attorney general are well affair of that fact. right now in fact those folks at the top levels are sifting through some statistics released by the f.b.i. within the last 45 minutes or so. we are talking about 2020 violent crime statistics and when you talk specifically about murder in the year 2020, we saw a 29% rise in murder from the previous year. dana, this is significant as it is the largest jump since the f.b.i. began keeping these records in 1960 from year to year. this is the headline from the
7:19 am
uniform crime report out by the f.b.i. this morning. from the moment merrick garland took the oath of office to become the top law enforcement officer he made a priority to look at problems with policing at the federal and local level. justice department has launched investigations into police departments themselves in louisville, feen yix, minneapolis. -- phoenix and minneapolis. listen to this. >> it is not just about law enforcement encounters with people in crisis and whether we can achieve greater de-escalation and keep officers safer, to save lives. but also about mental health and wellness. >> the justice department has nothing to do with border patrol agents in del rio. there is concern in the law enforcement community about the treatment of not only migrants coming across the border but the agents themselves. many reassigned and morale is low. other police departments.
7:20 am
d.o.j. and f.b.i. are sifting through the numbers hoping we don't see a repeat of last year. 2021 has been a brutal year when it has come to homicide in chicago, minneapolis, st. louis and other cities. we want to make sure we don't see this same situation from last year. we have three months left in the year. >> dana: david spunt justice department, thank you. >> bill: that was president ronald reagan shot 40 years ago in washington, d.c. john hinckley was found not guilty of attempting to assassinate reagan by reason of insanity. today his lawyers are in front of a judge seeking his unconditional release from supervision. remember he is at home now, released a few years ago claiming he snow longer a threat. ken starr is a former independent counsel and we welcome both of you back. here is the statement from the
7:21 am
attorney barry levine, the attorney for hinckley. he has adhered to every requirement of law. based on the views of a variety of mental health professionals he no longer suffers from a mental disease and hasn't suffered from it for decades. they want unconditional release. ken starr is there grounds for that now? >> well, i think the order of the day has to be caution. when you go back to obviously the offense itself was so horrific but when you go back to judge friedman's order just a few years ago you see it is filled with restrictions and safeguards. there are guardrails and so at the same time it's very balanced it provides for a good deal of freedom. i would just say caution should be the order of the day. there is a very elaborate treatment process that continues to be in place. so i think this needs to be sort of a scottish show me, prove it that he is actually in
7:22 am
a condition so that there should be unconditional release. that 16-page order from judge friedman is filled with safeguards and so i would say be quite cautious. >> dana: ed, what do you think the reagan family would want? >> at this point in time there would be -- i think they would like to have him maintained and watched. this isn't about punishment. punishment went out the door a long time ago. we had a millionaire father to hire the best lawyers. they felt him guilty by insanity and monitored for life. at the end of the day, the last several years he lived with his mother who passed away recently. he can't use the internet or travel and a whole variety of thing but it is not about punishment. if it was punishment for what he did he would be in a supermax. at the end of the day this is a man who tried to murder
7:23 am
president reagan. also before that tried to kill president carter. he shot your counterpart, dana, jim brady was a deer friend of mine who was never the same again. put a bullet in his head. shot a secret service man and a metropolitan police office. at the end of the day i think there would be an outrage by reagan sporters across this country if he was totally released. he needs to be monitored carefully because i'm not a psychiatrist. it would have been better the business i was in rather than politics but i wasn't. i can't make a judgment on that. what i can say something irrationale and not right with this guy and you need to monitor him the rest of his life. >> bill: interesting details. i didn't realize he is allowed to travel 75 miles from home when he requests permission. that's allowed. >> that's exactly right that there is such a lot of
7:24 am
safeguards and restrictions. what judge friedman did three years ago was reduce the number of restrictions. so there has been, i think, a great care and sensitivity let's strike the right balance here and so i was against -- i would urge caution. i think ed puts his finger on it. this was so horrific and we just need the kinds of assurances that the order thus far has had in place. we do have a very experienced and careful judge in paul friedman who has been in charge of this case for a long, long time. for almost 20 years so i think the process is in good hands. >> dana: thank you both. very interesting and interesting to relive those moments. >> bill: thank you, ed and ken. >> dana: texas official efs are blaming president biden for the flood of migrants at the southern border. the homeland security secretary says the record setting numbers are nothing new.
7:25 am
texas senator john cornyn weighs in next. prince henry and meghan markle making a new documentary about their lives. carley shimkus on that coming up. thousands of veteran homeowners have discovered the power of using their va home loan benefit to get money for their family. we called and we got $58,800. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. i called and got $54,200. near record low rates means lower payments. turn your equity into cash with the newday 100 va cash out loan. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event.
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frjs >> dana: the schools in fairfax are pulling these two controversial books froo high school libraries one in a memoir that has sexual encounters involving children. mike emanuel is in washington with more. >> a concerned mom says finding out these books are available in the school library is shocking and completely unacceptable. stacy langton confronted the fairfax county virginia school board holding up graphic
7:31 am
illustrations and reading sexual experts from the books. she got involved after seeing stories about pornographic books in other school districts. >> i decided to check the titles of books in my children's's school. the books were available and we checked them out. both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys. >> fairfax county public schools says both books were suspended immediately. there is a panel that will assess the suitability of both texts for inclusion in our high school libraries. assistant superintendent will make a final decision as to whether fcps continues to provide access to these books in our high school libraries all because one mom stood up against the school system. >> dana: the school boards are getting more than they bargained for i think. thank you.
7:32 am
>> bill: thank you, it is happening elsewhere. talking to folks in texas and certain school districts what they describe is very graphic and it would be a place where you would not assume it to be in a high school. but they are. here is from "fox news sunday" and the governor. >> secretary mayorkas and even president biden are in dereliction of duty. the biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the sovereignty of texas or the united states by having these open border policies. >> bill: greg abbott blasting the administration over handling of the southern border. as border patrol keeps reporting the record numbers of encounters homeland security secretary saying the flood of migrants is nothing new. john cornyn sits on the senate judiciary committee and good
7:33 am
morning to you. chris wallace asked secretary mayorkas what he would call it. here is how that exchange went on sunday. >> i wouldn't call it a flood, chris, if i may. >> what would you call it? >> we've seen large numbers of individuals encountered at our border making a claim for asylum for humanitarian relief. we have certainly see a large number here in this year but in 2019 we saw a large number, in 2014, in 2010. this is nothing new. >> bill: it is all old news. what would you call it? >> i would say it's a failure of the administration to perform one of the most basic functions a government is supposed to perform, to defend our borders, protect our national sovereignty and enforce our laws. unfortunately director mayorkas has been less than truthful about what the administration's policies are. he at first after the 15,000 or so assembled under the bridge in del rio he said they would
7:34 am
repatriate or expel the vast majority of the migrants and now we find out that 12,000 of them have been placed in the united states and given a notice to report to an ice agent, immigration customs enforcement agent and, of course, they're unlikely to do so. >> bill: if you read between the lines about what he was saying yesterday, it could be well above 12,000. >> yeah. and there are more to come, bill. that's the problem. there is no deterrents, there are no consequences associated with illegally entering the united states. under the biden administration they're waived through and told to appear for a future hearing and we know the majority of them will not show up. and so this is an invitation for more people to do exactly the same and that's what i predict. >> bill: one other thing here. he was also asked about some sort of restraint. he said we don't believe in walls essentially to paraphrase him from yesterday. i think a lot of republicans,
7:35 am
yourself would argue this is no accident. it is done with intent. if they wanted to stop it they would, would they not? >> if they wanted to stop it, they would. we know from the border patrol there are three things that we need. we need border patrol agents, we need infrastructure called a fence or wall and we need technology. we need the will to actually accomplish the job. that's what's lacking here. and the american people are simply being -- >> bill: if they're lacking the will, what's behind this decision to allow it? why? >> i think what you saw is the progressives in the democratic party are saying we really don't want to enforce the border. when the border patrol is doing its job enforcing the laws that congress has passed, then they attack them just like they attack the police for in our communities for the last year or two defunding the police, defunding ice. this is more of that same movement and the biden administration is simply afraid
7:36 am
to stand up to the radicals in his own party that don't believe in border security and believe in open borders. >> bill: that's what you this i the president thinks? >> that's what i think >> bill: is he okay with the inflow? >> i think he is okay with the inflow. we've seen a record number. >> bill: he agrees with the progressive based ton logic you are spelling out. >> i don't know whether he believes in the same thing or just afraid of them. it is one of those two. >> bill: senator, thank you. busy week on the hill. we'll follow all of it. john car nin -- cornyn. >> dana: ambassador for the fallen afghan government pulling out of a major address. co-chairs of the house problem solvers caucus are here and get their thoughts on the multi-trillion dollar spending push and if the democrats have the votes to pass it. >> when they push forward with a 3 1/2 trillion bill, but
7:37 am
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>> bill: brand-new developments now on after a. minutes ago at the u.n. general assembly in york the city ambassador for
7:42 am
the fallen government expected to speak today has now withdrawn his name. why would that be? what happened, eric? >> it was supposed to be the last speaker today at the general assembly. the ambassador from afghanistan will not speak today. he is not going to sit behind the table that says afghanistan to address the general assembly. that opens up the prospect that the taliban could appear here but not yet. some nations are outraged the taliban could take over the seat of afghanistan in the general assembly. qatar and pakistan seem open to that. they were opposed to the current ambassador speaking here because he does not represent, they say, the fallen government. ambassador withdrew his name late last night. no official reason given. he was supposed to address the general assembly. the taliban wants it spokesman to be the new u.n. ambassador. political director part of the
7:43 am
peace talks in dough yeah. -doha. you have to pass the u.n. credentials committee and they decide these things and they don't meet until next month. meanwhile ambassador has spent his time here slamming the taliban and its atrocities. >> the taliban continue to commit human rights violations. possibly war crimes which have exacerbated the humanitarian situation. we have eyewitness accounts of taliban widespread atrocities perpetrated with support of foreign terrorist fighters and foreign intelligence military tactics. >> israeli prime minister made his united nations debut this morning warned iran is trying to obtain a nuclear bomb and said that criticizing israel does not make you woke. that a reference to the squad opposing the iron dome funding by the u.s. iron dome, of course, protects
7:44 am
israeli lives. meanwhile later on this afternoon we expect the ambassador from north korea to speak. it will be the last day, a wrap-up of that. the next story here will the taliban get their seat? >> bill: very interesting developments on all three fronts. eric shawn, nice to see you. >> dana: speaker nancy pelosi dedelaying a vote to thursday as democratic infighting threatens to derail the push. we have josh gotheimer and brian fitzpatrick. glad to have you here as we kick off this week. all eyes will be on capitol hill. josh, let me start with you. the progressives and moderates are in a staring contest. who blinks first? they have 60 progressives willing to vote no on the infrastructure bill if they don't also get the bigger package. what say you?
7:45 am
>> dana, thanks for having me. listen, the very positive news last night was that a vote got set for thursday. we're starting to debate the infrastructure bill today. i believe when it comes to the floor on thursday we'll have the votes. this is a critical piece of legislation for the country. as you know it came out of the senate with 69 votes including 19 republicans and all 50 senators from bernie sanders to mitch mcconnell early last month and now it will come to the floor this week and we'll get it done with more bipartisan support. with what's on the line here with crumbling roads, bridges and tunnels with helping to fight climate change and with all that this bill does in a bipartisan way i don't believe anyone in the democratic party will vote against the priority that's great for the country. >> dana: i wonder that, too. you have to imagine they might be bluffing. brian, let me ask you when you think about nancy pelosi's predicament there is not a lot you can do right now. you had to sit there and wait for them to be able to see if
7:46 am
they have the votes on thursday? >> yeah, that's the unfortunate reality, dana. thanks for having us. this bill in a show of bipartisanship passed going on two months ago. chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell both support it. chamber of business and afl-cio all support in. yet it's being held hostage for a separate bill that majority of the country does not want. it's unacceptable. speaker made a commitment to put the bill on the floor today. september 27th. apparently it is not going to happen. every day that passes it loses republican support. we want infrastructure and want it done in a responsible way but we don't want it link evidence in any way, shape or form to reconciliation. >> dana: there is this other bigger bill the 3.5 trillion dollars. last week president biden asked joe manchin of west virginia a hold-out on the democratic side. what is your number?
7:47 am
kyrsten sinema said she said yesterday in the times would not support any increase in corporate or income taxes. when you think about that bill that they want to push, are those sentiments that you and other moderates on the democratic side would agree with? >> i think in the end what matters is that we'll get to a bill. we're still going back and forth on that one as brian said. these are two different pieces of legislation. one is a a physical infrastructure package. 2 million jobs a year. we are still working hard to get reconciliation done and i believe we'll get to an agreement. you have to go back and forth a lot. working on every last detail. >> dana: i can imagine you are. josh, one more for you and then one for brian. you have said you would not vote for the bigger bill, josh, if what you want in terms of the salt cap deductions is not in the bill. >> no salt, no dice.
7:48 am
i can't support any reconciliation package that doesn't lower taxes by reinstating the state and local tax deduction. >> dana: how do republicans feel? some of the things paid for we are starting to get details. $3 billion in tree planting and tree equity which i'm learning about. 75 million for methane fee. 25 million for anti-discrimination for the health sector. a lot of these things that come out and i think to your point this bigger 3.5 trillion is the one a lot of people are looking at saying we might be able to support infrastructure but not get behind this one. what do you hear from your colleagues? >> the problem solvers caucus believe in two-party solutions. we do not believe in one-party solutions. this is a one-party solution being advanced and not take any feedback in committee or leadership level. that's not okay. especially in our democrat senate colleagues several of
7:49 am
them have acknowledged the overheating issues we have in our economy right now which is manifesting itself in inflation. that's a real problem. so we have to -- >> dana: you two have your work cut out for you as to your colleagues. we'll play close attention. stay in touch. thank you to you both. >> thanks. >> bill: should be an interesting week. meanwhile where is brian laundrie? the release of new police audio which led police to utah to pull over the couple for questioning back a month ago, mid august now. what that tells us about that street-side stop and where it may lead us today? carley has been on that and we'll talk to carley about where we stand today coming up next. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar.
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you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> harris: dhs is admitting the stragering amount of people released into our country. president biden threatening
7:55 am
consequences against the border patrol on horse back. and we're awaiting the f.b.i. release of new homicide numbers as crime is spiking. senator tim scott blames defund democrats now for tanking police reform. jason rantz in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. new info on the gabby petito and brian laundrie. police dispatch audio revealing the dispatchers told officers a witness made a phone call saying laundrie was the aggressor in that incident dated august 12. here is nancy grace reacting to that last hour. >> under the circumstances that we now know, the cops could have arrested him because what we're learning now is they knew about the prior hitting incident. two witnesses saw brian laundrie hit and slap gabby. >> bill: here with us now
7:56 am
carley shimkus fox news headlines 24/7. you reported from the laundrie home last week. state law allows an officer to make an arrest. >> requires a citation or arrest. >> bill: the police report that was filed said both laundry and gabby did not press charges against each other. >> i want to go through a timeline of the august 12 utah situation. understandably there is strong reaction. august 12 is what we know now. a witness says he sees brian hitting gabby and calls police. the police dispatcher then alerts responding officers saying there is a domestic situation male hitting female. but then when the officers pull brian and gabby over, they pull gabby out of the car first. she is crying, and she says that she is the one that struck brian. so then they talk to brian second. he has visible scratches on his
7:57 am
face. then they talk to another witness who says that he saw gabby hitting brian. so we have three people saying that gabby was the aggressor. i think police were in a situation where are they going to go with what the dispatch told them or the new information that is on the ground? >> dana: or why not arrest both of them and issue the citation to both of them if there was a question? >> this proves that police work is really, really difficult. >> bill: keep in mind that night he stayed in a hotel that night. they separated the couple. i mention the audio, let's play it for the audience in thinks they haven't heard it from the 12th of august. >> rp states a male hit a female domestic. he got into a whiteford transit van has a black ladder on the black, florida plate. >> bill: very specific information. >> so heartbreaking to see
7:58 am
gabby sobbing and knowing how upset she is and knowing how the story ends and you hear the audio where police had the information. what they decided after they saw that brian had the scratches on his face okay, they thought that gabby was the aggressor. rather than arrest her because they said this girl is 110 pounds. she poses no threat to him. rather than issue her a citation they decided to separate the two. whether it was the right or wrong call is why there is a current investigation into the situation right now. >> dana: we had nancy grace on earlier and she had some thoughts on that, too. that continues. meantime there was activity here in new york where as my husband calls them the duke and duchess of netflix came to visit. >> bill: great line. >> there was a lot of activity in new york. i was walking through central park and i'm always clueless. what's going on? there was a big fancy concert and the duke and duchess of
7:59 am
netflix of sussex were there and made a speech. now they are facing criticism. didn't they say when they left the royal family they wanted privacy? now they are apparently cameras following them around for a documentary on their life. >> dana: somebody saw eagle eye saw a microphone cord on harry. the idea is they do a netflix thing about their life like reality tv like the kardashians. >> meghan markle was wearing a winter coat and scarf. i'm the coldest person in the world and i would have been hot in that outfit. so maybe they were also filming something for a future date down the road to make it look like -- i don't know. >> dana: christmas holiday shopping in new york. >> they wanted to leave the royal family for privacy but now trying to become hollywood royals. hypocrisy i call it. >> bill: thank you, carley. >> dana: have you ever want
8:00 am
thoughts about the royals, not the whole royal family but just megan markle and prince harry, call peter. he has some thoughts. they are fun. >> bill: we have to roll. great to have you back. >> dana: do you feel all refreshed and ready to go? >> a lot of golf and outdoors. >> dana: how is your golf? >> bill: it comes and goes. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: let's begin with the fox news alert. biden administration admitting it released thousands of haitian migrants into the united states and many more could follow on top of a million and a half of others who have come into the country, too. i'm harris hawkner. dhs ordered more than 12,000 haitian migrants to appear in court. another 5,000 are having their cases processed. 44% of migrants released into the country don't ever


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