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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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businesses are actually putting that sign on their door. bear with us, we don't have enough workers. inc. you all very much and thank you all for watching. neil will be back tomorrow but of course remember you can catch me every day at 2:00 p.m. eastern on making money on the fox business network. lots going on, the market is pretty wild these days so you may want to tune in and catch up. in the meantime i will leave you with the "the five" which starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with katie pavlich, jessica tarlov, joey jones and dan bongino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is and "the five." the border crisis showing no signs of letting up for president biden, a new group of migrants in southern mexico is waiting, ready to come north to the united states. that as we learn what happened to thousands of migrants were camped out under a bridge in squalid conditions. after clearing that every
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outcome alejandro mayorkas now admits that most of them actually came to the united states. he said 12,000 migrants and may be more have been released into the country. he says playing defense and defending how the administration has been handling the border this way. >> this is nothing new. we seen this type of irregular migration many, many times throughout the years. i don't know if governor abbott said the same thing in 2019 when they were more than a million people encountered at the southern border. it is the policy of this administration, we do not agree with the building of the wall. >> meanwhile the president is forcing attacks on the border attack it, that agents were whipping migrants which is not good enough for some democrats. >> world was watching and what we witnessed was our own border patrol that we pay on horses, in a way we've never seen before. i expected our administration to know better than to have horses chasing down black people.
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>> dana: i feel like this whole with thegate thing is a metaphor for all the other things. like they would rather talk about something that does not happen and try to convince people that the border patrol was a whipping migrants instead of dealing with the real issue. >> dan: this is the first whipping incident in human history with no web and no incident. they know, you know, we know they know we are lying, they know we know they know they are lying and yet they still live. like they have the photos and they have the photographer, and they are still doing it but why are they doing it? because we had thought department of homeland security secretary. you ever see that meme on the internet, you had one job? the guy's title is homeland security secretary, and yet, they ask him on the weekend show with chris wallace how many people are in the united states
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and he is like, it reminds me of that old pete puma thing from woody woodpecker. how many lumps he want? i don't know, three or four. how many people are in the country? i don't know, 10,000 or maybe more. it's like dana is doing the show and bill says what time do you get out? i don't know, maybe nine. your only job is to know who's in the homeland to come here the secretary of homeland security and that's why the web story is important because they have totally failed on the border in its been a catastrophe. they are lying to america and it was a convenient disk action and sadly of months to make a bunch of useful idiots are in it. >> dana: it when the whip thing first came up he defended the border patrol agents. overnight, it may be from a phone call or something, like the bat signal went out. actually no, we are going to trash the border patrol agents falsely and by the next day he said they are very troubled and this shouldn't happen. by the end of the week he said it was a sign of systemic racism
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on something that didn't happen. >> jessica: and before the investigation had concluded. to me this was the easiest way out of it. we are looking into it. if you wanted to say, they were marines versus website -- >> dana: the commander-in-chief said there will be consequences and they will pay. >> correct. there is clearly a lack of communication across the branch is there that and i understand, we talked about this on friday and i got panned on twitter were not being as familiar with rein culture as i should be, but if there had been communication across departments, i think that secretary mayorkas' response on day one was a correct response which was, we will look into this. >> the first time he spoke and as a leader of the people that are being attacked for no reason. >> i want to press back on what dan was saying, that they are just using it as a distraction,
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i think we know that everybody uses an optic scenario when they can to be able to not talk about a thing that may be you have to. but chris wallace pushed him and he did have to talk about it and that's how we got the 10-1200010 patience that have artie gotten in here. we learned a lot about the covid protocols and we know that people are being sent back testing covid positive but this idea of language being such a sticking point, that's something that i never understood. as wallace says there was a flood of migrants and it wasn't flawed. who cares. you can call it whatever you want but it's too many people who are desperate. >> dana: is like the crisis, remember when they would take crisis for so long? and we might all be thinking this, but it does not look good. the criticism of the biden administration from the left is quite strong. there their concerns are that these migrants never should have been set back. this was the wrong thing to do.
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they complain the republicans are -- i don't think we can lose sight of the criticism of biden coming from the left as well. and it was clear in my office this weekend, and, he doesn't give any solution. if you go back to the campaign trail, joe biden said in august of 2019 we can absorb 2 million people per year in this country. so when you look at solutions and they asked if they would give free health care to illegal immigrants, they are perfectly fine with this. so the question of, is this going to continue, what is the solution? in terms of the width gate hoax, it wasn't just a miscue indication between branches about them changing their language. this was very clearly a strategy to scapegoat and accuse border
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patrol agents doing their job to distract away from the fact that there were thousands of people under the bridge. the big question is, who suffers here? american software. border town suffer. why is there to set the rules for american citizens? if you trespass you get prosecuted but he trespassed into the country. one final point. there's been a talking point for people like congressman waters and these are people seeking asylum from haiti. they've had it rough. what effects are they went for asylum in south america and have looked been living in south america for years after claiming asylum. they are coming here because the doors are open and when you claim asylum's falsely that's also a crime that democrats don't want to acknowledge. >> dana: right. >> there is some nuance to this that people are talking about. you're not sending anyone back to haiti right now because of everything going on in haiti so the democrats are pointing that out as well. so the thing that i thought with the best thing he got out of
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him, sir, and the difference was the remaining mexico policy because something that border patrol will tell you, people and horses and texans will tell you is those migrants don't have any more right to be in mexico than they do here. once they are here, we can't just push them back across the border which is why it was so important for border patrol officers that the tools they need to stop people from getting across that river and under that bridge to begin with, trying to take advantage of our system. our own reporters are showing their paperwork that shows that they've been wherever they've been in and it a residency in south american companies, ripping them up and throwing them away, they can't send them back to haiti. they are taking advantage of the whole system and democrats have worked hard to give them that opportunity to do. it's nothing against those people but it's everything to do with the people in this country and the people that i know in dalton, georgia, that came here from south american countries,
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some of them were illegal, the kids became daca and some became naturalized. but you are never part of the american dream. that's why it's important to develop an immigration system that lets people become part of the american dream, otherwise it's just a class system. they want to invite people into the worst scenario almost because now they are living in the shadows. step your money back to mexico for mexican migrants and it's a mess and they know it. >> i don't like anyone who is here "living in the shadows" and we know the people living in the cities like new york and d.c., and none of them would trade the reality to living in their shadows we are giving opportunity for people to take jobs that americans will not do.
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it might be morally superior. >> they should go through and the vast majority pay taxes. and we are paying into the system, >> but that's the way the law works. i like the law. >> dana: i would say we are off to an amazing start. faxing mandates causing a health care worker shortage. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> katie: liberals are
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creating vaccine mandates, after ordering all hospital and nursing home employees to get the shot or face being fired. the state's governor is turning to the national guard to fill the gap and police officers across the country are pushing back against the mandates. dozens of state troopers in massachusetts just resigned rather than get a shot and the cdc director has nothing to offer when it comes to this disaster. >> if we are losing health care workers is potential in the process does not actually create a safer environment in our hospitals? >> it absently creates a challenge. what i would say is to do some work to educate the youth workers to meet them where they are and understand with their hesitancy is, so we can get them vaccinated and get them back to work. >> katie: and so jessica, workers were on the front line of the pandemic author last year. now they are being given a choice to either take something that they don't want, or to lose their job. how does that render itself?
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>> jessica: we didn't have a vaccine at the beginning of the pandemic, if we had, we might have 400,000 less dead people. >> katie: may be but what about the implement issue? >> jessica: on one side these may dates are working. new york presbyterian which is acute hospital system here in new york, 48,000 employees put in their mandate and they only had 250 people that didn't comply. also masking in schools, the cdc just put out a new study. 18 counties, kids who had to bee at masked, half rate of infection is those who were in masking. dr. mcgarry was in the in the first hour and he said we should be shifting to a conversation down like an immunity mandate al is. we know the antibodies are even more powerful and protective than the vaccine and that's where i would like to see us going with that. they mandates are and most people are complying. private organizations can do
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whatever they want and that's what i hear as a liberal, i get screened out all the time, it's private enterprise. >> but this isn't a private enterprise of the government in new york or the federal government is mandating and there is a lot of people that aren't complaining for whatever reason, personal choice reasons and now they are at a crisis. we have to stop pretending this is the free market thing. a wink and a nod to come if you go out in front of an abortion clinic and blocks access to the door, the liberals would go crazy, this is not a free market, please stop that. biden and everyone have been pushing these vaccine mandates on the hospitals are regulated. do you not think they are afraid of what's going to happen? did you read it?
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that's not with the mask study said. it's clear right there, remember, remember i'm watching you. but read the study because the mask study it clearly says you cannot draw causal inferences from this. because when they pulled the data it was not a random sample. i don't care if you are prone mask not, i don't care if you were 20 of them. you cherry pick the data that says the exact opposite of what you think it says and then you go to real-world data like australia where the implement is an outdoor mask mandate on july 15 and cases went up 600%. they say not that data, the data that the cdc said could cause this. >> jessica: joey, you're from georgia. >> joey: and i don't get to say the name of that movie on
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tv. because when i talk about it it sounds a little different. [laughs] >> jessica: but joey the rest of the country has been back to normal for almost a year now. we've gone from 15 days to slow the spread to turn in your employment. >> joey: when you say to me dates are working, they are working and getting people to do something that they are morally conflicted about, they are working and making them do it anyway. listen. i'm vaccinated. i don't mind to tell people that. i chose to do it when i was in the marine corps. i don't know what vaccines i got. i'd be a hypocrite to pack question one now but with all that being said, i would trust him unvaccinated health care worker that saved my life and took care of me for a year over a vaccinated and boosted bureaucrat that's only doing this because of politics work out for them in their mind. that's where i struggle with this. i can tell you about a gold star wife who is struggling to keep her job and using every reason
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she can found. she knows life and death pretty well and she knows taking care of people very well. she's chose not to get the vaccine and she knows how she can do her job anyway. i think the government should be happy bending over backwards to keep health care workers and state patrolman and people employed rather than saying i can circumvent this with the national guard or like here in new york, bringing in someone from another state. the >> katie: and the director says we need to educate people were hesitant. the people who don't want it anymore know why they aren't taking it. >> dana: i think there's more evidence that shows more people talking to their doctors, but the rate of people that have gotten the vaccines since a push to talk to your doctor, that's actually gone up quite a bit. the other thing i want to say is the national guard cannot do everything. they are now being called in massachusetts to drive school buses because there's a school bus driver shortage.
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the national guard needs to be able to do their day job and then emergencies. school bus driving is not it. the last thing i want to remind everybody. do not forget this. when did we get the vaccine mandates? remember the date and the speech. it was right in the middle of the afghanistan issue and that's when they came up with all of a sudden the exact same thing. at the time it was like we had 25 questions that could be answered and wouldn't take any questions from the press. never forget that that's how they ended up here in the first place. >> and the role has still not been written from osha. coming this up. the $3 trillion spending plan will cost nothing. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> joey: it's a pivotal week for present biden and the democrats as they tried to pass their trillion dollars spending plan. the whole thing actually cost of $0. >> president biden: it's actually zero price tag on the dead. we will pay for everything we spend and it's going to be zero. >> this is a $0 bill because it will be completely paid for. >> the reconciliation package would cost a $0. >> meanwhile house g.o.p. leader kevin mccarthy blasts nancy pelosi and the push for massive spending. >> if you add that to the infrastructure bill, you are talking $5 trillion which is more money than you ever spent in winning world war ii. they didn't want to talk about numbers, but to say that it's paid for, paid for a bike putting a debt on the next generation of americans.
2:28 pm
>> i had a job in math, i'm no expert on economics. >> i don't know if anyone in congress is, but this is a tax bill first. are they doing this because they think that americans still think it will touch regular americans? >> it's a hard thing to really get your arms around to come up with the administration claims that this is going to be paid for by taxing the rich, people who need to pay their check fair share. at the same time they are saying they want to snoop through irs on everybody's bank account to manage any transaction over $600. well $600 is a pretty regular paycheck. that's a minimum wage paycheck, a middle-class paycheck and definitely a paycheck coming from someone who makes less than $400,000 a year. so joe biden is claiming he's not going to raise taxes and
2:29 pm
he's going to keep that campaign promise while trying to make trying to pass through 6.5 trillion in spending. the price tag is at the grocery store in the price tag is in inflation and the price tag is down the road in five or ten years or maybe sooner. the idea that this is going to be paid for by the rich is so expensive, there is no way that's possibly true. >> joey: dan exactly come up there is a daily signal graphic that shows there is about $27,000 per and does that not mean that all the stuff we enjoyed drip buying? or if we pay that. b6 the way to text people and do it quietly, and that simple. he could have a tax rate of 25%.
2:30 pm
so say you just printed $33, you don't have to tax anybody with anything. and we don't know about economics. and just to be clear you want them to pay more. >> asked them who the rich are. the government would consider rich. >> i had a woman on my show, she was a congressional candidate. he would at least be the same person to come in and say, you need 20%, the rich. and how much more do you want?
2:31 pm
>> we were talking about messaging here, is it $0 and do the americans by that or did they just not care? >> dana: if you are buying not, and the first lesson is no such thing as a free lunch. and we got a way to sell this. and i would have never seen something so ridiculous. the other thing is if democrats, when they are and power, they run up the cost of everything. all the spending, and then it gets enshrined into law and sometimes it becomes very popular. then when it's not popular republicans are in a
2:32 pm
straitjacket but i will tell you this, this will hit more people than they are saying, it won't be just a 1%. when you start digging in its income and people will have to pay, the republicans are so divided in their focus on too many symbolic issues. >> on messaging, messaging, messaging, $80 billion in the irs, or $80 billion for the trip quality, is that really more republicans? or is it looking at it and saying 3 trillion? >> i don't think they are just saying it's no big deal. i wouldn't say the zero thing either because people know what money is flowing out of their houses. we are having conversations constantly. the white house is aware of it because we started talking about it as a problem. we can talk about that later and i do understand basic economics.
2:33 pm
and george bush was fighting pretty big republican wars. and americans are always at least one notch's smarter than the people who are talking about the basic stuff that they handle. obviously there are specialists out there and if you are honest with them, you say we will make these people pay a bit more. and i understand in new york city you might not feel that rich everyday but you are rich by national standards and you can move. i think that would be fine, people would say corporations and individuals over 400k raise those taxes. >> do you drive on the road? do any of your kids go to public schools? do you like the library? >> joey: if you think kyrsten sinema and the squad are going to solve this problem. up next, kamala harris and
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crisis and looking for an image makeover. ♪ ♪
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so that everyone, in your boardroom and beyond, speaks the same language. honeywell forge. industrial grade software. ♪ ♪ >> dan: it's only been nine months and kamala harris knows she's in big trouble. trying to keep her presidential aspirations alive after numerous disasters like afghanistan and the border product crisis took a chunk out of her already infinitesimally low approval rates. her abysmally low horrific approval rates, i just want you to know i put that in there. come s, joe biden has been struggling to come up to the point where he's actually competing with kamala harris but
2:39 pm
she's never been particularly popular. i'm not a democratic voter, but her one job was a supporter and she totally blew it. >> jessica: it's a much bigger portfolio than the case of "the washington post" piece, the kind of continue the work that they did in the primaries, and that was for the female candidates they were all vying for who is going to get hillary's tribe. kamala harris got a lot of the top and they will be able to boost their popularity amongst democrats. but it's no doubt bennett terrible terrible month for both joe biden. and looking ahead to 2024, and what is she going to say are her accompaniments for the last four years that are going to get her out of a huge primary field? because i assume that's what at
2:40 pm
least leaked out in the media. was not the best idea to hire someone? >> and so someone and institutional experience, and he was a very good vice president for him. if you think about loyalty to obama or whatever it was with mr. president, he got it done. this situation i think is very curious because she was the first to drop the democratic primary and now she has hired another image consultant. to me, and she might want to consider asking what are the root causes of her likability problem and her political problem. the communicators are not at fault. at the other thing that's very strange to me is she's not
2:41 pm
negotiating the 3.5 trillion. she was in the senate. why isn't she they are talking to all of her former colleagues trying to get this done? that major job, they did get to her. >> joey: she was most popular when she was in the senate and she was a bulldog, against everybody to be looked at. and friendly joe was kind of a thing where we all realize how absent-minded he is. she is absent, bring her back and i let her attack attack but when the president stands up there and says we are going to make them pay, you don't the key means a bunch of kids and some aid workers in afghanistan. and let her go be the bulldog. >> she blew it, and i would say
2:42 pm
to address dana's question, what is the root cause of her on likability? the vice president's problems are created by the vice president. it's very difficult to hire an image consultant to kind of change things when you have a background of having no real principles or policies that you stand on and if you look at the primary with the perfect example, we did a cnn town hall. after that, we followed his lead which got her into a whole bunch of trouble. based on the fact that she has no real principles, i it won't improve. >> dan: up next, gutfeld! goes to nashville. greg is here with his big preview of music city. check it out.
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>> jessica: welcome back. gutfeld! is set to take nashville by storm tonight. greg is bringing his late-night talk show to the music city. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great although whoever chose miley cyrus to open up the segment, it makes me happy that i'm here in nashville and not in your filthy, disgusting city known as new york, or manhattan. so it's great, we are doing the whole show from the bar and it's like the perfect combination. this show and alcohol, it's going to be fantastic. >> jessica: i'm really excited to watch. i was wondering if you could give the audience a preview. was there anyone over the course of the week that you would have picked too? >> we have a combination of country music stars with boxcars
2:48 pm
because i felt like that would be a nice mix. so tonight we have john rich and tomorrow we have kat and tyrus all week. and we also have gary gatlin. next day, and we haven't named candace owned owens who is part of the daily wire, and you see it's like a weird combination. then we have somebody like dana perino who's going to be on, and i plan to meet up with her before hand for a drink. i'm thrilled that you have finally realize the power of country music and fox stars, it has been a long time coming. ten years to try to bring you along and the question i have for you is the question that you would be asking us if you were here and it goes like this. what are you going to eat
2:49 pm
tonight. [laughter] >> that's a good question. i'm staying at one of the covid ravaged hotels. everything is in plastic. and there's like no food. it's kind of interesting, i'm surprised in nashville but obviously there's some great food. i had the world's greatest cheeseburger at a place, at the bar called the listening room. that's where we are tonight and all week. and i was just staring at it. but i'm not going to live forever. >> i just wanted to tell you that in vegas things stay in vegas but and nash-vegas things do not. so you have stand-up comedians there this week?
2:50 pm
>> to he will be on tonight with some stand up, and i might have tom shillue and joe devito. we are going to do one block of comedy in there just for the heck of it and because we are stopping the late-night comedy competition without doing it, i'm wondering what would happen if we did it. whenever to stand up. so why not just do it and see if we could take another half a million everywhere viewers? >> do it, do it. >> i've been to the listening room and i know it's a pretty big audience. how many audience members come in and how many bachelorette parties can fit in there? >> i think it's like 250 people. it's packed at capacity, every show. they can't drink throughout the show because that would be a nightmare. so i think they can only have a few drinks before the show starts. i'm not drinking until after the show because i always say if i
2:51 pm
do a better job when i'm drinking then what do i do? >> remember you recorded that song with john rich? and i have an opportunity to cut out the whole rest of the crew and make a separate side contract. i do it now what you are down there, no one is down there with you. >> that's true. people on "the five" don't understand this but i already cut a separate deal. they set all the royalties were going to charity, well i'm charity. that was my given last name. so i have a song i might do with john rich. >> jessica: that's very exciting, we can't wait to watch you. we will see you tonight. one more thing is up next.
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cabe deign time now for one more thing. i want to pay tribute to a wonderful man who has recently passed. his name is joey lance johnson. he passed away after a very courageous battle with pancreatic. he lived in wyoming. devoted husband to melissa. they have three incredible children. he was a teacher and he taught like ffa future farmers of america. not faa, ffa. and was livestock judge. won numerous awards throughout his career. he was very active in the community. i know he was loved by many pause i spent a lot of my summers and christmases with him. his aunt donna is my aunt and
2:57 pm
her sister barb with a his mother and his sister was manory. we spent a lot of time growing up together. i want to send you love and strength answered lived an amazing life and leaves a wonderful legacy. so a tribute to you, joey johnson. now to another joey. >> joe: keep him and his families in our othoughts and prayers. a beautiful family. on a pretty similar solemn but celebratory. i want to talk about the 2021 purple heart patriot project. these folks reached out to me and tell me what they document really what they do they do an all expenses paid trip for veterans who have received the purple heart. if you don't know, that's the medal you get when you are injured in combat. i have one of those. they bring them. in go to west point. i don't even have the itinerary. i will be a part of this next week it will be a lot of fun. they go to historic sites related to the purple heart but actually have purple heart hall
2:58 pm
of honor. they have this place to honor purple heart recipients. amazing. we focus on the valor awards maybe not so much on the award that george washington created this year the patriot project will be awarding two special genesis legacy medals to individuals who have made a significant impact on our veteran community. and one of them on the military side will be joey jones will be me. >> dana: awesome. joey joey more importantly the civilian side frank siller with tunnel 2 towers and jessica you know a little bit about frank. >> jessica: i do that was my one more thing who deals with joey who elm seed an event 20th annual tunnel 2 towers 5 k run walk in honor of frank siller's brother stephen siller who passed away on 9/11. the race charts his path. he was in brooklyn. had to get out of his truck and ran through the tunnel to come through to make sure that he could get to the buildings as they were falling down.
2:59 pm
about 30,000 people participated. like i said, joey was an emcee for the event and a wonderful organization. frank has helped a lot of people. >> dana: and more to come on that. he has big plans. >> jessica: yes. >> dana: indeed. dan? >> dan: quick and i will throw to katie. midtown all week i hijacked greg's studio while he is in nashville. i will make sure to leave him note. i'm doing fox nation shows simulcast radio show 12 to 3 every day. if you sign up for fox nation you can watch. i'm not responsible for what happens on the commercial break at all. only for what goes out on the a the video stays life the the whole time. >> dana: what happens on commercial break. >> dan: a couple times i forgot the camera was on. >> katie: washington, d.c. new puppy meet biscuits 9 week old chocolate lab, official dog of the hockey team staying with
3:00 pm
them the next 14 to 16 month as they prepare him to be a service dog with america's vet dogs. so they had a former dog and his name was captain. he has now been given to a marine corps master sergeant named mark. >> dana: great team support ghid next guy "special report" is up next. hi, bret. >> bret: go caps. that is great program. i'm always following puppies on this show. thanks, dana. >> dana: bye. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the southern border crisis at the texas border is about to get worse because of the southern border crisis at the mexican border with guatemala. that is the entry point for thousands of migrants hoping to make their way into the u.s. correspondent griff jenkins is in tapachula mexico tonight. good evening, griff. >> griff: good evening, bret. mexican officials here say they have never seen anything like this. it dwarfs what we


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