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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  September 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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world. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. it "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. >> brian: historical gifts gave standout in the north he represented -- oh, i'm sorry, bret. i got your book and it says advanced reader. i told them they can't read it until next tuesday. i could read it to them i'm not violating anything. >> bret: rereaders very good. >> brian: all right, guys. i have to start the show. you can go read it in the book. all right. yeah, bret, sorry, i thought it was launching tuesday. now everyone is coming to my office looking to read your book. >> bret: that's good. >> bret: i will get them all one. >> bret: mike, they are going to get you one. that's good. all right, bret. have a great show. i predict republicans 10-9. >> bret: got it. >> brian: that was "special report." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right.
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good evening, everyone. now, this is "fox news primetime" as bret told you i am brian kilmeade. we got a huge show tonight. let's take a look at the lineup. first up new jersey governor chris christie. talk a about a lot or talk about zero. that is how much a $3 trillion bill will cost according to nancy pelosi. how does that make sense? it's up to you, governor, to tell us. this is senator john kennedy. he is talking about the rebranding this woman who is the vice president of the united states kamala harris. they have crisis managers, they want harris to bring it to success in 2022. kayleigh mcenany on what the "new york times" decided to focus on and that was the redesign of the american flag. i know what you are thinking. finally. and adam carolla will go on the clock. but, first, this: america americans remain stranded in terrorist controlled country called afghanistan. while the democrats and most of the media want us to turn the page on that country, representative michael waltz exposed what's really going on. >> frankly, they are being slaughtered right now as we speak with our weapons. with our damn equipment.
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our allies are being slaughtered. every morning we wake up to beheading videos, to executions, can to people being hunted down with our own database. >> brian: that was passion. that's real life. he joins us next fresh out of the white house hearing -- excuse me a house hearing on the top military leaders how they explain themselves after botching the evacuation from afghanistan. what's becoming increasingly clear is that almost every turn when our highest ranking military minds were forced to make big decisions they appear to be dead wrong. for example, last opportunity to hold on to kabul. >> who made the decision to turn down the taliban offer to allow the u.s. military to secure kabul and put the safety of our troops in the hands of the taliban? >> i did not consider that to be a formal offer and it was not the reason why i was there. i did not pursue it. if someone actually made a decision that would have been me. >> brian: well. could have held kabul instead we turned it over to the taliban. 13 americans dead. but for the anti-trumpers, more
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often than not the hearing was an opportunity to continue obsession with january 6th and the former president of the united states. >> general milley, on january 6th, we had a violent attack on our capitol. >> i'm a member of the select committee to investigate the events surrounding january 6th. >> we have continued to see attacks on our democracy and our values. attacks including but not limited to the horrible attack on our capitol and our congress on january 6th. >> brian: can't forget about january 6th. blame trump for biden's failures. secretary of -- yes, secretary of defense lloyd austin knows it well. listen to him. >> secretary austin, did the previous administration develop plans for withdrawal? and was there any hand-off to you of those plans? >> there was no hand-off to me of any plans for with a withdrawal. >> brian: of course there were plans. instead of blaming the guy who wasn't president. how about the guy who is president? they should be focusing on the ongoing crisis. the real issue that should unite
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republicans and democrats that's evacuating our remaining allies and american citizens. but astoundingly the general doesn't seem to have plan. none of them do nor much interest in how to get these men and women and these kids out. >> last night i got a call and they said there's a flight with 50-plus americans, sifs, children, canadian citizens and they are in air, they cannot land, they are being denied any clearance to land in the united states. >> wow. >> where are those people right now? >> they are actually in the air right now. i know the administration won't bring them home. we are doing the work this president won't. >> brian: trying to do a fun interview about a baseball game we find out breaking news about american citizens caught in the terrorist-run country. that was this morning. things have progressed and this is good news. cammack's office overone tips and sentiments and calls from the state department and white house found food and diapers and got that plane up in the sky out of abu dhabi after continued
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pressure the congresswoman then announced that that plane is heading to o'hare airport in chicago. this is just one incident. we have hundreds, perhaps thousands to get out. here to respond florida congressman, a former green beret michael waltz and retired brigadier general don, a new hampshire senate candidate, previously worked with general milley. first off, congressman, you know that story. you are dealing with this every day. you have to try to get people out of afghanistan by this point shouldn't the state department, defense department been saying mike, we have this? >> you know, brian, i just spent the last two days with my team and with a dedicated group of veterans dealing with an 80-year-old couple, american citizens, diabetics that are in dire straits, that are trapped and can't get across the border. and we can't get the state department to engage to get them across the border. there are hundreds and thousands
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of american citizens, green card holders, allies, siv holders that are still trapped and left behind. so my question is we can go anywhere around the world and kill a terrorist we can go anywhere around the world and go rescue an american get our people out that's what their families would expect. we are seeing shoulder shrug from the administration. >> brian: general, how many tours in afghanistan for you? >> i had ten tours in afghanistan. almost six years on the ground. >> brian: how dedicated were you personally to getting our men and women to safety, even when they lose their lives behind enemy lines? i hear these stories about the determination to get their remains. what happened to that ethos? >> well, i don't think anything happened to that ethos among our service members. but it certainly has disappeared among our senior leaders. and it's embarrassing. and what we saw in both days of testimony was a lack of
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humility, certainly, no accountability, absolutely none whatsoever. and not even an apology. they screwed this up. they screwed it up big time. i have done three neos in hospital environments in africa, south sudan, libya, and the central african republic. we had days' notice. in equally hostile environments. and we planned it properly, we got everybody out. we left nobody behind. we got -- we did not abandon our allies, american citizens or anyone else. this is a complete and utter disaster and failure and they must take accountability for it they must resign and they need to be fired. congress, i think, needs to do whatever it is they can in order to make this happen. >> brian: so, congressman, behind closed doors, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mark milley directly blamed the state department for the botched evacuation. the general says the officials
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waited too long in order to get everybody out. i don't know if you were behind closed doors. he wasn't saying that to us in public. >> no, he sure wasn't. but, i certainly agree with him. the state department waited too long. but, at the end of the day, this sits with joe biden, brian. what became clear out of these hearings is that he did not listen to the military advice of the pentagon and say what you want about president trump, yes, he wanted to get everybody out. we all wanted to bring this war to an end. but, at the end of the day, he listened and when he left office, we had bagram air base, 2500 troops. a functioning government, and a functioning afghan national army to keep the pressure on al-qaeda, haqqani and the terrorist groups. but the fiction that biden is selling the world now and selling all of us in the united states is that this over-the-horizon counter-terrorism will work. well, what became clear from the generals the last two days is they are not confident it's
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going to work. they believe al-qaeda is going to come roaring back and my question today was if over the horizon counter-terrorism and drones didn't work to stop the rise of isis after the obiden crowd pulled us out of there too wreckslessly and too soon how is it going to work in afghanistan where no bases, no allies and no kurds on the ground and now they have taken over an entire army's worth of equipment. >> brian: one of those soundbites cut short i couldn't play the whole thing. you got a call from butcher that's his hick nickname i'm outside kabul. do you guys want to secure the capital because the ministries are being stripped or do you want us to go in? the general said we only want the airport. he said we didn't have the forces to control it. but we deployed 5,000 plus troops in a week. couldn't we have controlled kabul until we were satisfied that we had our people out? >> absolutely. remember, in a hostile environment, a withdrawal and a
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noncombatant evacuation is a combat operation. so, you surge the troops you need in there in order to be able to take the air heads that you need to take and secure the area that you need to take and do the things you need to do to get everybody out. and you don't pull out. and you certainly don't cede time, space and territory to your enemy. that's blocking and tackling 101. and they should have known that. terrible strategic operational and tactical level decisions resulted in a complete failure of this mission. the death of 13 americans, the wounding of 22. and hundreds of our afghan friends killed and injured and the congressman noted quite eloquently, accurately, and i'm glad he said it, all the things that are hang every single day the atrocities are happening every single day. and this is on their hands. yeah, biden is president. he's to blame. but the state department, and
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the department of defense are co-conspirators in all of this and they must be held accountable as well. >> brian: every day we held those key bases in between our enemies between china, iran, and russia was a victory for us. it kept an eye and a lid on the war on terror and now that is gone and no one is being held accountable except lieutenant colonel who decided to speak up and say some of the things you just said right now. guys, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead on "fox news primetime." what happened to kamala harris? i thought she was supposed to be the president in waiting? why did she hire a couple crisis managers to help rebrand her? are we rebranding people now? first the virginia governor's race is a referendum on joe biden's agenda. and let me tell you, the democrats are freaking out. chris christie will talk about that and a whole lot more. at least he promised to. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> brian: the virginia's governor's race coming down to the wire. it's shocking in virginia and it's looking like a referendum to a degree for some experts on joe biden's disastrous nine months. perhaps a preview of 2022 midterms. national issues like covid mandates and the economy. school choice are hot button issues if you watched the debate last night. the democratic candidate is all over it clinton ally terry mcauliffe used to run the dnc is towing the party line. listen to what he had to say about parents and their children and the school curriculum. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take and make their own decision. got the bill that i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> brian: okay. good luck with that with comments like that. it's no surprise that the
4:18 pm
democratic party is resorting to some dirty tricks. listen to this. this story was in axios today a grouch democratic operatives posing as conservative group to bags bash the democratic -- brua glenn youngkin. joining us now presidential candidate himself in the past and maybe in the future chris christie. governor, can you learn anything from this race in virginia? >> oh, sure, look. last night was incredible. as you mentioned, for terry mcauliffe to say i don't want parents involved in telling schools what their children should be taught is extraordinary. but it's where the democratic party is right now. terry mcauliffe is scrambling to get further and further left. this race is a margin of error race. glenn youngkin is an outstanding candidate. he would be a great governor for virginia. and joe biden is like a weight around terry mcauliffe's neck.
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>> brian: now, he won this virginia by 1 points. and has been trending away for republicans for the last 20 years. is this because of the last nine months or is this a virginia issue and is education one of those wedge issues? >> well, education has been a huge issue in virginia. i know i have seen you show at times some of the school board meetings in virginia which have gotten very heated where parents are really concerned about things like critical race theory and sex education, other things that are going on in the schools that they think the teachers union have taken over and are driving it out of control at the permission of the democratic governor. that has been a huge issue in virginia. but the biden issue is big. and we are seeing it happen here in new jersey, too. that race is now a single digit race in new jersey between phil murphy and jack. it has much to do that the country sees the crazy leftist views of joe biden and the democratic party and they want to send a clear message to joe
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biden on election day by electing republicans. >> brian: now we know if you embrace donald trump in alabama, maybe in florida and many others big red states that's a good thing. now in purple stays like virginia and like what you are talking about maybe in jersey which is blue but has a chance of electing people like you, they say i like trump, but i like anti-trumpers, too. is there something to learn with that? >> sure there is. look, you know, when you're comparing something to nothing, it's easy to criticize the something. but now are comparing it to joe biden and kamala harris. and when you look at what they have been doing in the first nine months, brian, an open border with people coming over the border whenever they want. huge tax increases proposed. huge spending going on, hurting our educational system. messing up the covid response. people are looking at this and not to mention losing 13 servicemen and women in afghanistan. american people are looking at this and saying this is not what
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we bargained for. >> brian: very interesting. the other big story in washington had joe biden canceling a trip to chicago is their effort to pass so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill through the senate stuck in the house and $3.5 trillion reconciliationation bill which they don't apt republican nor will they get any of that support. so they're having trouble with it now. listen to how nancy pelosi and joe biden and jen psaki are messaging it listen. >> it's not about a dollar amount. the dollar amount, as the president has said is zero. this bill will be paid for. it's about what are the values that we share and how we prioritize them. >> brian: so $3.5 trillion is zero? >> look, nancy pelosi is lying again because, first of all, 3.5 trillion is not the real number. it's closer to $5 trillion is what the real number is that's according to the "wall street journal." they are lying about the number. it is not paid for. that's why joe manchin is
4:22 pm
standing up and saying no in their caucus. he won't do this. and if they can't get joe manchin or kristin kyrsten sinema this bill is going nowhere. >> brian: they the squad and bernie sanders who is socialist. >> by the way though, brian, then we know who the partisans are and obstructionists. republicans tried to work with them on an important infrastructure bill. and if the democrats won't pass it in the house where they have complete control they are the obstructionists a and they are the partisans. >> brian: one more topic i know you are pro-vaccine. i got it you used to run a state. we remember it. now in new york governor cuomo started it and implemented by his successor kathy hochul mandating hospital workers and to a degree others, possibly police officers get vaccinated. it's causing a massive firing of medical workers over the past few weeks. the numbers are stunning, 175
4:23 pm
in -- excuse me, you have the catholic health universities defying logic and they are firing 50 people. sunny brook university hospital 200 employees, north well 65 because people won't get vaccinated. you are pro-vaccine. is this a good move making people get vaccinated? >> vaccine mandates are an awful move, brian. they were bad at the federal level byjoe biden. i don't think they're legal when joe biden does them at the federal level and i don't think the governor should be dog them either. we should be persuading why the vaccine and taking the vaccine is safe, makes sense and will keep them healthier. but if we can't persuade them we shouldn't be mandating these things. we have a labor shortage in this country right now, brian, in healthcare and many other parts of the economy. and we are now going to kick people out who want to work after joe biden has got a whole bunch of people on their couch with big unemployment checks.
4:24 pm
>> brian: you have a lot of african-americans who aren't taking the shot. if joe biden starts calling them out, he starts rattling his base and including nba stars who won't be allowed to play in new york indoors. this is going to be a class that i don't think the democrats anticipated. final thought? >> final thought is this: this just shows the continued incompetence of joe biden and kamala harris. they have messed up the covid response. they horribly tragically messed up afghanistan. now they are messing up our economy with inflation and a labor shortage. this has been a disastrous nine months. joe biden is in big trouble. and so, by the way are terry mcauliffe and phil murphy. >> brian: it's going to be very interesting to see how things turn out in this 2021 race. governor, great to see you. i will talk to you on radio tomorrow. >> looking forward to it, brian. thanks for having me. >> brian: thank you for coming. a live look at the annual congressional baseball game. carley shimkus has been covering it all day. did joe biden just make an appearance? we will find out. that's carley swinging the bat,
4:25 pm
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and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> brian: it's the one day of the year when democrats and republicans are able to come together for some bipartisan baseball at tonight's annual congressional baseball game that was unfortunately canceled last year. we had the covid and canceled everything. so how are the players looking tonight? you wouldn't ask me that question but i'm going to ask carley shimkus that question. she works for fox news 24/7 channel 115 on your sirius dial.
4:31 pm
carley, we watched you this morning. you looked wide awake. i'm watching you now you look wide awake. how is the game going? they are actually playing, right? >> carley: yeah, they are actually playing. i can hear the crowd. it's uproarious crowd, brian, the congressional baseball game is usually all about bipartisan. but this time it's taking place during one of the most hostile weeks on capitol hill. and the fact that president biden said his massive social spending package will cost zero dollars is wrong cling rank clig republicans. >> not cost anything except you will pay more on taxes. a tax on natural gas if you use natural gas to heat or cool your home. you will be paying about 15% more every month but i guess he doesn't think that's a cost. they are totally out of direct correlation with where most americans. >> carley: do you think it will ultimately -- well, now republicans and democrats are trying to put that fight on pause to duke it out on the
4:32 pm
diamond between 15 and 20,000 people are expected to be inside nationals park raising over a million dollars for charity. of course, this event took on a whole new meeting in june 2017 when a gunman opened fire at the republican congressional baseball practice. shooting several people, including congressman steve scalise, you saw he was at practice earlier this morning. and he is suited up and on the field right now. lawmakers take this event really seriously. both teams have been practicing since the springtime, democrats have won 10 of the last 11 games. but, brian, republicans feel confident in their new pitcher, florida congressman greg steube, but i think the big headline today is that this game, this moment of bipartisan is happening during a time where there is so many questions unanswered over the spending package. the budget and also there is still a whole lot of anger over the situation in afghanistan as well. >> brian: absolutely. you covered that today and woe
4:33 pm
covered it right at the top of the show like congressman cammack talking about that plane that was in the air full of americans and our allies that had nowhere to land coming from afghanistan. and since we have progressed on that story, correct? they are heading to o'hare? >> carley: yeah, that's exactly right. congresswoman cammack's office has been working throughout the night and into today because she contacted by a group of people trying to get americans, sivs green card holders out of afghanistan and the plane originally wasn't allowed to land and the congresswoman's office told me it's because dhs said that it's not -- it's a non-u.s. plane and also they were worried about a measles outbreak. but everyone on board said that they were vaccinated against measles. a lot of these people are children as well. they ran out of diapers, ran out of food. they did get good news. just a few hours ago that the plane has been cleared to land
4:34 pm
at o'hare airport. >> brian: carley, i originally said you could punch out after the third inning we just got word that the president's motorcade is heading in undisclosed location. perhaps he is coming to the game, which means you are going to have to stick around, okay? >> carley: you bet. you know i will. and if he is here, i will be here as well. >> brian: ask him your question. i'm sure he can't wait to talk about the game and the big game of passing 3.5 trillion which adds up to no dollars. carley, thanks so much. >> carley: ha ha. >> brian: meanwhile, speaking of the game you can watch it right now they are in the bottom of the first inning. the republicans are already trailing 3-0 on fox nation so go catch it live right now exclusively on fox nation and we will see if republicans can make it two in a row. meanwhile with joe biden's approval rating falling like a rock, vice president kamala harris appears to be working on her back up plan. and she is it. "the washington examiner" the failed border czar has got crisis managers working for her.
4:35 pm
finally they are stepping up doing it. these crisis managers worked for her before. it's lorain bowles crisis communications expert and adam frankel a former speech writer for president obama. they hope to pull kamala harris' first nine months out of the fire and put her front and center. joining me now to talk about the rehab of the vice president of the united states is senator john kennedy of louisiana. senator, will this work? >> i don't think the vice president needs a crisis communication manager and i don't think the taxpayers should have to pay for one. i think it's obvious what she needs with respect. she needs to stop saying stupid stuff that she can't defend. and she and the president need to stop breaking plates. i mean, in the history of ever, i've not seen a presidential administration break more plates in the first nine months than this one. i mean, think about it, brian.
4:36 pm
afghanistan, inflation, defund the police, critical race theory, the border, gas prices, massive debt. and i'm not saying republicans are perfect. but these people are crazy. and if they would stop acting crazy, they wouldn't have a crisis and then they wouldn't need crisis managers. >> brian: there are certain things, for example, if i put you on any topic, you would say something like i don't know if you weren't sure. you will handle it you don't need your topics ahead of time. she seems to need her topics ahead of time. for example, an appearance at a school to promote vaccinations and voting, here's her interaction with a opportunity. listen to this. i believe this is george mason university. watch. >> >> brian: just so happens she is
4:37 pm
not telling the truth, genocide. israel is committing genocide in israel? i guess in the palestinian territories? how is she doing when the topic isn't given to her? >> well, based on the clip you just showed, i rest my case, that was very uncool. and that's what i mean. when you are vice president and certainly even especially president of the united states, you got to think before you speak and you can't just say stupid stuff. now, we all do on occasion, but not repeatedly. >> brian: senator right now, believe it or not, the president of the united states has 42% approval rating. kamala harris' is 49%. that's why they want her front and center in 2022, and you say? >> well, at the rate they are going, it doesn't matter which one of them is front and center. i just listed some of the plates
4:38 pm
they have broken. they are about to break another huge plate with this new reconciliation bill. i call it the make america -- turn america into cuba bill. i think a best example neo socialism that i can think of and once the american people realize that the vice president and the president want to convince them that it's in america's interest to have $4 trillion in new spending, $2 trillion in new taxes, and $2 trillion in new debt, and tax, spend and regulate america into neo socialism, i think nothing is going to help them in 2022. >> brian: senator, here's what i fear though. if you tell someone i'm giving you free preschool. if you tell someone i'm giving you free junior college. if you tell someone i'm going to give you free school lunch, if you tell someone free elder
4:39 pm
care, issues need to be addressed, yes. but if you write all those people a check, you got their vote. and we're sitting there and have to balance the book. doesn't that worry you? >> well, first, the person people aren't morons. they don't have time to read aristotle every day. they get it, they know all of this is not free. look, if i go in target and order 5,000 truck loads of tax the rich dresses and put it on my credit card, that's not free. duh. i have got pay the credit card bill. that's what the president and i guess the vice president have been saying this is all free. it's all paid for. no, it's not. we are going to have at least $2 trillion of new taxes. and $2 trillion of new debt. let me tell you how bad this bill -- i have studied this bill. now they are still writing it,
4:40 pm
brian. but the highest and best use of their let's turn america into cuba reconciliation bill is to line the cages of america's parakeets and hamsters. i mean, it is spectacularly awful. it makes me -- it triggers my gag reflex. and the american people will figure it out. they are not going to like it. >> brian: yeah. they don't like being broke and we are $28 trillion overdrawn and we are paying the penalty. senator, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> brian: straight ahead, comedian adam carolla going on the clock. smart guy. always has something intelligent to say. but, first, this is your flag. yeah, this is your flag on drugs. why the "new york times" thinks this thing should replace old glory. yeah. and some other entries into the competition. don't forget, by the way the states the book tour in a city near you. i'm talking about december 3rd. december 4th in clearwater and before that november 7th in
4:41 pm
charleston, west virginia. go brian see what i look like live. it's really a treat. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪♪ >> brian: all right. so the "new york times" thinks the u.s. flag is so 1776 so they put a group of graphic sceners to redesign the american flag. let's go through some of the suggestions. all right. flag number one comes with a key to acknowledge emotions. there you go. do you see fear, forgiveness, anger joy and pride? me either. next pentagram design how is this described? well suggests interdependency and togetherness? no, but number three is quite intriguing it represents what they call america vagueness. i don't think we want to be more vague, that's not even a catchphrase. meanwhile, number 4 represents america surrendering and lost of ideals it once stood for that's for every college kid out there protesting and coloring their hair purple. i say i pass. let's move on to number 5 let every voice, lift every voice and sing. i'm not feeling it and finally,
4:47 pm
number 6, red, white, blue or tribal signals purple illustrates america together give me a second, no. but i don't want to lead the witness. joining me now for camera number 6 former white house press secretary and author of the upcoming book "for such a time as this" kayleigh mcenany and a guy that did not help her at all write this book joe concha, and i'm not sure why. >> kayleigh: lee, here we go again. >> exactly my daughter is inside right now coloring. and i'm pretty sure she could have made the first and fifth flag that you just showcased herself. brian, this should be expected. the editorial board member of the "new york times" said she is horrified by the american flag. you also had nancy gray say that the redesigning it. at least come up with something that my daughter could have created who is nearly 2 years old. >> brian: 1940s the last time we changed the flag and that's
4:48 pm
because we edited a couple states, alaska and hawaii you can stay. joe concha, joe were, you itching to redesign the flag? they said we used to redesign our flag up until the 1900s. >> amazing, right? this shows you, brian, the ultimate disconnect between what is supposed to be the paper of record and sober sane people out there. because this thing is getting destroyed, this whole story is getting destroyed on the left and the right. and, look, bill maher has somehow become the voice of reason on the left. he had the line of the year, right? and i'm paraphrasing here he said while the chinese are building bridges, we are arguing over what to rename them. tough expect the times redesign mount rushmore to replace who is on there roosevelt, lincoln, washington and jefferson. stacey abrams, rachel how do you. they are going to call columbus indigenous people day all right that already happened. see schools with washington and lincoln on them to be changed because one was only led by the
4:49 pm
guy who led the charge to independence of america while the other freed the slaves. that happened too in san francisco actually a vote to do it. why the national anthem is played not only at nfl games the normal national anthem but the black national anthem because that's not divisive or anything. yeah, this is where we are at this point. and the "new york times" only does this, i would love to say, for clicks or ratings. it really only is divisive. foolish. >> brian: joe, thanks so much. kayleigh, let's look at this together. the president of the united states as we understand has arrived at the congressional baseball game. he has a lot to discuss. he wants to be center of attention. doesn't want to talk about afghanistan. politically, is this a good move for him to show up there tonight? >> yeah, but i think this is something you do in a swamp and you think it carry as lot of weight when it actually does not. this is mr. unity. he said it six to eight dimes on his inauguration speech. he, you know, for the first few months, looked like mr. unity but then what happened? well, afghanistan fell,
4:50 pm
inflation, you name it this is him trying to become mr. unity not working. >> brian: let's see what happens. democrats are out in front early. kayleigh and joe, thanks so much. coming up next legendary comedian adam carolla is here. he is going on the clock. nobody funnier and more insightful. he told me to go upstairs and talk to him so that's where i'm going. ♪ ♪
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what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation
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and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> i got a few minutes left in the show. time to put adam corolla on the clock. best podcasters in the world. author of i'm your emotional support animal navigating our all woke no joke culture. adam, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> covid has created supply chain problems across the world. the latest example is no laughing matter. northern iowa seeing a shortage of clowns. apparently they've all traded in their red noses and oversized
4:56 pm
shoes during the pandemic. how do we solve this problem, adam? >> we don't need to solve it. we no longer need clowns. how do we sol the problem of horses and buggies going away? we don't need them. we have automobiles. first off, all clowns are evil. have you ever seen a movie, brian, have you ever seen a movie where it worked out with a clown? they're killers. john wayne gacy was a clown. he killed. it was blood lust. he did it for fun. and we have led drone stories now. did you ever see one of these crazy drone light shows? we have real entertainment. we don't need these people anymore. i say this is a good thing. i said adios to clowns. >> already, irish, you heard it. northern ireland. up next a high school in iowa bans backpacks hoping the move would discourage kids from bringing guns to school. students had to find creative ways to sclep their books to
4:57 pm
class, including a laundry basket, even a shopping cart. will it work? will it stop school shootings? >> yeah. we should ban -- first off, all these things are insane. they should ban hrolsteres because that's the way people carry their guns. at least they did in the old west. why do kids all need backpacks. they have 80 pounds of backpacks they got to drag it in. they're both going to have scoliosis by the time they're 23. why do you need all these books? you've got a smart phone. it's all there. i have written six books. they'll fit into one phone, no problemo. what about we just get rid of the backpack, we get rid of the stroller, the laundry hamper and go back to the old leather strap. the leather book strap. do you remember that? >> you took that in a totally different direction. next up, a moment in greatness brought to you by the state of
4:58 pm
florida. got a gator in your yard. don't call the cops. just grab a trash can. totally unfazed. hopefully, he didn't leave it in the street for the garbage man to take. in florida they don't care about gators. they can handle it. >> well, i'll tell you, it besmerches the memory of the great steve irwin, the crocodile hunter. do you remember that guy? >> of course. >> that guy was booted up an ready to go. this guy is wearing flip flops. all he has is flip flops and a garbage can and he's able to do exactly what the great steve irwin was able to accomplish over all these years. it kind of hurts and tarnishes the man's memory a little. it's not that he captured the gator. it's that he did it in flip flops. >> adam, did you ever get so
4:59 pm
drunk that you started your own search party? a man in turkey wandered away from his camp site. he encountered a group of volunteers who went out looking for him but didn't put two and two together until he heard them calling his name. adam, have you ever gotten that drunk? >> i have been that drunk but no one would ever look for me. >> is that true? >> yeah. once i leave, i'm gone. i'm not like one of these people you need to find. although i do like this guy's participation. like, i feel like if he walked in to a surprise party for himself, he would hide behind the sofa, right? that is the level of this man's participation. >> i just think it's a great story, but we had to go to turkey to get it. come on, america. provide some more news so adam can keep it in this country. two stories outside our borders. what's going on? adam, thank you very much. check out this guy's podcast.
5:00 pm
adam, have a great night. >> thanks, brian. >> if you get drunk, i promise to search for you. catch me on fox and friends tomorrow 6 to 9. don't forget to watch tucker. listen for the drone. >> tucker: welcome. it's tucker carlson. tonight so much going on in your government, it's very hard to keep track. here's one interesting thing nobody knows. on saturday, some unnamed actor, some someone in the house of representatives inserted what turned out to be a remarkable provision into the budget reconciliation bill. almost nobody outside congress noticed it was there. that's reall


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