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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it is also possible moston americans have not updated assumptions about australia in a while and a little different from what we imagined, case in point. two years ago june 2,019th the federal police in sydney raided the offices of the australian broadcasting corporation, state broadcaster ebc. you weren't at all and clear about why they were waiting in the offices. this edited out loud days before the raid come abc broadcast from a whistle-blower that embarrassed the government of australia. the whistle-blower said australia's military leader killed civilians in afghanistan including children and had lied about it. abc broadcast, that story was not a crime to broadcast a story. the broadcast police did not pretend it was but instead they serve the broadcaster with a warrant that authorized them, the police to cover up any evidence of the australians conduct. though warrant allowed the
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police "add, copy, delete, alter any material they wanted to alter on the broadcaster'ste computer."r' that is not the kind of thing that happens in a free country to put it mildly. and yet the police force is never suffered any consequences for doing it. in fact many australian polls showed supported it. they awarded the military with hundreds of dollars and spent it and intended to keep australians from the blind influence of chinese authoritarianism, even though that seems a lot like chinese authoritarianism itself. two years later what does australia look like? a lot like china did at the beginning of the pandemic that is a sad truth. we saw your pictures from china at the time, welded inside their apartments to starve. the guys in hazmat suits forcing people into quarantine boxes ant driving it away to some unknown destination. at the time our public health official including tony fauci said nothing like that could
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ever happen in our countryry are in the west, but that was wrong because those things are now happening in australia.s this is what happens in australia, for example if you try to leave your apartment. >> anthony karam knows poverty when heti steps into the public list and already making so many rules toou cover his mouth as he sneezes. the 27-year-old is infectious but has goneor missing from his wentworth apartment. a warrant now issued for his arrest. >> this 27-year-old chap who has apparently expressed the views he doesn't care whether he spreads the virus is one example of the worst of the worst. >> so national manhunt for a man who sneezed in an elevator. that is the state of play in modern australia. not everybody in the country is on board with this but since australians completely disarmed by their government several
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years ago, there is precisely can do about it. look what is happening now. they are being crushed and this was a saint the most popular city in the country in the past month, watch. [bleep] [screaming] >> [bleep]!
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>> tucker: the government cracking down on islamic extremist, dangerous evolution, no? australians complaining, demonstrating peacefully against the lockdown and beaten by the police.e' there is a lot of footage like this from australia. in a moment, we will show you more. but something that is not immediately obvious from the american advantages this is not all of australia but the whole country is not lockdown. in australia, most of the lockdown's thehe eastern part of the country where the capital of the country is and the federal government has the most control. the western part of the most populated part of australia meanwhile the natural resources is the lockdown at all. 50,000 fans crowded inside the stadium for a rugby match in perth, the capital of western australia. no one was beaten with knife sticks were opposed by the police appear the rugby match is not a super-spreader event. western australia had no cases of covid. how does that happen?
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how does western australia not lockdown but remain virtually covid three? simple by controlling its borders. western australia did not let thousands of people stream and from anywhere they wanted to in the world. they are not taxes. they did not care about protecting perth and it seems common sense and it worked. here is the revealing. in australia some of the federal government is angry that western australia has closed its borders. they want that part of the country to open those borders. really, why would that be? according to abc news australians government "arguing western australia western borders drag on the national economy." that is kind of interesting because a problem with australia's economy does not come from western australia closing its borders, it comes from the lockdown. that is the biggest drag on the national economy ever conceived in australia. so are the police s.w.a.t. teams
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beating people for going outside. covid mandates are a far greater threat to australia's economy than covid itself. here is the health minister of queensland in eastern australia explaining that outdoor mask mandates are necessary because of two new covid cases.s, that is to come in at 200,000, but two, watch. >> what these two new cases mean is that we will be extending immediately the direct relation to mass acquiring to the gulf coast. >> tucker: okay, so we want to pause for a minute to give, youa sense of the scope of the pandemic and australia. today, covid has caused 1300 "recorded deaths in the entire country." australian has 25 million people. that 1300 figure includes those who died with probable covid to. what does that mean?
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we have no idea. in alberta, canada, and this might tell you something to health ministers announce anyone who stays home from any illness will be counted by the canadian government as a covid patient. she pretended she didn't say that because it is obviously insane but we know she did. and australia the government adopted it somewhere stands. if anyone leaves home from apparently being counted as a covid patient. here is a man in melbourne this sunday who made the mistake of walking a block from his house. >> a block b away. >> he has no reason to be here. >> is just smoking a cigarette. >> and the reason the marshals are coming. what else do you want me to do? >> tucker: here is the interesting thing, obviously authoritarianism and in
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australia is of all places. they never asked the man if he has been vaccinated. you would think that is the first question you would ask because vaccination works, doesn't it? that's why it's mandatory, right? that is an important part because leaders are still pretending that it matters. one official promise that the unvaccinated will be allowed to retain their freedoms. speak with the message to them vaccinated you will not achieve freedom unless you get vaccinated. and further to reach new south wales, there will be individuals that choose not to be vaccinated who will lose t their freedoms. >> tucker: no more freedom if you don't get the facts. but they will arrest you for being outside smoking a cigarette a block from your home without a mask and not even ask you if you've been vaccinated. so vaccination status is that important as a health matter. wouldn't that be the first question you ask? they didn't even bother.
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meanwhile in south wales, the officials telling whether vaccinated or not, they are not allowed to go to church. >> in the name of jesus -- in the cities --s >> it is unclear what passage this pastor is preaching from but it's not the public health order. the church of embassy in blackdo town, easy lockdown, hard lockdown. there was nothing on the door just might costing $35,000 and the worshiper find a thousand dollars. >> whether a soccer match, church service, it does not matter. you cannot gather as they did at black town. >> tucker: oh, so you have to get vaccinated to have any freedoms, but even if you are vaccinated, you are not allowed to go to church. so what is the point of vaccination? why did the federal government
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and australia lock everybody down if there is no actual way to stop the lockdowns. and another point, why do they want open borders and western australia of closing the borders has kept thede population safe. they want open borders there for the same reason they want to hear. and explained it out loud. >> we will look at what contact tracing looks like and i think we have a positive case there. >> tucker: the new world order. she set it out loud. this is ast really interestingha story what is happening in australia and what it means for the rest of the anglosphere, including us or it may be that globally most organizations have refused to cover it. that comment with the new world order barely got any coverage at all. in fact, the footage today is
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mostly being ignored in the united states. why? because it is possible what is happening slightly instructive to us in the united states.he in just two years, the australian police went from raiding newsrooms to beating people in the streets. so maybe the lesson is things can change very quickly. one moment the english-speaking world is mocking china for being dystopian and autocratic and the next moment, they are hunting people down who are two blocks from their own homes and smoking a cigarette. watching very closely with what is happening in australia, the director of policy at thehe institute of melbourne. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: these images are shocking to americans, who have great affection for australia and think of them as our cousins. a lot of australiansia don't lie us but we like them. this is not the behavior of a a
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free country. what happened? >> no commit is not the behavior of a free country, tucker. and australia right now with democracy. but the fact of the matter is the coronavirus has completelyrn change the relationship between government and citizen and the country and overwhelmed every system and up ended every single norm of the democratic dublin's. this is a radically new era that we have seen in australia. we have seen images of the police lunching at unarmed protest in counterterrorism. we have seen the protests that the police in my homesite ofme victoria with civil aviation authorities to declare no-fly zone and the commercial media, rather could not film the protest in case people went down and the protest started marching as well. there isis an extraordinary step
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for the broadcast, media, anti-opinion is changing now 18 months later. but it has not raised the kind of protest that we should have seen of the way in which our authorities and australia to be in the population about this virus. >> tucker: i wish we had more time but quickly, is there any nationally known, political leaders fighting back against this? >> there are a small number of authoritarians, and in the main, no, the consensus of this between both major parties. soso we remain in this holding pattern for some time. there doesn't seem to be political will to end the situation quickly. in the meantime, as you said, we are continually used at this idea that freedoms are not
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inherited but a gift from the government or a privilege that we get back in exchange for staying at home, following the rules in australia or getting vaccinated. it is a very, very bad precedent we have to ask ourselves in the next one after that. if it can happen in australia, it can happen anywhere. >> tucker: that is all too demonstrably true. i appreciate your clear and honest voice on this. thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. we went to florida reaper on the beaches last year telling people to not go outside? his nameis and he has one committed demon youth filter, and he has launched a pack called remove ron as ron desantis and that packed just released this ad which is hilarious. keep in mind it was intended to be critical of ron desantis. here it is. >> ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you that we
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have officially entered florida airspace and now that we are making our final descent, please watch this short message from governor ron desantis on covid-19. thereafter come everybody on board will be required to comply with the state. >> we are not doing any faxing passports in the state of florida. we trust people to make their own decisions in the state. we are not going to be bludgeoning people, restrictions, mandates, lockdowns or any of that stuff. >> this fall don't breathe then. >> tucker: maybe there is some people that watch that and thought "i don't want to go to florida." most people watch that and said, that is good governance to me. jesse kelly the host of "the jesse kelly show." your reaction on that piece from
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ron desantis? >> obviously i will actuallyy disagree with you on something. i don't think most people lookk at that video and thought "i want to go to florida." i think half of the country looked at that country and set i want to go to florida. people looked at those videos from australia and i think half of the country wants that here.i i don't think we are one nation anymore and at least two separate nations. they are putting out attack pieces that look p like pieces o you and me that tells us all we need to know. >> i hope you are wrong but part of me since as you are wrong. so, i wonder if people who looked at that ron desantis add or looked at the australia footage and said "i'm really glad the cops are beating protesters for not wearing a mask. maybe they will be deterred to go to florida or other free states? >> i think that is why we are already separating as a nation.
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i think it shows when you look at the people leaving california to go to a place like texas, we have numbers that are mostly republican. mostly republicans leaving new york and going to florida. the nation is separating because such different people. tucker, what we have in common in the world? one side believes the baby should be protected and the other openly talked about slaughtering them. a man born a man remains a man and the other side believes that could be taken care of with a scalpel and lipstick. we don't have things in common. even our foreign adversaries, china's rmd and the chairman of the joint chiefs is inside of china. the only other person is eric swalwell. half of the country knows china but we don't share things in common. >> tucker: that eric swalwell stuff always gets me. remember the house intelligence committee with the chinese's my dome expired. there was a silver lining for the dark layer of urinalysis,
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great to see you. >> you too, bud. >> tucker: some things don't change with the open wide border. a new caravan of 85,000 people from around the world is heading to this country. in that caravan and when they will arrive, that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪e quid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> tucker: a new human wave coming our way. a caravan >> tucker: af caravan of roughly 85,000 migrants currently in panama heading to the united states. at least 60,000 of those migrants reportedly are haitian. the foreign minister expressed surprise that biden administration is not doing anything to stop the care of hands from forming. to be sounded the alarm when we should have and yet, the border remains open. jenkins demonstrated how many migrants make the journey every day of the year. >> we'll be for migrant crosses into the u.s., they have to step foot into mexico, which requires only a few pesos. this is the river separating mexico and guatemala. the international bridge the legal way to cross but this is a legal way and thousands do it
10:25 pm
everyday. more than 13,000 agents applying for refugee status at this moment in cup at you on the other side of those things. >> tucker: todd is the senior national security fellow for immigration studies. the author of "covert border war" which is what is happening now and thank you so much for coming on. >> another 60,000 haitians, describe what this is about exactly. i don't think if you told the average person a year ago we would face migration, tens of thousands of patients from new mexico, any anyone would believe you. >> there is major route human smuggling route out of south america and into panama.os and up to costa rica and on up to texas. normally, there are maybe seven, 8,000 a year that come through but since the biden administration and office put
10:26 pm
into place this policy a clarion call to the entire world, 120 countriess plus. and heading through the darien gap out of columbia, panama on on up and how the haitians got here in the first place to the texas border. and a whole bunch more will be coming through. way more besides haitians. i'm talking from the middle east to china and all the nations of africa. they are all headed to the border to take advantage. >> tucker: i don't understand the american response. if a group of people you didn't know who were threatening showed up at your house, you wouldn't let them in. why are we letting anybody cross the border? why don't we just let mexico deal with them? >> there is even a better solution, which is to have panama costa rica deal with this.
10:27 pm
i have been advocating for quite a wild because panama is the smuggler. the government of panama is the smuggler. they provide food, shelter,ey hospitality, camps, and they arrange all the bussing and everything to costa rica. the coast to rican's have been doing the same. it is called controlled flow. i have been advocating for a long time because this is a national security threat when you have people coming from afghanistan, which they do through that border, that is an issue that could be stopped much earlier than mexico with repatriation flights and into control flow. i was just in costa rica a couple of things on this very trail, and i saw very, very heavy traffic. mauritanian's, senegalese net, arid training ends, you name it large, heavy numbers. costa rica does nothing, they
10:28 pm
allow it to happen and the and the panamanians are the smugglers. >> tucker: end of america, that is not an overstatement. i appreciate it, todd, that you just brought that up, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the federal government doesn't run on tax anymore but print money as much as they want. so taxation is merely designed to hurt you. the biden administration found a way to do that. the treasury secretary texan people lamented they don't have your cheese had on tape and we will show it to you. right now tucker carlson -- tucker to cut out newtek. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome to fox news life come i'm ashley strohmier. delivering a bow on $1 trillion infrastructure bill that follows demands from progressive of demand action on larger
10:34 pm
$3.5 trillion social policy bill first. but on the other hand, the $5 trillion is too hefty of a price tag. >> where did he hit you? >> newly released body cam video giving us insight to the fight between gabby petito and brian laundrie august 12. and the utah police officer said that laundrie hit her but backtracked and said she struck him first. and gabby petito was found dead in national park and wyoming. and brian laundrie remains missing. back to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ashley strohmier. >> tucker: the fed chairman that now the secretary of the treasury under joe biden and taking office this year, she proposed taxing unrealized capital gains as income.
10:35 pm
so if you own something that has become more valuable over time including your house, katie ellen believes you should be tax on the rise of value. she said that again this week on capitol hill when she proposed taxing the unrealized gains of an inherited real estate. you know what that would mean? millions of americans would owe taxes and forced to pay money they don't have. >> do you support eliminating the stepped up basis of the shares? and if you do, why? >> i do support eliminating stepped up basis. the reason is that very large share of the income of wealthy individuals is simply never taxed. individuals hold onto these assets during lifetime income is never taxed and the wealthiest individuals in the country they
10:36 pm
paid very low taxes overall. because most of the income takes the form of unrealized capital gains. >> tucker: to be clear, janet yellen is one of the wealthiest americans and she made millions and millions and millions and payoffs from the banks after leaving the federal reserve. okay, so there is that spirit about what she is really sating any asset that you own including your house, she's had her house for 30 years and prices go up becausee of speculation by real estate holding companies and all of a sudden the increase in the value of your house means you have to pay tax with government money you don't have. this went bankrupt and a lot of people aren't rich. janet yellen also concede the democrats to raise thede debt ceiling right now without the support of republicans. >> senator schumer is a democrat and my friend.
10:37 pm
and it controls the senate floor. and he can't raise the debt ceiling that just amending the budget resolution, can he? >> it is possible that can be done. >> yes, ma'am.'a >> so why don't you do it? >> because -- >> let me just finish. why don't you do it we don't have this fight? >> tucker: that wasor senator john kennedy from louisiana. of course, at that hearing and he joins us tonight. senator, thank you for coming on tonight. the first to secretary yellen's suggestion that we tax the increase in value and assets that people own. i think for average people, literally average people, this means real estate. so what would that mean for people who make $300,000 a year but whose house has doubled in value? that is a lot of people? where would this be if this
10:38 pm
became law? >> tucker come it is really pretty extraordinary. for the first time in the history of ever, president bidee and secretary yellen want to tax unrealized gains on inherited property. let me explain what that means. let's suppose you have a young widow with three children. she never remarrieses. she goes and buys $150,000 home to raise her kids. she raises her kids in the home. she is not rich. she works, but remain assets, her only asset is her home. 50 years later, she dies. as a result of inflation and appreciation over 50 years, or $150,000 home is now worth $1.75 million. she leaves her home to her kids.
10:39 pm
under current law, her kids would not have to pay any income tax on that home if they didn't sell the property. they wouldn't have to pay any inheritance tax either but that is a separate issue. under the biden/yellen rule, those kids would automatically be taxed on the full value of the home. whether they sold it or not. now, it's a little more complex than that, but the point is, those kids are not going to have the money to pay the taxes. so they will be forced to do a fire sale on the home that their mom worked for just to pay the taxes. here are the states has never done this. and this is going to affect millions and millions of middle-class americans. it is going to mold the real estate market and the long-term assets.
10:40 pm
and i guess the moral of the story is, this is what happens. this is what happens when you have a president and secretary who are on a mission from god to carry workers with zip lock bags of kale. this is what happens when you have a president and a secretary who want to tax, spend, regulate socialism. >> tucker: especially since we are fronting the government with tax revenue. janet yellen, we have been putting everything by the federal reserve so why text anybody at this point? anyway, senator kennedy, thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: so taylor lorenz works for "the new york times" where she's a reporter, but in fact is an enforcer working on behalf of the ruling class defaming and bowling people whou
10:41 pm
step out of line. most people don't fight back because she's with "the new york times." what can you do if you fight back, taylor lorenz says you are fighting against her since she h has mental problems or something. one person is fighting back and filed a lawsuit for $6 million. she joins us straight-ahead to explain what that is about. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: you mayay have heard the city of chicago has stopped enforcing the law, but that is not entirely true. a the city is cracking down on businesses who will not enforce mask mandates and they areey serious about it. in just one week last month the city of chicago issued dozens of citations to retail stores that violated their order. meanwhile, other news criminalse are free to loot and destroy the stores with total impunity. don't leave us? i watch this. the scene on saturday in the ultra beauty shop in chicago. >> wow!
10:47 pm
>> notice nobody does anything to stop them. all the customers have obedient mask on the entire time. a few weeks ago the security guard of chicago he will be glad shot someone three times for not wearing a mask. no police officer will bother a shop lifter in the city because they are not allowed to. that is true all over the country. this was the scene in daly city california in the bay area. watch. speak with the thieves took advantage of indoor mask policy. of course, several of them are at large tonight. taylor lorenz works for "the new york times" with the
10:48 pm
ruling t class and defames peop. one person is fighting back, however. her name is jacobs who filed $6 million defamation suit against taylor lorenz. and an entrepreneur with marketing expert founder of and joins us to explain the lawsuit. thank you so much for joining us tonight. taylor lorenz stalks the landscape hurting people and if you say something about it she claims you were attacking her or whatever. you are the aggressor. draw don't like you are the only person i seen you and what is your claim against her? >> thanks, talker. to give you back ground i dedicated to the influencing marketing history before influencer was a term here at my company was disrupting the entertainment space. we discovered and developed some of the biggest internet stores
10:49 pm
in the world including charlie demille jo and addison ray.ti it was devastating when taylor lorenz with "the new york times" and decided to write a scathing article and lies about us. and you had to know it was lies because we answered all her questions factually before she published the story. i lost my business, personal reputation and my income and in spanish we say [speaking non-english language] they were his laws and no justice. i really pray for justice because taylor lorenz has a pattern of lying and destroying innocent people and manipulating young people. she needs to be held accountable. i came to this country illegally from mexico and my father died. it was my dream to build the company. for a privileged bully like taylor lorenz to take it away from somebody like me is just wrong. >> yeah, but very common. even using her name in public will elicit some self pitting on
10:50 pm
twitter about committing violence against her and endangering her. she can crush your life when she is done but you are not allowed to fight back. are you ready for the further attacks on you? >> well, i am ray ready but honestly i'm here to tell the truth. i don't care when attacks come from her. in fact, taylor lorenz had a conflict off interest when she came after me. she had a financial partnership with hollywood united and also, my direct business rivals. taylor wrote a glowing article in "the new york times" without disclosing they represented her and soon after it was announced uta cut taylor lorenz a book deal. dennis no surprise that article left me blacklisted in penny list, most of the clients ended up at uta. there is no recourse for somebody like me. i'm not a celebrity to get the
10:51 pm
truth out of there. most are represented by uta. and so, but that's not all. eight months after her defamatory article, she continued to attack me when she heard i was raising capital for a new adventure. she went behind calling prominent people in the media, ranting i'm the most liberal abuser to cripple my career in dsilence me forever. this is an abuse of power in "the new york times" even after i filed a lawsuit against them awhich is not easy by the way, they continued to stand behind sinister behavior.ha how does taylor lorenz still have a job? >> she hasn't intimidated people into silence and she's calling you and abuser. i hope you end this. i really do. area edna jacob. we have watched with jaws open and how is this woman terrorizing the country and no one has the stones to fight back so thank you.
10:52 pm
so the deadline in new york city for public school teachers to get vaccinated or get fired is tomorrow. no one is fighting back. one person's though and we will talk to that person after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so b >> tucker: so bill de blasio is still technically the mayor of new york city. he's a lame duck but he has decided to wreck as much stuff as he can on his way out. he's now announced that t public school staff, teachers, and o everyone who works there, has until tomorrow, friday, at 5:00 p.m., to get vaccinated or they'll be fired. the courts, by the way, have now said the city can enforce that mandate. rachel is one of those new york city teachers working to block that mandate in court, she joins us tonight and we are great but that she is. rachel, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: what would be the effect of this -- if this is allowed, if you fail in your efforts and anybody who works in new york city public schools who has chosen not to take his medicine inspired, what's going to happen to the schools? >> tucker, it's a multitiered disaster. if i want to clarify something
10:58 pm
you just said though, which is very interesting and very poignant to the conversation. mayor de blasio has said that people have until friday at 5:00 p.m. the chancellor has said at 11:59:00 p.m., there is an email put out that said monday and mayor de blasio came out yesterday and said that if we a decide to see the light, these are his exact words, if we decide to see the light over the weekend,de they would still acct us back into our jobs. and i think this is a really interesting take because they are -- they keep moving the goal post, and this really speaks to tthe fact that they know that next week is going to be absolutely atrocious. >> tucker: i mean, i thought you had the most powerful union in the world that controls the u.s. government and that's true to some extent, why
10:59 pm
aren't they protecting you? i don't get that. >> i don't either. i really do not understand all. the uft and president mulgrew,o they pretended to fight for us, they pretended to go to arbitration. the agreement that they came out with did not help anyone. thousands of teachers and d.o.e. employees filed for exemptions, both medical and religious, the agreement that they came outut with basically said that if you are b accepted, which only a handful were, you would be removed from your school buildinge and placed in an offie to be tested twice a week. and president mulgrew was very proud of himself and very proud of that arrangement. meanwhile, that left thousands of people unable to get exemptions, and also the handful who did get accepted, they don't want to be out of their classrooms, they want to be teaching, they want to be with the students they love. so this is nothing to be proud of.
11:00 pm
>> tucker: no, the whole thing is grotesque, forcing some of the best people to leave. we are rooting for you, rachel, thanks for coming on today. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: we are out of time, we will be back tomorrow and every weeknight, apm, the showw that is the sworn enemy t of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great evening with the ones you love. sean hannity now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines. day 47. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," this busy breaking news night, day 47 with hundred of americans, their families, thousands of american green card holders eligible to live in this country,y, thousands of our alll abandoned by joe biden in afghanistan, they are hostages of the taliban. he has not mentioned our fellow americans that he abandoned in 31 days.


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