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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 1, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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voting, to the more house republicans would back the package but that's not enough to make up the deficit on the democratic side of the aisle. progressives want details nailed down on the democrats's $3.5 trillion social spending package before they back the infrastructure bill but the house and senate voted to a verdict government shutdown. that is the latest from washington. i am chad program, fox news. >> it is friday october 1st. nancy pelosi forced to delay a vote on the bill again as progressives revolt in an attempt to save president biden's spending agenda. what we can expect to see on capitol hill today. jillian: panama officials won the us that 85,000 haitian
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migrants are on their way and as summer temperatures begin to drop new warnings the number could skyrocket even further. todd: get the job or lose your job. american workers who saved lives face unemployment. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: straight to the fox news alert democrats remain divided after blowing past the vote deadline on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. jillian: mark where it joins us as president biden's spending plan hangs in the balance. good morning. >> democrats delayed voting on two spending packages because members still can't agree how much to spend to reshape the federal government. this is because influential house democrats, and after an agreement to spend trillions more on social programs, they will meet later this morning to hash out the details.
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the white house put out a statement saying a great deal of progress this week, closer to an agreement than ever. we are not there yet and we will need additional time to finish. and nancy pelosi is continuing discussions, a lot of progressive lawmakers blasting policy for last minute and public delays. we heard from bernie sanders, saying this is an absurd way to do business, to negotiate a multibillion dollar bill a few minutes before major vote. that is unacceptable. joe manchin remains firmly against that, to crush the economy. last night he told reporters those negotiations continue. >> we are working hard. >> reporter: progressives want
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to spend more money, not less and accusing manchin of not being clear where he stands. republicans say this fight is not lost on them. >> product extremists have taken over the democrat party completely. if you don't capitulate to them they will come after you, i hope manchin and cinema stand firm. >> reporter: president biden does not have public events on his schedule, he will make some trips to the hill, last-minute meetings with democrats to salvage the legislative agenda. no one is making happy our plans yet. jillian: we all need it. todd: this roller coaster all day yesterday and we can expect more today. jillian: senator tom cotton says the democrat party struggles to come together to pass biden's agenda for message to party leaders. >> to transform this country, their socialist agenda, taxes on
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every family in america, spending for illegal aliens and welfare for deadbeats who won't look for work much less work. i think the democrats are realizing how unpopular their agenda is and why nancy pelosi is struggling. >> the president's $3.5 trillion plan includes plenty of progressive priorities including billions of spending for 3 equity, electric cars and climate grants. >> appeals court allows title 42 expulsions to resume paving the way for illegal migrants to be removed from the us in the name of public health is dhs braces for a caravan of haitian migrants making their way through central america right now. >> between 50, and 85,000 from government official in panama. it is very concerning. those numbers are just the haitians, that doesn't include people from other parts of south america, we are seeing those numbers grow.
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todd: the biden administration scrambles to address the border crisis. >> a federal appeals court ruled the biden administration can resume title 42. the decision means the biden administration can excel migrants while the matter is litigated after dhs secretary mayorkas asked whether or not they were ready to handle 400,000 migrants crossing the border in october. more encounters increased more than 1 million in october of 2020. a new directive given to ice agents. new york is saying illegal status of migrants should not be the basis for deportation. he directed agents not to support illegal farmworkers or arrest them, elderly or activist, he wants them to prioritize arrests and removal of migrants and the democratic mayor of laredo, texas slammed biden and his border disaster
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saying, quote, we need to secure the border. it was working under trump. if biden doesn't come out with implementing a virtual wall, people will be begging for a physical structure. because of lack of attention to the border and especially the size of the surges, he said certain trump era policies have been beneficial including the remain in mexico policy but public services are in desperate need of relief. a wave of 85,000 patients crossed there and believe they are headed to the us. >> long way to go on the border crisis. jillian: lara logan said the border policies contradict our constitution. >> this is about the sovereignty of the united states, the end of sovereignty. not just of this nation in terms
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of our borders but our own sovereignty. the united states constitution is the only document in the world that enshrines god-given rights and protect them with a document that is written by men. what they have that is in disarray the constitution. it has been liberated in one motion like this and they are giving legal rights to people who are in the united states illegally while they obliterate and that is by design. >> border counties are taking matters into their own hands by suing president biden accusing him of failing to enforce our laws. todd: republicans demanding to know why anthony blinken missed a reversal of the afghanistan withdrawal in may. jillian: stranded evacuees touches down safely.
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>> reporter: the afghan story continues to churn they more metal the story probing, and the evacuation of over 124,000 us citizens and afghans from kabul airport brought many to safety of others call it hasty annual plans which is why senator cotton is tweeting the biden administration held in afghanistan reversal in may but tony blinken didn't attend. where was secretary blinken during this exercise? there could be some good reasons why the secretary was not there. so far we have no response from the state department. in the wake of that botched drone attack in kabul which left and killed including children the air force secretary is ordering a 3-star or higher general to go over the case to see what went wrong. in another example of an over the horizon, the military is
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reporting senior al qaeda operative was killed by a drone this weekend syria and no civilian casualties reported. finally genuinely good news, over 100 afghan refugees, american passport holders, special visa holders and others arriving at chicago's o'hare airport to more family and friends, a week with a lot of dangerous twists and turns. take a listen. >> they were surrounded by the taliban intelligent controlled afghanistan. here we are. on a scale of 1 to 1025. >> a scale of 1 to 10, 25. i can absolutely be leave that. we've been in touch with a lot
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more people still in afghanistan who have families being threatened by the taliban and who should be able to get out and have not been able to. we can only wish, hope, pray and do what we can to finish up this evacuation from the overall the people. >> it is said we are talking about people being trapped there. todd: a police officer shot in alabama, police investigating a possible drug deal when the suspect ran away, and fire army officer hitting him multiple times, the officer's condition at the hospital, police are investigating. jillian: body cam video shows gabby petito telling officer brian laundrie hit her. watch. >> he actually hit you? did he slap your face? >> like that experience.
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jillian: police releasing the video as they returned to the laundrie family home to collect evidence, agents were searching the home, northport police received 46 calls since gabby was reported missing. her body was later found in a wyoming park. brian laundrie remains on. todd: sending more subpoenas will offer with ties to the 2016 clinton campaign. lawmakers hopeful this could lead to semantics finally. >> this was the clinton campaign, they are going and putting together information, then using that to the press and creating a narrative that turned out to be completely false and now that he's looking in perpetuity even more, that is a good sign and i'm cautiously optimistic we will get to the bottom of this. todd: durham issuing subpoenas
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to get to the bottom of russia investigation. jillian: the state of nebraska saying no to the biden administration's plan to give the iris surveillance over many americans bank accounts. the proposal would have reporting every transaction over $600 to the irs. nebraska treasurer john morandi said it is an invasion of privacy and he will discuss his plan to fight the proposal to the supreme court if necessary. todd: only three games into the season. jillian: you know i like hip-hop. todd: eminem joining the artists picked to perform the super bowl halftime show. ♪♪ todd: that is eminem. he will be joined on stage, is in dr. dre locked in eminem's basin? jillian: he will bring his green
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hat. todd: bring your green hat dr. dre will be there if he gets out of eminem's basement. mary j blind as well. jillian: the first time all five reform together, super bowl lvi will take place february 15th in inglewood, california. todd: we are not well. wore the green hat. jillian: it is 13 after the hour. senators on both sides of the aisle terry into facebook over reports the tech giants targeted kids even after knowing social media was toxic for them. >> facebook routinely puts profits ahead of kids online safety. >> we do not trust you. todd: that is next and a very big show still ahead.
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brian judd, joe concha and we may or may not make more hip-hop movie references from the early 2000s. ♪♪ let it get away ♪♪ on the road ♪♪
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>> facebook is just like big tobacco pushing a product they know is harmful to the health of young people, pushing it to them early all so facebook can make money. >> you knew this was there. you knew it was there but you didn't do anything about it. todd: lawmakers holding facebook to the fire is the social media giant is accused of targeting your kids while knowing their apps were harmful to them. a research fellow for technology policy here to react, great to see you. how perfect is that comparison to big tobacco? >> really on lawmakers were saying giving kids and instagram or facebook product is like giving the mullet cigarette and hoping they stay addicted for life. i find nothing but changed my mind about that in the hearing
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yesterday and it underscored they don't care about you or your family or health, they care about their bottom line, growth at all costs and their brand and reputation and it is the growth factor that is worrying them. they worry about their competitors and snapchat and tick-tock trying to target your tweens. heather: these people think they are smart. why can't they admit they are wrong and find a way to grow profits, growth in another way? they are afraid of the young demographic. i will give you a statistic. by their own admission wall street journal's and reporting said the daily number of users of facebook has fallen by 19% in the last two years, that is 2021 internal facebook study the wall street journal reported on. they said that would fall by an additional 45% by 2023. they are worried about this aspect of the growth element
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because tick-tock is coming, they are concerned they are not getting the right demographic that will contribute to growth into perpetuity. >> there seems to be bipartisan outrage on this but is it enough to finally come down on facebook in the aggregate with regulations that have some bite? >> i think they will nibble around the edges a bit. you might have heard the privacy protection act, let's update technology always outpaces, at the biden line having more phased approach is for regulations but josh halley announced something interesting and we will attack the portion of 230 that gives liability by
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making sure they have liability for children under 13. there is some doubling around the edges that might amount to something bigger in the end but all eyes on the bipartisan -- >> your answer earlier you mentioned facebook cares about 3 things, the last being there reputation. i look at mark zuckerberg and say this guy has more money than he can spend in multiple lifetimes. does he care that he is becoming, if not already there public enemy number one on this. >> mark zuckerberg thinks like a software engineer. he's not going to be concerned that he's public enemy number one. other people will tell him that but in his own mind he's thinking what the platform is doing next so he needs to be reminded nobody, on the cost
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center, to talk to congress because he surging ahead with his own plans for what the platform is going to be. todd: it is tough for the folks in our audience to wrap their minds around the mind look at our kids district the are profit center like this and strictly as the 0 and a1, the tech mind does. dc looks like it is doing something. good to have you on the show. jillian: panama is warning the biden administration about as many as 85,000 haitian migrants heading to the border. the white house already warned about the rush to dell really does live next. the us education secretary says parents aren't the primary stakeholders in their own kids education so who is? coming up.
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>> education secretary telling senators they do not want to be primary stakeholders. >> do you think parents should be in charge of the child's education as the primary stakeholders? >> parents are important stakeholders but educators have a role in determining educational programming. todd: echoing democratic candidate terry mcauliffe who said in a debate that parents should not be involved in public school curriculum choices was vice president kamala harris's office doing damage control after her interaction with a college student accusing israel of genocide. >> backing israel which hurts my heart because it is ethnic
1:29 am
genocide. >> your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed. todd: politico reporting senior staff reached out to the democratic majority was a real to reconfirm her unwavering commitment to the country's security and the senior advisor reached out to the chair of the bipartisan anti-semitism task force. jillian: panama warning the us 80,000 migrants passed through the country on their dangerous journey to america. now a new dhs guidelines is immigration status alone is not enough to deport illegal immigrants to the us. thank you for waking up early to talk about this important subject. they are working on the root cause of immigration with other
1:30 am
countries to figure this out. if that is the case, why we not seeing a plan in place for those who are coming up, with 80,000 making that trick. >> that is what the administration does. when you look at 60,000 people coming to our borders this is just one group. not like it is the only people coming to the borders, and this administration wasn't prepared to. they have 65,000 in october. next month we will have 150,000. this administration doesn't care about enforcement at the border and as the group is coming up,
1:31 am
and the united states illegally. it is overturned and the fact this administration continues to operate this way shouldn't surprise anybody and continue to see large groups coming up to the borders. jillian: your friends the fallout of guidelines there but on the other hand an appeals court allowing title 42 expulsions to resume so you have two schools of thought happening here. >> they will look at the loss and say the laws need to be enforced the way they are written and that is the reason to continue with title 42, thank goodness we are because of that had been a way the floodgates would be completely open and already overwhelmed right now with title 42 going away. this administration when you
1:32 am
look at enforcement at the border this administration is a dumpster fire, doesn't care what is coming across the borders and that concerns me, we have to go after the drugs flowing into the united states but continuing to deal with these large groups of migrants coming across, pushing drugs across and killing children in the inner cities. that is why everybody should be upset at this white house. they are doing nothing to stop all the dangerous products, across the border because our hands were tied. jillian: i want to get your reaction to what alejandra mayorkas had to say, the overriding question is whether the noncitizen poses a threat to public safety. are we going to spend time apprehending and removing the farmworker was breaking his or
1:33 am
her back to pick fruit on our tables, and not the same resources with somebody who does threaten our safety. what is your reaction to that? >> they talk about illegal immigration is being a victimless crime and that is not true. look at kate steinle, look at how much money if your taxes are coming out of your paycheck every single month. a lot of that money is because social programs, the social welfare we give to those people coming to the country illegally is not a victimless crime, we have laws for a purpose, secretary mayorkas is dead wrong. jillian: thank you for joining us. appreciate your insight. todd: we are telling you about lieutenant colonel stewart scheller in confinement for criticizing military leaders
1:34 am
after the withdrawal from afghanistan. dozens of lawmakers standing with him. carley shimkus has a big update next. jillian: a florida share has a solution to the ongoing staffing crisis. he joins us to discuss the new academy training the next generation. ♪♪ you can go your own way ♪♪ you can go your own
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todd: a group of lawmakers
1:38 am
standing up for lieutenant colonel stewart scheller was thrown in the brig for his criticism of the withdrawal from afghanistan. jillian: how members of congress are taking action. >> reporter: stewart scheller was thrown into the brig monday for continuing to speak out against the military, the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan and members of congress are speaking out against this, 36 members signed a letter calling for his immediate release, an initiative led by congressman louis goehmert. here are his parents on how he is right now. take a listen. >> he is being treated fairly. he sent a message the guards are treating him well. he looks good. he sounds good and we did have a wonderful discussion. they weren't going to let me in but i'm grateful to the general for stepping in and making sure
1:39 am
we have an opportunity to visit. >> scheller is speaking to the honorably discharged, the optics, the only member of the military being punished having to do with afghanistan is the guy speaking out against the investors withdrawal and something else. todd: so un-american it makes you question so anything. parents being linked to domestic terrorism. >> reporter: there's an organization that represents 90,000 school board members called the national school board association, they wrote a letter to president biden seeking federal protection from the fbi and secret service against parents who are angry about things like critical race theory and covid 19 protocols which is a portion of the letter. as these acts of malice, violence and threats against public school officials have increased, classification of
1:40 am
these infections could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. the white house say the administration is looking into what they can do more on this front to keep teachers and school board members safe from parents. jillian: we haven't talked about gavin newsom for a while and why people are upset with him. >> reporter: he did a big thing in terms of police reform, a series of police form bills to address law enforcement misconduct. listen to what he had to say >> i folks not to lose hope that just because things are happening in washington dc that we can't move the needle here not only in our state but states across the country. >> as to what police reform bills say law enforcement can lose their certification for things like sexual assault and intimidating witnesses, false
1:41 am
reports, law enforcement, gangs but 3 dozen groups representing police officers are opposing legislation because they say senegal 2 merely requires the individual officer engaged in serious misconduct, not that they were found guilty, terminated or disciplined. this puts a lot of innocence police officers out of a job. jillian: not what anyone needs. >> the about the numbers of police officers and police department across the country, people are retiring early and there's the increase in crimes and things like that play a big part. todd: along those lines interesting tidbit into our next segment, after struggling in the state florida share of starting his own police academy to train, quote, the queen of the crop. how the police academy stands out, great to see you. what - >> thank you for having me on.
1:42 am
the model here is overwhelming majority of police forces were crude out of community college. they get drained for 770 hours. when covid 19 came into play the academy shutdown. we need is to police work so that turned the model upside down, following the model of major cities in this country, start our own academy, recruit, repay you, a decent wage the day you come to the door, and a pension fund, benefits for you and your family and we train you in the culture of the organization. i'm proud to say we've gotten 600 applications in the last 9 months which fill our vacancies. todd: why does this model work? >> what you are telling the employees if you come to work for us in florida is a great place to be a police officer,
1:43 am
you get a lot of support unlike what you reported in california. you're being paid, automatically a member of this organization, being trained by my best and brightest and have medical benefits and starting the pension funds the first day you walk through the door. as you pass you carry a gun. when you pass vehicle driving you get to drive your vehicle so for the thousand hours of training we go through with us, you have something special here. todd: you are entirely at support talking about how tough it is to be a sheriff along those lines in california. it is a problem throughout the nation, tough time to be in law enforcement and recruit for law enforcement. >> what we are seeing is we are
1:44 am
seeing folks from other states who wants to come to work in florida. we have certified releases with that background and seeing people who may be are in their early 30s, couldn't afford to get into policing, and they are starting to come into play, they have real-life experience, the second academy class starts in january in 2022, 250 applicants for 21 positions. todd: you might want to spread that throughout the rest of the state and other the partners around the country open up, sharing with them. how much training changed over the last few years specifically since george floyd. >> the training is more hands-on scenario-based.
1:45 am
under the previous academy, you have active shooter training, sitting in the classroom for 16 or 20 hours, learn about active shooting. the state-mandated 16 or 24 hours, then follow that up with 40 hours of scenario-based training whether it is virtual training or accuracy coming in. what you are going to do on the street. >> an interesting model, in other parts of the country like you referenced earlier because it seems it was great to see you as always, enjoy your weekend. jillian: this time last year we were praising and thanking our front-line workers for working tireless hours throughout the pandemic that some of them are being fired over vaccine mandates, two nurses were told
1:46 am
to get the shot or get out.
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todd: a group of teachers making an emergency pleased to get the covid vaccine mandate, it goes into effect at 5:00 pm eastern. the mandate does not allow workers, places an unconstitutional burden on public school teachers and forced thousands of and vaccinated employees to lose their jobs. jillian: not just teachers facing potential unemployment. american front-line workers could call victims to vaccine mandates a year after being haley as he rose during lockdowns. >> to all the doctors and nurses, hope you know you are some of the greatest heroes the station has seen. you want to find a hero in america, they are all around us.
1:51 am
jillian: two healthcare workers fighting back, thank you for all the work you've done. i want to start with you. i understand you're pregnant and it is considered a high risk pregnancy and you applied for a medical exemption. can you tell me what happened? >> 18 weeks pregnant, unexpectedly, can you hear me? and it was very traumatic, took a while to get pregnant again, one of my blood clotting factors came back elevated. considering this new flood factor, i was considered higher risk and it was my first
1:52 am
trimester and i did not feel comfortable with another pregnancy if i had 80 control over it. jillian: what did your employers say when you asked for that exemption? >> only a personal statement, no medical history other than me writing a couple sentences saying why i wanted it, don't need anything for the doctor. if we do want further information we will ask for it but approve or deny based on the statement. jillian: tell me about your situation and why you are fighting this battle right now? >> thanks for having me on. i have been a nurse for 7 years.
1:53 am
on the front lines, for that year we were working with limited pp, i ended up getting covid being covid positive and being financed going back to work, being exposed, and so on, having natural immunity but the other thing, there needs to be a law passed by legislature and the governor went around that to enforce that without legislation so fairly certain this went
1:54 am
through the correct process and there would be a testing option for those with natural immunity. todd: in the healthcare field are you mandated to get other vaccines such as the flu vaccine or anything else? >> as far as the flu vaccine, you don't, you wear a mask through the flu season which is different each year, you don't have to take the flu vaccine. jillian: any other vaccines? >> as far as i know, and the immunization record.
1:55 am
jillian: back to you for a second. i am curious how this makes you feel after all the hard work and tireless hours and sleepless nights you put into this job since the pandemic started. >> makes you feel like you are disposable. we were so wanted and needed and when we were scared at the beginning of the pandemic, i have a 2-year-old daughter and husband and i showed up to work every day, my call of duty. i did not quit my job. i wanted to work overtime during that time so it hurts to know that now i am considered a danger because i don't want to take a vaccine when i was considered needed and we are still needed.
1:56 am
jillian: thank you, keep us updated on both of your situations. todd: still had nancy pelosi backs down on her plan for a vote yesterday. what is going to happen today? will she get that on biden's spending spree? this is getting me fired up. goldstar family parents of one of the 13 servicemembers killed in afghanistan getting scolded by a reporter for not wearing masks. i can imagine joe can't show is fired up about it and all of that ahead in the next hour. ♪♪
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go to and never go to the post office again jillian: it is friday october 1st, speaker pelosi delaying a vote on the


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