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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: it is friday october 1st, speaker pelosi delaying a vote on the
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bipartisan infrastructure bill as progressives revolt in an attempt to save president biden's massive spending agenda. what can we expect to see on capitol hill? todd: 85,000 haitian migrants on their way to the us as summer -- drop, the number could skyrocket further. jillian: the white house facing outrage for its plan to have banks report every american bank transaction over $600 to the irs. one state is fighting back. todd: a lot coming up later on, "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: welcome. begin with this fox news alert. democrats remain divided after blowing past the vote deadline on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. todd: president biden's massive spending plan hangs in the balance. nancy pelosi says wake me up when september ends. >> we are in for another long a dramatic day on capitol hill.
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democrats split on how to move president biden's legislative agenda forward. the speaker delay the vote on a bipartisan infrastructure package because from progressive members we are ready to vote it down, no deal is reached on a social spending package they want prioritized. we heard from the speaker late last night. but progressives are not happy including vermont senator bernie sanders who said it is an absurd way to do business, negotiating a multi-trillion dollar bill a few minutes before major vote. that is unacceptable. the white house waiting insisting a great deal of progress has been made but they are not there yet and the president is not have any public events on his schedule. we will see if he has any last-minute trips to the hell.
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west virginia senator joe manchin is firmly guests spending 3.5 trillion on social programs because it will take the economy. he wants democrats to cut their spending plan. progressives want, talks will continue. >> no one is giving up. >> mansion argues inflation impacted so many americans the country can't afford more spending. >> nancy pelosi and her radical democratic left are looking for where the free money grows. >> we will see what the rest of the day brings. the shutdown was avoided on thursday. the government remains open. >> mark meredith. >> josh halley ripping into democrats for their uncontrollable spending bills as everyday americans struggle with
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inflation. >> the inflation tax democrats of created every day, people pay more money for food, gas, can't afford together car repaired because inflation is out of control thanks to the democrats and their socialist spending and they want to make it worse, you talk about hurting working families and working people democrat agenda is nothing but grinding them down in favor of far left woke politics. that is who wins in this, the far left wokeys who are behind this agenda. they want to remake this country, that is what this is about. todd: the president's plan includes plenty of progressive priorities like billions and spending for tree equity, electric cars and community climate grants. four minutes after the hour, appeals court expulsions to resume, the move paving the way for illegal migrants to be removed from the us in the name of public health.
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this as they brace for cavitation migrants making their way to central america. >> 52805000 coming from government officials in panama. those numbers are just the haitians was that doesn't include people from all over the world, but south america and we see the numbers grow. jillian: the biden administration scrambles to address the border crisis. >> reporter: federal appeals court in washington rules the biden administration resuming the trump era title 42. the biden administration can excel migrants as the matter is litigated. dhs secretary mayorkas asked officials if they were ready to handle 400,000 migrants crossing the border in october. border encounters have increased to 1 million since october of 2020. a new directive was given to ice
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agentss saying illegal status should not be the basis for deportation directing agents not to deport illegal farmworkers, elderly or activists and wants them to prioritize arrests and removal of migrants who are a threat to security. the border patrol council president joined us with what he said about the new order. >> when you look at enforcement at the border this administration is a dumpster fire, don't care what is coming across the borders and that concerns me. we want to go after criminality on the border. >> reporter: the democratic mayor of loretto texas slammed biden, saying we need to secure the border. it was working under trump, call it what you want to call it, if biden doesn't come out implemented a virtual wall, people will be begging for a
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wall because of lack of attention to the border and the size of these surges and certain trump era politics have been beneficial, his public services are in desperate need. todd: have a good weekend. >> anthony blinken, homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas and merrick garland will travel to mexico next week. here's what lara trump says she wants to see. >> going to mexico to do anything other than reinstate the trump immigration policies they are wasting mexico's time, wasting taxpayer money, going to further embarrass the united states on the world stage. if this is a kamala harris root causes of migration trip then spare us. don't waste our time with this. don't waste our money. todd: special counsel spending
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out more in subpoenas for a law firm with ties to the clinton campaign, hopeful this could lead to finances. >> >> folks going and putting together information and using, getting that to the press and creating the narrative that turned out to be false as we know and now the he's looking at that even more. i'm cautiously optimistic. >> getting to the bottom of the investigation. >> the pentagon's is a senior al qaeda leader killed in a drone strike in syria. and responsible for planning, funding and improving al qaeda attacks. the defense department, no indication of civilian casualties from the strike.
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>> the family of the hero marine killed in the kabul attack want to the capital for a tour but publicly shamed by a reporter for not wearing masks. >> the reporter double down after finding out who they are and why they are there. joe concha joins us next.
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>> political reporter facing backlash for calling out the family of us service member, for not wearing masks. >> you to react is joe concha. here is the original we. masks requirement in the house, towards not allowed, and and this ticked me off when i saw this. my question will be strident, what went wrong in this reporter's life and so many others in the mainstream media that this is what they become and this question from goldstar family. >> the reporter's first name is heather and should be karen. earlier that day, when this reporter was shaming goldstar families, in a wide-open empty space, likely vaccinated but no
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threat to anybody and went through a tough time over the last month given one of their family members was killed in kabul. you had speaker pelosi hugging and shaking hands with a dozen people without a mask in the same exact area earlier in the day and i didn't see one journalist particularly this one you see on your screen saying anything about the house speaker. this reporter needs to apologize and worry less about people not wearing masks in a wide-open space and more about reporting how cheerleading for the house speaker, the president and the blue team in this case. it is selective outrage at this point when we look at who we are focusing on and who is wearing masks and who wasn't in certain places, you go through a litany of democratic leaders from newsom to lightfoot to pelosi and on and on that i never heard of people out of this reporter
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talking about those people. >> this reporter double down tweeting how does that exempt them from wearing a mask and they argue there are rules, do something like this have to be publicly done in this manner? how about thanking them? when you have a servicemember who gets injured and loses their life, the families also serve. >> this is virtue signaling. i am here to protect people. i don't just report the news but make the world a better place. we shift from journalism to activism and twitter is the worst thing that ever could have happened to most people pretending to be objective journalists because they show their true colors in terms of showing feelings and opinions and that is not what they are supposed to do in these situations. not much more to at about that.
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todd: former political analyst matthew dowd removed 175,000 tweets ahead of his campaign for texas lieutenant governor. go through each of the tweets in detail, you were pretty lit on twitter about this. why do we care about this? wise the so wrong? >> this is republican turned democrat, if you took the lincoln project and made it into one person. this is somebody who shamed police stuff on it and said she got elected because of her sex and gender. he said on twitter most of the catholics he knows are atheists, a guy who tried to dump on donald trump by showing a crash that killed six people in texas and saying is this the trump legal team? six people died in the photo he shared but she said climate change we go 100 million people this year more than all world wars combined. texas knows that and it is a
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publicity stunt to bring attention to himself when he isn't on abc news as chief political analysts. have a good weekend. what do you say? todd: i have a better chance. jillian: have a great weekend. todd: 17 after the are. on top of inflation major supply chain delays pushing prices higher for you and your family. todd: next guest is executive director of california board and he says this is a crisis and you are all going to feel as if you haven't already. ♪♪ love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected.
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jillian: the secretary janet yellen says the federal debt ceiling should be eliminated saying she would repeal the ceiling which is meant to government spending and prevent economic fallout and uncontrolled inflation. she said the current system is destructive and presents a risk
2:23 am
to economic stability and put her in the president in a situation where they might be unable to pay the bills. todd: relation is skyrocketing and now worker shortages are causing a supply chain crisis was laura ingraham has some ideas what is behind it. >> we had a booming economy two years ago. we had record low unemployment, we had no inflation and china was back on its heels. everything the democrats are doing is discouraging investment in job creation in the united states. we need to end attacks on any energy sector, fully reopen the economy without these mandates, stop the crippling taxes and regulations and push businesses overseas, and stay out of disastrous trade tax. >> the second director of the portable long beach and seen a crisis firsthand joins us this morning. thank you for being here.
2:24 am
as the person who literally oversees the flow of goods into our country how dire is this supply chain crisis? >> we are in a national crisis and it is a global crisis. todd: how much is attributable to covid in your estimation is how much is attributable to other factors? >> there's a confluence of factors attributed to the current situation but covid is the underlying factor, in spring of 2020, and continues to have an impact, the delta variant is a major factor to what we are seeing today. todd: we are a visual medium. i the team in the back to pop up the video of these huge cargo ships crowding the port of long beach. this is so telling.
2:25 am
this is from a weekend a half ago telling the story how bad the crisis has become. will it serve as our wake-up call to be less reliance on china and other countries for the goods that fuel the country? >> number one, the nation's largest in long beach and los angeles, awaiting entry and number 2, the number we are referencing, this week we had a number as high as 66. to put this in proper context in normal times you would have 0, one or 2. the volume is considerable and a lot of that stems from the active consumer spending in the united states. todd: every person in america will be using some product today that is somehow connected to
2:26 am
your portable long beach. that is how consequential the sport is. this white house, to kick it into high gear. is the biden administration doing enough to make that happen? >> the administration has appointed envoy to address the situation, and the debate will continue with regard to the outsourcing in this country but at this point it is not just a matter of china but also asia, with consumer goods at this point, the manufacturing in china and southeast asia and vietnam. the global crisis affects many regions and specifically the manufacturing, the epicenter of
2:27 am
the world's china. todd: appreciate you letting us know the situation all-americans need to pay attention to. we appreciate it. >> appreciate it. jillian: fox weather, a drone captures video from inside a hurricane, the device went into the chaos of hurricane sam as it moves into the atlantic ocean. heather: the drone goes along for the ride in the storm. janice dean is here, i know there are people that love to go into these but it makes me happy to see this is a drone because at some point it will eliminate loss of life at some point. >> janice: the hurricane hunters have been doing this for a long time. there is no place of life, they know what to do and all their measurements, we need those. drones can't get into the eye of a hurricane and drop the measurements they do. i have asked in interviews before, they know it is a
2:28 am
dangerous business but it does save lives. we are grateful to the hurricane hunters and i would love to do that someday. hurricane sam, this is a really impressive looking storm, almost a category 5. category number, good news it is not going to directly impact the us or bermuda but we will see a high rep current risk and very i surf. people need to be on alert if you're going to the beaches tomorrow, this weekend, things will be rough. here's the forecast radar, look how close comes to bermuda but we are confident it will move northeast and curve out to see which is what we like to see. tropical storm victor, here is another one, not going to strengthen very much and is way out in the atlantic so we are not going to worry about that was a very active season. we like the ones that don't visit us in the us was the rest of the forecast potential for showers and storms in the central us, a solid front will
2:29 am
produce all of that heavy rainfall. that will be the story over the next couple days and coming to visit us next week in the northeast we watch for that. we could get a couple inches in a short time so that will be the concern. todd: you going up in a hurricane, you in space, i'm a scaredy-cat, i'm not going anywhere. jillian: i'm not going to be an astronaut. will: my worry. you guys, hey, look. 29 after the hour, congressman alexandria ocasio cortez is not mincing words with senator joe manchin as nancy pelosi us was to push a vote on infrastructure. jillian: that is for president biden's agenda, can democrats get it together for a vote today? next. ♪♪ lavender baths calmed him.
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2:34 am
and jobless claims, despite the fact there were 11 million open jobs. all of that adding to negative sentiment, despite the government shutdown. this is something else. facebook getting grilled on capitol hill yesterday. >> instagram is that first childhood cigarette meant to get teens walked early. >> reporter: facebook's head of global -- defending instagram and facebook. >> will you disclose all the reports? >> we are looking to release more of this research. i want to be clear this research is not a bombshell. it is just -- >> i differ with the statement. this research is a bombshell. >> reporter: talking about what
2:35 am
was revealed, the hearings show senators from both parties were united in their criticism of facebook and instagram, instagram valued at $100 billion. todd: not backing down. >> the progressive caucus, alexandria ocasio cortez going after senator joe manchin, manchin does not support $3 trillion in spending. >> no one is giving up. >> $125 million. is it september manchin. or different senators.
2:36 am
>> that is just me. there was not a vote in the infrastructure bill so the infighting could blow up, stay tuned today. jillian: more on this, i am curious. do either of these get done? >> we are sitting back, democrats in disarray. republicans having to sit back and watch the progressive moderates duke it out. i don't know if we will see a vote today, the red line and moderates easily affirmed in their red line. as far as america knows this is another failure of democratic leadership, they don't have votes for their progressive liberal agenda. when you have the border crisis at this level americans left in
2:37 am
afghanistan, the covid 19 pandemic and inflation going on and democrats want to call highways racist into $200 million market in nancy pelosi's district they are not having it. there's a lot of pressure on democrats be here over the weekend voting. i have been screeching about the garbage that is in this bill and i'm going to keep doing it until i have no voice. todd: you heard in the soundbites in cheryl's report these congressman on the progressive side, there soundbites are offensive to a majority of the american people, they represent such a small minority of the american voter is why do they feel they have a right to implement their vision for our country?
2:38 am
>> they have such an entitled mentality, they think the world owes them something and that is the scariest thing of all. yesterday i testified in front of the house oversight committee and the loan pro-life woman testifying as a member of congress against the abortion on demand bill and they had three democrat colleagues sharing their abortion stories in favor of aborting the voiceless an defenseless. as i was giving testimony how my mother made the decision to choose life in the face of extreme danger, aoc, couldn't even look me in the eye. when faced with opposition they can't even stand up to that. they just turned away because they don't want to hear what they can't have an they can't stand so they turn away and keep their eyes down and that is what you are seeing right now. they deflect, they think they are entitled to something.
2:39 am
they think highways are racist, they want all this money for their green new deal projects and we are not having it, this week i'm telling you aoc and the squad getting slapped with facts. their responses are childish, amateur hour, i will stomp my feet until i get my way, you aren't getting your way this time. jillian: an interesting week because we have 30 seconds left. nancy pelosi felt confident she had the votes for this and now it seems it is a different scenario so will stay tuned and see what happens. is there any way the infrastructure bill gets done without the reconciliation package? >> that was the question and i think nancy pelosi is going to twist some arms and put it on the floor maybe today, pushing it forward today. we will see if they have the votes. we are counting on a small group
2:40 am
of republicans, get on the phone, call your member of congress, that is the most help anyone can do. todd: we will check with you next week, you'll be holding signs and lost your voice entirely. coming up, new york city teachers have until 5:00 tonight to get vaccinated or get out of the classroom. >> our next guest is a history teacher who says it was one of the hardest decisions of her life to walk away from her job. she will join us.
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is good friday morning. coming up on the fox news channel senator ron johnson and fresh from his out of the park home run to the congressional baseball game congressman craig steube will join us as a government shutdown at midnight averted for at least a couple weeks as democrats are divided over the massive spending plan. general jack keane shares take aways to stop military leaders are grilled over this disastrous exit from afghanistan. because it is friday we have rachel campos to fit, geraldo and will cain. you don't want to miss the heroes by this dramatic rescue after a tennessee officer and paramedical team team up to save an unconscious driver from a burning car. imagine running into that, they did. a busy 3 hours kicks off 14
2:46 am
minutes from now on the channel you trust for morning news, good friday morning. >> a lawmakers tend to go for lieutenant colonel stuart shelley who was thrown in the brig for his public criticism of the withdrawal from afghanistan. >> more on how members of congress are taking action. >> he was arrested, thrown into the brig on monday for continuing to criticize the military and biden administration over there failed withdrawal from afghanistan. members of congress are speaking out in support of him, 36 members wrote a letter calling for his immediate release, this was an initiative led by texas congressman lily go it. here was the congressman on how he's doing right now. >> he is being treated fairly, sent a message the guards are
2:47 am
treating him well. he looks good. he sounds good and we had a wonderful discussion, not at first because they weren't going to let me in but i'm grateful to general shafer stepping in and we had the opportunity to visit. >> the good news is he's doing well. stuart scheller's mom was relieved when the congressman said he looks good but if you think of everything that happened, weapons in the hands of the taliban, 13 service members go, drone strike that killed 10 people including children and he is the one in jail, understandable outrage. >> this feels un-american some parents being compared to domestic terrorists. >> there is an organization that represents 90,000 school board members who will letter to president biden calling on the
2:48 am
fbi to help against extremist parents who are angry over covid 19 protocols and critical race theory, a portion of the letter says as these acts of malice, violence and threats against public school officials have increased the classification of the satan at -- in his actions could be equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes so calling on the fbi and secret service to intervene. the white house said the administration is looking into what they can do more on this front to keep school board members safe. >> new york city public school teachers want an emergency injunction is in vaccinated educators are at risk of losing their job starting today. >> get the first dose. for anyone who has not gotten the dose we assume you're not coming to work monday morning and we will find a substitute. >> stephanie edmonds made the decision to quit her job and
2:49 am
joins us now. can you tell us what led up to this decision? what made you ultimately say this is important to me that i have to quit my job? >> reporter: i have a deep faith i was brought in and when i heard the news at the end of august i do i always do when i face a difficult decision, the most difficult decision of my life, consult with my family, i pray, i look into it and this is the decision i came to between me and god and like i said it was not an easy one. will: what will you do now for work? >> i'm not really sure. i did feel called to this profession in the first place and i believe this is the work i will continue to do. i'm not sure in what capacity but i am putting my faith in god
2:50 am
and the past and where it will lead to me we will find out but as of right now know. there are a lot of things up in the air. i'm not sure. >> new york city teachers filed a petition with the supreme court on this vaccine mandate that says in attempting to combat the covid 19 virus the city of new york, the board of education and affirmative health and mental hygiene created an executive order that placed an unconstitutional burden on public school teachers. there are 7500 teachers was to choose between the vaccine and their jobs. do you think there was any other way this could have been handled, testing a weekly basis or something like that? what else would you have suggested? >> there are many other ways this could be handled. i believe in choice and whether
2:51 am
that be testing or perhaps even masks is too much but i would be willing to do that to continue to serve in my capacity. >> stephanie edmonds, thank you for joining us with your story, appreciate your time, keep us updated. >> nebraska becoming the first state to say they are not complying with the new plan to report everything you buy over 600 bucks to the irs. >> nebraska state treasurer joins us next.
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accounts when it exceeds $10. todd: joe biden's massive tax and spending agenda includes a plan that would report americans bank transactions over 600 bucks to the irs. nebraska state treasurer says they are not going to comply with it and take it as far as the supreme court if sued by the administration. jillian: nebraska state senator joins us now. thanks for being here. i guess i'm just curious what the benefit would be to the irs know going i purchased a refrigerator. >> there's no benefit to the federal government. it's an intrusive invasion of privacy. it's unprecedented in american history and we are going to fight it all the way. todd: john, how dangerous an idea is this? >> >> it's unprecedented. there is absolutely no reason that the federal government needs to know $600 going into or out of bank accounts. this is hundreds of millions of transactions on a $3.5 trillion bill that's just going to be inflation on steroids. and they are planning on
2:57 am
spending $80 billion on irs to enforce this terrible idea. it's just -- it needs to be stopped. jillian: if i could push a little more though, they obviously see some benefit to this if they wanting to do this. i think a lot of the people watching are having a hard time tom prelending where this idea even comes from. >> it shocked those of us across the country. i'm a member of the state financial officers foundation which is a group of free market limited government conservative state treasurers and auditors around the country. 24 sent a letter to the administration saying we absolutely oppose this there is no reason that the federal government needs to know every time an american citizen spends $600. there's no reason for it. todd: the lawyer in me say this is abridgement on freedoms we have as an american. this is attempt at controlling us. may question for you, john, is how logistically are you going to go from stopping joe biden from doing this in nebraska if it comes to pass? >> well, my obligation is to the people of nebraska and to the
2:58 am
account owners. we oversee over 200,000 accounts in the state of nebraska. so simply put, if the biden administration demands this information, i'm not going to provide it if they sue me, i'm going to take them all the way to the supreme court. i'm not doing this, period. jillian: why $600? >> and an arbitrary, d.c. sausage making. it's arbitrary and capricious. there is no reason for it they are trying to compromise something that can pass. they are trying to get this bill over the finish line. todd: do you think another states will follow suit to get biden to ultimately scrap this plan if they come on tv like you, john and say look, we ain't doing this? >> there's no question. there is a morning consult poll that shows almost 70% of american citizens are opposed to this terrible idea. my fellow treasurers and auditors are around the country understand just how disastrous of a policy this is. and i think once the american people know that this is in the bill, this can't be another obamacare that we have to pass
2:59 am
the bill to find out what's in it the people of america need to know this is happening and biden administration is proposing a scheme to allow the irts to spy on the bank accounts of virtually every american citizen. jillian: can nebraskans or anyone for that matter afford this? >> there's no question they can't because at the end of the day, it's going to be enormously costly for banks and credit unions to implement this. and those costs just get passed onto the american customer. so the cost of doing everything is going go up. in addition to the inflation that's going to spiral out of control if the $3.5 trillion passes. it's just a tax on everyday working americans and it needs to be stopped. todd: need a quick 10 second final answer. won't a plan like this just drive transactions underground which is ultimately what the biden administration is trying to avoid? 10 second? >> it absolutely will. the bankers association and credit unions acknowledge this getting unbanked individuals banked is a priority for
3:00 am
everyone in the industry and this idea is terrible. and it will cause way more problems than it will help. jillian: okay. sir, john, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. jillian: some more people said no more venmo this or that it's all cash. wild. thanks for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great weekend, everyone. todd: bye-bye. >> speaker pelosi forced to delay a vote again. >> people say that progressives are running the show. who is in charge? >> well, this is how democracy works. >> it's a far left wokey for the ones really behind the $3.5 million agenda they want to remake this country. brian: you thought last week's migrant surge is bad you haven't seen anything yet. >> a caravan of 35,000 migrants heading toward the united states. >> this administration is a complete dumpster fire. it really doesn't care. >> newly released body camera


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