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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 1, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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this idea is terrible. and it will cause way more problems than it will help. jillian: okay. sir, john, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. jillian: some more people said no more venmo this or that it's all cash. wild. thanks for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great weekend, everyone. todd: bye-bye. >> speaker pelosi forced to delay a vote again. >> people say that progressives are running the show. who is in charge? >> well, this is how democracy works. >> it's a far left wokey for the ones really behind the $3.5 million agenda they want to remake this country. brian: you thought last week's migrant surge is bad you haven't seen anything yet. >> a caravan of 35,000 migrants heading toward the united states. >> this administration is a complete dumpster fire. it really doesn't care. >> newly released body camera shows gabby petino video hit
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her. >> grabbed- >> facebook is just like big tobacco. >> facebook doesn't care but or your family. they care about growth at all cost. >> bengals have never led tonight ♪ cincinnati wins it 24-21. ♪ about the heartland ♪ only place i feel at home ♪ works until the daylight is gone. ainsley: that's cincinnati. good morning. congratulations on your win. what comes to mind when you think of cincinnati? steve: w can rp in cincinnati. pete: i was going to say bill hemmer. steve: skyline chili, stuff like
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that. ainsley: graeter's ice cream. steve: today is october 1st. here in the city i actually turned off the air conditioner last night and i turned off the sprinklers this morning. pete: done north year with the sprinklers? steve: it was 45 degrees when i got up. pete: how do you decide when to stop the sprinklers? steve: it is cold. ainsley: never thought about that. i don't have a sprinkler. i live in an apartment. pete: i slept with the window open last night delightful crisp breeze. ainsley: best to sleep with the when it's raining at night. steve: unless you are in a tent. ainsley: that's true. steve: it's october 1st. the good news is, gent depending on your point of view. the government did not shut down at midnight. before mid night joe biden signed a bill that essentially kicks the can down the road and they will have enough cash to run the government until the early part of december. however, you know, what exactly is the white house doing along with nancy pelosi?
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nancy pelosi is in a pickle. she had promised that there would be a vote yesterday on thissible promised by yesterday. she has her super liberal wing. steve: we can't vote for the 1 trillion-dollar they are humiliated. ' guy the government. get the ball across the partnership issue in line .5 in the social spending. joe manchin, kyrsten sinema are saying no way we are not supporting that compromise. listen to this. he says he is willing to come down on the number and vote for it. pete: couple trillion. ainsley: still a lot of money. aoc, watch her reaction. >> my top line has been what we
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can do and the need we have right now. basically changing our whole society to an entitlement mentality. i have never been -- i have never been a liberal in any way, shape, or form. i'm not asking them to change. i'm really to come from 0 to 1.5. >> i mean, here's the thing is that there is a lot of games being played with this number. let's be clear about what the current status is the 3.5 trillion. that's 350 billion-dollar per year. this is about the deficit. then maybe we go after our defense spending and find our savings there instead of going after people's child care. pete: you know that's where they would want to go. they would love to cut the defense department lock, stock and barm if they could. making it about the numbers. they can't land on a number as you pointed out, steve, in order to vote on the $3.5 trillion bill they want the senate to move first so they reflect each other. the senate is not moving because
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joe manchin is not moving. 1.2 trillion has been passed by the senate it makes sense the house would look at it. pete: leverage, game inside the democratic caucus. here is the crazy part. we talk about all the numbers. and cover the post says i only want this much. meaning $1.5 trillion. still a huge, huge number. ultimately, joe manchin hit on it. this is a cradle to grave government dependency bill. that's what the left wing of the party absolutely want and they making tweets before the vote virtually nobody knowing what's in it so this is another let's pass the bill no is that it would create a dependency class cradle to grave from p 2 to community college and beyond they believe votes in the future. pete: they are cratering everything else claiming this is
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a life boat and the left wing pulling them across, '.5 or 1.5. it's a win for the far left if anything gets passed. for our kids if you have the luxury of being able to have a little bit of comma extra money and put it in bank account for child now they want to pay for illegal immigrants to go community college. can't afford this steve 1.5 infrastructure bill actually ha infrastructure only 10% of it though and people that's part of the fine print. but what's interesting is that had bipartisan support in the senate and it went this is going to be joe biden's very first bipartisan win as our white house correspondent said
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yesterday can term they used you got to vote for this hey you got to vote for the $1.2 trillion bill going to hack off the progressives you got to vote for the 3.5 trillion. that's going it to hack off the moderates. nancy pelosi is you promised the moderates we will have a voted by thursday. it's friday. they didn't have a vote. ainsley: then she actually said there would be she said yesterday. pete: probably not. you bring up the question, steve, who is in charge of this whole thing? that's the question that was asked of jen psaki, listen. >> has the president at all lost control of his party depending on which perspective you are looking at this from? some people say it appears that progressives are running the show. banding together and making their demands. other people say it looks like joe manchin is playing president. who is in charge? >> well, this is how democracy works. i know it feels foreign because
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there wasn't much that happened over the last couple of years. we are not trying to paint over how messy it looks from the outside. we know that what the good news is that there is agreement that among most democrats, if not every you single one of them that we need to get something done. steve: yeah, but at what cost? he t. was revealed he had that memo he signed with chuck schumer in july that said i will agree to 1.5 trillion. that galvanized the progressives. because it's like they are out of their minds absolutely we are going to all vote no on 1.2 trillion. that's why they didn't have the vote yesterday. keep find nancy pelosi has only has a majority of 8. that means she can lose three before the republicans win on this. ainsley: the stock market was negative yesterday because of all of this happening in washington. we're talking about inflation. it seems to be the number one concern out of most americans. things like higher gas you are
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seeing. higher grocery cost. steve: dollars. the dollar tree is going to have to sell stuff for more than a dollar. ainsley: drivers can't get product to the grocery store. this is what big government looks like. we depend on other countries like china. they want to increase the corporate tax force all these companies to move again overseas. you want to tax the rich and a lot of these rich people even though many say they can afford it. obama says just a few extra percentage points they're being taxed so much. they're the ones who are the job creator. they are going to other countries or states they don't have to to pay as much. we are lose our energy independence. donald trump, under donald trump we had that and now we are losing that and seeing pipelines being shut down. costing you extra money. steve: the cost of gas is going through the roof. pump up more oil. steve: everything costs more. right now inflation is on pace to be at north of 4.5% a year. we haven't seen that in a very long time.
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pete: that's right. senator josh hawley was on the ingraham angle last night. what about this whole inflation thing if you want to spend trillions of dollars? >> how about the fact that right now you have got working americans who are paying the inflation tax that these democrats are created every single day? people are paying more money for food. they are paying more money for gas and car repaired, why? because inflation is out of control thanks to the democrat and their socialist spending and they want to make it worse. so you talk about hurting families. the democrat agenda is nothing but grinding them down in favor of, what? their far left woke politics. that's who wins in this laura, you know this is the far left wokeys who are the ones behind the $3.5 trillion agenda. they want to remake this country. that's what this is about. pete: they do want to remake this country when jen psaki said this is what democracy looks like when you are jamming stuff in to it and no one knows what's in it and decades long consequences. that's not how our system is
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supposed to work. ainsley: white house economic adviser he admitted he said i think at the end of this year inflation will be 4% and go back up in the middle of next year. he does think it will settle down at some point around 2.3% next year but he can't say win. steve: next year are the midterm elections. and for the most part the democrats need a win. what are they going to run on? we got you $100 checks early in 2021? people aren't going to remember that they want to be able to say to their progressive wing, look, we got you all this free stuff. but right now the moderates in congress on the democrat side are saying slow down. we can't afford it. ainsley: all right. 6:11 on the east coast, new body cam footage in the gabby petino case her stunning admission to the police will brian laundrie. pete: another wave of illegals on the march to the southern border. will the white house heed panama's warning?
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ainsley: new police body cam video shows a gabby herself telling her brian hit her. steve: this as they return to the home and pick up more stuff. pete: phil keating is outside the home as laundrie remains on the run. good morning. >> good morning to you all. this new body cam footage comes from a second moab, utah cop during interdiction with brian
3:18 am
laundrie and gabby petino this was in response from someone 911 saying they saw a man slapping a many woman of achievement new footage reveals the officers discussing what they should do. new utah domestic violence code and debate whether one of them should be arrested. both laundrie and petino are heard waffling whether one hit the other or was pushed and at one point petino implies she was the instigator. >> i don't want the truth if he actually hit you? did he slap your face or what? >> well, he grand me with his nail. [inaudible] >> yeah. under utah law if a police officer has probable cause to believe that domestic violence occurred the officer must make an arrest without a warrant or arab citation. in the end the moab cops let them both go separately with one night apart to cool off.
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petino's body was found weeks later in a wyoming national forest. her fiance, brian laundrie returned home to his parents' florida house alone september 1st. he has now disappeared. a wanted fugitive. whereabouts unknown. two fbi agents made a surprise visit to the laundrie home yesterday. one of them entered the camper attachment to their pickup truck which the family took camping. according to the laundrie family attorney, the agents came to collect some personal items belonging to brian to assist the canines in their search for him. the moab police response on august 12th has come under some heavy criticism from domestic violence experts. since then the police chief has taken a leave of absence. back to you in new york. steve: hey, phil, before we go. i read this morning that the cops in that town have been called to that house 46 times since before gabby petino, i think the day before gabby petino went missing.
3:20 am
do we know what any of those calls are about? >> well, these are all calls, all 46 relating to this address. so it could have been a neighbor calling complaining about protesters or calling to complain about somebody parking on their lawn or it could have been somebody inside the laundrie home, like when dog the bounty hunter came by last saturday, they actually made a 911 call saying there is a guy trespassing here. so there is a variety of things that police have responded to, much of the details though have been redacted. steve: indeed. phil keating live in north port, florida, thank you. ainsley: thank you phil. i can't believe this guy has been on the run this entire time and no one has seen him. pete: to me it's all about the parents. what happened between september 1st and 14th. taking multiple camping trips. what did they know and when did they know it and is there evidence inside those homes? is there evidence inside the phones of them knowing his whereabouts not being the reserve next to their house.
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so many unanswered questions. ainsley: i'm sure the fbi last talked to them and questioned them. pete: let's hope. steve: apparently there is a report that brian laundrie went out to buy a burner phone and older woman with him and people are surmising that was his mom. so she knows about the burner phone? apparently the fbi has the burner phone meanwhile interest was an estimation yesterday that early in the day that unless title 42 was lifted, we could see 350 to 400,000 migrants coming into the country. that anything we have ever seen before. yesterday the u.s. federal appeals court did a stay and says the administration can use title 42 to essentially boot people out of the united states. and that is a win for people who would like to see them use that but the biden administration would prefer not to. ainsley: dhs official familiar with this phone call of alejandro mayorkas, the
3:22 am
secretary, milwaukee to his team and asking are you prepared for the worst case scenario? that's where that number came from 350 to 400,000 compare that -- the highest number we have seen lately in july was 210,000. this is double that. pete: twice the all-time high. it's all very confusing right now as it pertains to title 42 a trump era policy that the biden administration doesn't like. they are trying to get rid of it. the courts have allowed them and then not allowed them and now again they can't get rid of it. but the question is it even being applied anyway when you look at that group of haitian migrants under the bridge, a very small percentage were actually deported under title 42. maybe 10%. the most were moved into removal proceedings which is code for relief inside the united states. if you are a migrant caravan down the road which griff has been covering and others, none of this information is translating into don't come to the border, which is why you searing tens of thousands of more illegals ready to make the
3:23 am
trip and biden administration unwilling to use any of the tools that they have even in the court blocks it. ainsley: message you have a good chance of being able to stay in america if you go there illegally. pan maps foreign minister says she has been warning our president and administration over and over that this is going to come. to be prepared. she says there are 85,000 haitians that have crossed through panama. she believes they are all heading to the united states. steve: where else would they be going? one of the other things mayorkas said yesterday, he said -- he has issued new guidelines and said to all of thinks people, listen, just because somebody doesn't have documentation doesn't mean you should deport them. so, if they don't have papers, don't deport them. he also said ice should not try to arrest and deport farm workers, the elderly and others who were vulnerable to deportation during the trump administration. the good news is, they no longer have to call the fronts to say hey, can i arrest somebody? now they are giving them some discretion. but, still, they can only arrest
3:24 am
and deport somebody if somebody is posing a national security threat. and how often does that happen? pete: yeah. almost never. everything you just read, again, adds only to the confusion of this. steve: absolutely. pete: so we have all these options at our disposal. but we are not going to use any of them but the border is closed is what we are trying to tell everybody. actually, if you get here, it's not. so, when you hear these numbers and you hear it increasing and you hear central american countries saying we are warning you, it's coming. it means the numbers are going to only grow. ainsley: such a double standard. pete: it's absolute be double standard. ainsley: immigrants no you don't. you come in. if you don't have papers you get to stay. yet, if you try to go to another country and come back into the united states you are expected to show your passport. steve: one of the other things he said was he said directly i support what the ice agents are doing in this country. i support the border patrol
3:25 am
because, obviously, there is so much push back where it's like why don't you let them do the job they were hired to do? and that is secure our southern border? pete: texas is having to build temporary walls themselves. ainsley: no common sense. pete: none. ainsley: hand it over to jillian. jillian: dozen members of congress sign a letter to demand the release of stuart scheller. he was put in a bringing after he openly criticized afghanistan. he is to stop posting videos on social media. he is set to be honorably discharged. pre-trial hearing set for next week. emergency plea to the supreme court to block united states covid vaccine mandate. they want a last-minute injunction before the rule goes into effect today at 5:00. they say because the mandate does not allow workers to opt out of weekly testing, it places an unconstitutional burden on them and it will force thousands
3:26 am
of unvaccinated employees to lose their jobs. special counsel john durham sending out subpoenas this time to a blawsm ties to the 2016 campaign. some g.o.p. lawmakers hopeful this could lead to some answers. >> everyone knows this was the clinton campaign hiring the perkins coie law firm. folks there going and putting together information. false information. then using -- giving that to the press and creating this whole narrative that turned out to be completely false as we all know. now that he is looking into perkins coie even more i think that's a good sign and i'm cautiously optimistic we are going to get to the bottom of this. jillian: durham issuing those subpoenas to get to the bottom of the origins of the russia investigation. let's go to thursday night football joe burrow and the bengals come back against trevor lawrence and the jags despite not leading until the very end. >> until now. cincinnati wins it 24-21.
3:27 am
jillian: bengals rookie kicker getting the second game win of the season bengals move 3-1 while the jags fall to 0-3. we now know who will be performing at halftime during the super bowl. the star studded list of hip hop artists will be dr. dre, snoop dogg, mary j. blige and kendra can a march. the game is slated for february 13th. i love hip hop so i'm rather excited about this i rarely get excited about the super bowl halftime show usually asleep for the game but i'm excited. steve: you sleep during the super bowl? jillian: i normally work in the morning and i wake up in the middle of the night. jillian: not when you wake up at midnight. steve: as opposed to taping everything. we can watch it. pete: that's true. make sure you don't see the score. ainsley: i have been watching all these britney spears movies.
3:28 am
to watch someone to dance and be able to move that way is such a gift. steve: that's why you get paid a lot of money to perform. ainsley: it is such a gift. i got my mom's gift of dancing. my dad and brother are great. steve: anyway, we hope you are a good dancer out there in tv land. as we continue on this friday, we are going to switch gears. coming up, a denver police officer against getting the covid vaccine was forced to get the shot, get the jab to keep his job. but now he says he has trouble walking after complying with that mandate. that officer and his attorney join us coming up next. ♪
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3:33 am
went ahead and took the mandatory jab to not lose his job he cannot walk down he can barely fall if he doesn't have people around him. other consequences force this jab that people are not thinking about. ainsley: joining us now is that police officer jose along with his attorney randy corporon. >> good morning again. ainsley: he told us your story. we wanted to book you because we wanted to hear from you. tell us what happened after you got that first shot. >> i got the shot august 22nd. that week i started body ache, pain in my legs. the next week, august 31st, i tried to go into work. my legs hurt a lot more. ended up getting sent home and on my way home i couldn't feel my feet anymore. i couldn't feel the gas pedal or the break pedal and pretty much had to call for help to get home
3:34 am
and i barely made it. ainsley: that was the pfizer shot, right? >> yes, i got the pfizer shot. the pfizer shot. and that was only the first shot. ainsley: has your doctor been able to confirm that you lost use of your legs because of the vaccine? >> he said it's most likely due to the vaccine but it hasn't been diagnosed all the way. but, yes. he said it is the vaccine. ainsley: randy, you are representing nine individuals that are not in favor of getting the shot or getting that second dose. tell us their stories. >> first, i'm just so frustrated with the doctors, they don't have the courage. the affects started hitting him right after et he took the shot. if i may, yesterday, you closed out our segment with a comment from the mayor who said the court's ruling on wednesday confirmed that the mandate was an appropriate way to try and protect people. the judge said nothing of the sort. he is a lousy mayor but he is not stupid. for him to say that when all the
3:35 am
judge said is until we exhaust our administrative remedies with now these nine officers, we can't come back to see her. i thought it was important to clean that up. we have got officers who have had to retire early. we have got jose, 34. just at the beginning of his career. had trouble getting up here to his chair. we have a beginning gel mom now that we have added who went ahead and took the jab because she had to, but now she is very concerned about having future children the stories run the gamut. they are all human stories and all happen to be denver police officers who have had this forced on them. ainsley: jose, you have been a police officer for seven years. served in the army for 12 years. you have sacrificed so much for our country. you have four children and now you are worried about your legs and if you are going to get better. how do you feel? >> >> uncertain. i mean, i can't be outside --
3:36 am
i'm sorry, i can't be outside with my kids. we got soccer season. ainsley: it's okay. >> it's life-changing. and the doctor said it could get worse before it gets better. and if i do get better, it's going to be years. i always carry my kids to bed and they're like, daddy, i'm sorry. ainsley: we understand. i can't imagine what you are going through. >> walk to bed. ainsley: what about your boss? go ahead, randy. >> well, i was on the phone with him the night before our court hearing just to make sure he could come down, and he broke down because he had fallen over putting his kids to bed and, you know, his little girls think daddy is broken. to make this decision for everybody, this is a guy who had serious covid last year and beat it. so his body was raging with antibodies. and they gave him this jab and now his hand was shaking like in
3:37 am
this morning when he came up. it's outrageous. ainsley: jose and randy, thank you for being with us. jose, i hope you get better soon. everyone out there thank him. hey has done so much. he has kids. we did reach out to the denver police department but they i do kind to make comment. ainsley: the battle over a prime piece of ad space ahead of the annual thanksgiving day parade. ♪
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♪ pete: you are not going to want to miss this fox nation holding third annual patriot awards humbly hosted by yours truly wednesday november 17th 8:00 p.m. eastern at the hard rock live theater in hollywood, florida. ainsley: the show honoring the unsung american patriots dedicated to our nation plus we will all be there. "fox & friends" is taking the show on the road so you will get to see us and your other fox favorites. steve: that's right. tickets are now on sale at fox awards. it would be great to see you in attendance and we're going to do the show from down there. for two days. pete: it's going to be a big event. i have had a sneak peek into some of the awards and some of the people. steve: really. pete: awesome. ainsley: you already know. pete: i have a sense.
3:43 am
ainsley: how did we find these people? pete: extensive process. fox nation are looking at different nominations. but some awesome stories. there will not be a dry eye in the place. ainsley: always emotional. steve: it will be indeed. great you were hosting it once again. ainsley: you served our country. pete: there is going to be amazing patriots there. 4,000 at least people in attendance. and the theater beautiful, packed. steve: gigantic. pete: going to be cool. steve: join us, please. pete: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the forecast. janice: jack hammers have started i feel right at home. take a look at the map. cooler in the northeast 52 if you like that kind of weather here to stay the next couple of days with cooler temperatures across the northeast and the midwest. in between that an front going to stall out areas don't don't need to see it louisiana, across the mississippi river valley. that's going to be a problem if you have a stalled out front
3:44 am
that brings the potential for flash flooding. we will monitor that region over the next couple of days. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area, okay? forecast today really nice here in new york city. 68 degrees. it's not humid. it's lovely. 84 in atlanta. again, the showers and thunderstorms are going to kind of be right across the central u.s. over the next couple of days. then we have sam. even though sam is not going to directly impact the east coast. we are going to see the potential for high surf and rip current. if you are not an experienced person out in the water like my husband is who is out surfing today this morning. hi, sean. back inside. pete, ainsley and steve. janice: is he one of those surfer guys. hi, steve, good morning. steve: good morning to you. meanwhile, let's take you down to texas, austin, in fact. if your life is not in immediate danger or a crime it's no longer active. it happened but it's not active, don't dial 911 in austin, texas
3:45 am
anymore. >> we're experiencing staffing shortages. many times people do have to wait on hold when they're calling 311 and we are just going to be working the best that we can, given the circumstances that we have regarding staffing. steve: with mounting staff shortages as the police said right there the austin police department is now redirecting what they're referring to as nonemergencies like burglaries no longer in progress to 311 starting today. here with reaction is austin city council member mackenzie kelly. mackenzie, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: if i lived in austin, texas, if i was a taxpayer there. i think i would be a little freaked out. i don't have the list. am i allowed to call 911 because someone just burglarized my house. actually we have the list. if it's theft or burglary somebody suspicious outside your house or car vandalism. don't call the cops call 911 and
3:46 am
they will send a civilian. >> absolutely. part of the disastrous consequences that the city council made in 2020 to defund the police dental. a lot of what we are seeing hang starting today is coming home to roost from that decision. it's disastrous. steve: they cut so much. i can't believe they cut a third of the budget in august 2020. they cut $150 million. what else do they think was going to happen? >> you know, i don't know. but i will tell you that one of the biggest concerns i have is that prostitution is on that list. victims of human trafficking happening they will send a social worker and not a police officer? that's absurd to me. steve: explain how this will happen. you said social worker. they are referring to them as civilians. they're simply not uniformed officers. they are going to come and then what are they going to do? what if a person thought it was no longer ongoing but it turns out of it's ongoing? >> i don't see this ending well for anyone, especially the tax
3:47 am
paying citizens of the city of austin. it should be the forefront of every public official's mind that we keep public safety paramount. and public safety is not paramount when we have civilians responding to calls. how am toy know if i get to my house and the door is wide open if the burglary is still in process or not. that's what police officers are for. they are trained to respond to those sorts of incidents. not a civilian. steve: right. and the police officers are blaming staff shortages on budget cuts and they are blaming covid and blaming everything. but nonetheless, i don't know that i would feel safe in austin. have you talked to some of the folks down there about this and do they think it's a good idea? >> i absolutely have talked with the community. they do not think it's a good idea. they want to see the value in the taxes that they are paying the city to have public safety provided to them. i will tell you that i have spoken with the police department. we are expected to have 147
3:48 am
officers separated from the department by the end of the year. and that's on top of the 150 officers who were cut out of the budget during the defunding process. steve: crazy. well, let's see what happens. mackenzie kelly we thank you for getting up early today and joining from us austin. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, other cities across the lone star state of texas are banding together to force the biden administration to address the border crisis. a texas county commissioner who is sick and tired of the lawlessness sounds off on the chaos it is creating in his community. but, first, just down the street from where we are sitting, macy's. that's a live picture right now. at 34th and broadway. macy's is taking legal action against amazon. apparently they want their ad. kurt the cyberguy on this coming up next. ♪ ♪ our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
pete: welcome back. the iconic macy's billboard seen by millions during the thanksgiving day parade may soon be advertising for someone else. the retail giant now claiming that amazon is looking to take over that billboard space.
3:53 am
in a lawsuit against the owner of the sign, macy's says the damages to macy's customer goodwill image reputation and brand should a prominent online retailer, especially amazon, advertise on the billboard are impossible to calculate. kurt the cyberguy joins us now live from that billboard outside macy's in harold square. great to see you, kurt. iconic billboard but it's not owned by macy's. they use it to advertise. now it looks like they have some competition? >> for every 60 years, pete. good morning to you. standing right here where, you know, thanksgiving morning we turn on the tv and this is where that iconic macy's day thanksgiving parade starts off and that's the sign in question. a 2200 square foot sign for 60 years turned on our tvs and walked into this iconic area right smack in front of the macy's department store for 60
3:54 am
years. a big tech retailer we know wants to unseat macy's from their own name in front of the store. also potentially changing an iconic american tradition for the hollywood. turning on the tv and seeing, i don't know, a floating blimp of mark zuckerberg's head going through the streets of manhattan is not my idea of an american hollywood but they have in their an to keep any other retailer from getting first rights on that. they should have the right -- pete: that's their belief the billboard owner, by the way, kurt, said they are had no negotiations with amazon over this space. could be somebody else. we don't know. but, ultimately, a bidding war. >> we know prominent online retailer big tech company. pete: not owned by macy's. they will have to bid on it. we will see.
3:55 am
reached out to amazon. you mentioned mark zuckerberg. there have been hearing on capitol hill about facebook and how they their interaction with kids. here's a portion of aan exchange on capitol hill. we will get your reaction to it. >> instagram is that first childhood cigarette meant to get teens hooked early and ultimately endangering their health. facebook is just like big tobacco. pushing a product that they know is harmful to the health of young people. pushing it to them early. also facebook can make money. pete: instagram owned by facebook they are under threat from the left and the right right now, kurt. >> everybody in agreement here that especially after these scathing reports have come out of their own internal research though showing how really instagram is not good for kids and especially young girls. and the senator markey there
3:56 am
really putting the global head of safety for facebook on the griddle yesterday. and with a in my head if he is equating facebook or instagram to like the first cigarette a child is going to have in life, then that would make really sort of like the director of health for a tobacco maker. does that make any sense? i mean, it's just -- it's one of those things it doesn't add up. pete: well, if it's harming kids, then there is a reason why there is so much frustration across the spectrum, kurt. here's what facebook had to say. they say they understand the responsibility that comes with operating a global platform and taken seriously. we seal if they really mean that kurt the cyberguy on location. we appreciate it, thank you. >> great to see you. pete: greg steube home run up
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> the motion adopted. >> the government shut down at midnight averted while democrats are did divided or massive spending plan. >> another failure of democratic leadership. >> new body cam footage in the gabby petino's case her stunning ghinchts did he slap your face or what? >> well, he it like grabbed. >> in the end the moab cops let them both go separately. >> another wave of illegals on the manor to the southern border. >> a caravan of roughly 85,000 migrants heading towards the united states. >> this administration is a
4:01 am
complete dumpster fire. it really doesn't care. >> police in austin, texas, announcing they will no longer respond to calls unless it is an emergency. >> part of a discuss trust consequences to defund the police department. todd: mary jay blige also kendrick lamar joining a stunning list of hip hop artists picked to perform at this year's super bowl halftime show ♪ i'm not afraid ♪ to take a stand ♪ everybody ♪ everybody ♪ pete: good morning, welcome to the middle hour, the 7:00 a.m. hour, 4:00 a.m. "fox & friends." santa monica, california. steve, it's october 1st, year of our lord, 2021. do you believe it? steve: i know, just like they flicked a switch it's cold outside. just like that. ainsley: a little chilly outside
4:02 am
in new york. steve: autumn. that's why pete said he was wearing the pumpkin necktie and socks that match. ainsley: you need a pumpkin law d.a. at a. steve: how is the latte. ainsley: very good, steve. steve brian is off today. is he on "fox news primetime" tonight. it look at the white house as infrastructure faces uncertain future. ainsley: ains democrats it accusing other of tanking agenda. pete: peter doocy joins us from the white house as nancy pelosi promises to deliver a vote. peter: good morning. we checked the tape nancy pelosi did not deliver on this promise. >> we will vote today. peter: never, never happened. now there are new questions about howm how much pelosi and
4:03 am
schumer talked. pelosi said their parties were not trillions apart. they were, and schumer has known since july that joe manchin was not going to budge on a $1.5 trillion maximum price tag. that is less than half the 3.45 trillion that leaders continued to push. >> i brought the 1.5, as you have seen, i think, by now. the 1.5 was always done from my heart basically what we could do and not jeopardize, not jeopardize our economy. peter: he only shared that privately until now even though leadership knew progressives are accusing manchin of being indecisive. >> senator joe manchin said $1.5 trillion was his number. is that for the both of you? >> [laughter] i mean, is it june manchin, august manchin will october manchin will that be different
4:04 am
senator? peter: democrats laughing at democrats might not give leadership hope of anything moving today. there is once again nothing on president biden's public schedule. officials are saying that he is open to having visitors and that he is open to possibly going places. but, that's the same strategy that they have been using for him and setting his schedule for the last couple weeks with legislation and it hasn't worked. back to you. steve: it has not. that was going to be his first bipartisan victory and not yet. just like that. let's bring in republican florida congressman greg greg steube. we booked him because of that big hit the other day out at nashville, senator production put them on top 13-12. we many show that video but first, what is going on in the house? when you look at nancy pelosi as we said earlier, she is in a pickle because even though they have unified control of government, they have the white house, they have got the senate. they have got the house where
4:05 am
you work. and, yet, they could not get this thing across the finish line. >> remember, pelosi promised all these democrats that there would be a vote on infrastructure on monday. we are still sitting here on friday with no vote. that's because the progressives, the far left of her own party, have said that they are not going to vote for it because they want their 3.5 trillion socialized liberal spending spree. so until they get that they are going to lock down on the infrastructure package. she can only lose five votes on the floor. there is not a single fluke this chamber vote for the $3.5 trillion spending spree. if the progressives lock down on the infrastructure package, she doesn't have the votes. stayedhere last night 11:00 at t before she let us all go. i don't know if she doesn't have the votes last night and don't have it on monday i don't see how they have the votes today. ainsley: we will see. congressman, senator tom cotton sent out a tweet that got all of our attention. she was demanding to know where antony blinken the secretary of
4:06 am
state was during this big may meeting. apparently this meeting where they rehearsed the withdrawal plans for afghanistan. >> this is the tweet that tom cotton sent out. the biden administration held an afghanistan withdrawal rehearsal in may but tony blinken did not attend. where was secretary blinken during this exercise? now sent him a letter demanding answers on his whereabouts. what's your reaction to this. >> he was probably at the hamptons just like he was on vacation when afghanistan fell. clearly he doesn't care about what's going on over there. and he is not answering questions. members of the republicans in the house have been peppering him with letters and questions. he refuses to answer. he refuses to give us details. as we stand here today, ladies and gentlemen, there are still american citizens and sivs who helped our soldiers stuck in afghanistan. and it's sad that we are relying upon organizations and not for profits to get people out because the state department has utterly failed the american people. pete: yeah, congressman you know about this firsthand having served in the military and iraq.
4:07 am
one of those groups of afghans has been stuck in abu dhabi for quite some time has now arrived at chicago's o'hare airport. a lot ofive holders a lot of people who worked with us who left behind. groups fought to get them there. they finally arrive. here is some of those evacuees from afghanistan talking to the press when they landed in chicago. take a listen to this .
4:08 am
pete: congressman, the debacle. some did and won't. lieutenant colonel in the marine corps who happened to speak out and wanted to demand accountability. if you have any sense that the administration has a grasp on the reverbiating effects of how terribly this was handled? >> no, absolutely not. they are not going to get any type of repercussions for their decisions until we take the house back in 2022 and we can provide oversight. the democrats in congress aren't going to provide oversight on what happened who made the decisions. we are going to punish lieutenant chornl just made comments about the failure and leadership at the highest levels of our military while joint chief of staff general milley has utterly failed us, is making horrible decisions that effect the livelihoods of americans that resulted in the killing of 13 of our service members and nothing happens to. they he was having conversations with the chinese communist party when trump was president without his knowledge. these are all things that in my
4:09 am
opinion, should be punishable under the ucmj yet you have a lieutenant chornl expressed his rights under the first amendment on his position of what is happening and he is sitting in the bringing without any charges filed against him. it's atrocious what's happening in our government especially in the military and we need to take the house back in the fall. steve: actually, the republicans won at the congressional baseball game two nights ago. and you were the star. you were the shot of the morning yesterday. we played it a bunch of times. there you are, first pitch, both the third. you went deep into left before breaks into a kirk gibson style slow trot around the bases. it was an -- the first time ever in a congressional baseball game you hit an out of the park home run in a professional major league stadium. when you hit it, what did you think to yourself? >> well, all the glory goes to god. that's why i was pointing my finger up. i just like the fact that i did it while the entire stadium and everybody in my own dug out was paying attention to president
4:10 am
biden because he was in the republican dugout at the time. not a single person was watching the field until they heard that hit. i distracted everybody from looking at biden to looking at the field and suddenly all the members of the republicans came out to greet me on the plate and biden was standing by himself in our dugout. i thought that was steve: why is your baseball backwards. >> played in high school and played in college. i couldn't take. if any major league team wants to reach out i'm available. ainsley: you still got it. pete: that's not an easy thing. i could sit at that plate for years and not hit one out. ainsley: and you were the pitcher, too, right. >> i pitched about five innings, 120 mifns. ainsley: did you practice. >> the republicans are serious about baseball up here now. we practice every morning at 6:00 a.m. we are up and at them at 4:30. when we are in d.c. during season we started practicing in about may. steve: let me ask you this, when the president was in the
4:11 am
republican dugout was he saying hey, can you guys vote for this infrastructure thing? what was he talking about? >> i don't know. because of i was up to bat so i walked around to get up to the plate and the umpire was like hey go ahead. hey, if i hit a foul ball and it hits the president in the face it's going to be your fault and you are going to be responsible. and the catcher is like hey sovereign immunity. i looked at the pitcher do you want to go? he is go ahead. all right. everybody was paying attention to him not the field. steve: he is your good luck charm. he shows up to the game and you hit a homer. ainsley: did he give you one of those dove bars he was handing out with the presidential seal. >> no, did he ask to see me came back. in did i have a conversation with him. my son who was also in the dugout got the opportunity to meet him as well. ainsley: that's cool. how old is your son? >> he is 11. steve: something he will remember forever. he met the president. pete: your 11-year-old watches you watch home run you are his hero. steve: you are the father of the year. >> he was the only person in the dugout actually watching me at the plate when i hit it.
4:12 am
ainsley: does he play baseball. >> yeah, he does. ainsley: i'm sure that meant a lot to him. steve: congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: you of had a big week. and good luck today. do you think they will vote today on infrastructure. >> if they didn't have the vote last night and didn't have the votes monday i don't see how they have the vote today. i would not be surprised if pelosi keeps us here saturday around sunday in the hopes that they can wring enough arms and twist enough arms to get the votes they need. steve: be ready in the dugout. ainsley: your wife will hold down the fort with the 11-year-old. pete: self-described master legislator. if anybody can do it. master legislator. ainsley: i do remember that. steve: how about the fact that the president came to the game, distracted everybody. he hit, you know, but he hit it over the fence though. there was no getting that one. ainsley: did you all ever have that opportunity? i played softball. i never hit it -- i never hit it that far. steve: i played american legion ball i hit one home run. it was an accident. pete: very difficult. ainsley: what did you play?
4:13 am
pete: did i play baseball until about 8th grade when i couldn't hit a curve ball. tough spend a lot of time in the cage. steve: you hit a lot of curve balls these days. pete: that's true. curve ball over to jillian. jillian: because i expected it. fair enough. no one can deny approve or deny that we haven't hit home runs out in the batting cages out there. ainsley: that's true. we definitely made contact out there. jillian: we did. so that counts. ainsley: i needed contact. that's all. that was on live tv. jillian: good job. let's get you caught up on headlines we are following. we begin with this new police body cam video showing gab petino herself telling an officer brian laundrie hit her. watch this. >> we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. >> i guess, yes. >> did he slap your face or what. >> he had had grabbed me with his nail and i guess that's why -- definitely scratched. i could feel it.
4:14 am
it burns. jillian: moab police releases the video as police return to the laundrie home to collect more evidence. agent were seen searching the family's camper. this as brian remains on the run. pharmaceutical company merck says it's experiments pill effective against the vice. the oral treatment cuts hospitalizations and chance of death by half. they say it's also effective against covid variants. scientists are conducting phase 3 of trials right now. they hope to have emergency fda approval by the end of the year. a texas driver in a rush is cited for using the carpool lane with not so distant passenger. the local constable posting this picture of a fake skeleton riding shotgun. deputies reportedly had a funny feeling and were able to see right through it the driver was issued a citation before deputies sent him on his way. that does not even look real in the slightest bit. like at least make it look real. pete: not trying hard enough.
4:15 am
steve: i guess that officer ha bone to pick. ainsley: you said they could see right through it pete, got anything. pete: i don't have one. [buzzer] pete: nothing. that's what i deserve. ainsley: 7:14 on the east coast. communities all across texas still rattled by the del rio, debacle now standing up to the white house's open border policies with a potential lawsuit. we're going to talk to a texas county commissioner that's leading the charge. pete: two first responders spring into action and pull an unconscious man from a burning car. the heroes join us live later this hour. ♪ the break of dawn ♪ come tomorrow ♪ tomorrow i'll be gone ♪ stay tonight ♪ colonel dan folds of honor.
4:16 am
25th birthday at fox. you are a founding partner of the folds of honor. and we have raised now and donated over $200 million to 35,000 military families, giving them the gift of education. we are so blessed to be part of the family and celebrate the 25th anniversary. god bless. ♪ nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. steve border counties overwhelmed by tens of thousands illegal migrants with more on the way now planning to sue the biden administration because they will not enforce the federal laws and stop the crisis at the border.
4:21 am
valverde county commissioner bo is leading the effort to join forces with his fellow border community. he joins us now from del rio, texas. bo, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you doing today? steve: we are doing okay. we are doing better than you are. you was a crisis on your hand although the administration won't call it that one of the things the federal government is supposed to do is supposed to provide the national defense. is the fact that they are not enforcing our southern border, isn't that a violation -- aren't they just letting people in? isn't this a national security problem? >> this is a huge national security problem. i mean, we have people crossing this border and we heard numbers of this group up to 20,000 and we have had thousands before this. and then that doesn't even include the fact that while our immigration officers and dps and everybody is busy dealing with large crowds. we still have hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people going around these communities, out through these rural areas with drugs and smuggling and all
4:22 am
kinds of other stuff and we don't even know some countries that they are coming from. not including all the diseases that are coming, with covid and everything else. intreash explain how it works in your county. under the bridge in del rio, they were looking for the border patrol person to surrender to to be put in the system. is that how it generally works they are looking for somebody from border patrol or are we talking about a lot of got-aways who do not want to encourt them because they have got drugs or heaven to betsy who knows what? haitians looking for border patrol to give up to allow them in the country. other groups out there don't want to be caught because they're hauling drugs and fentanyl and different types of things and human trafficking and, god knows what else is going out there.
4:23 am
and border patrol men so tied up with large groups trying to process them and deal with them they don't have time to be out in the field to deal with the other issues. steve: sure, because the federal government will not, you know, keep our southern border strong, the migrants are coming in to your county. i would imagine that is really sapping your community services. you know, if they park in your county for a while, they are going to need stuff. >> it is. i mean, we have, you know, border patrol picks up groups and then they release them into our communities and our ngo has to deal with it we are a small community. this county is about 49,000 people. we don't have the transportation infrastructure to move people out of here like you see in the larger cities, so, people will get stuck here waiting days and days and days for a bus to be able to leave the community and go wherever it is that they're headed. and it puts a big burden. you know, as of right now, i think our county has spent probably $400,000 dealing with
4:24 am
their which doesn't seem like a lot of money to a lot of people but when you are talking about a community of this size, 400,000s dollars is a lot of money. that doesn't include what the hospitals have spent on treatment and other issues. we had 11 babies born during this incident, numerous cases of covid. and those types of things and it puts a strain. thankfully the state sent some people to help. steve: let's hope the biden administration cuts you guys a check because they owe you because they are not enforcing the laws. bo, thank you for joining us today from down in texas. >> all right. thank you. steve: good luck to you. meanwhile, as you know, it's been a tense week of testimony on capitol hill as the pentagon's top brass has faced blistering criticism over the messed up afghan withdrawal. general jack keane reporting for duty with his top takeaways coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪
4:25 am
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♪ ♪ steve: got some great news. to say celebrate fox news' 25th anniversary this month, actually
4:29 am
next week. the fox news washington, d.c. bureau got a major upgrade. ainsley: the bureau getting a top to bottom refresh after more than two decades of groundbreaking coverage and original reporting. pete: fox news chief political anchor bret baier takes us on a new tour of the new state of the art space. watch. state of the art major renovation. ♪ >> two new flagship studios. a super high resolution technology platform for video and graphics. and our newsroom. >> david is replacing. >> reconfigured to allow our producers and editors to easily monitor the ever-growing number of satellite video feeds on 75-inch tv screens. fox corporation ceo murdock
4:30 am
calls it an investment in the future for the top rated news channel. >> the reach is, is to give all of you, you know, the space and the environment to continue to do, you know, your very best work. >> behind the scenes feature of our new bureau two very special places honoring two special people first the charles krauthammer green room. you watch "special report" you know how important he was to the show and the channel. we miss his words of wisdom every day. this plaque says in memory of our beloved colleague, friend and patriot. all right. this is the tony snow radio studio in honor of our friend who passed away 13 years ago. the host of "fox news sunday." this is to remember him every day. >> heart beat of the news operation since "fox news sunday" kicked off 25 years ago this past spring. >> this is also a moment to remember an extraordinary voice and gentle giant in our business. >> this renovation was long in the planning. the original fox news washington
4:31 am
bureau was our home through the major news events of our time impeachments, wars, congressional fights, bush v. gore and 9/11. but after ever evolving news environment has inspired us to redesign our new offices bigger and better to compliment the latest technology along with our solid story telling and reporting. steve: how great is that? 25 years ago when we first started they had a small space. as we grew so did they. it's terrific they were able to finally get everything unified around that big beautiful newsroom and what a tribute to the memories of tony snow and charles krauthammer. ainsley: i know. over 25 years we have had the opportunity to meet so many remarkable people. interview presidents. get to know charles krauthammer. get to know tony snow. these amazing individuals and now to honor them, i think that was such a sweet tribute. pete: very fitting i used to get
4:32 am
lost in the d.c. bureau filing cabinets. steve: now it's more freedom stream lined. pete: can't wait to see it i will take it from here. leaders facing on capitol hill the withdrawal one month ago. it's been a month. >> the taliban was and remains a terrorist organization. and they still have not broken with al-qaeda. >> i believe the appropriate level of our forces in afghanistan should have been 2500. >> i personally believe are i cannot confirm or deny that. pete: their testimony contradicting several of joe biden's claims. what are the important takeaways. joining me now is fox news strategic analyst general jack keane. general, thanks for being here. i will pose that question. there were multiple days of testimony. much of it contentious. we learned a lot from these three leaders. what was your big take away. >> even though wildly reported,
4:33 am
pete, that the military did not agree with president biden's withdrawal decision. it was still quite remarkable to see their public testimony before the senate and the house that's actually contradicting a president's public statements about the war and that his military advisers did not disagree whim. so that was a stunning thing just to bear witness to it because it's unprecedented in my lifetime to see that kind of a contradiction on display about public statements. that was number one. and, clearly what i was listening to hear is that the president did hear from them personally, the three people that provided testimony, the secretary of defense, the chairman of joint chiefs and the commander of centcom but also the ground operational commander of our forces and nato forces general milley, they all talked to him not just about opposition to the withdrawal, pete, but what the consequences would be.
4:34 am
and general milley emphasized that the collapse of the government and the afghan security forces could go a lot faster than anybody anticipates. so the president had to embrace all of that and still go forward and make this decision which turned out to be a calamity because now we have a terrorist organization running a country in southern asia and it will be an epicenter for growth of terrorism for sure. pete: how often is it that you get on the record military officials so quickly after something like this and they are now acknowledging it was a strategic failure, in fact, milley going to be say it ended in defeat. to say hear from prominent leaders this quickly after something, does that usually get this kind of glimpse? >> well, i think the reach why it's happened so rapidly and the congress wanted to have hearings and we were supporting these hearings on fox because we were not getting the straight information out of the administration. because it was such a debacle and fiasco and it's hurt america's credibility.
4:35 am
the chairman of the joint chiefs said it's damaged our credibility around the world. he used the word that the administration has been trying to stay away from like it's a third rail. he said strategic failure. and the word failure is something the administration refuses to use. i think that is what prompted the testimony because there was bipartisan, pete, pushback on this in terms of what has taken place. i mean, after all, these hearings are being held because the democrat majority in the house and the democratic majority in the senate, which is 50/50, but they share everything, is call for these hearings. and that is because i think the seriousness of what happened and how embarrassing and hue filliating it is for the united states at large and the disaster in terms of human life. pete: for sure. now, general, we have got about a minute here. you mentioned the new terrorist state in afghanistan. well, just a month after we withdrew. the taliban you has now named a new head of the atomic -- of their atomic energy department.
4:36 am
meaning their inheriting -- though had a 10-year-old nuclear nuclear agency. does this mean the taliban could try to become a nuclear threat? >> they could. but it's unlikely this is something that got started in 2011 in iraq by previous government legislations. they are primitive level trying to build nuclear power plant. i mean, they are so basic it is perennialive. and to take that to a radioactive threat or to a nuclear threat would really be a stretch. but, listen. on their western border is iran. trying to get a lot of nuclear materials on their eastern border is pakistan who has about at least 150 nuclear weapons and that country has been known to export that technology to korea, iran, and libya. so are we going to watch this? yes. certainly, we will have our eyes
4:37 am
right on top of it. pete: you are right nuclear harbor the taliban. got have your eye on it general jack keane, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> great talking to you, pete. pete: likewise. well, the education secretary, making a statement that parents, well, you are not going to be pleased with. listen to this. >> do you think parents should be in charge of their child's education? >> parents are important stakeholders but i also. >> primary. >> educators have a role. pete: our man, will cain, here to react coming up next. ♪
4:38 am
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4:42 am
groh. steve: watch this, while testifying on schools reopening, joe biden education secretary miguel cardona says parents may not be the primary stockholder in their kids' education, at least that's kind of what it sounds like. >> do you think parents should be in charge of their child's education as the primary stockholder? >> i believe parents are important stakeholders but i also. >> primary. >> educators have a role in determining educational programming. pete: hmmm should educators really be in charge of deciding what's right for your children? ainsley: joining us to react is "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. good morning, will. will: good morning. ainsley: what's your reaction? will: my reaction is our colleague rachel campos-duffy who is not with us this morning has been proven correct.
4:43 am
pete knows very well this is something rachel has talked about on the weekend edition of "fox & friends" for quite some time that many in the democratic party don't believe your children are yours to guide and shape and to control the learning process for these would be young adults. no, no, no. it's the community who is gharng of your children. and the community, of course, as defined by the democratic party and their ideology, they are saying the quiet part out loud. pete, steve, ainsley, i would add to it with this. i know there are many out there. i hope, still there are others out there interested in different point of view. some may hear what i'm saying saying that's hyperbolic. they don't want to take control of your children. what i would say then isn't this just another example of how we have become sheep in the united states and we outsource every bit of responsibility to someone else. authority, dr. anthony fauci, cdc, american medical association wants to change sex on birth certification the american pediatric association wants to mask all children until they are vaccinated.
4:44 am
we stop thinking for ourselves and taking control of responsibility for our own lives. this is not how you not only allow authoritarianism in but invite it by saying educators know better than i do for what's best for my child. doctors always. the consensus, the science in all capitalization. they always know best. and this sort of appeal to authority is much bigger part of what we are right now in america. steve: given the influence of teachers unions and things like that, this goes to show you will and pete and ainsley, why, you know, some parents are taking their kids out of public schools and they're putting them in private schools and charter schools and catholic schools and home schooling. will: yes, yes. and as everyone on this couch has talked about, because of the pandemic, we have actually got to see what our children are learning. important teacher's union, steve again to this idea that someone always knows better than you, what you need to understand the proverbial you, not steve doocy,
4:45 am
that all of these organizations, ama, american pediatric association, teachers, they're capable of capture by vested interest. whether or not that's the pharmaceutical industry or the teachers union or even ideology. when you have an entire industry that can be captured by one point of view. make no mistake, they all are captured. pete: by the way, that department of education, will, was actually created by teachers unions. if you look at the history it was teachers union who made a deal to get the department of education. if it's not the parents it's the teachers unions for sure. will, look forward to seeing you this weekend. i have a list of who we are going to have on the program and in the teleprompter do you have it. will: no. i have no prompter. i have nothing in my ear. i have nothing here. no magic tricks, pete. will: watch this. we have our friends coming, lawrence jones, joey jones, clay travis, we have eddie gallagher coming in as well. and congresswoman bess van duyne. that's no big deal. that's probably accurate. i think i nailed it.
4:46 am
pete: i think you did. we cut away to the promo shot. not clear you were reading it off a piece of paper. will: no return no tv magic. steve kicks off tomorrow 6:00 a.m. eastern time thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, will. will: see you guys. ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. janice: beautiful day in no. take a look at the maps. i will show you colder air moved in across the northeast and the great lakes. between that we have a front that's going to stall out and that's going to bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the next couple of days. never a good thing when you see a stalled front because the heavy rainfall is going to flash flooding concern for texas and louisiana. areas across the mississippi and ohio valley over the next couple of days. you can see that forecast radar. that front is just going to linger and just produce more and more rain and the potential for stronger storms. keep that in mind. know what to do if there is a watch or a warning. now, this is hurricane sam.
4:47 am
cat 4. almost a 5. 156, i believe, brings to a 5. the good news with this storm is it is going to stay away from land strong surf and rip current. tropical storm victor. it's not going to hurt anyone. i wanted to keep tabs on the fact that we have a busy hurricane season and we will enjoy a wonderful weekend here in the northeast. all right? it's steve, it's ainsley, it's pete. over to you. >> and it's october. >> that's right. october 1st. 7:47 here on the east coast. a pair of heroes rush the rescue of an unconscious man in a burning vehicle. the first responders who responded to the fire scene is going to join us next. ♪ i'm holding for a hero until the end of the night ♪ he's got to be strong ♪ and he's g be fast ♪ and he's got to be ♪ i need a hero ♪ i'm holding on for a hero until the morning light ♪
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4:52 am
ainsley: chilling footage of a police officer, an emt paramedic working together to rescue an unconscious driver from a burning car.
4:53 am
the fearless duo extinguishing the flames and pulling that driver out to safety, as you saw , and thanks to their quick actions the driver is expected to be okay. those two heros join us now, officer david baker, and paramedic justin say your last name for me. i have it written down. remolard, is that right? >> yes. ainsley: you all are such heros and it's so cool to see that video and know that he survived because of your quick thinking, who was first on the scene? >> putnam county ems was first on the scene, myself and my partner arrived and then officer baker showed up about 30 seconds after we got there. ainsley: so justin, tell me what happened. >> when we pulled up, we saw the car off the roadway, into another vehicle, that was on fire.
4:54 am
i got out of the ambulance, grabbed a fire extinguisher, trying to put the flames out, went around to the driver's side and noticed the patient was still in the vehicle, so officer baker came down and he came around to the driver's side and we just worked together to try to get him out. ainsley: officer baker, who is the person that was in the car? have you talked to him since? >> unfortunately, it's an ongoing investigation so those details haven't been released and i'm not able to speak on them. ainsley: but he's going to be okay? >> yes, ma'am from what i've heard. ainsley: is this one of the reasons you became an officer? >> absolutely, ma'am. i got into this job to help people, and being able to do that is a real motivation. ainsley: justin, have you ever experienced anything like this? >> no, ma'am this is the first time i've done anything like this. ainsley: what was it like, what were you thinking when going through it and it's all over? >> when we realized we had the patient still in the vehicle
4:55 am
, the first thing that came to my mind is we've got to get him out, and then once we got him out, and there were things popping and explod ing on some of the vehicles, we just knew we had to get him as far away as we could so we just got him as far away as we could and we started doing our treatment. ainsley: officer baker were you worried there was going to be an explosion? >> the thought crossed my mind, yes, ma'am, with the fire and the vehicle and gasoline, all those things, tires were explod ing, so that's all that was in the back of our minds, yes ma'am. ainsley: but you are heros. justin, what's been the reaction from your friends at the department, and also in the community? >> its been overwhelming be probably the best word. my work family, my family friends, they've all congratulated me, told me good job and i basically told them it
4:56 am
was just part of the job. ainsley: that is someone's child in that car. an adult, obviously now, he has parents, and probably a family, maybe a father. we don't know that at this point , but all of that, his life could have changed in a major way if you all hadn't been there so god bless you both, you're heros and we appreciate everything you do. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. there in tennessee i love that state. pushback in congress guess the president's vaccine mandate, why senator ron johnson calls it a job killer, coming up. when did you see the signs? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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>> the motion is adopted. government shutdown at midnight averted while democrats are divided over their massive spending plan. >> there's not a single republican in this chamber voting for the $3.5 trillion spending spree. ainsley: communities all across texas standing up to the white house open border policy with a potential lawsuit. >> this is a huge national security problem. we have people crossing this border with drugs and smuggling. >> a group of lawmakers standing up for lt. colonel stuart sheller. >> 36 members signed a letter calling for his immediate release. >> i am encouraged by americans steve: a denver police officer was forced to get the shot to keep his job, but now he says he has trouble walking. >> it's life changing. the doctor says it could get worse before it gets better.
5:01 am
>> bengals have never led tonight. until now! cincinnati wins it 24-21. >> ♪ steve: tgif, thank goodness it's fox. ainsley: amen. steve: live at milwaukee, wisconsin. did you know, when i think milwaukee, naturally you think about beer, even though it is 8:00 in the morning there are 30 current brewers there, who are in operation today. the biggest probably miller, and of course they were made famous for the brewery for a lot of people, with laverne & shirley. ainsley: i remember that show but that's where they lived on the show? steve: yeah they worked at i think it was called shot's brewery. ainsley: i didn't remember them working on a brewery.
5:02 am
steve: oh, yeah. ainsley: i remember them on the line. i was little so i didn't watch it that much. steve: or into beer at age 6. ainsley: good point. pete: i think of the milwaukee brewers obviously that's where they get their name from. ainsley: milwaukee's best. steve: anyway, good morning milwaukee and the rest of the country. ainsley: happy friday. pete: happy friday indeed. when i was down in nashville this week brian went off on a walking spree. ainsley: yes he did. steve: he claimed he had invented walking. pete: he did. he claims it often. every single walk you see , ever ainsley: and brian wants that area over there, where he does a lot of his interviews to be his area. pete: kilmeade corner. i can't go over there. i'm not allowed over there. they should put a plaque up over there. ainsley: brian is not here to defend himself but his papers yesterday started inching more and more into our area. we're like do you want to take over the whole set now, brian? pete: don't answer that question ainsley: he's on tonight at 7:00 steve: he's taking over the
5:03 am
primetime all by himself. pete: all right now we've got, i believe it a live look at the white house as joe biden's massive spending plan hangs in the balance. steve: maybe a vote today because yesterday it did not work and democrats are accusing each other of tanking the president's agenda. ainsley: peter doocy joins us live from the white house as the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, fails to deliver on that promised vote. she originally said monday, then she changed it to thursday, now she's saying friday. do you think it's going to happen? reporter: we'll see. we might be up late again and for next minute and a half or so this report is only going to feature sound bites from democrats, because, interparty problems are the reason that they are not advancing these major pieces of the president's agenda, but speaker pelosi is claiming they're close. but here's pelosi's problem. joe manchin and the senate is trying to shrink the big progressive wish list from
5:04 am
$3.5 trillion to 1.5 but she can't do that without losing progressives like aoc. >> senator joe manchin said $1.5 trillion is his number. is that sufficient for the both of you? >> for one year? >> [laughter] >> is this june, is it september, is it august? will december manchin will this be a different senator? reporter: aoc's approach has critics on the left too though who doubt that digging in like that is going to get anything done. >> i don't want to suggest that the progressives are wrong, but the legislators for a long period of time and a lot are activists trying to get things in other ways. i've been a legislator for 44 years. i've got, my car is older than quite a few of the progressives. reporter: that's true, and officials around here have gone from d demanding that both of
5:05 am
these bills, the infrastructure and then the progressive wish list hit the president's desk at the same time, too, just trying to figure out how to get anything passed while they still have control of both houses. back to you. pete: so peter, the democrats have unified control of government. the white house, the house, the senate as well, but and this would have been joe biden's first bipartisan victory, but not to be yet, but where's joe biden, because we know he went to the baseball game, he's been working the phone when he's up at camp david, calling people but he's not telling people, vote for the $1 trillion bill, or vote for the $3.5 trillion bill, because he doesn't want to anger either side. reporter: it was really interesting here. joe manchin, the person that they have been trying to work over more than anybody, talk about his private conversations,
5:06 am
he claims biden tells him i'm never going to ask you to betray your belief. maybe it's the exact opposite of whipping a vote. it sounds like the president has been going on more of a listen ing tour of congress than using the full weight of his office. we know he does have staffers who are over there trying to really get something done, somewhat urgently so that they can go about other things, but until then, they are stuck right here. steve: they are indeed, peter thank you very much. and nancy pelosi humiliated because, you know, she historically, you were talking about what a great master negotiator she is. pete: her own term. steve: and gets stuff done. the vote was supposed to be monday, then maybe wednesday. and then absolutely on thursday, here we are friday, it might not happen until this weekend, and then, the progressive wing has all the votes it takes to tank it. ainsley: any word from the progressives as to, i mean, we saw aoc laughing but do you think there could be a compromise, because joe manchin
5:07 am
is saying i'll support 1.5 for all these social, this social spending, not 3.5. do you think the progressives maybe pulled back some of the money? steve: they want all of it. pete: that's right if there's one thing we know they are going to dig their heels in because they believe they are the power base. they look at joe manchin and krysten sinema and they say, there's also accusations you're basically republicans over here, but to think about how far they've come in that $1.5 trillion considered the moderate. ainsley: republicans don't want it at all. they want the infrastructure bill. steve: and steve cohen who was that last sound bite from tennessee -- ainsley: has the car older than aoc. steve: yeah, he's i've been here for 40 years. they don't get it. you gotta negotiate. it takes time, because they are impatient, but nonetheless, the problems are all in side the democratic party. we had earlier on the program, at 7:00 eastern, if you missed a little of the show, you miss a
5:08 am
lot. we had the guy who hit the homer two nights ago at the congressional baseball game, congressman greg stuby, a republican from florida, and he was talking not only about that great hit but about how so far the democrats have grounded out. watch. >> pelosi promised all these democrats there be a vote on infrastructure on monday. we are still sitting here on friday with no vote and that's because the progressives, the far left of her own party, have said they're not going to vote for it because they want their 3.5 trillion socialized liberal spending spree, so until they get that, they are going to lockdown on the infrastructure package, she's going to lose five votes on the floor. there's not a ink is el republican in this chamber that votes for the $3.5 trillion spending spree. if you didn't have the votes last night, on monday, i don't see how they have the votes today. steve: he's right. there was one bit of legislation that did get passed last night just before midnight. the president did sign a bill to keep the government open. no government shutdown, keep it open until, i think, december 3.
5:09 am
ainsley: he did not raise the debt ceiling. steve: it did not but it does include hurricane aid for people who were impacted by the big hurricane a while back, and money for the afghan refugees. ainsley: republicans are mostly worried about inflation with all the spending we don't have the money to pay for all of this you're already seeing grocery prices go up, gas prices go up, can't get a car right now because these chips, everything is happening with covid. pete: underneath it all, it's a cradle-to-grave government dependency is what this bill is whether it's 1.5 or 3.5 it's an electoral grab by the far left. ainsley: plus it's raising the corporate tax? to 28%, companies are going to move again, companies are going to be, we'll dependent on china. steve: well the good news is if, you know and the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, if that passes, that's going to create a lot of jobs and that's a good thing and it is, it was passed with bipartisan support in the senate, so let's see what happens. ainsley: all the jobs have to be union jobs, he said.
5:10 am
steve: they have to be. that's the small print. it'll cost more but nonetheless it's the price of getting it across the finish line. meanwhile let's talk a little bit about our southern border. it looked as if a federal appeals court might actually get rid of title 42 yesterday, but instead, they said you know what? forget about what that u.s. district judge said. we say that its got to stay in place, and so now, the biden administration can use it if they choose to, to turn away people, at our southern border. the problem is you would think that every single person coming across could potentially be carrying covid and they could say look, under title 42, you gotta turnaround. they have been very selective about who they are turning around. ainsley: do you think they use it? they're against it. steve: they are using it right now. aniston what percentage? steve: 200,000 migrant encounter s in august. that's up 317% from 2020.
5:11 am
93,000, so about half were removed according to these government statistics, via title 42. ainsley: there rd had is officials that say they have knowledge of a conversation that mayorkas had with his team from the department of homeland security saying be prepared for the worst case scenario in which 350-400,000 migrants could cross the border in october. pete: because if you look at the percentage of people that were released from bidenville under that bridge in del rio, into our country, without being tested for covid, without paperwork, we were told they were going into " removal proceedings the which is just a code for being released into the country. the message is crystal clear. there may be confusion, there may be blustering that you won't be allowed in but ultimately you will be let in and that's why you hear all this information about additional caravans, tens, hundreds of thousands of people maybe double the record amount in the month of october. the cameras might not be on that
5:12 am
bridge right now but it doesn't mean the problems going away. this administration knows that. that infrastructure bill, doesn't include anything for the border. doesn't include anything for a border wall. of course not. and title 42, they can't stand it. you said if they choose, steve. they've shown so far that they would choose to like to not use it. steve: you know whose laughing hysterically about how we are securing our southern border right now? the cartels. pete: of course. steve: it's like the american government is making it so easy for us to take people up, because they're in the human smuggling business and to take drugs up. we can do both look at this , nobody is stopping us. pete: the government gets them to their final destination once across the border they get a flight on ice air and somewhere else and you're in philadelphia or florida. ainsley: panama's foreign minister said she warned the biden administration this was happening. this year alone they've had 85,000 haitians crossed through panama and they are heading here to the united states. there are rumors of more caravan s coming in behind this one we just saw the ones
5:13 am
under the bridge. steve: speaking of the bridge which the people i think you referred to it as bidenville, you named it that and people have been using it. ainsley: bidenville? pete: population 15,000 at its height. steve: and they cleared out bidenville but there's a guy, we had on about an hour ago, beau n ettleton, a county commissioner in del rio, which is where the bridge is, and they are going to sue the administration because they are not enforcing the laws. here is beau. >> national security problem, i mean, we have people crossing this border, and we've heard numbers of this group up to 20,000, and we've had thousands before this , and that doesn't even include the fact that while our immigration officers and dps and everybody's busy dealing with these large crowds we still have hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people going around these communities out through these rural areas with drugs and smuggling and all kinds of other stuff, and we don't even know some countries that they're coming from, not
5:14 am
including all of the diseases that are coming, with covid and everything else. steve: he told us when they're coming in, sometimes they are processed but then they are released into the county. his county is out at least $400,000, so far, in trying to deal with social services and the migrants. the biden administration owes them the cash. ainsley: i heard you say that, and then he said that doesn't include the medical cost, because he said the hospital, we've delivered didn't you say 11 babies in the del rio area, from those women, that were under the bridge? steve: those be 11 new american citizens then. pete: that's right. ainsley: you're right. pete: it's texas vs. the world. the federal government is not doing anything. texas also announced they are building temporary border wall down there as well. their only option. ainsley: and the border patrol agents the ones on horseback we're told they had to get vaccinated by a certain point, if not they get terminat ed so they have to be vaccinated, protecting the border, yet the people coming through the border don't have to be vaccinated.
5:15 am
pete: got it. ainsley: or even tested. pete: makes a lot of sense to me steve: really can you explain it to me? pete: yeah, please help. jillian will you explain it? jillian: i can explain to you some of our headlines starting with a story about merck, does that sound good? pharmaceutical company merck says its experimental covid-19 pill is effective against the virus. researchers saying the oral treatment cuts hospitalizations and chance of death by half. merck says treatment would include a short-term regimen of daily pills, scientists are conducting phase iii of trials right now. they hope to have emergency fda approval as soon as possible. >> denver police officers who are not vaccinated against covid-19 now face being fired under the city's mandate. one officer, jose mancrez was forced to get the shot to keep his job and he joined us earlier to discuss what he says is a severe negative reaction. >> it's life changing, and the doctor says it could get worse before it gets better, and if i do get better it's going to be years, so i always carry my kid to bed and they are
5:16 am
like daddy let's just walk to bed. jillian: his attorney says he had covid last year and has antibodies. >> starting today if your life isn't in immediate danger or a crime is no longer active, 911 is no longer the number to call in austin, texas. with mounting staff shortages austin police are redirecting non-emergencies to 311. austin city council member mckenzie kelly joined us in the last hour to react. >> it's part of the disastrous consequences that the city council made in 2020 to defund the police department. i don't see this ending well for anyone. it should be the forefront of every public official's mind that we keep public safety paramount. jillian: austin's police chief says all reports gathered by 311 will still be given to police allowing them to follow-up when they're available. >> and to celebrate fox news' 25th anniversary the fox news washington d.c. bureau gets a
5:17 am
major upgrade. the bureau getting a top-to- bottom refresh after more than two decades of groundbreaking coverage and original reporting. the new green room pays homage to a long time colleague and patriot and long time anchor, tony snow, being remembered with the tony snow radio studio. looks very spiffy and fancy. steve: the big newsroom looks a lot like the big newsroom here. ainsley: what does peter say about it? steve: he was at the ribbon cutting yesterday, he had not been in the building for a while and he's down at the white house all the time, but he said it was beautiful. really beautiful. very efficient and ultimately that's what we're looking for. pete: couple of great photos in there too. ainsley: i know, representing two amazing men. pete: thank you, jillian. steve: coming up brand new body cam footage painting a clear picture of what really happened between gabby petito and brian laundrie, in the days leading up to her death, and it's not what we had heard before. ainsley: but first, forced vaccination, a no-go for many
5:18 am
members of the gop, senator ron johnson thinks important health decisions should be a choice, not a mandate. he joins us on the fight against the biden administration's policy, next. >> ♪
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helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. >> after-hours of meetings the two sides still seeing trillions of dollars apart how do you break this down? >> we're not trillions of dollars apart. >> how disappointed are you there's no vote tonight, madam
5:24 am
speaker? >> we'll get a vote today. steve: um, there was not a vote yesterday, and speaker pelosi forced to delay the vote, again, after progressives put president biden's infrastructure bill in jeopardy. this , as congressman ages to avoid a full government shutdown for now. here is a preview of what to expect on the hill, wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: well the good news is the government did not shutdown, that's why we continue we've got lights on there. they are going to run through december 3. they also provided money for hurricane relief and the afghan refugees, but at the same time, there are these two other great big federal program bills hanging, and it seems like even though the democrats control the house, the senate, and the white house, they can't even get it through their own party. >> well, steve, oftentimes, you know, what happens here in washington, you'd rather have it not happen, so grid lock in
5:25 am
washington often is the best result. gridlock within the democrat party is for sure the best result, and from my standpoint, that be a good outcome. what we should have always done is just repurposed about $700 billion of the $1.9 trillion partisan covid relief package, repurposed that toward infrastructure spending and called it a day and then start passing budgets that actually reduce the deficit, because the current level of debt is unsustainable. we pass bernie's budget it'll be $45 trillion in 10 years that's just unacceptable. we're mortgaging our kid's future. steve: the moderate democrats are behind this $1.2 trillion bill, but unfortunately, for them, the progressives want the amount that's more than double that, the 3.5 trillion, and so you've got all these moderates, the people, you know, gigantic block in the democratic caucus and they are furious at nancy pelosi because she promised them, okay, we're going to take a vote monday.
5:26 am
okay we'll take a vote thursday. now, maybe today, and they are all being held hostage by the squad and the progressives. >> well again, i hope the progressives stand their ground so that nothing happens. that be the best result and then , when we win in november 2022, we can start reversing the damage of the biden administration of the progressive left, and we'll pass real infrastructure programs and bills and we'll re purpose that $700 billion that isn't even scheduled to be spent until 2022-2028. steve: so you don't regard the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed bipartisan as being actual real infrastructure? >> well there's certainly some of it and listen the people that voted for that, there are some goodellments in it no doubt about it but about $250 billion is not paid for , i had a real problem with that and again, there was a much better solution just repurpose the $700 billion and you don't further mortgage our kid's future. again, that didn't prevail,
5:27 am
obviously because the democrats don't have a problem mortgaging our kid's future. steve: tell us a little bit about how a number of republican senators are going to introduce a bill to block federal agencies from requiring a covid vaccine as a requirement of their jobs. >> i first have to say i was a big supporter of operation warp speed, i've gotten every vaccine except the covid vaccine because i've already had covid. i think it's a shame that we're not recognizing natural immunity i'm a big champion of right to try but a corollary is the right to refuse. i don't think anyone should be pressured, coerced for not taking any medical treatment including the covid vaccine so this bill is one of many bills pushing back on president biden 's divisive mandate, and by the way, there's no reason for the mandate. we know if you have the vaccine, you can get infected, still transmit, why are we segregating dividing our nations with these freedom-stopping mandates it makes no sense. steve: but senator you know every employer has the right to have require am the for a job,
5:28 am
and the federal government headed up by joe biden, this is one of the requirements. >> well i understand that. i'm opposed to those mandates even the private sector. i'll be proposing peaceful legislation that will allow a cause of action against employer s that force coerce their employees to get the vaccine and if they get injured, under that duress, that they should be able to sue their employers. i would hope that be a real disincentive for employers not in acting mandates either. steve: senator ron johnson sir thank you very much for joining us have a nice weekend. >> you too. steve: meanwhile coming up on 8: 30, she was told she failed then she became one of the best pitchers in softball history. our celebration of hispanic heritage month highlights lisa fernandez's standout career and she's coming up, next. >> ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance
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ainsley: this morning we are celebrating hispanic heritage month by highlighting the history and achievements of hispanic and latino americans. fox news correspondent joins us now with more, hi. >> hi, good morning, ainsley.
5:33 am
a coach once told lisa fernandez she wouldn't make it as a softball pitcher, she wasn't tall enough. that assessment only energized her more to become a national champion, gold medal winner, and coach. a true giant in the game. >> i grew up around the game. just had a passion for it, a love for it and obviously the support of my family to compete at it. >> as a young girl, lisa fernandez was destined to play ball. her love of the game started with her father antonio who immigrated from cuba where he played semi-pro baseball and her mother who came from puerto rico and grew up playing stick ball. the first generation americans started going to their softball games when she was still in diapers and took her fist swing at 8. >> it was just a way to keep me active, for some reason, i had a passion for being able to catch a ball and hit a ball and throw a ball up against a wall. >> despite her small stature, ferricks maenades dreamed big and when a coach told her she
5:34 am
wasn't tall enough to be a successful pitcher she threw herself into the game. i wanted to be a ball player and that was my goal and focus and be the best that i could be. reporter: at ucla, the right hander was a first team all- american, all four years leading the bruins to two national championships and twice finishing as the runner up. her earned run average is second in ncaa history. her 74 shut-outs still hold the record at her all majority matter, and she didn't just make a mark from the mound. fernandez was also a threat at the plate. her senior year, she led the nation in both pitching and hitting, batting over .500. just proud to be able to be a brew in. gave me my development on the field and off-the-field, and you know it's a family here. reporter: after college she went for the gold and got it. not once, not twice, but three times, at the 96 atlanta games, in 2000 in sidney and at the
5:35 am
2004 olympics in greece. fernandez pitched in 11 games at the olympics going 7 in 1 as a pitcher batting over .300 with three homers and 15 rbi's. >> you are representing something that is much bigger than yourself in terms of what you're willing to do for your country, but also, to know that it's that one moment in time that you just have to be at your very best. it is awesome, to be able to represent team usa but still be able to know who i was in terms of being cuban, but more importantly to me was being a latina and representing those girls that may not realize the opportunities that they set forth. reporter: now in her 23rd season on the ucla women's softball coaching staff, fernandez embraces being a role model for young women and girls. >> being a role model to the future is what it's all about. god blessed me with some ability , not only physically, but mentally and i've been at the right place at the right time and to give back, it's my
5:36 am
honor. reporter: throughout all her successes, one thing she never forgets, her passion and pride for her hispanic heritage. >> i am cuban and i am puerto rican and i am very proud that when i can step on the field, i represent many, and to me, that's the most important thing is that i do that with pride and with honor. reporter: and while lisa fernandez has so many honors like being named the ncaa greatest college softball player , and being inducted into the usa softball hall of fame, ainsley, she says her greatest accomplishment in life and you and i will get this , is being a mom to her two boys. ainsley? ainsley: absolutely we can definitely relate. thank you so much. beautiful story. unseen body camera footage of gabby petito sheds new light on the case as fbi agents once again visit the laundrie family home down in florida searching for even more evidence. geraldo is going to react to the latest twist, next. i'll shoot you an estimate as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now.
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>> did he slap your face or what? >> he grabbed me with his nail. i could feel it. pete: that was new body cam video showing gabby petito telling utah police herself that brian laundrie hit her. this , as fbi agents returned to the laundrie house yesterday, leaving with even more collected evidence. here to react, to the ongoing manhunt is fox news correspondent at-large, geraldo rivera. good morning, how are you great to see you always. geraldo i'm well, thank you. pete: this new body cam footage, what does it tell you, it's interesting we're just getting it now and the search continues. geraldo: the reason that we're getting it now is that there is intense pressure on the moab, utah cops as to why they didn't do more, why weren't they more proactive once they arrived at the scene the original body cam
5:42 am
footage that we had already seen , once they arrived at this obvious domestic violence incident, why weren't they more proactive? why didn't they separate this couple? why didn't they keep them apart, why did they listen to the common refrain from the female in the usually the female in the couple, oh, it was just some nothing serious, he didn't mean to hurt me, you know, we love each other, we're engaged, we're going to be married. we saw all of that, so in the intense skepticism about the police account in this investigation, the second body cam camera footage has been made public now, and what it shows is a kind of one witness described two kids fighting, but there's no doubt, and this is what the second body cam footage shows undeniably, that he hit her. that brian hit gabby. she says that her scalp is scratched.
5:43 am
she says that he hit her with his nail, so you could imagine it was kind of a sweeping blow. she goes like this , and he hits her with a nail that causes a scratch scratch and she says in the video, you can feel how her scalp has been injured. still, and nevertheless, the cop s let them go after a cooling off period that lasted almost an hour, it seems. the cops did let them go to the fate we now know awaited gabby. pete: absolutely. well, geraldo you mentioned cops a couple of times, and you are hosting cops all access by geraldo, it drops on fox nation today. a lot of excitement about the return of cops. talk to us about this. geraldo: the cops show, iconic, pete, as you know ran for over 30 seasons, a big big hit show, driven off the air in the whole cancel culture time, around the death of the tragic death of
5:44 am
george floyd at the knee of a cop in minneapolis. there was this wave of anti- police sentiment that swept the nation, to defund the police , you know, a movement began, cops were vilified. they were attacked. they were made to feel like criminals, so cops, the program, was driven off the air, despite its success, by the negative vibes directed at cops, around the floyd incident. now, we know, we understand that cops are human, cops make mistakes, but by and large, they are the thin blue line that protects society from anarchy, and what they do, the dynamic of it, the kinetic energy of it, it's almost like combat. it's half soldier, half diplomat , they try to do their best to find out what's happening without any physical encounters but then as often happens as fans of the show know , the perpetrator or the alleged perpetrator dashes away or attacks the cop or
5:45 am
does some other funky thing that leads to his or her arrest now the program is back. we're grown up enough to know that there are some bad cops, mostly good cops. the all access program brings some of the officers involved in the video to the studio along with fox news, or fox nation, all-stars hopefully, pete, we'll get you in that mix some day soon, and we describe and dissect the incident and give some perspective. the cops, the blue is back. we're delighted and 6:00 p.m. eastern. pete: the blue is back on fox nation, geraldo we're almost out of time but you've got a quick birthday shout out too. geraldo: i do, i think you have a picture of cruz rivera, my dad , talking about hispanic heritage. do you have the picture? pete: it's right there. geraldo: there he is my beloved dad one of 17 children from puerto rico. he came literally on the united
5:46 am
company banana boat and there used to be a ship that stopped at san juan harbor once a week and he took the banana boat to new york, raised his family, and hence my unusual genetic mix, my jewish mother, my puerto rican father, but for puerto rican heritage month, one of 14 children, he celebrated the american dream, five children of his own, and here we are. he came in 1915, and we love him , 106 years old if he were alive. pete: geraldo thank you so much, appreciate your time. geraldo: same to you. pete: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, my friend it's a beautiful day in new york city let's take a look at the maps i'll show you where the temperatures are pretty cool across the northeast as well as the west and in between that front, that's bringing the potential for showers, thunderstorms and flash flooding so that won't
5:47 am
move very quickly bringing all this moisture in from the gulf of mexico so places like texas and louisiana, up towards the mississippi river valley they don't need to see anymore rain and they will get so know what to do if there's a flash flood watch or warning there's the rest of the days temperatures, as well as you can see a little bit of the radar, for the central u.s. , beautiful 6 here in new york, 89 in phoenix, 69 in portland and 87 in miami just a quick look at hurricane sam which is going to remain offshore but still see the potential for dangerous rip currents, and high surf. all right, pete, my friend, back to you. pete: thank you, janice. appreciate it. tom shillue he's here to tell us how you can win $5,000. the green room teases are back that's fantastic he's got the fox bet questions you need to answer, in order to win big. but first let's check in with our friend dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. dana: hi, pete. i know you were here earlier this week and it was a great show. i am in nashville, i was going to say las vegas today, i'll be
5:48 am
joining greg gutfeld tonight. he wraps up his week of shows here, and bill and i will get you up to speed this morning on the democrats no good terrible very bad week, josh holmes and chris wallace will be our guest and governor bill lee will join us on how this state is going gang gangbusters and dozens of american citizens trapped in afghanistan, plus judge jeanine, lawrence jones and tie russ will be right here with me, see you then. this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but, whatever work becomes, the world works with servicenow. ♪ i'm steven, i'm 52, and i'm a makeup artist. i met my husband in 2002. ♪ i miss those eyes. do you think you could fall in love again?
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ainsley: the fox bet super 6 app is giving you another opportunity to begin $5,000, in a quiz show game, just answer six questions correctly, on a
5:53 am
wide variety of topics. pete: fox nation host tom shillue is the host of fox nation happy hour sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to other original content events and your favorite personalities on any device. steve: joining us right now with the actual questions, where you can win money, on the device, your device, download the app, here is tom shillue. >> i always say you can't play unless you download the app so download it and get to the questions it's so easy to do question number 1. which of these nfl games will have the highest combined points scored? steve: cowboys. pete: seahawks i think. >> okay, here we go. number 2 here. of these undefeated college football teams, who will score the least points this weekend? steve: i'm from iuorio, i've got to go with iowa.
5:54 am
it's a weird pride. pete: michigan state. >> which tech stock is going to finish friday with the highest percentage gain, google, apple, nvidia, microsoft, facebook or zoom? steve: apple. >> everybody says apple, but nvidia is a good one. they invented the gpu, the chip ainsley: all right steve: some of them. >> here we go. which movie will make the most at the domestic box office on friday. the jesus music, the many saints of newark, titan, or old henry. ainsley: i have to go with the jesus music. steve: we had them on this week. >> that's it. okay, here we go how many times will greg abbott tweet between friday and saturday. this is no retweet. steve: it's not something we
5:55 am
normally monitor. pete: only greg abbott knows. >> he could affect the outcome here. is it four or under? five, six, seven, eight, or nine or more? ainsley: for the whole weekend? >> friday and saturday. steve: the crowd goes with a, so i'll go with that. pete: he must not be a frequent tweeter. >> i went with 5. >> which of these states will have the lowest cost of a regular gallon of gas saturday? virginia, georgia, ohio, nebraska, wisconsin, florida there's a big favorite on this one. steve: nebraska? pete: the country seems to say nebraska. >> nebraska. steve: could be because it's at the end of a refinery line, maybe. don't know. >> those are your questions. steve: those are the exact questions. they haven't happened yet so we don't actually know the answer but if you get it then you get the chance to win all that dough. >> $5,000. ainsley: what percentage of the times do the majority win? >> the majority is almost never
5:56 am
right. pete: [laughter] >> they are almost never right. ainsley: don't go with the majority. go out on your own. steve: tom thank you very much and by the way don't forget to enter the nfl sunday challenge, for a chance to win $100,000 of terry bradshaw's money. that is completely different, but -- ainsley: you give out 5,000 he gives out 100,000, come on, tom. >> i'm not as loaded. steve: and it's not your money. all right, we'll take a break, good morning, clearwater, we're right back after this.
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