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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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mfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. eric: we start with breaking news in afghanistan, the taliban says the number of civilians report say aides were killed when a bomb exploded outside of a mosque in kabul yesterday. all a possible preview of the deadly hatred and violence against the taliban by isis-k. hello, welcome to "fox news live" on this sunday. i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. the bomb went off near the entrance of a mosque where a memorial service was underway for the mother of a taliban spokesman, just ahead of the
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blast the group had blocked the road leading to the service. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. it comes as top military officials here at home have repeatedly warned of an increased terror threat from afghanistan since the u.s. troop withdrawal. benjamin hall is live with what we know so far. benjamin. >> reporter: yeah, hi, arthel. what is so significant as you both pointed out is that this is an attack which was carried out on the taliban in the center of kabul and it comes after so many experts have been warning that with the taliban taking over, this is what might happen. chaos ensues and the country could head towards a civil war. we've already seen attacks like this increase you across the country and there's a growing suggestion that other terror groups are being emboldened. this is what poses a major threat to the u.s. the blast on sunday as you say struck near the entrance of the mosque in kabul and it targeted a memorial service for the mother of the taliban spokesman. at least eight civilians were
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killed, more wounded. isis-k are the key suspects. since the taliban took over afghanistan in mid-august, attacks by the isis afill yet have in-- affiliate have increased dramatically. in the last week alone isis-k have claimed a series of attacks in the country's east where they maintain a strong presence, killing does owns of civilians -- dozens of civilians and taliban fighters. this was the first attack since a suicide bomber killed 13 u.s. troops outside the airport in late august. this shows how poor the security situation is. experts have warned that a civil war in afghanistan could replicate the chaos seen in syria from which isis was able to carve out the first caliphate. one difference being that the u.s. had a preference in and -- presence in and around syria. they do not in or around
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afghanistan. what is worrying as well, if the taliban cannot provide security to their people, if they're not able to pay wages, if they continue to subjugate large portions of the population, they will not be able to govern in and that a will lead to civil war. it's what experts and generals have been warning about. arthel: thank you, benjamin. we'll have more on all a of this with jamil jaffer straight ahead. eric: there's a delay on capitol hill as the democrats remain deadlocked, the fighting continuing. that between the two factions, the moderates and progress is of. they remain fractioned over the buy part san infrastructure bill and president's massive $3.5 trillion social spending proposal. among the chief complaints from the moderate senators such as joe manchin and kyrsten sinema is the linkage of the two bills
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and the amount of spending. some say the infrastructure bill should be passed and not held up by the uncertainty surrounding the larger spending package but progressive senator and budget committee chairman bernie sanders says that was never the plan. >> from the very beginning of this process he's, the president of the united states, speaker pelosi, majority leader chuck schumer, made it clear, we're going down this road in a dual way. both bills have got to be linked together because there is a strong feeling on the part of many of us that if you just pass the infrastructure bill, which is a good bill, i voted for it, that we will not get to the bill that working families really want. eric: right now, that road is a dead end. david spunt live at the white house with more. hi, david. >> reporter: quite a lot of things going on. the president is spending a week way away from the white house behind me and the tension on capitol hill between democrat as you mentioned the word fractured, he's in wilmington,
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delaware right now, president biden as a u.s. senator was on capitol hill for almost 40 years. he was known as compromiser, someone that liked to work with republicans. in 2021, not much compromising going on on capitol hill, things are very different. however, the president says he's not giving up. here he is yesterday. >> there's nothing in any of these pieces of legislation that's radical, that is unreasonable. >> reporter: yesterday a confident president of the united states says he'll take his time pushing both items on his wish list but he and add advisors are telling progressives they must come off with three and-a-half trillion with a t top line for the social spending bill. >> we can frontload the benefits and have less years but ultimately the president is an honest broker, he's going to bring all the stakeholders together and i trust his judgment to get a compromise. >> reporter: one of the president's top advisors, cedric richmond, is playing the middle
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road, hoping the divisions between democrats don't become permanent. he's floating the idea that there's really no timeline to get this done. >> we don't have a timeframe on it. this is about delivering and making sure we deliver both bills to the american people because it meets their needs. >> reporter: but moderates, led by josh gottheimer, said they have no time for delays. he was scolding his boss, if you want to call her, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, he wrote in part, it's deeply regrettable that speaker pelosi breached her commitment to members of congress and to the american people to hold a vote and pass a once in a century bipartisan infrastructure bill before september 27th. it is moderates like gottheimer who continue to gain plays from republicans about going kind of a middle path, moderates, that's the word that joe biden was termed for almost 40 years in the united states senate.
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>> joe biden ran as a centrist and as competent and what we're seeing is that he is neither. joe biden has now walked the plank for the socialist bernie sanders budget, he's man overboard. and he can't swim. he is sinking and he sunk. >> reporter: okay. so right now we have this going on. we also have the debt limit. if the united states cannot raise the debt limit in the next several weeks, they may meet its limit. that is a concern right now for officials and don't forget government funding which was just extended by congress a few days ago, runs out december 3rd. a lot of things going on. no word when the president will come back in town but it's that democratic fracturing that you mentioned that the president and white house aides are watching closely. eric: and a metaphor from senator barrasso, they're treading water until they get a deal. we'll delve into the progressives versus the
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moderates, congressman andy biggs is here on that. arthel. arthel: thank you. well, democratic mayors in border communities meanwhile are tearing into the biden administration's immigration policies. they say the situation is spiraling out of control with a steady stream of migrants not slowing down, maxing out resources and overwhelming agents. jeff paul is live near the border in del-rio, texas. jeff. >> reporter: yeah, arthel. the mayor here in del-rio, texas, who happens to also be a democrat, says he's worried about a repeat of what happened two weeks ago during the lasts massive migrant surge. he says for the migrants it looks like a success story and del-rio could be a point of entrance again. the mayor says he tried to even give a heads up to federal officials that something like this could happen, something big could happen, back if february. he told them that at the time that cities like del-rio and other border towns need infrastructure, tents,
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processing centers, food and shelter. he said he sounded the alarm that something big was going to happen but to no avail. everything that was built up from the of last surge is now gone according to the mayor. he and other public officials like the county commissioner are worried about now the next migrant surge. he says border towns like del-rio are small and can't handle taking on thousands and thousands of people overnight. >> it's stressful. it's difficult for a community this size to handle groups of that magnitude and be able to deal with it and to think that when you hear rumors that there's another 30, 40, 50,000 people coming to imagine what you would have to deal with under those conditions would be extremely difficult. >> reporter: now, these large surges of migrants don't just impact border towns on the american side, you look at the mexican side and the city just across from del-rio in mexico,
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they have a shelter set up, about 1,000 people are in there and getting service as they try to figure out the next move. during the last surge they had to close the international bridge and that prevented a lot of folks who count on coming to america for work, they had to sit at home and not make any money. arthel: thanks, jeff. eric. eric: the hunt for brian laundrie is moving beyond florida. attention shifting to a possible sighting in north carolina, they say along the appalachian trail, this as gabby petito's mother reveals growing frustration and she has a pointed and blunt message for brian. charles t watson live outside the laundrie home in north port, florida. people have been yelling at the laundries for days now as you can hear. hi, charles. >> reporter: hi, eric. yeah, it's been going on for days. this as there are new claims of a brian laundrie sighting this time along the appalachian trail
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where brian is set to frequent. a florida engineer identified as dennis davis of the new york post that he spotted and spoke to a man he believed to be brian on a deserted road near the border of north carolina and tennessee. he said the man was driving a white pickup truck and apeered lost and dazed as he rambled on about a fight with his girlfriend and asked for directions to california using only back roads. at the time the gentleman said he didn't notice the man he was speaking to until he pulled over and looked up photos of brian. he put three calls out to police and the fbi, all of which fox news is working to independently verify. but eric, as the search for brian stretches into day 15, the fbi is remaining quiet about where their efforts stand as they try to track down the 23-year-old on bank fraud charges. dog the bounty hunter says he's fielding thousands of tips one
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of which led him to a campground where fox news learned the laundries including brian's sister went camping days after he returned from a cross country trip without girlfriend gabby petito. gabby's mother turned to twitter. she said mama buries getting angry, -- bear is getting angry, turn yourself in. the protesters are back out in front of the laundrie home this afternoon, asking where brian is and in their words asking the family to repent for their. sins.eric: what else are they yelling? i think i heard murderer? what are those people saying? >> reporter: there are a lot of calls of where is brian? what do you know about brian? justice for gabby petito. and they're asking the family if they're christians to come out, respent for their -- repent for their sins and do whatever they can to help the petito family
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track down their son. eric: how is the family reacting? >> reporter: we haven't seen the family in days. so it's not clear if they're actually inside of the home. days prior we've seen them making movement, going out to the store, grabbing some milk or doing whatever they need to do but we haven't seen them in days really. eric: it's certainly symbolic and a national message. charles, thank you. arthel: the president's own party could derail his agenda on capitol hill and now the speaker of the us house is giving lawmakers -- the speaker of the house is giving lawmakers until the end of the month to pass the infrastructure bill but as moderates and progressives dig in, what happens next? congressman andy biggs will be here with his take. he's live, standing by. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual!
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arthel: cleanup crews are racing to contain a major oil spill off the coast of california in huntington beach, 30 miles southeast of la, nearly 3,000 barrels leaking from an oil rig five miles offshore. the coast guard reporting an oil slick measuring 13 square miles. some of the oil washing ashore
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on beaches and sensitive wetlands. eric: house speaker nancy pelosi is setting a new deadline for democratic lawmakers, now giving them until the end of the month to pass the president's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion social spending package. the delay over her promised vote, that was supposed to happen the other day, now it's got four more weeks. this after they've already delayed the legislation several times. the moderates are pushing back against the progressives within the democratic party. senator joe manchin last week drawing a line, he says he wants the larger bill to be trimmed down significantly. his progressive caucus chairwoman on that. >> we don't know what the number is yet. there's no number on the table yet that is everyone has agreed to. it's not like -- >> what do you think? >> i don't feel the need to give a number. i gave my number, it was 3.5. so if you're in a negotiation,
9:19 am
you need to have a counter offer before you bid against yourself. >> if we're looking at numbers, how about 1.5. >> that's not going to happen. >> why won't it add up to that? >> that's too small to get the priorities in. eric: the progressives ain't budging, congressman andy business joint us, he's on the oversight committee. houston, we've got a problem, bill stuck in the mud. what do they do? >> yeah, well, you know, eric, they're exactly right. they're kind of stuck. they're going to come down on that number, i guarantee you. the problem is, this is about policy at some point and not just a number because they want to create policies and programs, some of the progressive members said they want to do policies and they'll just fund them for a fewer years instead of 10 years. that means they'll spend a whole lot of money upfront. they'll lay a lot of mandates and programs on the table and on the american people and then they're not going to pay for them to run the course of those and you're going to create
9:20 am
constituencies and put strings on the american people and they just aren't going to care about that because they're going to try to get their policies in place so you can't lever them out of there down the pike. that's what they want. eric: you know how government works. once you have a program in there, what are the chances of it being scrapped? >> that's right. you've created the constituencies and they'll come in and congress doesn't like to be responsible for its acts. let's just face the facts. and so they'll put them in place. they may never come out if they get them in at a lower dollar amount. eric: this is showing the divide between moderates and progressives. bernie sanders, he wants to hold the line too. here's what he said about all of this. >> we have the american people very, very strongly on our side. we've got the president of the united states on our side. we've got 96 members -- percent of the members of the democratic
9:21 am
caucus on the house on our side. we've got all but two senators on the democratic side on our side. we're going to pass a strong infrastructure bill to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure bill and we'll pass the reconciliation bill. eric: if almost everyone is on his side, how come it hasn't been done? >> because these folks understand there's going to be a comeuppance. they're having real trouble knowing that there's swing districts that people are going to be held accountable by the american people on and there's also radical, radical policy in here that is going to lay this on the american people and there's also tax increases going in there and all of that is going to bring all of this to bear on the democrats who are running in swing districts and they're going to lose power. eric: what does it mean for the party? what does it mean for the
9:22 am
midterms? he both sides are dug in. let me read you two quotes, one from a moderate, one from a progressive. josh gottheimer, he says we can't let the small fact chon on the far left kill the agenda. they put civility and bipartisan governing at risk. ouch. aoc, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, says this. it's a progressive value that went mainstream because no matter your views most people dislike big money and politics, framing this as a moderate versus progressive, it's inaccurate. it's a smaller group stonewall. that is throwing -- she is throwing shade at the moderates. the moderates are throwing shade at the progressives. what does this say about the state of the democratic party? >> there's a schism they've kept under wraps for a number of
9:23 am
years. it's now out in the open. we'll see how it plays out. you know these folks are going home for a week or two. they're going to hear from their constituents. my guess in some of the districts like gottheimer's district, they're going to say we don't want this horrible package that aoc wants. what's good in aoc's district is bads in our district and won't play here. i don't know if some of the moderates dig in deeper and some of the progressive dig in deeper and make it more difficult. this is going to be, whether biden and pelosi and schumer can bring people together, because that's the real issue. but i do see daylighted just briefly because giopole said it's not about the number any more and raskin said what we've got to do is the number may come down for sure, the president said the number's coming down but they want to get their programs and policies in there as we were talking earlier. eric: what would that mean if the programs and policies are put into place? what does that mean to you? what's the message?
9:24 am
>> the message to me that is we're going to be pushing all of this onto the american people. we may never get those horrible policies out and it's going to bring centralization of power and authority right in. they're talking green new deal policies. this is going to emascul ate our economy. hidden taxes are coming. and either of these plans, either the reduced spending or the maximum spending, because quite frankly it all comes down to the same end goal which is control green new deal stuff. eric: we're looking at the debt clock. look at that thing go. it goes up, up, up. speaker pelosi says the bills would put money in people's pockets, workers back in jobs and it's good for the american people. but the debt keeps climbing unfortunately. >> that's right. and the cbo score says this is
9:25 am
going to cost a whole lot more money so the debt clock rises. that means inflation will keep going because the currency devalues and taxation going on people, the hidden taxation of inflation and the green new deal mandates, we're going to be far more constrained economically and i frankly believe our freedoms are going to be kind of curtailed as well as they aggregate power right to the center and so there's a lot going on here that's not good. eric: both sides may get an earful the next few weeks as they're home before they come back for the october 31st deadline. congressman, good to see you. >> good to see you, eric. arthel: a coming up, more on the deadly bomb blast that targeted a mosque in afghanistan's cap tall city -- capital city today. top military officials say it's quite possible, coming up next.
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throw a huge salute, happy 25th birthday to fox, you're a founding partner of the folds of honor. we have raised and he donated over $200 million, to 35,000 34eu8 tri families, giving them the gift of education. we are so blessed to be part of the family and celebrate the 25th anniversary. god bless. ♪ >> real possibility in the not too distant future, six, 12, 36 months, reconstitution of al-qaida or isis, it's our job now under different conditions, it's our job to continue to protect american citizens against attacks from afghanistan. arthel: joint chiefs chair general mark milley last week testifying in congress on concerns about an increased
9:31 am
terror threat after the hasty u.s. exit in afghanistan that was days before today's deadly explosion at a mosque in kabul, it is the first major attack there since 13 u.s. service members were killed in a suicide bombing last month outside the city's international airport. let's bring in jamil jaffer, former chief counsel and senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee. can you trust a taliban spokesperson? how can we know who is behind the explosion? and more importantly like the fall of afghanistan, is the resurrection of al-qaida or rise of isis-k happening faster than the biden administration anticipated. >> we're seeing the rise of isis-k faster than i think the biden administration expected although not completely unpredictable. i mean, we have always known
9:32 am
that isis-k has been strong if the region, the taliban are closely aligned with the hakani network, a group that's long conducted terrorist attacks against the united states and we know that al-qaida long operated in the region, as long ago as 2001. general milley, you look, i think this is a huge challenge the united states faces, now trying to conduct the over-the-horizon counter terrorism capability. we're trying to do it from a distance. it's going to be difficult for the united states to protect ourselves against the growing terrorist threat coming out of afghanistan without having troops on the ground to defend our nation. arthel: so what about the homeland? because everybody watching is going, well, wait a minute, if they're reconstituting over there, that's where they kind of regrouped in the first place and attacked us here. >> this is exactly right, arthel. as you know, president obama had pulled out of iraq back in 2013, thinking he wouldn't have to go
9:33 am
back in. then we saw the rise of isis there. he had to go back in because there were real threats against americans in the hem land and allies in -- homeland andal a lies in europe 6789 this. the question will be does he have the fortitude to go back in if that's what it takes because that is what it will take, having withdrawn from the area. and to your earlier question, whether you can trust the taliban, the answer is absolutely not. you see what happens when the u.s. trusts the taliban, they didn't comply with the agreement to help americans get through the gates to the airport. you can't trust the taliban, can't trust isis. here we are, relying on them to take control of the country we know has been headquarters for terrorism in the past. arthel: so even if it's deemed strategically critical to redeploy u.s. troops back to afghanistan, who will go with us, which allies and how effective could such a move be at this juncture. >> that's a really important point. one of the things that happened when the u.s. pulled out of
9:34 am
afghanistan, we had about 2500 some odd troops on the ground at that point. our allies had another 7,000 troops. so when we left, they saw us leaving, they took their troops out too. that was where that 11,000 plus troops number came from that was able to protect afghanistan and protect them from the taliban resurgence. now it's hard to imagine allies sticking with us and coming back in. if we have to come back in, we'll have to do it largely on our own. in some ways we put ourselves at more risk today by having pulled out without coordinating and without waiting for the conditions to be right. president biden abandoned that approach back in march of this year and pulled out precipitously in august. arthel: do you think the taliban is proactively involved in this resurgence of terroristses or is it that a taliban government is an
9:35 am
oxymoron. >> we saw the funeral attack. the bombing at the kabul airport, you have you to remember, americans and afghan allies couldn't get the checkpoints to get to the airport to get out, how does the suicide bomber make it through the checkpoints. you have to wonder how that happened. the hakani network, the sons and brothers in the government there, the members of the network aren't involved in some level with terrorism in afghanistan, very hard to believe and they're involved in the taliban movement and in the government. arthel: seems like a bad situation has been made worse. what happens now? >> that's a great question. i think the real thing we have to do is we have to make sure we get all the americans of out that we left behind. we left american citizens and american nationals, green card holders behind and we left almost all of our afghan allies behind, 20,000 plus of them. the 20,000 that are left behind, it's unconscionable, we made commitments to these people, saying if you fight with us,
9:36 am
work with us, we'll make sure you're not subject to threat here and you're able to come to the united states and now we left them behind and no working plan as far as i can tell to get those folks out. arthel: if there's not a working plan as far as you can tell, is there a possibility in your experience of getting them out? >> well, that's a great question. the state department and the defense department have got to be part of the effort. they can't abandon the situation. we have a lot of humanitarian groups working very hard to identify who these people are, find a way to get them out if our state and defense department isn't helping them, actively part of the solution, making plans to get them out it's not going to work. that effort appears focused on american citizens and green card holders but we need to focus on afghan allies and get them out, they're just as much threat. because they were the ones that worked with us against the taliban who are now in power. arthel: let's hope the state department is working on it and
9:37 am
we don't know the details. jamil, thank you for joining us. appreciate you. take care. >> thanks, arthel. eric: half a million people have gone missing in our country through the years and there are grim endings in two of those cases as the body of one woman is found in florida, the other in south carolina. we are following the stories and the situation with missing people from washington. hi, alex. >> reporter: these two women were living and attending college in florida, both were reported missing days apart and both met a brutal end. police do not believe the cases are connected. yesterday authorities in orange county, florida he revealed they located the body of mia markono. she was reported missing after missing a flight home to florida. >> our hearts are broken. hundreds of orange county sheriffs personnel were committed to this case and
9:38 am
working very hard. everyone wanted this outcome to be different. >> reporter: her body was found in a wooded area near her apartment complex, on the same day she went missing investigators discovered a 27-year-old maintenance worker improperly used an access key to enter her home. >> we are not looking for any other people. we believe pretty conclusively that armondo caviero is responsible for the crime. there is not any other person that we are looking for in this case. >> reporter: police say the victim repeatedly rebuffed romantic advances by him. he was found dead by apparent suicide. the death of sheridan wall, no potential suspect has been named. her body was found september 21st on a south carolina road 10 miles from where her burned out car was located.
9:39 am
in this case, authorities remained tight lipped and her cause of death still pending. back to you. eric: thank you. and folks, if you want to have more information on missing people in our country and around the world, you can go to the to track those who are missing. arthel. arthel: britney spears is speaking out about her big legal victory now that her father has been suspended as conservator of her estate. christina coleman is live in los angeles with details. >> reporter: britney has been through a lot since her bombshell june testimony when she said she was traumatized, angry and in shock from the conservatorship and she cried every day. now that her father has been suspended from controlling her fortune, the pop star says she's healing. on instagram she posted a picture of a tree that's big and rises above the circle that
9:40 am
encases it. you can come up with your own symbolism for this and in the post britney said, quote, although there is change and things to celebrate in my life, i still have a lot of healing to do. thankfully i have a good support system and i'm taking time to understand it's okay to slow down and breathe. a day after the judge ruled in britney's favor she also posted a number of pics of herself on the beach and she shade a video of her trip with her fiance and wrote, quote, time to celebrate. her legal fight is not over just yet. the judge appointed a temporary conservator to replace britney's dad opening a path to end the arrangement this fall. legal experts say there's financial matters to address including her father's legal fees. >> i think that the strategy with britney spears' lawyer, is they're getting a few conservator in place that will have the attorney client
9:41 am
privileged information to see what was going on. >> reporter: her next hearing is scheduled for november 12th, weeks before her 40th birthday. her attorney says it's their expectation and hope that the conservatorship will be terminated at the next hearing. arthel: it's hard to believe that britney is turning 40. seems like we just saw her come on the scene maybe five years ago. all right, christina coleman reporting from los angeles. thanks. eric: wait until she's a grandmother, you know. want to feel older? the clock happens to be ticking in new york city for teachers and other school workers. they've got to get the shot or they're going to get the boot. we'll have an update on the big apple's vaccine mandate coming up.
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9:46 am
tomorrow without proof they got at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. david lee miller is live with more. david lee. >> reporter: you said it, arthel. don't bother showing up for work monday morning if you work for the new york city department of education and you have not been vaccinated against covid. that means teachers and other department employees who refuse the shot will either go on unpaid leave or will have to resign with severance. they sought an injunction against the mandate. that was denied. according to the city, over 90% of teachers have received the jab. 5500 teachers refused to comply with the mandate. for many, it's an agonizing decision. >> do i take the shot and go to work and be with the children that i love and financially be able to help take care of my family, or do i not do it and financially not be able to take care of my family.
9:47 am
>> reporter: the vaccination deadline was friday. but the mayor says employees who got vaccinated over the weekend can keep their jobs. the city says if needed, it has 9,000 vaccinated substitute teachers that are ready to go to work. arthel. arthel: david lee miller. thank you very much. eric: there's a possible medical breakthrough on covid, offering doctors the potential new tool in the fight against the disease. up next, the new pill that could save your life. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking
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eric: drug maker merck is announcing a new pill to treat covid-19. pharmaceutical company says it will apply for emergency use authorization from the fda after tests showed that pill cut the rate of hospitalization and death from coronavirus in half. dr. anthony fauci says the pill shows great promise. >> and the results are really quite impressive, as you mentioned, it decreases the likelihood of getting hospitalization or dying in people who early in the course of their infection take this particular medication. eric: dr. amesh adalja joins us, infectious disease doctor,
9:52 am
senior scholar. doc, when can we just pop a pill? >> likely, maybe before the end of the year this will be something that -- eric: wow. >> if everything works according to plan, meaning the emergency use authorization, robust phase three clinical data and all the signals look good. this is hopefully something by the end of the year we might see on shelves and it would be game changing. eric: this is like -- it hit the headlines. what was the progression and development of the pill and why a pill, what's the difference between that and getting a vaccine? >> this isn't something that merck has been working on for some time. [lost audio] >> it seems that it worked very well against saars-cov-2. this is something you'll see for people who have a breakthrough infection, maybe who haven't
9:53 am
been vaccinated who get infected as a way to keep them out of the hospital. the bet thing to do is not get into the situation at all by being vaccinated because prevention is always better than treatment and it's great that we've got treatments now but prevention is always going to be the priority especially with safe and effective vaccines like we have in this country. eric: can you explain how does it work? what does it do as a pill and a how does the pill get into your body, where does it go, what's in it and how does it be so successful? >> well, it's a pill that you take. you ingest it like any other medicine that you take and it gets in your stomach and gets absorbed in your bloodstream. it interferes with the ability of the virus to copy itself, the ability of the virus to complete the life cycle like many anti-viral drugs we use. they target different steps in the virus' life cycle. it's given for five days, twice a day. it's like a tamiflu equivalent
9:54 am
for covid-19. there's another drug by pfizer that's on the heels of this one. hopefully we'll have a portfolio of anti-virals eventually to treat covid. this is part of making covid something that we can treat like other respiratory infections day in and day out. eric: that would be amazing if you just have to pop a pill and deal with this. you are on the advisory board of merck and you're part of the speakers bureau. what are the chances do you think of getting merck getting emergency use authorization? you think by the end of the year we'll be able to have this available? >> i think that's the timeline we are hearing. my work is more on the bacterial rather than the viral side. that's the timeline that's been publicly announced. we're looking to a better future with this merck drug, with pfizer's drugs, with our excellent vaccines. we have to get people vaccinated. that's the best way.
9:55 am
we don't need to use the treatments if we can keep people from getting infected and hospitallyized. eric: we need to get people vaccinated. there's millions of people around the country who aren't vaxed. they're afraid of it. they think it's a conspiracy. what would you tell anyone now watching this moment about the vaccination? >> -- eric: well, let's see if he is right there to give us advice about getting vaccinated. >> we can't emphasize enough. we have safe and effective vaccines that have gone into hundreds of millions of arms. we know this changes the way we deal with the pandemic. if you look at who is hospital 4r50eu6d, who is dying, that's the best proof we have that vaccines he prevent all of the consequences of covid-19. we have to get people vaccinated and cut through the disinformation that's out there. it's costing lives.
9:56 am
the anti-vaccine movement has blood on their hands in my opinion. eric: tell me about the disinformation. >> you have people he creating doubts about the vaccine's safety and efficacy, spreading rumors and myths about fertility or whatever it might be. what it does, it gets into people's consciousness and they don't want to get the vaccine because they don't think it's safe or effective or it's part of a conspiracy. eric: well, dr. amesh adalja just froze. we have nothing to do with that. his message there is get the vac seen. he's says they're safe and proven. eric: howie: .arthel: we've done it. join us. we're back at 4:00 eastern. right now mike emanuel has more news from washington. thank you for joining us here edthis sunday morning and afternoon. thank you. so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter.
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mike: fox news alert, an explosion outside a mosque in kabul, afghanistan, today, kills at least five civilians, the deadliest attack since u.s. forces left at the end of august. this comes as the country struggles with a cratering economy and is increasing violence since taliban came back into power. welcome to "fox news live," i'm mike emmanuel. benjamin hall is following the details from london. >> reporter: yeah, hi, mike. this is yet another worrying development out of afghanistan, and it points to something that so many people w


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