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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> kennedy: mine are awful. >> greg: imagine the screams of the patients suffering inside, jesse. >> jesse: you do agree with me though? >> harold: jesse ever calls just don't. [laughter] >> dana: 10 to 9 and a half. that's all is he asking for. >> greg: need to study this. >> dana: great monday, everybody. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: they are pretty loud. >> jesse: thank you. >> bret: thank you, all. good evening welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight as president biden struggles to sway members of his own party to support his domestic agenda, he is blaming republicans for not cooperating on an effort to raise the federal debt limit. the president saying that the g.o.p. is risking what he calls a self-inflicted wound that takes our economy over a cliff. meanwhile the president appears to be minimizing a verbal attack against one of the democratic senate holdouts who is taking considerable flack over immigration. we will go live to the southern border in a bit for a live
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report on the border patrol efforts to deal with increasing number of border crossings there plus we will set up a two part exclusive interview with the former head border patrol. the highest ranking exbiden official to speak out about that situation so far. first up tonight, white house correspondent peter doocy live on the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. a president who once promised to put away the harsh rhetoric and lower the temperature is not doing that instead today accusing the minority in the senate of being too stubborn to help the majority raise the debt limit by the middle of this month. >> their obstruction and irresponsibility knows absolutely no bounds. >> if the u.s. defaults on debt payment the president says blame republicans. >> they need to stop playing russian roulette with the u.s. economy. >> peter: democrats say that's backwards. >> democrats need to tackle the debt limit. we gave theme road map and three months' notice. >> biden argues he just got
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here. these bills aren't his. >> raising the debt limit is about paying off our old debt. it has nothing to do with any new spending being considered it has nothing to two with my plan for infrastructure or building back better. zero. zero. both of which i might adds are paid for. >> peter: how does that work? >> can you pay for it either by borrowing it or can you pay for it by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. but it doesn't cost zero. >> at the end of the day it will cost zero because we are gonna pay for it. >> peter: that's some tricky math. >> does the plan cost nothing or is the plan free? >> the plan costs nothing for the american people who make less than $400,000. >> speaker pelosi says votes on that plan can wait until halloween. >> i need 50 votes in the senate. i have 48. >> the two dems not on board joe manchin who was greeted at his house boat by could i activits.
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>> we love our state too much. >> and kyrsten sinemas prefers ladies room. avoid fostering an environment honestly held policy agreements basis for vitriol raising the temperature political rhetoric and creating a permission structure for unacceptable behavior. fox news asks the president about these progressive protesters. >> do you think that those tactics are crossing a line? >> i don't think they are appropriate attacks. it happens to everybody. [laughter] the only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. so it's part of the process. >> peter: part of the process and since president biden is an expert on the process, i asked his press secretary jen psaki today does that mean he has ever been chased into a restroom by activist. she didn't answer that part but did reiterate they think that behavior in the restroom with senator sinema is unacceptable. however, she reiterated the
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president's support for the fundamental right to protest. bret? >> bret: have senators sinema or manchin reacted to president biden's remark about the efforts go after them part of the process? >> peter: not since president biden made that comment late this afternoon. we have laid eyes on them. senator manchin is already back on the hill. he talked about some policy things and thoughts on infrastructure. didn't mention the kayakivists senator sinema be bubbling up on it arriving at reagan national airport hounded by protesters. she didn't say anything. but they are obviously not done with her yet. part of the process. right? >> bret: peter doocy on the north lawn. thank you. stocks down note over inflation fears and debt certain uncertainty. the dow lost 332 the s&p 500 off 57. the nasdaq dropped 3 1. what figures to be a monumental term for the u.s. supreme court
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is now underway. justices began hearing arguments today on an agenda that will include some huge social issues. fox news chief legal correspondent anchor of fox news at night shannon bream tells us what's on the docket. >> for the first time in 18 months, the supreme court gathered for in person arguments monday in a mostly empty courtroom. justice thomas known for rarely speaking from the bench dove right in this morning. some say newly confident in his role as the leading voice for the conservative wing. justice kavanaugh participated remotely having tested positive for covid-19 last week. the term kicking off today includes several potentially landmark cases. >> part of the blockbuster nature of the term will depend on whether they really go very far and overrule roe v. wade or simply narrow re it in the abortion case. >> on december 1st, the court will consider mississippi's law banning most abortions after 5 weeks.
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numerous states have passed similar laws hoping to take direct aim at roe v. wade. the justices will also re-examine the death penalty for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar car tsarnaev, a lower car threw out the sentence saying the trial judge didn't do enough to protect against jury bias. >> his attorneys were not allowed to ask prospective jurors about what they watched in the media, and that was viewed by the defense as a reloss to them. >> guns are also on the docket. in a challenge to a new york law that requires residents to apply for an application to carry guns in public to show a special need he the justices have been notably vocal the last few months from justice breyer warning against plans to pack the court to justice barrett
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telling an audience just a few days ago that the court is not, quote, comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. see you don't. the biden administration is reversing a ban on abortion referrals from family planning clinics that lifts a trump era restriction. department of hhs says new rules restore the federal family planning program to the way it ran under the obama administration. able to refer women seeking abortions to a provider. the change takes effect novembe. covid-19 infections are down by about a third in the past month in the united states. this comes as one major drug maker seeking approval for a pill to treat the virus. and while all of that sounds like positive news, dr. anthony fauci is sounding a cautionary note. here is correspondent steve harrigan in atlanta. >> as a number of new covid-19 cases in the u.s. declines, down 35% since the start of
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september, the range of options to fight the virus continues to expand. johnson & johnson will seek authorization this week for a booster. the government is expected to approve a booster shot for the moderna vaccine following the approval of a pfizer booster shot last month for certain groups, including older americans, those with underlying conditions, and healthcare workers. the fda is also expected to decide on a pfizer vaccine for children age 5 to 11 by november. 30,000 children in the u.s. were hospitalized from covid in august. and the first pill to fight the virus could be available by the end of this year. merck says its clinical trial of an anti covid pill cut the risk of hospitalization or death from the virus by half. dr. anthony fauci told face the nation families might not be able to gather for christmas. >> it's just too soon to tell. we just got to concentrating on continuing to get those numbers down. >> today he tried to clarify his position.
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>> i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people, who are protected, to have a good, normal christmas. >> the move come as teachers in new york city public schools scramble to get vaccinated in response to a mandate that does not allow for a testout option. [horn honking] >> holdouts not received single shot put on unpaid lee last fry day. >> i'm not ready yet. that's my right as a human being. it's my right as an american. [applause] >> to choose when i want to get it. >> 95% of new york city public school teachers have gotten vaccinated. the mayor's response, mandates work. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta. steve, thank you. up next, china continues its aimpression toward taiwan but blames the u.s. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country covering tonight. fox 1 in los angeles where one of the largest oil spills in recent california history closes
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beaches, threatens wildlife there some people are questioning whether authorities reacted quickly enough to contain that spill. fox 13 in tampa as the wife of florida governor ron desantis is diagnosed with breast cancer. his office says casey desantis has his unwavering support and the prayers and well wishes from floridians across the state. and this is a live look at seattle from q-13 fox. the big story there tonight william shatner captain kirk blasting off into the final frontier next week. 90-year-old actor who played captain kirk "star trek" will launch into space poon blue origin capsule at age 90. shatner will become the oldest person to fly into space. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> first trial of four large pharmacy chains over the opioid epidemic is underway in
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cleveland. go high counties seek to convince jurors oversight failures on farmer is is run by walgreen's boots alliance, cvs health corps walmart and giant eagle led to excessive amounts of opioid pills flooding their communities. pharmaceutical companies drug distributors and pharmacies are pending. a florida engineer hiking the place trail says he spotted brian laundrie early saturday morning near the north carolina tennessee border. laundrie is pattern of interest in the death of girlfriend gabby petino. dennis davis tells "fox & friends first" he encountered a man in a white pickup truck who flashed his light and wade his hand. david says he told him the man was lost. the man told davis he was attempting to go to california. davis says he notified authorities. the hay wood county north carolina sheriff's office says deputies did not find laundrie. overover seas afghan hideout
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killed several insurgents there the action occurred after a deadly bombing outside a mosque in kabul. that attack killed five civilians. of the bombing was the deadliest incident since the taliban took control of afghanistan after u.s. military withdrawal. china's aggression against tie swan accelerating blamings the u.s. beijing sending dozen of fighter planes toward the island nation the last several days. this comes as the biden administration tries to decide on a policy to deal with china both militarily and economically. correspondent rich edson reports tonight from the white house. >> an aisle show of force inside taiwan's air defense zone. 56 planes today. nearly 150 flights since chinese national day friday. ♪
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♪ china views taiwan as a break away province and chinese president xi jinping has promised to bring the island under chinese communist control. >> he said time and time again we are going to resolve this issue with taiwan if it has to be by force, it will be by force. and we're not going to pass this problem onto the next generation. >>the state department calls china's pressure against taiwan provocative and destabilizing. china's foreign ministry blames the u.s. for the tension saying, quote: taiwan belongs to china and the u.s. is in no position to make irresponsible remarks. the united states and democratic allies are boosting their presence in the region. four aircraft carriers from the u.s., united kingdom and japan began large scale war games in the western pacific. the biden administration is trying to balance a complicated relationship with china, including negotiations on climate change. this morning u.s. trade representative catherine ty announced the biden administration would initiate new trade negotiations with china pushing the chinese government to fulfill promises
3:18 pm
it made to the trump administration and accusing china of abusive economic practices. >> it is increasingly clear that china's plans do not include meaningful reforms to address the concerns that have been shared by the united states and many other countries. >> ty says the u.s. will maintain tariffs on about $370 billion worth of chinese imports that the trump administration implemented. though she says the administration will allow americans to apply for exemption from those tariffs. bret? >> bret: rich edson in the white house briefing room. rich, thank you. up next, we go live to the southern border and we will talk with the man who just left heading up border patrol. first, beyond our borders tonight, russia successfully test fires new hypersonic missiles from the nuclear submarine for the first time. the russian defense ministry says two cruise missiles were fired at mock targets. officials said the missiles will be economics commissioned by the russian navy in 2022. at least 13 people are dead after a strong cyclone sweeps
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across oman. heavy rans triggered landslides with winds reaching up to 95 miles per hour. several prominent global figures denying wrongdoing after a leak of secret trove of documents about offshore finances. a data dump called the pandora papers links files to about 35 current and former national leaders and hundreds of other officials. documents reportedly show the use of offshore accounts to hide wealth from tax collectors and other authorities. the report by the international consortium of investigative journalists involve 600 journalists from media outlets in 117 countries. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ >> i'm trace gallagher and i have been at fox news channel for 25 years. i remember having this conversation with a guy who wrote an article on the early years of fox news channel and he
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referred to people as the cable cowboys. said you guys are doing things that nobody has ever done. they have so far uncovered some 30 explosive devices. >> you would do this live shot and take people on this tour but network television had never seen any of this stuff and you can see he was feeding upwards of 110 miles per hour. >> we got great at breaking news. it was just this kind of amazing drama that nobody ever put on television before. and it was one of those things where there were no rules. and we prayed and crossed our fingers for breaking news because it would fill air time and people loved it that was groundbreaking. they had never done it before. and now you think love us or hate us, it has become this cultural phenomenon.
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that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. ♪ ♪ >> bret: now to the border crisis. we will talk exclusively with former border patrol chief rodney scott over the next two days. first, exclusive new video tonight of our fox news crew on patrol with texas state troopers discovering migrants on the run. correspondent bill melugin has tonight's report from la joya, texas. >> it's early monday morning near la joya, texas. we are with the texas state troopers brush.
3:25 pm
border patrol partners were finding migrants everywhere one small area near a residential neighborhood. some of them laying face down in the dirt in an effort to conceal themselves. some wearing camouflage, all of them single adult men or women. the trooper and border agents backed up by a surveillance balloon above called an areostat. an all seeing eye providing overwatch during the dark of night. in just a couple of hours, dozens of illegal immigrants were apprehended here a busy night for border patrol with an assist from texas dps. two weeks ago, as 15,000 haitians dissended on del rio, governor greg abbott asked president biden to declare a federal emergency at the border. the biden administration refused. and now governor abbott is appealing that decision. saying, in part, president biden has turned his back on texan living along the border and fema's refusal to declare a federal emergency at the border puts their health, safety, and
3:26 pm
property at risk. former ice director tom homan says that decision is yet another example of the biden administration not taking the border seriously. >> biden is proving again to the american people that he doesn't believe in border security. the root causes of kamala harris doesn't have to go to central america walk down the hall to the biden administration. there is your root causes. his policies. >> and, bret, panama's foreign minister recently warned u.s. officials that there are upwards of 60,000 more haitian migrants who have moved through panama and are currently on the way north heading towards the united states. she also pointed out to texas congressman tony gonzales' office that panama recently apprehended several people with known ties to al-qaeda as they were also moving north out of panama. so some concerning information there send it back to you. >> bret: hey, bill, what happened to those people caught in the brush last night? >> so for the most part everybody we saw was a single
3:27 pm
adult. mostly single adult men what will happen to them likely expelled from the country via title 42. that means they will get put on a bus and shipped right over to the mexican side. they will be dropped off and there is a good chance that some of them will try their luck again and we could see them out here in these fields once again sometime later on this he can would. >> bret: all right. great reporting out there. thank you. former border patrol chief rodney scott who just retired in august told us the threat from illegal immigration is real and serious. >> we have nation state threats. we have terrorist threats we can't get into in this type of a forum but they are real. they exist, and they want to come across that border. statistically, it always includes rapists, murderers, potential terrorists every single year if you look at cbp's statistics publicly available. those all exist in who we actually catch. to think there is not just as bad or worse people in those getting away would be naive.
3:28 pm
>> bret: when you hear secretary mayorkas said the border is as secure as it was before. what do you say? >> that's just not true. while many of the political appointees assigned currently literally just lack the knowledge and expertise that they could make a statement like that and believe that it was true, is he a very smart guy. he has got a lot of experience in homeland security. he knows what he's doing. he knows the impacts. i have sat in a room and heard some of the comments he made. he knows what's going on. and he knows that border is not as secure today as it was on january 19th. >> bret: over the next two days, we will dig deep on the issue of border security, immigration, and our exclusive interview with rodney scott, again, just retired in august, as the head of border patrol, that, again, is tuesday and wednesday on "special report." instagram and facebook and what's app. hit by one of their longest ever service outages today lasting several hours.
3:29 pm
the companies did not say what caused the outage. it comes as a data scientist from facebook says the company would choose its own interest over yours when it discovered a conflict. but the company says the allegations are misleading. correspondent alexandria hough f takes a look at the social media giant. >> before she left facebook in may product manager francis halldone made copies of tens of thousands of documents made her identity on "60 minutes" as the whistleblower bombshell investigation into facebook's knowledge of the harm done to its users. >> there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. and facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interest like making more money. >> she says she was frustrated by facebook's lack of action after internal research showed that the plat affiliated app. instagram was dangerous for
3:30 pm
teens. >> as these young women began to dhiewm eating disorder content they got more and more depressed. actually makes them use the app. more. they end up in the feedback cycle where they hate their bodies more and more. >> we are never going to be able to eliminate the baseball human tendency to compare yourself to others. >> in today's white house press briefing, press secretary jen psaki voiced concern from the biden administration. >> efforts to attract young users and negative effects on teenager's mental health are certainly troubling. they are hardly isolated incidents. >> haulgen will testify tomorrow entitled protecting kids online. republican tennessee senator marsha blackburn is the ranking member. >> the fact that they have moved forward putting profit as the head of their list and knowing that they were endangering children, those are issues that are of concern. >> the copy of her witness testimony obtained it step in
3:31 pm
take action and regulate. also reporting that senator amy klobuchar plans to ask how facebook's algorithms might promote some of this activity. bret? >> bret: we will follow alex, thanks. reporters play hard ball with moderate democrats holding out. the panel reacts when we come back. >> we need a build back better plan right now. >> we need solutions to build back better plan. felite, we're hiring. >> tech: apply now to start your future. >> tech: i make a difference, and you can too. >> techs: we are safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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going to be extraordinarily painful experiment for the middle class families of our country. >> bret: well, lawmakers talking about the debt cereal increase senator mcconnell sending a letter saying in 2003, 2004, 2006, mr. president you joined senate democrats in-posing increases and made republicans do it ourselves. you explained on the senate floor that your no votes did not mean you wanted the majority to let the country default but, rather, that the president's party had to take responsibility for a policy agenda which you opposed. your view then is our view now. with that, let's bring this our panel fox news senior political analyst brit hume. mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio" and steve hayes editor of the dispatch. brit, we go through this dance every so often this debt ceiling
3:37 pm
increase. what about where we are now? >> brit: it has to be done. the debt ceiling has to be raised and it will be raised and the president is entirely right when he says that this is not about future spending. it is about past spending. raising the debt ceiling is not a cause of overspending, it is a result of it. but having said that mcconnell's point is entirely well taken and the votes that -- and the positions that biden himself took some time back is evidence of that this will get done the reason why democrats would like very much to get some republican help on this is because they don't want to have to use the reconciliation process to do it. if they did that, they could do it with 50 votes. they don't want to do that because you can only use reconciliation process more than a few times a year they don't want to burn one off for the debt limit. they would like to preserve it for the future spending that they have. boy do they have future spending in mind.
3:38 pm
>> bret: they have a lot of it mara, where are we on the other piece of legislation? let's get 00 of debt ceiling had which we have to figure out how that is going to pass. what about the other infrastructure and the big reconciliation bill? >> mara: they are talking amongst themselves what they could cut or put a short time limit on or stretch out over more years so it could fit into a smaller package progressives got something they wanted managed to link the bipartisan infrastructure bill and big social safety net bill, the big reconciliation bill and moderates got something they want is the big bill is going to become a smaller bill. the details are really really hard. that's where democrats are at right now trying to figure out how to shrink that package. >> bret: your sense is that moderates and progressives are still pretty far apart? >> mara: far apart. at least they are now negotiating on the smaller package rather than talking past
3:39 pm
each other. >> bret: some protesters, as we have seen going after senator sinema, take a listen under fire. >> we have the american people very, very strongly on our side. we have got the president. we got 96 members members of the democratic caucus in the house on our side. we got all but two senators at this point. i think senator sinema is wrong. >> this is how we got you elected. we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promised us. >> do you think that those tactics are crossing a line? >> i don't think they're appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody that -- only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. >> bret: and the president does, steve. senator sinema released a statement saying yesterday's behavior not legitimate protests not acceptable for activist engaging in unlawful activity gaining entry to close the
3:40 pm
university buildings, disrupting learning environments and filming students in a restroom. duty of elected leaders to avoid fostering an environment honestly held policy disagreement serve as the basis for vitriol, raising the temperature and political rhetoric and creating a permission structure for unacceptable behavior. steve? >> steve: yeah, well, i think senator sinema is exactly right about that. i was a little surprised by president biden sort of shoulder shrug. as a result of that i mean, that's inappropriate behavior as he said but it doesn't happen to everybody and it shouldn't happen to everybody. and you would think that the president would use his bully pulpit to make that clear and take down the temperature. you know, the importance that i think interesting turn that we saw over the weekend on the negotiations on these other two bills is when had you ro khanna progressive representative from california on "fox news sunday" yesterday with chris. say, in effect, that the white house isn't lobbying to get progressives on board with this infrastructure bill. he didn't go so far as the white
3:41 pm
house was actively blocking it but he basically said yeah, they have told us we can hang tight. pretty interesting moment when you have a white house not in support of its own bill, particularly when it goes against promises that have been made by the speaker of the house and by white house senior white house officials themselves. >> bret: you know, part of that protest about senator sinema had to deal with immigration and getting immigration into the reconciliation bill. a pathway to citizenship. i spent about an hour today, brit, talking with the former head of border patrol rodney scott who just left in august. he was in the biden administration and prior to that the trump administration. been in this business of border patrol for some 30 years this is another clip from that talking about the wall and haw it became to an abrupt stop when the new administration come in. take a listen. >> so we are paying contractors for a while. it was almost 5 million a day between dod and dhs.
3:42 pm
>> bret: to not. >> to not build the border wall. >> bret: wait, 5 million a day to not build the wall. >> to not build a wall. >> bret: even though they have all the stuff. >> there are stacks and stacks of border wall panels. there is hundreds of miles of fiberoptic cabling. there is hundreds of cameras being installed with that they're just sitting. there is no action being taken. we literally have sections of border wall that are done and all we had to do was plug in electricity to make the gates automated dramatically improve the area the agents could cover. couldn't get approval to even turn on electricity. >> bret: it's pretty stunning, brit. he went on to say effectiveness of those different parts where the wall is actually completed. >> brit: you know, bret, that's part of that wholesale repeal and rejection of the policies that had been put in place during the trump administration. never mind the fact that a
3:43 pm
number were working quite well and many of the democrats in favor of a border wall. taboo on the american left which is where this administration's heart beat seems to be these days. it's been a colossal mistake and messes we is r. have seen on the border around led to the extraordinary pictures we have had on the air night after night of that situation down there. i think it was the substantive policy blunder and it will turn out to be a political policy blunder. >> bret: but, he goes on to say, mara, as he did in the last soundbite that secretary mayorkas knows this issue. he is very accomplished in this area and, yet these decisions they were warning about and implications of them were still made. >> >> mara: the administration ran against donald trump's policy of building a wall on the border. and there is still a debate with about whether or not that would have stopped the current influx of immigrants at the border or not. this administration is
3:44 pm
struggling to get ahold of this situation but i think it would be hard to believe that they would all of a sudden embrace the wall as a solution. >> bret: yeah. this, steve, last word, is about resources band being able to put people in different parts of that border so the tar cartels don't move stuff where we are focused somewhere else. >> that's right. resources and priorities. the administration hasn't made this a top shelf priority from the beginning i think in part because of the way that they campaigned as mara pointed out. that's the challenge. they can say we are telling people not to come, we are telling people not to come but when look at actions taken collectively. different signal and we know it panel stand by if you would. the facebook whistleblower and what's next. up on capitol hill when it comes to that
3:45 pm
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>> angry content is enticing to people and keeps them on the platform. >> yes. facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be
3:49 pm
safer, people will spend less time on the site. they will click on less ads and make less money. >> this is the late nest a series of revelations about social media platforms. they make clear that self-regulation is not working. our effort is going to be continue to support fundamental reforms, efforts to address these issues. obviously that would be up to the purview of congress but certainly we view these as a continuing in a series of revelations about the power of these platforms. >> bret: facebook, the whistleblower out with tens of thousands of documents to back up what she alleges part of that "wall street journal" investigation looking into what facebook and instagram know about the detrimental impacts on teens facebook says they are back up and running they were down for six hours today as was incentral gram and what's app. which a long time they haven't said why. we are back with the panel, mara, what about this? she is going to testify tomorrow
3:50 pm
senate subcommittee about protecting our kids online. there seems to be a lot of momentum going are. >> a lot of momentum towards regulating feign. regulating social media in some way. what she said is what people have been saying for a long time although she has backed it up with all these documents. the business model the algorithm of facebook is to keep you online as long as possible so they can sell more aides and keeping and the best thing to keep you online is extreme content. and that is pretty much the business model of social media. and that facebook knew that it was damaging and dangerous but when, as she puts it, whether they came to a choice between the safety of the public and making money, they chose making money. i just think that this feeds into this bipartisan consensus that facebook has to be regulated. >> bret: just a few minutes ago, brit, senator blumenthal, a democrat said what we are seeing in these documents is truly a searing indictment top corporate management of facebook ignoring their own study survey and
3:51 pm
research how they were putting kids in danger profit. it seems like republicans and democrats have some regulation in mind. >> brit: yeah, i agree with that, bret. i think mara is right. facebook is accused now of doing these things and allowing abusive content to flourish because it wanted to maximize profits. i have no objection to maximizing profits to the contrary. but when you are as big and powerful and utterly document in the space you occupy in facebook you have to be careful how do you that or else get legislated and regulated in a way you may not like. you wills in by the way what is likely to come out of this is further restrictions on facebook's content to avoid what's called extreme content. but, facebook is also the same organization that refuses to permit a lot of content that is not extreme such as the, you know, news stories and comments by a president or former president of the united states. so, i think facebook is in a -- they are going to get it coming and going if they're not
3:52 pm
careful. it's not all clear to me that whatever new regulations emerge from this will be regulations we are all happy with either. >> bret: right, and restricting some stories, the hunter biden story at the beginning and others. steve, taking the other point of view for the people who say we have these companies that are tremendously successful in the u.s. is it dangerous for us to be going after the goose that lays the golden egg? >> right. i think that's a pretty strong argument in many contexts including in this one to a certain extent the problem facebook faces right now is both what they were doing as mara and brit suggests but also what they were saying they were doing. and if you look back at what facebook was making public, they were telling a certain story about facebook as a good place or facebook and instagram good place for young people this was a place for people to get together and then you have these documents showing that internally they had come to a different understanding. the same is true on disinformation and hate. facebook has a robust fact
3:53 pm
checking program the dispatch is part of that fact checking program. we think we are doing good as a parted of that fact checking program. but, if it is the case that facebook is preferring or tweaking an algorithm to allow hateful content and misinformation content to go viral at the same time, what's going to overwhelm of people are trying to do a good job to correct that. >> bret: does this become a major political issue, mara? >> mara: that's a really good question. facebook is getting criticism from the left and the right. i don't think this is a partisan issue. i don't see which side this favors. i think conservatives and liberals are both pretty up is set about social media. and that's why i think that facebook is gonna get regulated one way or another. >> bret: brit, do you agree with that? >> brit: yeah, think think that's what's going to happen. i think we may not end up liking it. >> bret: not liking it period?
3:54 pm
>> brit: right. >> bret: steve, you mentioned dispatch is a farst what do you mean? steve: we do fact checking on articles that facebook provides. we do fact checking independent of facebook as well. we are trying to be a voice determining what is true and not true we play important role. >> brit: what did you all do -- what is your fact checkers of the dispatch have to say about the hunter biden story? >> steve: yeah, we didn't do a straight up fact check on the hunter biden story in part because there wasn't enough information in those early days to do a definitive fact check. that's part of the role fact check what's factual so you are correcting facts rather than trying to correct opinion. >> bret: i respect the dispatch but will there be fact checker hes of the fact checkers? do you know what i'm saying? >> steve: there always are fact checkers of the fact checkers we want people to fact check the our work. it's good for us. >> bret: when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the
3:55 pm
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>> bret: mara, headlines. >> mara: president try toys get the to stand aside and raise on their own. this is why voters are so disgusted with washington. usually a filibuster the side filibustering is against what the other side want to do. that's not the case here. republicans are not against raising the debt limit they want democrats to do it on their own they could they want to make it as hard as possible for democrats to do it on their own. they could vote no but they won't. brit? >> brit: president biden tries to follow kyrsten sinema into a bathroom but gets confused and gets into the newsroom sinema gets away. >> bret: all right, steve?
4:00 pm
>> steve: mine was in the same cheeky vein reflecting the facebook outage earlier today grandma back to communicating level of baked goods instead of conspiracy meeting. >> bret: nice. tomorrow on "special report" exclusive interview with rodney scott. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech just down the hall starts right now. >> ben: knock on the side of the wall, bret. thank you so much. before we begin tonight a brief ward on behalf of our wife meghan to florida governor ron desantis his family and wife casey who we learned today has been diagnosed with cancer. our hearts to go out to you as you battle this awful disease. we will keep you in our prayers and we know you will fight and win. god bless you all. welcome to "fox news primetime." it's good to be with you again here in the midst of such turmoil and hate when last i joined you the taliban was stale far off threat. nancy pelosi was still a
4:01 pm
legislative genius.