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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert. the department of justice appears to be turn its sights on -- the doj says it is trying to combat violent threats against school board officials but critics are raving. red flag. this is "outnumbered." i am in the complained yoke. and here is harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany. and in the center seat, the cohost of "fox & friends '.
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merrick garland is directing the fbi and u.s. attorneys offices to meet with local law enforcement and look at ways to combat what it calls threats against school officials. this comes after a group that represents, boards urged that the doj to go harsh on violent offenders think of "the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent of the a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. of the past year, we have seen parents use their voice to stand up against's critical race theory can schools put what they see as over-the-top covid restrictions. take a look. >> no more masks! no more masks! >> we have had our participation. [crowd chanting] >> no more masks! no more masks! >> a motion to adjourn and a second. all in favor, say aye. >> i. >> you are not going to leave.
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>> you should be ashamed. your actions have been despicable. it is clear you don't listen to our objections. but the world is listening. >> the western values has brought forth christian and the founding documents that are being called racist. white children are being told that all of the problems at this country or their forth. >> but they say getting the federal government involved is a step too far. >> when you have people -- when you determine that one-size-fits-all that the fbi should be looking into these isolated incidents, this is a national group that is garnering support and mobilizing people. >> emily: will came, you come to this conversation as a parent and an attorney. initial school boards association is calling on the doj to review what they called threats and violence under the
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patriot act. the gun free school zones impact that matthew shepard and james byrd jr. hate crimes prevention act. of the conspiracy against race act. depth violent interference with federally protected -- in addition to calling on the united states postal service to intervene. it seems like there's a big snowstorm with a lot of snowflakes. >> a lot of snowflakes who are ready to recognized every act, every branch of this government, every military police force in terms of the fbi. to protect the system, protect themselves. z-uppercase-letter i come to this conversation as both a parent and an attorney. i also come to this conversation is just an extremely concerned american citizen. i think so many of us are guilty. republicans embraced the patriot act. there are many of those who look to expand the definition of
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domestic terrorism and many of us sat trusting school boards and educators to do what was right and here they are. first i was shocked over time with the condescension which they've treated so many people that spoke up into these meetings. but now they are ready to protect themselves but the most organized. of our government. i believe this is not the end results. and the beginning of the system protecting itself from anybody questioning direction. >> emily: ntv, what is the root at this attempt to criminalize parents? >> kayleigh: parents have found their voice, and that is unacceptable to the biden administration. parents are the problem. look beyond it. the vast majority of parents are not committee any sort of violence or threat. but the democratic gubernatorial candidate said the quiet part out loud. let's take a listen. >> i'm not going to.
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that parents take -- make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> kayleigh: parents have no role in what schools do in teaching children. that is what is at the root of this. defeat doses the fbi and doj going to look at school board members who button parents quickly talked about that facebook group that was adopting parents -- doxxing parents. are they going to investigate the opposite? i would say no. >> emily: so we are seeing calls on unions to use the federal government and law enforcement to criminalize parents and yet, we see for example, and democrats led cities prosecution rates. we are seeing friends spike. we are seeing zero attention being paid to the complete
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devotion of self-esteem, self-worth. there's a facebook testimony happening for it was a plover for the protection of children and somehow some of the attention should be on children who are trying to protect their children. >> and parents are angry after being either checked out of every decision for their children. nugget one doj and fbi to take that lead here. do they not hear what they are syncwords deal with the root cause. as good parents who have every right to be furious that their children are being absolutely misled or ignored and the parents are being desolated. i don't blame them one bit. the other thing is get this is going to the? is that what you want to see education become, a court case? but i have to say, come on, folks. this is just incredulous to me. at the end of the day, it is a
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local issue and these school boards have done nothing but gas like these periods and i cannot help but remember that, for the school board that was busted on is an. a top that they were not being recorded and they sat there and insulted the parents, insulted the teachers, and acted like they were just a bunch of overpaid babysitters, by the way did not want the children back in the classroom. >> emily, i want to piggyback on something cheryl is put into. we agreed that violence and threats and all of that from either side, kaley pointed out, right fleet so, coming from different directions that is important to know which school boards are actually engaging and i considered what cheryl just described with those teachers. that is bullying. basically. it was believed that they did not think england was going to see paper that is what it is. when you take things out of the realm of you and i being able to get together for coffee and you put it in the hands of the doj, what does that do for you and me? with all respect to talented
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legal mind, the doj, what it says it takes the onus of us as one on one community members. we as a parent. you as an educator, finding the best route for our children. that means we don't matter much. and sooners or later. these teachers are asking for entities in school boards are pushing for. because i thought that this. it negates their value, too. and they are already given a lot of money. teachers unions are. may be the school boards and the teachers themselves a few more powerful than they should. they are replaceable. they just -- to a union, emily. they just want their bottom line. so this individual relationship that needs to go on to raise healthy children in our educational systems, are not going to be nurtured by putting it in the higher third-party hands. not just like the neighbor down the street but the doj. that almost this is as much concern as the irs because nobody has control over the doj.
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>> and that teachers unions are dictating cdc guidelines. >> that is exactly right. and essentially what might be an ancillary result is probably a primary focus of these unions and school boards which is that they don't want to negotiate with parents. that was the whole point back. they don't want to engage with them. they want to shut off the mic and referred them to a criminal organization to prosecute them. the reality, too, is we are seeing a trend where it is becoming top-heavy. asks parents to take these children out of these public schools, it will turn up to be a bobble heads with zero kids at the bottom. >> i think the way to describe that is what is happening in society at large. i apologize if i draw this umbrella too wide, but everything is top-heavy. imagine you are after looking at the seismic data for example, are vaccinating your child. if child. if you want to youtube, it would not be able to find it easier to
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-- videos because they are being taken defecating that questions the one-sided mind on anything, it really on anything, is shut out. is to be quiet. is shoved out of a school board meeting and now, you know, about kaylee is right that it is the bidens administration acting this, now we are going to use the heaviest hands of government, doj, fbi and everything to come down on you. the only thing i would say is mess with parents at your own peril. this right here is the tip of that spirit. don't mess with parents and their kids. >> there we go, mama bear and papa bear. stay with us as the following -- the senator followed into a bathroom stall was not enough. that democrats and bush a moderate democrat as president biden says it is just part of the process.
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>> another day, another instance of the left harassing a "moderate democrat." activists were counting arizona senator kyrsten sinema and the airport and yet again on the plane. [indistinct question] >> senator we need you. >> can you commit to implement -- provide a pathway to citizenship? >> emily: this after they
9:17 am
followed her into the ladies room and protesters recently surrendered to senator joe manchin on his houseboat. they demented the democrats explained that 3.5 turn it other price tag. the present appearing to -- present appearing to the truck off the harassment of his fellow dems. >> president biden: i don't think they are appropriate tactics. happens from anybody. the only thing it does not happen to his people who have secret service standing around them. it is part of the process. >> it is amazing to watch the left really nice -- villain eyes -- villainize. let's look at this as no portrayal. >> after wine drinking, i know the average american wants. they want to be put on hold when
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they called 911. they want bridges that just stop at a car falls down. they want water so thick you can eat it with a fork and i will fight for that no matter what unless my foot hurts. and i will go back to arizona. ball. >> this underscores how faulty the left's logic is. this was by a conservative applet outlet, those would have been labeled as homophobic and misogynistic. because she is labeled as a conservative democrat, it is acceptable. one of defenses i heard for that restroom ambush is that -- which is a felony in some states. >> and arizona. >> is that it should not be space for her or anyone else, which again, it makes absolutely no sense. and we have all of these online calls to harass. which have gone unheeded in
9:19 am
stark contrast to twitter. >> policy that prohibits encouraging target specific individuals encouraging harassment. and bullying and that is what we are getting called by. verified accounts and s&l, i think it -- they think it is okay to target her. if the shoe was on the other foot, it would be a different story. >> and the way you described it is true. is homophobic. it is insensitive. and they are talking her because she is a lesbian and that seems of bounds to anybody but particularly i would think liberal protesters. which i think is your point. >> exactly. but harris, democrats, they have been doing this for quite some time. let's watch some of their incitement to violence calls. >> we got to get more access to.
9:20 am
we got to get more confrontational. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. >> when they go low, we go higher. no. no. when they go below, we kick them. parks. that is what this new democratic party is about. >> we beat the hell out of them. >> you reap what you sow. not that they are reaping what they casone, maxine waters and is not the hold montage with how many times the calls for -- or outright -- no matter what, when our the calls know for the pushback on this? that is not what i meant. you are doing something that you should not be doing. where is biden? he is the thing what? what did he say? >> it is all just part of the process, and he has secret service, remember. >> and jen psaki, the white house is press secretary, it had to do with a clean up.
9:21 am
who did not expected to happen? the calling for it was in the bones party and that they are giving into the passed? >> and they are totally ignorant. the immigration activist. he want to pass citizenship, which the public hearing says is not even allowed to be in the bill. where was the faa when christiansen about was being assaulted? >> great question. >> i'm shocked by that video. >> if she took off her mask that they would have been there. >> eight to remote taking their mask off and they show up into our three octave play. but that -- that is what we come down to. it is already eight words on. but that is okay to harass a united states senator princesse far as civil discord that this goes above and beyond what should be acceptable in this
9:22 am
country and if they want to attack her tech and attack joe manchin, go right ahead. and blow up your stupid $3.5 trillion disaster of a social spending package. my guess. >> it is zero dollars, even the fact-checked was -- gift at 12 tokyos. >> it is -- >> a moment of truth. a really -- really quickly, what i would tell you is paris, you are exactly right. this was predictable. that horse is out of the barn. the only mistake was made is thinking this would be relegated or limited to, the republican party. the left's ideology is built on being more virtuous and the next person in line is christiansen ba and joe manchin. it is an ever-growing forest fire. they will continue to turn on each other. able to place just because that is what is needed to continue to be the more virtuous person. continuing to find the bad guy
9:23 am
and that they just think there's what comes next is what we are predicting. as long as you're doing test where does it go? how far? because this was not done to persuade sinema. this was done to create a viral video. what do you need to do in the next viral video? what do you need to do on camera to show you are better than anyone else. >> that is a frightening thought. expect i can tell you this. as. >> president biden: 's poll numbers sink, these divisions are going to be exacerbated, even more within the democratic party. >> mentioned that uncle sam is looking over your shoulder on your next trip to atm. how this could soon happen if the biden white house gets its way. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible
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>> if you have more than $600 in the bank, the irs wants to know about it. and they soon may be able to watch you like you have never believed it. if the biden administration gets its way, banks would be required to hand over data on every single account above the $600 with a balance there or more than $600 in transactions in a year. well, wouldn't that be -- i mean, dentist everybody right there. the white house says this could help catch multi-tax dodgers. -- wealthy tax dodgers. but critics call it an outrageous invasion of privacy. check out wyoming senator cynthia tearing into janet yellen. this was at a recent hearing. >> bank customers are not subjects of the federal government. banks do not work for the irs. this is invasive of privacy.
9:29 am
did you distrust the american people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch or a cow? >> will? >> will: the senator says banks are not the subjects of the federal government. beginning to sound like the american people are the suspects of the federal government. we are not simply subjects. we are now suspects. and if you look at the fact that the definition of domestic terrorism is expanding as we talked about at the. this hour. using the patriot act typical after parents. knelt looking into your bank activities. strictly monitoring your online activities. you begin to wonder as we make deals with the taliban and we leave afghanistan, if the federal government is not telling us to enemies of america is in fact the american people, how would we not come to the conclusion with the way the
9:30 am
administration and this ideology prioritizes where it gives all of this criminal suspect active deep cover, it focuses its attention on americans. >> cheryl, from the fox business perspective, where your home is most of the time. you got a big show coming up. i'm curious to know, our banks willing to do this because this will make them complicit in that financial demise of some people if the irs jumps into our stuff over and over and over again every time we have a hospital bill to pay or buy a couch. >> cheryl: this would be destructive to banks. small community banks. it would put them out of business. you would also alienate bank customers. are they going to go back to their mattress with their cash? i don't know. this is one of those ridiculous things that janet yellen has said. when i heard that testimony in
9:31 am
dc, i cannot believe -- >> harris: what do you think is behind it? >> cheryl: the irs once more auditors. they want more agents. you know what? there's already with money being proposed in that $5 trillion disaster package in washington that would give the irs more money. so there's data. this is a power grab by the irs. it is an absolute invasion of privacy, and it is one of the dumbest ideas i think i have ever heard. they think they will find that much money and unpaid revenue? no, they don't. they have no data. they are guessing, the irs. >> can i expand on that? to follow a little further from cheryl. there's $80 billion in debt spending package that will go toward the irs to hire additional staffers. they say this will clawback 700 believed dollars in revenue that the coming decades. however, they admit their data is seven years old. so we know that the irs is where
9:32 am
common sense goes to die. let me give you an existing -- additional examples. i have seen $100,000 criminal prosecution by the irs criminal division to clawback $30,000 in the alleged fraud. no matter what, it is your money that is going toward the bloated -- to reclaim the funds to pay for this spending of these progressive -- >> harris: it is the truth definition of irony. and i don't want to the retreat light of, you know, a topic ahead here. but i do think this way. a basic page, right? the bank teller is going to know if your husband is cheating on you before you do and you know how he or she will know? they will see all of the bank transactions that they got to report to the irs if this goes through. that is not only offensive. it destroys the texture of their
9:33 am
lives. they already have the ability to shake your day if you get something from the irs. can you imagine your bank teller knowing your personal business. >> it is wiped 23 state auditors say this is the greatest infringement of data privacy. sometimes our show has themes and that theme is control. this monstrosity of a 3.5 -- $3.5 trillion bill. do you trust the irs that spied on senator scott lawmakers? i don't. >> harris: so true. this topic is unreal. the facebook whistleblower is on capitol hill today testifying on the need for the social media giant to be regulated because it puts profits over the public good. and a top democrat on that hearing since this is big tech
9:34 am
companies big tobacco moment. more in a moment.
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>> big tech is facing its big tobacco moment. operative that that is what senator blumenthal said. urging lawmakers to regulate social media giant saying it knowingly pushed harmful divisive content. and that the ceo, mark zuckerberg, knows all about it. >> the choicest facebook has made are disastrous for our children, for privacy, and for our democracy. and that is why we must demand facebook make changes. 's book choosing to grow at all costs, becoming an almost trillion dollar company by buying its profits with our safety. >> mark zuckerberg is, in fact,
9:40 am
the algorithm designer in chief, correct? >> the end, she is the ceo and chairman of the facebook. he is responsible for those decisions. >> senator blumenthal pointed out the fact at least on her statements that prior testimony by district executives including mark zuckerberg are absolutely false. it seems the criminal implications here are cut and dry in addition to criminal. tobacco analogy. >> and that would require a fact-finding mission beyond simply those two sets of testimony. and i think we should be careful. everyone seems to be displeased with facebook. we realized some of the negative impact it has upon our life. what is the answer to the? how do we solve that? i think this was a blow work, the answer is more control, more
9:41 am
federal government control. mortgage regulators. and what we are upset with facebook, i don't believe that is the answer. maybe break them up under antitrust laws. i don't want the same thing that i think this whistleblower it wants. >> cheryl, the point that that was a bloomberg was making is that she said that in this world txdot metrics speak for themselves. and that level of defense has been partly what zuckerberg has relied upon. it is the algorithm, the numbers drive the decisions. the metrics drive the decisions. she says it was intended to be a flat structure. and therefore, because he is the designer, the ceo that the overlord of it all, and indeed, he bears absolute responsibility for it. a part. >> cheryl: she does. and the fact that he holds the role of founder, ceo, and chairman. this is $950 billion company.
9:42 am
that stock jumped 20% just a this year. this is a powerhouse and the fact that she is saying they are putting profits over obviously the health of our children's teen girls, it was not a surprise to everyone. but your point about facebook, truth is that those algorithms support the profit base and the advertising market that brings in that revenue dollars and that user numbers which is building around the world to the facebook. and i also say on a personal note, i have reported multiple occasions -- that i have seen on facebook ignored currently. they don't have enough -- and she talked about that this morning that testimony. they don't have enough staff. they don't have enough human beings to actually police all of the horrific things that you fec you can find them breaking out. >> what we are looking into, is live testimony. the whistleblower on the.
9:43 am
[tom parker senator blumenthal. enemy talked to about something concerning that was brought up. it was the percentage of children on the sidekick even though the accounts are supposedly illegal to have kept admitted that they had zero control over their actions. they called it problematic use in facebook verbiage. it is what we call addiction. and those kids admitted they had no control. it was causing material harm to put school work took social relations, and themselves. >> harris: , i like what you were saying earlier about the other things, peers get involved. be careful how you expect with parents. this is definitely parental trigger. as much as we want to spend time with, say, a teenager and we set parameters and you do all of that, if you are not with them 24/7. and you are depending on the good graces of their ability to make good decisions and the way
9:44 am
you have raised them to reach those good decisions. what you are not counting on someone coming in and coaching them and that is technically what is happening on social media. the other thing that was said that i thought what's important, percentagewise, is how many people within the facebook structure would maybe turn an eye, a blind eye to how many children work stepping up out of the program because it can't be under the age -- you want to -- you want to be able to catch that 13-year-old. they were not always looking for them. and so they kicked up over at 680,000 of them recently. how did 680,000 of them get there? , let them onto the platform? i think there's a lot going on with what they see this fresh ground and what we see as parents is the ground that we have to protect. so what role does section 230 playing? >> it created over a quarter of
9:45 am
a century ago. when you let genocidal generals make decisions, i do think something is wrong. biden, i look forward to that you've calling it out. maybe that is the one thing that will bring us together. we will see. just ahead. too soon to tell or a good normal holiday? dr. fauci's mixed messaging on christmas gatherings after he got called a grinch. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ cough cough sneeze sneeze... [ sneezing ] needs,
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9:50 am
our paneled racks. come join us as "america reports," top of the hour. >> in whoville, daisy, the grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. >> imagine that. critics called dr. anthony fauci a grinch when he said it was too soon to tell give holiday gatherings would be safe. he clarified those comments with this. >> something i said was taken completely out of context. i was asked, what can we protect the public winter? i said, we don't know because we have seen slopes that went down and then came back up. that was misinterpreted as my saying we can't spend christmas with their families which was absolutely not the case.
9:51 am
i would be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people particularly vaccinated people who are protected to have a good normal christmas with your family. >> taken out of context? i don't think so. how quickly he meant of the year to the grinch. >> will: he is the biggest source of disinformation. he has changed his message so many different times, we cannot count. dr. anthony fauci needs to be reassigned to a post in an article. it is time for him to go. bye. we will see you later, fauci. >> an article recently had its worst winter. >> you can probably accomplish his dream of zero covid. >> harris: dr. fauci did not fix the fact because the facts
9:52 am
don't need fixing. if they are the facts, why would you need to clarify? but they were not the facts. i don't even know why you would make a statement like that. he seems well intended to be with his own family on christmas. >> his message has changed so much. emily, then he said christmas 2021 will happen. then it is too soon to tell. i mean, i'm spinning right now. >> all i know is i know who is getting cold for christmas. >> i think the answer to the distressed is dr. fauci staying away from the camera. >> he gives too many interviews. enough with the interviews. you don't need to do six interviews a day. go back, do your job, and don't come out with something concrete
9:53 am
and solid, not mumbo-jumbo. >> i was with him in the administration. for you don't see that things i saw like on facebook live. >> he does not get the sticker for misinformation. >> he should. >> why he get that sticker? >> because he is the science. next, the american dream is alive and well. and the new show on foxbusiness is living proof. she will give us a sneak preview of tonight's premier, tonight. veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save.
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humana, a more human way to healthcare. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. >> harris: the american dream is alive and well. her new show american dream home. it airs tonight 8 p.m. eastern
9:58 am
on fox news business. every episode follows a couple or family as they hunt for and buy the perfect home. >> come on, let's go find a house! come on. >> i love this. oh my gosh. this is amazing. >> oh wow. home values up 30% over the last year. finding a forever home would truly be an american dream come true. >> harris: cheryl, are all of these monster big houses? one person's dream is not every person's dream. >> they're big houses. they're beautiful homes. they're not crazy expensive. i'm not in $20 million homes. i'm in $2 million homes. the premise of the show is these are people, average americans, heyed a navy officer that's looking for his perfect home in virginia beach, virginia. they got out of california looking for their dream home. they're regular people that want to find that perfect place for themselves. they save.
9:59 am
they've built up the equity to get into the beautiful dream home. i will say, you know, this is such a great opportunity for me at fox. i have bought and sold, flipped, renovated. i have gutted. i have done everything you can do with a home myself. to see regular folks as they find their perfect home like i found mine is just a dream come true for me. especially after 15 years at fox news and fobbing business. happy birthday, by the way. >> harris: yes, 25 years. we look so young, too, right? you turn on the dial and say, who is that spanking brand new -- now i know, cheryl, why you felt so particularly emotional when we talked about that $600 limit that the irs may be able to spy on us about. look how long it takes some people to save. all of us saving our money for that one big, they say the biggest search, the most important one in our life times, the dream home. >> it is. it' getting more expensive.
10:00 am
interest rates are going higher. it's a very competitive environment. i love real estate. i love it. it's a big road to go for a lot of folks. >> harris: i love it. >> do you know what else cheryl loves which makes her go up 3,000% in my book? cheryl loves the dallas cowboys. >> harris: we have to go. america reports. >> fox news alert now. explosive testimony today from a former facebook employee turned whistle lower alleging the company prioritizes profit over safety and knowingly puts children at risk. >> they know that severe harm is happening in children. i don't understand how facebook can know all these things and not escalate it. >> marcia blackburn had a chance to question the whistle blow


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