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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 5, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it's a very competitive environment. i love real estate. i love it. it's a big road to go for a lot of folks. >> harris: i love it. >> do you know what else cheryl loves which makes her go up 3,000% in my book? cheryl loves the dallas cowboys. >> harris: we have to go. america reports. >> fox news alert now. explosive testimony today from a former facebook employee turned whistle lower alleging the company prioritizes profit over safety and knowingly puts children at risk. >> they know that severe harm is happening in children. i don't understand how facebook can know all these things and not escalate it. >> marcia blackburn had a chance to question the whistle blower.
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she will be our guest. another fox news alert. parents who protest actions taken by their local school boards could soon get a visit from the fbi? the doj announcing that it's mobilizing federal law enforcement to deal with increasing threats to school boards by angry parents. hello and welcome, everyone. i'm sandra smith in new york on this tuesday afternoon. hello, mike. >> mike: the announcement comes as parents are voicing their frustration against the rise of critical race theory in schools and inconsistent covid policies. now the national school board association is asking president biden to consider some of these protests as domestic terrorism. critics say the doj's action goes too far and could be an effort to crush concerned parents. >> sandra:america reports now.
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>> mike: hey, alex. >> this comes at a time when schools are voting out school resource officers. some wonder if they're more concerned with their own safety over students. in a letter sent to president biden the national school board association likened some parents to domestic terrorists and requested immediate federal assistance due to threats. quote, the classification of these actions could be the equivalent to domestic terrorism and hate crime. the department of justice obliged leaving critics to wonder if the government agrees with classifying outspoken parents as terrorists. if so, will there be a watch list? what is a threat? would it be singing the national anthem? who decides? >> you nationalize the effort to go after people based on political speech when you've determined that one size fits all, that the fbi should be looking into these isolated incident. this isn't a national group that is garnering support and mobilizing people. >> the nsda noted the debate
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over critical race theory fired up parents but in a letter said it wasn't even taught in school. one of the largest teachers unions not only endorsed teaching crt but talked about expanding it. >> parents are in a trap. you're seeing school board members that do not want to work with parents. >> we already have laws in place to deal with threats that school board members have always had the right to file charges if they felt they were victims of criminal intimidation. the choice to call in the doj has some wondering. >> sandra: i know you've got betsy de voss coming up. parents are clearly outraged in many of these school board meetings about what's happening in the classroom. >> saturday night live made fun of some of these parents.
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basically made them look crazy and stupid. you have to ask yourself if this is an effort by the department of justice, after this letter from the biden administration to sort of chill and intimidate people from speaking their mind on these issues. now, obviously, there is lawful free speech and then there's harassment. if anyone, whether they are at a school board meeting or anywhere else chasing kristen sinema into the bathroom, all of these things are legally questionable activities that should be treated equally across the board. harassment is harassment whether you're kristen sinema or a school board member. harassment is harassment. we also have to recognize there's a threat here that is a political threat. you've got more people running for school board trying to get their voices heard. they've been successful, to some extent. once they get on these school
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boards life can be very difficult for them. they get shouted down in a lot of situations. i know this first hand if you join a school board and you express an opinion that isn't necessarily matching up with what everyone else does, they try to make life, in some cases, very difficult for you. make no mistake, we have law enforcement. it's breaking the law. if they're breaking the law, they will be arrested. why do we need the department of justice to open an fbi investigation into these people is really i think it is just going to get a lot of people upset. >> sandra: to consider labeling those angry parents who are clearly frustrated as domestic terrorists? >> i brought up the antifa example. there are people who are activists who feel proudly. then there's people who wear that same label who burn down buildings and statues. those people are destructive.
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where was the doj investigation -- where's the fbi investigation by this administration into those acts? you have to be consistent. the american people want consistency. they don't want to see one group treated one way and another treated another way. >> sandra: that's what led to an angry josh holly. >> tell me where the line is with parents expressing their concern waiting for hours. >> the job of the justice department is to investigate crimes when and if a situation turns to violence. it is the job of the justice department to address that. >> you are attempting to intimidate them. you are attempting to silence them. you are attempting to interfere with their rights as parents and with their right as voters. this is wrong. >> sandra: that's an important question. are these anti-crt parents are
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they being specifically targeted by the doj, by this administration? >> martha: it does remind you what happened with the irs and certain groups speaking out and suddenly were the subject of audits. in this country you have to be able to believe, profess, argue in favor of whatever perspective you argue in favor of. we have laws about illegal behavior. when it crosses that line, it crosses that line. when it doesn't, no matter whether you're antifa or a parent who wants to speak your mind at a school board, this is the united states of america. you cannot be intimidated and your thoughts cannot be chilled by people who are trying to say, you might want to think twice about showing up at that school board meeting. you might end up on a list. that's what this is. >> sandra: the school board maintains critical race is not being taught in schools. many public school officials are also facing physical threats
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because of propaganda reporting the false inclusion of critical race theory within classroom instruction. this propaganda, again, continues despite the fact that critical race theory is not taught in public schools. i look forward to your discussion in the 3:00 hour. >> martha: thank you. >> sandra: mike? >> mike: president biden heading to michigan to rally support for his $1 trillion infrastructure bill and even bigger spending and tax plan. the president has blamed fellow democrats, senators joe manchin and kiersten sinema. >> reporter: politicians love speeches in front of heavy equipment. this is a training facility for those looking to maintain construction equipment. the president will be here and use this as a back drop to try to sell that trillion dollar
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democratic infrastructure proposal. but there's a problem. the bill is stuck in congress. democrats have linked that infrastructure bill to another bill with trillions in spending on child care, education and health care. problem is a group of moderate democrats say that $3.5 trillion bill is just too expensive and so the white house is negotiating to bring the total down to about $2 trillion and try to secure the support from two moderate democrats, senators joe manchin and kiersten sinema. >> 99% of my party, two, two people, that's still under way. i don't think there's been a president who's been able to close deals that's been in a position where he has only 50 votes in the senate and a bare majority in the house. it's a process. it's a process. we'll get it done. >> reporter: now, because
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democrats only have 50 votes in the senate, they need their entire caucus to get bills through the senate. republicans are united in their opposition. the president, white house staff have been meeting with house and senate democrats to try to figure out a way to construct these bills to attract enough support to get them through congress. progressive activists have been protesting those senators questioning senator sinema as she returned to washington national airport yesterday. they were asking her what she would plan on cutting from the president's social bill. this is after act activists followed her into a bathroom filming her. that behavior, she said, was unacceptable. mike, back to you. >> mike: rich, many thanks. >> sandra: he can handle it. right, mike? this is the third time in four days, in addition to obviously those kayakers pulling up to senator manchin on a house boat
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in washington. in the airport they were talking to her. they were waiting for her when she landed. it sets a very dangerous precedent. she obviously tried to get out of there but she was confronted multiple times in a short period of time. it's something to see. it's something the way the president responded yesterday, right? >> mike: even senators who represent in joe manchin's case, a very red state, west virginia. sinema represents a purple state, arizona. they represent their constituents so they may not go along with the new york, california, washington, d.c. agenda. they're representing the people who voted them into office. >> sandra: following a senator into a private bathroom at a university is not part of process and unlawful in that state, mike. capitol police say a 55-year-old man is in custody following a suspicious vehicle incident outside the supreme court
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building. police pulled the man from a smoke filled suv after an apparent controlled detonation. everyone is safe and the investigation is on going. it comes as the court convenes today on a number of hotly debated issues. >> mike: the manhunt continues for brian laundrie. a person said he saw gabby petito's boyfriend while hiking the appalachian trail. >> they won't make the necessary changes they have put their astronomical profits before people. >> sandra: facebook whistle blower testifying on capitol hill saying the social media giant values profit over safety. how lawmakers plan to hold them accountable. (jackie) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... i ignored them.
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can your internet do that? >> sandra: fox news alert. francis haugen testifying on capitol hill saying the social media giant is misleading the public on its progress against hate speech. >> facebook knows that they are leading young users to anorexia. it is pulling families apart. in places like ethiopia it is fanning ethnic vie len. facebook has focused on scale over safety and is likely they are using artificial intelligence to try to identify harmful ads without allowing the public oversight to see what is the actual effectiveness of that? they said the safeguards implicated free speech.
10:18 am
the choices that are happening on the platform are about how we acted to achieve the platform. how viral was the platform? facebook changed those safety defaults in the runup to the election because they knew they wanted that acceleration of the platform back. >> sandra: senator blackburn was in that hearing today. she will join us. but we begin with jackie. >> good afternoon. so interesting to watch this all morning. francis haugen had a lot to say. she's an employee with a conscious. >> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. >> she was a product manager of facebook and said the company put profit over people as it faces no real oversight out there. she's saying the company's toxic, it values profits before
10:19 am
people. she made some interesting analyses. >> when we realized tobacco was hiding the harms it caused, government took action. when we figured out cars were safer with seat belts, the government took action. and when opioids were taking lives, the government took action. i implore you to do the same here. >> in response to haugen's claims, facebook's director of policy said this. every day our team has to balance protecting the ability of billions of people to express themselves openly with the need to keep our platform a safe and positive place, end quote. so the question now, of course, is that kind of response that we should be hearing from a company like facebook. the former fcc chair harvey pitts. >> what facebook should be doing right now is taking the whistle blower's complaint and, without
10:20 am
conceding that it violated anything, it should be fixing the problem itself by sitting back and waiting for the government to tell us what to do. the only thing it can be sure of is that it won't like what it learns from the government when the government finally speaks. >> all right. so it doesn't look like facebook is going to do it. the bottom line seems to be regulation. during the pandemic we saw hearings with zuckerberg on the hill. the question is what will congress do about it? it's still an open question. you cover the markets and you've seen facebook stock price. it took a big hit. >> sandra: absolutely. people watching this very closely. thank you. mike? >> mike: i'm joined by marsha blackburn. senator, welcome. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> mike: so the facebook whistle
10:21 am
blower didn't pull any punches in terms of going after facebook's founder. take a listen. >> one of the most powerful companies, unilaterally controlled and in the end the buck stops with mark. there is no one currently holding mark accountable but himself. >> mike: senator, what do you make of the whistle blower's testimony and the issue she raised today? >> well, one of the things that she pointed out to us is that he does have control over the decisions. it seems that from what we've learned from the documents that he likes a very tight circle and it's yes men that are around him. that's why he's having facebook do this internal research, figure out where their growth patterns are, allow children onto instagram. data mine those children, do that market research, sell that
10:22 am
information. we know from what we have learned from her that this is helping us build bipartisan support to pass online privacy, to update the children's online privacy protection act to address data security and, as was mentioned several times today, to reform section 230. >> mike: interesting. okay. there was an interesting exchange a short time ago raising national security concerns. let's play it. >> we also saw active participation of the iran government doing espionage on other state actors. this is definitely something that is happening. i believe facebook's consistent overstaffing of the counter terrorism team is a national security issue. >> so you are saying the platform, whether facebook knows
10:23 am
it or not, is being aout lie -- aout lied by some of our adversaries? >> yes. facebook is very aware this is happening. >> thank you. you may have just opened another area for another hearing. >> yes. i have strong national security concerns about how facebook operates. >> mike: strong national security concerns about how facebook operates today. your thoughts? and does this lead to many more hearings? >> i'm sure that it will. today's hearing was focused on children and online privacy. but senator solven brought forward a point about how facebook's usership works. in the u.s., we have a sanitized version of facebook. but 90% of facebook's usership is outside of the united states. and what we have become aware of through all of this process of
10:24 am
looking at facebook and big tech platforms. facebook has 90% of that usership outside the united states. we know the drug cartels use it. we know those who have ill intent are using facebook. we know sex traffickers use it. this is something that has to be brought forward. how do they use this in the united states? how do they communicate with people in the united states when they are these adversaryial groups and organizations or government entities that are outside of the united states? as we look at big tech at large and look at the social media platforms, their applications to end their uses. of course, this is something that we will come back to to revisit as we move forward with how do we put in place
10:25 am
regulations so that the virtual space will be safe for all users? >> >> mike: senator blackburn, thanks for your time. >> good to join you. >> sandra: a group of gop governors heading to the border to see the migrant crisis there. fox will get an exclusive ride along with one of them, ramping up pressure on the white house. >> mike: white house refusing to answer just how long it will take their massive spending plan to help lower inflation. our economic panel here to weigh in, next.
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>> mike: the fbi raiding the head quarter of new york city's benevolent police headquarters. investigators were executing a
10:31 am
search warrant in connection with an on going investigation. the home of union president ed mullins was also searched. mullins is currently under an internal nypd investigation for conduct related to social media posts. >> sandra: thank you, mike. jen psaki failing to give a timeline on how long the administration thinks it will take for inflation to come down. biden's $3.5 trillion plan is designed to be over ten years. it aims to lower inflakes the administration says in the long term. joining us now former ceo director, robert wolf, former economic adviser to president obama and founder of ceo32 adviser. should we take sol list in that, that don't mind the high price of just about everything that continues to go up as we continue to implement these massive spending plans.
10:32 am
but don't worry, the administration says long term this will lead to lower inflation. should we be okay with that? >> well, this is the one place where i have been on the other side of the fed chair. i have said for many months that we're already in an inflation environment. that when he used the word transitory, i disagreed with him. i didn't understand what that meant or the timetable. he has not given a clear idea of that either. so i think that during this pandemic and post pandemic time, there's no question that supply chains and the labor market has changed. the environment for trade globally more protectionist. we're in a higher price environment. i think it's here to stay for awhile. >> sandra: when you do pay for something, it takes a long time to get to you, right, douglas? we're all experiencing that supply chain crunching. used to be able to get your prime amazon delivery next day.
10:33 am
lot of companies are having a hard time meeting their shipping commitments. sit okay for the white house to say this will lead to lower inflation down the road but not even give a time frame by which these prices will eventually come down if we implement these massive spending plans? >> this is not even a plausible story, to be honest. the administration and congress created this problem by spending $2 trillion in an economy that was already growing at 6.5%. they're not gonna fix it with anything they do. worst case scenario, they will make it worse by front loading the spending in this next package and back loading the taxes. most likely this is now the fed's problem. that's a battle they'll fight over the next two to four years. the spending plans the administration has, if they do anything on the supply side, are five, six, seven years out. there's no solace at all to the current situation. >> sandra: you've got other
10:34 am
companies that are looking at obviously the economics of the moment and the struggle to get people working. but there are other companies who are thriving through all this like citadel one of the largest hedge funds in the world. housed in chicago. now because of a crime spike there, he might have to pack his bags and move the company. he said this to the economic council of chicago. it's becoming more -- the club, i should say. ever more difficult to have this as our global headquarters. a city which has so much violence. chicago's like afghanistan, he said, on a good day and that's a problem. his employees don't want to go to work. they don't feel safe. this is a big problem in a democratic led city. are they going to do anything about it to try to retain companies like citadel? >> i'm going to take it a little different way. ken griffin should lead on gun violence prevention.
10:35 am
five of the largest mass shootings have been in texas and florida. number two, the fbi just did a report on where the most violent crimes take place for cities north of 100,000. chicago and new york city aren't on it. >> sandra: are you taking away from the fact that chicago has been dealing with a massive crime problem? >> not at all. we have crime everywhere. in this covid environment, we have crime everywhere. gun violence and crime is up. it's not just chicago and new york. >> sandra: with all due respect the crime spike in chicago was happening long before covid hit. >> you should look at the numbers. >> sandra: i have. >> look at the fbi ratings. put it up on the screen. >> sandra: douglas, isn't it the reality many companies have to deal with, living and working in these cities. chicago is definitely dealing with a crime problem. it appears that the governor, who put out a statement as a result of this, disagrees with what ken griffin is seeing and experiencing and said he is a liar, in a statement.
10:36 am
the governor's office said it's dedicated to the safety of this city and state. i don't have to tell you about the violent stories that come out of that city every single weekend, deadly weekend in the windy city. >> the violence and crime is a sad story. the many deaths are a sad story. this is a reminder that there are some real constraints on government. if you're a local government in the united states, you have to have public safety. you have to have public health, sanitation, offer a decent value package. this is a reminder to washington and congress and the administration that the firms that are here now don't have to stay here. if you under take a massive spending program and jack up our tax rates to the highest, which is the plan, we'll start losing companies again. it all comes back to taking care of business on the home front every day for everybody. >> sandra: and potential revenue
10:37 am
loss for that city that they just can't afford. they need a plan to make it better. they can't keep taxing the residents there. if they doubled triple quadruple taxes on people who live there. >> i don't live in new york and chicago. i get that we have to make all these areas safer. >> sandra: thank you. douglas, robert, thank you. mike? >> mike: fox news media executives and long time employees ringing the nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the network's 25th anniversary. the ceo joining president jay wallace and founding anchors and colleagues in times square for the iconic bell ringing ceremony. scott calling it a great moment on the air and off. the fox news channel launched on october 7th, 1996. i gotta tell you, i was hired a few months in without a job
10:38 am
interview, joining a network i had never seen. i am grateful. it's been an amazing ride. >> sandra: it's been such a joy hearing from colleagues like you and everyone who has been here. i have been here for 14 years. been a great moment. stopped and watched all those wonderfully produced videos of people on air and off air who every single day make this network work and thrive. a nice celebration at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> mike: awesome ride. >> sandra: it has been. if you have more than $600 in your bank account, listen up. you may get reviewed by the irs, according to a new proposal that is under consideration. we'll bring you the latest on that in the next hour. >> mike: plus, search for brian laundrie stretches on, our next guest said he has no doubt he spoke to america's most wanted man this past weekend. this as laundrie's sister kathy finally breaks her silence.
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>> mike: brian laundrie's sister finally breaking her silence, telling protesters outside of her home that she's being ignored by her family and thrown under the bus by their attorney. >> do you think they're involved, your parents? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? you're not involved. your parents are not talking to you for what reason? >> the lawyer told them. >> whose lawyer? >> my parents lawyer. i have nothing to hide. my parents screwed me over. i'm livid. i'm not speaking to anyone. i'm done. >> mike: our next guest says he's almost 100% sure he spotted laundrie driving a white pickup truck near the tennessee/north carolina border early saturday. dennis davis joins us now. good afternoon. tell us about your encounter. >> thank you.
10:44 am
thanks for having me on today. i was headed up that hike the appalachian trail. i left florida on friday afternoon. i got up to the north carolina/tennessee border around 12:30 a.m. on saturday morning. my plan was to leave my car in the parking lot there. i was going to have a friend pick me up on saturday morning. i was just going to sleep in my car that evening. i realized as i got down to that location that i had passed the parking lot. so i did a quick three point turn. as i was headed back toward the parking lot, a vehicle came up on me. the gentleman rolled down his window and waved at me as to ask me to stop. i stopped right next to his vehicle. we were going in opposite directions. i rolled down my window. the gentleman was sitting there and he started talking to me. that was as i first started encountering him. >> mike: were you convinced that he was heading for california? >> no, not at all. just the whole situation was
10:45 am
really weird the way he acted. he looked like he was a little messed up. at first i thought it was on drugs. in hindsight i think just mentally he was just -- after being on the run for so long and having killed someone, i think it's kind of catching up with him. yeah. he said he was trying to go to california but the road that he was going to take definitely doesn't go to california. we were right next to i 40 which he could have easily taken to california. >> mike: few days have gone by since this encounter. are you convinced it was him? >> yeah, absolutely. what happened was, i wanted to get away from that area. he was so weird. he gave off a really bad vibe. so i got on the highway headed west on i 40. i started thinking what if this was brian? i didn't know what he looked like. i pulled off the highway at the first exit and started looking at pictures of him on the internet. i came across the second picture
10:46 am
i looked at him was a profile. the way we were parked i mostly saw his profile view. it was just amazing when i saw that. my heart leapt out of my chest and i got this surge of energy. i was like, oh my god, this is the guy that i was just talking to 15 minutes ago. i'm 100% sure that was him. >> mike: let's put on the screen a timeline of events in this case, september 1st laundrie returns home from cross country trip without gabby petito. laundrie leaves home, family said he was going for a hike. september 15, laundrie named person of interest by north port florida police. 15th, laundrie's family picked up their car from the park and drove it back home. september 17, laundrie family reports brian missing. september 20, fbi search warrants of the laundrie home.
10:47 am
here we are, october 5. dennis, do you think we will find him? >> i hope so. i have had some people ask me or say maybe i'm making all of this up. i was on a week's long vacation. this isn't something that i hoped for. i hope the attention that i'm bringing to this case will indeed help to solve it, maybe some more efforts and resources will be put in this area for him. i hope for petito's family, they get the justice they deserve and brian is caught very quickly. >> mike: dennis davis, thank you very much for your time. we do hope the petito family get their answers. >> sandra: still to come, could the global supply chain crisis lead to a blue christmas? we're speaking with an industry expert on how progressive policies could impact the winter holiday season. hold the christmas music for now. >> mike: as more republican governors head to the southern
10:48 am
border for a first hand look at president biden escalating crisis, fox news joins one of them for an exclusive ride along in the rio grande river.
10:49 am
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>> mike: barbie doll version of italian astronaut samantha christopher eddie jetting off on a zero gravity training flight on a mission to inspire young girls to consider careers in science, technology and engineering. first italian woman to launch in the space. next year she's set to become the first european woman to command the international space station. i say good for her.
10:53 am
you know you've made it when they make a doll of you. >> fantastic. girls want to be astronaut, too, as we've seen. history's reflecting very good on that. i look at the barbies. i would say they are as popular today, mike, the kids still love them. so they keep making what the girls want. >> mike: yeah. got an astronaut version now so there's something for everybody. >> sandra: absolutely. i love that. all right. i definitely was a barbie girl growing up. president biden staying away but republican governors are heading to the southern border to get a first hand look at the migrant surge there and all the problems coming along with it. bill is joining us now from texas. bill? >> sandra, good afternoon. governor hutchison tells me some of the fentanyl that is pouring through the border here is ending up in his state of arkansas and in the hands of
10:54 am
some of his citizens there, which is ultimately killing some of them. so he wanted to come down here first hand and get a feel for what's happening at the border. he did that last night. we were embedded with him while he went out on one of their gun boats patrolling the rio grande. it was incredibly dark. we couldn't turn any lights on for security concerns, but you can get the vibe. these were elite texas troops escorting the governor out on the rio grande, some of the biggest hot spots in mission, texas, where there are known drug mules that cross, known human smuggers that cross. he has some of his national guard soldiers here helping out the state of texas. that's part of the reason he wanted to take a look. look at the second piece of video. they dropped him off. they let him disembark in this eyth wanted to give him an idea how dense and brushy some parts
10:55 am
of the border are. agents can't be everywhere at once and can't track everybody down. had a chance to talk to the governor. take a listen. >> any time you have migrants coming from scores of country coming across our border, timing themselves to pick the right opportunity where they can get through, it's not a closed border. any time that you stop someone that's coming in illegally and you process them, that is not a closed border. >> this is video which is where hundreds if not thousands were protesting in the streets saying they want free passage to be able to go north here to the united states as the u.s. is preparing potentially for tens of thousands more haitian migrants to arrive.
10:56 am
>> sandra: thank you. mike? >> mike: sandra, the doj is mobilizing the fbi to investigate school board protests. school board groups say some of these parents could be considered domestic terrorists, but critics say it's an effort to silence concerned parents. that story and his guest coming up in the next half hour.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert as we begin a brand-new hour, "america reports," the feds setting their sites on terrorists, people intimidating school boards? moments away on what andy mccarthy is calling a lawless threat. >> john: the bet to change america, now changing a message about the bottom line? why the left's logic and math doesn't add up.
11:01 am
>> sandra: and what could put your christmas on back order well beyond the holidays? a man that spent decades getting folks what they need, why he says 'tis the season to worry. please, don't, we are already talking about -- hi, i am sandra smith, this is "america reports." >> mike: the facebook employee that blew the lid on facebook. >> it proves that facebook has repeatedly misled the public. to prioritize growth over public safety. >> sandra: a former facebook employee turned whistle-blower, putting profit over safety, she
11:02 am
says about facebook? and marsha blackburn also putting the emphasis on -- >> from what we learned from the documents, he likes a very tight circle and it is yes-men that are around him. >> mike: mark apologizes for a massive outage on monday. mike lee had a question though my chance to question the whistle-blower earlier, but first, ten aisha hasse live on capitol hill. speak out that's right, facebook is "morally bankrupt and it's now time for congress to step in and fix the company." a project manager says before putting back in may, she made
11:03 am
copies of tens of thousands of facebook's own research saying the company consistently chooses profits over people. the public good. it also deceives the public, its investors, and even governments all around the world about how the site is spreading misinformation, stoking divisions, and even harming children. for example, she says facebook actively researches children under the 13-year-old age group, they also know that their algorithms are leading children to anorexia content. the whistle-blower is calling for immediate oversight saying facebook founder mark zuckerberg should own all of this. >> in the end, he is the ceo and chairman of facebook, he is responsible for those decisions. speak of the buck stops with him. >> the buck stops with him. >> pointing out the fact that
11:04 am
francis haugen did not research these issues and has no direct knowledge for her work at facebook although facebook itself is now calling for congress to create industry-wide standards and rules for the internet overall. haugen also said that she had strong national security concerns because of the way that facebook operates on its platform. listen. >> we also saw active precision, the iran state doing espionage. >> the platform, whether facebook knows it or not is being used by our adversaries in a way that uses and promotes their interests at responsive americans? >> facebook is very aware that this is happening on the platform. >> what is next is a bipartisan push for new legislation to make
11:05 am
sure there is oversight for the social media site but people also want to make sure they don't over step onto freedom of speech rights. mike? >> mike: we will see, mark zuckerberg, call your office. >> sandra: mike lee had a question senator mike lee had a chance to question the whistle-blower yesterday. >> the biggest question i had for the facebook whistle-blower was, are you being truthful? is facebook being truthful? what advertisements they allow to be viewed by children? they don't target ads to children, they said. that focus on drug abuse, eating disorders, or activity for children but yet there is a group called tdp that preapproved or received preapproval from facebook to target ads on each of these
11:06 am
issues to kids that were 13-17 years old. something is missing here. that suggests that facebook isn't being truthful or facebook isn't being adequately vigilant about protecting children from potentially harmful content on facebook. >> sandra: i haven't had a chance to read through this statement in its entirety but on the senate hearing, capitol hill today with this whistle-blower, in that statement so far but i can tell, and we can put it on the screen. facebook is saying we don't agree with her, the whistle-blower's character charr characterization of the many issues she's testified about. "it's been 25 years since the rules for the internet have been updated and instead of expecting the industry to make societal
11:07 am
decisions, it's up to lawmakers." >> it's convenient for mark zuckerberg to say that. to get congress legislating on this and then they disclaim responsibility? i don't think there's anything that disclaims the findings of this tdp group. he generally refuted the statements of this facebook whistle-blower without specifying what he was talking about and meanwhile he is saying congress needs to fix this. this isn't a problem the government created, it's a problem that facebook created. a problem they created and profited on two an enormous sum of money. >> sandra: if they are breaking rules, which it appears
11:08 am
you are agree, they are putting profits over safety, is it the role of congress, that a company can't do that and if it is indeed creating a toxic environment that many of your party have described, why not do something about it? >> i think there are a number of fixes we ought to adopt. creating liability for companies if they fail to comply with their own professed content and moderation policies, which is exactly what is happening here. sharing liability for that. they've created the problem. what i gather they are wanting to do, there needs to be a comprehensive regulation regarding the internet. it's terribly convenient for him to sidestep this issue when in the end, a massive regulatory
11:09 am
scheme, which i think it's what he is suggesting, would create barriers to entry, market hegemony. >> sandra: one area where parents are watching this closely, not so much on the facebook side but instagram, because there's so many more young people using instagram, and this particular exchange, the whistle-blower, frances haugen talked about teen girls and instagram and the forces that be with those forces in instagram. >> instagram is such a positive force but with have we seen a golden age of teenage -- we've seen escalating rates of suicide, children are using instagram to self soothe but are using more and more content that makes them hate themselves. >> sandra: what's your level of concern when it comes to the targeting of children with the social media platforms?
11:10 am
>> it's atrocious. they have an obligation to tell the public what they do and don't do. they say to protect children from things like this and they've suggested no comeau we aren't targeting content for children that is not suitable. the records suggest otherwise. that tdp -- there was "ghetto parties," encouraging people to have parties with drugs, and then being anorexic. facebook approved fees. it's shameful. they have a lot to answer for. >> sandra: this is anti-stone from the company, tweeting out, just pointing out the fact that frances haugen didn't work on child safety, and has no direct knowledge and she said under oath that she does not work on it. >> what they did not say, they
11:11 am
did not say she has no knowledge about how facebook works. they didn't say that the findings of tdp were inaccurate or containing content encouraging people to be anorexic or abuse drugs. they did not say that facebook didn't approve those. >> sandra: it appears congress will continue to press this company and press these issues. i hear your concerns, our viewers hear your concerns and we will see where congress goes with us as well. thank you, senator. mike, do you hear the fire from the senator? the exchanges in the hearing room, there is great concern about the power the social media companies have and the influence they have especially when it comes to young children. >> mike: no doubt about it and when democrats and republicans are at a time when they don't agree on much of anything. something to watch. sandra, the next time you take
11:12 am
out cash, uncle sam might be hanging over your shoulder. why the irs want to look at your bank account even if you only have a few hundred bucks in it. >> sandra: wow. we are listening. plus, the feds facing off with parents? they say it's about stopping violence. andy mccarthy says even the a attorney general knows "it's nonsense." he will explain, next. we see how these moments make us smile so, we make it easy to share your smile with safe and convenient care — all in one place, with evening and weekend hours. right now, new patients get a complete exam and x-rays — free without insurance. plus, everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan. celebrate life's happiest moments. call 1-800-aspendental or book online today. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service,
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it's another day. try it for free. visit and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> sandra: listen up. the irs wants to know how much money you have in your bank account. privacy advocates says it amounts to spying. mark, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. we spent a lot of time talking
11:18 am
about democrats worried about the price tag of the spending bills and republicans are, too. for a lot of them, they're speaking up. they're worried what is inside these proposals. if the president gets his way, banks will have to account inflows and outflows. meaning the irs would get more information about americans' bank accounts if they have $600 or more. janel yellen is all for this. she says taxpayers wouldn't be bordened with this. the banks would do it and it would help the irs track down the americans that try to skirt their tax bill. >> it's a simple way for the irs to get a sense of where it might be, a few pieces of information about individuals' bank accounts. nothing at the transaction level that would violate privacy. >> republicans say it's a huge invasion of privacy and a big step towards allowing the
11:19 am
government to monitor and control how people may spend their money. >> if anybody thinks that creating jobs is adds another 80,000 plus irs agents to track every transaction you make over $600, that's in this bill. what does that have to do with building back better or infrastructure or even equity? >> we're hearing from more than politicians. we've heard from the banking lobby who is concerned this could have a big impact on privacy and their desire to do business with banks if they feel uncle sam is snooping around. people are curious about this. >> you got a lot of attention. thanks, mark. so you heard it here. if you have a bank account with a few hundred dollars in it, do you want people -- do you want the irs monitoring your bank account activity? you have to ask yourself. >> does that make folks looking nervous with big brother in your
11:20 am
bank account. all right, sandra. thanks. thetice department announcing an effort against what it calls threats of violence against school employees. this is parents speaking out against issues like critical race theory and confusing covid policies. they say they're trying to keep parents quiet. the national school board association is taking ate step further asking the president to consider some protests domestic terrorism. let's bring in andy mccarthy, a former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, a fox news contributor. welcome, andy. >> hi, mike. >> so here's the view from a house republican ken buck and jen psaki at the white house. >> to school board members is horrible. they're doing their jobs. obviously they're going to be different law enforcement authorities that will be related to each community where this is happening. >> justice should not be used to attack a group of people
11:21 am
expressing their opinions at school board meetings whether they're in favor of critical race theory or opposed to it, whether for or against masks. it's free speech and needs to be detected. >> andy? >> this is none of the justice department's business. merrick garland knew that when he was a high justice department official in the clinton administration. i was prosecuting terrorists back then. it was made very clear to me, not that it needed to be, that we had to be very careful when we were throwing around words like incitement and insurrection and terrorism, that we didn't chill legitimate first amendment free expression and that the federal government had no business getting involved at all unless there was federal interests. that is threats of vial helps that actually appeared to be probable and eminence and that threatened some actual federal interest, that would have violated some federal law.
11:22 am
to have political dissent against school board members has nothing to do with any federal law. if i said i was going to punch my school board member in the note, that would be a reprep henceable thing to do, might be a violation of state law. it would have no impact whatsoever on federal law because it doesn't implicate any federal interests. >> you made reference to the attorney general. let's take a look at an excerpt from his october 4 memo. he said threats against public servants are not only illegal. we want to discourage these threats, identify when they occur and prosecute when appropriate. protecting school administrators and staff from parents, andy? >> look, it's ridiculous. first of all, you have to be clear what you mean by threats.
11:23 am
if there's not a threat that implicates an immediate threat of violence that is probable to happen and that the person allegedly making the threat wants to bring about, there's not even a crime involved. if i say to you, if you're going to push this critical race theory thing, you'll never work in this town again. i'll make sure to my dying breath that you're exposed and never on a school board again, i may have threatened you, probably intimidated you but i haven't violated the law. i haven't come anywhere near federal law. >> and then the denial even if they're teaching critical race theory from the national school board association. they write about many school officials are also facing physical threats because of propaganda, purporting the false include of critical race theory with classroom instruction. if you go on to the national education association in june, talking about supporting and leading campaigns that resulted
11:24 am
in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education critical race theory and ethnic studies. it goes on to say what it is and is not. so are the school boards playing word games here with the american people, andy? >> depends on what day of the week it is, mike. monday, wednesday and friday, they say they're not doing critical race theory at all. on tuesday and thursday, they say that we don't understand what critical race theory is. but one way or the other, what progressives do when they get in power is use the levers of power to intimidate you. they know they have no valid claim here but threatening to investigate people because they know it has an effect. people have to retain counsel. they have to go through the anxiety of being under investigation. so that's what this is about. it's about intimidating people
11:25 am
with power, raw power, because you happen to have the power. but they know they have no valid legal reason to use it. >> andy, thanks for your time. have an awesome day. >> thanks, mike. >> sandra, i know from spending time in northern virginia school districts, people are worried about critical race theory and other theories. they're a wakening. >> sandra: and they don't feel like their voices are heard and makes them louder. being labelled a terrorist takes it another step. >> no doubt. >> sandra: democrats trying to sell the massive spending plans. the white house says it's not going to cost you a dime. now progressives say you have been looking at the numbers in the wrong way. wait until you hear their math. that's next.
11:26 am
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>> mike: president biden on the road in the midwest trying to convince americans to get behind his multi-trillion dollar plan to change america. his own party can't get on the same page. now some on the left are looking to rebrand the bottom line. hillary has more. >> while democrats really wanted to get away from talking about the price tag for their social spending package that would fund new social programs over ten years, now they want people to sit down and do a little math. instead, take the total price tag and divide that by ten. congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez pointing this out saiding i don't know who needs to hear this, but a $1 trillion would be $100 billion a year. the annual budget for new york city alone but spread thin for everyone in the u.s. do you think that is enough to be impactful to be impactful?
11:33 am
sufficiency is the bare minimum. $3.5 billion is said to be a compromise. progressives said they didn't just want free community college. they wanted all state colleges, four year universities to be free. they also didn't want to expand medicare but also wanted to lower the age to qualify for it. >> so we're going to go forward, negotiate, give and take. at the end of the day, my own view is the 3.5 is a conservative number. >> would you be willing to go to $2 trillion? >> $2 trillion is still $500 bill above what senator joe manchin's top line number is. pelosi and schumer do have a new deadline to end negotiations by halloween. that still is not scaring manchin into making any hasty compromises. >> i'm more concern about our nation and our country turning into an entitlement society versus a rewarding society.
11:34 am
there's no deadline from the stand point of getting something done. we've got everything covered. the only thing that comes due at the end of the year is the child tax credit. >> even though some progressives are willing to signal they're willing to cut the programs short and make them three years or five years to bring the pryce tag down, speaker pelosi said the goal is to do fewer things better. it's about quality, not quantity. could be a lot of these programs or some of them don't make it in the final package. mike? >> to recap, senator sanders says 3.5 trillion is a conservative number. thanks, hillary. sandra? >> sandra: thanks. let's bring in art laffer. so excited to talk to you about this today. all of us are trying to figure out, how can such massive spending plans cost nothing? peter doocy pressed jen psaki yesterday on just that.
11:35 am
listen. >> you had been saying it cost zero. so are you now admitting that the plan does not cost zero? >> this is not going to cost the american public a dollar. the plan cost nothing for the american people that make less than $400,000. >> so an admission. someone will have to pay for this, right, art? >> yes, they will. in fact, someone has to get a dictionary for them to understand the word "cost." oxford says a cost is for an object or an action, the price you have to pay for it. when they have 3.5 trillion that they want to put out in the programs, transfer payments, that requires taxes, that requires deb ceilings to be raised. that is the cost. 3.5 trillion. they way underestimated the cost of this. it's not 3.5 trillion. it's more than that. the way they're going about it, they're not going to collect
11:36 am
anymore taxes. they're trying to raise taxes on the rich and corporations. when the income tax is put in, when you raise the top raise, you collect less money, not more money. so what they're doing is losing in addition to the amount of 3.5 trillion, the lost taxes from the rich that will be paying less in taxing. they'll be sheltering income, working less, producing less. doing all sorts of stuff -- >> sandra: not to mention paying more in inflation. that is a big threat as well. if we continue with this massive spending. the price of everything will go up. there's been some progressives like aoc that they're trying to kind of maneuver around this and show where they're willing to give a little bit. it's on the time frame. this is the wall street editorial board digging in to the next progressive budget trick, art. aoc and friends say keep the entitlements but shrink the
11:37 am
years. in it they write progressives know that entitlements once created are almost impossible to repeal. the real sticker shock will come later after the programs are on auto pilot. i'm sure you probably saw cedric richmond over here on this network vowed that they will come -- i'm quoting him directly -- back in 2025 or 26 or any other year to fight for their renewal, art. >> of course they will. that's what they want. they want them to be permanent programs forever. it will cost enormously, sandra. you'll get all of these people that will get subsidies, get payments, transfer payments that will entice them to work less. they'll produce less. the people paying the bills, the rich, the corporations, other businesses that hire people, they'll produce less. you'll have a reduction in output employment and production much the way we did during the obama years from the huge
11:38 am
transfers of w and obama. both led to ten years of no growth in the u.s., not one year of growth of 3% or higher. that is just unheard of in our history. this will make it even slower than that. we've dropped the participation rate in the labor force way down already. it's going to go further down. this is a catastrophic bill that will hurt the u.s. for years and years to come. >> and there's -- there's bipartisan analysis making the very same point you did about the actual price tag of this being greater than the one that is being put forth that even joe manchin is taking issue with, a democrat who you just said that his -- as he stands firmly against the massive price tag. we have to consider that this takes us from an entitlement society to an entitlement society from a rewarding society are the words that he chose. let's take a moment and look at this and how this could change the way we operate as a country. >> he's totally right.
11:39 am
he's right on that. we're moving from a reward society to an entitlement society. it's true, sandra, of the low income workers that love to take time off because they don't take their jobs off and they get paid to do them without liking them. they'll lose their skill, come back to the labor force with less skills, less output and a permanent disability to the poor, the minorities, the disenfranchised, to the less educated. all of those that suffer the most at the hands hoff bills like these that are intended to help them. they won't help them. giving handouts doesn't make them better off. >> sandra: we want hard working americans to prosper, not the economy that we want to thrive for. art, great to have you here. >> yeah, you want the poor to have a chance to go up, not to be kept out of work. you want them to be in the work so that they can earn more and
11:40 am
get higher and become wealthy. that's the whole dream. there's no creeling to people in america until they give you all of these payments not to work. then there's no way you can ever break in to the top ranks. you can't break in. >> sandra: art, thanks for being here. >> thank you, >> all right. mike? >> mike: concerns are growing over getting gifts to loved ones this christmas holiday season. the problems are much deeper than that. >> sandra: next up we'll speak to a man whose job it is to make sure that products get from point a to point b. why he says there's a major struggle ahead. veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks.
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>> sandra: as democrats fight over the massive spending package a crisis is crippling our supply chain and delaying shipments and emptying shelves. edward lawrence has more. >> yeah, right now the white house is focused on joe biden's agenda, getting all of that spending passed. when you ask about inflation, you hear about reviews, studies going on but no tangible public action. one of those reviews, when you talk about economists, from the white house to the federal reserve part of the price
11:46 am
increases are due in supply chain problems. there's still 60 ships off of the coast of california waiting three weeks to dock and off load goods. the transportation secretary is trying to be a broker to solve problems but no concrete action has being taken. we have not heard from this. the part of the problem is the reliance on china. >> the concern is over dependency that in pharmaceuticals, the dependency that is 90% or more is a number of areas where it's foolish for the united states to be so dependent on china. >> and michael pillsbury helped out the former administration with the phase one trade teal. he said the former people used threats like tariffs to get china to change behavior and remove the supply chains. this administration taking a softer approach. one of the reviews that is happening, the white house
11:47 am
created a supply chain task force. so far they have not released any reports or recommendations. a senior white house official telling me that the task force continues to talk with companies up and down the supply chain to try to solve problems behind the scenes, but again no, real public action has been taken. back to you. >> sandra: edward lawrence reporting live from the white house. thank you. mike? >> let's bring in mike from jkc trucking. he manages hundreds of tractors and trailers for a number of fortune 500 companies. great to have you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: so there's concerns about the possibility of a system collapse in the supply chain. what are you seeing? >> yes. so we have a couple of issues. there's not enough capacity to move all of this product. we're having a historic driver shortage. these are the -- the ripple effects caused by the shut down of the economy.
11:48 am
the driver shortage has been intensified. 20 to 25% of all truck drivers are missing. we need multiple drivers. the biggest issue is taking longer to unload. we're missing warehouse people at these locations we're going to. longer to unload equals lost time equals lost revenue causing a backup of trucks. disrupting the supply chain to deliver the food in a teamly matter. retailers are struggling to replenish inventory as fast as they're selling it. for the holiday shoppers will see bare shelves. any signs of drivers coming back coming back? >> no. honestly, the complete opposite to be honest. last week i heard one driver and two drivers left my company to
11:49 am
go to another company because they're paying ten cents more. we're all fighting for the same drivers. it's going to take months to recover from this, to see any positive traction. >> from the institute for supply management, average lead time for production materials in september increased by one day to 92 days. the highest figure since ism began collecting the data in 1987. mike, your reaction to that. >> yeah, what we're doing, we have a lot of raw material ingredients for food production. we produce a lot here. but we depend other countries to get the product from. we shut down and reopened, you know, imports jumped 50%. we weren't ready for that. now we're struggling. i have bakery customers that have been struggling to buy gluten. what used to take four to six weeks is taking four to six plus months now. >> mike: so that impacts prices,
11:50 am
supplies in the stores. any easy fix? your view? >> i mean, what we need right now is all hands on deck. everybody needs to get back to work and get this rolling again. get the wheels rolling again. one thing that might help is if the government lifts the hours of service so truck drivers can go longer and travel more distances. in the long run, the government needs to meet with us. i'd love to meet with the transportation sector and show them what we need and how to get done to educate them to get the economy rolling again. >> thanks, mike. our best to you and your employees and the best this holiday season. >> thank you for your support. >> mike: sandra? >> sandra: interesting stuff. next up, why the supply crisis may have played a major role in the massive oil spill off of the southern california coast. >> and the hunt for gabby petito's fiance. new questions over brian laundrie's travels.
11:51 am
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11:57 am
believed responsible for this leak, is about eight miles out in federal water. that is important when this goes to court. the other thing you should see, see the cargo ships? the owner of the rig is saying one of these cargo ships dropped anchor and likely ruptured the pipeline between here and long beach. officials say if that was the case, there could be an immediate drop in pressure and people on the platform would have known right away. bells and links would be ringing. that's the other controversy, when that happened. l.a. says they knew 10:00 p.m. friday night and had satellite images one hour later of a 3 by 5 mile spill in an hour. the owner didn't tell the coast guard until 9:00 a.m. saturday saying that's when they saw oil on the surface. the coast guard was told at the time. the public didn't know until sunday. the owner of the rig used to be shell oil in the 80s. the current owner, amplify did
11:58 am
not mention that that is not an original pipeline. experts say it could be corroded from the inside and the out. he didn't blame welding or any corrosion. but going to the idea that an anchor basically breached the pipeline. saying someone unfamiliar with the port of l.a. and long beach may have done that. the d.a. says the company has a history of noncompliance and shouldn't conduct their own investigation. >> that is one of the distinct possibilities, yes. >> they shouldn't be able to go anywhere near that pipeline. they are biassed and self-interested and they're going to do everything that they can to reduce their damages. >> so the environmental and the economic costs continues. just for context, mike, an oil tanker has three to eight million gallons. a high school size swimming pool.
11:59 am
150,000 gallons is what this is estimated to be. >> thanks, william. sandra? >> sandra: the hunt for gabby petito's fiance's sister is speaking out. phil keating in florida. >> brian laundrie has not been seen definitively since three weeks ago to today when he drove off in that silver mustang to go for a hike. the hecklers here at the laundrie's house have targeted brian laundrie's sister how. they accuse them to doing nothing at all to find gabby petito and now her fiance, laundrie. >> what happened? >> i don't know what happened. >> we know gabby's family. >> we do too. >> what do you want us to do? >> we cooperate with the police. we're not supposed to talk to anybody and you're making my children cry. we're just as upset, frustrated and heart broken as everybody else. >> early saturday morning a florida man says he's very sure
12:00 pm
that he saw laundry near the appalachian trial, a weird guy in a white pickup asking how to get to california. we also learned from the sister that brian laundrie fly back from the big road trip for four or five days to close out a storage looker to meet with gabby in the white van. >> sandra: thanks. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york, this is "the story." this is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. facebook getting its cage rattled on capitol hill by this whistle-blower. >> i'm here today because i believe facebook stokes division and weakens our democracy and hurts children. they know how to make facebook and instagram favor but won't make the necessary changes because they


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