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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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interviewing astronauts from apollo 11 to countless heroes since, one of the great things about this job, i got to see what is possible when we put aside what we think is impossible. it's a marvelous lesson for us and particularly me, as i look at how grateful i am for everything. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino along with judge jeanine pirro, jessica -- jesse watters, greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city, this is "the five." [laughter] ♪ ♪ increasing over a controversial plan president biden's justice department to voice concerns, parents, about their children's education. the department of justice is encouraging individuals to report parents they see as a threat to the fbi.
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if "the new york post" summing up these way: "are these domestic terrorists"? getting the feds involve for parents speaking up at school board meetings, that's too far. republicans vowing to get answers from the white house. >> this is an overreach by the biden administration, to sick the fed on parents who want to play a role in their kids education. >> any time this administration does not like opposition, any time it does not like a political point of view, they tried to silence it. they are willing to use federal law enforcement power to do it. >> this is wrong. this is against what america believes fundamentally. education is the great equalizer, but now we are saying governments are the only people to have a say, not your parents? >> what they are saying is, what you take what we are going to give you, if you challenge a government takeover of your children, if you challenge what we are doing, they are going to turn you over to the fbi. >> past statements from president biden are getting attention where he promised he would not politicize the doj.
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>> president biden: i would not direct my justice department like this president does. i would let them make their independent judgment. the justice department under my administration will be independent of me. i will not direct them who to prosecute, how to prosecute, what to prosecute. it's not my justice department. it's the people's justice department. >> dana: jesse, even jesse jr. is old enough to remember when democrats thought president trump would weaponize the doj. >> jesse: he came out of his crib and said "dad, the first amendment -- abridging the right of people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances." these parents have a lot of grievances because, if a teacher tells your son you are racist, you are going to complain, or if a teacher says "i'm going to slap a mask on your child for six hours five days a week, you are going to complain." if a teacher says "your daughter has to share a locker room with
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a guy," you are going to complain! it seems like the democrats go out of their way to protect the free speech rights of terrorists, anthem nailers, stature toddlers, leakers,, but little miss simmons, if she gets upset about something at a school board meeting, the g men are going to show up at her door. what is the fbi going to do? what they always do: they are going to infiltrate pta meetings, entrap a soccer mom. [laughter] all while people are trafficking women, ignoring tips about school shooters. that is what usually happens here. i think parents should resist this. they will become folk heroes if joe biden's team tries to throw them in prison for opposing their liberal agenda. i don't know if you saw in the mccarthy today, in the national review -- a great piece -- don't -- >> dana: thank you. >> jesse: one of the lines is "process is --" they threaten
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these federal investigations, very torturous and expensive, they threaten indictments, which can ruin your life, and what that does is -- they are basically extorting silence from their political opponents. no one is ever going to stop them unless parents stand up. >> dana: any role here for the fbi? >> jeanine: absolutely not. if there's a problem, you call the local police, the sheriff department, you call the d.a. the last person you want to call is the fbi, because we know how they botched this, whether it is the larry nassar case from the olympics, or what would be the parkland school shootings. i could go on and on: the epstein case, on and on. they have no role in this. the fbi likes to get involved with a get a lot of headlines. let's focus more on the issue: what is important here? what is important as parents have a fundamental right to decide what's going to be in their child's education. these are not people who don't have a say. it's their children, not the state's children. what's incredible about this is
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that we saw johnny, who is coming home from school, and johnny says he's getting yelled at in class. he's six years old, he wears glasses. when he pulled down his mask and his glasses fogged up, a teacher yelled at him to put his mask back on. we have kids like this all over the country, who are spending more time cleaning their desk than learning anything. then, we have the issue of other kids who are being put in advanced algebra, while last year, she didn't even learn fundamental algebra, because teachers were not in school. i think the teachers are the last people that americans see as victims in this case. if anything, they were made rich during a pandemic. they did not want to come to work, and other want to yell at our children. there was a time where they were celebrities. now, could see their teachers on the streets and teachers don't recognize them, because they are masked up. they don't even know who their students are! it's not the role of the feds.
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>> dana: jessica, is it possible to be charitable to the white house and doj, that this is another example of them something dumb i cannot explain something well, sending out a memo, and then dealing with eq medications? >> jessica: it's totally feasible. to pick up on something that jesse said, use the word "peaceful," critical to the first amendment, understanding how this communication goes. we all realize that she treat people with respect. there's school board members being accosted on the street. it is my impression, just understanding president biden and the people who work for him, merrick garland, they don't seem irrational, that they are going to be talked about folks who are taking this into an inappropriate level, versus just someone who is saying "excuse me, i don't agree with this, but it is a curriculum." most parents should understand that the mass mandate is not coming from the teachers. it's coming from the higher-ups. >> dana: the fbi involvement. >> jessica: it might be one of
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those things that we get upset about. it never comes to fruition, it was an aside that merrick garland did comment on. >> dana: maybe he got a call from the white house and was like "fine, i will put out the memo." i got a lot of attention. people are upset and were before. this week, president biden when asked about the harassment of the senator from arizona when followed into the bathroom, she's no mike followed into the bathroom, he said "it's part of the process." kiersten powers at cnn had this tweet. "which is worse, your grandparents being deported or followed into a bathroom because you refused to stop and listen for people desperate for your help? this is not a tricky question." >> greg: when people called her on this, she said "if she did not want to be bothered in the bathroom, she should not have gone to the bathroom." that's like saying you asked for it. this is part of two trends.
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biden is okay with that, but not okay with hypothetical crimes. what that did donate a percentage of the bathroom could be a crime, filming somebody in the bathroom. what you are saying is we are criminalizing the life of an average american citizen while we stop targeting criminals so you can shoplift anything under $900, be people up in new york, get out like that. hypothetically, you could be of threats, a domestic threat, if they decide that is the case. what they are doing is, these threats are happening at once: a crime is being decriminalized, decent citizens are being criminalized at the same time, at the same rate! it is happening. to big feminists, kiersten powers, due member her -- she was a familiar face here, always lecturing us on how poorly women in politics are treated, and the need for "grace." it was always about grace in civil life. then, she goes out there, and she felt that this was a cause for confrontation. this is the same logic she is
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using. some issues are so important that you have to confront people. that was the same reason that ashley babbitt had she went to the capital and she was murdered, on unarmed protesters shot dead. i did a search. i could not find anything by kiersten powers about ashley babbitt, saying "oh, my god, this woman wanted to speak truth to power --" no pun intended -- "and she was murdered." they might share religious similars. i would not be surprised if they are both religious. i think when it comes to this bathroom stuff, kiersten powers isn't turning the other cheek, literally. she has made her name lecturing people -- and then goes to cnn and does it about face. hypocrite. she deserves to be called out. >> dana: and it rhymes. >> greg: that was spontaneous. >> dana: i loved it. president biden, his big spending plan could get swept away by a red wave.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: lo president biden battles his own party to pass trillions of dollars in new spending, he may want to pay attention to this poll. it shows that people prefer republicans over democrats and the midterms, a sign of a red wave and a bellwether race to be virginia's next governor -- sara mccullough -- that state could cost him his race.
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i don't know what the phrase bellwether means, but i love it. we always hear "there's going to be a blue wave," when the republicans are able and wave, and a red wave when the blue's are in power. is this a different or the normal flip-flop? >> jesse: i see red waves wherever i go. i don't know if you want to go to me. [laughter] it looks like this is going to be a historically good year for republicans in 2022. the q poll just came out. it's loaded for democrats, they are usually up about seven points, very charitable to the left. joe biden is underwater and honesty, economy, covid, texas, border, immigration, military, leadership, and competency. joe is going to be of no help to the democrats in the midterms. trump is often about, so the democrats aren't going to be super juiced to turn out. the democrat's line they want to run next year is "a pandemic defeated and an economy
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renewed." right now, we've had more covid deaths under joe biden than we have had under donald trump, and democrats act like we are still in quarantine, like they are afraid to go to the grocery store. i don't know how that's going to play. the economy is riddled with inflation and labor shortages because of these biden policies. i don't know if they are going to be able to pull it off. >> greg: it seems like, jessica, the promises of free stuff were not enough to convince people that they have their best interest in mind. that's what you said to me earlier. [laughter] >> jessica: glad you were bringing a private conversation onset. [laughter] the question is can republicans finish what they started in 2020? they had a good night on the congressional and senate level. a few democrats had races we thought they could pick up. there were a few races in october. this is the one that has republicans up in the generic
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ballot. margins are getting tighter. when you don't have a president that will help you in every district, where as -- the great thing about joe biden, he was a unifier for all democrats, everyone from aoc to the tim ryan's of the world, touching his moderate -- and ability to work with everybody. it will make working with people like terry mcauliffe difficult. i'm not saying it's over for democrats. to be when you can say it. [laughter] >> jessica: but i don't think it. >> jesse: you know it in your heart. >> jessica: historically speaking, it should happen. we have revelations -- we have to get infrastructure, because those may be the most major biden a compliment. >> jesse: that's not much, spending other people's money. can't even give him credit for $300 checks read speech of the with rushing everything
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>> jeanine: the problem with rushing everything true, then republicans would know what's in it, roads and bridges -- the average american does not know if it's 1.9, 3.5, and it's these different bills. the longer it goes, less chance for it to happen. the fact that it's the republicans and independent pluralists who are winning on the issue of prosperity and protecting the united states, and the polls that have come out after afghanistan make it so clear that joe biden is seen as a mumbling liar, and then the military comes out and they say something opposite of what he has said. every day, the news keeps getting worse for joe biden. my question is this: if the republicans do get the house, are they going to do with the democrats did with respect to impeachment? there are a lot of issues joe biden could be impeached on, a lot of legitimate issues. will the republicans have the strength to do with the did? >> jesse: i don't think they
2:20 pm
are going to do that. >> jeanine: do think there is grounds for customer to be when i would love to, but i don't think they should. just get joe out in 2024. >> jeanine: okay. i love the whole idea of -- go ahead, dana. [laughter] >> dana: we will take a break and reveal it. >> greg: should republicans be further had given all the calamities question marks >> jesse: fake polls. [laughter] it's vegas. >> dana: the one thing jessica said that republicans did well in 2020 -- what has happened in these poll pluralists, everything has been set except for this part, which is that the number of independents, they are the ones that tipped it to biden in the end. this poll here, 60% of independent disapprove. how do you get them back? the lawyer poll numbers go, the harder it is to get things passed. they are going to try to rush, going to try to get this reconciliation bill done or
2:21 pm
something. if they don't, they are in quicksand. >> greg: where is kamala harris? >> dana: she did an event today with a latino outreach on a bill. >> jesse: quiet after that. >> greg: she is nowhere. >> jesse: she is squatting. >> greg: i want to get into my theory, but we will wait for the next segment. >> dana: we are really holding out on our audience. >> greg: next, present biden being called clueless by a member of his own administration. ♪ ♪
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>> he asked me "what's the situation?" i explained. he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired. i don't want to go into the details of it to, but suffice it to say that the president, my president is very committed to strengthening the relationship, and making sure this is a small event of the past, and moving onto the much, much more important future. >> jessica: dana, what do you think happens here? >> dana: secretary john kerry, climate envoy, is sophisticated enough to know that as soon as he said that, he knew what he was saying. in some ways, he is living in the days of your when he was in charge, and everything went so smoothly.
2:27 pm
he was doing at -- >> greg: under the yacht. >> dana: -- imagine if that had been a republican. the howls from democrats would have been "how dare you denigrate our commander-in-chief when you are on foreign soil is ghost? literally has no idea. john kerry knows what the narrative is about president biden not being in the loop. not only that, he threw lincoln and sullivan under the bus. maybe it wasn't handled well, maybe he raised that in the situation room and nobody paid attention to him, but it doesn't seem that he knew what he was doing. then, he tried to backtrack and "he wants everything to be fine." it sounds like things are fine now, but i have a feeling he knew what he was doing. >> jessica: what do you think of that? >> jeanine: i agree with the points you have made. i think it's interesting the way that he starts. he says "he asked me what the situation was." why would he be asking the claimant envoy with the
2:28 pm
situation is? why would he be calling him up and saying "what's going on with france?" they canceled the gala, pulled out to go investors. "what's going on?" he does not do that. i think dana is on the money. the days of yore, when he was secretary of state. he knew what was going to happen. all of this goes back to -- it was the same thing with the generals when he said he didn't remember, maybe they said it. he is conjuring up idea, a narrative. it >> jessica: we want to play this thought from jen psaki. >> he said his first love is foreign policy. why doesn't he know about these things in real time? >> secretary psaki: of course he knew about the french being displaced. let me finish. i would encourage you to ask john kerry specifically about the context of his comments, the president and former secretary
2:29 pm
are also good friends. he relies on his counsel, as he does with many numbers of his national security team. that is not what he was intending to convey. >> greg, what i thought was interesting about this, that's not what she wanted to be talking about. jen psaki comes from kerry world, not from biden world. what did you think of her defense? >> greg: she had no defense, that's why she had a spin. i think the spinning will be joe biden was not aware of it, so it's not his fault. now, his profound ignorance and possible confusion in this job, it's a shield against criticism. "grandpa joe, he didn't know." i think they like it that don't like this way. he was elected to be a shell for a whole other group of democrats, the trojan horse. it raises the question, what else does joe not know, and when did he not know it?
2:30 pm
get that? [laughter] >> jessica: she just didn't like it. >> greg: when did he not know and when did he not know it? you never know! >> jessica: that's the funny part. [laughter] >> jesse: that's his m.o., plausible deniability's. even the french no. when kerry said biden did not get it, they said "you are probably right." takes the sting out of them losing that deal. you know john kerry thought he should have been president. when he was in the senate with joe biden -- kerry thinks "this guy just doesn't know here," and it slips. he did not throw him under the yacht. this is the biggest alliance in military development in the pacific for decades, this new alliance we have with the australians and the british against the chinese. if biden did not know about that and the invocations of that, that's pretty scary. we not only gave the australians submarines, we gave them midrange missiles that could hit the chinese mainland, hit all of
2:31 pm
their shipping lanes, and china cannot do anything about it. they are out of range. the chinese are humiliated, they are panicking, and that's why they are lashing out against taiwan. they are up you know what's creek. >> greg: can i repeat my joke against the people see how brilliant it is? [laughter] it raises the question, what does jonah know and when did he not know it? >> jessica: do you like it now, judge? >> jeanine: yeah. [laughter] >> jessica: ahead, new call for censorship and the fallout from the facebook whistle-blower. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: liberals using the fallout from the facebook whistle-blower to call for censorship. journalists dominic journalist greg greenwald says the controversy is being embraced by democrats and media, who do not want to weaken facebook, but instead commandeer its power to censor. cnn's dom london is proving the point. >> it allows lies to be spread on checked. if we say something on this network that is not true, there are repercussions and ramifications. we face the consequences. if you do that on social media, there are no consequences. what we post on social media, what we open on social media, should be true. if not true, take it down!
2:37 pm
if it's not true, take it down! don't allow people to put it up there. have them face consequences. >> jeanine: greg, who decides what's true or isn't? >> greg: that's idiotic. >> jesse: dom london. [laughter] >> greg: women on "the five," the biggest audience of his career. he would have to do 70 shows in a row to get a number of eyeballs that just saw him. the republicans and democrats both have problems with facebook. the republicans get facebook as something that may be contribute into a moral decline, like alcohol and drugs, things that are bad for kids, "maybe we should create an age limit," like cigarettes and alcohol. but, not mitigating it illegal. this is different. what he is talking about is eliminating discourse. he will be the decider of what is true and false. it's about what is controlling the narrative, nothing to do with the moral idea, truth. it has to do with politics and
2:38 pm
political power. >> jeanine: dana, essentially, aren't they eliminating all opinion? they can say that your opinion is based upon a fact that is not accurate, in their mind. >> dana: the people on the right have been frustrated with facebook for a while, because of claims of censorship and bias. the left hates facebook for a couple of reasons. one, republicans are more successful on facebook and van they are in reaching audiences. the top 10 pages, you will find fox news there, dan bongino, ben shapiro, and others. the left hates facebook. the left hates it so much more than the right. they can't control it. it was very clear to watch how the bat signal had gone out, everyone in the media had the same language about the whistle-blower. turns out, she had some connections with the democratic party, long-term democrats to help her out. i'm not saying that facebook
2:39 pm
doesn't need to be regulated. i'm just thinking that this seemed a little strange. >> jeanine: in terms of don lemon saying there has to be consequences, i love when he said "if we at cnn do something on the network that is not true, we face consequences." i'm thinking chris cuomo, jeffrey toobin. are the consequences? >> jesse: they pushed russia for so long, where their consequent as for that? dana is right, this smells like a setup, reminds me of the ukraine whistle-blower phone call. all of a sudden, this woman, she is photocopying documents. she gets represented by a democrat, and then all of a sudden, they call up cbs news, she gets that treatment, and on the very next day, she is testifying on capitol hill? how did that happen ahead of time?
2:40 pm
now, she's verified on twitter. this is too perfect the way she passed the baton to the media, who are all saying the same thing, trying to get into facebook to control information flow. if you are right, this is about controlling information, because they are upset that maga does well on the platform. if i were mark zuckerberg, i would be mad. of course i got rid of the 100 laptop story, took jump off twitter, now you are going to try to destroy my company because of this?" >> jeanine: "i got rid of the laptop, that." biden -- let me ask you about the false picture of the company. zuckerberg says "we care deeply about young women on facebook, we would never put profit before their safety." >> jessica: that's what i thought we were going, the past few weeks that came out about
2:41 pm
the 13-year-old. i don't buy it. we know how unhealthy social media is for young women, and as dana pointed out last week and before that, it was magazines that were terrible for young women, and the people who end up being models look a certain weight, and we know how destructive it is. i think that the whistle-blower raises a good point there. we know facebook wants to make a lot of money. it is a fight founded on ranking how attractive women are it is a site founded on ranking how attractive women are. that's where facebook came from. >> jesse: it was? questionmarks >> greg: that's ws called facebook. [laughter] >> jesse: was i supposed to know that? no one knows that! >> greg: did you not say "the social network"? >> jesse: a long time ago. >> dana: remember what kennedy said, that hurry teenage daughters are not even on facebook. they are on tick-tock and snapchat they are on tiktok and snapchat.
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>> jesse: welcome back, time for "the fastest." i've had my fair share of neighborhoods -- this is pretty good. check out his solution to get people to stopped taking a shortcut on his property. >> and people will not stop cutting across your lawn. set up an automatic sprinkler. ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> jesse: allowable? >> jeanine: it's your home, do whatever you want. >> jesse: soak them. >> jessica: makes me wish i had grown up in the countryside. >> that's the suburbs. [laughter] >> dana: i would love to do this. i don't love people walking across lawns. try to make a trail on your own lawn?
2:47 pm
>> jesse: greg, you are a homeowner. >> greg: new york is different. it's never a sprinkler. >> jesse: it's a weapon. >> jeanine: a spring gun, not a sprinkler. [laughter] >> jesse: i'm not going to argue with the science here. according to a new, women prefer warmer temperatures and argue with men overheating because a built-in evolutionary differences. greg, many women are different: breaking news. it >> greg: everything is a product of evolution. women need to be more sensitive to things like temperature, nutrition and hygiene, because they are the more valuable sex. it only takes one man to populate a village, but you need 1,000 women to populate a village. that makes it more valuable. they have to be more sensitive to the temperature, because they are in charge of continuing the civilization, much like jessica is doing right now. >> jesse: can argue with the science. >> dana: you have to follow
2:48 pm
the signs. it was disproven this morning on american newsroom. studios are -- [laughter] -- it's usually freezing in studios. it was too warm. bill hemmer was freezing the entire day, even to the air conditioner was working. >> jesse: you are saying he has a tempter of a female. [laughter] >> dana: i'm saying there are exceptions to the rule. >> jessica: i am the opposite of this. i am a walking oven. [laughter] i need the air conditioner on no matter how cold it is outside, windows open. my whole life experience. i like it 67 degrees. >> jesse: i like that. >> jeanine: i like it hot, very hot. >> greg: that will be taken out of context. [laughter] judge jeanine.
2:49 pm
>> jeanine: if it's not hot at my house, my kids come home and say "what's wrong with you?" i'm cold all the time! >> it's great to have multiple blankets. >> greg: i love it cold. >> jeanine: the male peacock is prettier than the female peacock. >> greg: why is that? >> jeanine: -- >> greg: it's proven that they can handicap themselves. it's telling the female that he is such an amazing sex partner that he can handicap himself. yes it does! >> jeanine: it has nothing to do with sex. >> jesse: everything has something to do with it. [laughter] >> greg: he's body building. >> jesse: enough with the peacocks. [laughter] captain kirk is going to space for real. the 9-year-old "star trek" "star trek" legend william shatner's blasting off next week on jeff bezos' blue origin rocket ship. who is excited about this? >> greg: i am offended.
2:50 pm
another job taken by an old white male. [laughter] i don't give a shat. [laughter] >> jesse: watch your language. >> dana: this is one of the best p.r. moves i've ever seen. tween basis and elon musk, who's getting the better p.r., elon musk or jeff bezos, this goes to jeff bezos. >> jesse: who will descend next? biden. [laughter] >> greg: what about george tokai high? >> dana: very popular. >> greg: on twitter. >> jessica: that's all that matters, blue checkmarks rule the world. they are trying to make things acceptable for normal people. you have these great stories. >> jeanine: every time i see william shatner, i smile. you just want to laugh. it was a brilliant move by jeff bezos. it really was. every body likes him. >> greg: i wonder if he has amazon prime. >> he will now.
2:51 pm
[laughter] >> jeanine: he's got more now. >> greg: what do you mean? >> jeanine: he what do you mean? he gets to go to space? >> jesse: we are going to talk about peacocks and all of that. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ . patti ann browne.
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subway® has so much new they couldn't fit it in their last ad. like new smashed avocado and artisan italian bread. 100% wild-caught tuna. hold up! 100% wild-caught tuna ain't new! subway®'s always had 100% wild-caught tuna! y'all tried to sneak one in on the chuckster! >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. subway®'s always had 100% wild-caught tuna! this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
2:55 pm
♪ >> dana: it's time for one more thing. jesse, kick us off. >> jesse: it is breast cancer awareness month as many of you realize our friends at robach have debuted a new polo called the fighter. it sold out in three hours. they are making it available for preorder throughout the rest of the month. so go to rhoback.
2:56 pm
i can say that breast breasts for breast cancer awareness month. gut shirt is free. >> jesse: to goes for charity. >> greg: all of it? >> dana: i bet jesse jr. knows how to spell hroback. >> jesse: i'm on "tucker carlson tonight" at 8:00. watch me there. doing something with fauci. >> dana: one short little thing two dogs off to the races. down in australia. a pair of datsuns taking huckleberry for a charity ride. this is what they did lockdown. dogs take them around huckleberry is actually the kid's name. >> greg: disturbing. we have a problem here with one more thing. ours are almost identical. >> dana: oh no.
2:57 pm
>> greg: whoever did the sorting out of these omts we have to look at this one. >> judge jeanine: i believe dana was first. >> jesse: anybody up there? hello. >> dana: are greg's one more thing. >> greg: animals are great. ♪ animals are great. >> greg: not even friday and people are losing their minds. this is also a dog pulling something and in this case it's a horse. and i thought i had a lot of clever stuff to say about it but you know what, screw it? i'm mad now that our omts were too similar. i would have talked about how mad the horse is to be pulled by a little dog. that seems like a complete like what do you call it marginalization of being a horse demoralizing. do you know what? i'm checking out. no more animals are great. >> dana: done? killing it right now. >> greg: i'm killing it. >> judge jeanine: good. it's my turn. >> dana: don't worry america. we will keep it jeanine is next. >> judge jeanine: i want to thank john rasmussen who did something, too. he did a sketch of sir lancelot
2:58 pm
meeting mickey moto at the bridge. greg is laughing, everybody. >> greg: painting scene. >> judge jeanine: i'm still speaking. anyway, my fellow still very lonely that's sir lancelot and mikimoto dancing at the rainbow bridge. i brought in bingly and mr. darr'sy. there we are. mr. darcy, the handsome won on the left and bingly is on the right. stella is in front. happy as everything. so, here is a test. what movie mr. darcy and bingly from? >> greg: atlas shrug. green jean you got it pride and prejudice. thank you. >> jesse: are those marble floors? green jeans who for sale do you want it. the dogs match the floor.
2:59 pm
>> greg: the dogs match the floor. [laughter] jess. >> jessica: you can sprinklers. >> dana: all the time in the world since we skipped you yesterday. i'm trying to remember all the one more things i didn't get to say. but, i do want to talk about this very exciting. at the tomb of the unknown soldier marking hundred years at arlington national ceremony historic event took place all female change of the guard occurred with the 38th sergeant of the guard we commemorate the achievements of these trailblazing tomb guards. social media while the historical event may be the first not the last during this time of the year the military guard at the tomb of the uncharged soldier changed elaborate ceremony 24 hours a day to stand guard. already being used across social media to mark the occasion very exciting all females first. >> judge jeanine: bravo. >> dana: indeed. >> greg: why not bravo. >> judge jeanine: because of the
3:00 pm
women. >> greg: i don't see gender. >> dana: coining that here on "the five." we're going to do a lot of things on "the five" because we have 8 seconds left. jessica did it so well. that is actually it for "special report" is up next. mike emanuel, how are you doing? >> mike: my dog jeter is very depressed because the yankees laid an egg last night, dana. >> dana: i know. i'm sorry. >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight, the increasing pushback against the biden administration over its efforts to stifle dissent on the part of parents against school boards disregarding their wishes over the children's education. many of the parents say free speech and parental rights are being threatened. correspondent mark meredith starts us off tonight. good evening, mark. >> mike, good evening to you. the biden administration is not backing down from plans to get involved in school


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