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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> it's called dying citizen and now tuesday on amazon book stores and all the things we've been talking about, this chaos, i think it has one theme, and that is citizenship and it is citizens dying. >> greg: all right. thank you, mercedes, david, kat timpf, our studio audience. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington on a jam-packed night of breaking news. tonight, parents are taking the justice department to task saying the decision to investigate school board members will not keep them silent on issues affecting their kids. >> we are mama bears and pop papa bear we are not domestic terrorists. it's beyond republican lawmakers also joining the fight against
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what they see as an attempt to quell free speech. >> the parent selected the school board and now they can't even speak without being investigated? it's insane. >> they have civil rights. >> they have the right to express their views to challenge the school boards. >> shannon: meanwhile, the biden administration is doubling down sticking by the attorney general's decision focused on parents accused of being intimidating. >> regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants as a legal. >> shannon: will get the latest from correspondent matt finch who is tracking the story. you don't want to miss it. "fox news @ night" starts right now. parents targeted by the new justice department justice department initiative aimed we are told addressing harassment, intimidation, threats of violence against teachers and school officials are continuing to blast a plan they say is a core needed effort to stifle free speech and parental rights. correspondent matt finch has been tracking all the latest
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event of the mic developments. speak of say the white house is basically embracing cancel culture by unleashing the fbi and doj on parents who speak out against progressive school boards. however, the doj and the white house insist they will only be a potential prosecution against people who actually threaten violence. >> do you believe it is appropriate to treat parents as domestic terrorists? >> a heated exchange between senator marsha blackburn and united states assistant attorney general kristin -- blackburn pressing her about the memo this week promising to prosecute parents that make threats against school boards "when appropriate." >> the memo in response to national school board association asking the president or law enforcement backup at school board meetings where some
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parents have been vocal against issues like mask mandates. >> no more masks! >> and critical race. threatening scoreboards to be labeled terrorists writing in part these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. >> you're saying apparent going to the school board and expressing their dismay with crt or with the mask mandates is not protected speech? >> i believe they attorney general's memorandum deals with threats and intimidation and harassment. speak of the attorney general has instructed the doj and fbi to strategize solutions citing a spike in threats against school board members and teachers. elected officials like senators ted cruz and josh hawley are asking for more information about the alleged spike in threats. >> we need to have a hearing on this subject. we need to hear from the attorney general himself. he needs to come here, take the
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oath, sat there, and answer questions. >> the way has the term domestic terrorists came from the an sba letter but agreed these threats run counter to our nation's core values. >> these are threats against public servants. threats against members of the school boards regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. >> and there is a deadline here. they attorney general has directed the fbi to hold meetings within 30 days with u.s. attorneys and state leaders to come up with a plan to address threats against school employees. >> shannon: and we will track it. thank you very much. further analysis tonight over the growing backlash over the justice department's effort that critics are calling pressuring parents into silence. angela morabito and harvey dillon. great to have you with us. i will start with a statement from the national school board
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association about the memo. they say the individuals who were are intent on causing chaos under sharpening our schools are trending at the voices of parents who want to be heard when it comes to decisions about their children's education. these acts of intimidation are also affecting educational services and school board governance. some have even led to school lockdowns. we have seen some pretty heated meetings. we have clubs of people showing up at folk's houses. where's the line and what is there for the doj to get involved with at this point? >> first of all, doj has actually already limited police power in the united states and the question is what we are talking about here is some kind of a federal crime or not and the answer is largely no. state and local governments do have the power to investigate and arrest people who are making credible threats of violence. that is the critical part. every person in public life including myself gets threats. we get threats. as a question of is a credible threat of violence or not.
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what i think it is happening here is the attorney general is actually trying to intimidate parents were trying to recall members of the school board who are completely pushing inappropriate propaganda on students and protest. and petitioning the government at school board meetings. so these are protected rights under the first amendment, not only the right to free speech but also the right to petition the government. if the attorney general in the u.s. attorneys proceed to intimidate, arrest, interrogate, intimidate and certainly prosecute parents who are lawfully exercising their rights, they will be sued, and there will be substantial litigation over this issue. >> shannon: this is all coming at the backdrop of people harassing senator kyrsten sinema on planes and the airport following her into bathrooms and filming at. so this is a tweet from opinion columnists karen. my first question for the fbi is whether the following school
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board member into the bathroom will constitute a threat? so how do we moderate this conversation about what crosses the line, what are appropriate tactics, does it matter who the focus of the intention is? >> well, i can tell you that when i worked at the department of education under president trump, this never would have happened. i watched first hand how secretary betsy davis fought day in and day out to control education at the hands of parents were belong to. you see this eruption happening because look at how absurd the biden administration and school boards and teachers unions, how crazy their thought processes. they are saying we are not teaching critical race theory and also how dare you be mad that we are teaching critical race theory. it makes no sense and it is sad to see it has reached a fever pitch. parents have a right to be angry. they just have to keep it civil.
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>> shannon: they do. i want to play something that got some attention from the last virginia gubernatorial race. i will none democrat against glenn who was the republican challenger and it seems to sum up how the left feels about education and parents. >> i'm going going to let parents into schools and actually make -- i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> shannon: harmeet, is not what this boils down to? >> of course. this is about control. this is about the government controlling every aspect of our lives. this is about one parents are angry that the school is hijacking medical decisions for the parents. the response is well, you don't have a ride. i will ohana voices parents. that's during the entirety of our country and history on its head. as i said before, this is 100% about parents taking up the power to recall school board
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members. this is election interference and intimidation by the united states department of justice and the biden administration at a time when their poll numbers are in the tank, the 40s and dropping. they are making at this completely fake issues or like to see these threats, the so-called credible threats. i think they are just talking about parents being unhappy and demanding control of the school boards. and it's their right to do that. >> shannon: if they want to recall people or get organized and run themselves or do something at the ballot box the next time around and it's a simple likely to do this. the kansas city star reporting on this talking about threats school boards have face there. they say several education officials in missouri are welcoming the doj effort. it may help them feel safer and we summit spokesman said the district is pleased prior to raising task and elected officials in regards to violence, harassment, intimidation. they say in the area that it is a legitimate concern.
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>> everyone should be protected for their safety but no one should be protected from legitimate criticism. trying to show people the night is just plain un-american and base what i've seen at the campus reform, they places -- people are taking their cues from colleges. we are talking right now a professor at ucla who is suing because he was punished because he refused to grade his black students differently. were also following a lawsuit from a former volleyball player at the university of oklahoma who got kicked off the team for questioning a diversity training. these are the intimidation tactics used by the left and it's horrifying to see it happening at the very highest levels of government. >> shannon: we all agree and i think it's a straw meant to say otherwise the end but wants violence. hopefully all sane people who have objections to their city council, county commission, school board, will go and speak their piece can if they are angry, they are angry. if they want to run, they can
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recall people to. keep it civilized in the doj will have nothing to do. take you much. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking tonight. texas appealing a preliminary injunction issued earlier wednesday by federal judge that is barring the enforcement of the states month-old law banning abortions after cardiac activity is about six weeks into pregnancy. for now, that law is on hold. but the state is petitioning the fifth circuit court of appeals and it is known as one of the nation's most conservative appellate courts. i should on raising the debt ceiling. what we know about democrats accepting senate minority mitch mcconnell's offer to push the fight into december. we will get to do this all again. why has corresponding kevin corke is tracking the details for us tonight. >> good evening shannon. as is often the case here in this nation's capital, lawmakers have once again agreed to kick the can down the proverbial road. this time, it is the stalemate
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over the nation's borrowing limit. swept aside now for the next couple of months. democrats voting as soon as thursday on the short-term debt -- this sets the stage for the end of the year major fiscal agendas that tend to run downhill all toward december. don't forget government funding is set to expire on december 3rd. >> our republican friends need to stop playing russian roulette with the u.s. economy. if they don't want to do the job, just get out of the way. we will take the heat. we will do it. we will do it. let us do it. but the democrats to raise the debt limit without obstruction or any further delays. >> so this is actually a rare moment when just about all parties involved are claiming victory. moderate democrats get a chance to have their concerns addressed. progressives get a chance to refine their pitch ahead of what is expected to be a single party effort and of course replicants now get a chance to play a bit of hardball while forcing the
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democrats to own the story line for the midterms which could probably be problematic for the white house in general and certainly for the president in particular. his ratings continue to falter. let me share just part of the latest survey and it speaks to what we are talking about. mr. biden deep under one or when it comes to his handling of the economy as we see. 55% disapprove. ditto for taxes. he is 54% and the disapproval, just 37% say they approve. now in his statement, senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, said his party's options will -- and give the "unified democratic government more than enough time to pass a stand-alone debt legislation reconciliation periods was quote means tomorrow will get a bump of news and then after that we keep doing the horse training that happens between now and december. >> shannon: yeah. right after thanksgiving and right before christmas will do
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this again. in the meantime, you mentioned the pole. a lot of headaches in there for the white house and the president and tough numbers for them. what can you tell us? >> let's be blunt about this. it's either a case of buyers remorse or may be a confluence of unfortunate circumstances or maybe as she has coupled with a poor performance. but by any measure, these numbers are winds inducing for the white house. overall approval ratings for president biden right now, just 38%. how about competency? again, underwater. has for his handling on the border, really underwater. 67% say they disapprove and that number, by the way, includes this. 69% of americans and hispanics say they disapprove of mr. biden's handling of emigration. just 23% say they approve. so the white house has a lot of work to do to get caught up. and this is something -- let's be fair about this.
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it's never going to be easy for any president, especially in the first year. but when you see numbers like that, it has to be greatly concerning for the white house because the midterms will be here before you know it. >> shannon: and i down to the border it will be resolved by that point although we would hope because the people who are involved on both sides. we will keep tracking it. we'll have an update on that coming out. kevin, thank you. see you in a minute. treasury secretary jenny yelling is defending new biden administration proposal that would allow the irs to review every account with the balance above $600 or with more than $600 worth of transactions in a year. so basically everybody within accounts. conservatives are bashing the plan labeling at regulatory overreach and invasion of privacy. >> janet yellen has been very clear. they want to spy in your checking account, want to look at any check you write were deposit. that is over $600 pair the only reason they want to do that is to basically squeeze more tax
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money out of american taxpayers. >> shannon: she says the move is designed to collect information on income that can be hidden citing an enormous gaps in the u.s. chicago mayor lori lightfoot morning and have severe if the city does not hold gang members accountable for their crime. it comes after a prominent prosecutor is refusing to bring charges against several men over a shoot-out in broad daylight which by the way was caught on video. garrett reports from the windy city. >> five gang members are back in the streets after the state's attorney chose not to file any charges in a friday shoot-out that was captured on a city surveillance camera. you can see that gun battle arrived after two cars pulled up outside a home on the city's west side. for people with modified, fully automatic handguns open fire on gang members of a rival faction. more than 70 shots were fired between the groups and roughly ten seconds it took for two squawk cards to show up. one person died, to her injured,
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five were arrested, and a zero were charged. mayor is demanding answers. >> we cannot send a message that it is okay and you get a pass that you shoot up a residence in broad daylight captured on film and no consequences will happen to you. that can't be a world that we live in. >> she augers her office couldn't bring charges because none of the witnesses were cooperating in the video evidence alone wasn't enough. >> our number one concern should be about getting those people prosecuted. not a headline diverting attention away from the fact that we have had coverage -- come speak of a criminal defense attorney bob says it is ludicrous that she didn't bring any charges against the gangsters and let them walk free. >> as a prosecutor, your obligation is to protect the community. you need to identify gang members and those capable of serious violence. you get them out any charge you
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can while you are building up a case. >> as the blame game plays out, chicago's epidemic of violent crime continues and is on track to make this year the city's deadliest and a quarter. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. a teenage suspect is in custody tonight after four people were injured in a shooting at a texas high school. police say 18-year-old timothy george simpkins drew a weapon during a classroom fight and critically injured a 15-year-old boy. students reunited with parents at a nearby performing arts center. speak out today could have gone differently. you wake up in the morning thinking that it's going to be one way and it ends up a completely different way. you never know. so i'm very thankful to have my daughter with me. >> shannon: simpkins was both in the arlington jail on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
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one of the strictest covid-19 c9 vaccine mandates in the nation requiring everyone age 12 in order to be fully vaccinated before entering bars, gyms, restaurants, and other indoor entertainment facilities. the council voted 11-2 in favor of the ordinance which is expected to take effect in early november. an 8-month-old toddler writing and style thanks to a sled pulled by sausage dog. and the ultimate tax. today's best viral videos, next. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into nights viral on this, a couple of dioxins taking a whole new meaning to dog sledding. pulling this 8-month-old toddler under jewel jewel ride through the grass. she is getting her bear her own
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custom home a chariot. this is not just a sled here. beyond cute. we all need this in our day. and cameramen and australia it was filming a documentary on saltwater crocodiles using a drone when suddenly one of the huge reptiles lunged out snatching that her own right out of the air and thought it was gone for good but the drone was found a couple of weeks later on the banks of the lagoon covered in bite marks. up to the plate, epic celebratory video out of boston as the red sox pop bottles after the big wild card game win. absolutely ecstatic drinking champagne and blasting water in the locker room. they beat their rival and a 6-2 victory. it will face the tampa bay rays thursday. cuteness alert. many golden doodle from connecticut has been busy tending to its owner's newborn triplets. you can see his legs but he is
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bouncing perfectly on the ottoman to lean over and say high and get a nice snack, a nice width of just how great babies smell. careful and well done. and finally, homeowner set up of people crossing his pristine lawn all the time so he decided to take matters into his own hands setting up automatic sprinklers to avoid traffic from strangers. some folks say it's a little bit petty, others think it's downright genius and what's happened when people walk in the sensory kicks it off and then to get sprayed. what do you think? i think it's genius. had a sub on social media to weigh in on this and if you get any videos you want to share. issues and a modest opec -- continuing to push up oil prices. drivers in california bracing for even higher fuel prices as domestic apply may be seen cut as well.
9:27 pm
kelly o'grady has the details tonight from l.a. >> l.a. county is the first place in the nation to vote for phasing out oil production in unincorporated areas and so county officials are aiming to boost the growing reputation and address environmental impacts related to oil drilling. l.a.'s oil industry supports more than 10,000 jobs, half of which are affected by the shift. and industry leaders are also concerned about where l.a. will get oil if it is not from domestic production. >> we have been curtailing domestic production of our energy and instead relying more and more on imports. >> that is going to impact gas price is not just in l.a. but nationwide. see california on top there at a whopping 4.42 for a gallon but the national average transit $3.22, up over the dash that will likely only increase. part of the hike is because of the u.s.'s reliance on foreign oil. opec stood firm on the current
9:28 pm
production levels leading to a seven year high in oil prices just earlier this week. in addition, gasoline isn't immune to the supply chain issues americans have been experiencing. a cyber attack took out a major -- and hurricanes and the gulf have impacted productions. and we can forget demand is also higher. americans are also driving more than a year ago with apple's mobility and begs showing rates at 50% above the prepandemic level. jennifer granholm raised the prospect of releasing crude oil from the government strategic petroleum reserve declaring that all tools are on the table. so a lot of dynamics at play here. for all leading to more pain at the palm. kelly o'grady for fox news. >> shannon: time to bring back in kevin corke. two of our favorite things i would talk about on the show all of the time. pets and food. tonight, it's about pets. in some people may actually like them better than other humans.
9:29 pm
i think you will see that times which is fine. >> sometimes we get these great stories and i am like i can't wait for us to talk about them. october being national pet month, a new survey is out by ai found that -- are you ready -- one in four adults who own a dog would rather share a bed with their dog and their partner. the reasons to prefer it -- instead of the partner, snoring, moving around, getting up too much, taking up too much space in the bed. that sort of thing. there is more to the spirit 60% of dog owners report letting their dog sleep with him at least once a week. 40% say they let their dog sleep with them each and every night. now, i love dogs. i grew up with dogs. i don't own a dog currently but never ever have i let a dog sleep in my bed. what about you? >> shannon: we are in the same page about this.
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i hope she is not listening because she doesn't know this is an option. she is a big old lab. there is no way that is going to work for us. he is always going to win out over the dog all that we love her. thank you, kevin. we get to talk some good news in just a bit. the white house says hunter biden will not know who buys his artwork because of ethical concerns but he just showed up days ago at an exhibition of his art along with some celebrity and bigwigs. so how is this arrangement working? we are diving in and checking in on that, next. >> i have been at fox news channel for 25 years. i think fox news has a culture that said we are going to take chances that other networks were not willing to take. you want a government
9:31 pm
investigation into the antidepressant industry. i obtained internal documents of a clinical drug that was supposed to prevent depression but was in fact causing suicide. >> i have no doubt that the medication did this. >> what was amazing was that most of cable news was getting most of their advertising from the pharmaceutical industry and we were exposing the pharmaceutical industry. this was an incredible act of courage that no other network would have taken. and all the lives that were saved because of that story would not have been saved. of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients
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>> shannon: back in the spotlight raising more ethics questions by appearing at an art exhibition and los angeles featuring his work. photos here you see are obtained exclusively by the daily mail. his attendance at the show could strain white house claims the administration is avoiding any conflicts by ensuring that neither the president nor hunter
9:37 pm
will ever know the identities of people who buy his work. by the way, some of our work apparently priced that half a million dollars per piece. so the white house today is avoiding commenting on this headache regarding the president's son but our next two guess won't. vivek ramaswamy and guy benson. welcome back both of you. i will include a little bit of reporting here from "the new york post" reporting on this. it says new photos and video show hunter rubbing shoulders with celebs and foul in l.a. the whole thing is a really bad idea. who is -- white house park is terry jen psaki said an agreement with gallery owner will ensure that all buyers remain anonymous and either the white house nor hunter biden would know their names. does that solve the problem? >> hypothetically it's mike, but
9:38 pm
i don't really trust the system to work. and if hunter is meeting with people at these gallery events, and apparently there are folks within sort of the biden orbit were showing up, it just kind of wreaks. and reporters ask jen psaki about this earlier and she kept deflecting. she said we don't with this before. she is playing coy. why could this possibly be a problem? he is just an incredibly talented artist with his art going for six figures which is a bit much. i actually don't hate the art let's be serious about what very well could be happening here. and she kept saying i will refer these questions to the gala wrist like that's an acceptable answer. there's a reason why ethics experts are saying no, there are serious red flags here and i don't think we should simply take the white house's word for it. >> shannon: is there a way to do this cleanly to make everybody happy? >> i think it's going to take a charitable interpretation to say
9:39 pm
he really wants to express himself artistically then he is free to do that. but for the four years that your father is the leader of the free world and has access to the nuclear codes, just do it for free for those four years please. they literally make plenty of money while he was vice president. they made a lot of money while biden was out of office. just take a break for those four years. and even if you are not ultimately engaging in corrupt acts, why sacrifice the public trust in the process? being the president of the united states with sacrifices including for your family prayer that is the least we could ask for. a lot of members of the democratic party are often skeptical of american capitalism and attack american capitalist system yet they are the ones who want to line up first when it comes to collecting money to use influence to cash it in. i think it smells bad. i think it's a bad decision at best. >> shannon: how what you get to weigh in on this. they said the u.s. government is ordering google to provide users
9:40 pm
search data. that the report. it's at the u.s. federal government is secretly ordering google and other search engines to track and provide data on anyone who searches in certain terms through a keyword warrants. that's according to this new report. saying this will help them and has been used in tracking down crimes and other issues. what are your concerns with this? >> we don't live in or orwellian fictional novel. we live in the united states of america where -- this is not left or right wing issue. might be a single libertarian issue which to say that you can actually search something on the internet and that all it's be a crime you can be cross repeated for or investigated by the u.s. government for doing it. but it's also reveals newest trick in their playbook and that is they are using private companies to do indirectly what government cannot do directly. i think this is an issue that the left and right ought to equally worry about. seeing it with censorship, now in the realm of government
9:41 pm
investigation and i think i would make both george orwell and george washington roll over in their graves because it's a scam to the checks and balances which didn't envision these behemoths in silicon valley doing the bidding of greg the mike baker government under the cloak of government enterprise. >> shannon: pull side should be worried about it because if your party is in control you might not have an -- years with the aclu said about this. never before possible technique threatens first amendment interest and will and in a belief sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique in the time frame not precise to make matters worse police are currently doing this in secret which insulates the practice from public debate and regulation. >> i can see the argument and theory in favor of this and they are getting warrants, there are judges involved, and i think maybe even just a few years ago there would be a lot of americans who might say well, we are a little bit concerned about this, but overall, we trust the
9:42 pm
government to work and not to abuse what is happening here. i think fewer americans feel that way these days and a big question i have is if we are not going to completely bar this process, i would be fascinated to see what scotus might do with this should an appeal make all the way up there. but if this is going to be allowed, what is the degree of scrutiny, what is the oversight? is this a rubber-stamp situation like the pfizer courts over and over again. or deserve some extra layer of protection for civil liberties? i don't think we have those answers and i think people would like them. >> shannon: a lot of people worry when you have things like the dash other warrants that can be obtained without the other side being represented. so we'll see. i think this will be a very interesting case for the supreme to tackle and will see if he gets there. thank you both so much. warning -- getting sued over their product line that plaintiffs claim doesn't actually contain many veggies is
9:43 pm
kellogg telling a veggie tale tss different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ why do nearly one million businesses
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>> shannon: we have breaking news on a severe weather alert tonight in alabama where as much as 6 inches of rain has fallen in some spots over just the last 24 hours.
9:48 pm
it has been triggering flash flooding that are submerged cars and required some people to be rescued there. emergency managers say the combination of low visibility and standing water has made travel life-threatening in some areas. once folks to say home. additional severe storms bringing the threat of isolated tornadoes to northeastern alabama into georgia and tennessee overnight and into thursday. stay home, stay safe. a new report on -- says an astounding 330,000 children have been victims of abuse over the past 70 years. that figure includes abuses committed by some 3,000 priests and on them either of church figures. the head of the commission that issued the report said catholic authorities covered up the widespread abuse in a systemic manner over the course of decades. the plant-based protein trend has skyrocketed into a very big
9:49 pm
business leaving mcdonald's now testing out meatless alternatives but just how many vegetables are in your veggie burger? according to a no lawsuit against kellogg morningstar farms brand the claim is very little. the suit argues the company is misleading consumers because of products are mostly made of water, grains, and oil. so how many vegetables should a plant-based burger contain? to be actually considered a whole veggie burger. let's debate with tonight's legal. robert pattillo and former defense attorney brian claypool. welcome back gentleman. going to get right to it with exhibit a. this is a complaint here against these delicious items. contrary to their name and marketing and discounting water, the veggie products are primarily made from grain or oil. the first three ingredients in kellogg's morningstar farms veggie dogs which are delicious if you haven't tried them, our water, wheat, gluten, and corn syrup. 2% or less of various other ingredients only some of which are veggie based.
9:50 pm
robert. >> the court system -- provides no real belief and publicity stunts for attorneys because no rightful jury is going to say that when you label something a veggie -- not a vegetable but a veggie product that people are to believe it's made out of a carry in a bun. let's assume that this is a branding term which is meant to indicate to consumers that this can conforms to a vegan diet. if they were to say brisket or pulled pork he would have lawsuit but to say between grain and corn verses -- i don't think any jury is going to go for that. >> shannon: was go to exhibit p. a statement from morningstar farms from their website. they say looking for a veggie goodness? look no further. we have breakfast, burgers, and beyond. all vegetarian and delicious. so they are not claiming that it is chock-full of veggies.
9:51 pm
they are saying that his meatless, it's vegetarian. don't they technically meet that definition? >> not at all. and ladies and gentlemen of the night court jury, look no further in this case than the merriam-webster dictionary. the dictionary is going to be exhibit b, ladies and gentlemen. it divides mike to find a veggie burger as a patty derived primarily of vegetable-based protein as a substitute. well, guess what. based on that definition, the consumers in this case win because 98% of what is in these veggie burgers and fees veggie-whatever's is not vegetable based protein. it's like you said corn syrup, water, maybe we need to rename these water burgers instead of veggie burgers. but also real quick -- no, that's whataburger.
9:52 pm
but this is a water burger. but anyway, the other part of the lawsuit is using the word veggie, shannon, that really is false and misleading. and because there is a very little if any veggie in all of these different products. this a plethora of veggie products. these consumers relied on those misrepresentations and they paid money for something they didn't get so they have money damages and they're going to wins case. >> shannon: i like the veggie corn dogs myself the best. you nuke them. it's my level of cooking and they are delicious. this is the complaint. reasonable consumers understand and expect that products market is as veggie are made from vegetables rather than beans or other legumes, grains, tofu, oil, or anything else. >> does not say vegetables. it says veggie. and the ingredients are back to the consumer to read to know exactly what is going into it and they can make their choices
9:53 pm
and now we are going to parse between is a being a vegetable, is a grain of vegetable, is we of vegetable comments corn vegetable. i don't think that's misleading to the consumer. what they are conveying is that you are not getting a meat or meat byproduct and you are vision or vegetarian this will be part of your diet. that's all they are saying. i don't think it's anything further than that will be considered misleading or even criminal or even civil violation. >> shannon: 15 seconds for closing argument. >> you bet. the word veggie signifies veggie. if that word wasn't on there, then you are right. there is no need to look any further. but without word veggie, shannon, nobody is going to be looking at the ingredients. that's what's deceptive about this. >> shannon: i would know that tonight unlike when we have debates over cookies and ice cream and everything else, there were no props.
9:54 pm
so just take that into your consideration jury at home. okay, thank you both so much. and some good news before we say good night. something extraordinary happened in california. a woman's ring helped save her from a stray bullet. 22-year-old was folding her laundry. she heard a loud bang. drop your phone and felt pain and hand. her middle finger started swelling. the next thing she realized that ring saved her. it was a bullet casing on the floor. it turns out there had been a shooting less than 50 feet away from our backyard fence. her advice is to tell your man want lots of rings. big rings. that's her advised to save your life. >> it worked, good for her, and boy was she blessed. going to take you to stillwater, oklahoma, for my "good news good night." congratulations is in order to the team of physician scientists and animal lovers at oklahoma state university that
9:55 pm
neri medicine. a small animal surgery in helping this little puppy he was born with his paws upside down in the front to get back health. well done for the cowboys and wait to go. >> shannon: super cute. all right. thanks for being with us tonight everyone. we will see you back here from washington tomorrow. ♪ ♪ then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks.
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