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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 7, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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socialist spending spree that they want to go along with. at biden's imploding presidency and the fact that i don't thinking is what data is. please set your dvr and never miss an episode in the meantime i have very good news for america. let not your hearts be troubled, laura: what day is it? >> today is wednesday. laura: wednesday of what you're? >> what is the point? 2021. >> i'm trying to do a biden impersonation but you are slow on the uptake. >> are you a junkie? have you ever painted -- have you ever painted the as beautiful a piece of art as hunter biden's paintings? have you ever done that?
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>> portrait of a crack addict. if it looks like painting i can duplicate then it looks like the numbers. >> take a bunch of toilet paper rolls like my kids do that. all right. we will pick up where you left off, we will be watching trump tomorrow on your show. this is the ingraham angle from washington. we told you to be where the facebook whistleblower hero narrative. glenn greenwald has an update and we are learning why lieutenant colonel scheller was locked in the brick and what awaits them out. 's attorney is back with important new details and fauci makes his disney plus debut. raymond arroyo has in seen and unseen but first biden's biggest covid light is the focus of tonight's angle. every now and then we need to stop what we're doing, pause and
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remember horribly president biden and his medical experts have handled covid post trump but first we have to go back to what president biden said before the election at that final presidential debate. >> 220,000 americans that. if you nothing else i say tonight, anyone who is responsible for not taking control, not saying -- i take no responsibility initially. anyone responsible for that many devs should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> why didn't biden step down today? according to johns hopkins more people died of covid so far in
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2021 then all of 2020, that 353,000 since january 1st competitor 352,000 last year so despite being handed vaccines, promising therapeutics president biden has presided over a year of death. let's recall what the media were saying every time a new 100,000 mark was reached when trump was in office? >> 100,000 american lives lost and there's no denying this could have been avoided. >> these deaths are on donald trump, 180,000 moving to 200,000. >> with the united states version 200,000 coronavirus just donald trump is shown total lack of empathy or any plans. >> in september of 2020 during the height of the campaign this is how the ap covered covid death under trump, 200,000 dead, trump vilified sites, prioritizes politics, a few months later the washington post blamed 300,000 covid death on trump's denial, mismanagement and magical thinking.
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how does that report the news of 700,000 american deaths, 300,000 of them under president biden? i searched the post website tonight and this is what popped up. i found nothing blaming biden's leadership for the stunning loss of life, not even a feature on passing the 700,000 mark. we tried searching a number of ways, each time we came up with nothing. instead with biden languishing at a pathetic 38% in a new poll out today, the washington post through, covid lifeline, touting flimsy studies it tells us the vaccines possibly maybe could have prevented 39,000 deaths among seniors in the first 5 months of the year. democracy dies in the darkness in the pictures for abc news they didn't have the biden covid death story. here is the story. it was too lines long. the same press corps so eager to
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blame trump for everything never lays any blame at the feet of the biden administration for these covid deaths. what happened to those once on the present covid depth charts, graphics that cnn and msnbc clunk to all of last year and this year as well but given the 2021 covid death numbers, the milestone passed today, a truly independent press would at least question biden's approach, maybe it was methods, maybe even his actual policies which may in fact be making covid worse by undermining public trust in our health experts. suspicion does run deep among millions of americans for one obvious reason, the stubborn refusal of our government officials to acknowledge the obvious, the natural immunity for prior covid exposure is
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long-lasting and durable across variouss. >> we don't know how long that natural immunity less, that's a question in terms of future surges. >> that is banking on immunity will eventually need to get vaccinated to sustain that immunity. >> in a few moments our actual experts will tell us why those experts you just heard were off-base but suffice it to say studies from the prestigious cleveland clinic, and one israeli study of 758,000 people are either dismissed by these folks or ignored altogether. according to that is really report natural immunity is far superior, 27 times better than protection afforded by the vaccines against symptomatic infection. in mid-september assange a group to raised the issue with doctor fauci. >> i get calls all the time, people say i had covid, i'm protected, now the study says even more protected than the vaccine alone. should they get the vaccine? how do you make the case?
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>> that the good point. i don't have a really firm answer for you on that. that is something we have to discuss regarding the durability of the response. >> what about the durability of the vaccine, that was necessarily provable for that was mandated for businesses that recommended by the government. we are waiting for the discussion. when president biden pledged to let the science guide his covid response we warned you it was all of this. president biden and his health advisors never cared about that. it was all about clinging to power at any cost. plus president biden took office that it was crystal clear that schools could safely. open and for full-time and personal learning but instead of listening to the data, looking at the data president biden acted the talking points from teachers unions that were hell bent on classrooms being shut down. now president biden and company
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have endorsed the big lie that vaccines need to be mandated for kids are in school in order to really get back to normal. >> a 4 times higher chance of being hospitalized if they live in a state with low vaccination rates rather than states with high vaccination rates. >> there are so many reasons for adolescents to be vaccinated. >> best way to keep our school safe is to vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated. >> the best ways to keep them away from you. forcing vaccines on kids is not only evil but profoundly anti-science which we talked about business march of 2020 but the evidence shows in italy and china the kids are highly highly unlikely to get very ill, or get seriously sick from covid. schools are the safest places for kids to be and teachers throughout the pandemic and the
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need for everyone to be vaccinated to get back to normal, here's a headline from cnn, states with the worst covid 19 case rates also reported highest rates of new vaccination. the live from biden and friends don't stop there. they have been feeding the same drivel about mask mandates for months. >> i don't believe we will be able to throw masks away and forget about physical separation for a while. >> one of our 100 day challenges is asking the american people to mask up for the first hundred days, next 99 days, it is a patriotic act. laura: when will that hundred days end?
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here is what biden's cdc said in april of this year, the agency is not aware of a randomized controlled trial that shows that masks or double masks or cloth face coverings are effective against covid 19 so we told you this in the beginning so the administration doesn't trust his own agency now? the biggest of them all is the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders really worked. the favorite fairytale of the closest covid advises. >> i would like to see a dramatic devolution of the personal interaction with you. if you look what happened in europe when they shutdown or locked down i went to shelter in place they did to the tune of 95% of the country did that, we functionally shut down 50%. >> he is so miserable the freer
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we are. if lockdowns work, new jersey and new york would have lower covid death rates than south dakota or florida but that is not the case, new jersey's rate stands at 310 deaths per 100,000, new york 283 per 100,000, florida's death rate is 259 and south dakota's is 244 per hundred k. not only are death rates lower in those letter two states, so are there unemployment rates and we are never going to know how many lives were saved having gainful employment but we do know depression kills and being shut in without a job, without any human contact, out of school, led millions to feel isolated and despondent. whenever big government and big pharma get together americans need to ask a lot of questions since our media will not. whatever doctor fauci says the press took as gospel regardless of what the actual data showed. when the government fought so
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hard to kill hydroxychloroquine 9 their lies and half-truths would multiply and they did. even a halfwit knows now that i public health officials knew more than they were letting on about the work being done in wuhan so why did they dismiss the lamp week theory so vigorously? what were they afraid of you going to find out eventually the drama will rival anything hollywood has put out in years. let's just hope all the villains get there, pins in the end for how they misled america and that is the angle. joining me is doctor peter mccullough kindness, cardiologist, epidemiologist and harvey rish, epidemiologist, the rejection of clear science early on in this pandemic was so obvious to me as a non-medical professional because i have people like you guys and other smart people who are not political advising the angle. where are we now in all of this
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given what we know in true and untrue about what they said. >> we are following and ever building stories that natural immunity, robust, complete and durable and a september 17th issue of the british medical journal summarized in wonderful report that cdc estimates, 120 million americans have had covid 19. whether vaccinated or not they've had the real infection attempt durable immunity, that represents 44% of those ages 18 to 49. that large block has a negligible risk of covid 19, they can release their fear of getting the infection again. it doesn't happen in any significant risk, there's excess harm. that is a clear message americans to take home that natural immunity is the backstop of us getting out of the pandemic.
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>> what is being said in response to that is even if you had prior exposure, getting a shot will give you supercharged immunity so what is the harm? >> the extraordinary number of events and deaths that have been registered, hundreds of thousands of events from vaccination, 12,000 deaths, way too much compared to every vaccine we ever approved in the past and there is the harm. we can't be doing that harm. >> now we find out the punishment and shame being used by the biden administration against those who have chosen, prior infection or other issues to not be vaccinated to spread to some states where you see
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health in colorado says it is not going to perform transplant surgery front vaccinated patients, the purpose of the vaccine policy is to protect the health of its patients, what if you need a heart transplant, you die without it, you're more worried about dying from covid. what is happening? >> i'm a cardiologist and i manage patients and i'm deeply worried that type of policy would backfire. we know with pfizer and modernity fbi as official warnings of myocarditis, we have 6000 cases the cdc certified as having myocarditis, hard inflammation it damages the house with the spike protein causing ekg changes, elevations, worsens heart function, that's the last thing we would want in a heart transplant candidate. i'm fearful that if heart transplant candidates are encouraged to take the vaccine some going to be damaged by the vaccine and in a sense we move their chances of survival to the
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transplant. >> do you think we are close to learning more about what the us government new about what was happening in wuhan and refused to talk about early on in this pandemic? >> to agree we can get information out about the nih and government people who were involved in the process i think we will go to whatever lengths we can to suppress any of that being released and we have been able to put together very clear pictures of all the malfeasance of the company that developed alternate genetic tools for making the virus patented in 2013, how those tools were used by the wuhan institute of virology to create the virus, to make it infect human cells. this is all public information now so we now gain of function research was done. it is only a question of responsibility.
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>> us dollars going to groups that were involved with the wuhan lab. great to see you, thank you and shocking documents should more light on covid possible origins as we were just discussing. documents obtained reveal scientists from the us and the wuhan lab planned on creating an entirely new type of coronavirus by slicing together genetic sequences of viruses found in nature. that risky and reckless proposal was submitted by the eco-health alliance to the us defense department back in 28 the -- enemy is mike pompeo, secretary pompeo, that was during the trump administration, dod never did fund this plan but it does lead to the question of why would the us government ever fund this guy who was so close to the wuhan lab, knowing safety issues over the years. why would we give him a dime?
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>> makes no sense. he has a lot of questions to answer. he was the us representative on the warren heller investigation, the fox inside the 10 henhouse, he was involved in health alliance, the group that was connected to the work inside the institute of virology whether it be gain of function or the viruses we saw escape from the lab with near certainty. he has a lot of questions to explain why this happened at american taxpayer dollars going to this end the chinese communist party needs to be held accountable for the 3 million and rising deaths. >> francis collins is the outgoing nih director who has been there for many years. he's on his way out the door. pointing to something, very
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remote possibility on the origin of the original virus, watch. >> most likely this was natural origin starting in bats, maybe traveling to an intermediate host. i can't rule out the possibility that secretly the wuhan institute got the virus and were studying it. i have no evidence to support that. laura: no evidence, there is certainly circumstantial evidence, the chances of this not being a lab leak are infinitesimal at this point. according to the wall street journal piece that came out today. >> it would have been april of last year on sunday's show, pretty likely this is what took place. we knew less than we know today, we know more than the likelihood this came from a lab is increasingly clear. the chance that this was a couple penguins seems very remote.
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a bunch of folks who were around this who covered this up and knew the work that had been done in the wuhan institute of virology, european scientists as well, this lab is still operational, no evidence they have stopped doing what they have been doing in this land. the failure of their capacity to protect the world from a virus being worked on in his laboratory still exists today. the risk that this could happen again is very real. we need to make sure no dollars from the united states go to the wuhan institute of virology even today. will: laura: the white house response to questions about china sending more military jets over the skies of i. this is how it went down in the white house briefing room today. >> beijing to cease military,
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diplomatic and economic pressure directed at taiwan. >> china has dial-up sending more military jets. what does that say about possibility of us deterrence? >> the secretary of state spoke to this earlier. i don't have anything to add to what he said. laura: one line to describe that response. >> week, tepid and against the backdrop of the disaster that was afghanistan, the russian pipeline that was permitted, iranian missiles flew into the gaza strip, xi jinping sees that with respect to taiwan we need to do a lot more than a simple sentence to the chinese communist party. we need to make clear the united states is not going to expect xi jinping's desire to as he calls it reunify taiwan. laura: do you think the silent surrender is happening? is that what it looks like to you? >> i fear that it is.
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need to do a lot to make taiwan capable. a lot of things the united states could do. we have partisan friends, all these countries could do a lot more. the united states must do this for the people of taiwan. laura: last night we warned you something didn't seem right about that facebook whistleblower. we were right to be skeptical. glenn greenwald is here reacting to the troubling democrat ties plus lieutenant colonel stuart scheller's lawyer is here with an update on that case, don't go away.
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>> i want to give you my heart to give you my heartfelt gratitude for your courage and strength in coming forward as you don't stand up to one of the most powerful corporate giants in the history of the world. >> thank you for your courage in coming forward. >> listening to you and your incredibly courageous revelations. >> thank you for your bravery and coming forward. laura: that was suspicious from the beginning, it is clear why democrats father with the facebook was a well, she's one of the resources to washington beacon francis calvin is being advised i democratic operative who served as obama's deputy
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press secretary, speaking of which ftc records reveal she was a prolific donor to left-wing packs that include donations to the democratic senatorial campaign committee so the senate loved her and breaking tonight our suspicions about this being a trap to relate more censorship of conservatives on social media has been confirmed, sources tell fox count and will meet with the january 6th select committee as soon as tomorrow. glenn greenwald in his independent journalist and author of securing democracy, he is with us. that was a quick hop, was it not, from protecting the kids online to january 6th. how did that happen so fast? >> i find this whole narrative about her being a brave whistleblower, i question the bravery part and the whistleblower part. what is courageous about what she did? she's being treated like a foreign dignitary, like a member
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of the royal court the media and in washington. i worked with brave whistleblowers before. they've not prosecuted or imprisoned or and i'll like it would snowden, people who revealed secrets we didn't know before the power centers don't want revealed, she hasn't told us anything we didn't know about facebook, she's just this vessel for saying the power of facebook should be preserved, should just be transferred from those corporate monopolists at facebook to the us government which happens to be run by the democratic party so the power to censor the internet no longer officially resides on facebook but instead with the congress or executive branch and she's now being used by the january 6th commission because she's an operative for democratic party. everything she is saying is designed to advance their interests. laura: doesn't a lot of this smack of the approach china
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takes? that sounds really alarmist but think about, china always talks about maintaining security and harmony, community standards, community peace of mind, always couched in very positive ways but always ends of meaning if you disagree with china you end up losing your job, losing a member of your family, going to jail or being vilified but that is slowly but surely seems to be happening here. >> universal -- every sensor, every culture and every historical period one of which is they assure you the reason they have to repress information is to protect the greater good, societal good or the culture because the information is either false or dangerous. i don't think it's a stretch to say it feels like these repressive countries, 3 weeks before the 2020 election when the new york post revealed incriminating documents not about hunter biden but joe biden facebook, democratic party operative announced it would
12:31 am
suppress the story and twitter band the ability to link to it was what would say you could not link to the story, we deemed it to be dangerous or harmful. that is what happens in repressive places where the internet is restricted and controlled for the benefit of one political party, the dominant party and that is the democratic party in washington and what they want to use the internet for. laura: democrats don't want to break up these companies that would make things more interesting, don't they like having the damocles sword hanging over the kerber? he's the last of the hold outs, not quite as bad as dorothea twitter and some of the other outlets. they like having that threat of going after him hanging over his head but are they going to issue standards or just make them self police aggressively so as not to
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run into any first amendment issues? >> there are people involved in both parties interested in enforcing antitrust laws against facebook and google, not to censor but because these companies are too powerful to be consistent with a healthy democracy including the chair of the ftc, serious antitrust but most democrats are interested in this for the reason you said, not the jack dorsey is more eager to censor but he's not as powerful as facebook so they been able to resist a little more and that is why there is so much a are at facebook and facebook has been summoned to congress four times in the past year and every time mark zuckerberg goes they say to him explicitly you better start censoring more or we are going to punish you with legal and retaliatory reprisals. laura: wait, is this 1982 in the soviet union because the same types of language, the tactic
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seems to be ramping up. the president returns to mister biden's neighborhood as fauci makes his disney fun debut. seen and unseen must be seen. an and unseen.
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this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪ >> time for seen and unseen where we expose cultural stores and then return to raymond arroyo, there were a lot of theatrics on display today from government officials. >> it began when the president made a return to mister biden's neighborhood. there be the search the administration built to revoke the white house at the executive office building. biden virtually met with business leaders in an attempt to whip up fears should congress refuse to raise the debt limit. it was another smooth, totally impromptu performance.
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>> president biden: you run one of the largest banks in america. with your permission i would like to ask, let me ask for deaf, ten questions. if we don't, if we default even for a day or two what do you think the impact on the market will be? >> what you think the impact will be on the market if the president keep speaking like this, sleepwalking through events committed bills 0 confidence. laura: what is the little desk next to him? was it janet yellen. >> reporter: to make it feel like he is in the white house. i don't understand. laura: a tiny little desk. >> a little resolute and just when president biden began
12:41 am
interacting, the white house did what it always does, hustled the press out of the theater and cut the lead. and transparency grand. this is why his trusted leadership and competency numbers are taking. >> i worked in the old executive office building back in the day. >> didn't look like that. >> it is a cool building, you don't need to build a set. it already is a set it's so beautiful, what are they doing? how about have an agenda that grows the economy and leaves the rest of us alone and leave the set making to hollywood and biden wasn't the only one engaging in these theatrical displays. >> to mark the said news the more people died from covert this year with a vaccine that in all of 2020. a new anthony fauci documentary was unveiled on disney plus
12:42 am
today, like share, it is just fauci, a secular liturgy celebrating the man who his and saving us for epidemics for almost 40 years. a little like the other disney series, what if that imagines those marvel characters in alternative universes, this should have been called what if doctor fauci had gotten covid right? >> i'm the bad guy to an entire subset of people because it represents something that is uncomfortable to them. it is called the truth. my weapon, in addition to the science is speaking to the american public. >> his weapon is speaking to the american people, he hasn't stopped talking since the covid thing began at a documentary on the secret life of warts would have been as interesting as this documentary. it is something to behold. laura: is there an interview he hasn't done but i saw him on
12:43 am
farm tools weekly. >> imagine a documentary celebrating any other bureaucrat like the head of the u.s. postal service. delivers life-saving medicines and checks, nobody does anything on him but i need to tell you this breaking news, you appear in this documentary as a supporting character. you are the hydroxy chloro queen. >> my next guest says doctors are already using this treatment in the united states successfully. >> i'm absolutely convinced it's a toilet. >> it was clear there was no evidence whatsoever hydroxy cork when worked. >> your reaction. laura: no evidence at all. i guess is not aware of the guy who is the son of the man he used to work with on aids, doctor stephen smith, research
12:44 am
on thousands of europeans and hydroxychloroquine used all over the world. nothing that is not costing a lot of money is anything doctor anthony fauci want to talk about. i'm glad to have made an appearance. >> it is amazing the way labors to humanize him. i point he cries throughout giving his own speeches. they go to great lengths and the question is why? why this attempt to humanize and aggrandize a man like anthony fauci who has been so wrong, masking kids, natural immunity. laura: people have tuned him out. >> waiting for your family nomination. >> the was brought charges
12:45 am
against lieutenant colonel stewart scheller, his attorney joins us to detail those charges at the upcoming defense, stay tuned. tuned.
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>> environment video postings lieutenant colonel scheller demanded our military leaders be held accountable for their disastrous and deadly withdrawal afghanistan. he was then stripped of his command and imprisoned. today he's been charged on 6 counts under the uniform code of military justice. those charges have been referred to a special court-martial. attorney tony busby joined me now.
12:51 am
are these charges a surprise, the ones that were filed against your client? >> know surprise here, these are the charges we expected. laying aside the fact of speaking about something we agreed with, one of the things all of us wanted to say and are feeling these charges in order to do that the government would have to prove lieutenant colonel's conduct was prejudicial to the order and discipline of the united states marine corps. most marines and most servicemembers whether they are serving now or have served were happy to hear what he had to say because we are looking for accountability. the top brass, people whose planned this withdrawal testifying in front of congress
12:52 am
saying this was an operational success and you have 13 young service members, young people most of them 20 years old, lance corporal's, staff sergeant to lost their lives and their families lost them that is not an operational success, that is a failure and the kernel stood up and said so. when i was a marine captain in the infantry, one of the things they teach you as a marine officer is the importance of courage not only physical courage but also moral courage. lieutenant colonel scheller should moral courage to say somebody has to be accountable and so far only kernel scheller is held accountable. >> a spokesperson for the marine corps gave a vague justification for his pretrial confinement saying he may be ordered into pretrial confinement one
12:53 am
probable cause exists that confinement is required by the circumstances. does that go back to claiming he was a flight risk? >> they were claiming this man who was married with 3 children who lives in north carolina was a flight risk, absolutely ridiculous. here is a man who spent 17 years of his life, multiple deployments as an infantry officer, has taught young marines. every command, whether senior officers, his colleagues or peers or subordinates have always rated him as top-notch who had the guts to say what he said and let's not forget he didn't shirk, he didn't say i didn't means that, he said i meant what i said, i will say it again, i'm willing to resign. i'm asking for is let me resign honorable. instead what they did is put him in the brig. a guy like lieutenant colonel scheller, putting him in an
12:54 am
air-conditioned jail cell, you're not going to change his mind of servicemembers who agree with him, the american public who has come to his defense, somebody needs to be held accountable. accountability. >> does your client believe the defense department announcement that they are going to be watching social media accounts, that that is a way to censor or eliminate more traditionally minded members of the military from current ranks? >> it is punitive and unconstitutional. that kind of thing is not the country we live in and servicemembers for. >> we will be following this. high gas prices, we have an update and an important announcement when we come back.
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>> laura: you have no idea how
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hard it was to get the sweater on, but we have our new rita matters gear for the fall because heating oil is going t laura: you have no idea how hard it was to get the switch on. we have our new freedom matters year for the fall because heating oil is going to be expensive from electricity forget it. president biden's america you are going to be freezing all for charity. these are awesome and doubts, you will love them. america now and forever and gutfeld is next. >> thursday october 7th, this is a very special day, do you know why? . i read the prompter and guess. 25 years exactly since fox news made its on-air debut. we've been on for


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