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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 7, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> the is. >> babies this on. we are looking live at fox news headquarters, the ticker lighting up the night sky in. thursday october 7th and 25 years since your fox news channel made it on her debut and with that you are watching "fox and friends first" kicking off your big day. >> a lot of people don't know todd and i started around the same time, a month apart so we've always been on this path together.
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you were on era months later and one thing i do want to say -- >> what happened? >> why have you gotten so old so quick. >> you look great. >> what you see on tv is what you get. it's important for people to understand one of the things i'm always asked when i'm not at work, i'm out in my personal life is what is it like to work there and this is the best place i've ever worked because of the people that is what you see on air is truly what you get, a family atmosphere, you and i, our whole team, we are all best friends. matt our floor director baked goodies, he made us cake today to celebrate the anniversary. it is really a family of us here. >> you and i would sit in the office when we first got her and be like why we hear, what are we doing here and they embrace is in the family immediately and we have been part of the family and
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you are my work wife, carly is my work sister and without you i am not who i am, you made my life the last 4 years unbelievable. in 1998-1999 he was a different place but the core value of doing something different, this is cool place and people allow you to be you. it continues to this day. >> will cain, the cohost of "fox and friends" weekend, did we get everything right? >> i think you got everything right. i'm the newbie, here for 14 months. my future husband laid out in front of me. i've seen it play out with my buddy pete texas was a list over a four year timeframe the hair go from this color to this color, that gray is my future as i continue to get up at 3:00 in the morning, i now see what my
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future holds. >> don't know if you keep the monitor there but i came in on june 14th, 2017, i look like a little pup and now i look like a grandpa. look at the comparison. i look horrible but i want to focus on something serious. you were living the american dream of every male in america, working at espn, and talking sports on a day in and day out basis you left there to come here which what is it about this place that make you make that transition? >> this is "fox and friends first" so we'll have to and half to 3 minutes for this conversation it is much broader than i can fit into this timeframe but i did love my job, i love sports as i know you and jillian do as well. i love talking about sports every day but in the winter of 2019 and in spring of 2020 so
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much in the world became so acute, so crystal clear for me between the pandemic, racial tension in the united states i knew there was a bigger and more important conversation for me to have them convincing people like you and jillian the dallas cowboys are the best team in the nfl and i devoted myself to continuing that conversation on the podcast but there was something more important i needed to address to be a part of on a daily basis and fox was the only place i could have that conversation. >> there are a lot of conversations to be had right now especially in the political environment in which we find ourselves, what is the most important topic to you right now to talk about? >> for me there is no hesitation. it is the pandemic and our response to the pandemic because it has not only the ability, it has begun to reshape our
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relationship not just with our government the with each other. we've turned into a culture driven by fear and insecurity and because of that we turned over our freedom to those who would happily accept our rights and it is a dangerous moment and not just american but western culture, look at australia, look at new zealand, look where canada is going, any nba player that breaks quarantine who is unvaccinated who visits toronto can spend 6 months in jail and i look at the future of the united states and worry because we are a free strong people, independent, rational people and i'm worried for our future because of our response to this pandemic. >> you have a big morning ahead and a big weekend ahead. he's very worried about an offensive player of the week at 4:00 pm on fox. >> look at my hand, rocksolid.
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see you later. >> new polls show president biden's approval rating plummeting to its lowest point yet. todd: the president prepares an effort to convince america to support his tax and spending plan. >> reporter: the president hitting the road as soon as democrats appear ready to accept mitch mcconnell's short-term extension kicking the debt ceiling down the road to december with a possible vote as soon as today. the president hits the road blasting republicans for failing to deliver on a massive spending deal. >> president biden: my republican friends need to stop playing russian roulette with the us economy. if they don't want to do the job get out of the way. we will take the heat, we will do it. we will do it. let us do it. let the democrats vote to raise the debt limit without obstruction without further delays. >> the democrats need to resolve this growing war between moderates and progressives as senator sanders turns up the heat with senators manchin and
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christensen,. >> two people don't have the right to sabotage what 48 want and the president of the united states wants, that is wrong. >> now democrats must raise the debt ceiling alone to reconciliation long-term or through negotiation with republicans who appear unlikely to cave. >> we are not trying to burn the place down. if you want to spend this much money not on roads, bridges and ports with no help from me to raise the debt ceiling. >> this is a new quinnipiac poll gives the president his lowest score since taking office, 38% approve, 53% disapprove. on the economy 39% approve, his lowest marks come on immigration, 25% approving and 23% approve of his handling of the southwest border, the president and still annoyed to
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visit a construction site. we will see what he has to say when he delivers those remarks on vaccine mandates for businesses. jillian: we got to go but i can't let you go without referencing that in the last hour carly mentioned when she was an intern she met you and you were one of the nicest people in the world, how many years of you been your? >> love carly and thank her for that and this place is truly as you have been talking about certainly a family, one that strives to elevate each other and she has certainly had a long career here as have i. i came here in 2001 as a freelancer to do a war stories show, got the greatest gift ever to document hero stories then, tony snow's radio show and ending up on air as a correspondent and part-time anchor ceiling in here and there, no place anywhere in america concerts opportunity begin to me and so many others, that is why is special.
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>> this place is not what it is without griff jenkins, turning to the border crisis republican governors unveiling 10 point plan they say will solve the situation unfolding on president biden's watch. jillian: texas national guard members being sponsored along the rio grande. >> reporter: the crisis at the border not showing signs of letting up and fresh pictures showing suspected cartel gunmen dressed in tactical gear and holding ak-47s taunting members of the national guard sent to the border to assist with the constant influx of illegal crossers. texas governor greg abbott calling out homeland security secretary, hundred mayorkas for his lack of candor. >> i cannot count the number of misrepresentations that have been made by secretary mayorkas. he has continuously misled the american public, secretary mayorkas is a disaster and what he has done and no one should
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put any trust or confidence in anything he says. >> the dire situation at the southern border prompting republican governors to unveil a 10 point plan for dealing with it. many terry into the biden administration officials for doing nothing. >> the president must ask, cannot continue to ignore this humanitarian and security crisis any longer. >> president biden has done absolutely nothing to confront this crisis. >> vice president harris has been the worst possible choice to be border czar. she has never shown any care about this issue or any level of seriousness and president biden has never even been to the border. >> key points of the plan include dedicated funding, national guard troops to help secure the border. also arresting and jailing trespassers and passing laws to aid in prosecuting human and drug smugglers. secretary blinken and mayorkas plan to hold meetings on security issues but it is not clear if that will include
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discussion on immigration. >> 10 minutes after the are. even the literal media forced to admit the president's poll numbers are brutal.
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>> getting a new look at how the american people think president biden is doing as president and new poll numbers are brutal for the president. >> president biden's allies in the media confront his approval ratings. >> joe concha joins us live. let's pull up the brutal numbers, 30% approval rating, 39% approve of his handling of the economy, 44% of respondentss think he's honest and 55% say he is not competent in running the government. numbers like that are tough to swallow for some people. >> numbers tend to behave. look at jake tapper who is trending otherwise jake tapper trending and then you look, the far left is angry that tapper
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reported numbers:brutal, what else can you call these numbers, they are what they are. i will give you a couple more, does the president have good leadership skills, 41% say yes, 56% say no. more than half of americans, 55% to 42% think the biden administration, not just the president but the administration as a whole is not competent in running the government. he gets 23% approval on the border, 34% on foreign policy. these are nervous, we're looking at a full term presidency as long as the president has been in office, not 3 or 4 years in, second term people are fatigued, this is my months in, he came in with vaccines, roaring economy, people thought the first year will be pretty good given those factors and instead he is underwater on everything including covid in the president's handlers need to change course or else you were
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looking at a red tsunami in 2022 of the midterms in 2024 a serious primary challenge to biden if he runs which a lot of people don't think he will and plan b is kamala harris who pulls worsen almost every poll you look at. >> the unhinged left doesn't follow him into a better monoplane like it did to kirsten sinema. we celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the launch of the fox news channel. how is the media landscape changed in that quarter century? >> it is remarkable. i remember fox news came on in 1996 because i was living in new york at the time and couldn't get fox news because time warner that owns cnn wouldn't allow it on their cable system. they saw the threat i guess from the start and five years is all it took for fox news to overtake mighty cnn who had been around for decades and now ever since then since 2001 fox news has been on a 20 year winning streak and in a dominant fashion, numbers network fox is tripling
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or quadrupling cnn. the win for 20 straight years to beat your competition and be on top in the way fox has, a cal ripken type of streak at this point because as charles krauthammer once said fox when it was born realized it found its majority in this, half the country. >> all that song, all i do is when when when. sorry i just son, that was terrible, i should never do that again but that is what changed my mind when you were saying that. thank you. >> it is sunny and share at this point. >> regis and kathy we used to go on thinking tours. happy anniversary to you. >> 19 after they are. regional campus of the marking 25 years on the air live from misery.
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>> second with her for a special anniversary edition of breakfast with friends, don't go anywhere.
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jillian: the white house playing defense is an attempt to walk back claims the president biden had no idea the french were upset after being cut out of a submarine deal with australia. >> carley shimkus was not cut out. >> the mercy continues after controversy started last month when the united states entered a deal to give australia nuclear powered submarines infuriating france because it replaced a deal they had with australia costing them $40 billion with sean kerry trying to do a little cleanup effort doing an interview on french tv and some people say he made the situation worse at home for president biden. >> president biden asked me about it and he said what is the situation?
2:25 am
i explained exactly -- he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired. >> on gary says he didn't know the negative impact of the deal, jen psaki says he did. >> of course he knew about the french being displeased. let me finish. i would encourage you to ask john kerry specifically about the context of his comment but that is not what he was intending to convey. >> the biden administration on the same page on that front. >> meantime doj under fire for a move comparing parents to domestic terrorists. >> big-time fallout over the doj, mary garland's decision to get the fbi off when parents make threats against school board members. some people say that should be something the local police department handles, why take it to a federal level and assistant
2:26 am
attorney general kristen clark testifying on capitol hill yesterday was asked about this multiple times. take a listen. >> beneficial for the attorney general to label them as the mystic terrorist and direct the fbi to target them? >> the attorney general's memo deals with threats against public servants and threats against public servants are not only illegal but run counter to our nation's core values. >> the fbi will only get involved if a violent threat is made but some people say this is government overreach. >> i would say be afraid of your government. was merit garland it is attempting to stifle dissent and to say beware or big brother is coming after you if you speak against my policies or against the biden policies. >> also from a political standpoint i don't think the biden administration understood how damaging this could be for them in the midterm because the campaign ads will be democrats think concerned parents are domestic terrorists.
2:27 am
we are seeing that unfold. jillian: let's go to texas, and appeal after a judge put a halt to the state's new abortion law. >> joining us to react is rachel campos duffy. what is your reaction? >> reporter: first of all i think people in texas want people around the country to respect their laws. the case everyone needs to be looking at if you care about abortion if you are the pro-life side wants to do something about roe versus wade the case to watch is dobbs versus jackson out of mississippi. that is pending in the supreme court, that has the ability potentially to overturn roe versus wade. the texas law does not. it says a private citizen can sue someone involved in an
2:28 am
abortion whether it is an abortionist or somebody else who helped the woman obtain the abortion. it's the perfect law. many think it is a gimmick law. and so they are not happy a federal judge stepped in but the case to really watch is jackson. >> you were having breakfast with friends, farmhouse in missouri celebrating 25 years of fox news. before we let you go what is your favorite moment of your time here? >> i love when i did breakfast with friends with my whole family on the set in new york city, my whole family got to come to new york, we didn't have fun. that is a great family moment for me but every weekend is great on this job. i love who i work with, pete and will make this four hours on the weekend lie by and we are having a great time. people are feeling it and the whole franchise of "fox and
2:29 am
friends" weekday and "fox and friends first," we know each other and love each other and "fox and friends" and there's reason for that, we really are all of us friends and that is what is great about working at fox, it is a very fun environment to work in and we do feel like a fox family. >> kenny takes credit for discovering florida georgia line. she has been calls rcd for decades before i coined that monaco. >> no one calls me that more than you. and i love it by the way. >> you are america's sweetheart. have a great breakfast with friends. >> i'm in front of the farmhouse restaurants, there's blackberry cobbler. it says there are 0 calories so i decided to do that. if you are on vacation. >> america is watching us and another one is janice dean.
2:30 am
you have been here a long time. >> janice: 18 years i was interviewing here. i got the job and officially began in 2004 in january. i went back to school when i was working at fox to become a broadcast meteorologist, hurricane katrina, one of the most devastating storms and maybe i shared too much, i announced my engagement that we should picture's, that is the, baby weather machine. file thing was i love to share with our viewers, maybe too much sometimes but good times and bad, you know i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005 as well which a lot of people told me not to share the tv. a lot of people might think my career was going to go downhill and i might end up in a wheelchair which was possible
2:31 am
but i decided to share because it is important for me to tell the audience what was going on in my life so maybe someone at home going something similar would identify with that and i never regretted the decision. >> that is the freedom that this place in genders, you have the opportunity to be yourself and tell you stories. we go on the community in our private lives. more often than not people are asking me about janice, is she really that nice? yes, she's that nice. janice is the nicest person i think you're going to meet and obviously that comes across. it is true. jillian: the one piece of advice i was remember is be yourself especially on tv because viewers can tell. and slide this. todd: where did you come from? >> we are all family and our for
2:32 am
director come on down, made this case for the anniversary to celebrate 25 years. >> it is the people behind-the-scenes that really make this place work. >> a slice of this cake and we love each other. people ask me that, you guys look like you like each other, we really do, we really do. todd: sometimes you get mad at me or whatever and that is what a family does. >> we love you, tp. thank you, everybody for watching, you're the best. >> here is another 25 years. >> everyone in our control room, we are going to wrap for the twentieth time. we will be right back. we are coming right back.
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to a colorado hospital for single women in need of a kidney transplant to choose between her life and the covid 19 vaccine. the unvaccinated woman and her donor scrambling to find a hospital to perform life-saving surgery. thanks to the two of you for being here. we are praying for you. one of the hardest parts of your
2:37 am
process is to find a donor, you found one. the hospital said no transplant unless you get the vaccine. what went through your mind when the hospital said that to you when it looked like you were about to get into the end zone and they told that to you >> reporter: i had a myriad of emotions, confusion to this may, having been told that i would not be required to take that shot and now i told something different, then i was a month earlier. a feeling of now what? is this across all transplant centers or just in colorado? >> you describe this is a hospital holding your friend's life hostage. why would they do this? >> i have no idea why they would do this. i'm in the medical field and our first job is to be compassionate to our patients and involved in their care and choices they have for their healthcare and i feel
2:38 am
like that choices been taken from leilani and she has given a death sentence from the hospital. todd: the reasoning from the hospital for transplant patients a contract covid 19 mortality rate ranges 20% to 30%, this shows the extreme risk covid 19 poses to transplant recipients after their surgeries. i don't know if those numbers are? >> for me it is not. i looked at my own health issues and a little bit like this shot is a 1-size-fits-all solution and i don't believe medicine is created to be that, individual health issues, i had open bypass surgery in january of 2016. some of the data i have read talks about upwards of 60% of people coming out on the
2:39 am
posttransplant side experience mild cardio events including a heart attack and other things in terms of my immune system being compromised and coming out on the other side of having taken the covid shot and the numbers are not great in terms of even having the antibodies when you are on the other side. todd: are you confident you can find another hospital in another state to have this life-saving surgery? >> our trust is in our lord jesus christ, we know he can do all things so our hope is in him and if there is a hospital that can do the surgery they will get in touch with us. todd: share this far and wide, hopefully somebody sees this and make something happen. a lot of medical professional see what is happening and probably not very happy and want to help you. thank you very much.
2:40 am
jillian: los angeles passes a covid vaccine mandates and considered to be one of the strictest in the nation. todd: cheryl casone breaking it down. share >> reporter: the city of los angeles will require proof of vaccination at restaurants, stores, gyms, entertainment venues, salons, that starts november 6th. city council approving the ordinance 11-into, grocery stores and pharmacies are not included. any business that violates will be fined $5,000. todd: interesting vote from the dems. >> democrats delay to procedural vote in their efforts to suspend the debt limit after mitch mcconnell made a last-minute offer, republicans will allow democrats to extend the debt ceiling through december. across the aisle senator elizabeth warren saying mcconnell caved and we are going to spend our time doing childcare, healthcare and fighting climate change.
2:41 am
this is a short-term suspension of the debt ceiling so decent the reason that far away that they are celebrating now. todd: poll numbers are something else. >> 55% of americans disapprove of president biden's handling the economy, 39% approved. 's overall job rating low, 38% approval rating, 54% of americans disapprove of his position on taxes because a lot of folks looking down the barrel realizing they will have higher taxes. jillian: we are celebrating today. how long have you been here? >> reporter: i have been here 15 years this year and there have been rumors in the industry. i was at another network i won't name that fox was going to launch a business network. my agent called me when she says can you be at fox tomorrow for
2:42 am
an interview, yes i can. i was jumping up and down and screaming, thrilled to be here for 15 years and listening to you talk about this network, this is a wonderful culture and that is why 15 years later i am happy and thrilled to be here. fox will give you so many opportunities to grow and change and try new things and that is why i am still so happy to be here. todd: and a side job as a realtor. after 15 years to you want to prime time show cover real estate? >> it is great knowing you. >> squad member rashida tlaib admits wearing a mask just for show. todd: serving up a preview of breakfast with friends in fort myers, florida.
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2:48 am
this mask debacle. if you're in the fort myers area come out to mel's diner. you get a candid view of how our leadership, our representatives feel. what you saw is the definition of virtue signaling. i don't really feel the need to wear it but because there's a camera pointed at me i will put my mascot and by the way even though it is a federal mandate we carved out members of congress come we carved out our staff, postal workers, certain places, hospitals and others applying mandates and as a member of congress, none of the rules apply to you. rarely do you get a good 7. we know how she feels.
2:49 am
calls into question for everybody every other we are told we have to abide by. those who believe in personal freedom and personal voice we wouldn't be shaming others anyway nor trying to portray something different but rashida tlaib is another story, that is why people question the mandates coming down. >> that is what socialism becomes, a few people at the top doing what they want to the rest of us -- speaking of the people, to celebrate the 25 year anniversary, quick trivia. pete trained me to do diners. i learned from the man, the legend but all joking aside why are these diner segment so important to what we fundamentally do? >> you were a great trainee. you picked it up right away,
2:50 am
true understudy. so important because they give voice to the people. that can sound like a platitude but until we started doing this, donald trump talked about forgotten men and women, that was very much and in other mediums a real thing. the voices of pundits are well recommended, the voices of politicians are well represented, pollsters are well represented be. elites are well represented. what about people who work for a living, the nurses and schoolteachers and truck drivers and folks that work in construction. people in mel's diner were coming out, love this country who have a lot of common sense wisdom and we get the opportunity to amplify it. one of the coolest jobs in the business and i learned something every time and viewers do too. you are saying i never thought of that angle. i learn as much off camera as i do on camera. i'm honored to have this assignment. i have been here a couple times before and in fort myers or
2:51 am
within 100 miles if you drive fast you can get here and we are on all morning long for the 20 fifth anniversary. jillian: one of the things that is drastically changed your time here is the amount of tattoos you half. >> that is true. i don't know what that says about my life but if you look at the early "fox and friends" diners, we have some old tapes, not many tattoos. it has ramped up and i blame the american people because i see all their tattoos and want some. todd: of the man of the people, we've both gotten a lot grayer. jillian: thanks. todd: have a great time. jillian: still ahead, new photos of suspected cartel gunmen, law enforcement at the southern border. todd: brandon judd joins gop
2:52 am
governors of texas live this morning.
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>> joe biden has done absolutely nothing to confront this self-inflicted crisis? president biden thinks that he can ignore this humanitarian and security crisis and it will go away. >> all americans saw exactly what happened in del rio, texas just last month. and we know that that chaos will be repeated unless and until president biden takes action. jillian: governors from across the country blasting biden's border policies while the white house remains mia. this as a shocking photo shows armed cartel photos taunting law enforcement. todd: brandon judd was there yesterday and he joins us now. why are those fright things images we just saw cause the administration to do something? >> those images are disturbing and i hope they disturb the
2:57 am
viewers at home. to say law enforcement like myself, it's not surprising. my agents and i, we understand that these cartels are in it for a profit. they understand exactly what's going on with politics here in the united states. they understand the mood of the american public and they understand that with the defund the police movement, with all of the talk about getting rid of law enforcement and vilifying law enforcement that they have been emboldened. they know they can get away with things that otherwise they would have never been able to get away with that's why it's so important that the biden administration step up, understand that crime is going to continue to ramp up unless they do something implement the policies that are necessary to keep the american public safe. jillian: that photo that we just showed. maybe we can pull it up again of the suspected cartel gunmen with ak-47s and tactical vests that's a photo that we have so we can see that how many times do something like this happen
2:58 am
that we are not privy to seeing? >> we see it all the time. when these groups are being crossed we can see exactly how they are being treated. we can see exactly the disdain that these individuals have for human life. they have complete and total disdain for anybody that's going to get in their way of that all important dollar which is what they are after. unfortunately, when you look at the amount of profits they are able to generate under this administration, it's astronomical. we are talking about a minimum of $400 million a month in human smuggling alone. that does not count the drugs. all the drugs that are coming into the country that are killing all of our children that doesn't include the drugs. 400 million in trafficking and human misery alone. it's all based upon the policies of this administration. todd: with that in mind what could joe biden do today to turn around this debacle? there is two things put the requisite pressure which is what president trump did.
2:59 am
he was the only president in my time 25 years in law enforcement he was the only president in my time that did exactly that and got the mexican government to be true border security partners. the other thing is hold people in custody pending their deportation or asylum hearings. if we don't do that if we continue to reward people by releasing them into the united states after they cross the border illegally, people are going to continue to come and the cartels are going to be able to advertise their services. those are the things he needs to do immediately. jillian: final 30 seconds we have. how was it yesterday with the governors in town visiting? >> you know, i really appreciate that the governors were there the problem is that there was this huge void. we had republican governors, where were the democrat governors? where were they because they are the only ones that are going to get biden to actually do anything. but they were mia and that shouldn't surprise the american public either. todd: what's important to note about this i noted yesterday i will note it again today. this wasn't just republican border governors. governors from all over the country were there. the it just shows how this
3:00 am
crisis is impacting every single community in our great nation. brandon judd, we thank you for shedding insight this morning. jillian: thank you, brandon. appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning on this 25th anniversary of the fox news channel. good to be with you. todd: good to be with you. this is the most fun two hours we ever spent on air ever. the next three hours are going to be pretty fun as well. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: today is the day 25 years ago on this october 7th that fox news channel signed on from this building. of course now we are in a great big studio. back then we were in a little former records shop that used to be at sam goody's right over here at the corner of 48th and sixth avenue and pack then we didn't know how it was going to turn out. 25 years later, it


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