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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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community in our great nation. brandon judd, we thank you for shedding insight this morning. jillian: thank you, brandon. appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning on this 25th anniversary of the fox news channel. good to be with you. todd: good to be with you. this is the most fun two hours we ever spent on air ever. the next three hours are going to be pretty fun as well. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: today is the day 25 years ago on this october 7th that fox news channel signed on from this building. of course now we are in a great big studio. back then we were in a little former records shop that used to be at sam goody's right over here at the corner of 48th and sixth avenue and pack then we didn't know how it was going to turn out. 25 years later, it turned out
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okay. ainsley: i was thinking this morning all of our babies were born here at fox were. all of your kids born while you were at fox? steve: not one. ainsley: where were you before? steve: i was down in our nation's capitol all of our. ainsley: yours? steve: they're older than 25. brian: a few month old. 996, yeah. he was born, the other two were born i forget their names. they grew up really quick right here. ainsley: kaitlin and kirsten. yes. steve: one of the things working on the morning show as you know for 25 years i never made breakfast for my kids. i was never there for breakfast. but, we were always there for lunch. we were always there for dinner. ainsley: every afternoon activity. steve: absolutely. you from the beginning have been there for us. for that today we have put together that three hours that hearken back. that was 23 years ago.
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"fox & friends" started 23 years ago over in the former sam goody's records store and today we will have a balloon drop just like that. brian: i didn't realize you got all the confetti. >> straight down on me. >> that wasn't cgi actually confetti. ainsley: we want to thank all of our viewers. we have sent crews out all over the country so we can talk to you in person and thank you so much for watching us all these years. brian: they are on strict per diem and that goes for pete hegseth, too. pete, a limit to your spending. you are live at melissa's diner in fort myers, florida. will cain, unless he does not show up. will cain is live at carolina drive-n greenville, south carolina. and rachel campos-duffy on the road, a farmhouse restaurant in bran stolen, missouri. the somewhere somehow they are located in the united states of america. steve: pete, let's start with you, where are you and what are you doing? pete: good morning. we are at melissa's diner in
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fort myers. are we ready to go this morning? [cheers and applause] pete: i don't know, i feel like melissa's could lay claim to the headquarters of "fox & friends" breakfast with friends. i don't know that we have been anywhere else more often and better received than here. and 25 years. although we have been doing diners for what now five or six years? and i know, brian, you invented the stairway walk and hallway walk and basically walking i think steve invented the diner if i'm right up in new hampshire. we are hearkening back today to many, many years of talking to the people. bringing the voice of the people to america. and we will do more of that today. steve: thank you very much. it worked out from -- the reason we invented the diners and it was during the new hampshire primary, is we were supposed to be at a location in new hampshire but the location was not very pretty. so i was talking to gavin, the producer we have got to go some place else? what's open at 7:00. the mall opened at 6:00 in new
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hampshire or the diners, and so we said you know what? if we did the diners not only would there be live people but we would have free food. ainsley: yeah. chris christie, tucker carlson and president trump. steve: donald trump was running for president and jeb bush was there it all worked out okay. and will you are where? will: i'm in greenville, south carolina at the carolina drive-in. look, this is unscripted but the bar has been set. pete at the melissa diner in florida much they were excited. carolina drive-n greenville, are you excited about "fox & friends"? [cheers and applause] brian: that is very nice. will: no coaching or scripting. by the way they also made here a "fox & friends" special. i don't know about branson in florida. but i have got grits, ainsley, you know about that spartanberg, greenville i have got grits. will: a lot of butter. brian: can i ask you a question? will: i will think about it.
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[laughter] brian: yes or no. will: go okay, go for it. brian: you are inside but what makes it a drive-in? will: brian, that's also unscripted moment. ma'am, could you come here? are brian wants to know why is this called the carolina drive-in. [laughter] better ask k.c. will: i will track down k.c. while you go to branson. brian: i thought it was a lay-up. will: i thought it would be too for me or her. ainsley: maybe it used to be a drive-in. steve: meanwhile, rachel, that is not a drive-in. that is a diner and i was at that diner the day after the 201 general election. they have from great food there. rachel: yeah, they sure do.
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by the way i already met people, steve, who were here when you were here in 2018 and they are excited to come back because fox is here. this is the farmhouse restaurant here in branson. famous for blackberry cobbler. can i just mention from your last conversation about all the babies that you guys have had while you have been on "fox & friends"? when i started at fox i had just had baby number 7. and i have had two more since. so, so there you go. i wanted to make sure we are all catching up on all the baby news? ainsley: how do you do it. rachel: we are going to be going inside. i will do the shout-outs like will and pete once we get inside. but this is a great location. by the way, this is trump country. voted for trump over 70%. i think the polling for fox news is even higher. i'm sorry. almost 80% for trump. i would say fox is in the 90% for our favorability here in branson. steve: you are in missouri. the show me state. so you will show us as did you
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go inside. rachel: we will show that. ainsley: rachel, you are our hero i don't know how you do it leaving home with nine kids. rachel: it's a good husband. is he back there taking care of everything. ainsley: that's good. thank you. steve: of course, for 25 years we have been a news channel so we should probably talk about the news and yesterday's big news was as we told you yesterday, in the morning, that 10 governors were going to join greg abbott down in texas and talk about where's joe biden? there is a humanitarian crisis on our southern border. you saw it under the bridge in del rio and we will have another one unless it sticks and they came up with a 10-point plan. let's see if the administration even notices that they were down there. ainsley: and our reporter down there was talking to some of the border agents and they get -- they showed him a picture that he actually tweeted out of these drug cartels, suspected drug cartel gunmen involved in human smuggling with these pictures of them standing on the border.
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look at that with ak-47s wearing tactical vests they were taunting and trying to intimidate the national guard down there. this happened in star county, texas. brian: bill melugin tweeted that out and basically says this is the challenge. this is the challenge that texas national guard has to deal with the federal government is overwhelmed. not resourced. they are about to get vaccination mandated. armed mission at our border. the president of the united states according to q. poll 23% immigration issues. it 22% the situation at the southern border. he doesn't seem to care. republicans gather that the urgency of senator cruz -- 10 of them go down there not only is this a problem. i will give you an idea of the solutions for the problem. before we get to that here's what they had to say. this is not one of those teleprompter moments. this is a bunch of men and women who know
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the border issue is an issue for all 50 states. >> president joe biden has caused a humanitarian crisis and chaos on our border and we know that that chaos will be repeated unless and until president biden takes action p action. there are three people to blanel for making america a more dangerous place. president joe biden, vice president kamala harris, and secretary alejandro mayorkas. so we are here today to shine a light on what is going on here at the southern border. and how it is impacting all of our states, not just the state of texas. >> over the past 8 months, we have seen illegal immigration just soar and joe biden has done absolutely nothing to confront this self-inflicted crisis. steve: how would joe biden know? he has never been in his life to the southern border. brian: got a zoom call.
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ainsley: come up with 10 point plan they want to end catch and release. they want to clear the judicial backlog. they want to continue title 42. they want to reinstate those agreements with our northern triangle partners and with mexico. there are 10 different plans but it looks like they are going to send this list to washington but is he probably not going to do anything about it he has ignored it he hasn't been to the border even as a senator or vice president. kamala harris went that one time and stayed just a little while and flew over to california. but they're furious with them and they feel abandoned and the ranchers out there feel abandoned because these cartels, these migrants are walking through their property we heard one lady say she found footprints. her daughter was sleeping the footprints were under her daughter's window. brian: ignoring this major issue that has his numbers under 40% approval. ainsley: doesn't make sense.
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brian: most say he is incompetent to run the country. this is part of the reach and he doesn't care. i don't get it. ainsley: almost 70% disapprove of border policies and he is still ignoring that. steve: big number in the next segment going to be a major problem for democrats in the next rejection. we will talk about that shortly. ainsley: coming up, a growing number of seattle cops are calling it quits. even that's not deterring the city from reportedly wanting to slash the police budget again by 50%. steve: today, marking 25 years in business. we have jam-packed program full of surprises as we walk down memory lane to celebrate fox news 25th anniversary all morning long. you are listening to change the world by eric clapton which was number 6 on the billboards top 125 years ago today. ♪ it change the world ♪
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♪ >> my name is eric shawn and i have been at fox news for more than 25 years. in 1995 i heard they were going to start a cable channel and i was like, man, this is exactly what i was hoping for. >> if it was always us against the status quo and we came to this mission as a way of trying to, you know, overturn the applecart, to be real news people. >> in a way that i don't think mainstream media told it. >> the search and rescue is continuing. >> i remember when bill clinton got in trouble for his fundraising and i asked president clinton are you afraid you are going to be dinted he looked at me and laughed said you really do work for fox, don't you? >> it was a wonderful moment because it was a question that would be on everybody's mind but no one would want to ask. it's been an amazing, incredible journey for me personally. and as a broadcast journalist it doesn't get any better than
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jillian: good morning, back with headlines, we start with fox weather. rescue crews are responding to a second night of flash floods in alabama. 7 inches of rain following birmingham metro area. washing out roads and flooding homes and downing trees. strong storms sweep across the south. a new york city woman narrowly escaping a man who followed her home. officers say the woman knew she was being stalked and managed to lock her door before he was able to get inside. authorities are also looking for the person seen attacking an elderly woman in the middle of the day video capturing the
3:18 am
suspect dragging the woman to get her phone and bag. my goodness. new video of michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib saying her face mask is just for her republican audience, listen to this for yourself. >> the squad member making the confession while talking to maskless attendee at an event in detroit. and to a hollywood ending now as the dodgers book their tickets to the national league series after beating the cardinals in an ending fit for the big screen. >> rays fires swing and drive left field. walk them off. taylor. >> the shortstop smacking that walkoff keep the dreams alive. they will face san francisco told. tomorrow, it will the first post season matchup against the two california clubs. pretty awesome.
3:19 am
ainsley: look at this video. steve: probably the other clubhouse they wouldn't put on the goggles. brian: brian, nothing to say? i'm amazed nine n lings, no runs that's incredible? i also have a affiliate i know st. louis is crushed. probably one of the best baseball cities in the country. so are the yankees crushed and boston moves on. steve: there you go. thank you very much, jillian. jill. ainsley: there is a woman in colorado scrambling to find a new hospital because she need a kidney stage 5 reasonable failure. one of her friends in bible study said i want to give you my kidney and spare your life and help you and we can both live and continue our friendship. they went to the hospital and the hospital originally said neither one of you have to be vaccinated they don't want to be vaccinated for religious reasons. we can still operate. we will even sign a a river. then they got a letter at the end of september and they said we have actually changed our policy. we are not willing to do the
3:20 am
surgery unless you two get vaccinated. steve: exactly. and they have decided they don't want. to say one says the woman who has got stage four reasonable failure says you know what? i have too many other health issues and the woman she met in bible study says i'm not going to do it for religious purposes. they were on earlier and and i explained now how they are trying to figure out where to go next. here they're. >> i had a range of emotions from confusion to dismay. i think having been told a month before that i wouldn't be required to take that shot and then fast forward one month later and i'm being told something different. left me with a feeling of now what? >> i have no idea why they would do this. i'm in the medical field. our first job is to be compassionate for our patients and to involve them in their care and then the choices that they have for their healthcare. i feel like that choice has been
3:21 am
taken from her and she has now been given a death sentence. brian: yeah, that is you are seeing this all across the country, 2200 kaiser employees just lost their jobs. cops and firefighters about to lose their jobs. this is about losing a life. this is what the u.c. health is saying now. for transplant patients who contract covid-19, the mortality rate ranges from 20% to 30%. shows the extreme risk that covid-19 poses to transplant recipients. ainsley: what is her mortality rate without the kidney? brian: incredible. friend to friend not like she is on a list. ainsley: exactly if you are on a list and someone passes away and they call you quickly. my mom went through this process. get to the hospital right now. we have a kidney for you. you might be a much that. my mom was the alternate. the first person ended up getting the kidney because they were a match. i understand they have to pick on the list they really think is viable. this is a friend who wants to give her a kidney. steve: so now they are looking for hospitals outside of
3:22 am
colorado. my wife kathy had an eye surgery in the last year. and there were many protocols she had to follow because the protocols get to decide who they -- you know, they operate on. and so those are the rules right now at uc out in colorado. if you want the transplant, you're going to have to get the shot. so she is ultimately going to have to decide. she has 30 days. ainsley: hopefully she will find another hospital that's willing to do it. steve: well, let's see. 6:22 on this thursday. millions of americans are feeling the pinch as inflation is reportedly forcing the average family to spend another $157 each month. brian: 175. steve: thank you. on food fuel and housing. brian: this as gas prices surge more than $1 if we drill own oil wouldn't be an issue up dollar per gallon last year. cost of bacon unrelated to the gas hitting your wallet. enough to costing more than $7.
3:23 am
50% increase over the last 10 years. ainsley: what are real americans and business owners thinking of this. fox news co-host will cain joining us live at the drive-n south carolina. big story. front cover of the post and huge spread about all of the things that have gone up in the last year. >> that's right, ainsley. so i'm with nick, he owns the carolina drive. in we were just talking about that. talking about prices going up. talking about it back at the studio in new york on the cover of the "new york post" bacon almost doubling over a year's time frame. inflation hitting people as much as $175 a month. what's it like here operating a restaurant in those conditions? >> getting more and more expensive every day. will: every day. every product you were telling me? >> every product across the board. will: in addition to situation of inflation on the ground. i wanted to be a good investigative reporter. brian kilmeade asked me why is it called the carolina thrive. in right bo my shoulders
3:24 am
carolina drive-in started by it 1954 by nic's dad. everyone pulled up, got their order at the window. not only is this a story of your dad but your mother as well whose birthday she shares with fox; is that right? >> that is correct. mom's birthday is today as a matter of fact. will: happy birthday to nick's mother and we appreciate it owning this fine restaurant the carolina drive. in i want to introduce you to some of the diners here. first of all, here is steve and beverly. you were telling me you met right there at that drive-in somewhat? >> 51 years ago. >> 51 years ago you met at this diner? >> my lucky day. [laughter] will: got rodney and catherine as well by the way. you were telling me your first date was here. >> that's exactly right. that was back in 1961. we are about 15 years, a little bit younger. -- 60 years ago. it's a great place and a lot of memories for us. will: rodney, you were telling
3:25 am
me 25 years the anniversary of the advent the birth of fox news. you were tell me all of you were what fox has meant to you during that time. >> we can't thank fox enough. especially the past 15 years with all the turmoil. all the election. had it not been for you, it would have been unbearable. we knew every day that you were here for us and you were here with us. and i can't thank the people at fox. the management, the ownership, for having a voice for us because it meant the world to us. and i am going to tell you some of the best talent and content on tv. will: i know you are talking about brian kilmeade and steve doocy and ainsley earhardt. we appreciate your support. really quickly before i toss it back, i swear threaten to shoot me more than twice if i do this. i'm from texas, i have quote to put, catherine, just really quickly, tell me your first date was here but you told me something else was a first here at the carolina drive-in.
3:26 am
[inaudible] will: come on, kat rinchts a kiss. >> yes, a kiss. will: your first kiss was here? >> yes. will: from him? >> yes. will: that's good news. glad it was him. my investigative journalism. steve: you are a lawyer. you never ask a question unless you know the answer. brian: he did know the answer. will: it was a real cliff hanger there for a moment. ainsley: they are even bashful about first kiss. it's sweet. will: she told me i'm dead. steve: and then we went to commercial. we will see what happens. brian: thanks, will. steve: speaking of fireworks. brian: fireworks on capitol hill over the president biden's doj's directive to crack down on parent protesters. >> they have the right to express their views to challenge the school boards. >> and is it beneficial for the attorney general to label them as domestic terrorists?
3:27 am
brian: lara trump shares her take. ainsley: plus, pete hegseth is over at melissa diner having breakfast with friends as fox news celebrates 25 years on air today. brian: and is he cruising. ♪ ♪ and with their insurance,
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hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. brian: yes, it's true. ainsley? ainsley: is he having breakfast with friends melissa diner in fort myer, florida. hey, pete. pete: good morning, guys. it is a festive atmosphere here at melissa diner in fort myers. awesome folks. i will tell you more law enforcement and veterans here than can you imagine. just absolute patriots and honor
3:32 am
to be with all of them today. if you are in the area come out mel's at fort myers. state of the country. sir, what's your name? >> t.j. brooks. pete: i want to keep it open-ended if you look where we are almost a year into the biden administration, how do you feel and what are you looking at? >> we are in trouble. biggest thing is we need accountability for not only our southern border, not only for what happened in afghanistan, and fiscal responsibility. i mean, what he they're doing in congress right now to push through these bills it's going to bankrupt our grandchildren and our children in this country. we need accountability and we need real leadership from the g.o.p. we need people to stand up and take action. pete: well said. i think he might be a candidate for office here. [applause] pete: real quick, same question. >> i think they are jumping socialism into communism and american people need to wake up before this is too late. i mean, would he are in a lot of trouble. if we don't wake up, our
3:33 am
freedoms are all going to be gone. it's very sad. pete: well said. well said. [applause] pete: louise my favorite 91-year-old i mean 51. [laughter] pete: what's your take on where we are? >> actually this country is in trouble at this time. they want to start going into our bank accounts. let's start at the top. we will start with obama, show us his bank account. all the politicians show us their bank account. then we will go show our bank account. but they are on the top to do it. we need term limits and get them all out. pete: show us your money and we will show you our money. there is some wisdom right there. i like that. pete: they wrapping us? i think we are done. we will get back to you in a moment. >> okay, no problem. pete: back to you in new york. great folks here in fort myer. hope to get to hear more of them. steve: they are all there because today is the 25th anniversary of fox.
3:34 am
when we come back, ask some of the folks what they watched before fox and how it's changed their viewing habits. pete: that's a good idea. steve: all right. see you then. pete: we will. ainsley: thank you, pete. my sister-in-law is from fort myers. so beautiful there love fox. steve: mel's. we have been there a couple of times. four times. brian: madness seattle police officer continues. ainsley: 1 9 officers have officially left the job at seattle police department. that is this year alone with 20 more separations in line to be processed in the coming weeks. but the staffing crisis doesn't seem to phase the city council as it it cutting the police budget by 50%. steve: former seattle candidate lance randal joins us from out west. lance, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay. so somebody -- one of the council member's, staff members was emailing saying hey, what if we tut another 50%?
3:35 am
and then they are going we are not actually going to do it, but just the fact that they are thinking about it is terrifying. >> yes, it is terrifying. you know, in my opinion, this experiment of defunding the police as a way to try to address the issue of police violence has not worked. the fact that the city council moved forward with cutting 20% and we see the results of that cut, crime is up in seattle. police officers are leaving. people less safe in seattle and there is chaos. so the experiment of trying to address the issue with a broad brush across the entire police department just didn't work. i think you have to focus on the officers, particular officers who commit atrocities and address them while at the same time supporting the officers who are keeping their oath to protect and serve. but this approach of going after the entire department has caused a serious problem here in the city of seattle.
3:36 am
brian: so you have had, mr. mayor, this has been about two years now. you have had many times to adjust. what do these city councils not get about the fact and the truth about crime because of their action? >> well, as i said earlier, this is an experiment to see what will happen if we hit the purse strings of the police department to see if it's going to cause a change in the culture. but, to change the culture, you have to start with individuals and their mindset and the individual officers who commit the atrocities and deal with them. but, trying to take this approach, victimizing some officers, a lot of the officers who have done nothing to anyone but try to do their job it has made morale go down. it's caused us to lose officers and is making very challenging for us to recruit officers. in a city of this size, you have to have a certain number of officers per capita to make sure people are safe. and we are in jeopardy of our
3:37 am
public safety service delivery system collapsing. it's all around as we said every day and people are very concerned here in the city of seattle. i'm very concerned because, as you know, a while back i was almost a victim of someone assaulting me with a gun in my neighborhood. i'm very concerned about the fact that we continue to go down this path knowing that this experiment is not working. steve: right now in seattle the response times is over 60 minutes any time you pick up the phone. it's a desperate situation. ainsley: for the people need to call 911, they are the ones that suffer. thank you so much, lance. >> thank you. steve: all right. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. let's go out on the streets of new york city and there she is on 48th street janice dean with the fox weather forecast for this 25th anniversary of fox news. janice: it is a beautiful day for a birthday celebration on fox square. let's take a look at the maps real quick. i will show you the temperatures across the northeast. we do have the potential for
3:38 am
showers and thunderstorms just to the south of us. so high pressure is kind of protecting us near in the northeast. you can see where we have got the showers and thunderstorms. potential for heavy rainfall and flash flooding again today for our friends across the florida panhandle, parts of alabama in through middle tennessee. alabama, georgia, and in towards the carolinas. just be aware of that. that's requesting to kind of linger, that front over the next couple of days and bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms and perhaps some flash flooding. also looking at a system moving into the west. much needed rainfall for southern california. even some mountain snow for the northern rockies. it is the 25th anniversary. i felt inspired to write about my time here on fox news. i was interviewing this time 18 years ago. best job i ever had. i hope you will read it happy birthday, happy 25th anniversary fox news. and it talks about all the things that i have shared with the viewers on t are v from getting engaged to the pregnancies. of course my diagnosis with m.s. and the fight for accountability here in, no. so i'm so happy to work here.
3:39 am
best job i have ever had. i know you guys feel the same way. brian: upon we get it. janice: yes, sir. brian: all right. great job. ainsley: all those great children's books you have written. ainsley: thanks, ainsley we love our job. ainsley: we have been through a lot together. such a family. steve: 25 years today. the department of justice weaponizing against parents who are protesting. lara trump reacts to that controversial move coming up next. brian: and rachel campos-duffy is having breakfast with friends in missouri as fox news family celebrates our 25th anniversary. you seal her as she tries to get indoors. she is stuck on the outside. we have got to get her. in who are whoever has the keys, let her in. ♪ ♪ >> it's been an extraordinary story in which 25 years fox has really changed the nature of telecommunications in america
3:40 am
and i wish you a good, fair and balanced next 25. happy birthday. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (video game vehicle noises, engines revving,) (horns beeping, cars hitting one another.) (continued vehicle calamity) just think, he'll be driving for real soon.
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steve: joe biden's department of justice has a lot of explaining to do after tapping the fbi to look into threats against school staffers as critics say they are weaponizing the fbi against protesting parents. >> they have the right to express their views. >> is it beneficial for the attorney general to label them as domestic terrorists? >> so it's free speech for teachers that want to parents but it's not free speech for parents that want to show up and make their displeasure known? ainsley: fox news contributor lara trump is here to react to this. good morning, lara. >> good morning. i just want to first say congratulations to fox news on
3:45 am
25 years. i know we have a tight segment. i'm so honored to be part of the fox news family. without fox, so many americans would not be as informed as they are because we report news here that nobody else will even touch. ainsley: that's right. we bring the news to middle america. the folks whose voices were not heard before. so grateful to be here. brian: this is an example in this story. other channels are mocking the fact that we think this is a big deal. mocking the fact that parents get up and want to talk about the curriculum and what their kids are learning. so that's why when they turn around to the doj tells the fbi stars going some of these parents. do some background checks. that is a bruck back pitch for other parents to get up in front of their board of educators. >> it's a really scary place to find ourselves n america. that you guys said it leading into this segment, i think, this is a weapons weaponization of
3:46 am
the judicial system against americans completely unjustly. americans and particularly parents are absolutely fed up right now with what they see happening to our children in schools. they are fed up with the mask mandates. they are fed up with the critical race theory, with the indoctrination of our children to hate our country, to hate one another. they are fed up with in some places vaccine mandates for their children to even be able to attend schools it seems like, guys, zero focus on making sure our children are proficient in reading, in math and things that can further their future. but what you heard from the justice department there is that they don't care what you have to say. they are happy to indoctrinate our children. they are happy to tell parents that they are domestic terrorists for taking an interest in our children's education, in our most precious commodity the children of america, where were these people last summer when cops were being assaulted? if you want go after people.
3:47 am
how about cops that were murdered? how about complete and entire cities that were destroyed. those are the domestic terrorists, not parents who want to make sure that their children are receiving an education that they agree with. it seems completely normal to think that parents would want to do it. steve: here's the thing is it cuts across both parties, democrats republicans and independents, i will make it all three parties who show up at school board meetings not happy with how things are going in the country. ainsley: exactly right. thank you, lara, good to see you this morning. >> thanks, twice have a great anniversary. ainsley: thank you. today rachel campos-duffy is in plan son, missouri to celebrate the 25th anniversary of fox news channel. steve: she is in it i had the pleasure of visiting in 2018 the day after election night. rachel: you are right. we are at the farmhouse restaurant here in branson, missouri. hey, everybody, say hi to "fox &
3:48 am
friends." [cheers] rachel: everyone is excited for the anniversary. you are right steve, you are here your signature is kind of fading on both of these. but these are actually the signs that you signed back when you everywhere here in 2018. somebody who remembers when you were here. steve is listening to you right now. >> hi, steve. i was here. you and i sat at the same table. you signed my "fox & friends" sign for me. i cherished it ever since. steve: that's awesome. rachel: talk to me a little bit about what fox news means to you. you tell me you have it on all day long? >> fox is always on our tv. and we just think fox is the top of the cream. both sides of the issue and we appreciate that sometimes we are a little aggravated we think you are too fair to the other side but, you know. rachel: fair and balanced. fair and balanced. [laughter] >> we love trump. let me tell you. rachel: this is trump country. this area voted for trump almost
3:49 am
80%. i was just telling ainsley, steve and brian, that i think that the poll numbers for fox news might even be higher for trump maybe or close? pretty close? >> i just hope that he gets another chance. what it's going to take to reclaim this country. rachel: we also spoke with linda here. you said that your top issue that you are grateful to fox for covering is the border. >> yes. because it bothers me that we have everyone coming through and you don't know who is coming through. whether they are good or they are bad. and fox gives the most honest account of all the news. it's the only news that i watch. rachel: thank you, linda. all right. well, we are going to come back with more people. we want to be sure we talk to jerry and georgia and we will come back with that a little bit later. steve: a lovely spot. i remember i had chicken fried steak and two eggs over easy when i was there and it was delicious. ainsley: you signed some banners. steve: i did. i did, indeed.
3:50 am
anyway, sign the banners as we mark 25 years that fox news has been on. coming up, a walk down memory lane. steve: i actually feel like guy fieri at fox divers, drive-ins and doocy. >> always going to be the rock. >> who is your daddy and what does he do? >> very good. brian: look back at "fox & friends" greatest hits as the most trusted name in news celebrates its 25th anniversary. go way back. steve: i remember that. brian: someone's vcr needed to be used. ♪ it's all coming back to me. ♪ ♪ your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ challenging times are nothing new.
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♪ ainsley: 25 years ago today you welcomed fox news into your homes. steve: fast forward to the year 2021 and we are remembering some of our favorite "fox & friends" moments with famous faces from pop culture, politics, you name it. brian: all right. so let's take a look back at some of our biggest guest appearances over the years ♪ here's "fox & friends." steve: we have got a gigantic program. ainsley: got some great guests coming up. brian: curvey couch.
3:55 am
good morning. mornings are better with friends. >> always great to see you guys. steve: round of applause. >> she is wrapping up her own segment. steve: our next guest lindsey lohan number one brotherrologist lives at my house that would mean my 10-year-old daughter mary. >> is there any chance my dads could be one of your backup dancers? >> if he doesn't audition for me and i see him dance and he is good. >> my daughter sally has a question for you. all right? are you dating nic jonas of the jonas brothers? nic, kevin and joe are all here. brian: is there any chance you will do a song about this interview? >> yes. take it back. we will. without a doubt i would have. steve: there is a story circulating on the internet that you are dating our sports guy brian kilmeade. >> are you serious? i watched the copy, that's not what it said. you will get me in trouble. >> all i said is ha ha.
3:56 am
steve: kim, courtney and khloe kardashian. good morning, girls. tv and morning star. brian: nine time award-winning. steve: from the coca cabana. >> you are a legend. steve: in real life you are a. >> yes. steve: people asked whether or not you and i are related. >> yes. the chin and the nose and everything. steve: i have a very large nose. >> me too. steve: remember the last time william shatner was here? >> sing yourself in, mr. big shot. now is he taking over. adam sandler, chris rock, david spade, welcome to the big couch. >> why haven't i been cast in your movies. >> because i think you actually have too much personality. >> who is your daddy and what does he do? >> very good. >> dominate should we go to sitcom root. >> i could see it like a puppet
3:57 am
or something. >> cookie,. >> thank you for having me. i love fox news. all you guys. i watch you all the time. >> i love it this place. >> the queen of southern question scene. >> it live in our studio. >> you are guy fieri? >> i actually feel like the guy fieri of fox. drivers, dine-ins and doocy. >> manage kids. >> be the rock. you can call me that. >> hulk hogan is set to return to the ring but first he has got to get past this couch. ainsley: feel this. i touched. brian: will you stop it? we are in front of kids. >> beat him i up every time i come here. brian: do you know knows you are president and should get in? >> no, he doesn't know that but, and in terms of should get in, we will see. so what i'm going to try to do is be real still and easy.
3:58 am
steve: i would like to do my impersonation of your husband george herbert walker bush. >> go on. it. >> oh, i love it. >> got a tour of the oval office and a little bit of the white house. we saft down with the president of the united states. >> and we're going to get the jobs back in our country. >> like donald trump said, let's make america great. >> i was always a bit of a rebel. >> i will meet you in the middle here. we have got to come together as a country. steve: you are the number one most honored female country artist in history. >> is that right? who wrote all that up? >> everywhere you go, you are just loved. ♪ >> this is our very first gold single to say thank you guys so much for inviting us on early. set on the curvey couch. brian: first national appearance you remember that day? >> yeah, man. it's been a while but we definitely remember "fox & friends." steve: they all started here taylor swift when she was 13 years old was hear.
3:59 am
>> and every time you turn fox news on ♪ i hope it takes you back to that place. steve: hey, greg, how would you like to write a "fox & friends" jingle ♪ right here ♪ and on "fox & friends." >> hometown, california ♪ i'm picking up good vibrations. ♪ nothing at all ♪ love is a battlefield ♪ when the world is spinning out of control ♪ the devil went down to georgia looking for a soul to steal ♪ it this is for the ones who didn't make it back home ♪ celebrate america ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ if. [cheers and applause] he. steve: and we "fox & friends" since this program started 23 years ago. that is if you miss a little. you miss a lot. brian: a.j. haul meghan
4:00 am
mcdonald unbelievable editing. steve: going through 25 years worth of stuff on this show. ainsley: some i have forgotten. i remember that day, yes. that was beautiful. steve: i'm getting text messages from friends i remember evan there from day one and to everybody who is watching today and has watched other the 25 years. thank you. ainsley: some of our friends are no longer with us anymore. so it was good. brian: charlie daniels. steve: good to remember them. hour two of our 25th anniversary show starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: there you go. 25 years at "fox & friends." it started out at it fox and -- like almost 24 hour headline news. ainsley: didn't you have a couple that renamed the show? steve: you know what?
4:01 am
steve: curtis and peggy strange renamed the show. we had a nationwide contest on what should we call the program? we wound up with "fox & friends." to tell you the truth and by the way the show used to, when it was a news wheel where you repeat the news every 15 minutes. it started 7:00. it started right now 25 can years ago here we are starting the official anniversary. when it came to the name "fox & friends," that was the one chosen. but my favorite, another viewer suggested why don't you call it because you are always doing crazy stuff. why don't you call it breakfast in bedlam. which was hilarious. ainsley: who, look at brian. brian: silly string. steve: look, i used to have bangs. [laughter] ainsley: i mean i watched you. steve: in the beginning it was louie and allison and gordy and i and then brian came along and we have had so many people on
4:02 am
the program. steve: ed wasn't the first one. >> allison when it was a news wheel show. brian: right. keep in mind. steve: that was ainsley's first day right there. brian: s that watt first pentuplus desks came out of the arm. steve: some people on the program one desk like an octopus different arms. brian: day one. steve: that was the day that you and i danced and i knocked over your portrait. ainsley: kathie lee. jlo. lindsay lohan y'all interviewed her. got to go to the white house. which was so interesting. because we all remember as kids visiting washington, d.c. and taking pictures in front of the white house. and when you look at those pictures, and know now we have been in there. this job has afforded us that. steve: and because donald trump had been on "fox & friends" for a number of years every monday
4:03 am
before he ran for president. when it was time -- when he was elected president. the very first interview he did from the white house was "fox & friends." ainsley: when "fox & friends" started, i was a sophomore in college and the macarena was the number one song at the time first wives club that movie came out. you never learned it. brian: still remains my favorite song though. pete hegseth feels the same way. is he live in mel's diner in fort myers, florida. will cain is in greenville. and rachel campos-duffy is until branson, missouri. steve: pete, how has fox news changed the lives of the folks there at your location? pete: oh, my goodness, first of all, roll that footage. brian and steve, you twice look like you are 10 years old. brian: i know. pete: unbelievable how young -- you still look young. you guys don't age, i'm telling you. those photos and videos oh my
4:04 am
goodness making everybody's day here. i will tell you when you talk to folks here though. i have been around doing this for, you know, five or six years the diner thing and they come up and say i think i know you. the relationship these viewers have with the three of you and brian and steve here from the beginning, their lives have changed right alongside yours. and you can't down play the amount of impact you guys have had. "fox & friends" has had. the fox news channel has had as far as an imprint on personal relationship with people who know there is only one place they feel like they can trust. there is only one place where people are shooting straight with us. brian: i hear you. brian: brian. pete: where they are actually looking at stories that matter to him. there is a huge reservoir of gratitude here. i say the same back to our viewers who we are so grateful for and wake up to us who support us we don't have a job without them. a mission together. that's what makes this channel so much together. is that it's a mission. we love this country. we love capitalism. and we love "fox & friends." don't we?
4:05 am
[cheers and applause] ainsley: many of these people have a voice. they didn't think when they watched the news their opinions were not being shared. so at fox we give both side and they finally feel like they are being heard and that's why they choose us. brian: right. pete: exactly right. brian: hey, pete, you don't mind if i talk to your archrival, will, do you? pete: the evil will cain? go ahead. brian: will, set the scene. will: set the scene. i'm at the carolina drive-n greenville, south carolina. not far from where ainsley grew up. it's in the same state. where i can tell you both from what i have heard today, brian. and let me give you a little bit of personal experience through my lens as well. what fox has meant to its viewers. you know, before i was at fox, just a short 14 months ago, i was at espn. and i was involved with a show there that went on the road not unlike these diners for "fox & friends." i did a show called first take. we would have big crowds.
4:06 am
people were entertained and they loved that show but it was simply a source of distraction and entertainment. which is important. but this is another layer deeper. because i hear from the diner the same thing pete hears, this fox is an island in the ocean. an island of independence. an island of truth as i walk around and talk to these people they appreciate and it as pete said we appreciate them in return. the connection with the viewer sun like anything i have ever witnessed in the media. it is a two-way street. and it is a two-way street of appreciation and connection and truth. and that's my one, you know, one year here at fox lens, but getting to talk to people who have been fans of this network for a quarter century. and i want to also echo one more thing pete said. y'all looked very young but, brian, honestly how old were you in those clips? [laughter] brian: i think i was 33. steve: 23 or 23, 25 years
4:07 am
younger. brian: 33, about i think. ainsley: how old is brian. your son is zero. only a few months old. >> brian is 25. ainsley: will, you have to ask people around there if they have ever been to campbell's drugstore. it's not far from where you are right now. my mom grew up on augusta road. brian was making fun of steve and me yesterday because we used to got drugstore not only to get ice cream and sandwich. we would sit up at the counter. steve: the soda fountain. ainsley: walked through the shampoo aisle, got socks campbell's drugstore. will: campbell's drugstore. one more thing you would appreciate i had for breakfast do you know what i had? i had country ham. it is under rated. ainsley: yes. better than sausage. it. brian: comes in a can? steve: no. ainsley: no. steve: inbe joy. now let's go rachel. you know, rachel, one of the
4:08 am
things the founder of the channel more than 25 years ago knew there was a big part of the country that was not being served. there were a lot of voices not heard. and now for 25 years, people have heard that side of the story. rachel: absolutely. first of all, happy anniversary to fox news. brian, you are right. you look so young. i looked at those pictures, you look like a young tom hanks in those videos. brian: right. tom hanks from bosom buddies. rachel: right. i'm in branson. tourism is off the charts here. this is the best year on record for branson and the best year before that was 2019. and this is up 24% from then. plan son is happening right now. and the viewers here, the customers here are viewers,
4:09 am
loyal viewers at fox. one thing i hear about is exactly what pete and will have been saying. we get a side of the story here that we would never get. a lot of people saying we would never know about del rio, texas, if it wasn't for fox. everyone loves you guys here. hey you i guys. [cheers] rachel: happy anniversary, fox. nice to see you guys. steve: the great thing about the diner section is you get to hear people who have never been on television before but when they are watching tv they are talking at the tv. this is their chance to actually stay to america what america is thinking. brian: right. what do you do when griff jenkins is on. ainsley: we ask him what his favorite memory is. hey, griff. griff: my favorite memory is launched my on air career with you back in 2005 when a judge here in d.c. sued. steve: you had the pants. griff: the video of me hopefully
4:10 am
you do not have it i look tragically young not old enough to be on television. i started in 2001 when i came to fox with ollie north to document american heroes on that show war stories. i got to work with the great late tony snow on radio show and on air with you guys and greta and sean and everybody. happy 25 to you. i think what's so special about today is moments ago i got a text from a lifelong democrat turned republican back in the 2016 election, a forklift driver in ohio named geno difabio. he has been on our air. he just wrote in and said guys, happy 25. best show on cable. thanks for all that you guys do. it's a testament to really the opportunities that we have turned on this channel to change people's lives. brian: griff, you have become unbelievable reporter. it's hard to believe that you just kind of went into this gradually. you are kill it. ainsley: always in a great mood. best personality. you are willing to go. you have gone to the border so
4:11 am
many times and left your family. stayed up long hours and worked weekend. griff: you are very, very kind to say. i have got say thank you do you feel our bosses that gave me an opportunity. if you think about what the 25 years of fox has meant to americans you can see the opportunities we had to really see the day. kind of remind you of that robin williams speech about car per car carpdeem. will. steve: you were running around washington with a pair of very plaid pants. then you wound up wearing them. we have got find that video. ainsley: weren't they lily pulitzer. ains gruf griff i asked him for a verdict he got very angry. if. ainsley: hold up "the new york post." the core story how much the middle class is going to be taxed. griff: yeah, well, listen, crisis has been averted for now.
4:12 am
here we are with the mechanisms of washington. democrats are looking to accept and they are ready, apparently, to accept mitch mcconnell's emergency short-term extension offer he put out there yesterday. that will kick the debt ceiling can down the road to just december. the president, instead, leaving today to go out to illinois, blasting republicans for not giving them that massive social spending deal. watch. >> my republican friends need to stop playing russian roulette with the u.s. economy. if they don't want to do the job, just get out of the way. let the democrats vote to raise the debt limit without obstruction or any further delays. griff: here's the thing, democrats need to resolve this growing war between moderates and progressives, senator sanders turn up the heat on senator manchin and sinema yesterday. >> two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want and what the president of the united states wants. that, to me, is wrong.
4:13 am
griff: so now democrats either raise the debt ceiling alone through reconciliation or they negotiate in good faith with republicans who appear highly unlikely to cave at this point. >> want to spend this much money not on roads and bridges and ports. then you are not going to get any help from me to raise the debt ceiling. griff: this as the new quinnipiac poll gives the president lowest score since taking office. just 38% of americans approve. 53% disapprove. on the economy 39% approve. lowest marks guys immigration 25% approving and mere 23% approve of his handling of the mexican border. the president will head to illinois today and deliver remarks on vaccine mandates for businesses where he will make the case that they are, indeed, good for america. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: that's a stunning number considering everybody in the media is covering for him. and he still has got 38% approval rating.
4:14 am
ainsley: another channel, when a leftist channel, when they talk about it on air, they get blasted on social media for even reporting the number. brian: q. poll. steve: griff, thank you very much. here is the other number. here is the number that the white house is really worried about. $175. inflation has not been this high in the last 30 years and mark zandy, over at moody's analytics says when you look at inflation, and 30-year high. you look at all of the supply chain problems. you look at how hard it is to get people to deliver stuff. and the average family spends an extra $175 a month on food and fuel. think about it. 157 bucks. that's all your groceries for a week. that's your light bill. that's your phone bill. it's the price of what life is like in america today because of inflation. ainsley: look at some of the numbers. a gallon of gas. steve: gone up a buck. in one year. ainsley: pepsi has gone up $2. a little more than two.
4:15 am
a dozen eggs gone up 25 cents. used to pay 125 for a dozen and now pay 1.50. steve: if you can get it right now there is a bacon shortage. >> bacon! brian: sizzlean. steve: i haven't seen sizzlean for a while and juice. according to -- i was reading this morning on eat, this are not that and they are running out of juice. ainsley: craft philly cream cheese. smucker's jam. pop tars, sprinkles. brian: none of that is good for you. ainsley: it's in all of our cabinets. steve: these are all bread and butter issues. those are the ones that impact the most to people when they think should i reelect this person? should i elect this person? it costs me 175 bucks more a month. ainsley: he wants us to pay for illegal immigrants to college for free. most of you probably can't afford to pay for your own kids to go to college. brian: we can't hire anyone to put pringles in a jar.
4:16 am
have to go in a bag now not enough people to put them in a jar. quick thing, you are worried about $175 a month but not worried about emily rajerkowski? ainsley: she is on "the new york post." brian: she overwhelmed the 175 i think for a lot of the people at home. ainsley: she is beautiful. brian: right. she seems happy. steve: 7:16 in the east and jillian joins us with news from florida. jillian: brian laundry's father is expected to join in the search for his son. the family's lawyer suggesting the fbi is requesting his help. laundrie remains the only person of interest in the gabby petino case. the 22-year-old's body was discovered in a wyoming park after the pair took a cross-country road trip. appears to be creeping into the suburbs. two high end retailers robbed. stealing purses from a blooming dale store. other video show thieves running off from merchandise louie
4:17 am
vitton store. fast food chain is sending office stack to will cashiers worker shortage. raising canes hope to hire staff. until then corporate staff will fill the void. masked celebrity singer leaving the baby voted off after crushing the flintstones theme song. who was the celebrity in take a look. >> legendary super star larry the cable guy. >> unfortunately, larry the cable guy is going home. the comedian admitting he had a blast on the show. i have not seen the show but people like it. steve: larry the cable guy has been on this show many, many times. jillian: was he on the show as the baby? steve: he was the cable guy. brian: is he great singer, too. steve: larry the cable guy?
4:18 am
who knew? jillian, thank you. meanwhile, coming up, employees of kellogg's cereal plants demanding the company give them a reason to stay after failed union negotiations and a threat of moving their jobs to mexico. ainsley: stuart varney will join us on that as we celebrate 25 years on fox news channel. one more reason. 1 on the billboards of -- billboard chart in 199. thanks, stuart. ♪ and i will turn it back around ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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4:24 am
today have gone to the store not if there there because of the supply chain problem. pete: big time. not just necessity stuff that comes up in our conversations. coming up time and time again this morning. packed group. talking to everybody. need to talk to richard. richard, a couple of buddies, thank you for your service. appreciate it. supply chain can't get things the things you do get you are paying more for. are you seeing that right now? >> without a doubt. yes. everything is going up. you had it on tv bacon is up 50%. gas is up 45%. that trickles down. it tribunals down fast. you go to the store. three bags of groceries $100. that was never like that. never ever. pete: what do you blame for that? >> government. and inflation is out of control.
4:25 am
>> i blame this administration. that's ohio blame for it everything was working well before. and then they have come in here and in 8 months undone everything that was going good for us. pete: how has that impacted you? >> price of gas is up. like he said. everything has gone up. just you know, and it doesn't have any outlook of getting any better any time soon that's for sure. pete: absolutely. >> people in washington just doesn't have a clue. most of washington just does not have a clue. pete: well, maybe it's because they don't have a clue. gentlemen, thank you both for your service by the way. 40 years between purple hearts, am i right about that? pete: thank you so much. appreciate it konstantin, how are you doing? >> all is well, thank you. pete: inflation, is it hitting you, how are you feeling it. >> absolutely. this is a silent tax on everyone. it hurts the middle class and destroys the lower class. i don't know how people can afford to live these days. pete: absolutely. there you have it short and
4:26 am
sweet. mask on he might put it on. >> who is that guy? >> need a businessman back in the white house. pete: there he is. back to you guys in new york. we have more people we want to talk to you. we will get to this table. we wanted to get to this table. maybe we will. >> pete, my biggest question is who is cooler you or james dean over your left shoulder? brian: i can't come up with an answer to that. you are both just so cool. steve: well, it is mel's diner probably named after that place in american gravity. ainsley: i love the sounds of the diners. walk. in best feeling go in with your dad. steve: the murmur. ainsley: walk in and happening. the clinking of the utensils? brian: right. make you get up and pay at the register. ainsley: someone walking around with the coffee. brian: meanwhile, the host of varney and company has been referred to and looked at. now time for you to see him. host of american built on fox
4:27 am
business. is he dressed casually to look like america. stuart stuart exactly. i'm tired of looking like a british banker. i want to look like an american. brian: you do. what's inflation. >> fascinating news. gentleman is right. that's a hidden tax that affects everybody. i think it's going to get worse. if we get a cold winter. we have already seen a spike in natural gas prices. if they go up a lot more. you will all feel it heat in your home. getting goods to factory. goods to the business it's all going to go up. this winter could be a real spike. ainsley: one of biden's advisers said we will probably finish the year 4%. next year we will feel the punch again but then it might end up getting better in the summer. stuart stuart that's what they suggest. i don't see inflation tapering down very much at all. especially if we get a cold winter bottom line. steve: sure. speaking of winter. in the middle of winter, you have got christmas and they're talking about people should buy their christmas gifts now
4:28 am
because of the supply chain shortage. ainsley: i heard you say that. steve: half a million containers off the coast of california. kellogg employees striking the company suggested you know what we are moving to mexico with your jobs: if president trump were still the president of these here united states. brian: he would be calling them. >> the ceo would be in the obama office in no time. what do you think you are doing in the workers have gone on strike. they have worked long and hard during the pandemic. they worked double shifts sometimes. and now they are on strike because they have got word that kellogg might be moving jobs to mexico. so 1400 workers at kellogg go on strike. i think it demonstrates the power of the american worker at this moment. steve: the power of unions. what about unions? >> the biden administration backs up the power of unions but kellogg will have a very hard time finding nonunion workers to replace the strikes. and strikers have a good piece of p.r. you send diswrobs mexico?
4:29 am
that is a red flag. people will be on the workers side. brian: kellogg's decision is this disappointed ready to eat cereal employees that are among the industry's best. ainsley: there aren't regulations there, right? i was reading the fda wouldn't be able to regulate the food. stuart stuart there is an objection to producing food in mexico with no fda present and slightly lower standards. we will put it like that. steve: all right. over on fox business prime, you have got a program called american built and i think the latest episode is about the pentagon, right? stuart stuart we did do the pentagon, yeah. we have one coming up the reversal of the chicago river. it's all about america as a can society. the great thing america did to open up continent size country. in sharp contrast to russia that is which is a gigantic of itself not opened up. because they didn't have the genius of american engineering.
4:30 am
a do i knowism to get it done. steve: it's american built check it out on fox business prime with stuart varney stuart stuart that is correct. steve: join him 90 minutes from now on fox business stuart stuart happy anniversary. brian: what we know this is what you wear every day stuart stuart this is my first time back on the couch. i thought let's go casual, stu, why not? steve: after 25 years why not? brian: stone washed jeans. stuart stuart apparently. ainsley: stuart, you look great. [laughter] ainsley: don't treat him that way. brian: i want to touch him. ainsley: 7:30 on the east coast. countless your donations over the years. up next chairman and ceo frank siller will join us live with a very special announcement on our 25th anniversary. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
>> i'm erika cologne i have been with fox 25 years. when i first walked into this building it was so exciting for me. this was the next big thing to be working on tv. i have thought i would do one show and move on to my next venture. here i am. i was able to go to the royal wedding. we went to london. and i saw the first kiss. i was a hairstylist when fox launched and i love to meet different people but i love to make people feel really good about themselves. when they sit in the chair, they're nervous to go on air. but being in the green room, it's laid back. we talked about real life. we're a family here at fox. i even said if i won the lottery, i still wouldn't quit my job. i love it that much. ♪
4:32 am
♪ lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect matching your job description. with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. life is just too short to miss out on simple things like drinking that cold cup of water or having a sip of hot coffee. i have the science to prove it, i can see that it works and i feel confident recommending it to my patients. i'm really excited to recommend new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. ♪ ainsley: as a we celebrate 25 years at fox news we want to thank you you our viewers countless donations to tunnel 2
4:36 am
towers donation. >> tunnel 2 towers at frank siller never forgetting sack my mother made. >> it's going to be able to give my independent back. >> first concern is oh my gosh how will i raise my children without my husband? i can't describe the burden that lift. >> it changed my life tremendously. i went to paying rent to having no mortgage home to save more money and do more things with my daughter. >> so thankful to everybody i met on this journey. i served my country. i love to do what i'm doing. the real heroes involved in this project are frank. >> when frank called, like i had no words for the gratitude i feel. brian: well tunnel to towers foundation chairman ceo frank siller joins us with a special announcement. frank, great to see you. so happy you are here. >> i'm so happy to be here. for 25 years, congratulations to fox. it's incredible what you have been able to do. thank god we have fox that's all i have to say. steve: part of it, frank, is when we tell these stories about
4:37 am
people who have lost their lives, when, you know, in service to the united states, people at home are going, i wish i could help that family. you have actually been able to do that. through our viewers, and you have got an announcement today about how you are going to help a whole bunch of people. >> today we are announcing, i thought it was fitting to do it on your 25th anniversary. that we are delivering 50-mortgage free homes today. steve: 50. 5-0. >> you saw some of the great heroes. some out there that need our help. i can't thank fox also because i don't know if "same sure you guys know this on september 11th. they donated $1 million to tunnel to towers foundation. it. steve: at the end of your walk. >> end of my walk 5 7 miles. we raised a lot of money from that walk and a lot of awareness and we were able to do these 50 homes. we count on the $11 a month. you know that $11 a month t 2 and that's how we get it done. the million dollars from fox.
4:38 am
oh, boy it put us over the top. ainsley: so fun to watch the complete circle of how this all works. the viewers watch us. and we are able, because of them. to give a million dollars to your foundation lots of ours viewer giving to you. i see it popped up its and taken out of the bank account. not enough where you feel it our pleasure and get to give back to these people who sacrificed everything. it's all because and have you taken tragedy and turned it into triumph. you lost your brother. and that's what allowed to you start this it's really our viewers that are helping. >> yeah, so, i have tested other markets, to be honest with you, and there is nothing like a fox viewer. there is nothing like it. steve: describe that. >> they love america. they love america. they understand the sacrifice that's made every day for us. whether it's an n. our community by our law enforcement or our firefighters or most certainly for our country. every single day. we just lost 13, right, in afghanistan. one of them was lance corporal
4:39 am
maccallum. his wife was pregnant. he never saw his baby. she just gave birth to their daughter. steve: reilly. >> exactly. reilly. and we are already in contact. i spoke to g.g. and i said we are going to build you a mortgage free home for gold star family. this swh s. what we are able to do because of your viewers. that helped us. brian: at the same time, no longer all of the sudden cops are the enemy. you are helping out the families. pushing against the tide with tunnel 2 towers. >> one of the last times i was on "fox & friends." instead of people spitting on the ground when they see police officers they should kiss the freaking ground police officers walk on. without them we don't have a society. steve: 25 years ago when we started. >> coming back. when i walked through, six different states, 5378 whilts families coming out. they love america. they are waiving the flag. and it was great. it was very encouraging for me to see that.
4:40 am
brian: we tried a year without cops it didn't go too well, right? we hopefully they will be empowered again and you got their back. ainsley: your story is so inspiring. moving all of us and so -- you so generous. just when we hear stories like yours give us optimism. brian: frank was in great shape you trained for a year for the walk. >> i had to. you know my trainer. brian: i know. outstanding soccer player. steve: after watching that. if you would like to donate to his organization, it's so simple. t 2 frank thank you very much. >> thank you. congratulations 25 years. thank you to all your viewers. brian: republican lawmakers demanding answers on how the government is vetting and resettling afghan refugees, that would be nice, wouldn't it, senator john kennedy is on deck to discuss. ainsley: plus, we are having breakfast with friends all across the country this morning to celebrate 25 years of fox news. we will check in with will cain
4:41 am
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4:45 am
loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. steve: look at that a quarter of a century. our "fox & friends weekend" team is deployed all across the country in honor of today's 25th anniversary of fox news channel. brian: with their posses and their hangers on, it's costing us a bundle. it's worth it check back in with them as they are celebrating in south carolina. ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain is having breakfast with friend at carolina drive-n greenville, south carolina. hey, will. will: hey, ainsley, welcome back home, ainsley. ainsley: thank you. will: will the carolina drive-n greenville, south carolina. nat has been a fox news fan for quite a while.
4:46 am
what do you feel you are getting from fox. tell me what your environmental protection agency was after i interrupted your cross word. >> that's okay. border crisis. fox news is the only channel doing accurate depiction of what is happening on the border. none of the other channels are doing anything they are like look this way. i really appreciate fox news. will: a story you simply cont get in other places. let me introduce to you george an. >> we have important cattle man. >> montana, texas, dakotas all watching to see me on tv. will: all watching to see george ann on tv. she was telling me fox news is important to her. we are separating 25th anniversary with this channel so important? >> well, the border crisis, too. and nobody -- nobody makes mention of a lot of things but i know for a fact these people coming across the border and i know because i have cattle, hoof and mouth disease, the spores can stay on a person for three
4:47 am
months. if they don't take a baath. bath. these people don't look like they have taken a bath. are they bringing hoof and mouth disease in here to the united states. will: obviously not to mention covid which is an issue many people have pointed out. by the way that's an issue i have heard about numerous times throughout this border crisis. you don't see on the other channels. getting the truth on these airways. i will toss it back to you. brian: suddenly we don't care about health and fitness or anything or the pandemic whether it comes to 7 million people coming across. anthony fauci doesn't have a problem with that killed 13 service member in kabul reportedly released from prison just days before he blew himself up and killed 13 americans as well as wounding 18 and almost 200 afghans. ainsley: shocking report comes as republicans demand more
4:48 am
answers about the administration's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan and its vetting process for the refugees here. steve: plus, more news on lieutenant colonel scheller jailed for criticizing the evacuation. now charged with six violations and facing a court-martial. our next guest has been voicing his support for that marine. the republican senator from the great state of louisiana, john kennedy joins us right now. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. steve: when you look at what is going on and the messy, to use the president's terminology, withdrawal of afghanistan, that is one of the reasons why when you look at the latest q. poll joe biden's approval rating is the lowest yet of his tenure and that is 38%. people just don't like how it's going right now. >> i want to answer your question but, first, when i was getting dressed this morning, i watched your look back at the celebrities that you have
4:49 am
interviewed through the years and did kilmeade really used to date jlo? brian: no. steve: i asked her and she denied it. >> what a beast, kilmeade, not jlo. congratulations on your years of success. steve: thank you, senator. >> only dead fish go with the flow. and you folks don't go with the washington flow. and i think that's key -- the key to your success. let me answer your question. one of the biggest mistakes that the d.c. elite make is they under estimate the american people. to be blunt, they think we are all morons. but we are not. and the american people are starting to figure out president biden and they don't like what they see. even president biden's own people are hurting him. thanks to secretary john kerry, millions of americans think that
4:50 am
the president is now on a day pass from the nursing home. and, of course, the president keeps breaking plates and one of the biggest plates he has broken is afghanistan. it was a ferret fire drill. americans were humiliated. americans put at risk. americans died. our friends in afghanistan were put at risk. the president xi in china is chuckling. it's emboldened our enemies. now, we have got to help our friends in afghanistan. first, we got to get all americans out. number two, we have to help our allies who stood with us because taliban is going to kill them and gut them like a fish. but no matter what country we helped them resettle, in we have got carefully vet them because it only takes one or two it carrots. us properly vetting them is not unwelcoming it's not racist. it's prudent. i don't trust the biden
4:51 am
administration to do that quite frankly. brian: of course, they are walking off the base right now. the thing is, senator, and we have to leave it there. it's one of these days. he thought we were going to forget about afghanistan. he thought the american people don't want to talk about afghanistan. he, again, under estimated us. we are not forgetting 9 way he humiliated us. thanks so much. please don't stop pursuing that. ainsley: more information straight ahead: earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar match at the end of your first year. ...
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4:55 am
steve: for 25 years, we brought you the weather and janice dean is out on the streets, as we celebrate 25 years of fox weather. >> amazing i'm so happy to be here for almost 18 of those 25 years, and it is a beautiful day to celebrate and eat some cake later on so i hope you'll stay tuned for next hour or so, we're going to meet a lot of folks that are celebrating with us. let's take a look at the maps. really nice day here in new york city 63 degrees, a little far south, that's where we got the showers and thunderstorms and the potential for heavy rain and flooding, and that's been really the concern over the last couple of days, so flood watches and warnings are posted from the florida panhandle through alabama and georgia up towards middle tennessee. they've had record breaking rainfall so anymore of that is going to cause not a great situation, so there's the
4:56 am
forecast rainfall as we get into saturday. the northeast is going to remain spectacular over the next couple of days, very warm over the central and southern plains, 10-20 degrees above average and then we have a cold front that moves into the west coast bringing much needed rainfall to parts of southern california and even some mountain snow over the rockies. all right, steve, ainsley, brian back to you. ainsley: what a pretty shot. >> beautiful. brian: very patriotic we'll be out there shortly, meanwhile we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fox news channel as you know this morning with viewers all across this nation. ainsley: including in branson, missouri which is where we find rachel campos-duffy at farmhouse restaurant. hello, rachel. rachel: hello, good morning to all of you it's so great we're here at the farmhouse restaurant as you said. one of the great things about doing diners is we get out and get to talk to people, and i have to tell you, there's so much common sense when you leave washington d.c. and the coast, i can tell you that the poll numbers that you were talking about for joe biden 38%, that's
4:57 am
resonating a lot with the people here. they are deeply concerned about what's going on in america. i'm here with just difference and jerry, these are two generations of veterans here and they are very upset about what's going on in our military. jerry you talked to me a little bit about afghanistan. tell me your thoughts. >> well, i think we went about it all wrong. the soldiers should have been the last ones to get out of there. the equipment and the civilians should have come first. rachel: you tell me that you have a lot of friends that served in afghanistan who are really upset and angry right now >> yes, because they put all their time in to the service to do what they had to do to keep us to have our freedoms and they get out and the biden administration does this to us. rachel: jerry is a vietnam veteran and he is upset about the money and the equipment that was left behind. >> yeah, biden and them keep wanting more money and we left billions of dollars worth of equipment in afghanistan, and, you know, just like we should
4:58 am
have destroyed it. we should have never left it. first of all, i ain't excited about nothing biden does but thanks to fox news and it helps us know what's really going on and it just, i don't know a veteran and i know a lot of veterans, that are happy with what happened in afghanistan. not one. rachel: do you think there's any chance trump would have left that equipment behind? we talked a little bit about that earlier. >> i don't think trump would have left one pair of sunglasses over there. he would have took everything, and i don't believe he's a leftist and he sure wouldn't have left our americans there. rachel: that's the most tragic but you're right. not even a pair of sunglasses. all right, i'm here with kathy. kathy? you are a volunteer at option center which is a pregnancy crisis center, obviously you're very concerned about the life issue. >> yes, i am. rachel: tell me why that motivates you. >> it motivates because, well
4:59 am
we've got to save the babies in this nation. rachel: right. okay, that's good. you're right. she's working on empowering women to choose life and here we are in branson, missouri so great talking to all of you guys here. brian: thanks so much, rachel, great job bouncing around restaurant and we'll check in with you again in our final hour how about this blast from the past? this is a shot of shawn hannity on fox news, 25 years ago today. steve: that's right, our friend shawn is going to join us this morning to look back on a quarter century of america's now favorite news network. thank you, america. brian: just as handsome. >> happy birthday, fox news, my name is reverend graph and i've been chair of your diversity council, i've been with fox news for over 20 years and in our communities as 100 black men, fox news has been there, from the groundbreaking of the law of government and justice school in the bronx to the internship program, to the many scholarship
5:00 am
s that fox news has supported with the 100 black men , but also, the many programs that fox news has been there for our young people so we want to say thank you, happy anniversary , and the best is yet to come. >> ♪ better than all the rest, better than anyone ♪ ainsley: if we hold this shot we'll see doocy's name. brian: these are staff members that have been with fox, not just people on the air obviously , we have the easy jobs compared to them but these are the people strataform precipitation been here, invaluable playing a role for the last 25 years you're sed outside on the ticker. ainsley: erica does our makeup every morning and our
5:01 am
hair. brian: the americas getting a chance to see like cooper and their names. steve: the original fox news team. we turned on the lights 25 years ago today. ainsley: i see it. there is steve's name. the third one. steve: if you notice on the lower right, right there, there's a 25-foot cake from cake boss, and there i amex amex. ainsley: how do you feel when you see your name there. steve: it was amazing i was the last person hired for the on -air team and we filled all of the other jobs, you want to be the weather guy? it's like well i used to do weather in college for the nbc affiliate into peak o. brian: and you know all of the states. steve: i knew the numbers and the states so if the channel works out, you won't just do the weather, you'll do shows and i did, and it will branch out
5:02 am
and 23 years ago we started "fox & friends" and thank you to all of you who have made it the number one cable morning news show for decades. ainsley: you got the call and said we're going to do overnight s on the weekends and i'm like i'll take the job. i left local news to have the national chance but i don't care what the hours are yes, once i'm in the door i'll do my best to work my way up the ladder. brian: on the west coast it's not overnight. that's the mindset. ainsley: did you get hired to do sports? brian: yeah i was doing sports back then and every 15 minutes you to do another update, go back into the green room, update , and after a while they start saying you know what? we look like every other show why don't we do something different, let's shutdown the prompters, make this more conversational, put everyone's seating together, still split off and do weather and sports but still do the news and then in the beginning they used to be like okay, things were getting really serious now let's get john scott up. steve: so that -- brian: they stopped doing that
5:03 am
and we were able to handle things ourself. steve: that episode with edie hill in studio a, that was when we renamed the show, that's back when i was doing the weather, and all i had to say was phoenix 107. ainsley: [laughter] you had a lot of fun. steve: and silly string with brian, we started "fox & friends " 23 years ago so we did the news wheel for two years where we gave you all the news every 15 minutes and then we branched out. ainsley: i'm loving the hair cut brian: what is a pentapus. steve: it was a desk. ainsley: you just like saying that word. steve: it was like an okay tat o ctapus. and brian, you and i look like our sons. brian: very similar. ainsley: that's really cool. brian: it's a slice of life. ainsley: what is great about fox is that we really do have so
5:04 am
much fun together. most of our other jobs when the clock is up i'm out of there i'm going to hang out with my family and friends but here we really do hang out altogether and sometimes we'll all do breakfast after the show and we do lunches when brian gets off radio and we hang out on the weekends together. brian: that's how we feel about our audience. steve: absolutely, and about five years ago we started during the 2016 campaign. we realized do you know what? we need, we used to actually do phone call, remember that, brian , where triple a tell fox, call us and tell you what you think is going on your point of view stuff like that but it was just a phone call and five years ago we branched out started going to the diner so the first one was the airport diner up in new hampshire, it turned out great, sue the waitress was amazing, she's the gold standard of waitressing, and now, we go to diners all the time, all across america, and today, we've got folks in missouri and florida and south carolina talking to the people, 25 years ago, after we started.
5:05 am
ainsley: that's right, pete hegseth, they love him in florida he's in fort myers, will cain is in greenville, south carolina which is a beautiful town, rachel campos-duffy is farmhouse restaurant in branson, missouri close to where steve grew up. brian: so let's check in with pete, because we got to see what pete's up to. its been a while. are you buttoning your shirt down another button each time we talk to you? pete: you know it's florida. come on, guys take it easy. relax a little bit. >> [chanting usa] pete: guys i can't control the crowd. newly-released they're out of control, a lot of enthusiasm, love for this country, love for you guys, and love for the fox news channel, and it is the reflection, and i mean this , of a relationship we have with our viewers. >> [applause] pete: and we love them, we don't
5:06 am
have a job without them, we are grateful for them, they are patriots, and while we're all a bit afraid of what's happening in our country right now, we know that there's a lot of great things ahead for this country and we're grateful for the fox news channel and grateful for every single opportunity so we're having fun. who knows what other chants might break out. trying to keep it pg out here. brian: pete? we've got to get them all to the patriot awards in hollywood, florida there's room for 3,000 people there. tell them to go. you're going to be hosting. pete: that's true. you're right, guys, patriot awards in november here in florida. we got some folks coming? >> [applause] pete: thank you, brian, my wife would have not been pleased if i forgot that. ainsley: how far is that from fort myers? pete: how far is hollywood, florida from here? couple hours, no big deal. we have people that showed up from a couple hours anyway. no problem.
5:07 am
ainsley: pete you have to wear shoes to the award ceremony i heard you're not wearing any right now. you wearing flip-flops? pete: come on, it's florida. flip-flops! brian: we got to get him a wardrobe deal. steve: excellent job there, pete thank you, sir. now, let's go from pete to will, will's in the center square right there, and he's in south carolina. will? will: i am, i am, i'm at the carolina drive-in here in greenville, south carolina. you know, i like something that both of you guys said in that setup. steve you compared this to taking calls, you said fox & friends used to take calls. brian has a radio show, i used to have have a radio show. the call line, the phone line is how you connect to your listener s and these diners are how we connect to our viewers. it's the much relationship, how we hear back from people that watch our program and the second thing is i like what brian said about turn the prompter off, the evolution of fox & friends. do you know what i hear over and over as i talk to diners? i can tell you're sincere,
5:08 am
you're authentic, you're real and there's something in that honestly, production process, that others can say oh, it's un polished or , you know, there's a mistake being made. yeah, do you know why? because that's how people are in real life. because you don't read perfectly as you walk through life talking to everyone, and fox & friends and these diners has managed to accomplish that authenticity while connecting to its viewers in a way the very very, i think, few other programs have been able to do and we'll do that throughout the morning as we check in with you here from the carolina drive-in in greenville. brian: will that was very joe concha like. i enjoy that self-review. will: did you see what i did? brian: and you reviewed yourself, which meant many people -- ainsley: that's kathy lee. she came on our show and wrapped herself. like oh, my god. steve: she saw the time cues which we've been getting for 25 years and now we go to branson, missouri and rachel campos-duffy is at the farmhouse where they've got a wonderful
5:09 am
breakfast. rachel: yeah, they still miss you here from when you were here back in 2018, not sure if you remember having the blackberry c obbler, steve. steve: oh, yeah, i do remember that. rachel: we talk a lot about food ainsley, check out this t-shirt. it's the ingredients and it says zero sugar, zero calories. steve: [laughter] rachel: so that's all good stuff you're so right about what will was saying, i think the best complement we get when we're out with the people is they say you're saying exactly what i'm thinking, and that's why it's so important for us to come out and see the people, because there is a lot of common sense and concern for our country in the middle of the country, they're not often covered or respected by the other networks , but fox news absolutely does care about that point of view, and we project that out there, so people know that they're being heard. even if washington is not listen ing to them, their voices coming through on our network.
5:10 am
steve: well it has been great today going from diner-to-diner- to-diner, across the united states, getting a real good idea of what america is thinking and that's what we've been trying to do for the last 25 years, rachel thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, rachel, we really understand our viewers because we grew up in that same environment. i mean, you're from long island which is very conservative, i grew up in south carolina, you're from kansas, we understand our viewers, and we understand that we're bringing something to them that no other network did. we're telling them both sides of the story and they always tell us thankfully, you're finally saying how i feel. brian: i would say just one thing. i think long island is very purple-ish. it depends on the county, you know, who you're with, the area, and you're with, you got a blend steve: here's the thing. what we're doing and what we've been doing for 25 years on the fox news channel is what i was taught in journalism school and when you tell a story you got to tell the story and there are often two sides to the story , and back 25 years ago, a
5:11 am
lot of the story was not being told and that is why 25 years later, we are the news leader, because people are going you know what? i hear both sides. ainsley: we're never told what to say and what not to say. geraldo said a lot of people at fox might not agree with me but i'm real, genuine and i am who i am and i will always shoot straight with you. brian: you heaver tried telling geraldo to do anything? that's why, no last name. steve: meanwhile, let's tell you a little bit about what's going on. do you feel the pain at the pump absolutely because gas is now $1 more per gallon than it was a year ago. do you feel like you're paying much more for bacon? well its doubled in a number of years, if you can find it. as it turns out and the cover of the new york post today talks a little bit about how mark sandy at moody's analytics looked at the fact that when you take a look at inflation, the average family is now forced to spend an
5:12 am
extra $175 a month on food and fuel and housing and you're feeling it. do you have an extra $175 a month to spend on that? you've got no choice. it's like a tax. brian: so you have eggs are up $0.25 according to their survey, dove soap which by the way is soft and freshening makes me feel fresh is up $0.80. steve: what about irish spring? brian: i'm not sure as much as i love the irish it does leave me a little chaffed. steve: soap? ainsley: i actually have both of those. both of those are in my shower. brian: i love the guy in the turtleneck who tells me how to wash. ainsley: [laughter] brian: from the commercial. steve: from the 1970s. it's a 25-year show. ainsley: oh, i remember that, yes. brian: his little pocket knife but it costs more a 12 pack of pepsi is up $2 and ajax, who uses that anymore? ainsley: i have that.
5:13 am
brian: which is the name of the soccer team in the netherlands -- steve: it's a cleanser. ainsley: philly cream cheese, jillian is over there, you're from philly. brian: it's death by a thousand cuts right? ainsley: last year was $3.15 this year it's $3.40. my mom, every single sunday would go through the newspaper and clip coupons and -- steve: everybody did. ainsley: if we had a coupon we could get it. steve: you really wanted to go on double coupon day. usually it was tuesday in our town, but when you look at all those prices and you think why aren't we getting stuff? there seems to be a supply chain problem. part of that is right now, off the california coast there are half a million shipping containers that can not download those shipping containers are in such high demand a year ago, rather two years ago before the pandemic the shipping container would rent for $2,000. now, it's north of $20,000, and all that cost gets passed on to
5:14 am
you. brian: stuary varney was here a short time ago. if you don't believe me look at what he said. stuart: don't see inflation tapering down very much at all. that is a hidden tax that affect s everybody. i think it's going to get worse. if we get a cold winter, we've already seen a spike in natural gas prices. if they go up a lot more, you're all going to feel it. heat in your home, getting goods to the factory, heating the business, it's all going to go up. this winter could be a real spike. brian: such a shame because we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. it's such a shame because we were producing oil & gas, now we're begging opec to pump more, and you know what they're saying no. you know what the other oil & gas production behemoths? russia and do you know what else bothers me as much as i'm pro- coupon i hate being behind somebody with a lot of coupons. i know the line, it's going to take me an extra half hour. steve: one-time that was the case. brian: its been a while. steve: because now you can scan
5:15 am
them. ainsley: it's a nice gesture. steve: go find out what ajax is. ainsley: you're not helping her just pay for the bill. brian: this has really boomeranged. steve: ultimately here's the thing. all the extra prices you were paying you're not happy about it and who do you blame? in a lot of cases you blame the people in washington d.c., and whose at the top of the food chain there? ainsley: you would think if the president sees his approval rating at 38% he would do something about the border. brian: that story like the nuclear subs. meanwhile, jillian mele, according to reports wants to report. jillian: i could be wrong, so please correct me if i'm wrong and i believe philadelphia cream cheese is not actually from philadelphia. ainsley: really? steve: i think it's a style. i think that cream cheese was before. jillian: get on this brian. this is quite the claim.
5:16 am
ainsley: isn't it true of french fries too? brian: mine are from france. jillian: i'm going to do headlines and we'll have an answer in about two minutes so let's start with fox weather. rescue crews responding to a second night of flash floods in alabama. up to seven inches of rain falling across the birmingham metro area washing out roads, flooding homes and downing trees. firefighters rescuing one woman from the top of a car that was submerged in water as strong storms sweep across the south. >> los angeles city council passing one of the strictest covid vaccine mandates in the nation. mayor eric garcetti requiring everyone 12 and older show proof of full vaccination to enter most indoor spaces. restaurants, movie theaters, mall, gyms and more will be included. businesses that violate the rule can be fined up to $5,000. >> president joe biden is facing backlash for using this fake white house set. the president delivering remarks across the street from the white house, critics on social media blasting the move, stephen miller tweeting, "biden uses
5:17 am
this bizarre virtual set because it allows him to read a script without teleprompters that can be seen on camera." >> and tunnel to towers ceo frank siller making a special announcement sharing how a donation from fox corp. in honor of 9/11 helped him achieve an incredible goal. >> we're delivering 50 mortgage -free homes today, $1 million from fox, oh, boy. that really put us over-the-top. jillian: fox donated the money after siller completed a 500- mile walk in honor of his brother stephen a new york city firefighter who died on 9/11. that is a look at your headlines steve: from the philadelphia inquirer, philadelphia cream cheese was invented in new york, in 1872 according to the kraft heinz corporation, got its name in 1880 as part of a marketing strategy to associate the product with the high-quality food and dairy farming for which the philadelphia area was known
5:18 am
for. jillian: and the philly cheese steak. brian: but i'd add cream cheese in general is a soft, usually mild-tasting, fresh squeezed made from milk and cream. steve: brian google ajax. brian: [laughter] or iax. ainsley: what? steve: okay. brian: it's my native tongue, dutch. ainsley: [laughter] 8:18. 25 years, everyone's used to this. what? brian: jillian. ainsley: brian, stop talking. still ahead, squad member tallib makes a stunning admission when asked why she's wearing a face mask we've got the candid response caught on camera. brian: for the record she hit me, we're marking 25 years on fox news channel and shawn hannity has been here since day one, you know what his 401 (k) is like? he will join us live with a look
5:19 am
back at some of his favorite moments unless he refuses to talk, i hope he does. >> ♪ good, good, good, good to be alive, right about now ♪
5:20 am
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5:24 am
steve: all right, caught on camera, squad member rashida tlaib from congress admitting she only wears a mask for show, the same progressive democrat who has ripped republicans for not taking the pandemic seriously. brian: it's unbelievable the hypocrisy. our own shawn hannity joins us now. shawn -- >> good morning, great to see you happy anniversary. ainsley: to you too. >> you guys talked about this earlier. steve doocy, peter doocy looks like steve doocy back in the day steve: yeah. >> but now gavin, your producer , if he wakes me up with a marching band, or he shocks me awake with pictures of me
5:25 am
that are hideous from 25 years ago and whoever aired those pictures needs to be fired yesterday. that's it. ainsley: you know we did have the idea to come to your house with a marching band this morning and surprise you. but we were scared you might come out with a weapon. >> no, so all right whoever is running this animation, i hate, i just want you to know for the record. steve: oh, look at this. ainsley: your son looks like you now. you all have sons that look like you. steve: shawn you had hair like a helmet back then. brian: still do. >> well the funny thing is, in a way, my son has hair just like that. so this is what his hair will be like a few years down, 25 years from now, and you know, when we think back and steve, i had actually forgotten that you were the weather guy, right? steve: well shawn, do you remember that when you and allen did a show at night, 9:00 at night, but once a week, hannity
5:26 am
came into studio b and you would have a debate, and i would moderate. there was no shutting you guys up so i would just randomly have to say okay. >> by the way for the record nothing has changed. i never shut up. yeah. steve: [laughter] well you know what? you've done okay. >> we got lucky, thank you, jesus. that's the end of that one. ainsley: awww. >> i will say this on one little serious note, you know, i look back on this time, this 25- year period as its changed my life, roger hires me, he had no reason to hire me. i was awful on television and i used to ask him well why didn't you fire me because i was so bad and he had a good answer. he said well nobody was watching in the early days number one and number two, he goes i knew you would get it because i was a radio broadcaster and i'm just kind of grateful because what we get to do every day is an honor,
5:27 am
this great audience that you guys have and you've been number one now for years in the morning , on cable news. i'm just very humbled and grateful, i'm appreciative, its changed my life, and it's fun, i've done real work for a living , and 20 years of my life, i was, you know, 10 years in construction, 10 years in restaurants, i've been working since i was eight years old and pretty independent since then, and if i wasn't doing this and getting paid, i'd be driving around in my car talking to myself and i'd look like brian, that's what brian does. brian: let's be honest. you spotted me on the road on long island. absolutely. >> we can all be retired in florida one day and driving around talking to ourselves. brian: believe me i'll be getting voice mail when i call you. steve: we'll be at the villages and all have golf carts. >> andy won't be coffee in the cup, i can pretty much guarantee that. steve: we had coffee younger. ainsley: shawn what would your parents say if they were alive to see your success because you
5:28 am
talked about being encouragable when you were a child. >> i was an encouragable child. my poor mother, the prison guard that worked 16 hours a day, would say to me when i'm 10, 11, 12 years old, do not leave this house, and i'd say you can't stop me. steve: oh, great. >> yeah, i know i'm kind of embarrassed by it, but you know, they didn't get to see the early days when i started at fox. my dad died in march of 97, six months after i started and for both of them it was a shock, because they knew i worked hard and i had a good work ethic but i don't think any, i don't think either one of them expected this i certainly didn't expect this , in the early days, i remember bill shine and i once having a conversation saying do you think we'll get three years out of this? you know? not knowing what would happen. steve: and shawn, it was touch and go in the beginning, because you have to, a cable outfit needs advertisers and if you
5:29 am
aren't seen in new york you don't get advertisers, and cnn was owned by time-warner and time-warner wouldn't put us on. >> they wouldn't put us on that was a big hurdle, a big challenge, and you know, i will tell you, and you got to give credit to rupert, roger, all of the people with the brains behind this , it was a bold innovation, everybody laughed, nobody thought it be successful, not only did we very quickly become number one, but we've been able to maintain that number one position for a long period of time. it is a very competitive industry. i think the reason is for our success is that we have stayed true to that original motto, fair and balanced, and we report , you decide, and i know the media doesn't portray us that way, but if you look throughout the day, i get up in the morning, i like to get my news from you guys to find out
5:30 am
what's happened in the world, and all day long as i'm preparing for three hours of radio and then writing the tv show, and getting things prepared for my show at night, and it's an all day affair, it never stops. i'm like mariah carey even all week, and i'm a loser, and you know, i basically just work, and you look throughout the day, you see all these different voices on this channel, all these different points of view on this channel, i mean, the three of you hardly agree on everything. brian is usually wrong. >> [laughter] steve: ainsley is right. brian: i want to put you on the spot. out of the three of us do you have a favorite anchor? ainsley: yes he does. >> between steve and ainsley for sure. steve: [laughter] >> and this is an amazing thing. we have all of us have been friends for many years now. ainsley: yes. >> i honestly can say that i get along with everybody on the channel, and people say well
5:31 am
, but this person doesn't agree with you on this , and this person doesn't agree with you on that. it's like so what? that's fine. steve: that's life. ainsley: if you knew what we know about him he's the most generous person, he pays for lunch and dinners for his entire staff every single day, he doesn't care what they order, he's given so many wonderful generous gifts to people to pay for funerals and to put kids through college here at the network, people that have been part of his life people that don't make as much money so you're just a really good person shawn and you've helped all of our careers. brian: your character is one word, kindness. it really is. that's the only thing nice i'll say about you. >> you just ruined my career. it ends today. brian: you are a kind guy. >> here's the thing. we live in amazing times. i can tell you when i first started in radio i've been on radio now 33 years, you didn't have the internet.
5:32 am
i mean, my first computer was i think five and a quarter inch floppy discs and dos. steve: from radioshack. >> until al gore created the internet. steve: thank goodness. >> we didn't have access to information the way we do now. my phone blows up all day long with, you know, this story and this story and this story, and people that work with me and we work together, and they're sending me information. we have more information available at our fingertips than any other point in history and this information, it's news at the speed of light. steve: and do you know what, shawn, that's the great thing about your program because you're able to take all that information from the day, summarize it in an hour, and give a point of view and that's why you were the king of cable and that's why we had to talk to you on the 25th anniversary. >> i put peter doocy and it is now must see tv to watch peter
5:33 am
and jen psaki. ainsley: yeah. >> it's great tv and i know you're proud of peter. he's doing an amazing job like everybody else on the channel, and honestly, i'm honored, i'm proud, i'm thankful, i'm appreciative and humbled that i've been a spoke in the wheel of what i think has changed media forever. brian: i'm just getting reports now you've agreed to be a daily contributor in the morning so we appreciate that. really exciting. >> send the marching band over every morning. steve: ladies and gentlemen, shawn hannity thank you very much. >> [applause] ainsley: thank you, shawn. >> many happy anniversary. steve: this morning we're lucky to el said brought the 25th anniversary of fox news channel all across the country. ainsley: pete hegseth is live at mel's diner, rachel campos-duffy is at farmhouse restaurant in branson, missouri and let's start with will cain at carolina drive-in in greenville, south carolina. will did you find anyone that's been to campbell's drug store?
5:34 am
your mic isn't on. steve: do you know what? while we have that, we'll fix your mic, stand by, will. let's go to rachel in branson, missouri. we can turn on your microphone. rachel: yeah, my mic is on, you're hearing me okay? steve: yes. rachel: all right well, i'm here with chris, she's a former home maker and 40 years of truck driving, they both love america, by the way, that's another thing that separates fox from all the other networks is we are pro -america, and patriotic and that's why they care about fox news. tell us what fox news means to you here on this 25th anniversary in light of how much you love america. >> it means everything to us, because they are fair and balanced. they are the only ones that we see on the border. anywhere there's action, fox news is there. they are the only ones, so they
5:35 am
are just great, and i've got to tell steve hello, he's a former kansas guy. rachel: really quick chris. what does fox mean to you? >> i love it because we get up at 5:00 in the morning i turned it on and i said i've got 30 minutes to get down there. rachel: so you saw it on tv i'm so glad you did that, chris. >> every morning. rachel: 25 years you guys. and by the way i keep pinching myself every day i get to work here. brian: you're doing a great job ainsley: tell them we thank them that's really sweet they get up every morning to watch us. rachel: they say thank you. brian: should we go out to pete steve: peter? pete: yeah, hey, guys you got me ladies and gentlemen, say hello to fox & friends. >> [applause] pete: huge crowd here at fort myers, florida fired up this morning excited for the 25th anniversary of the fox news channel, young
5:36 am
pictures of brian and steve and shawn hannity, lots of love here and the love is mutual for sure. brian kilmeade got the bill for everyone here. >> [applause] pete: i don't know if i was supposed to say that but brian let me know later if that's okay just quick thoughts, fox news is turning 25. what are your thoughts, ma'am? >> oh, they're the best. i wake up to them every morning they get me going, they're like family and i love them, the whole team, thank you for everything. pete: your favorite show is "fox & friends" right? >> of course. pete: thank you. real quick we've been meaning to get to you. your thoughts on fox & friends? >> oh, wow happy anniversary i'm just so proud of you guys for being genuine, respectful, logical, you have common sense, and we love you. pete: and we love you. >> [applause] pete: thank you all so much, this is the best assignment in the business, the common sense wisdom of people is endless and we are so grateful.
5:37 am
brian: pete take down this credit card, 3,767 819 076 -- ainsley: you already went too far. the algorithm is going now. steve: let's go to will in south carolina we figured out which button your microphone is. will: is this thing on? steve: yes. will: we're good to go? okay, good brian keep going on that credit card number, i think you gave too many. ainsley is right. ainsley: i was looking they weren't all exactly his card. he threw in some different numbers. will: good. we talked all morning about checking in with our viewers getting to understand our viewer s why they watch fox and why after 25 years here is kelly and neil. they have been talking to me all morning about what makes fox special. kelly tell me why you watch this channel and have for so long? >> i watch fox news because you alltel the truth. other news sites they aren't always telling the honest truth and we know when you watch fox news that's what you're going to get. will: you get the truth. you see this a lot in greenville
5:38 am
you see that right there? >> go tigers but i watch fox news because it's america. it's my america, it's a real station telling a real truth every day and by the way, let's go brandon! will: big college football fan, what are you going to do? back to you guys in new york. steve: very nicely done. ainsley: that's my rival school i love him because he watches fox. they're cute. brian: bill hemmer, dana perino goes way back with us, the dynamic duo from "america's newsroom" walking down memory lane, as we celebrate the 25th anniversary. hi! >> ♪ ♪
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you. the call is free, and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now. and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. >> i was press secretary dana perino, good morning and thank you for your time from the north lawn. are you able to say whether or not this is headed toward a wider conflict, potentially war? >> i'm not able to say, and you know, we definitely think this can be solved through dialogue. yesterday the organization of american states is going to be hearing from colombia and ecuador and we don't see any need for a third party to get involved between this. ainsley: oh! steve: she totally dodged that question. dana: i mean, it's very profound what i said. i was very profound and i think that i offered you exactly what you were looking for. ainsley: everyone in america fell in love with you. when you were at the podium.
5:44 am
everything you wore, you were beautiful, you were smart. bill: after that interview, i said we should work together some time. brian: do you have that tape, let's roll it. steve: can we see that, bill, is that true? brian: what are your reflections? steve: because 25 years ago you were both in different places. dana: yeah, i worked on capitol hill at the time, 1996 and so 1997, as the fox news began, and made that turn, i referred republican congressman on the house side, fairly conservative guy from colorado, and all of a sudden it was like oh, wait there's a place where you can actually put your boss on, and he can actually make a point without being interrupted and it opened up a whole new world for communications people. bill: i was working in atlanta for the other place, i was at cnn for 10 years and i remember, i don't think it was 96, first of all we thought msnbc was going to be the challenge of cnn , they had all of the general
5:45 am
electric and microsoft money at the time, but there was a day, steve, i think you were here that day. steve: i was. bill: you had a hot tub outside in the morning. with hooter chicks and chicken wings? ainsley: oh, my gosh. bill: we were watching that and i was working in atlanta and we thought what is going on here brian: i thought the same thing by the way. we look back at those tapes. steve: i thought you were going to talk about the day you were doing the morning show and the first day, and i'm there, with a welcome basket in the neighborhood with a knock on the window and you were horrified. bill: very kind of you. but the way i look at that hot tub and hooter chicks and all that stuff back then now -- brian: which they're still out there. bill: you guys were experiment ing at the time trying to figure out what the audience was looking for. brian: it was mayhem before 9/11, there was much more on, you know -- dana: i love the story that
5:46 am
you were i think were you cover ing the recount in 2000? bill: yes. dana: and what you saw happening across from you thinking what's going on? bill: it was a remarkable night, the night that katherine harris certified the vote, i was in tallahassee, 37 day, it was a sunday night, it was cold. it's northern florida, rolling through the capitol area, and we had about 10 protesters behind us holding signs, all very well behaved and across the courtyard, there's these cheers and chants going on and i said can you go over there and check that out, to one of my colleagues and they came back and said it's fox. i said what do they want? well the people want shawn hannity and bill o'riley and i said how many are three and they said 150. and we had eight or 10. i will never forget, because i said to our folks, i said at the time, i said we've got a challenger here and they're here
5:47 am
to stay. brian: and then you said come over. bill: couple more years. ainsley: remember we'll squash you like a bug, so that was hung up in our newsroom. bill: i do, ted turner said that and i remember you guys sent protesters to atlanta, because you were not allowed on the local cable network. brian: right. i do remember. steve: we're watching exactly 13 minutes from right now as they take over. thank you very much. meanwhile, we still have a couple more surprises as we celebrate 25 years in the fox news channel. ainsley: we'll take a look back at some of our favorite moments here on fox & friends, coming up , next. >> ♪ itchy? squirmy? scratchy? family not getting clean? get charmin ultra strong. go get 'em. it just cleans better. with a diamond weave texture,
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ainsley: well they say if you miss a little, you miss a lot. steve: and boy, was there a lot over the past 25 years here on fox. brian: here it is, ladies and gentlemen. a look back at some of the top moments from fox & friends over the last two and a half decades. watch. steve: you've gotta have a shop
5:52 am
vac. we've got a new name, folks it's no longer fox express. >> here's fox & friends. brian: excuse me. oh, wait there's william shatner right there. >> i can't get in. steve: bring yourself in, mr. big shot. brian: is there any chance you'll do a song about this interview? >> [laughter] >> don't know why, there are no clouds up in the sky. brian: what? steve: you called me steven i felt like i was in trouble. brian: you are in trouble, unless you read this. okay, do you guys at any point comb your hair? steve: no. >> how did you get your hair to do that? steve: it's natural. >> and the sports guy, brian kilmeade. >> [laughter] strategist because steve:, because you're a machine, you're a machine. >> [laughter]
5:53 am
>> whoa! >> harrison ford. >> good morning. steve: what are you doing here? >> good question. brian: it just so happens that the world's number one britney britney spears lives in my house >> when you were in the mickey mouse club, did you see the guy in the mouse suit? brian: i would like to come back and drop your name? steve: is that possible? >> oh, no! >> [applause] >> ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ >> ♪ everyone around the world ♪ ainsley: that's amazing, all right oh, my gosh! >> stories circulating on the internet that you are dating our sports guy, brian kilmeade. anything to that? >> are you serious?
5:54 am
steve: not to accept anymore outside assignments. this is panama city beach, all of these spring breakers are here to party. steve: monkey see , monkey do. brian: excuse me i've never had such a hostile assistant. >> true, the chimp is right. brian: that's not true, wait a second. you're representing the human race. don't yell at me, you're the host. steve: brian make sure you hit the bucket. brian: it's coming out carbonated, whose thirsty? >> you want to take a swing at me? >> yeah, i do. >> i got him in a chokehold like that there. >> okay. >> what's your soup of the day? your microphone, mine's brand new. steve: currently in new york, it's 50 degrees. today is my wife kathy's
5:55 am
birthday. i thought i would go birthday shopping. here we go, right here. there's ann taylor. pull over. do you need a lift? good because we're full, sorry, pal. >> you're late on this. >> great! ainsley: this might be my favorite day on fox & friends so far. we are riding through new york city in the ghost buster mobile. steve: we're going to go to somebody's house, we don't know we're coming. we're going to make you breakfast where's your kitchen? when is the last time you had puff pastry? >> never. steve: okay it's going to be bun >> brian we're going to start the blower. look at him grab the money. oh, my god, he is shame less. live from miami! it is the day of the big day. brian: this is what you take when you lose the uber app. ainsley: we're heading back to new york. steve: rehearsal. brian: for years i've been talking about the jet pack.
5:56 am
>> ♪ >> all right, ainsley, let's go flying. steve: i actually feel like the guy fieri of fox, diners drive-ins and doocy. >> trying to manage kids so much. brian: if you want to know what my scripts are just look up there. it says steve on the prompter. >> i brought you guys with me. steve: face time. ainsley: live from the intrepid museum. >> and i'm proud to be an american ♪ brian: can you tell that i'm a reporter? >> yeah, sure. steve: i should have been a dentist. do you watch fox & friends every morning? >> hello? brian: john rich. >> yes, sir? brian: brian kilmeade we have a celebrity. there's a problem with coffee drinkers all know this if you need the sugar to melt in the coffee. ainsley, a brand new coffee, kicked it over. ainsley: it's streaming behind the sofa down in the cables.
5:57 am
steve: we need to give hip a sip pie cup. brian: [laughter] thank you very much. >> well you're pardoned for that. brian: all right >> this is upon further review, poorly. ainsley: were you really going to do that? brian: all right it's okay. actually this is better. >> the cause is very near and dear to my heart. brian: our own janice dean. steve: janice dean is live in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. >> love the hat, more hats. brian: a woman not a loser. >> thank you. brian: winner. speaking of standing up that's why jillian chooses to deliver the news. jillian: brian won't let me sit. steve: this program, according to the new york times the most powerful tv show in america. ainsley: because we have the best viewers. >> what's your favorite morning show? >> "fox & friends." >> [applause] steve: how great was that? all right, now, to mark the
5:58 am
official 25th anniversary, let's do it, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! happy anniversary! >> [applause] steve: very nice! steve: whatever you do, try not to dent the cake. our friend, buddy valastro has been here a million times, he is the cake boss. he's built us a 25-foot long cake, so we're going to cut it for all these first responders who are here today, to mark our special anniversary. ainsley: we know, we would not be here or have a show in this great country if it weren't for all of you. we're so grateful, thank you for everything. brian: we appreciate the men and women in law enforcement, in nassau county over in new jersey and really, everyone gets a slice of cake.
5:59 am
ainsley: okay. here we go! >> [applause] steve: janice we're outside on the streets where you've been the last number of years and the people love fox, don't they? >> we love fox, we love you. brian: i'll take care of the new jersey ones, steve. steve: there we go. be careful. steve: there is confetti on this plate. brian: i'll get you a fork. >> my favorite memories? all of them. mostly of the crowd. all of the friendships. ainsley: steve favorite memory? steve: my favorite memory is right now. we spent the last 25 years getting here and we thank all of you for watching and you need you for the next 25 years. ainsley: brian favorite memories brian: all of them! ainsley: i knew you'd say that. ainsley: carlie? reporter: it's so special right now celebrating 25 years.
6:00 am
ainsley: jillian? jillian: meeting all of you. you're family. ainsley: think about everything that's happened in this building , we love to talk. we had ups and downs and a great ride. we're grateful to all of you. we wouldn't be here without you. brian, come over. steve: we thank you all for joining us! see you tomorrow on "fox & friends"!


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