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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we are certainly rooting for you. >> thank you sir. biden we are out of time tonight unfortunately, will be back. 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we hope you have the best night with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" tonight we begin with a fox news alert. the 45th president of the united states donald trump will be here in just a moment. plus coming up we will have a strong message from mitch mcconnell and weak and spineless republicans, the ones that just caved to the radical left and gifted them a nice long extension on don't like giving them more time and space to run through the radical new greendale socialist agenda. tonight i'd like to start on a personal note. with a thank you, a thank you to
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everyone in this audience. if fox news is now officially 25 years old, 25 years ago with a lot less gray here, i began my tv career right here at fox. nobody at the time thought we would be successful. nobody thought we would ever compete. they were all dead wrong, frankly, as usual. here we are 25 years later, number one trend and of cable, and through hard work and innovation, a fearless dedicatio you, our viewers, this channel now has dominated the airwaves for decades while giving a voice to the forgotten men and women in this country. that's you, the people of this country. it's you the people in this country, not the politicians, not the media elites, not the hollywood elite, not news people on tv. you make this country the greatest country god gave men. thank you.
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[talking over each other] >> you're going to be fair and balanced. >> those are the complete works of karl marx including the communist manifesto. [laughter] >> welcome back, sir. >> good to see oh, sean ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is "hannity"'s america. >> welcome, glad to have you with us. >> abraham lincoln. >> we are coming to you from mcallen, texas. >> sean: were broadcasting tonight from britain jerusalem and israel were were 3 miles from the gaza border. welcome to "hannity" 9:00 p.m.
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on the east coast of the united states, 9:00 a.m. right here in singapore. this man, one of the greatest of all time is here today. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> this is the oval office. >> i have all the answers and i will explain why. >> broadcasting live we are here from vietnam. >> sean: were broadcasting tonight, in london. >> who is a fascist? >> you will, actually. >> i'm a fascist. i didn't get that reaction when i came out. >> thank you, god bless you, good night! >> sean: amazing, it's like a blur. of 25 years, but i will always be forever grateful to all of you, to my partners here at fox news. they let me be me.
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and i'm grateful for that. this has changed my life in every way imaginable. i'm ever grateful to all of you that make the show possible. but our work is far from over. tonight, my heart's quite troubled. mitch mcconnell, where is your backbone? where are your principles? moments ago, mitch mcconnell and ten other weak republican senators, gave their democratic colleagues are very generous gift. when they've been telling us for two months they would not give them. that's a big new extension. everybody in this country is going to pay the price. until yesterday, republicans have been completely ready don't like united. they were completely ignored and shut out by democrats. on the budget, the process, and they promised us, you, we, the american people, that they would not assist democrats in raising the debt ceiling. democrats can do and all on their own. democrats were panicking on capitol hill. they had enough votes, they
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could have raised the debt ceiling all summer long and rammed it through their own reconciliation. they did not need the help of mitch mcconnell and ten other weak republicans. but they cannot get it done. why? the radical socialist democrats and their slightly less radical socialist colleagues, they couldn't come to terms. trillions and trillions of dollars, green new deal socialist spending, and massive new tax hikes, record tax hikes, record spending, record regulation, and all they are trying to do now is ram this through in the middle of the night. along with a debt ceiling. democrats couldn't come to terms, they were threatening to blow up the legislative filibuster. that's right, we will go to the nuclear option. instead of forcing the democrats hand as they said they would, instead of calling their blood fence and they said they want to come a mitch mcconnell completely caved to their threats, and he did it at the last minute. thanks to him and other weak republicans in the u.s. senate,
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democrats, well, they have months to work on a solution and get they are $3.5 trillion bill back up at new green deal socialist spending bill through congress. mitch mcconnell played the typical sewer swamp game of saying one thing, doing another, nicking a promise, and breaking it. by the way, democrats are now mocking him and taking a huge victory lap. mitch mcconnell caved and that's the headline that senator elizabeth warren, senator elizabeth warren is correct. mitch caved, this brings us to an important question for mitch mcconnell. what would you will come at a republican leader the senate, republicans i thought and am a registered conservative because i have seen too much of the swamp weakness in my life, i left the republican party. when you're right, i will defend you, and it's not like i have a chance of supporting democrats,
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there radical socialists. why would you support raising the debt ceiling knowing what the democrats plans are? that's to spend a $3.5 trillion on the socialist green new deal? mitch mcconnell's office claiming that he was looking to avert in default with a short-term extension at $1 with a fixed dollar amount. at least they responded to us. what mitch is not saying is that he and the republican caucus said they were united and would not do this. they promised not to do this. mitch now gave democrats hits precious time, now they can work out the disagreements on their massive spending deal. by the way, one that will be raising at a record level, and that will cause inflation to skyrockets and hurts every american family. already, inflations causing the average american household.
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do the math, that's $2100, and inflation tax on every single american household. he's only been in office nine months. gas prices and the seven year high, food prices are up through the roof. the price of raw materials are up. every example, everything you buy and pay for is up. everything is up. think what $5 trillion in new spending will do. everything you buy will be more expensive. your paycheck will be less valuable. make no mistake, joe biden's build the back socialist plan is a down payment for the $10 trillion they really want with their new greendale socialism. government paid family leave them a guaranteed job, guaranteed government paid, guaranteed government paid child care, government paid college, tuition, amnesty if you will
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when you get -- oh, you don't have to pay your loans back. okay. i wish i had that when i was paying my loans back. anyway, billions for illegal immigrants, massive government entitlements for everyone who is unwilling to work. i wrote the book. of socialism, its history of failure. whatever names it's given, whatever manifestation takes on. we will take care of you. okay, the same people who say they keep the city safe and do not, they can't maintain law and order, the same people who destroyed our school system? the same people that bankrupted social security and medicare? they broke open the lock box and squander the money, the same people who promise to keep your dr. plan and save money. the united states is the greatest system ever created. it will be upended. our great economic system and as
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we know it. that's what's at stake. mitch mcconnell, if you're not willing to fight, for basic, small government simple conservative principles, smaller government, less regulation, capitalism, free-trade, fair trade, et cetera, if you're not willing to fight tooth and nail keep your promises and protect the country, then what we know doesn't work socialism. it always ends in unfulfilled promises, always ends in more poverty, and it always ends with people giving up freedom and it's just a matter of how much freedom you give up in the name of full security. but, mitch, if you're going to break your promises, then you need to step aside. you we need new leadership because your words are worthles. with reaction south carolina senator, not one of the 11, lindsey graham. senator, strong words for mitch mcconnell and your fellow republicans. why on earth would republicans at this moment be helping the
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democrats? >> well, we screwed up. for two months we've promise to the american people that we would not help the democratic party raise the debt ceiling so that they could spend three and a half to $000 billion in reconciliation. we let the people down and we made the democrats believe we are all talk and no action. at the end of the day, every republican voted against raising the debt ceiling, every democrat voted for it. we made a promise for two months that we would make them do it without our help and we folded. i hate that. we are in a hole. we have to dig out of the hole and we can't. we shot ourselves in the foot tonight, but we will revisit the issue in december. this issue comes back -- >> sean: slow down, senator hang on a second. for two months, the republican caucus, you are all.
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you were united before the day before yesterday. you were united -- think about it, thursday, you were united on tuesday. you weren't going to do this. why did mitch mcconnell do this? then twist the arms and will put up the names of the 11 republicans that caved. you know, why at the last minute did mitch mcconnell do what he said he wouldn't do? >> here's what he said. i like mitch, i like all my colleagues. we are in a bad spot but self-inflicted. he said that if we continue to do what we promise to do, there's democrats will change the filibuster rule and blow up the senate. we can't let it happen like that. when president trump was in power, he changed the rules every day warning us to get our way and i said, no. i've known timothy for the democratic party threatening to use the filibuster to implement their socialist agenda.
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at the end of the day, we cannot live this way. we should have stood our ground and played this out. if i wouldn't believe they would blow up the senate over this period of >> sean: senator, hang on a second. joe manchin said today again that he wouldn't use the nuclear option. it will as a threat, it was an idle threat that would not have manifested. assuming joe manchin was a man of his word. does that mean republicans and all the democrats have to do we will use the nuclear option? we will be a hostage to the threads of the use of the nuclear option? then give up on poor values and promises? >> that's what we may have set in place. if we may have made ourselves susceptible to this tactic in te future. joe manchin has been great. i really do believe changing out
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the last minute, using the excuse of changing the filibuster has made us less effective in the body, and democrats are going to look at us differently. the people that we represent are incredibly disappointed. there was no reason to do this. don't say things that you can't deliver on. we could have delivered on this, we chose not to. this is coming up again in december. if we do this again in december, we'll shoot ourselves in the head is a party, and now i'll do everything in my power that we do not do this again in december. >> sean: senator, it's a pretty sad, pathetic day. this is a rebel kim party pretrump the republican party in many ways created donald trump. because a lot of swamp creatures did exactly this kind of garbage, didn't fight, didn't keep their word, and republican said, you don't want? we need to disrupt and then iconoclasts that's really good to keep their word and fight for
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us. that's why donald trump will get 50,000 people at a rally in mitch mcconnell will get 5. be different. sunday for the republican party and that's why i'm not a republican. thanks for voting the right way. former president trump will join us in just a moment, but sadly, build back better than new green deal socialism is just one part of the biden administration's big agenda from vaccine mandates, open borders, mask mandates, the weaponization of the irs with a new plan allowing the federal government to monitor every one of your banking transactions over a whopping $600. of course, higher tens of thousands of new irs agents. let's not forget that biden's doj instructing the fbi to treat angry parents and school board meetings. we've got the look out. they may be domestic terrorists. that's right, if you oppose and speak out against what's being
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taught in your child's school, critical race theory, if there is age inappropriate material, if you don't like draconian measures as it relates to covid and kids, the fbi could be knocking on your door because of strict instructions from the attorney general who is compromised. it turns out garland's son-in-law cofounded. name of the company makes a fortune. they haul critical race theory materials in schools. it seems like a pretty obvious conflict of interest. right? tonight, don't expect any coded answers from biden and his administration. as a matter fact, joe biden himself weak, frail, cognitive mess that he is, he doesn't even seem to know where he is half the time. on the rare occasions away from his weird videoconference room across from the white house,
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joe biden, doesn't do very well. that's probably why they get mad at him if he answers any questions. i'm not allowed to, they told me know or else i will get my ice cream. it took a look. >> also, we've got leadership. the ohio pennsylvanian. the illinois president, don harmon. what works, tim? there you go, tim. thank you. robert ryder -- robert federal educational labor. that's how we be covid-19. if i can digress for just a second, last night i was on the television, i was on the telephone with a person and an emergency hospital ward. spearman here with reaction, candidate who
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i'm supporting, white house chief of staff reince priebus. it you're going to be the best governor in in the history of arkansas, he's growing a beard and getting superstitious. on a serious note, i see the vote tonight and i think emma this is why conservatives get fed up with the republicans. there were 65 show votes to repeal and replace obamacare. when the moment came in donald trump was president, what happened? they didn't even have a plan ready to go after eight long years of having time to prepare one. they weren't ready, they missed their moment. >> absolutely, what's going on in washington is a complete and total failure. this administration promised bill to back better, but everything they touch is absolutely destroyed. it gets worse. it's a complete and total display of incompetence.
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whether we are talking about inflation, crime, afghanistan, the border, everything the administration touches, they absolutely destroy. make it ten times worse. i think of the all-time low approval ratings are showing that people are paying attention. this is not at all the what they signed up for. the biden administration's trying to manufacture a good narrative. it's one of the reason why the conservative governors across the state have to be our firewall. we can't rely on washington to fix anything. they are going to have to be on the last line of defense pushing back and make sure we deliver on good policies for the people we represent. that has to happen and it has to happen sooner rather than later, because we have seen nothing but total failure at the hands of this administration and what's coming out of washington, d.c. >> sean: let me ask you, you know a thing or two about politics.
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mitch mcconnell, john thune, john of texas. lisa murkowski, no shock. richard shelby, rob portman because he's retiring, john barrasso, lloyd blunt because he's retiring, they care more about mitch mcconnell than the promise they made the american people for two straight months? >> welcome but they didn't use the leverage they had, sean. you're exactly right to and using it in december, just kicking the can down the road. his hair was right, they're so much at stake in the country. where you look at where we are today, gas prices are $1 more a gallon. americans are playing 20 more dollars every time they fill up their tank. a year ago, it was only 4,000 people coming across the border. donald trump, not a single
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person died in afghanistan over the past 18 months. that's why joe biden -- they can't even use joe biden in virginia. jerry mcauliffe, and to ease up on the democrat in this moment, did not keep pressing and writing this thing up, i mean, you mention back to biden, you mention biden in his fake truman show room. think about harry truman and what's on his desk, well, all biden does is blame everybody else for everything that's happening whether it's afghanistan, covid, the border patrol, everybody else is to blame but him. the total and complete disaster to let off the gas tonight. i agree with lindsey graham. he's obviously embarrassed, you can tell by -- you know, he's in the box. >> sean: why should he be
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embarrassed? he didn't break his promise. >> i mean with fellow and republicans. it's just frustrating. >> sean: reince priebus, thank you sarah sanders. the old boss is waiting, so i'll have to say goodbye. it will follow your race very closely. joining us live on the phone for exclusive interview, the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. if you urge united states senators not to do what they promised what they wouldn't do t they threw a lifeline to chuck schumer. by the way, chuck schumer, elizabeth warren, yup, they're mocking mitch mcconnell and making fun of the republicans and laughing at them. he threw him a lifeline that they didn't have to throw. >> the republican senate needs to do leadership and i've been saying it for a long time. mitch isn't the guy, not the right guy, not doing the job.
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he gave us so much time to figure out what to do because they were in a big bun, was enabled to do anything. he had the weapon and he was an able to use it. it's a shame. it's a shame. these 11 people come out i know them, some are wonderful, and some i don't agree with too often. i'm not surprised to see some of the names, but i will tell you this. that's not a good thing that happened today. he made a big mistake. >> sean: let me start, there's a lot going on in the country. when you start with abandoning americans in afghanistan, i want to get into these issues in detail. you look the crisis at the border, you look at joe biden, gave up energy independence that you achieved for the first time in 75 years, now he's begging opec. you look at inflation and the cost of energy, you look at america standing in the world, you look at the issue in china.
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the first thing i think needs to be discussed is what, day 54? americans behind enemy lines, it's been almost 40 days since joe has even mentioned them. we have thousands of green card holders. unknown hundreds of americans and their families abandon. he said he wouldn't do it, 13 days before he abandon him. of we have military equipment and billions of dollars that we leave in the hands of terrorists. i never thought, mr. president, in my lifetime that i would ever see that happen. is there anything that we can do now? >> look, we have to get the country back. what happened in afghanistan my opinion is the single most embarrassing thing to happen to our country, may be in its history. the warriors that were killed, i
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spoke to the parents of many of them. they were devastated, why didn't we take out the military before? $85 billion of the best military equipment -- i bought it, and rebuild the entire military, $85 billion of the best equipment, military equipment in the world buried him they are taking it apart. russia, china, they got some and they're taking it apart. they are going to examine it and build it themselves. they can never do what weekend with the black hawk helicopters. it looked like a total surrender. the most embarrassing moments. then you look across the border and you see the pictures at the border of hundreds of thousands of people, every couple weeks into the country. we have no idea who they are. and going back to afghanistan and you take a look at the
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people that came out of afghanistan only 3% of them qualified to come out. they rushed the airplanes and they are plenty tough and smart, a lot of energy, those are the people who got onto the plains. 3%, 3% of the people qualified. and it's incredible what that did to our country. we are being left out all over the world, we are not respected anymore. we had a thing going, you look at taiwan, that was not happening during the trump administration with taiwan. they understood you can't do that. what's going on is a terrible thing for our country. i don't think we've ever been this disrespected. >> sean: you know, last time on this program, i think we need to put emphasis back on this, that your conversation with the leader of the taliban before you discussed any deal or withdrawal was number one, based on your
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stated threat that you would obliterate them. you remember exactly what you said, because i have a source that says you were brutal to them. and that you said you would destroy them, destroy their province, and it would be everybody in the area would be dead. did you say that? >> mr. trump: what i said and had a very strong conversation, i said i hate to turn the conversation this way but that's the way it is. i said we would do serious, serious harm to them if they killed any of our soldiers or any american citizens. went on from there, and then we got back into a more normalized conversation. well, from that conversation on, 18 months i believe is the amount of time. we didn't lose one soldier, one soldier shot at, no american was killed. the understood exactly. and they also understood. they had conditions. they didn't fulfill the
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conditions so we hit them hard, and we stayed longer. we were getting ready to move. i want every bolt, nail, screw, you know, those buildings, those beautiful canvas buildings that we build as hangers, i want the buildings taken out. i want the canvas, i want the arrow plains, i want the tanks, i want every single piece of equipment we have. then we are going to bomb five airfields and we're going to take blogger because it's right next to china right next to the nuclear facility. it be great to keep it because $10 million to build it that we left. they left the lights on, the dogs they are, they didn't destroy the equipment, they didn't take the equipment. they said they destroyed some because they were so embarrassed they left without it. $85 million worth of equipment. the entire budget military
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budget of russia for a year is $50 billion. we left $85 billion worth of equipment in the hands of the taliban. >> sean: you would obliterate them if they didn't follow every dog did and crossed to. okay there was going to be a condition spaced withdrawal only if conditions were suitable. you would keep a gratuity the air base which we for and billed. can you explain to me when joe biden had the months of march, april, may, june, july, all control of kabul to end airport. the taliban was south of kabul, why didn't he evacuate? if it wasn't too obliterate them and push them back? why didn't he move everybody out when he had full control of kabul and the airport, the perimeter. what would he wait until the
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taliban took over kabul? >> mr. trump: nobody understands it in the media stock covering it. not only fake news but old news. they're trying to get rid of it. i read a article two days ago where they're shelling the machine guns. the most sophisticated weapons in the world. they are selling these machine guns and guns on the black market. other countries are buying them. they are selling them. you don't need that many, 600 or 700,000 guns, they have night goggles that are better than anything we have. the latest model, brand-new, out-of-the-box, never used before. the latest model. all stuff that, you know, very good fighters but they never liked the taliban fighting at night. now they can fight at night. and they can do what they want to do. they have the best.
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they have the apache helicopters. they have the best equipment in the world buried 85 billion dollars. that was in the deal. they understood. i spoke to abdul and they understand we are leaving and taking our equipment, taking our american citizens. if they wanted to stay, they had the right to stay but they do not want to stay. we were taking them in the last out would have -- everything gone. the last out would have been the military. the big mistake to take our military out first, and i can just see these people saying abdul, he's the leader, now if you look he is the leader still. i can see them saying, a duel, the american military has left and him saying, there is no way you've got to be crazing. they go, no, no, they left. going in and going to kabul and they'll find out that they left. these guys couldn't believe they left. if that's what happened. >> sean: let me move to the border, mr. president.
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when you first ran, it became a big issue. if you implemented what's known as the stay in mexico policy that's been abolished. you build 500 miles of new wall. we had the lowest rate of illegal immigrants and nearly 40 years. you eliminated the catch and release program. the wall building a stop to come stay in mexico's program has ended. it's not catcher release, it's process and release. we request that you show up in court, you don't have to, we are not mandating, i doubt people will honor the request. we are on the path to have a record number of illegal immigrants, probably a 30-year high, closing in on 2 million illegal immigrants in the country. no vaccine mandates for american citizens, no covid checks. a high rate of covid positivity. no security background checks of
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people, radical associations. it's all enfolding before our eyes. if you saw the cages, you had it under complete control. now we see the democrats trying to slip an amnesty in this reconciliation bill. you know, at this point, i've got to believe that this is done on purpose. they are not enforcing the law. if you didn't enforce the law, they'd want to impeach you. seems like they're aiding and abetting and lawbreaking. what are your thoughts on the border? >> mr. trump: you're right about that and i will say the border we had was the strongest probably ever. all they have to do is leave it alone. you know, they sued us, the democrats in congress for two and a half years. we won all the suits, but two and a half years, we were able to start. it would have been finished in a period of weeks. now we are paying $6 million a week for contractors not to build the wall. the wall was almost complete and
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it's one of the things that led to this great record to. one thing you didn't say is drugs. drugs were at the lowest point -- drugs coming in, in particular fund at all, which is a brutal drug. it was stopped, it was at a level we had not seen in a long time. a low level. now it's coming in at levels that we have never seen. three, four, five times more than we ever had coming in. pouring into our country. there's something wrong. you wouldn't believe you could even say this, but somebody doesn't love our country. when they allow this to happen to our country, we have hundreds of thousands of people pouring in every two weeks. hundreds of thousands. coming from countries we don't even know from where they are coming. if you know, they are emptying out many countries. i used to say three, guatemala, mexico, honduras, you could add el salvador, but i say three or
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four countries come out here it's 50 countries. they are emptying out their prisons into the united states. they are jails, some of the toughest people on earth are being dumped into the united states because they don't want them. they don't want to take care of them for the next 40 years. these people that are the roughest prisoners, anywhere, are being dumped into the united states for us to take care of them. what are they doing? they are destroying our country. >> sean: that's a big part of the spending bill. this is the difference between america first policy is an american last policies. when you were out and you were pushing to get the money, fighting to get the money, which you eventually found a way, to build a 500 miles of wall that you built, you talked about a big wall with a beautiful wall you used to say, with a big door in it. i'm for legal immigration, all for my grandparents coming from ireland. you remember my family story.
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they had no money in their pocket, they grew up poor. i'm pro-immigration. is it wrong to ask for a security check to make sure you don't have radical associations in the middle of a pandemic? it should be not give preferential treatment to people who don't respect our law? should they at least have a covid test? health check? is it wrong to say that if we're going to invite you into our country, we don't care where you come from, you've got to be able to provide for yourself and you won't be a financial vernon on the american people. it seems like a pair conditions. would you support that? >> mr. trump: you've got to support that and for every body else they have to go through it, but they just happen to walk in and they don't have to do anything that were supposed to be done. nobody talks about -- so, we have hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from haiti. haiti has a tremendous aids
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problem. aids is a step beyond. aids is a real bad problem. so hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country and if you look at the stats and you look at the numbers, if you look at just -- take a look it's what's happening in haiti, a tremendous problem with aids. many of those people will probably have aids in their coming into our country. we don't do anything about it. we let everybody come in. it's like a death wish, like a death wish for our country. >> sean: obviously, it seems that democrats, it's a top priority for them because they want to offer -- it's interesting, i pointed out so many countries actually sell citizenship. you can buy if you want to spend two and a half billion dollars, you can buy citizenship. if turkey sells it for $1 million or $2 million, australia and new zealand have
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conditions. antigo, st. kitts, it is something of great value. and again i believe in legal immigration. it let me move onto another issue. for the first time in 75 years, you were able to achieve something i believed in for many, many years, newt gingrich and i started a campaign, drill here, drill now, pay less. you finally got america to the point where we were energy independent. if we didn't have to rely on countries that hate our guts, fr the lifeblood of the world's economy. it didn't have to worry about the around. you didn't import a single barrel from saudi arabia. joe biden has given that up, but worse, he's begging opec to increase their production.
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i want your overall thoughts because they're now paying above about 50% or more, $5 per again and in some places in california. >> mr. trump: lee became energy independent for the first time in the history of our country. one of the things i was most proud about, we had ronald reagan tried everybody tried to get it approved, nobody could get it approved for many, many years. ronald reagan couldn't do it, he wanted to do it many years ago in alaska. senator murkowski made it possible, that it was just ended by biden. it was done by a republican senator, made it possible. perhaps the biggest drilling site in the world, as big as saudi arabia, one of the other things i was very proud of, we became number one trend in the and energy. oil, output. if we were beating saudi arabia by lots, russia by a lot. we were bigger than both and now we are going back to them? we are going back to opec for
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the first time in a long time. we are going back to opec because we don't have enough energy, we don't have enough oil and gas. because a lot of the areas that we are talking about where shut down. stupidly shut down for no reason. not even environmental reasons. they were just shut down. it's very sad. we were energy independent just a few months ago, but we were really -- we were really -- we were going to be much bigger than both russia and saudi arabia. we were already quite a bit bigger. that took place on my watch and i was very proud of it. think of it, energy independence, we didn't have to go through the middle east. it we didn't need anybody. we had the best energy in the world, the best companies doing it. if that ended about two months o when we started going to opec because we don't have enough oil. >> sean: let me ask you about this question. why would joe biden give a
6:41 pm
waiver to vladimir putin to build the pipeline so that he could provide natural gas to our western european allies while simultaneously ending career jobs and energy independence on the keystone xl pipeline canceling what you had finally opened up. why would he do that? when you look at that, do you think, well, maybe the biden's compromised by vladimir putin? i'll give you another example. saber rattling, all these jets of the communist chinese flying over taiwan. talking about reunification with taiwan. i haven't really heard much from joe biden about with the communist chinese are doing. and clearly showing ambitions to take over taiwan. what do they have in common? hunter biden got a $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china, no experience that i can see.
6:42 pm
he got $100,000 shopping spree from chinese nationals. in russia, hunter biden got a $3.5 million deal with a russian oligarch, the first lady of moscow. now if it was the last name was trump, do you think that if you gave a waiver to putin and you allowed this saber rattling of china over taiwan and didn't do anything about it. your son's made millions of dollars and did billion-dollar deals. it don't you think the media and the country would accuse you of being compromised by china and russia? speak of the media outcome of the prosecutors, the democratic radical prosecutors all over the place would be all over us. it is incredible what's taken place. if during the debate i was unhappy with chris wallace because he protected joe during the debate. i said why is it that the mayor of moscow's wife gave $3.5 million the family? chris wallace wouldn't let him
6:43 pm
answer the question. he said, well, that's not pertinent. i think it's pertinent. well, it's a question he asked. as far as taiwan's concern, we had an understanding. we talked a long and hard. pretty tough talk. they never did a thing on taiwan. taiwan. all of a sudden, they are flying 35, 40 bombers at a time over taiwan. they have their eyes on taiwan. they never did that with me. we never had any problem with taiwan. it was never a subject in the news. evil thought maybe someday it might be, but not during my watch. the president understood that. we'd a very good relationship until the china virus flowed in. what's it flowed in, you know. >> sean: by the way, -- >> by the way, sean, hundreds of billions of dollars from china came into the united states that i instituted
6:44 pm
between taxes, tariffs, and other things. we gave $28 billion to our farmers because they didn't treat our farmers right. you know that. i gave 28 billion, we had hundreds of billions of dollars left over that went into our treasury. we never took in $0.10 until i came along from china. >> sean: nobody would ever ask them. that was a point you made often. but we now have chinese warplanes that now violated taiwan airspace over 149 times in the past week. president she's talking about reunification and he's threatening united states, our military institution and installations, japan's military installations and they are talking about reunification. if your president, how would you handle the threat? >> mr. trump: i did handle the threat for four years because it wasn't a threat. he and i understood, you couldn't do it. that's not allowed.
6:45 pm
we had a very tough talk and i'm not going to reveal the talk, we had a very tough talk together at mar-a-lago when he was here at the beginning. the relationship which was an extraordinary one until covid. it was an extraordinary relationship that we had and i had a great relationship with many of the leaders. but they weren't ripping our country up. every country rips off the united states. i couldn't believe it. it wasn't a good deal that we had all over the world, that's why we have trillions and trillions of dollars of deficit. but we were changing all of that, making incredible deals. if you mention the pipeline, i got the pipeline from russia to europe shut down. biden came in and one of the first things he did he opened up the pipeline. when he shut down our pipeline. which is the keystone xl pipeline. one of the biggest in the world. he shut that down and he allowed the biggest in the world from russia into europe and germany in particular.
6:46 pm
it's -- you can only ask him why. i can't tell you why, doesn't make sense. you can only ask him why. >> sean: well, i think the fact that maybe hunter made all this money, you know, we just saw they had a pretty good read on hunter biden. it knew about the drug addiction, they knew about his use of prostitutes. if they had his book. china did is $1.5 billion deal, i would imagine they are spy agencies if libya had it, they probably had a pretty good read on hunter biden. you probably have compromising details to use the roads that adam schiff made famous, on the bidens. is that a stretch on my part to suspect that what they know about hunter could in fact impact joe biden? >> mr. trump: not really my position to say, as you know,
6:47 pm
they have investigations going on. but those investigations are going nowhere. the only investigate republicans, frankly. those investigations are going absolutely nowhere. i wouldn't think you're going to wake up anytime soon and then say, look what they found. but there was no question. whether it's paintings for $500,000 apiece, how do you allow -- how do something like this happen? that's not nearly as bad as other things. but that's up to different people. you have to speak with them. terrible, terrible situation. >> sean: let me ask you. i know it's interesting, you had covid almost a year ago. if you go from labor day of 2020 to labor day this year, it's a 300% increase in cases of covid. didn't get much reported. now, this information is out today where more americans have died this year of covid-19 and died in all of 2020.
6:48 pm
the only mention monoclonal antibodies, which you received an infusion of very early, one of the first to receive it, only mention it for the first time two and a half weeks ago. my question to you is how is it that it's so underreported. i know that there's people who believe in liberty and et cetera. we handed all three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies as a therapeutic. how is it possible more people died this year when he was hammering you all last year about a question mark >> mr. trump: i would say the other day it's very interesting. during my administration, everybody wanted the vaccine. there is nobody saying oh, gee, i don't want to take it. now they say that because they don't trust the biden administration. i can think of no other reason. but they say we don't want that, we are not going to take it. when i was there everybody wanted it and we are doing
6:49 pm
great. the military did a fantastic job. outside of the to villa vision generals, we've got great generals and leadership in the military. great men and women. unbelievable leadership and we defeated 100% of the isis caliphate in iraq and iran. all over it. but in rock emma we knocked out -- by the way , we did around indirectly a very big favor because they are not big fans of isis either. but syria, we knocked out 100% and knocked out there for leadership and knock them out very strongly. we had great leaders and generals and they did a fantastic job of the distribution of the vaccine. but there were no people -- very few people, i heard of no people that didn't want to take it. and all of the things that you have seen, in fact one of the things i'm very proud of whether it's regeneron or eli lilly, you know, some of the things that we came up with.
6:50 pm
it's therapeutic scum of the therapeutics are incredible that we came up with in addition to the vaccines. how is it possible that your numbers are bigger now? well, i don't read that the numbers are bigger now. you hardly hear it. if that were me, it would be brutal because we did an incredible job on the pandemic. an incredible job. at the ventilators, we became the world suppliers of ventilators. the masks, gowns, we we make it all now. when i took over as president, our cupboards were bare. we didn't have anything. that included the states. we help the states. if the governors are honest, they'll tell you what a great job the federal government did in terms of helping them get the equipment and the materials they needed to fight this. but you're right, it's worse now. there's more cases now. but you do not hear the news at all. you do not see the death counts on cnn, you don't see any of that. it's an incredible child that we did and we have been given no
6:51 pm
credit. but you know what? the people know and we've got 75 million votes. that's more votes than any sitting as an a in history. 12 million more than we did in 2016. it lets a record. nobody came close to that. usually a president gets less in the second term. people know what a good job we did. people know what a good job we did, sean, shaun. >> sean: biden's out there saying he started a vaccination program even though he had rolled it out. let's go back to the economy and there's estimates out now that because of biden inflation, which is now at a 30-year high according to some indicators. we have the average american household paying more per month, $2,100 of bind and inflation tax on every sigel american household you see gas prices now up dramatically 50% from when you were president. food prices are up, raw
6:52 pm
materials are up, inflation is through the roof. if they pass this new green deal socialism, where you see the economy headed? i don't see good things happening. we called it before, it's called socialism. and it always fails. the promises are unfulfilled. more poverty exists in the end, and you give up a lot of freedom in the name of fall security. >> mr. trump: and so, the $1.2 trillion is about 9% -- think of that, 9%, talking about infrastructure, this is 9% infrastructure. should be 100% infrastructure. that is a total shame. the 3.5%, which people are saying is $5 trillion, numbers never been discussed before with any president, nobody would do it because it's crippling to the economy. most of it is money you can throw right out the window. it's going to be devastating,
6:53 pm
and then inflation has kicked in. it remember this, with energy going up like that, you know, you have a product and you need trucks to deliver it, you need energy. with energy being doubled and tripled, what was just a few months ago when we were there, $1.87 per gallon, now it's over $5 per gallon. that's a lot more than 50%. when energy goes up like that, sean, everything's affected in terms of inflation. it has a huge inflationary impact on this country. i was here when jimmy carter -- when jimmy carter went out and did what he was doing. a lot of it was similar but on a much smaller scale, we had inflation. and it was almost ruining for our country. with it almost ruined our country. this is much more severe. what they are doing is changing the social fabric of our country. it's not even believable.
6:54 pm
bernie sanders can't believe it. bernie sanders goes around telling people i can't believe what is happening here. aoc, a very tiny group of people are pushing an agenda that will destroy literally and ruin our country between the borders, period of between -- look at a withdrawal from afghanistan, taking a look at that. when we have wonderful warriors killed so needlessly. leave the americans behind, we leave $85 billion worth of equipment behind. the military comes out first, and we leave the afghanistan -- we could have gone out with dignity, with pride, with strength. instead, we looked alike to the whole world, we looked like we don't know what we are doing, we looked alike we surrender to people with knives. >> sean: should we get rid of the vaccine mandates, sir? >> mr. trump: you know, we never heard the term mandate. but people have to have their
6:55 pm
freedoms. we should be and a great shape, between the people who get it, they should not have to. if you get covid, whatever you want to call it, wuhan virus, the china virus, we've got plenty of names. when you get it, you shouldn't have to be -- they want to force people who have had it to have the vaccine. when in actuality, when you have it, you don't need the vaccine, you become immune. so they say. it is a natural immunity. why are they forcing people to take the vaccine? remember this, the drug companies make a lot of money. and they like it. i don't know who else wants it or likes it, but when you get it, you don't have to take the vaccine. >> sean: and said that we are even firing frontline nurses and workers were in the worst moments of this. let me ask you about the irs spying on americans on $600
6:56 pm
transactions, which is ridiculous. i want to ask you that in light of merrick garland now to empower the fbi to literally look at moms and dads at school board meetings, looking into possible domestic terrorism. of think global police would be called in if there's a problem. but we find out merrick garland the attorney general son-in-law is a partner of the fan dome i confirm that's making millions of dollars in contracts with school districts pushing critical race theory. which is part of the reason why many parents are complaining or covid restrictions. what's your reaction to that? >> mr. trump: you're just telling me the last part. if i know that. you know, look, he's a respected man and i hope you'll do what's right. this country is at the breaking
6:57 pm
point. this country won't stand for it any longer. he somebody who has always been highly respected. he is on the liberal side of things. hopefully, he will do what's right. sean, the country can't take much more of it, they can't do it. those parents -- those are parents who love their country and they love their children. and they do not want all of this nonsense that's been fed to their children. they just don't want it. you know, they are trying to make them out to be terrorists. actually, today they call them terrorists, the taliban, they are terrorists. we gave them a lot. we are trying -- they are trying to approve $10 billion a year to go to afghanistan. $10 billion a year during the taliban on top of everything else can the $85 billion worth of equipment. if it's going to be in our budget we do have other countries contributing to pay
6:58 pm
$10 billion a year to the talibn which is afghanistan. i mean, how crazy is this? >> sean: let me ask you this. and i've gone ask this question about you a lot. people have known i've known you for many years. we've been friends for a long time. i've known you long before you were income over 25 years. i agree with the president's policies and i want to run again in 2024, but maybe if you fight a little last. i don't know what that means if they want you to fight for issues like the border and lower taxes, energy independence. free and fair trade deals, fighting our enemies, and i don't know if they have a switch that'll go off and say i'm going to be mr. nice to the media asking me hostile questions, but i do get asked the question a lot. is there anything that stylistically when people complain about style, that you would say that i'm?
6:59 pm
>> mr. trump: remember this, when i got elected, i thought i'd be running the country. i thought that would be my primary function. run the country, defend the country, all the difficult things. i had another thing i did do, that was survival. it created a fake russia, russia hoax. fake impeachments, two fake impeachments. the republicans were great i have to say, they stuck with us. there were fake charges, nobody could even imagine, it was a perfect phone call. the whole thing, i had to survive. and to survive you had to be tough. you had to be out there. you then have to being dainty and nice. we did a great job. we created the greatest economy in the history of the world. if you want to be program debunked the russia hoax mix don't like myth.
7:00 pm
mr. president, you've been very generous with your time. of these are troubled times for the american people. the if you run a 2024 it'll be a big theme of yours again. we appreciate your time. >> mr. trump: thank you very much, sean, thank you. >> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening, set your dvr so you laura ingraham, big show tonight as always. >> laura: hannity, everything that trump predicted was going to happen to the economy, to our foreign policy, credibility, the border. he predicted it to a t. it's unbelievable! i mean, across the board. i got to tell you -- i got to tell you, hannity. >> sean: do you think joe biden could be that articulate for 40 straight minutes? >> laura: now -- now -- now -- look -- seriously -- literally --