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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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se freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> greg: we are out of time. thanks to congressman madison cawthorn, emily compagno, todd piro, kat. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" i am grace -- in for shannon bream. and breaking tonight a late night at the capitol hill ends a weeklong standoff as the senate votes to temporary lift the debt ceiling by $480 billion. >> we have averted it at least for now. >> trace: the breaking details coming soon plus mounting crises
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continued this week for president biden from plummeting approval ratings to democrat its infighting to inflation. former president trump weight in with sean hannity tonight. >> what they are doing is changing the social fabric of our country. it's not even believable. bernie sanders can't believe it. bernie sanders goes around telling people i can't believe what is happening here. aoc and a very tiny group of people are pushing an agenda that will destroy literally and ruin our country. >> trace: and the family of gabby sits down with fox news for an exclusive interview sharing their frustrations about the ongoing manhunt for brian and their hopes to find answers about gabby's death. but we can with the breaking news of a deal in the senate and many problems piling up on the desk president biden. kevin corke tracking the latest developments. kevin, good evening. >> good evening.
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once again, the g.o.p. fold and the democrats gold taking them to task for pushing the fiscal showdown to the brink only to relent in the end. >> despite immense opposition from leader mcconnell and members of congress, we have gotten together and pulled our country back from the cliff's edge that republicans tried to push us over. >> a good old fashion scolding from the senate majority leader chuck schumer accusing the g.o.p. of creating a debt ceiling problems that need not have existed. the new yorkers indignant -- coming after 11 senate republican joined democrats to end the filibuster so today's vote could go forward. >> 5248. the motion to concur with the amendment -- >> the two month patch overcoming g.o.p. hesitation 61-38. i then passed all democratic votes 50-48.
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a feat which very likely would not have been possible except for the willingness of the minority leader mitch mcconnell to make a deal. much to the chagrin of some uniquely interested parties. >> the republican senate needs new leadership. he gave them a lifeline. it's more than a lifeline. he gave them so much time now to figure out what to do because they were in a real big blind. they wouldn't have been able to do anything. he had the weapon and was unable to use at. >> the house will now convene on tuesday to pass the stopgap measure. while the debt ceiling drama has subsided for the time being, the white house is now facing a billowing barrage of crises from capitol hill, intraparty chaos to outrage from parents across the country who now feel targeted by the biden doj. slumping poll numbers on everything from afghanistan to taxes, the economy, to emigration. and now the covid-19 crisis. about which we learned today that more people have died so
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far this year from the virus then all of last year according to new data from john hopkins. that is despite the fact that mandates are quickly becoming standard practice now in place at 25% of businesses, 40% of hospitals, and in colleges serving 37% of all students according to the white house. this is pfizer -- requested the fda emergency arc mike authorization of the covid-19 vaccine for children ages five to 11. that happens despite the fact that the cdc research shows that the death rate for children ages five to 11 without comorbidities is still far, far less than -- a bit of a surprise there. see how the approval and authorization goes. >> trace: we will talk more about this later on. also tonight, inflation on a 30-year high. hitting people hard in the wallet. we talk about $5-gallon of gas.
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you have been crunching the numbers. what's the real cost to the average american household? >> i have to tell you, i am like you. i watch the numbers. i have a budget just like every other american and the truth is for most americans, the biden economy is casting the more and in some case it's costing them much more as you know. inflation you have talked about that from august as an example, up 5.3% compared to the august of last year. let me share some more numbers. you will find this instructive. for the average american earning earning the median income the inflation rate has force them to spend another hundred $75 a month on things like food, fuel, and housing. and as he said, the government keeps calling it transitory but the truth is a 30-year high and it has been four months. the big crunch for most people, you pointed it out, fuel costs. gas price is up 40% just since
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january. if you live in the city like me, you can get to work pretty easily and quickly but if you live out in the suburbs or the egg serves, that tank of gas is so much more expensive now than it was just a year ago. >> trace: not transitory. it's transit robbery. it so high everywhere you go. great numbers. talking more about this with the panel. thank you. some parents concerned about their children's education and the right to speak freely about it gathered on thursday in virginia in part to talk about the justice department's recent initiative to combat what it says is an increase in threats of violence against school officials. as a group of g.o.p. senators are now looking for an explanation from the attorney general. matt finn has the very latest. he joins us. >> senators including chuck and lindsey graham grow a stern letter on thursday to attorney general merrick garland and trust dominic instructing him he has some cleanup to do after he released a memo this
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week promising to prosecute parents that make threats against school boards when appropriate. the senators writing to the ag that has memo -- to potentially prosecute parents might chill open discussion at school board meetings. the senators say the attorney general must now clarify to the american people that is never the federal government's rule to quash those who question local school boards. telling the adrian parr "to be clear, violence and true threats of threat -- of a democracy." the report of heated encounters between concern parents and school boards often involve speech that is clearly protected by the first amendment. federal law enforcement muscle should never be used against protesting parents. the memo promising to prosecute parents that threaten violence has been extremely controversial and so for the white house is backing it out. he began with national school board association asking the president for law enforcement backup for school boards nationwide likening parents that
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threaten school boards to "domestic terrorists." saying the federal government is endorsing cancel culture by trying to silence parents that might disagree with progressive school boards. on thursday, republican congressmen brought up the controversial issue. >> is it any surprise that this federal government would want to weaponize law enforcement against parents speaking out on behalf of their children? and we are going to say no to that on november 2nd. >> despite the backlash, the attorney general's deputies says that this is not an attempt to dampen free speech and the only parents that make credible threats would be potentially prosecuted. >> the job is to investigate crimes when the situation turns to violence, when and if the situation turns to violence, the job of the justice department and local law enforcement to address. >> so we will see how the attorney general response.
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to the letter asking for clarification. >> trace: interesting we live -- operating procedure going after the school board, not as coveted as you would think. thank you. well, this new -- over the alleged targeting of outspoken parents piling on the problems for president biden as his legislative agenda continues to sputter and his favorability ratings plummet in one new poll. let's take into these issues and more with leslie marshall and brooke rollins. welcome to you both. i want to start with you and put some of these polls and put them in rapid-fire so we don't beat it to death here. the overall approval rating, 38%. that's the approval, disapproval 53%. you move on to biden's handling of the economy, provide a 39% and then you come to biden's handling of immigration. 25%. 67% disapproval.
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you can't get these days 67% of the population to agree the sunsets in the west. much less 67% against joe biden. your thoughts on these numbers. >> one is won -- it still shows up five points to 48% from last week at 43%. real clear politics shows an average -- they take a lot of different poll water loss and they have average. doesn't show the number. i'm a democrat and i would be worried if i saw poll after poll after poll showing these types of numbers but i just am not seeing not. i am seeing that with this one poll. i see more like this the numbers would be a concern. that's not what i'm seeing. in addition to that, if you look at the numbers for the midterm election, like if the election were held today, democrats actually have a two-point advantage again according to real clear politics which doesn't look at one poll but rather averages all of the polls
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that are out there. >> trace: it's a hard sell. i hear what you're saying and different polls had her numbers but it really is -- things have not gone well for the administration. you come out and you say you can spin these polls anyway but isn't the remedy here to say we need to fix this. instead of trying to figure out which polls are good and which are bad, people clearly are not happy with what they are seeing and this needs to be fixed. >> well, that's right. it's not like that poll is the standard -- that's a left-leaning pole and 38% approval is pretty astonishing. here's what i think is very encouraging. i think that the american people are so smart. they realize that open borders, critical race theory, defunding the police, completes deconstruction of the american economy, the reregulation, the gas prices, the inflation, this is not what they signed up for, and even those that voted for joe biden which i was in the
9:12 pm
trunk white house. i was his domestic policy chief so i am very biased towards freedom towards deregulation, towards opportunity but for those that voted for joe biden and now see how he is governing and what is happening, if, in fact, he is governing, i think they want to change and i know this can't continue if we want to keep our country. >> trace: you talk about the economy. i want to play the sound bite from president biden talking about the economy. >> the account rolling. sixth and fastest growing growing. results of this money has 5 million american workers going back to work. >> trace: we just talked about this with kevin and i looked out the window 5 minutes ago. $5 a gallon. people see these numbers. they see got hot dogs are $7 a pack now. people get it. so the president can talk a lot about this but boy, the numbers tell a different story.
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>> they do. >> i think that the voters are smart enough to know that whether it's a democrat or republican in the white house the president of the united states doesn't control gas prices. we know that comes on an international scale usually. we also know but there was a hack to the colonial pipeline. and voters are smarter than this. the party in power can get blamed for a lot of things, but i think voters are smarter than we give them credit for. and to earlier points when we hear things like open borders, we never had open borders in the united states. maybe we had open borders when we had people invading this country when native americans were the only people here. but no. >> trace: they sure did look up into me. >> 220,000 people have illegally
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entered this country this last month and a month a year ago it was 4,000. so if you can say with a straight face that we don't have an illegal immigration problem right now, i can't even believe that's even up for discussion. >> i'm talking about open borders. >> i think most would say 200,000 a month is open borders. >> trace: also the keystone pipeline shutting that down maybe that boosts something here and there. good conversations. thank you both very much appreciated. >> thank you. >> trace: meantime -- on thursday arriving at a park adjacent to the wilderness area where police have been searching for the federal fugitive. meantime tonight, laura ingle has put together some key moments and highlights from her exclusive interview with gabby petito's parents. >> i screamed -- didn't mean to scream is active.
9:15 pm
i screamed where is my daughter? where is she? >> she said i wish i knew the answer to that. >> she remembers the moment she fears the most. speak of the night i knew the van was in florida i instinctively knew that my daughter was not here anymore. >> eight days later, the fbi called gabby's stepfather who had traveled to wyoming to help find her. >> it's the hardest uncle i've ever made in my life. i knew -- what to expect when we went out there. with the strong possibility was. but still nothing can really prepare you for that moment. >> will my family mourns their tremendous lost -- >> it's the little things people don't pay attention to or think about like when you're scrolling through your phone and you see her phone number or a memory comes up on facebook and there she is. i think of a bracelet sitting on my dresser at home.
9:16 pm
i think she made it when she was like nine, little handmade bracelet. kept it forever. >> is the manhunt for brian laundrie continues, i asked them if they had any idea of where he could be. >> i'm not certain but i would think that he is in an area like the appalachian trail or a campground or where he can live off the land because he has those skills. >> do you think he is alive or in the country? >> i do believe he is alive. in the country, again, i have no idea. >> gabby's family wants him found alive. >> he's a missing piece of the puzzle. find out what happens. >> i would say he's the key. >> what happened out there? you know, until they find him we won't know. >> we believe he knows everything. >> and gabby petito's family say now they want to focus on the new gabby petito foundation. the mission, to address the needs of organizations who help victims of domestic violence.
9:17 pm
in new york, laura ingle, fox news. >> trace: can you imagine having all those -- meantime, first up and tonight's crime crisis roundup, an unidentified man and brooklyn chased on a 65-year-old woman, grabbed her purse, punched her in the face while people standing nearby just what happened. the attacker pulls her to the ground but eventually gives up the struggle. police are now searching for the suspect. in the bronx, woman ran into her home and slammed the door just in time as a stranger tried to break in. the victim now tells the local news outlet that she saw him outside the building and thought something looked suspicious. he followed her inside, rang up as she unlocked her apartment calling for her to open the door when he could not get on. also in new york, this woman caught on camera shoving a woman into a speeding subway now facing a charge of attempted murder. the victim suffered serious injuries to her face peered "the new york post" as the
9:18 pm
accused woman was released without bail back in july. three months ago, on previous assault charges. we have powerful new images tonight illustrating how some of the more dangerous illegal immigrants are crossing the border to get into the united states and how authorities are trying to stop them. bill melugin shows us tonight from texas. >> an illegal immigrant hitching a ride on a train fleas. seems like this becoming more and more common as the border crisis continues. the migrants use the trains in an attempt to get further into the united states. but texas dps is its position members of its special operations group along the way and using atvs they will chase the runners down and make arrests. one recent dps arrest at the train included this member of the latin kings, one of the most violent street gangs in the world.
9:19 pm
in rio grande city wednesday night, we embedded with a texas dps group thing for runners hiding in the brush. these are the migrants who do not want to be caught and do not turn themselves in. in yuma, arizona, border patrol says they arrested this child after he crossed illegally. he had previous felony convictions for first-degree child rate and. also, journalists encountered three men from his pakistan who had just crossed into the u.s. illegally. and they showed him their lives back traveling to mexico with a u.s. delegation where he will be taking part in some high-level security talks between the u.s. and the mexican government. as for texas, governor abbott sent a letter to president biden asking for an appeal of the decision to not declare a federal disaster here at the southern border. >> in his interview on special
9:20 pm
report, former u.s. border -- says immigrants from over 150 countries have crossed illegally at our southern border and there were more than 400,000 known got a ways so far this year were never called. >> who is in that 400,000 i can tell you but i can tell you statistically it always includes, murderers, potential terrorists. every single year if you look at the statistics publicly available, those all exist in who we actually catch soda think there is not just as bad or worse people and those getting away would be naive. bill melugin, fox news. >> trace: and reports of more coming. meantime, let the gordon's times roll. oregon zoo animals throw down on some pumpkins and the emotional reunion after seven months. today's best viral videos are next ke milkshake mustaches high fives and high dives. or 3-on-3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s.
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♪ ♪ >> trace: its pumpkin spice season at the oregon zoo. all sorts of creatures chowing down on the seasonal treat. what may be the most surprising is that carnivorous alligators getting in on the action. did not know they were about that pumpkin spice life. speaking of alligators, tourists in south carolina started filming as a gator was minding its own business near a dock when suddenly a pesky shark appeared and hit the reptile on the foot. it appears that onlookers may have been tossing the two some fish. release dashboard footage of a high-speed pursuit following a robbery at a best buy. the minivan dashing through neighborhoods and across fields before they crashed at a nearby intersection. five arrests were made fortunately nobody hurt. and now this.
9:27 pm
30-year-old jessica installed a pet cam at her home so she could monitor her feline friends while she was at work. it turns out her ct scan has been doing a better of capturing some nighttime antics. the cats can be seen chasing and playing with each other making for a difficult but hilarious bedtime routine for their owner. and finally, reunited and it feels so good. after seven months, woman was reunited with her yorkie after getting lost while out on a walk. thanks to a good samaritan and a microchip, they made the emotional reunion possible and if you have a video you want to share with us, hit us up on social media. we would love it. michigan congresswoman and squad member rashida tlaib caught on camera admitting that she is only wearing a mask because she
9:28 pm
has republican tracker nearby. correspondent cara tenney with a closer look at this developing story. good evening. >> it wasn't for health or because of science. this week, congresswoman rashida tlaib says she was wearing a mask in front of cameras. in a video posted by -- she was talking with a group of folks outside detroit monday with secretary of housing and urban development when a man who wasn't wearing a mask apologized to her for not wearing his mask and she pulls down her mask and tells him she is only wearing it because of the republican tracker there filming coding according to the cdc, people do need to wear masks outdoors unless they are in areas with high coronavirus cases. this is first time she is been accused of face mask hypocrisy. in august, she went after rand paul after he encouraged
9:29 pm
americans to resist guidelines from the cdc. in response, she tweeted a map of kentucky counties being hit hard by the virus and wrote the kentucky senator is throwing a tantrum while his state is being swallowed whole by this virus again. i day after that tweet, she was all smiles with no mask on a crowded dance floor in michigan violating the cdc guidance for wearing masks indoors, particularly in crowded areas. as we reported, she is by no means alone. in august, her fellow squad member, alexandria ocasio-cortez, was caught on camera putting her mask on for a photo opt with protesters on capitol hill and then taking it off again right after. and just last month, san francisco's mayor was filmed violating her own cities mask mandate dancing at a nightclub with no mask because as she later explained she was feeling the spirit. has reached out to her office
9:30 pm
for comments on this latest incident. we have not heard back but we will certainly let you know if we do. >> trace: let us know. thank you. let's bring kevin corke back in. time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of fox news. kevin of course one of the great reporters at this network and i am curious what is one of the most memorable stories that you have covered for fox over the years? >> i feel like a newbie. i've only been here for seven years but the one that certainly stands out is the fire at st. john's church. it was an incredible scene. you were there with the coverage as were so many of our great colleagues. damage to the church's floor level including the nursery. water and smoke damage to other parts of the basement as well as graffiti outside. that broke out obviously in that protest circumstance following the death of george floyd but what really struck me about that
9:31 pm
entire night was the total utter disregard for history and for safety and there has to be some limits of the thing that he and i sought no limits that night and i will never forget the great photographer there with me and our team. so that is what stands out to me. how about you? >> first of all, i remember that story and your remarkable coverage. i've been here since day one, since 25 years ago today. and i think one of the better stories i covered was actually columbine. happened a few years and we couldn't resonate. we would go to the stores and nobody knew who we were in by the time we got to columbine, people started to recognize who we were and got to know fox news channel. that was one of the defining stories. people talk about columbine, monica lewinsky, 9/11, those were the stories that i think that really put fox news channel on the map because there were so
9:32 pm
many different subjects involved in columbine and it was such a horrifying story that had never happened to this country. we were there for three weeks covering columbine and you could see the numbers kind of taking up because we really did -- not to blow her own horn -- we did some wonderful reporting and broke some big stories during that run and it was one of those things that was heartbreaking but it was transformational. >> so much has changed since then and watching the footage, you have not changed much. a little grayer, but that's that. >> trace: blonder, kevin. blonder. thank you my friend. i appreciate it. with vaccine mandates rolling out across the country, protesters continue pushing back as u.s. covid that so far this year has now surpassed 2020 totals. and a new therapeutic is showing great promise in trials. there is a lot on the covid beat to break down next.
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>> and the disaster that our country has become between the withdrawal of afghanistan, mandates for vaccinations -- >> trace: opponents of president biden made their presence felt during this week's visit to michigan. his handling of the pandemic hunting, coming under more scrutiny is the number of covid thus in the u.s. in 2021 surpasses now the 2020 total. let's bring in dr. marty to talk about current coronavirus events. i want to read to you this pfizer tweet from a little earlier. it says we are committed to working with the fda with the ultimate goal of helping protect children against this serious public health threats. and the question to you is, are you convinced this is a serious public health threat for
9:40 pm
children and warns covid vaccines? >> good evening. it's about a 50% greater mortality rate than seasonal flu if we look at the whole numbers this year and last year. so it's nothing to take lightly, but we do believe that is concentrated in those pre-existing conditions. with healthy kids, i am concerned about that second vaccine dose because a study this week came out showing that the rate of myocarditis or heart inflammation is one in 9,000. and the rate of hospitalization is about 50 times lower on a weekly basis. i am impressed that pfizer did lower the dose and the kids five to 11, lower than they originally planned at that is probably because they saw these complications in the adolescent population. >> trace: before we move off of that, it was 11 out of 100000. is that high in your estimation? >> for boys, it is. and remember, windowless was
9:41 pm
100% effective in the israeli study and kids 12 through 15. kids being naturally have a dose or two in their system so giving them one dose may be adequate as a starter. >> trace: i want to know, these deaths, we talk about this in the intro, but the deaths in 2020, three and are 52,000, 2021 so far we are at 353,000. it's pretty stunning when you think about it. what do you make of this? >> i don't speak for john hopkins, but does john hobbs can numbers are remarkable and regardless of who the president is or which political parties in power, this has been a failure of government health agencies. cdc, nih, the fda, they are using peacetime particles in wartime. last year, they told labs and universities they cannot test for covid. this year, they have several fatal mistakes in this strategic rollout of the vaccine. they insisted on two good doses
9:42 pm
back-to-back when we should've gotten one dose and people and then once we got all the vulnerable people vaccinated into the second dose and we should not have been vaccinating people with natural immunity early on. we could've rationed better and saved over 100,000 lives. >> trace: the way have status as is about asked mandates saying they work. now in place and 25% of business, 40% of hospitals and colleges serving 37% of students. bottom line, 95 million eligible americans were unvaccinated when biden made his mandate announcement. in the federal rules of private businesses haven't even been finalized yet. they think it's working magnificently. do you think so? >> in the short term i am hearing employers saying that they are seeing some people come from vaccination that who otherwise not. but we can only sound the spiral arm 70 times in public health. that is a big leather when he mandate something in with the next pandemic wave hard and a lot of people now and lost a lot of credibility with public
9:43 pm
health. the nih never give us the data last year that we needed to answer a lot of the questions being asked and as a result this became the most politicized virus in world history. >> trace: and that is one of the problems we are not getting the answers we have asked for. lastly, trying to pronounces, what we know about this promising new therapeutic? >> you said it very well. it is amazing. a far exceeds the survival benefit of regeneron therapy or any other therapy out there. nobody died in the clinical trial. they had to stop the trial early because of the profound survival benefits of covid patients with this drug. it's a safe pill. it's a world. and so we need to get it to people right now on a compassionate use basis. that means work is going to have to be willing to do that. >> trace: should only be a couple of months before the left starts to shut it down and so does big tech. doctor, thank you.
9:44 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> trace: student athlete scored a local victory in their fight for religious exemptions from their university's requirement to get vaccinated in order to play sports. but it could be headed to the supreme court. are legal eagles dive in, next. ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪
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>> trace: student athletes at western michigan university will not have to get vaccinated to participate in their support. the sixth circuit court of appeals denying the school's appeal of a federal judge's ruling that the mende violates athlete's constitutional right to follow their christian
9:50 pm
religion. the university argued its policies is neutral toward religion. the kids could be heading to the supreme court. let's begin tonight's conversation with sarah along with criminal defense attorney david bruno. thank you both. do you first. not going to read the six circuit court of opinion about what they're saying is you cannot give students a religious exemption and turn around and not give it to athletes. >> writes. and the problem with this is it is not useful despite with the university is saying. especially within its application of that religious exemption that offers. it is not being offered to all of the students. and so as such, the reason why this has happened is because this triggered -- and when you trigger that, the university will have to provide that this was -- the requirement was narrowly tailored to achieve a compelling interest. so when they try to prove the
9:51 pm
compelling interest they are going to point to covid-19 but when they talk about narrowing tailored, that's going to be the downfall because public health measures -- if the public health measure is put in place and it allowed a similar behavior that covid, a severe health risk, is more severe than what it is trying to do, that's not going to have constitutional muster. >> trace: this is from the university. their statement says we remain steadfast in our commitment to protect our student athletes and our athletic program. it plays a critical role in keeping athletes safe and ensuing or ensuring they are able to compete throughout the season without disruption. we will continue to abide by the court's decision and allow the student athletes in the matter to fully participate in the sport while we consider our next steps. what are the next steps, david? >> the next step is that united states supreme court
9:52 pm
because this is a circuit court's decision. it's in the middle of the appellate hierarchy and basically where the school went wrong according to this decision is that first off that it has a religious and medical exemption but it is discretionary. so basically what it says is they are the ones that have to decide on a case-by-case basis and there is no real case-by-case or procedure that is there. and they didn't give some of the plaintiffs athletes an actual review. they just suspended them. so that's part of the problem. >> trace: it is part of the problem and he makes a very good point. can you imagine the shoe being on the other fight with u-verse and he says athletic springs and a bunch of money so were going to let the athletes a pass on the vaccination but students, you need to make sure you get it. there is clearly a little bit of university hypocrisy on this. >> right. and that's exactly the problem
9:53 pm
and why this is unconstitutional because instead of applying to the athletes in terms of giving them a pass here, they are actually not applying the mandate to the nonathletic students and overall population there. so that is the issue here. >> trace: must point to you. do you think this other university -- does this affect how other universities look at this issue and does it ultimately end up in the supreme court? >> everybody is watching closely on this issue because if anyone is going to mende vaccines, they definitely has to be religious and medical exceptions. just real quick comment they could've done to go things that would have passed the decision. that is not individualized analysis meaning it is automatic. and the mandates apply to everyone. >> trace: those would have been the two things that came out on top. >> trace: i think that's a fair assessment. david and sarah, we are out of time. thank you so much.
9:54 pm
some good news before we say good night. a doctor and army surgeon came back from afghanistan deployment to a hero's welcome in el paso, texas. dr. richard spent three months in kabul where he had to care for those injured in the recent airport bombings. he works as an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital and has been serving as an active duty army surgeon since 2008. we salute your selflessness and thank you for your service. very much appreciate that. and kevin corke, final thoughts from you. a little bit of good news from you for the final time tonight. >> real quick, want to send you to virginia for this "good news good night." dramatic dashcam footage showing officer pulling his colleague out of the way of an out-of-control car. this happening down in the southwest part of the state near the tennessee border.
9:55 pm
a well-earned good night salute from both of them. that's what i call quick work. >> trace: yeah. it didn't look good but it was good. great to see you. when i say good night. i always think good night moon. good night from los angeles. i am trace gallagher. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... i ignored them. but when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands affected my day to day... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease. pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems,
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