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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 8, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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you are having a nightmare. what do you griem of? the gator or the shark? >> dana: one time in south carolina i was riding my bike on a path and came around and there was an alligator across. thankfully he was more scared of me and ran in the water. i had heart palpitations for about a day after that. here is harris on "the faulkner focus". >> harris: let's beginning with the breaking news this hour. parents are standing up to the department of justice and sending a clear message to the biden administration. we won't back down. i'm harris faulkner, you are in "the faulkner focus". they are upset over the attorney general merrick garland's decision to use the f.b.i. to investigate so-called threats of violence against school boards across the country. parents say they, too, denounce
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violence but they, too, worry that the d.o.j. will use isolated incidents to intimidate and bully them. at a summit in northern virginia one florida mom got a standing ovation for this. >> they want to silence us and shut us down. the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. that's it. [cheering and applause] >> harris: former education secretary betsy devos says that mom speaks for many hundreds, thousands of frustrated parents. >> the fact is the far left of the democrat party wants to continue to control children as they have for decades and i think ms. king expressed well what many parents are feeling today. their voices are not heard. they are considered a nuisance
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and the whole effort is essentially right out of the marxist playbook to separate parents from kids and control kids' futures. >> harris: alexandria hoss is live in washington, d.c. >> parents are only feeling more inclined to speak out. at the summits the parents are learning how they can become more politically active. here is a moment from last night's school board meeting in fairfax county, virginia. >> the f.b.i. has no place in our school board. this is not russia, this is not communist china. this is the united states of america. >> community members aren't the only ones fired up over the memo released by the justice department this week. federal resources amid rising tensions at school board meetings nationwide. mitch mcconnell sent a scathing letter to merrick garland writing telling elected officials they're wrong is
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democracy, not intimidation. >> regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. that's what he was conveying from the department of justice. >> this move was initiated by the national school board association which likeened the actions of some parents to that of domestic terrorists. mcconnell's letter condemned violence or harassment but said it was federal overreach. parents should be telling their local schools what to teach. that is a major point of agreement for thoefs attending the pray vote stand summit hosted by the family research council in leaseburg, virginia. >> i think the great part is we have heard from so many people who would never even think of getting active in their communities like this. and it has brought out more and more people who are of like logical thinking i would say who really just want an opportunity to have their kids have a great upbringing with a
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great school. >> that summit continues today. republican candidate for virginia governor glen youngkin and tennessee senator marsha blackburn are among those scheduled to speak. >> harris: thank you very much. republicans on the senate judiciary committee with a warning now for the a.g. merrick garland telling him to quote federal law enforcement muscle should never be used against protesting parents, end quote. he wants merrick garland to know that. jim banks wrote a scathing letter to the national school boards association. that is the group which said these protests could be seen as domestic terrorism. congressman banks says the nsba intentionally muddles the distinction between protected speech and unlawful violence adding it conflates disagreement with violence in an attempt to convince federal law enforcement to crack down on their political opponents.
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marc thiessen is fox news contributor and "washington post" columnist and a friend always welcome in "focus." i want to start with representative banks' words. that is really jarring if they'll say you don't agree with one group who is in power now with majorities on the hill and in the white house, so that's against the law now? >> it's ridiculous and complete overreach. look, this is going to play out in the 2022 election. first if you look back at the key voting block that turned elections in the past. first soccer moms, then there were security moms. 2022 the key voting block will be school board moms. school board moms are moms who are concerned about their children's education and concerned about mask mandates and vaccine mandates and concerned about teachers unions that put the interests of adults ahead of the interests of students. they're concerned about critical race theory and their
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children being taught to look at everything through the prism of race and being taught their country is systemically racist and exercising their first amendment constitutional rights to express those views at school boards. what does the democratic party do? weaponize the f.b.i. to intimidate and threaten them against exercising their constitutional rights. this is an overreach on the part of the democrats that they are going to rue. these school board moms will turn around and vote the democrats out of office if they keep this up. >> harris: so marc, i want to try to understand the dynamic here. i remember not too long ago during the pandemic when everybody was on virtual, my kids included, we were a central workers in the home -- essential workers in the home. they needed parents to navigate spaghetti of what was coming through with homework assignments and the rest, and
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balancing jobs and everything else across the country. parents were seen as heroes at that point. leak zooms that they gossiped about us in certain municipalities. how did we get to this point that we're seen as the enemy? >> exactly. and look, they depended on parents. the parents needed the kids to be in school. we know there was no reason for them not to be in school for most of that period of time. what they saw was the teachers unions and the school boards in their pockets resisting opening up schools again as long as they possibly could and then when they take them back into the schools they are teaching them this critical race theory and the racially charged education curriculum. on top of that after parents were in charge of their kids' education during the whole pan -- pandemic you have terry mccauliffe and the -- these school board moms dils agree.
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they were -- it was fine for them to be in charge of their kids' education when the teachers were hiding in their homes and grocery clerks went to work. now that they're back in school they aren't supposed to have a say in their children's education. >> as you are laying all that out it seems obvious we're being targeted because parents don't agree with some of the things happening in the classroom. my question is how do you weaponize the f.b.i. against parents? the liberal media are creating a narrative that parents concerned about their kids' education are dangerous and racist. i want to dig deeper into this. let's watch. >> your conservative manufactured outrage or masks and history lessons took school board hostages like a bunch of screaming maniacs. >> is this people being upset about mask mandates or underlying disruptive forces, white nationalists, an arc consists in this country
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cussing mask mandates in a public health crisis to wage chaos? >> what people who just want to volunteer and do their civic duty end up getting threatened by violent extremists it is a high threat environment we're in. >> harris: wait a minute. parents are now white nationalists and extremists. look at me. huh. i'm neither of those things but i, too, want a say what's going on with my kids. we're all the same. they just don't like what's being said. >> look, i have a basic rule about counter terrorism. terrorists don't wear mom jeans, okay? it's just a basic fundamental fact. and the reality is look, the reason this is so self-destructive on the part of the democrats. keep in mind why is joe biden president? why do the democrats have the narrow majority in congress? because suburban women in 2018 and 2020 defected from the republican party and supported
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the democrats, right? so they are doing everything in their power to drive suburban women back into the hands of the g.o.p. these school board moms are many of them the voters who went and defected to put the democrats in power. and they will lose them. >> harris: look, i expect a fruit basket to go from one side of the political aisle to the next if that's what's going to happen. democrats and republicans managed to strike a deal last night on raising the debt ceiling and avoiding default. chuck schumer marked the come promise by trashing his republican colleagues. senator manchin was frustrated at schumer. >> republicans played a risky partisan game and glad it didn't work. leader mcconnell and senate republicans insisted they wanted a solution to the debt ceiling but said democrats must
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raise it alone by going through a drawn out, convoluted and risky reconciliation process. that was simply unacceptable to my caucus. >> harris: look at senator manchin, wow. eventually manchin couldn't take it anymore and schumer laid into minority leader mitch mcconnell senator manchin got up and walked out of the chamber. after that he told reporters there is blame on both sides. let's watch quickly that. >> we have to deweaponize. you can't be playing politics, none of us can on both sides. both sides have been very guilty of this. the frustration was built up. i'm sure chuck's frustration was built up. civility is gone and i won't be part of getting rid of it. i'll try to bring it back. >> this is the self-destructive mode of the democratic party. joe manchin is trying to
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restore civility and bipartisanship in the senate. they need his vote to get anything done in the senate right now including the reconciliation bill and they just do things to offend him and to drive him away. punch bowl news reported he went up to schumer afterwards and said that speech was fing stupid and he is right. it was stupid. and the same thing with sinema. she gets followed into a bathroom and ask joe biden about it. perfect lay up. that should never happen and he said it's part of the process. they are driving these people -- the democrats away. they say they have two people holding up their agenda. no, there are 52 senators who are against this reconciliation bill. two are willing to compromise. instead of compromising and courting them and appeal to them they continuously offend them. they attack them. and that's not going to work out too well. no wonder the majority of
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americans think is joe biden -- >> harris: i'm slightly facetious, if they don't agree i wonder if they get the d.o.j. to sic the f.b.i. on them like the parents. i'm kind of kidding. good to see you on a friday. thank you. look, marc was talking about this. let's get into it. kyrsten sinema has been harassed yet again over her opposition to the spending bill which seems to have democrats at a stalemate as marc was just scieng. the governor of her state, however, says she will ultimately cave to liberals. he says sinema is going to cave. >> joe biden is telling people if you are concerned about your healthy don't care. that's what he is saying. >> harris: florida senator rick scott going after biden and his call for maxine mandates. the administration faces another awful drop reports today all of it colliding and
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we have steve forbes on what we can expect for jobs and the inflation and the economy. he is in "focus" next.
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>> harris: another massive hit for the biden administration today. only 194,000 jobs were added in september. that is far, far below the estimates anticipating 500,000 jobs would be added. the continuing covid pandemic is seen as a factor as the delta variant hit hard last month. these numbers could get worse as some economists are telling us vaccine mandates could cause another economic crisis. the president pushing back on that yesterday because he is celebrating vaccine mandates
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before the dismal jobs report came out. >> president biden: more lives are being saved. let's be cleared when you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs look at the bigger story. >> harris: republican senator rick scott said no, i don't think so. >> joe biden is killing this economy. by the way, that vaccine mandate, what will it do? more people get fired. unemployment go up. people lose jobs and fewer supplies which means higher inflation which hurts the poorest families and people on fixed income. joe biden has no concept. the democrats have no concept how an economy works. you don't fire people to improve your economy. >> harris: steve forbes chairman and editor in chief of forbes media and former presidential candidate is in focus now. steve, this feels like we're running around in circles. what is the president trying to do? >> the president is trying to
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have it all ways. his whole thing on vaccines is very confusing. people don't like the coercion part of it. it is leading to people getting fired. here we have health workers being laid off at a time when there is a shortage. airlines same thing. so the delta variant hurt in september and this vaccine mandate is also going to hurt. what comes out of this jobs report is what's amazing is how the economy is ready to go if these barriers are removed. if you look at hitting what small businesses are doing. job creation was 526,000. the big decline came not in the private sector up over 300,000 in september, realized another 100,000 for july and august. the big fall-off was in government workers. especially in the schools. people confused about what they
8:23 am
can and can't do. government inflicted report not something about the natural health of the economy, which would heal quickly if certain things were not stupidly done to be blunt about it. >> harris: that is so fascinating. so what you are saying is president biden effectively is getting his own workforce fired. those are the people that he can control in the government, right? >> yes. >> harris: mind-boggling. huge companies like ibm and american airlines are now already warning their employees that if they are not vaccinated by november 24th that's their deadline, they will be fired. ibm -- >> they don't take into account people who have had the disease where immunity is better than the vaccines. this is very destructive ultimately. >> harris: i looked it up. ibm is the seventh largest company in the nation. they hire a whole lot of folks. we know that small businesses hire upwards of 66% of the
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american workforce. they have to hire literally their own vaccine czar to figure out who is vaccinated and who is not for their customer base like in new york and also their employees. what is this going to do to the price of things? >> what it does is artificially raise costs. we have costs rising because the fed is printing too much money which will avalanche the economy next year which they'll stop the gimmicks next year. they artificially -- the whole thing and the breakdown of the supply chain from covid. economists and experts under estimates when you shut down the global economy. you don't turn it on like a light switch. they keep adding the artificial barriers that stand in the way, raise costs and that is going to hit the consumer which will hit the economy. connect the dots, hello. >> harris: it seems so basic and of course you are so great at explaining things it makes
8:25 am
you even understand it to the point like you want to call the white house and say what don't you get? but we can't do that. >> we can try and they'll send the f.b.i. on us. >> harris: only because we're parents. democrats are no closer to a deal on the spending bill and biden his whole agenda in peril now. progressives saying they are willing to negotiate but they want a higher price tag than some moderates, a lot higher. one of the hold-outs is arizona senator kyrsten sinema. we've seen her harassed all over the place. it happened again. >> congresswoman? >> senator. >> senator sinema, would you please tell the majority of americans who support build back better why you won't vote for it? who are you going to leave behind? seniors who need healthcare,
8:26 am
folks who need housing, the climate crisis? who are you going to leave behind, senator? >> harris: she did correct her title. she earned it. she is a senator, steve. >> yes, she is a senator and so far a very courageous one under intense pressure. what see and senator manchin recognize it is not just the top line number. you can manipulate that and take in 10 years of tax revenues and only have five years of spending saying everything will ex spire 3 to 5 years and what is your problem. they are try to fob off costs on paper to the states to make the number look lower. massive new entitlements that you never get rid of and undermine american economy and leave behind millions of people who want to improve their lot in life because there will be less opportunity. so this bill will harm and fundamentally change the whole american he can and social
8:27 am
system and very little debate on it. you want free community college. why are college costs going up higher than the rate of inflation? administrative bloat. why don't they address that? these are all issues that deserve debate and discussion instead of trying to ram it through in a grand bill that turns america upside down and we aren't supposed to say anything about it. the police powers for the irs are now ominous. everything you do will be now in the purview of i.r.s. agents. >> harris: that's true. if the d.o.j. sics the f.b.i. on parents it's two lanes of -- the f.b.i. and i.r.s.. you said something that was so true and so jarring i want to make sure people get it on our way out, steve. that is that entitlements rolled into a huge bill like this you never get rid of them because no matter what you do, you don't line -- red line them
8:28 am
an executive order. nobody goes -- nobody goes through and says you know what? on page 2,550 let's red line that entitlement. they become permanent. thank you for being in "focus" today. >> thank you. >> harris: soft on crime policies are coming to fruition as despicable acts of violence in broad daylight are running rampant across our major cities. look at that. a virginia school board also coming after two moms after they were only shown -- showing their concern for their own kids' education. those moms in "focus" next. chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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8:34 am
district. the moms are concerned that the school is spending too much money on legal fees instead of on students' needs. debra got the documents through the freedom of information act and another mom also got them an posted them on her website that advocates for special needs kids. the school board says the documents were not properly vetted and are demanding that they get them back. debra and her attorney are in "focus" now. debra, timothy, thank you for being on. debra, i want to come to you first. that's a lot of motivation to go after this. there is more than one copy. how are they demanding to have your copy back? >> you know, that's the question since they sent them to me digitally what do they want me to return? >> harris: and what did you find in these documents? anything that you kind of thought okay, this is evidence of or anything surprising?
8:35 am
>> there is a lot of information in them but, you know, that can be questioned. the biggest piece is the exorbitant amount of money being spent on education matters and special education matters. fairfax public schools promotes equity. it is not equitable when millions of dollars are being spent to basically go after and to fight parents who simply want an education for their children. >> harris: i have to think, debra, this wasn't your first attempt to get this information. most parents wouldn't say okay, freedom of information act and go after you. did you go to a school board meeting? what has your journey been like until now? >> well for both kelly and i our journey has been long with fairfax county public schools regarding our own children and
8:36 am
trying to get answers. we noticed that through both community voice and our own experiences the amount of money that it would take to be able to stand up to fairfax county public schools in a legal manner when fairfax public schools seems to have an empty purse that they can go to as for resources for legal defense for themselves. and that overreach is definitely creating an inequitable sense for all community members. >> harris: you know, timothy, this is fascinating to me because parents are really drilled in and we have had over a year and a half to do that. you see the detail your client. kelly is the other mom who also got these documents and put them up on her website drawing attention to it. i'm curious to know, tim, have any people that you've talked
8:37 am
with -- debra, you would be on the list as a client here, ever seen anything at a school board meeting would warrant the f.b.i. coming by and rounding up parents? >> you know, the f.b.i. thing i think is really -- what's shameful is the vagueness. the reason for the letter is vagueness that the attorney general issued is because although there have been some incidents of people have gone too far and harassed school board members, by writing the letter that vaguely it allows government officials to smear legitimate requests by parents as a form of insurrection or something and that's shameful. what we are oef seeing is a nationwide campaign of harassment from school officials against parents who want to find out where their tax dollars are going. >> harris: we were showing video from just last night, yesterday, of the fairfax county school board.
8:38 am
there are continuing issues. you have named a couple things you are concerned about. there are a lot of parents showing up. has it always been like this or do parents feel more bold now not to be shut out? we were seen as heroes during the pandemic alongside our kids on virtual. now we're being made out to be what? >> exactly. parents are waking up in the community and seeing that they are being tossed crumbs from a school system that without even the budget of $3.4 billion and not seeing that return in the education of their children. they are also seeing that hey, i'm a taxpayer and i am now having to provide those services that should be provided by the school system. last night as you mentioned you watched that school board meeting. a motion came through on literacy. that is long overdue. now i want to see fairfax public schools if they'll commit to the capacity required
8:39 am
to actually roll out those needed services. there have been so many cuts regarding literacy and proficiency in that area that it really needs to be put on firm. >> harris: i've been saying it all along and appreciate you being in focus, debra and timothy from fairfax, virginia county school board. you guys have come out of what's happening now and now you need defense because if the f.b.i. gets involved, it gets a bit crazy for people who want to look out for our kids. debra and timothy thank you. the hunter biden headache continues and you can't make this part up. new emails involving his uncle whitey bulger's nephew and china. plus a massive art payday for him. and this. >> in some necessary cases dismantling the police forces.
8:40 am
>> what are you willing to sacrifice? >> harris: democrats backing away from the push to defund police after it cost them seats last november. how the issue may be coming back to haunt them. halloween is right around the corner, too. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> harris: the hunter biden headache is becoming more painful for the white house. emails from 2014 reportedly now show hunter used connections to try to help out his uncle jack expand his company into china. one email shows hunter was asking the nephew of boston mobster whitey bulger and his business partner to help expedite a business license. and on top of all of that, a big payday for the president's son. the "new york post" reporting five prints of hunter's artwork sold for $75,000 apiece even before his first official show. griff jenkins with more on the tangled web that seems to pay off. >> tangled indeed. the art business is booming if your last name is biden. the "new york post" reports the president's son made $375,000 selling five art prints to
8:46 am
unidentified buyers through the gallery prior to an l.a. show opening where the artist entertained 200 celebrity guests and buyers including l.a.'s mayor garcetti. the president's nominee to be ambassador to india. a person said it creates an ethic problem for the white house and jen psaki doesn't want to talk about it. >> that's run by the galerist. the white house provided suggestions for. i would refer you to the galerist for questions about the event as well as the representatives of mr. garcetti in terms of his attendance. >> another show is in the works. lawyers are busy vetting for an upcoming new york city gallery show in the spring. meanwhile as you mentioned those emails keep coming.
8:47 am
fox news exclusively obtaining communications between hunter and his uncle jack owens who reached out in 2014 seeking help in securing a business license for his telemedicine company in china. biden wrote back less than an hour later saying working on it. back to you asap and forward erd the email to james bulger, nephew of -- and taiwanese businessman. unclear if their efforts were successful. we reached out to hunter's attorney and haven't heard back. >> harris: look at all the investigation that went on with whitey bulger. how could none of that have surfaced at the time that there was a vice president's son email back and forth? that's got to be somewhere, right? griff jenkins, thank you. power panel now. matt gorman former nrcc communications director and
8:48 am
laura fink founder of rebel communications and democratic campaign consultant. great to see you both. matt, i am baffled how the white house isn't yet even prepared to talk about how this looks. we know they care about optics. they're reacting to the 38% approval for biden now like it is a heart attack. >> you are absolutely right. remember, 75,000 hunter biden reprint of his portraits are selling. if you want an original it's a half million dollars. i looked it up before i came on. do we really think hunter biden is on the same level as other artists? we know exactly what's going on. no way buyers are kept anonymous and garcetti was at the event and hunter biden is
8:49 am
taking pictures with folks at these events. >> harris: you have been holding out on us. when you look at the dollar amounts i don't know art the way matt gorman does but i know it's not a big artist. selling it is his name. >> you know, i think we would be used to it by now when we saw ivanka trump, the minute -- the day before she accepted a job in the white house, she filed for 17 licenses, trademark licenses with the chinese government and got all of those expedited by working at the white house. >> harris: i want to step in for a second. what i don't hear is your -- any kind of way talking about the president who is currently into the white house right now. this is his son and you can't
8:50 am
google his son because of what comes up. go right ahead. that's the question. we're talking biden. >> i absolutely heard crickets. you want to hear from me? i wanted to hear from anyone on this station talking about donald trump and the $20 million plus in political donations to his hotels or the $1 million in taxpayer dollars that went to trump facilities so that donald trump could take detours and stay there lining his own pocket. >> >> bill: you are fixiateing on that. the topic now is the i had intoens. -- bidens. you are -- >> where is the receipt? where are the receipts? >> harris: defunding police departments cost them quite a few seats and the issue may come back to bite them once
8:51 am
again. republican national committee out with a scathing seven-minute video. here is just a taste. >> we've been talking about defunding the police. >> some issues we ask police to do. mental health issues and policing in schools and all the rest that perhaps we can shuffle some of that money around. >> suck it up. defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. >> take some of the money from policing. >> i applaud garcetti for doing what he is done. >> not only do we need to disinvest in police but we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. >> harris: a new study obtained exclusively by fox shows the devastating impact of defund and rioting. police leaving some or in the country's largest cities in droves. some of the hardest hit cleveland, austin, chicago. we're feeling this now. it is not just a talking point.
8:52 am
those budgets have been slashed, matt. and it hurts. >> you're right. that's a great video from the rnc and lays bare that it is a fringe belief and it's clearly not true. this week fox report evidence that the chief of staff for the democrat house campaign arm, my former counterpart organization, the chief of staff supports not only defunding the police but expressed views of disbanding the military and other senior officials like senior advisors, cto. expressed similar beliefs. these are folks that advise democrats, incumbents and candidates running for the house. you make a great point. look, when it comes to police, i can't blame them. it's a thankless job, you're underpaid, when politicians don't have your back i can't blame them. >> harris: okay. laura, this is what it feels
8:53 am
like when they don't have our backs. crime north of 200% in categories of violence in many cities across america. when you look at new york city what they are going through right now. how do democrats defund defund at this time and can you understand why some want to run away from it? >> i can understand the rnc is making an ad with their favorite whipping girls but i don't understand is how republicans can deny $350 billion in the american rescue plan that they voted against that went to local alts to prevent some of the problems you are talking about. >> harris: i read the bill. that's not what it said. what it said was you have -- no, i'm telling you what it said. you have a choice to use it this way. the president of the united states and that bill did not tell municipalities they should or must use the money that way.
8:54 am
that difference is -- >> it gave them the option. respectfully they are making those choices and that option was made available to them not just for police but for firefighters. you are seeing it go to police departments. you are seeing it go to communication systems and bonuses for officers and not just in big cities. >> harris: why are cops leaving, matt? the way laura says it is if it's being used. >> simple reasons, politicians don't have their back and also passing laws that put criminals back on the streets like we see in new york. the so-called bail reform. the first thing you need to do changing a major city or football team you need to change the culture. we need to go to a culture of lawlessness. >> harris: when you look at people on the street.
8:55 am
>> who is going to do it without cops? >> harris: that's an excellent point. laura and matt. thank you. bring you back. "the faulkner focus" appreciate yourself viewership. "outnumbered" after the break. us now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off your high rate debt. the newday 100 va cash out loan combines your mortgage, credit cards, car loan and other high rate debt into one simple monthly payment near the lowest rates in newday's history. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> fox news alert. we are waiting for waiting for president biden to entrust the nation on a disappointing jobs report with as a second straight month that jobs numbers have fallen below expectations and comes as a major blow to the administration. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. my cohost harris faulkner, kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren and joining us for the first time in the center virtual seat, jason rantz, seattle radio talk show host. good morning and welcome to you jason and everyon


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