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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> hello america imr club then this is life liberty and love then to great guest tonight expert on communist china i want to ask him about the phone calls to the communist party military, it's actually millie diffuse something or in crated incredible confusion among the
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two countries as well as other aspects of communist china in stuart varney of "varney & company" were gonna talk about what biden is doing to this country but before we get to the two great guest i keep your nancy pelosi and others say if we do not vote to raise the debt ceiling, then what will happen is a full facing credit of the united states will be destroyed because we will default on our debt, i want to walk you through this, it is very, very important it your country, your tactics in the more scare tactics back to the democratics use all the time in order to change his country, push their agenda this is what they do let's unravel this. first of all we will not default on our debt service, here is why, whether the government shuts down or goes on you keep
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paying your taxes the treasury keeps collecting your taxes via the irs to the tune of approximately $320 billion every month, 320 billion every month. i went in i looked what part of that goes to debt service every month approximately $44 billion, wait a minute if the federal government is receiving all forms of income taxes and user fees $320 billion a month and $44 billion a month is what the debt service cost how will we default, we won't default, that is the point. then they say if we don't raise the debt ceiling then we are not paying for all the expenses that took place in the prior administration that is another boldfaced lie that money is already gone in order to raise the debt ceiling were talking about forward spending on additional programs that's what we're talking about they want to raise the debt ceiling to pay for their massive reengineering of society, redistribution of
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wealth and the imposition of their socialist agenda that's what they're talking about, how do we know this, number one it's a fact and number two every single house democrat voted to do exactly that those of you who live in the district that are marginal or slightly republican or district or democrat who claims when they go home that they are moderates they are not moderates they blew the lid off the debt ceiling and they voted to do the up until december 22, 2022. so another words they want to do it through the midterm election so they don't have to vote outing again that will probably defeat in the united states senate but that's with the phony moderates in the house are all about. number three the what do i think they're going to do i think in the end but i could be dead wrong with the democrats and biden are going to push most of what they want, their agenda in this bill and slice the cost,/it
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but these people are ponzi schemers, they don't care about debt and all the rest, efface 3.5 trillion the lower it to 2.5 trillion or 2.2 trillion and keep the vast majority redistribution of wealth and the massive expansion of the welfare state and say okay, they're paid for. if in fact all of this is paid for like nancy pelosi said, there is no cost like joe biden says like the new york times reporter say so forth and so one then why have a debate about the debt ceiling it's all paper, we don't have to raise it, right. additional points on this, there is a requirement if we get to 320 billion a month, minus the 44 billion a month for the debt service that there is a priority in which the money has to be spent that include social security, medicare, the va, federal pensions among other
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things. those will be paid no matter what they are the first in line after the debt service, the reason you have to pay the debt service is because the 14th amendment compels it it says the validity of the public debt of the united states authorized by law including debts for payments at bounty services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion this is passed after the civil war should not be question those come first, the debt service then you have a title that we call them in the rest that is left is congress and the president have to work out priorities. they have to live within the budget they can borrow any more money so what nancy pelosi and biden and the others are telling you the economy will collapse we will default on our debt which we certainly will not, people won't get paid social security, they certainly will and they're trying to scare the hell out of you because this is what they do
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they play chicken to massively expand this expenditures in the budget i want to point that out let's look at a few other aspects nancy pelosi has said in james kleiber the number three has said and others have said if the republicans don't raise the debt limit the president of the united states can under the 14th amendment a couple of things i said there's no reason to raise the debt limit to pay the debt service one has nothing to do the other so they confounded in the compound you when they said that. that is number one number two what they really want is a president one of theirs to lift the cap altogether and do it unilaterally, think about how totalitarian this is of the president of the united states has the power himself to raise the debt limit he has the power to make sure under that theory that the debt is paid i don't
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mean the debt service but the debt is paid so he can raise taxes, he can borrow money he can raise the debt limit he could do whatever he wants and that's what nancy pelosi says they will threaten if they don't get their way think about how totalitarian this mindset is of the left of the democratic party the 14th amendment said the validity of the public debt of the united states authorized by law including debts incurred for payment of pension and service in suppressing insurrection rebellion shall not be question, okay it won't be question $44 billion a month what the democrats are saying in the mouthpiece of the media the debt not the debt service the debt. if in fact biden or nancy pelosi try that they would clearly be violating the constitution of the united states because the poor function of congress is financial, article one section eight, you are smart people you are smart audience this is a
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nbc, abc or cbs or is cnn, this is fox we have smart people on her audience article one section one clause one the power shall lay and collect taxes imposed to pay the debts and provide the common defense and general welfare of the united states. congress nothing in here about the president the second cause behind it congress have the power to borrow the money on the credit of the united states. >> the president doesn't have the power to do any of that. this is the same democrat party the same congress suing donald trump left and right from preventing them to build the wall moving from one account to another any of the absolute constitutional authority to do it but when they are in power they don't want any limits whatsoever so i wanted to make this as clear as it could recap very simply you get $320 billion
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a year in the federal treasury 44 billion goes towards debt service, plenty money to cover this has nothing to do with the debt they want to increase the debt ceiling to nothing which is what the house has voted to do so they can trillions of trillions of dollars and mostly unconstitutional spending into the system republicans have said no we are not participating, good for them what do i think will happen and i could be wrong i think the democrats are going to draw down the budget to the proposal to about less than 3.5 trillion which is 5.5 trillion to something like 2.5 trillion and keep all the stuff in there so they can get their leg in the door on the things that they can and the so-called moderates can say we cut to trillion dollars off of this, keep an eye on that i hope i'm absolutely wrong nancy pelosi said this is for the children and women i have no idea what she's talking about, this is for the children were bankrupting the children, generations yet born we are spending wealth that is not created yet, why, no need for
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any of this, 50/50 senate, three or four vote majority in the house, no mandate for any of this we will turn the country inside out and upside down for generations to come a disaster we already have inflation, product shortages, the price of gasoline food going up and you add several trillions of dollars to that, it is more than that they have put every radical idea that they can possibly think of whether critical race theory, whether it relates to the climate change movement, whether it relates to an attack on the capitalist system on and on they put everything they can think of into this which is 2500 pages, 2500 pages of this, like this. and we ought to fight this tooth and nail not just for financial reasons, that would be enough but for every other reason in this bill, among other things there is billions and billions of dollars in this bill for radical left community activist groups, what will they do with
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the money what do you think they're going to do with the money they will build an army of electoral volunteers every election they will be out there and have the ability thanks to you subsidizing them for the outcome of the election i have told you before, the democrat party are very diabolical political organization. it is supported slavery and segregation and led the way on jim crow, it does not embrace americanism now the claimant's democratic socialism when it's truly american marxism a very diabolical party and they lie in the media's arrogance lie, 2500 page bill how are we the people supposed to know what isn't it we know some of what isn't it committee hearings we don't get to participate, we cannot fit into the capital building, what
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will we contact them about we take it into the specifics other than to tell them to kill the whole bill is not representative government that is behind closed doors smoke filled room in this case not cigars probably marijuana where they will force their will on the american people in fundamental ways. this bill has to be killed whether they bring it up next week or the week after or the one after in whatever form it is, when we come back gordon chang and stuart varney what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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mark: welcome back america one of the greatest experts gordon chang a senior fellow, his latest great book the china tech war, gordon chang welcome i have a question out-of-the-box a lot of controversy of the joint chiefs of staff to phone calls with the chinese military and an aggressive military, among other things according to reports millie told this general one way or another that the united states and the debate over this something to the effect and
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something were to occur i would give you head up, let me ask you something what would the chinese make of such a call from the joint chief of staff to the united states. >> the chinese military in the political leadership in the united states was in complete disarray in terminal decline in a think it will make them more aggressive and belligerent because they think the u.s. will not be able to oppose them i know some people say that general lee, when he heard that, he actually thought millie was threatening to attack china, we just don't know how the chinese reacted, whatever the case this did not work to the benefit of the united states it either made the chinese more aggressive one way or another .
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mark: i'm a little perplexed, i think back in history, we don't know every call that was made from the head of joint chief of anybody else but i cannot imagine under president reagan the head of joint chiefs of soviet union at some point the head of joint chiefs without talking to the commander-in-chief within coronation of the secretary of defense and told them the united states is stable, don't worry, were not planning to attack you and i'll give you heads up i think what general milley did was an absolute disgrace and absolutely no justification for
4:19 pm
any of it since there was no indication to president trump to go to war with anybody president trump was the least well-liked president in decades, no objective indications that they thought they would be attacked there is no unusual movements and most indicative there was nothing in chinese propaganda that signaled the united states. when generally heard that from general milley, i'm sure general lee thought what the devil is going on in the intelligence that the u.s. had his millie things were about to be attacked. >> and could creating instability rather than the stability that millie is talking about when it generally go up the chain to chairman and let him know about the conversation. >> absolutely because of the structure, sheesh and paying is the head of the chinese military
4:20 pm
because he's the chairman of the central military commission in the military is tightly controlled because the communist party civilians are worried about the military and there's a number of attempted coups certainly sheesh and paying new about this immediately. mark: and yet president trump did not because general milley did not go to president trump to let him know about the conversation that he initiated twice with the head of the communist military. this is quite appalling the head of the communist party would've known that the commander-in-chief of the united states did not know does that bother you. >> this bothers me is insubordination this is breaking the chain of command this is a military officer serving the constitution. yes this is extremely serious matter. mark: general milley said i told secretary of defense esper and the acting secretary of defense miller. that is that, i don't think that is that.
4:21 pm
whether you making a comment to the secretary of defense i looked at the statutory powers of the head of the joint chief and of course he reports to two people the secretary of defense and the commander-in-chief, is nothing to inform the commander-in-chief about what he was doing and then you see the support of constant leaking to reporters writing hostile reports against the united states and he says the other day that's because he believes in free speech and freedom of the press, he goes the hostile reporters were writing hate trump to talk to them but when it tell constitute crucially important calls to the communist chinese regime face it there are number one enemy he does not feel necessary to tell the president of the united states are not buying any of this. >> i am not buying it either. >> we know from a number of people that they did not believe that millie actually talked to the secretary of state, this is
4:22 pm
really important, he goes to the truthfulness of the chief military officer in the u.s. and also goes to the chain of command he should've known it beforehand given the sensitivity of talking to china and he should no longer be the joint of cheese. mark: the problem is the president of the united states apparently is going to keep in their, and the democrats in congress while they do complain to some extent about people being left in afghanistan they have no intention because they are all crazy. when we come back, i want to ask you this what do the communist chinese take away in the way that we withdrew from afghanistan. i'll be right back. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain?
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shingles? camera man: yeah,
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the other passengers safely evacuated. a phase for abortion clinics in texas they had to turn away all of their patients because an appellate court has reinstated district abortion laws after it was blocked by a federal judge earlier this week the biden of administration has until tuesday to respond to the latest development. i am jon scott we take you back to "life, liberty & levin" ♪ ♪. mark: welcome back america pretty much established and overwhelmingly likely ahead of china knew about these phone calls and are commander-in-chief and president trump and his counterpart would run up the
4:28 pm
flag and he and perhaps the secretary of defense captive from the president of the united states if that's not undermining the chain of command, i don't know what it is, that's a military individual stepping out of the toes of the commander-in-chief i don't know what is. my question to you given what's taken place in afghanistan and the american citizens in the patriotic afghan allies picked off and brutalized and murdered, given what took place how is communist china digesting this. >> the debacle in afghanistan reinforced the notion among the chinese elite that the united states is finished and we can see this from their propaganda which i think reflected what the elite members are thinking, first of all united states cannot deal with the insurgents of the taliban how do they help to counter magnificent china and
4:29 pm
the other thing they were saying, once we invade you will fall within a couple days in the united states won't come to your rescue, beijing was feeling that was breaking down and we know it's breaking down when china's top two diplomats came in the middle of march and we could no longer talk to china from a position of strength those are chilling words. mark: what they're doing to taiwan now the overflights into taiwanese airspace, they got away with what they did in hong kong, they do not really see, the united states is a paper tiger don't they. >> they do and they use the phrase paper tiger and the images that are circulating around the chinese media especially after the release of the huawei chief financial officer president biden did
4:30 pm
that, this just shows the u.s. and an inferior position, this is really a dangerous moment because the chinese know they should not invade taiwan or they should not invade japan or something like that but they're starting to feel that they could do this and the u.s. will not react. i'm not saying their perception is correct but what i'm saying that's what they think and what they think is important what they think will impel them to act and they could act in ways that could trigger histories next great work. mark: this is very, very important what general milley said he's trying to avoid which is a publication with the commonest chinese that they just created in the way that they left afghanistan and their failure to stand up to chinese spies and so i think the biden administration foreign policy which is really impossible to define within appeasement and sellout and so forth and that is
4:31 pm
a publication that the chinese may act upon, isn't that your point? >> absolutely as donald said weakness is provocative and we know the deterrence is is breaking down, the chinese are saying and what they are doing in clearly the fault of afghanistan reinforced in their minds that u.s. is feeble and incompetent leaving more than 82, $83 billion worth of equipment leaving more than a hundred americans probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 - 4 americans and leaving her afghan allies there, leaving and not doing very much about her british and other nato allies, china looks at that and says the united states is finished. mark: we have effectively frozen our defense budget despite the trillions and trillions were spending on other projects in the communist chinese are going full bore ahead with nuclear
4:32 pm
missiles and conventional weaponry with the navy and submarines it looks like president xi jinping is doing an imitation to take control of his society and opposing his will and everyday life of the people this is a risky. for the reasons you have said, we have a president who is incapable of being commander-in-chief and the enemy knows that better than anybody else. gordon chang i want to thank you very much, keep your voice out there, it's very, very important. >> thank you, i really appreciate it. mark: we'll be right back. is i'. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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mark: stuart varney, "varney & company" well-known really and expert with finance, economic and budget is a pleasure to have
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you i want to jump in the democrats are working on it they are fighting with each other but they will get there, they want to propose or they want to vote on what is the most massive spending social engineering welfare expansion bill in american history if not human history. what kind of impact will that have on the society. >> in my opinion disastrous and many respects, i do business, money economics, that is my field let me address that first, you go out there and spend $5 billion on the social programs and you really change the culture and you really change the economy, can you imagine, we've never done this before can you imagine throwing out all the trillions printed by the federal reserve, more trillions spent by congress maybe another five for congress
4:38 pm
just essentially to create a socialist economy, i've lived in a socialist economy and i don't like it is frankly awful let me just address the economics when you spend all this money and you tax so highly you depress the economy and you depress the dynamism the vitality of an economy as i said i've lived in a socialist society i live in britain in the 1970s it is absolutely awful, back then the british government owned and ran the coal mines, many of the car companies the airlines, the trains, the water production they owned the memes of production that was the case in the 1970s in britain, the even controlled the wage levels that you were allowed to be paid, you depressed any entrepreneurial activity you can imagine totally depressed it into ended up with
4:39 pm
inflation because the government does not produce that very efficiently and productivity goes down, point number one economically the result of the massive program if they get in place as an economic disaster i would like to address the cultural side of things how does it feel like to be in the socialist economy, it's blood he awful, that's what it is it is awful if you feel yourself dynamic and mobile, first of all britain was a class society back in those days so you knew there was a ceiling that you have to break, but also he was in awful culture of something for nothing that the socialism is a really depresses your spirit if i can put it like that and it's appallingly double, you have no idea how dole it is to live in a society which is controlled by the government, it is awful, those two accounts i would
4:40 pm
suggest if we get this 5 trillion-dollar deal that it is awful economically and depressing culturally. >> beautifully put and also i noticed i tried to go through aspects and the final thing has not been printed we know is 2510 pages long, it's going to change people's individual lives in ways that they cannot imagine it's an attack on private property and attack on mobility and attack on individualism, massive red tape as you infer some people will have great difficulty doing things that they want to do, fundamentally alters the united states of america, it alters our constitutional construct it is a war on capitalism everything that has made this country strong the principles on which this country are founded are going to be thrown away in one big bill, did you ever think when you came to this country that you could have a 50/50 senate at three or four majority
4:41 pm
vote in the house and fundamentally alter a constitutional republic. >> no i would be astonished, two years ago, go back two years and i would be astonished to look to the present and see how far we've gone down the socialist road. it is amazing i would like to know where on earth this came from i think he came from the success of the progressives and getting elected in 2020 they are now a group within the house certainly within the house in a very slim majority for nancy pelosi in the house so they have great influence, speaker pelosi needs the votes of progressive to do about anything so they call the shots, that is how we got here, not to mention the fact that our universities are essentially turning out activist, leftist activist that's what they're doing, that's how they've upset the
4:42 pm
whole turned it on his head. i'm just amazed at what's happening. when i first came to america in the 1970s it was not a great place to be, jimmy carter was a president, price control from president nixon in a controlled economy, ronald reagan set us free just like marred under margaret thatcher set us free and ronald reagan set us free in the united states, we have this glorious economy where we were growing strongly we had strengthen profits and capitalism and i absolutely adored it into go from that to where we are now i find astonishing i am shocked at this and very surprised by it i think you are too. mark: i am disgusted by it, when you look at every aspect of this culture, joe biden has his finger in it and he's a one man wrecking bar if you look at the border and immigration we don't
4:43 pm
have immigration it is not immigration is a lawless border. >> i have to break in here when i first came to the united states in the 1970s, we all knew if you overstayed your visa you are in deep trouble, we all knew if you were here illegally you did not have a political leg to stand on but suddenly you do, now you come in illegally and you have all the support that the government can possibly give you and the democrat urging you one, come on in this is a deliberate open border policy and it reverses what were all about we do not have a constitutional republic if we don't have some control of the border of who comes in and that's the way it is i am shocked that we come to this i seem to be using that word a lot, i am truly shocked of what this country has come to find a very short period of time. >> you are right on into expand
4:44 pm
the welfare state and redistribute wealth and massively open the border to illegal immigrants that is a recipe for complete disaster there is now people coming into this country for the benefits, the market citizens for the benefit of themselves and the illegal aliens, we'll be right back. er) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different.
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mark: stuart varney let me ask you something out of your known area, among other things in this budget and elsewhere and biden with his executive orders we have all kinds of social issues being ran down the throats of the american people among them critical race theory what is your thought about that. >> i'm glad that you asked let me backtrack a little i have a multiracial family of which i'm very proud we had three races african, caucasian and asian we have two religions and seven ethnic allergies, surprised to say that is a multiracial family a very american family nothing
4:49 pm
that drives me up the wall more than critical race theory which is divisive, how when my supposed to have my grandchildren a young black grandchild who has poor white sisters, how would my supposed to encourage them to go to school and stand up and complain about his sisters who are privileged could you even imagine how divisive can you get on this equity thing, the way i read african-americans need more equity and everything whether it's jobs or money or housing or covid, whatever it is that too is divisive and picking this group against this group facing 70 things on the color of your skin and your ethnic background i don't think we should do things like that i think that's the way the constitution is written. mark: i wrote a book on the
4:50 pm
un-american marxism what you have to have at all times is forces finding each other oppressed, oppressor victim, victimhood and that's only way marxism and is a construct in these are out of the closet marxist, you have people who hate their country and hate the economic system and they look for ways which is climate change which is the de- growth movement, whether it's immigration or critical race theory, americans have to be at each other's throats, let me ask you this if we are not fighting with each other and not attacking the country if we are not demeaning the society then what purpose does the far left in the democrat party have because they exploit these that is what they do if we are happy or productive, for unified and we get along there is no need for a 5 trillion-dollar budget
4:51 pm
and all these other things, what do you think. >> the socialist are never happy have you received bernie sanders laugh or smile maybe he will laugh at somebody else laugh at the horrible billionaires but the man has no humor he is angry especially if the socialist are jealous you have it, i don't i'm taking it that's the nature of socialism they are angry all the time it is a negative movement, it would be nice if we could get together and go forward dynamically, profitably, efficiently, the american way, you climb the food chain, use your brains, talented ability to the best effect, we all benefit if we could do that, once we are divided into unhappy and jealous with each other and fighting with each other, that is the exact opposite, that sends us backwards it is a terrible thing i think were using outward all
4:52 pm
the time and tonight show i do apologize but i'm so incensed of what is happening to my adoptive country i have the choice, i made the choice to become an american citizen because i wanted to be and i wanted to be a part of a society that was going forward dynamically and i loved it i still love it but i'll be damned if i'm going to see it handed over to a bunch of jealous angry socialist and that might be my last word. mark: it wanted to give very much, you show his eczema it's nice to meet for the first time, i wish you and your family all the best. >> thank you very much for having me. mark: we'll be right back.
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4:58 pm
about is this. american marxism wants to create societal and economic dislocation. that's what's happening. people want to inform themselves about it. they want to spread the word. people don't want to lose their country. we can talk in the abstract about different theories. but i want you to look at your children and grandchildren. some of you have great grandchildren. where are we dragging this country? into racial strive? open borders? what happens with open borders? more strive in basic economic conditions will be deteriorated. our military is being undermined by political decisions that are very destructive.
4:59 pm
democrats wants to spend in a way that will lead to inflation. why would parents and grandparents do this to their own flesh and blood? do they think it's not going to happen to them? somehow the laws of economics don't exist? they exist as much as the laws of physics. when politicians they are going to spends $5 trillion and there is no cost, is that believable? are these responsible people? why would you allow your children and grandchildren to have their futures destroyed because much tlaib or omar. they will be long gone. when your children and grandchildren have to struggle with this debt and struggle what they have done with our constitutional system. no generation should do this to
5:00 pm
future generations. the last generation didn't do it to us, and we need to stand up for your children and grandchildren and defeat what's being proposed. let's do it. i'll see you next time only "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. liberals destroy you when they can't debate. that's the subject of tonight temperatures watters words. one thing we learned during the trump term is the left will do whatever it takes to get their way. they will demolish anything and anyone who slows down their radical agenda. no matter how much blunt force it needs, they will make it a crime to resist them while


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