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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 9, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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fox nation weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. but that does it for us here tonight on unfiltered see you back here next saturday at 10:00. ."."."."."."."."."."."."." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. liberals destroy you when they can't debate. that's the subject of tonight temperatures watters words. one thing we learned during the trump term is the left will do whatever it takes to get their way. they will demolish anything and anyone who slows down their radical agenda. no matter how much blunt force it needs, they will make it a crime to resist them while
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ignoring real problems and real crimes their own policies are responsible for. they have gotten away with way too much. they have gotten cocky because the press, the prosecutors and the politicians are in on it. there are no guardrails. the only thing stopping them is we the people. this week the left crossed the line. it's getting dangerous. kyrsten sinema not going along with the tax and well with fair bill was targeted and ambushed in a restroom. >> right now is a moment when our people need to talk about what's happening. we need a build back better plan now. >> we knocked on doors for you. we need solutions for a build back better plan. we knocked on doors for you to get you elected. just as we got you elected we
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can get you outn if you don't support us. jesse: one of the women bird dogging the senator was a wacky native american bernie supporter. filmed the senator in a bathroom. a felony in arizona where this took place. she is with a soros-funded group. a zealot always shrieking about white supremacy. this should make all democrats ashamed. especially women. but the media of course endorsed it. >> when you put it in con effect with what we have seen there will be was no threat, no offenses, no screaming. anderson, i have had worse. voters may be more engaged and animated on these issues than we might understand. >> this is one manifestation of
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social profest and we see it going all directions. but that's where it's coming from. that's the risk senator sinema faces for not going along with these kinds of ideas. jesse: even president joe biden downplayed it. >> senator sinema was chased into a restroom. >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody. the only people it doesn't happen to are people with see cress service standing around. it's part of the process. jesse: joe biden green lighted more attacks and that's what followed. sinema was confronted on a plane back to d.c. by an illegal immigrant. >> i want to know if you will
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commit to passing a pathway to citizenship. jesse: that's the playbook. don't think for yourself. just do what we want. don't try to persuade, just intimidate. i remember when the media liked maverick senators from arizona. this week a so-called whistleblower burst on to the scene with a similar message. retained an obama lawyer, appeared on "60 minutes" and testified on capitol hill the next day. and she happens to be speaking to the january 6 committee. here she is begging for the federal government to control what information is allowed on
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facebook. >> there needs to be a regulatory home for someone like me to do a tour of duty after working at a place like this and work on regulations and bring that information out to the oversight boards that have the right to do oversight. >> within the federal government? >> yes. jesse: see what's happening here? total setup. democrats in the media are conspiring with her so they can sink their hooks into big tech and have total control of the information flow. cnn's don lemon laid it out perfectly. >> it allows lies to spread unchecked. if we say something on this network that's untrue, we face the consequences. if you do that on social media, there are know consequences. what is posted on social media should be true. if it's note true, take it down.
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if it's not true, don't allow people to put it up there. jesse: we are supposed to trust big tech or don lemon to tell us what the truth is? the guy who pushed the russia hoax in there are no consequences for that. this is the perfect storm created to give democrats a chance to regulate our speech and give the legacy media power over social media. during this distraction, youtube and google announced they will not let anybody who doesn't believe in climate change earn money on their platform. isn't that the entire points of science, to ask questions and use reason to deduce the truth? but you can't profit from speaking the truth there
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anymore. we are in the danger zone now. but it gets worse. the bind administration just gave it irs a free pass to snoop on any bank account with more than $600 in it. they claim they are worried about people not paying their taxes. this from a president whose own son is under investigation for tax fraud and chinese money laundering. the relationship between and man and his bank is sacred like a man and his lawyer. the irs doesn't get to see bank accounts unless they gets warrant and have a reasonable cause that a crime was committed. people are getting fired up left and right for choosing not to get the shot. but now, you can't protest peacefully in joe biden's
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america. biden's attorney general merrick garland is trying to prosecute parents who fight back against woke school boards. the doj is now treating those outspoken parents as domestic terrorists and threatening moms and dads with visits from fbi task forces because left wing teachers can't take the heat at these school board meetings for teaching critical race theory which they say they don't, allowing boys in girls restrooms, and masking kids as the school. >> it's a permissive culture that celebrates the latest fads like gender fluidity. >> we oppose your effort to teach critical race theory. >> teenagers are being served
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pornography under the guise of literature. jesse: that's the right to petition your government. that's in the bill of rights. if there is a real threat, that's a local issue, not federal jurisdiction. but the democrats are hell bent on crushing descent and using january to justify the crackdown. it turnsous merrick garland's son made big bucks pushing this in school. they asked 12-year-olds if they are pan-sexual whatever that means. or if they are gender feud. his company teaches critical race theory to kids. garland will make sure there is no opposition so his son-in-law can get relationship.
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real problems are happening all across the country and they are completely ignoring them. crime skyrocketing in the liberal cities after they defunded the police. americans are still stuck in afghanistan under taliban control. the fbi and democrats illegally surveilling republicans. the list goes on and on. the left will stop at nothing in their quest for total control, even if it means destroying america and innocent civilians and our constitution. but we won't let them. it's time for red-blood americans to stop playing defense and go on offense. keep your voices heard and never back down. joining me for reaction, author of the new book "beyond biden," newt gingrich. do you agree this week was an extremely dangerous week in
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america, potentially the most dangerous so far in the biden administration with all of these things we just laid out? >> yeah. but i think what you are seeing is a steady increase in danger because first of all biden is very radical and incompetent. the combination is devastating. and 400,000 people a month come across the border illegally. i don't understand how the illegal i am grant got on an airplane to harass senator sinema. in theory isn't she supposed to not let her on the airplane. what you see oner level is breaking the law. as you pointed out, it's a felony in arizona to invade a woman's bathroom. it doesn't matter because it's in the pursuit of the great cause of left wing radicalism.
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i think what's beginning to happen is normal americans are looking around going, these people are crazy. a friend of mine said he has seen the same people move from anger towards fear because they begin to realize how really serious the left is. the attorney general says we are not going to chase terrorists or chinese and russian spies. we are going to assign the fbi to monitor parents. you know the system has gotten so sick that it's time for crisis intervention to save the core of the american system. >> while the fbi is entrapping soccer moms at pta meetings, they are probably missing warnings about school shooters answer cartel traffickers bringing young children into the country. it's the same thing you always
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see, totally focused on political crimes while real crimes are hurting real people throughout the country. i remember years ago the left lawyers signing up, fighting each other who could represent khalid sheikh mohammed. bending over backwards to defend looters, rioters, bailing them out. allowing statues to be toppled. rioting is okay if it's for a good cause. but you speak out at a school board meeting and that's domestic terrorism. what would you advise parents and civilians across this great country to do about this crazy attack on all our fundamental rights? >> i would urger single american to stand up and defy the establishment. the fact is there are far more of us than there are of them. if they want to pick a fight, if
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he time several people go into a ladies room to harass senator sinema, maybe the same number should go into a place to harass aoc. i'm not advocating that. but you can't have it one way and not the other. when you look at people at talladaga championing f biden. school after school of football games. the people in michigan giving him the one-finger salute as his caravan passed by. i don't think they understand the level of rage that's building and they are playing with fire. we don't want to be a country like germany where people are fighting in the streets between organized gangs. but you look at what the left has done including last summer when we had the black lives matter riots. or portland where and i a is
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still rioting and nobody is locking them up. how can you have riots on a daily basis, and they show up the next night. this is the breakdown of civilization as we know it. jesse: i agree. if you ever invade newt's privacy in a bathroom you will get a knuckle sandwich, i can guarantee it. for more on the left's quest to destroy everything and everyone in their path. victor davis hanson. i began the book and i am enthralled. it's almost as good as "how i saved the world." and you should feel proud of yourself. if you try to get the book on amazon if it says it's sold out.
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it's not sold out, it will come to your house. our conversation with newt gingrich you just heard that. is there anything you would like to add? >> i think people are already dropping out. does anybody watch the tonys or oscars? the nba had to rely on its american audience rather than china's endorsement, it wouldn't be sustainable. what newt is saying collectively people have to have a sustained permanent existence. so the resistance has to be used by the right. how does that fall out? they have got to vote like theyer in voted from the mid-term. if they had not lost the georgia senate, those two seats, we wouldn't be talking right now. we had two unimpressive candidates on the republican
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side and they had two charismatic social why its. you have to be attentive toker seat. jesse: why is "the dying citizen" book so important? >> throughout history through time and space, citizenship cannot exist unless you have a broad middle class and we are losing it. debt is increasing. you have to have borders. you have to have a sacred space for people to inculcate customs. that's called pre-civilization tribalism. we call it identity politics. but the elite are even more dangerous. the vast administrative state that gives you james comey, general milley. they are judge, jury and
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executioner. then we have the evolutionaries. they want to get rid of the 150-year supreme court of 9 members. get rid of the filibuster. the electoral college. and they are going after the idea of two senators. why does wyoming have two senators. finally global i am. the people on the two coasts, they consider themselves citizens of the world. they know more about a london restaurant than a bakersfield diner right next to them. these things happened in the past and we have to wake up because they are in full bore. the 60s evolutionaries were throwing rocks at the pentagon and storm can senator dean's office. jesse: it's generational
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warfare. "the dying citizen" paints a picture of all of it and how we can stop it from happening. it's not sold out own amazon so check it out. nancy pelosi controls the purse strings in congress but how did she get so relationship on a government salary.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: a "watters' world" investigation. nancy pelosi's policies are making it harder and harder for average americans to accumulate wealth. shackling us with taxes, destroying the dollar with reckless spending. but the speaker who makes in the low six figures has become one of the richest members of congress. what's her secret? it appears to be her husband paul. after they got married paul opened up a real estate and venture capital firm. the couple has timed the market perfectly over the years while nancy has been a washington
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insider. the pelosis always know what the right investment is. since getting married it required a manage in napa valley, some 16 acres. she has a waterfront condo on k street in d.c. a multi million dollar red brick mansion? california's pacific heights. paul owns two commercial properties in san francisco. combined worth, $60 million. pelosi's wealth has skyrocketed. her financial report showed $271 million. in 2020 those numbers went up even more to as high as $315 million. quite a lot of crumb. so where is the money coming
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from? "60 minutes" basically accused paul pelosi of insider trading. >> i want to ask you why you and your husband in march of 2008 accepted and participated in a large ipo dealv from visa at a time when there was major legislation affecting credit card companies making its way through the house. did you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't understand the point of your question. >> i guess what i'm asking is do you think it many all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential stock deal and you participated while you were speaker of the house. you didn't think it was a conflict of interest? >> it only had the appearance if you decide usual going to elaborate on a false premise.
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but it's not true, and that's that. >> i don't understand what part is not true. >> that i would act upon an investment. jesse: visa worried the congress would regulate their swipe fees. so they highered lobbyists who descended on pelosi. one of her advisors left and became a broker as well. her hums paul was offered a free screen invite to get in on visa's $18 billion ipo. did nancy and her husband hesitate? no, they bought $1 billion in visa stock. visa shares going up over 200%
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during the time, making the pelosis a fortune on paper. they have a knack for taking advantage of market timing. in march paul pelosi exer-sides microsoft options two weeks before the tech giants got a $22 billion contract to equip the u.s. army with high-tech headsets. they got tesla stock right before joe biden announced electric car incentives. the pelosi family cashed in big time just before congress was set to jump on big tech make $5.3 million. the pelosis have never been indicted for insider trading. but her investments, marriage
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and access coupled with timing are under suspicion. all we are doing is following the money and there sure is a lot of it. the president of the government accountability institute and the drill down podcast host, peter schweizer. we put it together for you. what is your reaction? you know better than anybody how this whole thing works. >> i think you are dead on. we don't minds if people make money with investments. the question is is it wedded to your political power. in the case of the pelosis they participated in at least 10ipo stocks. these are unusual. these go to company foirnlsd and insiders. the fact that a politician's family is allowed to participate in an investment that when it goes public generally doubles in value is an indicator there is a
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problem. nose office buildings you mentioned. they own an office building in san francisco. nancy pelosi steered $200 million in federal money to build it third avenue light really system in san francisco. guess where one of the stops of that light rail system stops? within two blocks of their office building. if your building is within two blocks of a railway stop it doubles the value of it. jesse: they have been offered 10 ipo buy-ins. it's just randomly these companies gift pelosi family early access to ipos. unbelievable fortunate people,
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nancy and paul. thank you for following the money with us. you are good. a hiker who just witnessed brian laundrie on the appalachian trail joins us to tell us
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i'm jon scott. thousand back to "watters'
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world." jesse: new leads in the opportunity for brian laundrie. authorities uncovering another campsite inside the swampy reserve in florida. and laundrie's father chris joined the search. they are hoping he can show them specific areas where brian likes to hike. i guess brian's dad thinks it's funny since he was caught on camera laughing with one of the officers. laundrie changed the timeline of when ryan disappeared. they didn't report him missing until friday. we found out brian flew home august 17 brand-new then flew
11:36 pm
back to join gabby. why? they say brian and gabby were thinking of extending their road trip. how much does a plane ticket cost. if this timeline is correct brian would have met back up with gabby four days before she was last seen. >> i worry about him and i hope he's okay. then i'm angry and i don't know what to think. i just tell my brother to come forward and get us out of this horrible mess. i don't know if my parents are involved. if they are, they should come clean. jesse: authorities in north carolina are check out at least a dozen sightings of brian.
11:37 pm
one includes a sighting by a hiker who says he talked to brian on a deserted road. and that hiker dennis davis joins me now. tell us exactly what you saw and where you saw him. >> sure. i went up to hike the appalachian trail. i rode along the north carolina, tennessee border at 10:30:00 a.m. i planned on parking in a parking lot for the davenport gap. that's where the appalachian trail comes out of the great smoky mountains. as i was getting ready to park down there, i passed the parking lot. so i was doing a u-turn and passed the parking lot and the vehicle came up and the person
11:38 pm
driving it reached their hand out of the window and waived me down. -- waves me down. i stopped and started to have a conversation with the person in the truck. the person noted to me that they were lost. i'm not from that area so i told him, i'm not from around here, maybe i can help you. what are you looking for? >> he said he was trying to get to california which i wasn't expecting. i thought he was lost locally. then he started telling me about the situation with his girlfriend. what he said was he and his girlfriend had a fight and she called him and told him that she loved him and he needed to get out to california to see her. and so i told him -- jesse: was he acting stressed out or cool and collected? what was his demeanor. >> i would say he was acting weird.
11:39 pm
when i first encountered him i thought he was own drugs. in hindsight he wasn't slurring his speech. i think maybe just the mental fatigue of having killed someone that you supposedly love and being on the run for well over a month now. jesse: you told the feds right away and hopefully they are zeroing in on that location. i have again to the smoky mountains, my parents sent me there for a summer and it can be treacherous. i am so glad you immediately contacted authorities when you saw him. dennis, thank you. >> thank you, jesse. jesse: dave chappelle under fire for his netflix special. we'll show you the jokes the left doesn't find funny.
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jesse: cancel cowlture coming for dave chappelle. >> jk rowlings. >> effectively she said gender. i agree gender is -- caitlyn gender whom i met, caitlyn gender was voted woman of the year. her first year as a woman. she beat everybody in detroit.
11:45 pm
jesse: . people are calling him transphobic. joining me is adam corolla. i just think this cancel culture thing is going to fall off chappelle's back. >> not on does he not give a damn. i think he does it on purpose. he gets the whole world talking about his special. if he says something someone said in a special 7 years ago people would be confused what the joke even was. we are all talking about it. he knows what he's doing. he plays these idiots like a fiddle. they take the bait all the time.
11:46 pm
>> here is another piece of sound from this netflix special that puts into context his sense of humor. >> any of you ever watch me know that never a problem with transgender people. you listen to what i am saying. my problem has always been white people. jesse: there you have it. he's a comedian making people left. >> i'll tell you why the leftn't leftn't -- the left can't stand it. it's the same thing happening to bill maher. when those guys cross over they go ballistic. it's the same kind of crap bill maher has been getting with saying some of the stuff he's
11:47 pm
talking about with the politically correct stuff and the cancel culture as well. jesse: it's comedians, yourself, mahr, howard stearn. comedians on the edge of societal revolution as rush limbaugh would say. and they are the ones pushing the boundaries, and this was never their role years ago. but now it looks like they are pioneers of this crazy woke wilderness. i will give you the last word. >> i think comedians always got a free pass. do you ever see a car in new york city with diplomatic plates? they can park wherever they want. we transcended all the tol politics. we could see you what the truth was. if it was funny and engaging it
11:48 pm
worked. now they are going after the comedians because they have zero tolerance for anyone with a point of view outside their own. jesse: you can't let them strip the diplomatic plates. you have got to park wherever you want. biden's bogus white house set. a police officer's warning to a liberal driver. triple play is up next.
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jesse: joe biden is using a fake white house set to deliver messages to the american people. a fake white house set from the white house. people comparing this to the truman show.
11:53 pm
so what's up with joe's fake set? only. raymond: knows the answer. what's going on? >> i call this mr. biden's neighborhood. it's a cozy set for joe to feel like he's the president. at least he doesn't need a trolley to take him to the land of make believe. this is a set on a stage in the executive office building. this makes the media -- turns the media into an audience. they bring them in and shuffle them out on cue. it's a way to protect joe biden from questions that rankle him or make him uncomfortable. it's a play date for joe. >> stephen miller says when they have this in the real oval. the reflection can be seen from
11:54 pm
his teleprompter and they don't want anybody to know he's on teleprompter when he's hosting these so-called regular meetings. i want to show you a cop pulling over. what's going to happen next. you are going to dough me a favor and i will do you a favor so we can both gone with our day. >> what favor can i do for you? >> you are going to slow down and you will rip that biden harris bumper sticker off your car so people don't think you are an idiot. if any cop attempted to rip the bumper sticker off the car. the doj would have them in jail. this cop would not be standing.
11:55 pm
jesse: raymond arroyo who never ripped bumper stickers off anyone's car.
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jesse: we didn't get to the third out in triple play so we'll hold pit bull over to next week. i want to wish everybody at fox news happy 25-year anniversary. i started in the basement 18 years ago and worked my way up. this is my first appearance on the channel. a sincere thank you to the viewers who let us into your homes. i will be hosting fox news
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primetime. tune in monday through friday at 7:00 eastern. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. let's get right to my open. every day in this country the government under joe biden or whoever is running the joint infringes more and more on our freedom, pushing americans closer and closer to the edge. the latest, the attorney general of the united states instructing the department of justice and the fbi to address


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