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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: president biden is trying to bridge the divide that has split his party to pass the multi trillion dollar spending plan. the debt limit extension is behind the democrats, the next deadline is to try to pass the biden economic agenda by halloween. a lot of people are asking if the progressives and moderates can agree on just how big build back better plan should be and if the democrats will come together for this. hello, everyone. welcome on this sunday to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. >> i'm claudia cowen. good morning, i'm in for arthel neville. two other big stories we are following at this hour, the
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homeland security department canceling border wall contract in parts of texas with some of the highest migrant traffic even as a new wave of migrants heads our way from south america. and nearly a full month after brian laundrie disappeared, the fugitive continues to elude a multiagency search while gabby petito's family is set to retrieve items from her memorial in florida. we have team coverage this afternoon. steve harrigan is live in florida on the laundrie search and bill malujan is live on the border with the latest on the my grant surge. first to mark mayor death with more on the spending -- meredith with more on the spending bills. >> reporter: claudia, good afternoon. some democrats are warning the longer their party keeps fighting over spending priorities, the bigger the chance nothing gets done and that could certainly doom their party heading into next year's midterm elections. this weekend the president's keeping things fairly low key. he is in delaware for the holiday. last week he was on the road,
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trying to stump for his agenda, trying to convince his own party to get on the same page. right now the fight among democrats is over the price tag of his build back better agenda. mod rests want to see the price tag reigned in, below the three trillion that was proposed but progressives say now is the time to spend big. this debate has been dragging on for months but house speaker nancy pelosi incysts she would like to see -- in-- insists she would like to have it done by halloween. some democrats speaking out, saying they remain confident a deal can be reached sooner rather than later. >> i'm really optimistic we will get both of these bills to president biden's desk by the end of this month. hopefully, possibly by the end of the year. but in any event, it will make a huge difference for our country and our future. >> reporter: a new poll out from quinnipiac shows a majority of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling his job and the economy specifically.
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republicans believe those numbers could sink even lower once the public gets a look at what's inside the president's so-called human infrastructure bill. >> you saw the president just last week go to the capitol again, he was supposed to close the deal and instead he made it very clear that the tax and spend multitrillion dollar bill is tied directly to the infrastructure bill and it undermines the whole process. >> reporter: the white house is trying to put a positive spin on the latest jobs report that came out on friday, it showed employers added 194,000 jobs in the month of september but they were expecting a lot more jobs to be added, closer to 500,000. the unemployment rate has gone down. we continue to hear about concerns of inflation as well as supply chain bole. bottlenecks, th white house facing plenty of obstacles. >> it's a lot to follow. thank you very much, reporting from wilmington, delaware. thank you. eric: now to the humanitarian crisis on the southern border.
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the department of homeland security, well, it's canceled the contracts for the border wall in the extremely busy rio grande valley of texas, that's where a lot of migrants try to cross over. they continue to flood into our country. now there are warnings of another large caravan on its way, traveling from south america, bringing upwards of an estimated 60,000 haitians, that would join the 15,000 who already crossed over the border a few weeks ago. bill malushan has the latest on that. hi, bill. >> reporter: hey, eric. look, it's the cartels and the smugglers out there who continue to benefit by far the most from this border crisis. they're making a killing right now because they know there are people out there willing to pay a lot of money to get here to the united states and to that point, take a look at the video we shot in the rio grande valley last night. they were on the hunt for human
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smugglers. they're swarming on the local freeways. as you seize people taken into custody, once they cross the border illegally there are smugglerring waiting to pick them up and take them further inland in the united states to areas like houston. dps try to position themselves on the highways, where they look for loaded vehicles, where the frame of the vehicle is riding low to the ground where there's a lot more weight to the people. this happens multiple times every hour, every night in the rio grande valley. take a look at this video. haitians are showing up in large numbers in tijuana. the an average of 200 are showing up in tijuana every day with 6,000 showing up every month. obviously, directly across the border in california. we've seen a lot of the haitians trying to cross, some haitians say they plan to stay in mexico. after what we saw in del-rio, we have to assume a lot will try to floss the san diego or yuma
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area. take a look at our fox drone out there. we have to keep the drone lower. dhs canceled the border wall contracts. this is one of the border walls that will never get finished up. this was built in donald trump's presidency in la jolla. construction came to a screeching halt in january as soon as president biden took over and this is not going to be complete. they only got a half mile of it up. the construction will not go any further and border agents we talked to out here incredibly frustrated by that. they have to deal with runners all over the place, people who can walk into the country and the idea behind the border wall, it helps create choke points so they can use resources more effectively. take a listen to what former i.c.e. director tom homan had to say about the fact that the walls will not be finished. >> the secretary's decision, let's take another tool away from the border patrol to make their job harder so there's more
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got-aways. look at the crisis right now. where are the tens of thousands of people coming across, there isn't a wall. it doesn't take a border expert to understand walls work. >> reporter: and what tom homan said is very accurate. the biggest hot spots, in the rio grande valley and del-rio, where people are coming across in huge numbers, there is no border wall. you look at an area like el paso where vp kamala harris visited back in june, el paso has a good wall there. they don't see nearly the numbers that we see in the rio grande valley. this is kind of an example of what border agents have to deal with down here. you essentially have this useless half mile stretch of wall sitting in the dirt now, taxpayers are on the hook for the rest of the wall which will not be finished building and you have border agents frustrated, running around completely over overwhelmed. back to you you. eric: it seems the residents are certainly ticked off.
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you can hear the wind. it looks like a beautiful day. we have a lot more coming up. we'll have more on the heart-breaking humanitarian crisis at the border. pat fallon is here, we'll get his take on how we can stop the flow. claudia. >> eric, brian laundrie continuing to elude capture today as the search for gabby petito's fugitive phi i don't fn the fourth week. steve harrigan is live in north port, florida with the latest on this story. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, there's been a steady stream of visitors here, a memorial to the murdered 22-year-old, gabby petito, number of people stopping to take photographs, others stopping to pray. a lot of this is art work that people have spent a lot of time making, the petito family has taken some items, they'll take more before the memorial is shut down. they plan to replace it with
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something of a more permanent nature. brian laundrie is on the run. there's no clue as to his whereabouts. they've searched the large nature preserve, 24,000 acres, no physical signs that laundrie is there. law officials saying they're not sure whether he is death or a-- dead or alive at this time. he is a person of interest in the killing of gabby petito and wanted for debit card fraud. petito family members say he used gabby's credit card to withdraw at least $1,000 from her account. claudia, back to you. >> steve harrigan reporting live in north port, florida. thank you, steve. eric: claudia, gabby's case put the spotlight on missing persons. more than 600,000 americans, 600,000, vanish every year. thankfully, most are not criminal in nature. but there are many that are. right now, authorities are looking for a 24-year-old missing geologist who disappeared in the arizona deserted in june.
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daniel robinson was seen leaving his remote work site in buckeye. his car was found a week later on the bottom of a are screen a. a florida community is coming together to search for 21-year-old kelly vasquez. she was last seen by the family on may 23rd. according to her grandmother, she left with a man that she was dating, said she would be back in a few hours but hasn't been heard from since. and minnesota police are looking for a 33-year-old mother of hour, last seen september 24th in hinckley, north of minneapolis. investigators say ashley carlson who you see there was not carrying any personal belongings when she disappeared. our thoughts and prayers go out. >> a bloody weekend for police in cities across the u.s. a georgia officer killed on his first day on the job early yesterday. officer dillon harris was shot dead outside a police station in
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alamo, the suspect hasn't been caught. in louisiana, a state trooper was found dead in his patrol car yesterday after he was reportedly ambushed during a shooting spree. the officer was a 19 year veteran of the force. another person was killed in the shooting and several others injured. the suspected gunman is in custody. and a manhunt underway in arizona after a sheriff's deputy was shot and critically injured while police were searching a home in maricopa county saturday. the suspect was just released from jail for a sex crime. they say he's armed and dangerous. eric: reminder of the sacrifices of our law enforcement and our country. you must always thank them. meanwhile, in washington, progressives get their way in the in-fighting among the democrats, they're threatening to tank president biden's spending agenda. can he unite the fractured party. we'll have jason chaffetz here
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for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. claudia: progressive and moderate democrats are still a trillion dollars or so apart on how big president biden's spending bill should be.
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and with speaker nancy pelosi setting a deadline of the end of this month for a vote, president biden is left imploring his fractured party to come together. >> i want to be clear to you. i'm grateful for everything each of you are doing to get it done. you know, my message is simple. we need to stay together and bound by the values that we hold as a party. here's the deal. we won 2020 as a unified party and we look to 2022 as we do that, we need to stay unified. the question the american people are going to be asking is whether we're helping them and their families in a real way, do we understand what they're really going through, can we deliver for them? claudia: that is the question. joining us now, jason chaffetz, fox news contributor and former congressman. the president is trying to assure democrats that the brycey agenda -- pricey agenda will not only win the day but win the
9:17 am
21st century. he acts like he has a mandate. what do you think? >> he doesn't have a mandate. barely, barely won. i mean it's 50/50 in the united states senate. they only hold four seats in the house. and look, if democrats were united and they did have a deal they would put they up for a vote. nancy pelosi promised the more centrist part of her party they would get to vote on the 1.2 $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill but they didn't get that vote. joe biden time and time again has gone over to the red call left side of the -- radical left side of the party. i think it's bad for america. there's a reason they haven't been able to accomplish those goals yet. claudia: you talked about the radical side of the party. the newest polls show a dip in his approval ratings. he's leaning farther to the left. how is that going to play with
9:18 am
the midterm elections coming up just over a year from now? >> yeah, the promise of joe biden is to your knowledge out to be -- turning out to be a lie. he was supposed to be the person that was in washington, d.c. for five decades, could bring the country together, understood how congress worked. none of that is true. there's no evidence he worked across the aisle to try to bring people together. there's a reason why no republican is even being really asked to participate in the reconciliation package. i don't think it's going to go well because the border's on fire. just saw reports of that. crime is way up. you saw reports on that. the economy, inflation, i mean, foreign affairs, there is nothing for joe biden and kamala harris to point to and coming into next year's midterm elections, i think almost everybody concedes the idea and the notion that the house is going to flip over and perhaps the senate to republican hands. claudia: a final question today about the money at stake in this
9:19 am
bill. $3.5 trillion in this social spending package. biden said it is money well spent but oh, my goodness it's so much money, it's hard to get your head around this kind of a dollar figure. what are your final thoughts on the money at stake here? >> well, if you spend a million dollars a day every day, it would take you almost 3,000 years to get to one trillion. if the democrats are successful in passing their bill we'll be nearly $40 trillion in debt. they have an insatiable desire for more dollars, more taxes. it's a cliche because it's true. democrats in 2009 passed a $787 billion stimulus plan and we spent years doing hearings about the waste, fraud and abuse. now they're going to spend trillions more, i think most people have a hard time seeing how that will help them in their lives. claudia: and we have this halloween deadline approaching.
9:20 am
i don't know if it's fitting or not. but you know, do you think they're going to have anything done by halloween? that's later this month, just a few weeks away. >> it is sort of a spooky prospect. look, the nancy pelosi that i know and served in the congress, eight and-a-half years, i guarantee you. , you watch, we'll beback here f december where all of this from the debt ceiling to reconciliation continuing resolution, that will all come to a head right before chris christmas. that's my prediction. claudia: what a holiday season awaits us with all of this. jason chaffetz, thank you very much. >> it's not going to be pretty. eric: it's a school program that for years helped kids achieve their potential. now it's kaput. outgoing new york mayor bill de blasio says he's ending the gifted and talented program in the city's schools. the election pits eric adams against curtis sliwa.
9:21 am
this issue is in middle of the campaign for city hall. now we have the latest on if the rug's been pulled out from the gifted and talented kids. hello, mollie. >> reporter: good afternoon. the often embattled new york city mayor bill de blasio is on the way out the door. before he leaves he announced plans to phase out the gifted and talented program. this is in the middle of the pretty rowdy mayoral contest going on. the current program calls for testing children. critics say it favor's white children. the new program screens students in second grade, identifying subject area strength and accelerated instruction will be provided while students stay in their classrooms.
9:22 am
>> chancellor and i are so happy that we're going to be ending something that i think was a mistake all along, single test for 4-year-olds that determines so much of their future, we're going to reach tens of thousands more kids with accelerated learning. >> reporter: teacher instruction has a lot to do this. curtis sliwa has slammed de blasio's plan calling the mayor's announcement a surprise. he supports the test and expanding the gifted and talented program. a spokesperson for democrat mayoral nominee eric adams viewed as the frontrunner gave us a brief statement reading eric will assess the plan and reserves the right to implement policies based on needs of students and parents should he become mayor. the department of education must improve outcomes for children from lower income areas. regardless, what ultimately happens will fall to a future mayor to be determined by the voters of new york city. eric: mollie, thanks so much.
9:23 am
claudia. claudia: gavin newsom signing several new bills into law weeks after he beat a recall effort against him. among them, a ban on the sale of gas powered lawn equipment and a policy forcing big stores to have gender neutral product sections. eric. eric: claudia, attorney general merrick garland was taking heat, an education company co-founded by his son-in-law came under scrutiny for recommending an article that calls some trump supporters white supremacists. we'll take a look at that. some officials say they have no plan to work with the united states to contain extremist groups in afghanistan. up next, the man who tried to get the taliban to cough up bin laden three years before 9/11, the former head of saudi intelligence, on what keeps him up at night. he joins us next with what is in store for the middle east.
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9:29 am
including one woman, she was in her 20s. sadly, she died of her injuries. no arrests have been made so far. investigators say it looks like there were several shooters involved in this incident. claudia: eric, parents across the country are furious at the attorney general for directing the fbi to investigate them as threats to school boards after some recent meetings got heated over critical race theory and covid policies. alexandria hoff is live for us with the latest on this story. >> reporter: critics have not only seen the actions of the attorney general's overreach but also a conflict of interest. last week, merrick garland released a memo agreeing to deploy federal law enforcement resources after the national schooled board association like likeened the actions of some parents as terrorist in nature. in response to a fox news
9:30 am
inquiry, the department of justice called the notion that they're trying to silence parents misinformation an that the department's efforts are about rooting out criminal threats of violence. but as backlash continued to play out, parents were eyeing out something else. check out what was said in fairfax county, virginia. >> they quietly signed a 1.8 million contract with panorama education, the ceo is married to attorney general garland's daughter. >> reporter: that's right, according to a new york times article, attorney general garland's daughter is married to the co-founder of panorama education. they serve 1500 school districts nationwide encouraging social emotional learning by, quote, administering surveys and conducting data analysis to provide hands on coaching and support. jim banks wrote this on twitter. the ag's war on parents is not only helping the teachers union
9:31 am
but his own family. in the tweet banks notes that panorama sells critical race theory curriculum. while the company does promote equity and inclusion programs, they state this, panorama is not a tool for teaching crt. and we have heard from several parents concerned with the privacy aspect of panorama surveys given to children. mark zuckerberg is an investor. panorama says they don't sell the data or provide any of it to facebook. back to you. claudia: thank you for that. eric. eric: the taliban ruling out cooperating with the united states to contain extremist groups in afghanistan. it's not good news. this after that isis-k bombing occurred at a kabul mosque that killed dozens of people. and it happened just as senior taliban and u.s. officials have been meeting in qatar, the first sit-downs since the afghan war ended in august. someone who knows about the taliban is the author of this new book, the afghanistan file,
9:32 am
tells the story of the growth of terrorism in the country and what could be in store for the region and us next. the book's author, intelligence veteran, royal high necessary, former saudi ambassador to the united states and the united kingdom and former head of saudi intelligence. welcome. in light of the meadings in qatar, do you think anything can come out of those meetings this weekend that's concrete and what worries you the most about the tall takeover in afghanistan -- taliban takeover in afghanistan? >> we had experience with the taliban when they were first incar nateed back in the '90s when i tried to get them to hand over bin laden to us because of his actions against the kingdom. unfortunately, at the time they refused to hand him over to us and september 11th followed
9:33 am
from there. the second time we had dealing with the taliban was when the ex-president of afghanistan, hamid karzai asked us to media between the government and the taliban a few years back. we asked the taliban if they would break the relationship with al-qaida at the time and they refused. so this is our issues with the taliban. how they're going to deal with the united states, we'll have to wait and see. eric: what do you think the biden administration and the international community should do? >> i can't hear you very well, sir. eric: what do you think the biden administration and the international community should do? i mean, can the taliban be reasoned with or from your experience is that not possible at all? >> well, it's been -- since 1990 1990s that i dealt with them, they may have changed. they said that they have changed. we'll have to wait and see if
9:34 am
they perform on their promises. i think the world community should continue to provide humanitarian aid if possible to the afghan -- [lost audio] eric: we're getting a technical issue with his royal highness for a second. sometimes these things happen. it's fascinating that he sat down with mula omar back in 1998 and tried to get them to cough up and surrender osama bin laden because bin laden as the head of al-qaida at the time started to attack saudi interests in saudi arabia before he set his sights on the united states and us. so do we have him yet? we don't have him yet? we'll bring him back in a few moments. we apologize to him and to our viewers. get the gremlins sometimes around the globe.
9:35 am
we'll get back to him as soon as we can. claudia. claudia: it does happen, eric. retired army general ray oderno has died of cancer at the age of 67. his career spanned 39 years. he commanded american coalition forces in iraq at the height of the war including when we captured saddam hussein. he was hailed as a hero of great integrity and honor, recalling that he spoke at their son beau's funeral in 2015. eric. eric: the president promises to bolster the country's -- [lost audio] approximate wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow.
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claudia: back to one of our top stories today, the dhs is tearing up contracts for wall construction along the busy rio grande valley sector at the southern border. the cancellations come as a record number of migrants are coming into the country. let's bring in texas congressman pat fowland. good afternoon to you, congressman. thanks for joining us today. >> claudia, thanks for having me on. claudia: the unspent money that's been appropriated to finish the border wall it's going to we're told biological, cultural and natural resource surveys in the border region. congress controls the pocketbook. that money has already been
9:41 am
appropriated but the projected been canceled. is there anything you in congress can do to approve or change where the money goes? >> well, claudia, we could if there were more people elect inned congress that are concerned with the southern border and believe that it's a national securityish shy. almost all of the democrats don't believe that which is sad. this is a dereliction of duty. we have a choice to make, do we want the mexican drug cartels to control the southern border or do we want the federal government. i don't care if you're on the school board on the president of the united states, the most important job as elected official is to keep americans safe because if you're not safe, you're not free. this is a gross dereliction of duty and it's disgusting. claudia: antony blinken talks about the border issue, the commitment to security, listen to what he had to say and then i'll get your thoughts on the other side. >> after 13 years of the rita
9:42 am
initiative, it's time for a comprehensive new approach to our security cooperation, one that will see us as equal partners in defining our shared priorities. tackle the root drivers of these challenges, like inequity, like corruption, and focus not only on strengthening law enforcement but also public health, the rule of law, inclusive economic opportunities. claudia: so is focusing on the root causes of immigration going to do anything about the 400,000 people border patrol expects to apprehend just this month alone? >> antony blinken just said the rule of law. i find that interesting. because this administration or maybe perhaps better stated this regime ignores the rules and the laws that they don't like and enforces some that they do. they pick and choose. that's not the rule of law. we have laws on the books right now to secure or border. in fact, the judiciary has weighed in and said that the wait in mexico policy that
9:43 am
president trump has instituted, that's what president biden is supposed to be doing now and refuses to. we are on record right now, we're going to have more people sneak across the southern border, mass unlawful migration this year than we have ever had. the root cause is the climate that changed an 1600 pennsylvania avenue on the 20th of january. that's the continues, claudia. claudia: this money going to environmental projects and surveys and other natural resources, what is your reaction to that? this is your state. where do you suppose this money will be spent in texas? >> that's gobblegook. he was regurgitating old talking points. joe biden has made 49 states border states. when you have that kind of flow -- president trump took the flow and the flood of illegal migration and he reduced it to a trickle and now it's back to a flood. there were 10,469 pounds of
9:44 am
fentanyl seized this year alone, enough to kill every american seven times over. the drug cartels are making record profits of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine. president biden is putting his head in the sand, it's an ostrich approach. it's egregious. claudia: bill malujan talked about how half a mile of wall has been built. that's nothing. it's a waste of taxpayer dollars. and now we've got all this other money that is going to be spent on other projects. what do you think needs to happen immediately to stop the flow? what is the first thing in your view that needs to happen? >> well, okay. if joe biden actually cared about securing the border, the first i think he would do is he would say we're going to reinstitute the migrant protection protocols, the wait in mexico policy, we're going to enforce article 42. if covid is a threat which joe biden claims it is in the united
9:45 am
states then he's not allowing anybody from europe, canada, asia, anywhere in the world to come to the country legally even for tourism but he'll allow almost 2 million people this year to cross the southern border that aren't vaccinated and are tested for covid and they let them into the country. i would finish the border wall. i've been down there with president trump. it's like swiss cheese. it's awful to look at. to send a clear signal to all folks across the world that you come to this country, you're going to come legally or you're not going to get in at all. claudia: we know you're going down to the border tomorrow to see the situation firsthand. any chance that the vice president who has been tapped as the point person on this issue will be joining you? >> yeah, very little chance, in fact. kamala harris has been -- the one time she went this year, she is supposed to be the border czar, she visited the border once, she visited el paso. that's not where the hot spot is. it's so simple. if you get to -- this is a
9:46 am
perilous journey. let's talk about the humanitarian crisis on the border as well. claudia: it is a humanitarian crisis. it. is. and it's so sad to see the children coming across as well unaccompanied minors and so forth had. we've got to stop the interview here. texas congressman pat fowland, thank you so much. good luck on your journey tomorrow. good luck down there. >> thank you. god bless. eric: a few moments ago we were interviewing the former saudi intelligence chief ambassador to the united states many he was in rihad talking about the talks between the u.s. and taliban. the gremlins interfered with our technical issues. we apologize for that. picking up on the interview is dan hoffman, former cia station chief and fox news contributor. dan, what struck me was he sat down with the taliban in 1998, tried to get them to cough up osamabin laden.
9:47 am
they refused. as the u.s. sits down with the taliban, is it folly for us to think that they changed? they told us they're not going to cooperate in dealing with al-qaida. >> the taliban has not changed and if you think about have we left afghanistan in a better place now than how we found it, i think the answer is pretty clear. afghanistan is a terrorist state right now. the minister of interior and the taliban government is the leader of the hakani network, notorious for conducting suicide attacks against innocent civilians and coalition forces and allowing al-qaida to homestead on their territory. i don't think the taliban has the inclination really to take the fight to the terrorist enemies in afghanistan. especially al-qaida. and when it comes to isis, yes, the taliban and isis have battled one another but the taliban was an insurgent force, they successfully fought against us for 20 years and outlasted u.s. and nato partners in the
9:48 am
central government of afghanistan but they are not an effective counter terrorism force. they're not going to hunt down terrorists, especially those seeking to the united states and our allies threat. .eric: it's asounding when you have this horrible attack on the mosque, we saw the video and they're throwing up their hands with us saying we're not going to cooperate with the u.s. to rein in al-qaida at all. >> right. there has been for years, since isis founding in 2015, isis founding in afghanistan in 2015, there's been lots of conflict between the taliban and isis and a lot of military attacks from isis against the taliban strongholds and vice versa. but the thing about this for the taliban's perspective is they know the united states sees isis as a major threat to our national security and for the taliban more than anything else, that's leverage. they want to be recognized, they
9:49 am
want humanitarian assistance. they're not going to give it up for free. even if they having to offer us which i don't think they do, they're not going to give it up for free. they're going to want something from the united states and our allies in return for cooperation. prepare to sit down if you're secretary tony blinken and negotiate with the taliban, that's negotiating with terrorists. eric: do you think antony blinken should sit down with the taliban they're saying they want billions of dollars of funds owed to afghanistan released. they want the money. >> i think it's fine for the secretary of state to sit down with the taliban and have discussions. i think we should be fairly realistic about where those discussions are going to lead. and my goodness, the biden administration needs a real option here to deal with the threats emanating from afghanistan. i still haven't heard that. over the horizon is a pleasant sounding phrase for dealings with terrorist threats but
9:50 am
there's really nothing specific about how we're going to detect and preempt those threats before they're visited on our shores. that's at the heart of this. al-qaida and isis are active in afghanistan and we have no way like we used to detect the threat with good intelligence collection and launch kinetic attacks when appropriate. that's my concern going forward. afghanistan is a terrorist state and we are unable to do anything about it. and that's the lesson from 9/11. when you give terrorists ungoverned space they're going to plot and plan against us. eric: plot and plan against us, our interests, our allies, the prince made it very clear, his country was attacked first and says the taliban may be giving promises but the international community must hold them to account. dan hoffman, good to see you as always. thank you for stepping in. >> you too. eric: and we'll have more news here on the fox news channel when we come back.
9:51 am
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claudia: tragic story to tell you about out of russia. a plane carrying sky divers crashed killing at least 16 people. ryan chilcote is live in london with the latest on this tragic story. ryan. >> reporter: yeah, hi, claudia. the plane had just taken off, reached anil at this tied of 200
9:55 am
-- an altitude of 200 feet. the pilots reported the left engine cut out. they started to conduct an emergency landing. they veered to the left. that's when the plane ran into a truck on a nearby highway and flipped over many all of that according to the local governor. there are about 20 parachutists on-board, two crew members, six people appeared to have survived and are now in serious condition according to local officials. it was a twin engine short range transport plane, the kind of plane you use for parachuting. the parachuting club that owns it is a very reputeable club. they are used by russian cass cosmonauts for training. they have suspended ties, pending an investigation. a real tragedy, obviously, those
9:56 am
people going up there in the plane, obviously risky. the good news is, though, there is hope. six people pulled out of that plane alive fighting for their lives as we speak. claudia. claudia: ryan, that's right, six survivors, 16 dead. what an awful, awful story but thank you for bringing is to us there in london, ryan. thank you. well, eric, that is the risk that you take sometimes when you do these extreme sports. we're back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. eric: yeah, we have more news at 4:00 p.m. and the fox news channel has more news throughout the whole afternoon. mike emanuel is up next with news from washington. mike's got a lot of good guests and look at that fog here in new york city at the empire state building, see it lit up last night for the fox news channel 25th anniversary. ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar,
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♪♪ >> it's mind-boggling that there's a decreasing of troop levels, they've stopped building the wall, and they're just continuing to do catch and release. three of the things that they can reverse and implement that would help the problem. mike: georgia governor brian kemp just back from a visit to the southern is border, criticizing the biden administration's handling of the migrant surge including the department of homeland security canceling border wall contracts in the heavily-traveled rio grande valley. welcome to


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