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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 10, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. another big migrant caravan heading for the u.s. an estimated 60,000 mostly haitian migrants making their way through south america and mexico expected at our southern boarder in a few weeks putting further strain on border agents who are already under pressure. hello and welcome to "fox news live". i'm claudia cowan in for arthel neville. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. thank you for joining us on this sunday. the dhs is announcing it is cancelling that border wall
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construction contracts in laredo and rio grande valley of texas. that's where agents have already been overwhelmed. republican lawmakers are slamming that decision. here's texas congressman pat fallon who appeared on fox news live earlier today. >> this is a dereliction of duty. we have a choice here to make. do we want the mexican drug cartels to control our southern border, or do we want our federal government? at the end of the day i don't care if you are on the school board or president of the united states your most important job as elected official is to keep americans safe because if you are not safe, you are not free. this is a gross dereliction of duty. >> eric: those contracts of the wall started in the trump administration. bill melugin standing by along the border in texas. i guess the wall they won't be using anymore. hey, bill. >> eric, good afternoon to you. that's right. this wall not going to be built any further here, and we're now pushing seven months of this border crisis.
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this administration really hasn't shifted their strategy in any way, shape, or form, and what that means is the conditions here on the ground really haven't changed either. take a look at this video we shot here last night. we did an embed with texas state troopers as they were on the hunt for human smugglers in the area. they are all over the place. you can take a look at some of this footage as they were pulling over vehicles and arresting people. what happens is once these immigrants cross the border illegally, they get picked up by smugglers here and they get taken further inland to cities like houston, so what state troopers do is they position themselves along the highways and look for what they call load vehicles. they look for the frames of those vehicles to be riding lower to the ground, meaning there's possibly human cargo inside because of the weight. these troopers are arresting smaug lers all the time -- smugglers all time. we were with them last night watching this. take a look at what we shot early friday morning. we were witnessing raft after raft after raft coming over from the mexican side of the border right over to the u.s. side, dropping off hundreds of
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migrants, hundreds of family units. you can see the smugglers in our footage. some were shirtless and making jokes to us. they are not afraid. they were saying money, money, money to the camera, rubbing their fingers together to make the cash symbol. they are making a killing during this border crisis. as you can see, they are bring over the family units by the hundreds over single night. one man told us he spent $12,000 bringing over his wife, his daughter, and himself, paying those cartels to bring them over. and then take a look at the video we shot where we're standing here earlier today. we mentioned dhs is cancelling the border wall contracts, that includes this one right here in lajolla texas. you are looking at piles of scrap metal. those metal pylons laying out here baking in the sun never to be used. only about half mile of this wall was built. they have the metal ready. it was all paid for. tax pairs on the hook for it -- taxpayers on the hook for it. it's been sitting here in the sun since january when president biden took over. the border agents are saying
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they need this wall here because la jolla is the busiest part of the rio grande valley and having to deal with runners constantly. we are seeing more and more of a criminal element trying to make across the boarder in the rio grande valley. just this week alone, border patrol arrested multiple gulf cartel members right here as well as multiple ms 13 gang members and several sexual predators. there is a major risk of the criminals trying to make it across the border. when we have overstretched agents who can't be everywhere at once, there are those who get through, and it makes you wonder who is getting through. back to you. >> eric: that video you showed, shocking how brazen they are, especially with pieces of the border wall laying there. bill, thank you very much. alicia? >> it is claudia today, eric. >> eric: sorry. >> that's all right. joining us right now is a former
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border patrol chief and forming acting i.c.e. director. thank you for joining us today. now, the idea of a physical structure to harden the southern border is not a new concept. congress authorized the construction of some kind of border fence back in 2006. it is not like president trump came up with this idea. yet we seem to be at a point where anything the former president endorsed or supported has to go. is this diversion of funds really a move to help the environment, or do you think something else is going on here? >> it's definitely something else. the requirement for the wall has existed for decades. it doesn't come from an administration. it doesn't come from a president. it comes from the boots on the ground. it comes from agents like your reporter talked about, on the ground in places like la jolla texas and laredo texas where i work. i wore that uniform for 34 years. we always wanted more infrastructure on the border including wall. why? because it makes the operation safer. it gives the agents and the agency an anchor for other technology and border roads and access to the border.
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the wall works. the data that the department has, there's no dispute about it. that data shows that it works. and agents know full well when they have a wall, they can operate safely and they can control the border better for themselves and their operation, but also for those border communities and the larger home land security enterprise. >> yeah, your heart goes out to those border communities. the cancellation of these contracts, to finish building the wall, border patrol loses a critical tool in their arsenal. where does that leave them in terms of securing the boarder? -- border? >> this has been the problem since january. border patrol agents, customs and border protection officers, because of this surge, chaos that now exists on the border, they are the ones -- they and their families are the ones who have to pick up the pieces. they have to go to work every day knowing that the tools that they had to help protect us all are being taken away one by one. let me just say that when i was in south texas as the chief at the rio grande valley it was
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very difficult to negotiate with landowners to get land in south texas because half of the border is in texas. most of that land is in private hands. that means the government has to go in and negotiations or condemnation proceedings to get it. it is very difficult to work through the real estate transactions. once you have that, you can start to build. now not building when those agents need it is going to cause more chaos for places like la jolla and other parts of south texas. >> ron, i can hear the frustration in your voice. i want to get your thoughts on this, secretary of state blinken attended last week's summit on border security in mexico city. and he talked about focusing on the root causes of illegal immigration. take a listen. >> ultimately the only solution is to deal with the [inaudible]. i think fundamentally it is about economic opportunity and demonstrating to people that they can have a livelihood, they can have the possibility, providing for themselves, for
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their families, for their futures at home, and we are working on that together. >> so how does focusing on the root causes of these surges impact the 400,000 estimated migrants border patrol expects to apprehend this month alone? >> that's a very good point. it does nothing for the customs and border protection officers. the border patrol agents and their families that are left to deal with this massive crisis, that's going on on the southwest border right now. you want to focus on the long-term, fine. it is good for americans to have long-term thinking as it relates to foreign policy, but something needs to be done now for the agents and the officers. they need the tools that exist for us to control that border. that's the expectation of the entire united states. and sure, let's work with mexico. they need to be partners in this. but we need to do something now to help those border patrol agents at the line right now that are protecting us. >> and the vast majority of these migrants are from mexico and central america. take a look at the numbers. more than half a million have
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come from mexico so far this year. honduras, 281,000. guatemala 254,000. el salvador, 85,000. other countries account for about 300,000 people. so we understand these people want better lives and hope to find it here in the united states. but going back to what the secretary of state said, is the u.s. expected to fix all the problems in these countries? >> we can't fix everything. but we also can't expect mexico and our partners in the region to do more as it relates to migration in the pipeline that flows through their countries. if our policies are encouraging people to come each and every day, and that's the situation we're in. we're encouraging people to bring or send their children to the border, mass releases of the haitians that were in del rio. that's encouraging the people in pipeline to come and come faster if they are still at home now, they are watching what's happening with their own eyes and they are seeing people get away from the border patrol or
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being in fact released by the border patrol. that's going to make more want to make that journey. that's not helping anybody. the root cause of this problem is a policy that changed in a dramatic way leading to the largest surge the department has ever seen >> that's right, president biden jen psaki saying don't come, but clearly that message is not getting through. former border patrol chief and former acting i.c.e. director, thanks a lot for joining us today. eric? >> thank you. >> eric: claudia, brian laundrie continues to elude capture, that's approaching four weeks, this as investigators are still combing the vast carlton reserve in florida for gabby petito's fugitive fiance, if he is indeed there. meanwhile, his hometown is planning to build a permanent memorial for the murdered 22-year-old. steve harrigan is live in florida in front of the makeshift memorial that's there now with the latest. hi, steve. >> eric, there's still a steady stream of people coming up to this makeshift memorial.
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there's a lot of teddy bears and flowers, but also some real works of art that people have put some time in to make there. we've seen steady stream of people just stopping, taking pictures, and we talked to a number of them, asked them why they came. one woman said she came to pray. here's what she had to say. >> just pray continually for the family, that they will find peace and comfort in this tragic situation. >> they are going to shift this to a permanent memorial with a steel bench for the slain 22-year-old. as for brian laundrie, he is a person of interest in that homicide. so far the focus of the search for laundrie has been in a nature reserve about 24,000 acres, about 10 miles from here, but police officials say there's really been no physical sign, no camp evidence, no physical evidence, even that he is dead or alive. the hunt for laundrie right now
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at this point at a stand still. while he's a person of interest in the killing of petito, he's also wanted for debit card fraud. he took gabby's debit card and withdrew more than $1,000 from her account. back to you. >> eric: all right steve in north port, thank you very much. claudia? >> eric, president biden is urging democrats in congress to unite as his signature piece of legislation hangs in the balance. moderates and progressives can't seem to agree on a price tag for his multitrillion dollars build back better plan. biden saying the party needs to get on the same page before next year's midterms. mark meredith is in wilmington, delaware work the latest on this. -- delaware, with the latest on this. mark? >> good afternoon to you, claudia. president biden is urging both the american people as well as members of his own party to get behind these spending plans, but as you mentioned, there's still a divide here and even some liberals warning the longer this debate drags on when it comes to spending, the bigger the chance
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that nothing gets done. this weekend the president is taking more of an optimistic approach, though. he addressed democrats for a fall dnc meeting virtually on saturday. he essentially urged his party to remain united, especially going into next year's midterms. this weekend democrats close to the president basically argued the same thing, doubling down on that optimism and that message insisting that the party is not as far off when it comes to spending as recent headlines suggest. >> but i think what matters most is the policies that we agree on as democrats. that we should reduce the costs facing for most working families i think the ultimate price will be around 2 trillion dollars. but it is policies that really matter. as a caucus, we agree on those. >> the white house believes such massive spending would really jump-start the economy, but that may not be what the rest of country believes because recent polls show a majority of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy ever since he's taken office. republicans argue there is one
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immediate way that they could jump-start the economy, create new jobs, and that would be for the house to move forward with the bill that involves infrastructure that was already agreed to by the senate. >> you saw the president just last week go to the capitol again. he was supposed to close the deal, and instead he made it very clear that the tax and spend multitrillion dollars bill is tied directly to the infrastructure bill, and it undermines the whole process. >> of course the big question is, when will we see any sort of major progress here? if and when that does happen, we have heard from the speaker's office, they want to get this done by the end of the month. we also heard today that it could be by the end of the year. it's anybody's guess. the jobs report came out on friday showing in the month of september employers added far fewer jobs than what economists were expecting. claudia? >> mark meredith following it all from wilmington, delaware. thank you. eric? >> eric: claudia, we have some
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developing news for you. thousands of southwest airline customers are left stranded, grounded as the airline reports they have had to cancel many flights today. it is happening for the second straight day. in fact, more than 1800 flights have been cancelled just this weekend alone. southwest is blaming air traffic control issues and bad weather. but no other carriers are reporting similar problems this weekend. southwest pilots union denies any connection with some pilots objecting to the airline's recent employee vaccination mandate. claudia? >> eric, fallout is growing after a controversial move by new york city mayor de blasio. why he is defending his decision to cancel a program for gifted students. and why both his potential successors say they will reverse his actions. ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo!
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>> claudia: a new jersey nurse dies after an alleged mugger shoved her to the ground. she was reportedly left brain dead after the incident. she was taken off life support last night. the mugger, a 26-year-old man, accused of shoving the woman while he was running away after
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stealing another woman's cell phone. the mugger faces murder as well as robbery and assault charges. >> eric: there may be hope for new york city's gifted and talented school program after all, that after the mayor announced he would end the initiative sparking a lot of backlash from teachers and parents. mayoral candidates eric adams and curtis silwa say they plan to resurrect the program if they are elected next month. we have more on this. >> good evening, eric. mayor de blasio in new york has decided here on his way out the door as he's leaving this office to make this big announcement that he has decided to faze out the gifted and talented program here in new york. the trick here though is the actual overhaul of the program will fall on whoever comes in as mayor next which real splits this issue right in the center of the mayoral campaign that's ongoing right now. the current new york city gifted
1:21 pm
and talented program relies on testing for placement, quizzing kids as young as 4. critics say the program disproportionately favors whites and asian students enrolling fewer black and latino students. the newer program will screen students identify subject area strengths and then accelerated instruction will be provided all by retrained teachers, all while students stay in their classrooms. >> we are saying we're going to train teachers and prepare schools to actually reach you as a child and bring out your gifts and abilities that would have been ignored if you were not accepted into one of those very small, very exclusive gifted and talented programs previously. >> the republican candidate for mayor curtis silwa has unequivocally slammed the plan, calling the mayor's announcement an october surprise. he supports expanding the gifted and talented program. >> instead of saying let's expand gifted and talented, so
1:22 pm
there are more children like curtis's sons and the sons and daughters of blacks and hispanics and others can get into gifted and talented if they qualify, no, the mayor just wants to abolish it, shame on him. >> democratic mayoral nominee eric adams viewed as the front runner this democrat heavy city has not backed de blasio's plan. his spokesman gave us a brief statement reading he will assess the plan and reserve his rights to implement policies based on the needs of students and parents should he become mayor. clearly the department of education must improve outcomes for children from lower income areas. one more very hot-button issue for the mayoral candidates in new york city to tackle ahead of election day. back to you. >> eric: a lot going on. molly, thank you. claudia? >> claudia: eric, growing fallout across the country after attorney general merrick garland direct the fbi to investigate parent protesters at school board meetings. now critics are accusing the attorney general of having a conflict of interest due to his
1:23 pm
son-in-law's connections with an education company. alexandria hough has the details from washington. alexandria? >> the attorney general has been accused of seeking to silence parents and now he must take on critics who say he is doing it for his own family. last week garland agreed to deploy federal law enforcement. congressman crenshaw wrote this on twitter. they are trying to intimidate you, don't listen to them. the department of justice says it is misinformation, quote the department's efforts are about rooting out criminal threats of violence not about any particular ideology. but garland does have a link to schools. according to a 2018 "new york times" article, garland's daughter married the co founder of panorama education, serves school districts encouraging social emotional learning by
1:24 pm
administrating surveys to provides hand on coaching and support. some parents find this equity and inclusion in the classroom similar to the critical race theory. according to the company, it is not connected to crt and not a tool for teaching crt. the student surveys have also sparked some concerns. >> big tech is data mining our children with surveys and screeners and one of the recipients of the money that school boards are approving is merrick garland's son-in-law's company panorama education. >> mark zuckerberg is an investor in panorama but the company states they don't sell the data from the surveys or provide it to facebook. fox news. >> eric: overseas taiwan is flexing its military muscles amid the rising tensions with china. this as the u.s. says it stands squarely behind taiwan.
1:25 pm
our next guest says getting into a potential war would be a mistake. we will take a look. plus, experts setting the alarm about the incoming flu season. could this winter bring a potential twindemic? dr. marc siegel on what you need to know, coming up next right here on "fox news live". [sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock.
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>> eric: a look at the top stories, three mean have been arrested after a deadly mass shooting at a bar in st. paul minnesota late last night. one woman was killed in that shooting. 14 patrons at the bar were wounded. there's no word at this moment at a possible motive. a passenger prompted an emergency landing yesterday at la guardia's airport. he will not face charges. passengers on board the american eagle flight from indianapolis reported suspicious behavior thinking that passenger may have a bomb. the police say after they interviewed him, they determined it was a, quote,
1:30 pm
misunderstanding. a 3-year-old boy who went missing in texas has been found safe. christopher ramirez disappeared on wednesday after following a neighbor's dog into the woods. he will remain in the hospital, though, for observation. claudia? >> claudia: eric, at least 16 people are dead after a plane crash in central russia. the plane was carrying 20 skydivers. it reported engine failure before attempting an emergency landing. it reportedly clipped a vehicle and then flipped over. ryan chilcote is in london with the latest on this story. ryan? >> yeah, claudia, that plane had just taken off, just reached an altitude of about 200 feet, just really ascending when the pilots reported that the left engine had cut out. they knew where they were headed was an inhabited area. they veered to the left. that's when they clipped that mini van, causing the entire plane to flip over. that all according to the local governor.
1:31 pm
really chilling story. 20 skydivers on their way up to jump. a crew of two miraculously you might say, six people pulled out alive out of the plane. now local hospital officials say fighting for their lives. it was a twin engine short range transport plane, the kind of plane you use for skydiving. the parachuting club that owns it, pretty popular, very reputable, well known. they have hosted european and world championships. they are used by russian cosmonauts for training. needless to say, russia's cosmonaut training center has suspended its ties with the club which is about 500 miles to the east of moscow spending an investigation. pretty standard i have to say in situations like this. russian aviation -- [inaudible]. airlines have upgraded their planes and fleets.
1:32 pm
but you do still get these kinds of crashes, usually smaller aircraft, particularly in the region. claudia, a real tragedy. if there is a silver lining, though, in this story, it is that six people pulled out of that plane alive. all of them now in the hospital, fighting for their lives. claudia? >> claudia: ryan, we are pulling for them as well. ryan chilcote in london, thank you very much. eric? >> eric: claudia, taiwan showing off its military might during celebrations for its national day today. thousands looked on as soldiers marched and tanks rumbled through the streets. growing tensions with china cast a shadow over these festivities. in the past week beijing have set waves of fighter jets into taiwan's defense zone. more than 150 have flown through. yesterday chinese president vowed to achieve a quote unification with taiwan, which beijing considers a break away province despite it being a democratically elected sovereign
1:33 pm
nation. in a speech today taiwan's president did acknowledge the recent tensions saying quote we will continue to bolster our national defense and demonstrate our determination to defend ourselves. in order to ensure that nobody can force taiwan to take the path china has laid out for us. retired army lieutenant colonel is with us, a senior fellow and military expert for defense priorities and author of "the 11th hour in 2020 america". there's the book. colonel davis, china has been ratcheting it up. i mean, sending so many warplanes, strong message. is there a real concern potentially that they are preparing whether now or a few years from now to try and invade take taiwan? >> i think there's a very real possibility. there's nothing like a guarantee or certainty that there is, but without question, the conditions that would be necessary for china to launch a war are increasing, and their capabilities are increasing. with these aircraft that we have seen not just in the last two
1:34 pm
weeks, but actually all throughout this year, it is a huge by far record number of flights going on, and the primary purpose of those is to show that they are increasing capability to launch coordinated attack that would be necessary for an invasion. and then on the other side of the equation, you have taiwan actually being more and more independent minded and moving further away from china as they see how they've treated hong kong and tibet and some of these other places, who is to blame for them. but the united states has to be very very careful that we do what taiwan suggested which is to help them defend themselves but we should not get involved a war if it comes to that. >> eric: they are increasing their military budget by 9 billion dollars, and we back their security, but does that mean that we would get into a war over taiwan? >> it doesn't automatically mean that, but there's a substantial move in washington here in the last year or so where more and
1:35 pm
more people are saying we should give express security guarantees, and i understand, you know, why we wouldn't want taiwan to be taken by china, but we have to make a cold sober realistic assessment of whether we could win, and if so, at what cost, and when you do that, you see the chances of us winning based on the fact that we would be fighting from about 6,000 miles away, and they from china 100, and you look at the array of forces, they have the highest tactical advantage for us, and we would probably lose. even if we won, the cost would be astronomical, and the worst possible outcome is it could go nuclear and be devastating for our country. we can't risk it. >> eric: what do you think we should do? >> we should continue to do what we have been doing. what we actually do have an agreement to is to help taiwan defend themselves. it is great they are adding 9 billion dollars. that's good. it should have been done a lot longer ago because the taiwanese have neglected their [inaudible].
1:36 pm
they are still spending just barely 2% of gdp while we spent 3.5% so it needs to be commensurate with that. they need to spend more and do it in smarter ways. their readiness has been assessed by numerous groups as being pretty low quality. they need to take their defense more seriously. >> eric: what do these drills mean if you can call them that? do you see them as basically trying to be a run through for actually -- >> china expressly calls them military drills. they do them both in the air and on the sea. what these things not just a number of aircraft, but it is the cooperation, coordination between you have fighters, bombers, planes, all these -- some would be taking out air defenses. some would be attacking the ground. you see a growing level of sophistication that would be necessary.
1:37 pm
that's where they would launch an invasion from the air anyway if that's what they were doing. it is definitely a preparation. it is unknown whether they are committed to doing it or preparing. >> eric: there are some who are saying we need to have taiwan's back stronger. let me read something from the dispatch, saying quote the united states vows to depend treaty allies like japan and south korea but provides only ambiguous security pledge to taiwan. the united states should end the policy of ambiguity for taiwan and make it clear it would be willing to use military force if necessary to rappel a chinese invasion of taiwan. u.s. allies and partners of militaries capable of operating in the region, such as, japan, australia, india, britain, and france should join in this pledge, deterrence will be strengthened if china believes an assault on taiwan would trigger a rupture with the entire free world. colonel, what if all those nations and the united states did band together and say china,
1:38 pm
beijing, no, this is what's going to happen if you invade taiwan. step back. >> that makes no sense, just bluntly stated because if you enter into a mutual -- or into a treaty obligation, like with nato, that's an usual defense treaty. -- an unusual defense treaty. we can't get into a situation where we risk nuclear war, where american cities or american aircraft carrier could get sunk only for the benefit of taiwan. now, see i argue that we don't need, you know, a military treaty to be able to turn china into a pariah. there's many things we can do diplomatically and economically to make significant pain for china should they do something like that, but to get into a war that we would probably lose, that's just hubris and we should avoid it at all costs. >> eric: we hope beijing gets the message to keep its hands off taiwan. retired colonel, thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: of course. claudia? >> claudia: eric, the u.s. general best known for leading
1:39 pm
president obama's troop surge in iraq has died of cancer. retired general ray odierno, his military career spanned nearly four decades. he commanded forces in iraq at the height of the war there including when the u.s. captured saddam hussein. in 2011, he became army chief of staff. his last post before retiring in 2015. general odierno is survived by his wife linda and three children. he was 67 years old. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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1:44 pm
lows last season. but some health experts fear lower immunity could make this the worst flu season in years. fox news medical contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone, dr. marc siegel is joining us now. thank you for joining us today, doctor. the numbers regarding all of this very telling, two winters ago, 38 million cases of the flu in the u.s. take a look at the numbers. but last year, just 1.3 million, according to the cdc, can we thank social distancing and face masks for these numbers entirely? or what's going on? >> claudia, good afternoon. that's part of it. i've written several books on flu. this is in my wheel house. i think it all starts with australia and the southern hemisphere. last year australia did a lot of social distancing, a lot of masking, and that worked even better for flu than for covid by the way because it doesn't spread as easily. it worked, very low flu severity
1:45 pm
and cases, numbers extremely low in australia. then we saw the same thing. we had historic number of people getting the flu shot last year, over 160 million. that helped a lot. again the measures we call them mitigating strategies worked here too. here's the good news, australia another really low flu season this year. historically very very low again. very low severity, very low number of cases, so why are we concerned here? you already said it, because we're vulnerable because we don't have the cross protection of a prior year, and we especially worry about that in our children who we really don't want to see any severe cases among children, which we can see, and so i am encouraging everybody to get their flu shot now. right now, by the way, we're very very low on flu. of all the respiratory viruses going to the emergency room, only about 1 to 2 percent the flu right now, but we usually see flu season in january and february, plenty of time to get your flu shot.
1:46 pm
you absolutely should. i'm not sabre rattling or fear mongering on this. i don't know what's going to happen, but we have to be on the alert for it. >> claudia: but dr. siegel, the numbers suggest people haven't gotten around to getting their flu shot, at least not yet, or maybe they are tired of having needles poking their arms. according to the cdc, more than 65% of americans have gotten at least one covid vaccine, compared to just 8% who have gotten their flu shot, which seems to indicate there's not a whole lot of immunity out there for influenza, at least not yet, so where should those numbers be at this point? in the high double digits? >> that's a great point. one of the reasons we've seen slow flu vaccine up tick so far is people are afraid, wait i'm getting my booster. wait i just had my second shot. will this interfere with my covid shot? the answer is absolutely not. i do tell people to wait a couple weeks in between by the way. the cdc is not recommending that. i am just because if you are
1:47 pm
having side effects of a vaccine, i want them to be separate. they are usually small self-limited flu like side effects. i want to make another encouraging point. if flu season peaks in january, even if you didn't get the vaccine yet, it's plenty of time to get it. i encourage my patients to get it if october and november because you know why? then you get the greatest impact of the vaccine right when flu season is hitting. don't think oh i missed it at my doctor's visit in august or september. it's too late. it's not too late. now's the time. 8% is way too low, claudia, you are right. we've got to raise that up. >> claudia: some places like san francisco are starting to relax their mask mandates. los angeles going the other way, requiring masks pretty much anywhere indoors. dr. fauci weighed in on this saying masks are still a good idea even if you've gotten the covid vaccine. he said quote when you have a lot of infection in the community, even though you're vaccinated, when you're not home, but outside in congregate
1:48 pm
settings in the public, wearing masks i think would be very prudent. what are your thoughts on masks for people who have been vaccinated for covid and who have their flu shot? >> great question. i want to quibble a little with dr. fauci on this because i know there's a lot of covid fatigue out there. we saw two huge studies come out over the past week showing record amounts of depression and anxiety. it is all related to social distancing and masking, not being able to congregate. i would say this he's right indoors because we are seeing breakthrough infections with the delta variant even though the numbers are going down and hospitalizations starting to go down, the way to keep them down is to keep some of these strategies in place. i say wear a mask in close quarters indoors, but if you are walking down the street, by yourself, you know, a friend of mine saw on santa monica boulevard today people walking
1:49 pm
down the streets completely alone outdoor wearing masks that gives you a prohibitive feel contributing to depression. social distancing and masks indoors even if you have had the vaccine. >> claudia: and get your flu shot. >> absolutely. >> claudia: dr. marc siegel, thank you for joining us today. appreciate it. eric? >> eric: get the flu shot of course that's true. coming up here on fox news, a special tribute in honor of hispanic heritage month. here's bryan llenas. >> she was a single mom, a cancer survivor, and an entrepreneur. this is hispanic heritage month. we honor her next. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game!
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>> eric: fox news is marking hispanic heritage month. the story of one woman who was empowering the latino small business community in kansas city. here's bryan llenas. >> at a time when small businesses are rebounding from the pandemic, this hispanic heritage month we honor a woman who has dedicated her life advocating on their behalf. >> you don't want to sit on the side lines. you want to get in the game. you know, show up in nontraditional spaces. >> she's president and partner of tico productions and sports.
1:54 pm
providing spanish language broadcasts for sports teams like the kansas city chiefs. >> what's really rewarding is that we're able to give young people, people of color, an opportunity to get in sports. >> born and raised in kansas city, kansas, she's a third generation mexican-american, a single mother of four children, she began her career working at a local car dealership. >> i was the only female. i was certainly the only minority on the sales room floor. i learned the product. i learned my product better than anybody, better than all my male colleagues and i outsold them. >> she would go on to lead the chamber of commerce in kansas city. >> another friend of this committee. >> today she is the president of the latino coalition, a nonprofit advocating on behalf of latino small business owners, the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the u.s. >> what motivates you to join this organization and to lead this organization at this stage in your career?
1:55 pm
>> we need a collective voice, a strong collective voice, not just a washington, d.c., but in, you know, locally as well. >> she has tirelessly advocated on behalf of the latino community even as she battled and beat cancer twice. >> i think a lot of it is not just fortitude and resilience and knowing that you're going to get to the end, you know, that there's an end in sight, but you have to have some allies and friendships along the way. >> she says corporate america needs to engage with the latino community because they will be driving corporate bottom lines over the next decade. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market...
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i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> the empire state building celebrated 25 years for fox news media. the landmark lit up in red, white and blue last night to mark 25 years since fox news channel launched on october 7, 1996. 136 fox news employees are still here with the company today including myself. i have been with fox news since before the channel began through wars, world series championships and federal investigations which included this moment with the former president. >> in the criminal case. >> you really do work for fox don't you?
2:00 pm
>> that was live television and claudia you have 24 years. >> not quite as long as you it was nice to watch you at the nasdaq last week to help ring the bell but it was fun to join a startup and it's just a thrill and a privilege to be part of the fox family. that does it for us, "the big sunday show" is next. ♪. aishah: hi, everybody and welcome to "the big sunday show" i am aishah hasnie along with guy benson and emily compagno you and joe, here's what's on tap. guy: gifted and talented programs in schools are racist, he is getting rid of them, and outrage among parents is building. aishah: about to discuss there, emily what you have. emily: tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are inching closer to our southern


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