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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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flynn on have the best evening with the ones you love, the upside of this sad moment it may bring you closer to them. tammy bruce is in for a sean hannity this columbus day and we are proud to say she takes over now. >> tammy: thank you, tucker and happy columbus day to you and to everyone. welcome aboard, everyone to this special edition of hannity, the left's radical agenda.e i'm tammy bruce in for sean and tonight, wemy begin at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where the biden administration is facing yet another lingering crisis. this time, w it's a crisis of confidence. three new polls show biden underwater by double digits and for good reason. nine months and then the president has failed on literally everything. the southern border is a nightmare, the afghan withdrawal was a disaster, covid-19 is not under control and the economy is struggling mightily. inflation is through the roof
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energy prices are reaching record levels, food prices are at a 10-year high and america's supply chain is in a state of chaos. cargo ships off the coast of california and new york are unable to unload because of a lack of dockworkers. meanwhile, goods and products are now piling up in warehouses because of a lack of truck drivers. american retailers are facing nationwide shortages. just in time for christmas, of course. it's so bad that some large corporations are chartering private cargo ships, a costly move thatt will be paid for by guess who?wi you, the consumer. but that's not all, travel delays are wreaking havoc nationwide. over the weekend, southwest airlines canceled over 1,000 flights blamingou inclement weather but many are wondering if staffing issues going to thee companies employ vaccine mandates are really to blame. joining us now is the author of
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"beyond biden, rebuilding the america we love" sounds great former speaker ofe the house in fox news contributor newt gingrich. mr. speaker, thank you very much for being with me. >> it's good to be with you. >> tammy: very briefly that i laid out here for everyone everyone's experience did. the average american knows about the crisis, they know about the gas prices, the violence going ton. we see it all around us. when you're a speaker and you've had some terrific speeches, your approach is always an inspirational, optimistic look forward. whatn do you make now as our problems continue? >> i had to start by saying that a friend of mine just wrote us and say i don't usually brag about going to expensive places but i just left the gas station. in that kind of captured -- i
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filled up my truck and it was $64 and it used to be 30 and that's the biden inflation tax on all of us. when he said he wouldn't tax anybody under 400,000. it would be a lie if biden had any idea what he was saying. but i'm increasingly convinced thathe the entire left lives ina fantasy world where none of these facts matter and it's a very hard thing to explain to people. the big government socialistsle know they can't be honest about it so they invent all of these things. a good example is what's happening withth the border. the problem is less and less guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. the problem now is haitians who fly from port-au-prince into ecuador, come upri through columbia, across the darien gap and end up literally coming all the way up. it's africans who are coming into brazil and coming on up.
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the word is out around the planet, joe biden wants you to break the law, once you to come to the u.s. illegally, so people there saying why not? your choices port-au-prince and new orleans. questioning which is the better life for you and your family. you see this on every front. >> tammy: it is the greatest country on earth. it is impossible at this point. his in this really showing us that a single american leader of matters, that t leadership at te
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top and the presidency as we see the juxtaposition between trump and biden, that that is what matters when it comes to leadership and what happens in this country? >> i also think it's the congress, i also think it's governors and state legislators. we are a remarkable country allowing people to be engaged in self-governing and what we are seeing is an amazing split. you have california doing insanely stupid things driving people out of california toward states that have rational government. the gap between red states and the worst of the blue states is to go totally different countries. the red states with the republican governors, republican legislators, lower taxes, less regulation, favoring work favoring the job creation. they are going to do great. they also have schools that actually work. these blueue states, california
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chicago, illinois, new york they are disasters and all going ideology doesn't work, their union allies are destroying the system and i think it's a real crisis of the american system and whether or not in the next five or six years we eliminate this radical big government socialism, go back to a traditional american model where work matters, taxes ought to be low, you want to be responsible for your own o life and you sout in virginia when you're the democrat candidate for governor saying parents should not be involved in the schools. to say that in a debate tells you how deeply the unions want to own the school room and your child and how much they hate having parents beou involved. >> tammy: i think it also is a signifier of the contempt with which the democrats nowhi hold e average american.
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it that this suggestion even that parents do not have a say or are not the ones in control of their children, that this now is so common at least within their conversation at a cocktail party that it slips out at a debate because this is what they discussed with their friends or even the ralph northam dynamic with post birth abortion. these conversations that have shocked the conscience of the average american radicalizing parents as we see with the doj reaction to their involvement as school board meetings, the fact that parents are getting so uppity that theyat want to contl what their children learn, he was see what the doj is an example is doing in its reaction, is this the radicalization of parents i can take this country back and move us back into the traditional framework that has made us a country worth coming to? >> sure. i think when you realize there
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was a poll out today that 58% of people regard the federal government as a threat to their freedom. what you're beginning to move towards is a war -- not a physical war, but a cultural war between the bureaucracy, the academic world, and the news media and the rest of us and the truth is, there are more of us than there are of these big government socialist radicals who want to impose a very weird worldview who are apparently prepared to fight the american people. in the long run in a free society, may be in china or b in russia or in nazi germany, you could use the power of the state and get away with it. in a free country, you can't in the rebellion of starting with the election in virginia this year and extending into '22 and '24 is going to be astonishing and these radical democrats of which you look at his career, he was once sort of a centrist and now has to be a radical because otherwise he can't run as a democrat.
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>> tammy: what a collapse of a legacy and a history in any kind of sense of what people thought was real because we've certainly got a wake-upth call. newt gingrich, great stuff great new book coming up thank you so much for coming on tonight. i appreciate it. tonight for some reason despite battling multiple crises at home and abroad, joe a biden rarely works a full day here this afternoon, he called a lid j around 4:00 p.m. and each weekend, joe typically jets off to the beach after a strenuous three or four day work week. meanwhile, his cabinet is not much better. after months of silence, his transportation secretary pete buttigieg shrugged off america's supply chain crisis has something that will take years to resolve. meanwhile, kamala harris is avoiding anything related to the border. last week, she skipped out on a border security meeting in mexico city and recently participated in a bizarre video about faraway planets. take a look at this. >> i just love the idea of
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exploring the unknown. and other things that we just haven't figured out were discovered yet. to think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn, i love that. so very excited about the space council. we are going to learn so much as we increasingly are curious and interested in the potential c fr the discoveries and the work we can do. so that's one of the things i'm most excited about. but you guys are going to see you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. >> tammy: talk about cringe. with white house chief of staff reince priebus and matt schlapp gentlemen, it is remarkable.
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i felt that if kamala harris is an authentic normal person wasn't just thinking about '24 or didn't think that she had achieved the goal of simply being elected, every single thing she does is odd. there's an affectation that is artificial, there is this strange emotional artificiality. how do you explain the nature of we've all seen politicians we like and we don't like. this seems to be a wholly different issue. what's your take on what she's up to? >> i don't know anybody who hangs around a lot of kids like we do, that's not how you treat kids and all i can do when i think of kamala harris talking to kids of various ages is think about how when brett kavanaugh was that age, she accused him of some ofen the most heinous thins ever. this is a phony baloney dayquil hyped up kind of performance and
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what they don't get is that we have all of these crazies going on all over the country in afghanistan, the border, the cargo ships outside in california, trump would affix that in like 11 minutes. and why on gods green earth would they put up this outrageous video that makes people feel like they don't take their problem seriously. >> tammy: i think that's exactly the issue because we have a legitimacy problem biden's numbers on every issue are down precipitously including on the issue of trust and this is why he supposedly was elected, people are realizingd, that they were taken as smocks and we don't like that but here you have this bad theater, it is bad theater while we are dealing with so many crises. your experience in the white house, the nature of the choices that have to be made what do you think the biden administration is doing at this point? do they realize the kind of trouble they are in beyond the
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polls, that this is almost irretrievable and that kamala harris is not going to help? >> they are certainly leaking on each other in politico so the biden administration is leaking on kamala harris and they are leaking on the biden administration and a lot of times in the white house office can operate a little bit independently from the actual president'se office and their teams are separated actually and i think in the case of the video, matt is right. this is about overproduced and it's fake as the biden sets in the white house. it really is the truman show. but i think what's going on here is that kamala harris is separating herself from joe biden and his 38%. she supposed to be the border
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nothing is happening. doing fluffor news on the view doing videos like she's almost gotten herself to the point where she too is unusable when you t mention the virginia raid and the interview both biden and kamala harris can't go to virginia because their numbers with independence are below 40. >> tammy: shocking, just nine months income of the ability to reverse even noncovid is now underwater. on the border, significantly underwater and then what we see unfolding here, you'd think these werewe all unforced error. these aree things done because f their bad policies like the cargo ships, the domino effect of that as we are dealing with this economic problem is shocking.t mayor pete, don't forget he was going to be the nominee to be
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the ambassador to china and so here's this guy who's been in charge of transportation shipping and he is shrugging at this point, do they not realize either they don't realize the domino effect or they don't care and they likeke the results, whh one is it? >> i like what you said which is these are unforced errors. the border was secured by donald trump but they don't have to like donald trump, but that sure better for a president even obama recognized if you look at afghanistan, another unforced error and now they haven't even done budget and taxes yet which is going to really cripple the economy. i think it's very fragile but the other thing to focus on his these poll numbers, remember biden is always rated on the curve in these poll numbers so even all these polling companies are giving him a few points. it's very hard for a president to come back this earlyy in his presidency when it's a universal
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decision in this country. he is not up to the job and he is just not connecting to them on how serious it is that you can get a flight. i don't know if i'm going to fly out tomorrow. you rent a car coming will be paying up to five bucks a gallon for gas.s. the american people are hurting and they are putting out videos about the moon. >> tammy: i'll give you the last word here. the irony that they are passing supposedly fighting over an infrastructure bill when the mistakes they're making and choices they are making our what's responsible for a collapse of our actual infrastructure, what do you think, are the republicans actually going to try to stop the nature of what they are doing? every single thing they've done has been a disaster, this bill will pile onto this, don't we have a moral responsibility don't the republicans to actually take aggressive action
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to stop this instead of just letting the democrats fight amongst themselves?re >> we are not talking about nipping around the edges here. this is about changing american culture.ut what the democrats are proposing is permanent changes from cradle to grave taking care of americans, free pre-k, free college, no college debt. this is about the future of our country.e by the way, you talk about the border. one of the things i think republicans need to realize is i don't think i that the democrats in their mind are not mishandling the border.em this is what they believe, they want this country to be the home of any person that wants to come here. republicans believe in the rule of law and you ought to wait in line to do things the proper way. they are being successful. this is what they want. newt gingrich said it right this is a cultural war for who
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we are as americans now. we have to fight like crazy. >> tammy: they've got to.. americans do not want this on the republicans have got to step up. forget about '22 in '24, it's about saving thisfo american framework and the american dream. thank you very much, a lot on our plate but americans have faced even more in the past and we can do it. biden's border crisis continues to spiral. griff jenkins joins us from panama when he spoke to migrants making their way to our southern border will also get reaction from laura logan and dana loesch. you won't believe what hillary clinton said today about the future of politics. stay with us as the special edition of hannity continues.
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>> tammy: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. developing tonight, officials and palm and i tell fox news that a massive migrant caravan with 60,000 migrants is making its way toward our southern border. fox news is griff jenkins gained exclusive access to one of the migrant camps here with the latest on the ground in panama is griff. >> good evening, tammy. there was a panamanian pipeline full of haitians that starts way south of our u.s. southern
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border. that's why we came here to the migrant camp in southern panama. we are the first tv journalist to come here since the camp opened in may of 2020. you can see behind me, hundreds of people lining up to get onto a bus. they have all crossed the most deadly trek through the darien gap, a lawless jungle ruled by drug traffickers, smugglers, and bandits that prey on migrants as they move from columbia to panama before they head to the u.s. we spoke to one of those migrants who talked about how hard the journey was. >> it was really difficult, but if you are looking at the way the mountain, the water, the dead bodies, it was really horrible. >> you saw dead bodies.
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>> yes, so many dead bodies. >> catamounts foreign minister says that there are some 60,000 migrants currently passing through panama headed to the u.s. and the international organization of migration said that more than 91,000 have passed through here this year alone. also says that some 52 individuals with links to terrorist groups have passed this year. as for where these migrants behind me will go, they will go to the costa rican border will that will be let out for about $40. >> tammy: thank you very much sir. biden's open borders agenda is clearly failing on every front failing to protect the u.s. border, failing to protect their safety and security and failing to send a message the rest of the world that america is a sovereign nation and just look at this exclusive footage showing over $100 million worth of unused border wall materials. a fox fight team capture of this
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footage of roughly 10,000 steel panels sitting unused since biden took office and is just more evidence of the all-out neglect of the biden administration. and more evidence of their destructive open borders agenda. so ask yourself amid the wave of vaccine mandates, mask rules and never ending covid rules for law-abiding americans, where are the rules for these migrants? where there are vaccine passports? where is the proof of a negative test? i think it's obvious, it's a complete breakdown of law and order, security and of common sense. one of the most basic responsibilities of governing is the protecting of the country and protecting of the borders and the one responsibility the biden administration strangely is the least concerned with. it's dangerous, destructive, but unfortunately, it's not at all surprising. here now for reaction fox nation host laura logan along with radio talk show host dana loesch. i have to say that you have to take this in small bites because
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it is so shocking. you heard griff mention talking without one migrant of passing by dead bodies, lots of dead bodies and yet we are told that this kind of immigration is the compassionate thing, that this is what people want. this is like a death march when you think about what we don't know and what is reported by a single individual who is moving through it, what's your take on everything we are observing to this point? >> i think you nailed it and thanks for having me. that's the perfect description of it, i can't imagine anything less compassionate than what this administration because of these lack of enforcement, the lack of regulation and just letting it all fall to pieces at the southern border, i can't imagine anything less compassionate than what those policies and that lack of regulation is leading to an causing and provoking. people who are undertaking
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dangerous journeys, you talked about this, people are well familiar especially younger children, especially women, the track is incredibly dangerous. i've heard so many different insane stories that break your heart especially involving kids from border patrol agents and people in these border towns and about that steel, that $120 million worth of steel that is sitting there, you know it is more than that because of the contracts that have been canceled. these are the same people that want us to continue to give them a blank check in the infrastructure. >> tammy: that is a great point, across the board here not just financially, but the incompetence but also intentional destruction that seems to be implemented here. your career is taking you to many different countries, human tipped all my catastrophes
11:30 pm
unfold in a variety of places we know about the human condition and yet this is the united states of america. you've got the dynamic of sex trafficking, human trafficking, the abuse of children in this process karmically i don't want to think about what this is doing to all of us but we also are dealing now with the vaccines in general when it comes to america, the flights in the pilots and all of that, is this a general meltdown that we are seeing here especially since the biden administration isn't giving an indication that they know it's wrong and they want to fix it that's one of my biggest concerns. >> if you look at this very closely as i have from the beginning, what you see is that the biden administration has never acknowledged a crisis at the border. they won't use those words, they say there is no problem at the
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border and what they do is the moment it shows up on the tv screens and you can actually see the scale of what is happening they get rid of it, a race as fast as they can and make it go away. what's happening at the very same time as we allow things like open borders in the open border foundations, those things exist and we don't ever follow it to its logical conclusion. you don't believe in a border of mother and don't believe in a sovereign nation and then you look at the demonization of anyone who is patriotic. you are patriotic these days you're a white supremacist. here a domestic terrorist. you cannot show any pride or even support for the idea of sovereignty without being some kind of threat to the united states of america, which is obviously just political nonsense and a smear campaign but very, very targeted, so
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these things are happening by design and with the biden administration is doing, it is implementing the policies that it wants on the southern border. and americans really are missing the fact that every single day the border is escalating and escalating and for example there are now cartel hits taking place on u.s. soil, being confirmed by texas law enforcement where enforcers from one of the cartels came across and murdered an american citizen into five separate texas counties in the last few months and you have the cartels coming up fully armed with all of their chest rigs and everything coming up and marking the border agencies, they are reflecting the policies of the biden administration which has no regard for its law enforcement no regard for the border agencies. they've thrown them under the bus and i want to use every time i'm on television to remind people they threw the horse patrol under the bus because it
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is the symbol of law enforcement from the 100 years, a century of securing the southern border that they want to obliterate. >> tammy: let make it quickly to dana because we've also got i think all of what we get distracted by, this is the sign of what matters because they don't want you to see it, you're absolutely right. at the same time, you've got dr. fauci saying things that i think are really meant to be distractions. they are meant to get a subset and halloween and if he approves of christmas. would you agree in that regard when we are dealing with this that all of these other things are to get us to look away from the things that are destroying the country? >> year 1000% right. i completely agree with that. it's a way to get people -- what the right hand does coming up to watch with the left hand is doing. it's really the left hand you have to watch because that's when they are using that opportunity just like this
11:34 pm
administration is doing to do things a little bit more malicious to american sovereignty and sending dr. fauci out and saying you can go trick-or-treating. no one is talking about trick-or-treating or going door-to-door, we are talking about the people coming across our border especially in texas who we are not testing. i have to show a negative test to get back into my country but people who are not legal citizens of this country do not have to? we have two standards of law in this country right now. this administration needs to pick which one to follow. >> tammy: great point and i think that anthony fauci who is effectively the village troll, a tiny tyrant will find out that we don't care. we just do not care. americans know the score, we know the seriousness of covid the greatest country on earth because we understand what's at stake in the border right now is key and they don't want us to think about it which means we must. thank you very much for joining me.
11:35 pm
as the border worsens, inflation surges and america's standing in the world weekends, what is the biden administration's concerned with? more draconian covid rules and restrictions on your daily life's because tiny tyrants is added again. then telling us it's tough to predict when we can go massless and doors but don't worry, he still says it's okay to go trick-or-treating. take a look. >> i think particularly if you are vaccinated, you can get out there outdoors for the most part at least when my children were out there doing trick-or-treating and enjoy it. >> how long do you think it will be until it's safe for vaccinated people to once again be indoors without a mask? >> it's always tough to predict that. i hope that soon but i can't give a prediction of the data on that. >> tammy: thank you, doctor but we never asked for your permission.
11:36 pm
he is not the permission giver. here for reaction, former hud secretary and founder and chairman of the american cornerstone institute dr. ben carson. we remain every week there seems to be something new, something ridiculous and it's important, i would ask you if you agree that it's important to remind the american people that no one elected dr. fauci to tell us what to do in our day-to-day lives, it's the most antithetical aspect of the american life about what it is that we should be doing. what's your take on this when it comes to freedom and how we can also stay safe and keep ourselves healthy? >> thank you, tammy. what we've done is we have given common sense over to so-called experts and we are smart people. a lot of these people just assume that the american people are very naive and they will accept anything. there were a lot of people who
11:37 pm
recognize what's going on here. a lot of this is not about covid, it's not about vaccines it's about basic fundamental freedoms for the very thing that people came to this country for in the first place and we are allowing all of this subterfuge to get in the way. the fact of the matter is, the covid crisis is not really a crisis anymore. it's dissipating very quickly. what about all these super-spreader events that were supposed to occur with these full stadiums when football season started? they haven't occurred, have they? a lot of the things that were predicted have not happened and were done to frighten people and control people and i think the american people are getting sick and tired of it, quite frankly. >> tammy: i think what they presumed it would happen is we would all simply collapse and say yes, sir, or yes, ma'am, and give off our freedom. it's not in our dna to surrender her freedom. we fought and died for this.
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>> it's not science either. the fact of the matter is, many studies have demonstrated that natural immunity is just as good as immunity induced by vaccines and probably even better because it affects more of the immune system in a positive way. and yet dr. fauci knows that the cdc knows that and yet, they are just completely ignoring it and i think if they would deal truthfully with these things people would do the right thing. people are smart, but they don't like being manipulated and that's exactly what's going on right now, manipulation of the people. >> tammy: just your description is perfect because we do know it's almost like saying we are doing a study and we find that natural immunity is very strong. it's like saying we've done a study in somebody on twitter made a very good point this would be the equivalent of a study proving the earth is round.
11:39 pm
we've known this, this is been obvious and yet the people pretend as though this is not clear, it does generate a lack of trust in the medical field trust is the key, is in a? >> it's the key and also look at all the peripheral effects. you've got all these people were not going to work, pilots and policemen and nurses and doctors, a lot of people in the health care field know this is foolishness and that's why they are not doing it. they've had covid already and why would they go ahead and expose themselves to extra risks when it's unnecessary? it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. >> tammy: it also exposes the hypocrisy, these are the front-line workers, the police officers, nurses, doctors who were there when we had no idea what this meant putting themselves on the front line and they care about themselves and their families and many of them have gotten covid, this is a
11:40 pm
conversation and a reality check that we are going to need to be having for quite some time coming up and your leadership and point of view is a good juxtaposition when it comes to that madness we've been experiencing coming up from the establishment politicians. dr. carson, thank you for being with us. coming up, after beating the recall, gavin newsom wasted no time enacting his radical agenda. matt finn joins us with the latest in hillary clinton's desperate attempt to stay relevant and continuous. we will explain coming up as the special edition of hannity continues.
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>> tammy: now, a wave of new laws out of the state of california, my home state including a crackdown on lawn mowers and even new rules for the toy aisles. our own matt finn's in los angeles tonight with all the details. matt. > here in california, it will soon be i against the law to sel traditional gas powered lawn equipment like leaf blowers and grass cutters. governor newsom signed a new law the beginning in 2024 and possibly sooner b will ban the sale of new gas powered equipment. it's a large category from lawn mowers to pressure washers that will nowor have to be electric or plug-in. the law as a part of gavin newsom's commitment to lower
11:47 pm
emissions and cleaner air. has been approved to offer professional landscaping businesses rebates to switch their gas powered equipment to zero admissions andat governor newsom also signed a law that orders large retailers to provide a gender-neutral i owe for children's toys. it applies to businesses with a 500 or more employees that will now need a section that is gender-neutral for items like toys or toothbrushes. clothing is not affected, the stores can still have boys engrossed sections and stores like target have already been doing this in his 2015. >> tammy: thanke you very much good old california. also tonight, twice failed presidential candidate hillary clinton is letting us know that she's not going anywhere and she isn't getting out of the game of politics anytime soon. take a look.n >> i believe you said it's up to us to make sure the plot stays fictional. after writing this, any interest at all like getting back into the game of politics? >> i will never be out of the game of politics.
11:48 pm
i really feel and i know was interviewing adam schiff before. i feel like our democracy is at stake. >> tammy: there you go. unfortunately for hillary americans are moving on and see her as just another political punch line that she refuses to take responsibility for her failures and blames everyone else all while she aimlessly searches for relevance and a a chardonnay in the forest and a reason to be in the spotlight. so here now for reaction fox news contributor leo terrel who has no opinion about any of this along with former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell. gentlemen, thank you very much. let's start with matt's report out of california. i moved to new york from california going right from the pan into the fire and in california, we love california it's a great state, but the toy isle, we've been talking about distractions to some degree, the democrats continue to want to distract people.
11:49 pm
california is on fire, it's a dumpster fire and he wants to talk about what you can have an a toy aisle. what's that all about? >> i thought it was very troubling to see this is such a serious problem, why is it that only businesses that are more than 500 people impacted? of this is a real serious problem, shouldn't everybody be included in this toy aisle? i have a big problem like everybody in california that our governor is trying to dictate marketing campaigns to stores why is he involved here, why is the sacramento media allowing him to get involved in these issues?s we've got water problems, energy problems, we don't have a terminal on the west coast at all, we are not participating in the explosion of liquid natural gas because our governor is literally worried about toy aisles. you can't make this stuff up.
11:50 pm
and yet this is happening. i just want to say it's shameful that the media and sacramento are allowing him to get away with this. >> tammy: that's a very good point and to your point about why is it just a larger box store, it also doesn't apply to clothing so i'm not sure. you're worried about a kids impression about what a they can and cannot wear, when i was growing up, i was the marble champion at school, i was wearing pants, i was not going to wear a dress, didn't like barbies. remember the hot wheels tracks that was my thing and i liked being a girl, i like being a girl right now but it really comes down into training people to believe that the government knows better than you, that you as a parent or as an influencer with young children are useless and bad and that it's the government who has to tell you what to do about that, what is your take on that?ve >> you just summed it up and rick is absolutely correct
11:51 pm
there should be a lawsuit on this whole toy story because it changes, gives preferential treatment for one set of stores and not the other. it's unfair. and it also implies that parents don't know what's best for the kids. it's basically insulting the parents. the government knows better than the parents and the decision making. it's insulting, but this is a guy who just fought back a recall so he basically is on a warpathnd and is going to go for more and more government control which means less and less freedom for people in california.on it's terrible here in california. you were smart to leave. >> tammy: the democrats start a war using barbie, that would be typical for them. at the same time, there's another law and i have to admit a long time ago, we had these fights about leaf blowers in california, the sound which is everywhere. the sound here in new york, got rid of some of the sound, that's
11:52 pm
all back, it ruins the quality of life but you've got a dynamic where talking about lawn mowers walking over human feces, needles people sleeping on the street the crime. i'm surprised you can go into any toy aisle and find toys or any products because of the shoplifting that is allowed. is there a reason why he is going after the lawn mowers? is there any reason why this kind of an issue as a factor or is it just another distraction? >> they are allowed, sacramento politicians are allowed to sit around and think of crazy ideas of how to be more progressive so how do we help the environment even more? and they are getting away with it and that's the whole troubling part, we've got a lot were really upset about schools and we've got people who are upset about the high gas prices, conserving
11:53 pm
water like you can believe, told to have brown grass. it's out of control and not paying attention to any real issues. >> tammy: i have to say is we close this out, if they really cared about kids, they would've open those public schools instead of just letting private schools operate.c keeping kids out of schools mask mandates in that regard and we are supposed to believe they're the compassionate ones because they're going to dictate what your childd is going to lok at and we've been saying are you going to put trucks right next to the barbies and think our kids going to be confused? is there any way out of this other than getting rid of gavin newsom? >> no, we need to fix california now which is the organization and the problem is this when you talk about the kids, that is dear to mymy heart because i'll tell you right now, education is the key to break the poverty cycle. the state's union run, we don't have any school choice, we don't
11:54 pm
have a situation where we can basically take over the state as long as these democrats are in charge. we need to have a two-party state in california. right now, it is deep blue. >> tammy: what californians need in both of you are a very good example of this are good rhetoric and representation that bereminds people that it can different and that there is a future because all of this is radicalizing parents i think in general, certainly the school board stuff is when they're telling you about what i toothbrush you can buy for your kids, that steps over a line. gentlemen, thank you. more on the special edition of hannity right after the break stay right there. s gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> welcome back, every one to the special edition of hannity. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening
12:00 am
and i want to thank sean for this opportunity and his entire team for making this so easy. make sure you check out that tammy bruce streaming on fox nation, my show which is why it has my name and you can also find meha on locals. as always, thank you for joining us, always an honor and a pleasure and also an honor to be able to hand this off now to laura ingraham coming up next. >> laura: great j > laura: great j laura: great job. great to see you tonight. ucla doctor was aggressively removed for a few refusing to comply with mask mandate. kamala harris stage of the political stop and what happened when nancy pelosi met the pope. first the democrats long dark winter is


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