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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 13, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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here's pelosi. >> build back better, which we spent time talking about already helps job security and moral responsibility, healthcare. medicare and medicaid and family care. laura: gutfeld - >> i would say the president has the supply chain task force working around the clock for months and months. something he has been working on and his team has been working on. jillian: the white house says president biden has been on it but experts say the supply chain nightmare is about to get worse. what companies are doing to stay afloat and how it could impact your wallet. todd: did you hear this? >> a better job at messaging and
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going forward, how do you sell this? >> you all could do a better job if you were frank. todd: did you hear that? speaker policy suggesting americans are not buying the tax and spending plan because the media isn't doing a good enough job. jillian: hunter biden's scandal could catch up with the big guy, "might bring president biden into an ongoing fbi investigation. thanks for starting the day with us and we begin here with the supply shortage coast to coast. store shelves becoming bare as ships carrying goods on source. todd: doug luzader as the white house makes the crisis of top priority. >> reporter: we will hear from specifics about this later this morning but the biden administration is aware the supply chain issue was a glowing crisis was this meeting at the
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white house, major retailers like walmart and home depot, the white house says this is part of an ongoing effort. >> i know it has been in front of the news the last few weeks but these are issues the president is focused on. the economy turning back on and focused on the first day. >> there is no single issue driving this, backups and us ports and trucking bottlenecks. >> we made it difficult on the trucking industry, you need to ease the regulations, starting with the industry. >> reporter: the labor crunch doesn't help.
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3.4 million workers in august, the most we have seen in a long time. >> labor shortages. we have 40,000 crewmembers, we've seen 20% inflation in our business this year. >> all of this combined with rising inflation leads to higher prices from thanksgiving dinner to christmas shopping. jillian: as president biden pushes his multi-trillion dollar agenda the prices for things every day, here's tucker carlson on how this can impact your family. >> that is what inflation does, it causes poverty.
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we can prove the population of the united states is getting poorer today. where working to make it better, but they are doing opposite making it worse. here's how we are doing it by spending. no government has spent more money than president biden is spending now. todd: house speaker nancy pelosi, arguing congressional reporters should be doing more to get the public on board with president biden's agenda. >> do we need to do a better job at messaging? how do you sell this? >> you could do a better job of selling it. every time i come here, family medical leave, the issues that are in their. it has a lot and it and we have to continue to make sure the public does but whether they
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know it or not they overwhelmingly support it. todd: lauren boberg had a lot to say. >> can you believe the audacity telling the american people you may not know what is in it but you like it. one reason the press isn't talking about biden's $5.5 trillion fast track to socialism, the you know how many public appearances sleepy joe had to discuss the plan? 0. 0 appearances today or yesterday. this bill is crap and that is why the american people aren't buying it. >> reporter: recent poll shows 10% of americans say they know a lot of these specifics included in the massive tax and spending plan, how they could foot the bill. 5 minutes after the hour, president biden shares a bank account with his finances under investigation. jillian: the president's personal finances this morning.
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>> couldn't single the president in an fbi probe, and eric should arena shows two biden shared bank accounts, one email reads in part, i am the parson again in his account and writing a check since he owes it to you. if you want to go ahead, if not i will deposit tomorrow. president biden tried to distance himself while campaigning. here's what he had to say when pressed about the matter in september of 20 team. >> how many times we've spoken to you about this? >> i've never spoken to my son about his oversee business dealings, never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their business.
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>> reporter: the white house descending hunter biden's lucrative are deals promising to keep the buyers identity secret. >> reporter: to print whether there is a departure to this, anonymity here. >> it is the purview of the gala rest. we still do not nor will not know who purchases any painting. another question on something else? what is going on? >> this despite the new york post reported lawyers vetting several buyers who pay 75,$000 each for five different print ad of the art show in hollywood. jillian: marianne rafferty. >> the president's son could drag his family down with him.
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>> no end of embarrassing and incriminating material that hunter biden lifted in the open that is bad news, why he is so reckless and irresponsible to lay his laptop, not just one but three of them lying around for people to find and it is hard to get to the goal in this laptop. that white is taking a long time for this information to come out. ashley: the fbi and irs with his relationships and possibility that money laundering charges are in order. jillian: turning to panama where countless migrants including haitians are arriving in both after clashing. todd: a haitian migrant has a message for president biden. >> reporter: we are in the river that brings migrants out of the deadly jungle.
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you can see migrants passing now. it costs $25 per adult for this 3-hour ride. and to continue their journey. the challenge is the trip they just took in that jungle, many are hurt, many are sick. a covid tent at the point of this disembarking on the river sure. it is part of the journey in central america to mexico where the cartels take their money and trying to cross into the us. >> i would say -- it is not easy for us.
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everything difficult, there is no security, just don't have the choice. jillian: senator lindsey graham says biden administration policies are putting our country more at risk every day. >> what i saw that bothers me most is another 9/11 in the making. 80 countries they pick people up from. two terrorists from yemen they caught a few weeks ago. how easy would it be if al qaeda or isis sold to leave afghanistan to leave to the southern border to blend in with this group that griff was talking about, border patrol is doing the best they can but they told me the likelihood of a terrorist attack from the southern border rose by the day. jillian: rangers in texas said migrants are destroying property and gang activity is on the rise.
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todd: the mother of gabby petito slamming brian laundrie's lawyer after doubling down, calls schmidt, calling it garbage, a coroner reveals petito was strangled. >> caused by death by strangulation in a manner of homicide. carley: the coroner believes petito was killed, doctor michael joins us to break down the autopsy report. jillian: black belt day for captain kirk, william general head to space after the blue origin lunch was delayed due to weather. the actor will be joined by a crew of three when they head 62 miles above the earth's surface in the new shepherd rocket. they went over training to prepare for the launch including what it will be like in 0 gravity. 90 years old shannon will be the oldest person to travel into
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space. the stuff is scheduled for 7:00 eastern time. todd: we told you about the newly exposed emails time the president of his son hunter's finances. what would it mean to the country if he became a target of an fbi investigation? and ethics expert breaks down the legal ramifications. jillian: compact over you this morning, joe concha, lawrence jones and sean duffy coming up live. ♪♪ these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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>> the new emails obtained by daily mail reveal president biden and his son hunter had shared bank accounts and paid each other's bills? this could be to the president becoming entangled in the fbi probe into hunter's finances. joining me to break it down is professor stephen smith. here's one of the emails getting a lot of attention this morning, quote, your dad's delaware free tax funds checking today. i'm departing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you. he owes it to you. don't run it by him, if you want to go ahead, if not i will deposit it tomorrow. what red flags go off when you
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read these two adults share a bank account? >> that is unusual and you have to wonder about what else they share information about, what hunter biden is involved in that the president knows about. sharing bank accounts and one party paying bills and makes you suspicious about the relationship in general. todd: a second email between hunter biden and his business partner, there are a few outstanding bills that need to be paid and i'm not sure which ones are a priority and which ones get paid out of my account and which should be put on hold out of the wilmington trust social security check account. some experts believe this could in snare president biden in an investigation. do you agree and if so what does this mean for president biden?
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>> it could embroil the president in an fbi investigation of hunter in any form because of the commingling of money through the joint account and if the fbi is investigating hunter for his past activities foreign dealings then joe's they will come up as they appear to in an email form for other types of relationships so it just adds to the potential for conflict of interest in these relationships in the public's right to know what is going on as affects of the transactions hunter is involved in such as his artwork that is getting a lot of coverage. todd: have a president do anything to quash this investigation? this happened before president biden was in the white house, executive privilege doesn't attach, what could president biden due to and on this?
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>> he should have simply recused himself from any discussion of these types of issues around the mistakes he made to promote hunter's book when it first came out. that adds to the curiosity of the relationship and he really did not be transparent with what was going on and why it was going out and what his role was in hunter's activities. todd: let's not forget hunter's art. here is jen psaki when pressed about it. >> we still do not know it will not know who purchases any paintings, the president remains proud of his son. todd: putting aside the attitude toward the reporter in question
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went on after that, i recognize the buyers in the potential buyers at the gallery we showed on air. what happened to this veil of secrecy? >> it is interesting. it seems as though the white house feels by not devolving names of the art buyers somehow they are protecting the ethics of the situation and the reverse is true because the public has a right to know who is buying this art, what they are paying, whether there is any relationship between these folks and the president. you could have a lobbyist buying the artwork. it is a potential conflict of interest, what do they expect in return, the optics are very bad this. information is withheld rather than disclose and the more the
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public knows, the better. we have a right to know the purchases of the artwork and anything related to the transaction. it is another step in the events in relationship between hunter and finances. todd: can anything be done about this or do we have to sit back and watch, the exact opposite playing in front of our very eyes. 45 seconds. >> pressure on the president and media to continue to follow the story so that it becomes more public, more transparent and
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hopefully the president will see this information come out. todd: touches under when the new york post report, giving him attitude every single time. there is something there. thank you very much. >> 21 after the area. fear of exodus of medical workers forcing some hospitals to rethink president biden's vaccine mandate. healthcare facility the last 18% of its nurses will join is coming up. rules for everyone but new jersey's governor, here we go. so murphy's mask was night out. .
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>> reporter: senator ted cruz responding after the press secretary mocked his claims the vaccine mandate led to thousands of flight cancellations over the weekend. >> senator ted cruz made the point but i wouldn't say that is widely acknowledged, business leaders implemented these mandates. todd: ted cruz tweeting there launching snarky insults from the white house press room, a few days ago there was a stick out of air-traffic controllers in jacksonville over vaccine mandates. out of 33 air traffic control is only three showed up to work, true or false or do you do petty
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insults instead of actual facts? jillian: hospitals fearing the worst because biden vaccine mandates, they expect the mass exodus of workers and hospitals refusing to enforce the mandate. todd: our next guest says the hospital lost 18% of nurses during the pandemic and cannot afford to lose more. the ceo of scotland county hospital, doctor randy, thanks for being here. is the one who understands the average flow of staffing levels why do you have that warning for the white house? >> it is a warning that if we lose more staff we won't be able to deliver great care people become accustomed to. we lost already many of our staff due to the emotional consequences of the covid 19 crisis and on top of this many
1:29 am
have expressed their sincere desire to find another industry other than get the vaccine. this could be a crushing blow to our ability to deliver care to our community. jillian: i wonder if you have employees of other hospital systems that are enforcing the vaccine mandate, employees who don't want to get the vaccine, are they coming to your hospital? could that be something that does benefit you. >> before president biden made his announcement a few weeks ago we made an outreach to the region and nurses say come over, we are not going to invoke the vaccine mandate but we are sure it will become something cms will release some rules regarding that. it will be a living -- level playing field and we will follow the rules because it will apparently be a condition of us participating in medicare and medicaid and to lose the 70% of revenue, 70% of patients have those insurances would be a
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crushing blow. we will abide by the rules but not until they are invoked on us. todd: you mentioned in your first answer the ability to provide care but i want to drill down more into specifics. what happens to your ability to provide healthcare when the mandate goes into effect? >> we've seen an example of that when the governor invoked an obstetric unit that closed down and suspended temporarily. the delta surgical we had to go on diversion a few times that because of lack of ventilators but lack of staff. we already lost folks due to the emotional toll of the covid 19 pandemic. if we lose a few more due to resignations, lab techs or others, it will erode our ability and we will turn people away because we won't have staff to deliver the care.
1:31 am
jillian: 62.4% of hospital staff are vaccinated. did that number surprise you one way or the other? >> it doesn't surprise me. we had healthcare workers across the nation declined to get the vaccine. i am an obstetrician and have a lot of young -- comprise a lot of the healthcare workforce with the safety of the vaccine in terms of reproductive futures so i understand that i disagree with it and we've been vocal and assertive and a lot of education in the community and internally with staff to encourage people to get the vaccine. my daughter got the vaccine during her third trimester in february. very pro-vaccine. we have disagreements about it.
1:32 am
medical staff, the administration had been very encouraging but we recognize people have autonomy and it is a free country, we have choice to do to your body what you like and we respect people. todd: any big take aways what this entire episode means for the future of healthcare specifically the government telling you what you can or can't do? >> it started with the electronic medical record, top-down regulations and burdensome regulations on healthcare workers increasingly taking patients away from their caregivers and threaten the healthcare industry. we see people retire early. the workforce shortage existed before the pandemic. this vaccine mandate will only threaten the workforce shortage. jillian: thank you for coming on this morning and keep us updated.
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todd: 32 after the hour. frustrated parents taking on school boards for labeling them domestic terrorists for demanding answers about the kids education. we will hear from some of next. >> a better job in messaging is going forward, how do you sell this -- >> i think you could do a better job of selling it. jillian: speaker pelosi blaming the press as her party fails to pass the president's agenda. neil: great job selling that. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast. make it palm springs. ♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script.
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todd: frustrated parents in virginia taking the local school boards ever being labeled a mystic terrorists. jillian: parents speak out this morning. >> reporter: this issue is going anywhere. reaction ranges from concern to anger. fox's digital spoke to some concerned parents in fairfax county, virginia. listen to what they had to say. >> i am angered at what is going on. i came to this country believing it was the land of liberty, the land of freedom. >> they labeled me terrorists and concerned citizen likely as domestic terrorists. >> instilled fear within the parents, created fear among the
1:38 am
community it is supposed to serve and support. jillian: virginia school board association has rejected the fbi system in investigating violence at school board meetings. they say if something happens local law enforcement should deal with it and this is one issue on top of everybody's mind, the virginia gubernatorial race is creeping closer and closer. todd: parents don't like being called domestic terrorists. don't know if you're upset this morning but nancy pelosi is not happy. jillian: a soundbite we will be hearing all morning long. >>:reporters telling them they should be doing a better job selling president biden's build back better plan. >> when i think you all can do a better job to be frank with you because every time i come here i go through the list, family medical leave, the issues that are in their. it is true. it is hard to break through when
1:39 am
you have such a comprehensive package. >> her own parties and even sold on it with kristen sinema and man's election against it. 10% of americans are confident they know a lot of details what is in it, expanded medicare, universal pre-k and free community college for illegal immigrants and equity, billions of dollars. heather: goldstar from nancy pelosi. jillian: we need an update on the governor of new jersey. carley: little wear masks is the 2021 version of let them eat cake. new jersey governor phil murphy facing backlash for going maskless at an indoor event imposing a mask mandate on. the new jersey lawmakers slammed mercy because of it saying at the same time the governor
1:40 am
issued another executive order mandating 2-year-olds wear masks for 7 hours a day because of safety, the new jersey political democratically gathered masksless by the thousands at multiple indoor events throughout the state. the governor was at the equity ball. it did require full vaccination or negative covid test for people to attend. he felt comfortable enough to not wear a mask but facing backlash. we've heard this story before. todd: yes we have. jillian: let's get to this story. and afghan interpreter who helped rescue then senator joe biden during an emergency helicopter landing in 2008 finally escaped afghanistan. we spoke to him in september as he pleaded for help from the white house. >> they left people behind.
1:41 am
under great risk. jillian: that afghan interpreter previously went by mohammed it is with us. thank you for being here. so happy to talk to you after you made it out of afghanistan. can you tell me about your journey? >> as far as that is important to reach, without support from -- we can as yet with a lot of - 24 hours. the speed of the drive was 150
1:42 am
but there was the other side of the border and then on the other track. 4 hours and by that time. to islamabad, 14 hour drive, the first drive, the drive was like this, 5160 kilometers per hour and a lot of declines, the drivers and me.
1:43 am
i repeat my name. and on the airport for days. that four days over them. on the airport especially from islamabad. this is on me. >> in the desert for 24 hours, very dangerous conditions and how long it took to get from different points and how you keep moving. it is unbelievable. everything you had to go
1:44 am
through. let me ask you this, the biden administration in the united states is not the nearly enough to help people like you who were stranded desperately to get out. was enough done and you think enough will be done to help those who are still in afghanistan? >> reporter: the beginning i asked a lot of people left behind like me but the president also stepped back. all the people who are working with us forces in afghanistan, who got out. jillian: how many people are still there who need to get out? >> with me your people calling me? >> in afghanistan do you think there's a lot of people like
1:45 am
yourself? >> yes, yes. there are a lot of people. i believe they someday by the united states. >> for those who are still stuck in afghanistan, what is like there? what is lifelike for those people who are trapped and can't get out? >> the taliban and, a corrupt policy, anybody especially people who work with the sources, those people, for the
1:46 am
television, they escaped and they are hiding, do not have to get out from their houses and like me, from the taliban. jillian: thank you for joining us. happy you were able to make it out safely as you continue on your journey. thank you for what you did to help the united states. todd: facebook in the spotlight, the whistleblower behind the major league to testify in europe and another felt she had blood on her hands and willing to testify on capitol hill. our next guest is calling out dangers of the social media site for years.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. jillian: florida governor rhonda santos celebrating his been of the high dollar election funding made by arc zuckerberg during the 2020 election. the republican governor believes it pushes voters to one side of the aisle. >> they would require certain things to be done like mass mail balloting, bowel harvesting and
1:51 am
focus on partisan voter turnout. jillian: in addition to the ban, stronger voter id laws and bowel harvesting. >> facebook under fire is another whistleblower sent to testify in europe. >> started losing sleep, national government and presidents felt the need. to manipulate their own citizenry. >> global public policy at facebook chris kelly joins us. why doesn't facebook just admitted is wrong and fix it? >> in some cases there are challenges. that's what a lot of people in the company of trying to do and
1:52 am
they need to be empowered to say research shows challenges to misinformation. and the company will deal with this head on. a lot of research that has come out says that there are challenges to misinformation and the company needs to commit itself to address that. there are a variety of things they have done but at this point some people internally think that's not enough and they need to be empowered at this point to set the company back on solid track. >> will zuckerberg do that? >> we will see. a lot was overstated about the way the research allegedly shows there is only harm that comes from social media. a lot of good comes from it too. that is where they need to
1:53 am
refocus the discussion and debate but needs to be done with powerful openness and engagement with the critics. todd: here is more from was a lower sophie saying, although i made the best decision i could based on the knowledge available at the time ultimately i was the one who made the decision not to push more or prioritize further in each case and i know i have blood on my hands. you alluded to this but is that guilt a pervasive sentiment inside facebook? >> i don't think so. this deep appreciation and there should be a deep appreciation that connecting the world is on balance a positive mission but the amplification of misinformation, and something the research does show and the company has to pay less attention to and embrace part of its mission and to the extent they want to say it is not our fault or our responsibility, they've taken on their responsibility and need to do it forthrightly and quite a number of people in the company are
1:54 am
trying to take that path. we will see if that path wins out. todd: a response from facebook, quote, we've taken down 150 network seeking to mitigate public debate since 2016 and they have originated in over 50 countries with majority come outside the us, our track record shows we crackdown on that with the same intensity we apply in the us. final question to you. we have 45 seconds with the answer. how worried should facebook the that this is the straw that will break the camel's back when it comes to congress taking away section 230 immunity. >> it is on the table and one of the problems that has been endemic with most discussions about section 230 reform, they are not terribly well thought out and the balance they have to strike to be constitutional is a real challenge they have to continue to face and the question for the company is can
1:55 am
they engage in that debate in a way that doesn't acknowledge the resource and what it has shown is hard for them to engage in that debate effectively. todd: a pleasure having you on the program. i wish your levelheadedness was back on facebook, we won't have the opportunity to interview here on our great show. hopefully they will listen to you. >> have a great day. >> still had a final autopsy report shows gabby petito was strangled to death after four weeks before her body was found. doctor michael breaks down the details. todd: lawrence jones and sean duffy all live in the next hour of "fox and friends first," do not go anywhere.
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todd: breaking news the white house announcing brand-new efforts to address the supply chain nightmare expert say is about to get worse for businesses and buyers. >> did you hear this? >> a better job at messaging and going forward. how do you sell this? >> you all could do a better job of selling it to be frank with you. >> is at the media's adopted so you want things? speaker pelosi suggest americans aren't by the massive tax and spending plan because the media isn't doing a good enough job. todd: hunter biden's scandal could catch


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