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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: thanks for coming on. look forward to your book and hope you come back. we will be back every night 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. buckle up because sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: thank you. tonight welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage. day 60. >> sean: 60 days since joe biden abandoned our fellow citizens, our friends and families and allies in afghanistan and he hasn't mentioned these hostages held by theitable that can't get out in over 40 days -- the ones he said 13 days before he abandoned them he would not abandon them. the biden administration will allow certain afghan citizens once employed by the brutal
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terrorist taliban, they are welcome to travel to the united states free of all terror restrictions even though the taliban is a terrorist organization. i am sure that will have no consequences, right? did he not remember 9-11? sadly tonight afghanistan is only one of many self-inflicted disasters caused by joe biden and all of them preventible them week more horrendous economic news. record setting inflation. we are in a 30 year inflation high. we have a gay on the atlanta fed said this is here to stay.y on said this is here to ond said this is here to stay.
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america's supply chain is in chaos. energy prices are reaching 10 year highs. staffing shortages plaguing industries across the country. don't worry, joe biden, he said he has it all under control. he wants to increase the bureaucracy and taxes on business and telling business to come in and bail him out. interesting dichotomy. take a look. >> back in february, i signed an executive order on supply chains. i am joined by the director of ports of los angeles and long beach gene and mario -- i apologize. i want to thank joe and i think joe has done one heck of a job.
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my special envoy on ports. the world has changed. prior to the crisis, we cheered -- focus on lean efficient supply chains. >> sean: excuse me. that doesn't inspire confidence in anybody. he could barely speak. took zero questions and retired for the day. you got it. a 3:30 lid per usual. no responsibility for the economic crisis his policy caused. why would he? this is what joe biden promised he would do. remember the biden and bernie manifesto? we outlined this before the election a year ago. this was all by design. let's take you back in history. not long ago it was 2019. here's joe biden vowing to sacrifice jobs and wreck the oil and gas industry all in the name
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of climate change. remember this? >> would you be willing to sacrifice some growth knowing it could display hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to a greener economy? >> the answer is yes. holding them liable for what they have done. particularly in those cases where your under-served neighborhood and you know the deal. when they don't, we will put them in jail. i am not joking. >> sean: i want to put oil executives in jail. it's the life's blood of the world's economy. if you find a cheaper cleaner energy i am in. until then, oil, gas and coal is
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the lifeblood of the world's economy. in january he halted the keystone pipeline giving the hostile actor vladimir putin of russia a new pibl pipeline to western europe. now he is begging opec and other foreign countries to produce more oil. they gave us an answer: no. you should be asking texas, oklahoma and alaska. then we can get all of the energy we want. we have more natural resources than the entire middle east combined. oil and gas prices through the roof caused by joe biden. he is making vladimir putin up again. up 112% since january and oil prices up 65% and heating costs
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are soaring in time for winter. some families may pay $1,000 more extra in the joe biden heating tax. the federal government expects american households to see heating bills jump 54%. he artificially reduced the supply in the world. the demand remained constant. guess what that does to prices? you reduce the supply and prices go through the roof. fossil fuels are the lifeblood of the world economy. everything you buy and everything that is manufactured, yes, it relies on oil and gas to get it to the store so you can pick it off the shelf and pay for it. now everything is more expensive. we have a labor shortage
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wrecking america's supply chain. not only is everything so expensive but it might take months to arrive in the mail. christmas presents for kids may not arrive on time or even at all. according to jen psaki, that's not her problem. circle back on this. >> over time as the economy is turning back on, we will see some transitory effects. that was predicted. that's what we are planning for. next year we expect it to calm down. >> this administration says holiday packages will arrive on time? >> we are not the postal service or ups or fed-ex. we can't guarantee. americans are impacted by rising gas costs in some parts of the country. americans are looking at cost to
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cost comparisons to 12 months ago. 2 years ago, that's not how people look at things. >> sean: yes, it is. gas prices are up everywhere. you will tell those kids, you will get your christmas presents next year. the ones santa doesn't leave you this year. you are not ups or fed-ex. there is a massive supply chain crisis causeed in part because of a lack of workers when brings us to biden's vaccine mandate which is making things worse. half of new york's police force may be forced to go on leave. and we may lose thousands of the military because of joe's mandate. hundreds of airline employees are facing termination and thousands ever teachers. we may lose thousands of
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healthcare workers including all of those nurses and front line health workers that in the beginning of covid, every day they walked into a petri dish to save fellow american lives and many got covid. they have natural immunity. the nurses they dove on covid grenades every day and you want to dismiss them and fire them. they are getting fired or will be fired in the coming weeks. stay employees and federal employees and members of the military. employees at large. private corporations. all face termination if they don't comply with biden's vaccine mandate. how will this help america's economic recovery and the democrats want to empower the irs to monitor transactions over $600!
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democrats want to know about every aspect of your life. you get $600 to your son or daughter, the democrats need to know about it? you send it to a friend. they need to know about it. you buy a chair for $600, the democrats want the irs to know about it. that's right they are spending 100 billion dollars for the irs to figure out a way to tax and squeeze you dry. welcome to my world. you get audited every yearine though you pay all of your taxes. pay your taxes. it's stupid not too. -- the green new deal is not cheap. they are looking for ways to pay for it. this will hurt low and income middle americans the most. just like inflation and supply shortages. in joe biden's america, the middle-class and the poor are paying the price literally.
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joe biden's radical socialist agenda trumps everything. the polls for joe have never been worse. more polls in the 30s and barack obama had or donald trump. joe biden's protectors the media mob are falling on their swords and blaming themselves for biden's poor performance. the whole media mob cult on twitter. >> how much should biden and the people around him be worried about these polling numbers if how much of it is the result of crappy reporting by the mainstream news media? >> every conversation is a confrontation. there is some truth to that
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concern. >> sean: dead bodies floating in front of my hotel which was not flooded. so the media mob are saying we are being too hard on joe and maybe nancy pelosi is right. we have to do a better job of selling joe's new green new deal of socialism. one person on cnn said joe biden is leading the democrats off a political cliff. >> the honeymoon is over. good-bye trump and hello vaccine. we are so glad toy sue joe biden. -- to see, joe biden. he put himself in a position to make bold claims about the rest of the agenda. wait until the summer and you will get ought of this other stuff. he slips on a banana peel. the democratic party is looking over the edge of the cliff. there is a lot of fear and concern.
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you are not seeing the strong joe biden leadership that people expected. >> sean: i was not expecting it. i knew it would be bad. why don't we remind people. fake news and cnn and msnbc. during the trump years how many people had covid and how many died and were hospitalized. more people died in 2021 than 2020. labor day to labor day 300% increase. why doesn't the media put the list up every day? they are biassed. joe biden is not capable of strong leadership. i don't think he knows what day of the week it is. he's not in charge, we know that. biden does the bidding of the radical left. they for charge. and now we are seeing a case of that green new deal socialism first lady hand. -- first lady hand.
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it's not a pretty picture. here's ari fleischer.hand. -- first hand. it's not a pretty picture. here's ari fleischer. kellyanne conway also. if you look at the big picture. there is not a single thing you can point to as a remote success. >> it's a big hot mess. and policies have consequences. this is the president who on day 1 killed the energy pipeline in the country. then had russian energy collusion with putin to improved theres. -- theirs. people are feeling biden economics at the gas pump and grocery cart. and home heating prices will rice as much as 54%.
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-- rise. now in addition to the poor policies leading to higher costs for consumers particularly middle-class and lower income, we have a trillion dollars biden and bernie package to prop up the green neuraled. -- green new deal. when you think about energy independence it comes with things made in america. we have enough energy off our shores to be energy independent. joe biden unravelled the trump policy out of spite. there is no rationale it was a philosophical difference. with the vaccine. president trump under operation warp speed we handed over 3 approved vaccines to
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biden/harris. they were approved and ready to go. 13 million americans received the vaccine while donald trump was still in the white house including joe biden and kamala harris. they hit a wall. his poll numbers have caught up withim. -- he is under water on everything. people say he doesn't care about people and doesn't have the will to lead and underwater on the economy, immigration, the southern border and afghanistan and national security. they don't see him as competent. >> sean: ari fleischer, you are really great at communications. if you start with abandoning americans in afghanistan and then the disaster at the border including you have people entering the country illegally and no covid testing or vaccine
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mandates and the covid explosion under biden. now the economy. all self-inflicted. but i don't see a way they can fix this. maybe you do. i don't see them reversing course. >> i think that's the core issue going forward for the elections. what the poll shows. america on the right direction or wrong track? only 32% of american people feel the country is on the wrong track. 62% the wrong direction. that's low and hard to reverse. there are two fundamental things the american people have to realize about joe biden. the first is he was never qualified to be a president. he was a senator 4 years. he knew how to talk but not how to get things done. it's showing up in every metric
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in the white house. the second is he is really turned everything over to the progressive agenda. he is not a moderate. he is not the joe biden people thought he was. he thought the path to success in america was to do what prigsives told him to do. he sacrificed everything he stood for. everything in america from energy the border and our daily lives and the price of the food at the store and the gas we put in our tank or the rent we pay is growing out of control. can created a jimmy carter like malaise and joe biden is morphing into a blend of bernie sanders and jimmy carter. >> sean: the average family can play up to $1,000 more just to heat your homes. it's bad. thank you both. kellyanne conway, great to you
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have back. tonight joe biden's poll numbers are tanking. his vice-president's numbers are not that much better. many americans see kamala harris as phoney and incompetent and not bright. she teamed up with a company calling sinking ship productions. perfect name to film what is a bizarre cringe-worthy pr video and they had to hire child actors. they went all in. here with analysis former arkansas governor mike huckabee and lara trump is with us. did we need the child actors and all of the extra peppy talk? why isn't she down at the border and lowering energy prices or doing something other than this movie? >> well, kamala harris is basically the picture perfect example as to why woke signaling
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doesn't work. when you give someone a position based on anything other than merit, what you get is kamala harris. he was not chosen for any other reason other than how he looked. they were happy to tell us that during the campaign. if you asked 100 people in the streets right now in america to name one thing kamala harris has done successfully as vice-president, not a single person could name one thing. failing at the southern border. schooled by the guatemala president about her poor job. she doesn't stand up for israel and now we have this ridiculous massive video. we paid a canadian company sinking ship productions, paid child actors because no kids could be recruited to make her
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more likeable. this was in an effort to make her relatable? remember when afghanistan was crumbling and people said where is kamala harris? she was shooting this video to make her a more likeable person am she could not be bothered to do any job other than to worry about herself -- and that was a failure. >> sean: governor huckabee i have done radio 33 years. we celebrated our 25th anniversary on fox news. it changed my life. i am blessed beyond words. i doubt you ever hired a make over person. two pr make over people were hired by kamala harris and hired child actors to do this movie while ignoring the real problems like abandoning afghanistan and the economy and energy prices
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going through the roof. and taiwan and china and everything in between. i think they would be better served to solve problems but what do i know? >> well, if i had hired some make over people, they ought to get fired. they did a lousy job with me. that's something most americans could agree on. >> sean: no. [laughing]. you were great at the presidential debate. maybe a make over on the beard. the jury is still out. >> you don't need a make over at wall. >> thank you. the truth is these kids ought to get oscars for theiracing. -- acting. they pretended they were interested in what cackling kamala harris had to say. something we need to recognize about this ridiculous video and she is trying to be public. she's been invisible.
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like joe biden they are both better when they are in the basement. it's when they come out of the closet. come out of the basement. come out of the darkness. when we see who they really are. people say she's just got a lot of gaffes. these are not gaffes. a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth. i am like a lot of americans who feel like with joe and kamala harris in the front seat of the car, honestly, i am like a back seat passenger in a car driven by thelma and luise off the cliff. >> sean: that might be the line of the night. i think the president and the vice-president are better off in the basement. wow. these are real problems and we have a mess on our hands. thank you. when we come back, biden's
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crisis at the border. it got worse tonight. sara carter exclusive video subpoena cartel members and governor rick perry with his solutions to energy and the border problems straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: as we continue tonight, more breaking news on the southern border where a new document obtained by fox's own bill reveals over 70,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the interior of the u.s. since early august. they have not been telling us that part. 160,000 since march. it gets worse.
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tens of thousands have been given temporary legal status through parole. released into the country with zero certainty they will show up for the hearings. they only get a request and not a requirement. no certainty as to their whereabouts. this is what america last open borders look like and no covid testing and no vaccine mandate. it also means that joe biden and jen psaki and the dhs secretary mayorkas all have been lying to you. jen psaki said they don't need a covid test because they won't be here long and mayorkas lied when he said the administration is following the immigration laws that congress passed. procedures are in place to make sure illegal immigrants show up for the hearings. another lie. biden refusing to even admit that the border is in crisis at
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all. he hasn't been down to the parts that matter. nor has his border czar. this "hannity" exclusive video by sara carter shows suspected cartel members in mexico holding long guns and sara carter joins us now with the latest. what is dangerous all off of our border patrol resources are focussed on these areas where there is a heavy influx of illegal immigrants. they are not allowed to enforce the law because of joe biden. the rest of the border, the people that are happiest are the drug smugglers and human trafficics and gangs and cartels. right or wrong? >> you are right, sean. the drug cartels and human trafficics feel they can operate with impunity. they know no one will hold them
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accountable. the united states is not stopping the flow of traffic. over the past months there were three incidents where drug cartel members this is the dangerous cartel which is battling against another cartel for control of our border. bringing deadly drugs into the united states. these cartel members on monday. 12 went into the rio grande river and taunted our national guard and contacted the texas department of public safety who sent a helicopter to monitor the situation. that's why they caught this footage of cartel members in tactical gear with heavy arms. they were carrying assault rifles and they followed the van.
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this is the third pipeline. -- third time. one of the biggest problems our federal law enforcement have right now is are they going to escalate? they escalated to the point of taunting the national guard. maybe one ever these cartel members will shoot across the border and cause an international incident. this is not the only thing happening. in california there was another incident where a child was dropped from the top of the fence down by a smuggler and then left abandoned in an area that is dangerous. it has rushing water where many people have died. they found this poor little sen-year-old girl walking alone -- 7. like they found many other children. i have covered this over and over again. children abandoned travelling from el salvador to the united states alone. the border patrol agents are
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frustrated. even if they prosecute smugglers it requires the support of the federal government and joe biden refuses to do so. you have children abandoned. she's one of the lucky ones. so many children are never found and so many disappear before they reach the u.s. >> sean: here with more reaction to this breaking news. former texas governor and energy secretary rick perry. let's start with the border. i have been down to the border with you. we were at the rio grande. we had this under control under donald trump's policies. joe biden is not enforcing the laws.
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illegal immigrants get preferential treatments. what do you do when the president fails to enforce the law? >> it's a massive problem along the southern border and particularly for the state of texas. the message is clear for texas. we don't care about you. we want open borders. people on the left are driving this president's agenda and open borders is what he believes in. why don't -- we spent $3 billion in texas. texas taxpayer money to defend that border. take some of that money and hire every bus company across the country and these people that are coming in, they clearly said
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they are not going to follow our laws. and transport them to delaware across the blue states that think it's a great idea to have open borders. i think after about a week of that, you would have an uprising across the country and in washington, d.c. telling this president go secure the border, mr. president. i think it will take something drastic like that to get this man's attention. so he recognized what is going on. the tragedy is the sexual trafficking of these people. this is the drug cartels at war with america. until we understand -- >> sean: and they are winning it. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: 90% of heroin comes through that border and
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fentanyl. losing over 300 americans a week to opioid. under donald trump and you were a big part of this we achieved energy independence for the first time in 75 years. maybe i am old-fashioned. maybe instead of begging opec and they turned joe down to increase oil. maybe we should ask texas or oklahoma or north dakota or alaska, we should start rebuilding pipelines and explore for oil. we have more energy than the entire middle east combined. why don't we beg texas to start producing? >> we have 100 years of natural gas in this country. the idea we are asking anyone to develop their energy resources to sell to us is assa nine.
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this is the aoc and the green new deal and the people who say they worship at the alter of climate but can't will why. aoc's said this is not about climate change. it's about wealth redistribution. that's the issue. >> john: thank you. right on the money. when we come back, polls show a tightening race in the state of new jersey. that blue state happening in a less than a months in virginia and new jersey that republican gubernatorial candidates can win?
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that candidate in new jersey joins us next straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: high stakes gubernatorial races could be an early warning sign for democrats ahead of 2022. an uphill battle for republicans but in virginia mcauliffe is creatoring. -- creator against the republican. is it possible virginia could go red on november 2nd? in new jersey not a close but the race is tightening. phil murphy trying to stave off the republican a businessman. he is promising to lower property taxes and make the state more friendly for becomes
6:43 pm
and law enforcement and embrace school choice and increase quality of life. his opponent murphy refusing to take any responsibility for gutting the state's economy with never ending covid restrictions and putting sick patients in nursing homes. why he didn't get as much publicity as cuomo i don't know? joining us now the republican republican candidate. the problem, jack, states like new york and california and new jersey, conservative were pushed out. you have a governor who says the tax rate is your issue, we are not your state meaning new jersey. 8,000 seniors. the same policies as andrew cuomo. putting covid positive patients in nursing homes after warn they
6:44 pm
would die and 8,000 did. he doesn't follow his own mask mandate. why is he in the lead in the polls? >> if you look at history we do win races but don't get ahead until liquids. we -- election day. we are in a better position than previous candidates. we will carve out the razor thin margin. we won 6 of the last 10 elections in new jersey. >> sean: the reality is he's done a bad job for new jersey. i never thought i would hear a guarantee -- governor say if taxes are your issue go somewhere else. >> he is telling people to
6:45 pm
leave. the other insulting comment he wanted to make new jersey the california of the east coast. people realize this state is broken. they don't want to tell a governor telling them he wants to make this state the california of east coast. he is tone deaf and not new jersey. we will pound that home. >> sean: what about the people who left the state and took their money with them? >> there has been a significant out migration from new jersey and taken $24 million with them am we can change that. my campaign is focussing on making new jersey's property taxes lower and a better place to do business. we have the worst business climate in the nation and murphy made it worse. our corporate tax rate is the highest in the nation. i think we are dying a slow
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death and we will change that with my administration. >> sean: good luck. when we come back after failing to deliver on promises made in the campaign. african-american voters are turning big time to biden. georgia senator candidate herschel walker join us with's recollection and a third party ad exclusively next. it's not a sign of weakness, but really a sign of strength. people sometimes don't want to talk about mental health, they don't want to talk about problems that they might have that aren't physical, but those problems are just as real. i have this disease you know, and it makes it awkward that i have to explain myself or prove myself in certain situations. a lot of times i'm not feeling good or you know not having a good day, but through the music i'm able to have a good day by expressing something that feels good to me
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that i can pass onto others. one of my favorite phrases to share with not only my kids but anybody is never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. we are creating conversation we are raising awareness and we're kicking the hell out of this stigma saying get away from the people we love the most. ♪♪ there's software. saying and then there's people industrial grade software, forged from decades of industrial experience and insights. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets and people to deliver a cybersecure record of your entire operation. so that everyone, in your boardroom and beyond, speaks the same language. honeywell forge. industrial grade software.
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>> sean: the hard hitting news show on abc called the "view" is admitting joe biden is failing to deliver promises to voters including african-american. take a look. >> a lot of african-americans
6:51 pm
came out and voted for biden. biden came in with a lot of promises about when he was going to do. a lot of african-americans have seen other things happen. we have a lot of unfulfilled promises. >> if you have done stuff for the black community, you have to tell us about. get on social media. your response is too low. >> sean: biden approval rating among african-americans fell to 67% in september. imagine if during the campaign the corrupt mob and the media ever report on joe biden's partnership with the former klans man robert bird. they joined forces to stop the integration of public schools and bussing. that's when joe biden said he didn't want schools to become racial jungles. this is an opportunity for republican candidates across the country. run on principles that will
6:52 pm
benefit all americans. one candidate is stepping up. that's herschel walker. running for senate in georgia. against the incumbent warnock. this is what at stake. >> caused run away inflation and surge violent crime and rising gas prices and a border crisis. warnock. what georgia needs is a bull dog. >> sean: you have not seen that ad before or did you? >> that was my first time seeing that ad. the ad is correct. right now my opponent voted for all of that stuff that is failing it system. failing state of georgia and the
6:53 pm
united states. we have to make a change. we are not holding elected officials accountable. we have to stop crime and get gas prices down. you can't even afford eggs now. it's sad we have someone? washington that failed the system right now. >> sean: you are right. the cities run by democrats for decades. law and order. you don't have safety and security. the school systems in most blue states spends more per student than any other country with the worst results. what are the other issues most important that you think will be pivotal in the race in georgia? >> well, we have to talk about the border. we for georgia.
6:54 pm
people don't think the border is important. but i have listening sessions around the state. i didn't know that 70% of the drugs coming into this country comes to atlanta, georgia. you have drugs in atlanta georgia, you know what will be left here. as it goes around the united states of america. that creates crime. then the inflation. look at the inflation. jobs. people don't have jobs. today i had a couple of listening sessions. that's the problem people are having. we had a banquet tonight for small businesses. they are being killed. were those not the things this administration was supposed to do? we are not holding elected officials accountable. it's time to do. that people are starting to wake up. >> sean: i want to ask you. less than a minute.
6:55 pm
you said something to me. you will go into every town and city and every church. any place you are invited. explain that in 30 seconds. >> well, i don't care whether you are a democrat or a republican. i am hear to represent you. we want law and order and a border under control and the prices to go down. we don't like inflation. you have to put herschel walker in the senate seat to represent georgia. go to my website. >> sean: you have the red hats like trump? >> well, i was going to wear the hat. >> sean: i got to roll. herschel walker. we will follow the race. more "hannity" straight ahead.
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left. you make the show possible. thanks for being with us. and never miss an episode. great news and i don't know what is coming but and prank. let not your heart be troubled. i had a warning last night it's coming. laura ingraham is up to no good. >> laura: okay. i got you this haddie. -- hoodie. when you are outside you like to get warmed up quickly. you don't want to wreck your muscle tone. >> sean: i wear a heavy sweatshirt when i work out. >> laura: i got this one that says freedom matters. >> sean: it's orange too. >> laura: no, it's red. listen for a second and stop talking. you never stop talking. talking,


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