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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 14, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's like the northern lights. isn't that beautiful? it's measerizing. >> bill: any questions about that? >> it's amazing from a solar flair hitting our atmosphere. >> dana: thanks for joining us on "america reports." here's harris faulkner. >> harris: they are playing the blame game with our lives. president biden is passing the buck confronting a supply chain crisis finally. it hed to empty store shelves and surging prices. the threat of derailing the holiday shooping season looms large. you am harris faulkner with the "faulkner focus." president biden appeared to say
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repairing the supply backlog is out of his hands and called on the private sector to do more. the white house press secretary jen psaki was short on details. >> this administration that holiday packages will arrive on time? >> we are not the postal service, or ups or fed-ex. we can't guarantee. we can use every level of the federal government to reduce delays and ensure that we are addressing bottle necks in the system including ports ask the need for them to be open longer hours so goods can arrive. >> harris: critics like tom cotton are ripping the president for thinking another white house event will fix anything. >> he is acting surprised that the shortage is happening and acting like a photoop at the white house will solve it.
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people are paying $25 extra a week for groceries. they don't have enough money to spend on christmas toys under joe biden's inflation. so maybe it's not a problem that toys are not on shelves. >> harris: jacqui heinrich has more from the north lawn. we will hear from the president. you know if he takes any questions, he will be asked about this. the topic won't be about this. it's about vaccinations. >> that's right, harris. he didn't take any questions on this when he spoke about it yesterday. a big if whether he takes questions at all. the white house is not putting a date on when americans can expect relief and not guaranteeing the price hikes will be over by the holidays. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. i say potential. all of these goods won't move by themselves. for the positive impact to be
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felt -- >> september's inflation rate is the highest since 2008. the highest price hikes. car rentals. gas up: white house said the president is working to address supply chain disruptions for months. negotiations to expand hours at ports to blunt the pressures those negotiations took weeks. the administration acknowledges results may not be visible for sometime and still insist the impact of inflation on america's wallets is temporary. >> over time as the economy turns back on we will see transitory effects. that's been predicted. next year we expect it to come
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down. >> yesterday the president said these snarls in the system show the need to pass his infrastructure bill which would dedicate 17 billion dollars to ports alone. last month there was a chance to pass that. the president didn't get the vote. progressives blocked that passage. he acknowledged that was fine and he would have his whole agenda passed. they are in no hurry to get it done. we are not hearing from the white house a sense of urgency on that particular bill. >> harris: all of their stuff is personally delivered because they run the post office. jen psaki was being snarky. we are not the post office. you are. greg gutfeld hammering home a comparison that more and more people have been making lately. >> greg: it comes amid a slew of bad headlines showing joes
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change into jimmy carter is almost complete. americans are quitting jobs at a record pace. inflation surging more than expected in september with consumers paying 5.4% more for goods compared to last year. the white house is warning shoppers their stockings will look empty. >> harris: people are feeling it. americans unloading or economic data which reveals the inflation rate is the highest in 13 years. pinning the blame on the binned white house. one called it the biden economy. will cane from fox and friends weekend. who doesn't think that people are feeling this inside the white house? >> only those that would be
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saddled can the blame. we are not stupid. the parallels are uncanny to hear greg gutfeld compare it to jimmy carter. in the 1970s you have the iranian hostage crisis. now the shame of our withdrawal from afghanistan. we have a national security crisis but americans could still say, well, that's down in texas. here we have similar to jimmy carter now the problem, now the crisis reaches into our pocketbooks. it affects the price of bacon and milk and gas and our daily lives. just like the gas lines of the 1970s. this times americans can't say that's too far away. my suspicious is this is the crisis that pays the biggest
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price for the biden administration. >> harris: democrats tout the fact that wages went up under president biden. there is a lot of money flowing to get people to come back to the work force but at the store they will give that back. everything costs more. you got a little bit more dismou you will give it away. the transportation secret pete buttigieg must be having a bad day. took heat for making light of the supply chain crisis that could affect your children this christmas. >> there are 2 kinds of christmas shoppers. the ones who have their lists completed by halloween and people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. there will be more challenges. >> harris: it's our fault if we don't start shopping before halloween for christmas. he is the transportation secretary. there are hundreds of cargo
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ships that don't have anybody to loads the stuff and transport it to the store. what is he talking about? >> well, harris, i have come to believe that there is a divide in this country. it's not drawn on the traditional lines of economic insecurity or wealth. the truth is so much money fed into the economy. just because wages go up if prices go up, that washes out. we see a divide along culture lines. pete buttigieg live in an elite circle. you can't flood the economy with 5.5-trillion dollars in spending bills and not expect inflation to go up. the report from jacqui heinrich
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was interesting. jen psaki well, it was expected. it was transitory. the democratic party loves to play word games. transitory. i will accept the idea this is transitory that told me 2 weeks to bend the curve like dr. fauci. it's been 18 months. everything along the line is not what you sold us. you are telling me inflation is transitory. forgive me for my skepticism. >> harris: wow. critics going after the white chief of staff after retweeting a post summing up our economic issues as high-class problems. one person tweeted.
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hard to get away from that s-word. >> [laughing]. yes. harris, i am from texas, from a small town this texas. i live in texas again. spent 15 years in new york. you can get caught up. you can live in new york city or in washington, d.c. and you can really lose touch with what average people believe, think and live out. there you can begin to think of yourself as better than them. ron a harvard professor, you don't understand what americans are dealing with. when you go to the store and your bill is double and you have to buy gas and it has risen 25%. these are american problems and not high-class problems. high-class problems is what the biden administration is about to encounter. >> harris: all right. house republicans on the judiciary submit demand that the attorney general garland explain his decision to direct the fbi
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to targets the growing movement of parents protesting school boards or controversy teachings. they are calling for an ethics investigation into garland's decision making process. mike johnson said this: we will dig into that. >> i didn't expect it tie in. go back to definition word games. think about domestic terrorists. over 30 years it would have all of us including our law enforcement bodies meant looking for people like timothy mcveigh
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or the uniy bomber. draw your line where you want. you decide where it's been distorted. from proud boys to trump supporters. domestic terrorists is accommodated by mayor garland and the doj to include parents. parents concerned about the education of our children. this is more than a red flag. it's more than a cainary in a coal mine. say you won't target us. >> harris: major airlines defying texas government greg abbott's ban on vaccine mandate. american airlines and southwest airlines said they must get shots.
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house speaker nancy pelosi faces flack for scolding the media for not selling the plan. >> do you need to do a better job at messaging. how do you sell this? >> i think y'all you could do a better job of selling it. >> i am waiting for speaker pelosi to start recruiting time salesmanship man to pass her legislation. the press is not talking about biden's fast track to socialism is because he is not talking about it. >> harris: indiana congressman jim banks republican study committee chairman went after the bill as mind blowingly corrupt. listed 42 ways it will wreck the nation. congressman, banks good to see.
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the wrecking ball you are describing. >> republicans focussed on the price tag. over 5 trillion dollars in spending between the fake infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill. it polls well among the american people. they don't know what is in the bill. the group i chair found 42 reasons each alone are good reasons to vote against this massive bill to turn our country into a socialistist nation overnight. you find billion dollars to fix racist roads and bridges. i don't know what that means. creating a climate police department or a militia to enforce the green new deal policies. not giving free college
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education to illegal immigrants but child tax credit as well to those who come here illegally this. this bill will shut down your daycares. daycares have to hire college educated employees. so you can't afford it or it will shut down. 700,000 first time fines for your employer if they don't abide by the biden vaccination mandates. >> harris: what are climate costs? it i water my lawn more than twice a week? they will put me in jail. that money over vaccines that seems futile. people are already sitting down in their seats not to go back to work until the mandates change. >> i. yes.
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it will put your employer out of business if they don't abide by the biden vaccine mandate which is unconstitutional. it's something we should fight against in the courts and congress want they want to fine your business 700,000 for a not going along with it. that would put a lot of businesses out of business if they resist this unconstitutional mandates. >> harris: that would put most businesses out of business. >> and you can't afford your child's daycare if this bill passes. >> harris: which we need more than every with moms and dads coming back. that support was lost during the pandemic. those are and of the first resources that parents loss, daycare. senator warren is facing back lash for comments about talking about who will pay for the democrats massive spending bill.
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>> the money? >> [laughing]. >> the money is going to come from the billionaires who don't pay their taxes and have enough money. >> harris: i like hypocrisy on display in my favorite color of purple. she was worth $12 million 2 years ago. >> incredible hypocrisy all around for the democrats but especially senators warren. this in spending bill, they will fund 87,000 new irs agents to go through your bank transactions. the plan for $600 or more bank transactions. 87,000 new irs agents. how will they pay for this bill. working class men and women like people watching this program today barely making ends me in this economy. they will pay for this massive
8:24 am
spending bill. not the billionaires and warren and herself and others. will be people working hard to make ends meet. >> harris: congressman, there was something you said that resonated with me in terms of being out of touch and not understanding. i think that maybe the democrats and maybe this happens all or washington. it's an assumption we will never know what is in massive bills. americans are working hard to just to keep up and the people that developed them won't tell us. and no wonder. your thoughts? >> they don't want you to know what is in this bill. it's our job. we have a duty as republicans to tell the american people about the crazy policies that are in this bill that will change your way of life if it passes. >> harris: you touched on this. a group of independent bankers
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calling out president biden's irs snooping plans. if they are not chatting tax cheats this assumes that everyone is a tax cheat. house speaker nancy pelosi is depending you this democrat has a different take. >> if people are breaking the law and not paying their taxes, one way to track them is through the banking issue. i think $600 that's a negotiation that will go on as to what the amount it. >> this new bank surveillance scheme is not aimed at the wealthoer the big corporations. it's ironic you would be tracking the smallest businesses in the family farms to give it huge tax break to the wealthy.
8:26 am
>> again, 87,000 new irs agents in in spending bill. this what they want them for to go through your bank records. nancy pelosi doesn't know what $600 is. she spends that every time we buys ice cream. that's a regular transaction for most working people. the irs will go through your bank records with 87,000 new agents. going after you. they want to find a good reason for the federal government to go after you whether it's a good reason or not. this is the issue that i am getting the most phone calls. normal working people realize how crazy this yesterday is and what it will do to their ability to pay bills and make it harder for them to do regular bank transactions. it's outrageous. >> harris: it hurts the small
8:27 am
banks in rural and small towns as well. people will start to say i won't keep it in the bank. you will really be looking for it then if they get to keep any with the inflation going on. congressman banks, good to have you on "focus." former president biden's ethics chief criticizing the white house for blowing off questions about hunters and sketchy sales and whether the buyers get access to the president. >> [overlapping talking]. >> candidates for the virginia governor mcauliffe going after his challenge over a hot button issue if that state. democracy bringing out the big guns again.
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>> harris: that sound you are hearing is president biden sinking in the polls. democrats are turning to former president obama in hopes of getting their mojo back. obama is set to campaign in virginia with mcauliffe who is in a tight race for governor. the former president will appear with new jersey governor murphy next week. peter doocy is live. >> when barack obama ran for reelection, his campaign slogan was: forward. now democrats are using barack obama for a look backwards. candidates nearing elections are calling upon the former
8:34 am
president instead of the current one. >> nothing more to add but getting president obama to come into new jersey is a big deal. more details on that and anyone else who might be coming in for us. >> prominent lawmakers get it. pillars are all stuck in congress. >> democrats make promises. we need to deliver. >> the white house claims not to be sweating progressive pressure like from virginia's mcauliffe and urging democrats to change rules to passion infrastructure which jen psaki said is self-serving. >> mcauliffe has an election coming up. his timeline may be pressed by
8:35 am
that. the president would lake to move forward. >> 2018 mid-term circle the most popular surrogate was biden. 2021 democrats are keeping their. >> nancy: for a little bit. >> harris: democrats sending in heavy hitters to boost mcauliffe including barack obama and former georgia candidate for governor stase stacey abrams and the atlanta mayor. ont the list president biden and vice-president harris. this election is being closed watched nationwide as to whether the party could be in trouble in next we're's mid-terms. -- year's mid-terms.
8:36 am
bret baier is here and co-author of a new book. that was like a fragile union. this is feeling like that among democrats on the hill. some not able to capitalize off biden because he is sinking. >> right. that's hurt mcauliffe in virginia. that disparity. democrats fighting over legislation is having a repurcussion effect. the fact that the president and vice-president are not invited a big deal. >> harris: why obama? >> he is still considered the top dog in campaigning. this race turned and the issue of education and anxiety of parents and democrats didn't seem to be taking it seriously for a long time. it gained like a tidal wave as
8:37 am
a big issue in virginia. >> harris: we talked about this on air. there were the soccer moms and now the parents at school board meetings. we are a fierce group when you mess with our kids. >> yes, when you think back about the tea party. >> harris: not like you need to bring in the fbi. >> you remember when the tea party was a movement and it was dismissed as out there. this was dismissed at first. now it's having an effect. early voting is happening now and there is despareration in virginia. >> harris: you saw that black caucus group of democrats back youngkin. the demographics are changing there.
8:38 am
mcauliffe led a roundtable earlier this week and lashed out at an unmasked activist. watch this. >> [shouting]. >> harris: he was probably just trying to change the subject. here's the problem with that. inside that same event mcauliffe was photographed out the mask he was wearing outside. the other people in the indoor event were wearing masks. cdc guidelines recommending that inside and not outside. a lot of performing value going on with mcauliffe right now. i know it's politics. >> you are dangerous and he is standings outside. it just doesn't look good. they feel like they are walking into something that is not going the right way. >> harris: they are not wrong.
8:39 am
it is not going the right way. >> we will have new polls tonight on "special report" so tune in for that. >> harris: over just the issues and i should not say just. but there were a host of things. i don't listen in those states but it doesn't feel like local issues. >> it translates disblargs something you have going on a fox news special on grant. bret doesn't just love history. he brings it. call to the rescue, president grant and a nation in crisis. here's a clip. >> easter sunday april 13th in louisiana. during a political battle for
8:40 am
control of grant parish white democrats were ready to take up arms in response a black militia moved in to guard the courthouse. grand would call what happened next a butchery of citizens which in blood thirstiness is hardly surpassed by any act of savage warfare. >> harris: his voice makes me want to watch. that's available on fox nation and coincide with bret baier new book. there are parts of that is funny. it's not a cheery part of history. >> and he was not a jokester. but there are stories that are humorous. one is grant is painted with this broad brush he is a drunk. he is small, 5 foot 7 and 130
8:41 am
pounds. doesn't hold his liquor that well. as a young soldier he was busted getting drunk and gets kicked out. the generals he works with as he is promoted are using that against him. lincoln says what whiskey does he have because i want to give it to everybody. >> harris: that's good. bret, always good to have you. he turned his back on reporters again. some in the media have had enough of this. no answers from president biden. his administration is battling for distressing economic news and the hunter biden headache intensiies about the anonymous
8:42 am
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earlier this hour about supply chain crisis and issues. congressman banks brought it home in terms of how much we will feel this. every american is in the thick of this. william on water in the thick of those stuck cargo containers 3 miles off the coast of long beach, california. an upclose view and the story with william. >> harris, this is the largest parking lot in the pacific. you have seen the aerials but rarely on the water long with a huge tanker with 15,000 containers up there. this is both a symbol of success and failure. it's a sign of a strong economic rebound and our failure to plan for it. for instance, paying people not to work with unemployment expanded benefits when we had 537,000 job openings in transportation and warehouses. these are basically right now
8:48 am
floating warehouses out here at sea. in the past these ships came in from china or japan would go into port. not now. some wait 11 days up to 3 weeks out here. there is a cottage industry that is servicing these crew. most don't get off board of a foreign vessel. they have warehouses filled with food and alcohol and clothing. there are 60 ships in port. there are 78 out here anchored off the ports of l.a. and long beach and more drifting off of catalina island because there is no room inside. this is close to where the oil spill happened 2 weeks. the point is for christmas, you may not get what you want when you want it. it's out here with me. >> harris: william, i want to drill down on this. the white house thinks this is
8:49 am
a rich person's problem. this is just an elitist problem. we are talking diapers, feminine products and a whole bunch of stuff we don't say that part out loud but we need them. >> yes. this is not luxuries on these things. it's everything you can imagine. everything we buy. because there is a back up in warehouses, in california, all of that stuff is out here. in the past it would be in a rail yard or a warehouse. your local wal-mart. instead it's out here with us. it's not a richer person's problem at all. we don't have the bodies to move this stuff by truck or in warehouses. we had people on today complaining they can't get the workers. we have these expanded unemployment benefits. that's one reason why.
8:50 am
>> harris: and the vaccine mandates are something that people are expressing disstain for. 360 commercial ports that serve the united states south louisiana first in cargo volume. this is all over the place. this is coast to coast. if those goods don't move for weeks, that changes the prices on things as they come in. people have been waiting for them. the demand is high. they have to way the workers to get them to go back to work. william, thank you. i don't know how the white house can ignore the picture that you giving now of what is off the coast of just long beach, california alone. thank you. >> the honeymoon is over. we are glad to see you joe biden. that's how this year started. the problem is that he put himself in a position where he
8:51 am
made big bold claims about the rest of the agenda and steps on a rake and slips on a peel and people are looking at him in a negative light. >> harris: [laughing]. describing the president falling down the stairs. some of the liberal media turning on president biden as the crises are piling up. you saw one off one of our shores here in the united states with all of those cargo goods can't get to us. van jones facing outrage from the left for speaking the truth. van jones is a republican trending on twitter. it stems from a rough few weeks for the biden administration. news headlines negative hitting biden over the jobs report and supply chain crisis and stalled spending agenda. one warning of a full-blown recession. new data shows inflation hit a 13 year high.
8:52 am
in july president biden said this. >> we have seen price increases. some folks worry this is a sign of persistent inflation. that's not our view. our experts believe and the data shows most of the price increases were expected and will be temporary. >> harris: i wonder what he means by temporary. the "new york post" calls it another biden claim proved wrong. federal reserve warns inflation may last longer than thought and biden's agenda fueled the spikes. i want to bring in the power panel. sean and leslie. leslie, you first. how in the world is the white house going to spend this? did you see all of those cargo containers? all of this is real. >> it is real. i am 30 minutes from the port of los angeles. i also spoke to should people
8:53 am
there on my radio show. there are a couple of things here, harris. some of those ships are not allowed to dock because of covid cases. that's not the majority. >> harris: no. >> right, it's not the majority. the president has said and has worked with the workers and these are union workers that they will work 24/7 to get the goods to shore and get them on trucks. i love william but when we talk about unemployment in the state of california, where that port is, the unemployment extended benefits -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> harris: do you think the shipping companies are not telling us the truth. that would be a lot of people to lie about one fact? that doesn't make sense.
8:54 am
sean? >> well, i think there are a lot of problems. this is real harris. one of the issues is once you get these containers off ships one of the problems there are no truckers to ship them across the country. from are things that biden could did to fix this. increase the hours of service for truckers to 12 hours a day and allow 18 years old to drive semi trucks. we have young men who go operate complex equipment for the military. let them drive big rigs. your point on van jones, he is a cnn analyst. he is supposed to comment on what is happening and states the obvious. most americans understand. we get the joke of how bad this is. the liberals don't want other liberals to see what the lest of us see in this failed
8:55 am
administration. he is a communist. not a republican. nor a democrat. >> harris: we will wrap it here on the "faulkner focus" and get to "outnumbered" after the commercial break. thanks for watching. veteran homeowners, mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. with home values at all time highs, now is the best time ever to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. newday usa lets you borrow 100% of your home's value and take out $50,000 or more for security today or retirement tomorrow. get the cash and peace of mind every veteran family deserves. so make the call.
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>> fox news alert on a stunning admission from katie kurric about her 2016 interview with the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. as the anchor now says she in essence covered up the liberal icon's true feelings about - - by chooser to y -t out some of ginsberg's most critical comments about it. this is outnumbered i'm kaley, i'm joined today by my cohost harris faulkner interand emily - and in the virtual seat, fox news contributor and media


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