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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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secretary pete buttigieg about the crisis. that is it for the "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid, i will be back in d.c. tomorrow. fox news prime time hosted by jesse watters starts early because i want to give him as much time as he can possibly have. >> jesse: and i want to give you some props because you right now have the number one book on amazon, right now, bret baier, congrats. >> bret: thank you, sir. >> jesse: good and welcome to "fox news primetime." i am jesse watters. tonight, we start at the gas pump, where millions of americans are running on empty as fuel prices explode under joe biden's leadership. the cost of gas has jumped well over a dollar per gallon from last year, leaving americans across the country fed up. >> it's not working. >> it's kind of one of those things, you know, if you are traveling, you know you need, it is kind of a necessity, just like water.
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>> jesse: but hey, at least they know who to blame. >> joe biden -- every time i fill it up when trump was in office, it was about $45 or $50. now on empty, takes me $120 to fill up the car, it's ridiculous, it's breaking everybody's bank. >> jesse: what is biden doing to stop the crisis crippling the economy? absently nothing. store shelves late empty as working-class americans are now forced to choose between feeling their tank and putting food in the fridge. biden and his buddies probably get their dinner delivered so why should they care if you cannot find the ingredients you need for yours? they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but now it might be the most expensive, too, as the price of bacon and eggs will now cost you nearly $2 extra a meal. and for someone making 45 gs a
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year, those prices add up pretty quickly. and with winter approaching, it is not just the cold shoulder from biden that these americans are going to feel, because the cost to heat your home could jump by as much as 50%. i hope you have some extra blankets, space heater, may be a spouse to cuddle with, because it's going to get pretty chilly. maybe joe and his cronies have been part of the political elite for so long, they don't understand the needs and concerns of the average american. just look at how white house chief of staff ron klain characterized this crisis, by re-tweeting this message calling economic problems of millions of americans high-class problems. [laughs] high-class? is the administration relay that disconnected from the working and middle-class families of this country? jen psaki sought to clarify what he meant earlier today. listen. >> i mean, it is one banana, michael, what could it cost, $10? >> jesse: sorry, wrong clip.
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but that is basically what they are saying in the oval office. here is what they really said. >> we are at this point because the unemployment rate has come down and been cut in half, because people are buying more goods, because people are traveling, and because demand is up, and because the economy is turning back on. >> jesse: so according to psaki, we are having supply chain issues because the biden economy is too successful, just like their exit from afghanistan. if that is what winning is, i would like to see what they consider losing. here is a crazy idea, how about this administration actually speaks to average americans in the country, instead of talking down to them? maybe they would find out what they really need, but that is impossible because joe never leaves delaware. and with christmas right around the corner, this is shaping up to be one hell of a holiday season. you will be cold, hungry, it will not have any gas to go see your family. so if you want presents under the christmas tree this year, or transportation secretary says
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you better start shopping now. >> i think there is always been two kinds of christmas shoppers. there is ones who have all their lists completed by halloween, and then there's people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you are in that latter bucket, obviously there is going to be more challenges. >> jesse: so cute. so it is all a joke to the biden administration, if the price of their prime rib goes up to dollars, doesn't matter. they can handle those high-class problems. but for tens of millions of americans, this is no laughing matter. people are really scared that they won't be able to provide for their families. biden has no plan on how to help you. his administration is out of ideas and clearly running on empty. just like all those gas bombs across the nation. here now, former senior advisor to president trump and america first legal founder stephen miller stephen miller. well, so first, stephen, no inflation, then it is just temporary, and that it is a high-class problem, and now inflation is a good thing.
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your response? >> so, we are truly living in one of the most astonishing moments in american history. the white house chief of staff said that runaway inflation and crippled supply chains are a high-class problem. a high-class problem is when ron klain shows up late for dinner and they run out of truffles. that is a high-class problem. and i'm sure ron is familiar with that experience. it is not a high-class problem if you can't pay your grocery bill and you are hungry, or you can't pay your heating bill and you are cold, or your kids christmas presents won't arrive until easter. those are working-class problems. they are causing suffering today. and to me, this underscores the point that president trump always made so well, which is that the elites aren't elite in the literal sense of the term, as in smart and intelligent and
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capable. this shows people who have privilege and to have power and who have position have no earthly clue what they are actually doing, and that is one of the reasons why the former president was so successful, because he kept his eye on the ball of working-class issues: wages, 401(k)s, jobs, trade, the things that actually affected regular, working families. now this administration, they are thinking about the $3.5 trillion deal, and how many plug in car installations they can afford. they are totally out of touch with what is going on in the country, and the only reason they are addressing it now is because the media said hey, guys, you might want to tackle this before you get shellacked even harder in the midterms. >> there is a term we use in politics, when we say we either have an optics problem or we have a reality problem, an optics problem if something isn't actually bad but it is made to look that way.
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a reality problem is what this administration has, and even the extraordinary messaging skills of ron klain aren't enough to get out of the reality problem. the reality problem is an inflation crisis, energy crisis, jobs crisis, afghanistan crisis, covid crisis, and a southern border crisis, and now a supply chain crisis. you can't talk your way out of it. you either fix the problems or you don't. and this shows -- flip it, endorsement ron klain has made about high-class nonsense, they're not trying to solve these problems but are making them worse. the reconciliation bill means more inflation. they are gutting i.c.e., means more illegal immigration. and joe biden has no idea whatsoever what he is going to do about the supply chain crisis, which means the essential things that you need for your family aren't going to show up until it is too late to. >> jesse: yeah, he is going to ruin christmas, and that is
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pretty much clear, you are not going to be able to fly anywhere because people are protesting the mandates, and there is going to be no presents under the tree, maybe in january they're going to get there, but it is interesting what you said about the reality crisis. they tried to address the crisis on the border, which really was a real crisis, that was reality, by hiding the kids. remember, they wouldn't let the media and the politicians in cages. then they just move the kids somewhere else, and that just made it go away. then fox flies the drone overhead and you can actually see all the haitians -- it is all about hiding and deflecting. oh, the border is fine, we've got it under control, just don't look. you can do that with inflation. >> their response was oh, my god, we have the worlds largest migrant camp illegally in the whole history of civilization, get that drone out of the sky, somebody needs to find and arrest bill melugin. that is literally their strategy
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for the border crisis because the reality is, they don't care about working people. and this is the point i really want to make. they don't care about working people. they want power and privilege for themselves, and that is ultimately what came across in that horrendous post from the chief of staff. >> jesse: yeah, you can't hide price increases from the american people. it is impossible, no matter how hard they try. stephen miller, thank you for doing "prime time" is always. >> thank you. >> jesse: with me now, former energy secretary and texas governor rick perry. all right, secretary, you remember 2014, sky high gasoline prices, you know the energy market, that just crushed barack obama. they lost the senate because of that. are you seeing similar things here in the country? >> yeah, and jesse, by the way, stephen miller is just absolutely a stunning individual when it comes to really being
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able to point out exactly what the problem is. if the guy is a genius. but here is the way i see the real problem in this country today, is that you have an administration that doesn't know how to govern, and i go back to the obama administration, a person who had been in the senate for a short period of time, never run anything, never managed anything, and i think we are seeing a replay of that with the biden administration. they -- there's four simple tenants when you talk about governing. one is you can't overtax, you can't over regulate, you've got to have a legal system that doesn't allow for over suing, and you've got to have a skilled workforce, which translates into a correctable public schools. that's it. then get out of the way. these guys don't understand that. they have the washington mind-set that washington knows best. they have never run anything.
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and the american people are paying the price. he might as well -- i am talking about ron klain here -- he might as well have gotten up and done his best marie antoinette and said "let them eat cake." >> jesse: yeah, now the cake cost $50. so, it is interesting that you say that barack obama came in pretty clueless, no experience, didn't know how to govern. that is not what we were promised with joe biden. joe biden has been there for what, four done decades in washington, senator, vp, on every single senate committee? now he is supposed to come in and be this smooth washington operator. he can't even get the basics done. you can't fly, you can't hire, you can't anything now, it is going to come seven months later. this was not the joe biden we were promised. i feel like we just got hosed here. >> i think we got a bill of goods laid on us is what we got, but the fact is we had four
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years of a president who understood how to manage things. he understood how to run a big business, to bring people in that had had the experience of running, by and large, big corporate entities, et cetera, knew how to manage -- and i think that is the real difference here. i mean, joe biden has been in the sun it. he's managed anything. he can't even manage his family. >> jesse: yeah, hunter biden manages joe's bank account. >> you've got to admit though, jesse, hunter biden is an artist. >> jesse: i'm sorry. >> a con artist. >> jesse: right. the only thing, i guess -- his paintings are inflated, too. what are they selling for, 75 gs? >> inflation, this isn't transitory, get ready, folks. >> jesse: hunter knows all about high-class problems, doesn't he, governor? >> yes, sir. >> jesse: all right, thanks for coming on "prime time."
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>> you are welcome, jesse, good to be with you brother. >> jesse: see you soon. cnn taking another beating for pushing fake news, you've got to see joe grogan right here. >> don't you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know they are lying? >> the thing is, we are going so fast, i feel like i am missing -- >> do you think that is a problem that your news network lies? >> jesse: [laughs] wow. kayleigh mcenany, mollie hemingway up next. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory.
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why? it is obvious, people don't like being lied to, they don't like fake news, and this week, finally someone besides us called them out. here's what happened when cnn's top medical contributor, dr. sanja group sanjay gupta, appeared on joe rogan's podcast. >> don't you think a lie like that is dangerous on a news network, when you know they know they are lying? >> the thing is, we are going so fast, i feel like i am missing -- >> do you think that is a problem, that your news network lies? >> no, i don't -- >> do -- >> what do they say? >> they lied about taking horst d wormer. before we get to that, does it bother you with that the news network you work for out and out light? outright lied about me taking horst d-warmer. >> they shouldn't have said that. i didn't ask. >> they did it with such glee.
4:20 pm
i watched. >> jesse: [laughs] here to react his kayleigh mcenany, author of the upcoming book "for such a time as this" and mollie hemingway, author of the new book "rigged," hot on amazon, we will get to that in a second. i want to place on jay group, a total snake, went on cnn after doing rogaine and said the complete opposite. >> he did say something about ivermectin that i think was not actually correct about cnn and lighting. ivermectin is a drug commonly used as a horse dewormer, so it is not a lie to say it is used as a horse dewormer. >> and it is not approved for covid, correct? >> correct. >> jesse: kayleigh, what a snake, just tell the truth, but he can't do it. >> yeah, you know, jesse, i used
4:21 pm
to work at cnn and saw firsthand the absolute inability to cover hillary clinton's emails and the total lies about donald trump, and here they go again. this is their m.o. and what they do. this all started back when ivermectin was accused of having gunshot victims kept from an oklahoma hospital because everyone was overdosing on ivermectin, a horse dewormer, such an alluring story because it was oklahoma, a red state, and they ran with hp oracle rolling stone did, so many other organizations, and they are continuing to now, it is a total and complete, pathetic lie, jesse. >> jesse: b21, we know the truth, they use ivermectin for human beings for -- they use a different form of it for animals that have worm infestations, it is not that complicated. i can understand it, mollie, i anyone can understand it. why did cnn have to lie about it? >> if you watch the full interview, joe rogan points out that they knew what they were
4:22 pm
saying was not true, contrary to what you just heard from don lemon, it was not that they were saying yes, this drug, for which someone won a nobel prize just six years ago because it is such an effective drug for billions of humans, also has a veterinary component, like so many drugs do. they were saying he had used a horse dewormer. that was a lie. they knew it was a lie, and he them out on it. i think it is good of him to do that, but it is important to remember it was not just cnn, npr said it come all over social media, twitter had it trending, this light that joe rogan had used a horse dewormer to treat covid. that was not true, they knew it was not true and we have an entire media ecosystem built around false narratives rather than telling the truth. >> jesse: rogan followed that up with a brilliant point, if cnn is going to lie about something as small as what medication a podcast or is taking, what else are they lying about? the election, russia, joe biden, it really makes you wonder, so i am glad we are going to talk
4:23 pm
about that now, mollie, with you, the book, it is bade, "rigged," and you break down the secret ways that big tech helped rig the selection for joe. mark zuckerberg port half a billion dollars into the election and most of the biden counties got that money. it was overwhelmingly biden counties that got it. hired a bunch of democrat activists to kind of takeovers of these state government election offices and put in charge -- i don't know, harvesting, ballot correcting, kind of a big deal. >> and remember, the 2020 election was unlike any election we have ever seen, and people knew that when they went through it. when i wrote the book, i was interested in how the media and big tech polluted the elections come of it all the changes to election laws. when i did the reporting from i
4:24 pm
was shocked by what i found, that mark zuckerberg invested $419 million in a private takeover of government election offices, not campaign funding, he was not giving money for ads or anything like that, but to take over government election offices that handle voter registration, ballot design, ballot translation, vote counting, and fed it into these largely democrat counties and swing states, so it really mattered where he was investing the money, to put left-wing armies into this election offices. that is something any reporter could find out if they looked into it and that is what we need to do rather than just talk wildly about things, but actually research what actually happened and people deserve and have a right to know. >> jesse: kayleigh, they want to get money out of politics, but not zuckerberg's box, do they? >> not zuckerberg's. him mollie, the graduations on e new book. this is the untold story,
4:25 pm
big tech in the selection, we know the media always carries the broader of the democratic party but for the first time you had organizations like twitter banning "the new york post," one of the biggest newspapers in the country for reporting the hunter biden story. i as press secretary was also banned for simply sharing the story. they colluded with big media. mollie hit the nail on the head and i am so happy you wrote this. >> jesse: we are not forgetting about your book, kayleigh. i know it is almost out -- >> it is coming up. >> jesse: i know it's going to be great to great. thank you, both. coming up, he wrote the dirty dossier, now chris steele is getting a media makeover courtesy of disney. plus, it was once a time-honored california tradition, looting the local walgreens, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: mickey mouse is at it again. just a few weeks ago,
4:31 pm
disney-owned "national geographic" gave us a documentary "fauci," a puff piece meant to resurrect the career of a guy who has been wrong about pretty much everything. now at disney-owned hulu has another super villain there trying to fit into the last supper, christopher steele, author of the dirty and very discredited dossier. the former spy sat down with george stephanopoulos for a new documentary series and is being treated as a hero for taking on trump and putin. >> he's a hero, a trader. >> christopher steele is a guy who picked a fight with two presidents: donald trump and vladimir putin. and he has lived to tell the tale. >> when you bring information to the fbi in 2016, were you acting as a patriot or paid private intelligence? i mean, this is the stuff of movies. >> jesse: i wonder whose reputation they are going to try to repair next, andrew cuomo, bill cosby, o.j.? [laughs]
4:32 pm
les asked congressman devin nunes of california. this is disney-owned, they hate trump, stephanopoulos, a clinton hack at abc, in our reality, a total scoundrel. >> jesse, i would say this, this is far beyond what i would expect them to go because you do a little research, i don't know what stephanopoulos did, but in our investigation we did, we found steele probably didn't even write these dossiers cover number one, because there was a set of predossiers that essentially had some of the same stories. now, did steele develop the infamous peepe tape that is in the promo, that is outlandish? we don't know if they are going to ask the right questions or not, but when we tried to reach out to steele's lawyers -- i say we, republicans on the intelligence committee, when we
4:33 pm
were doing the investigation, still the only real investigation, we are all waiting on a durham, he did not want to talk. the fact he is not talking and taking credit for something that has been completely discredited and laughed at, that all the people in the intelligence world that were looking at this in 2016 should have known that this was just a fraud, it did not even look like a real intelligence report. it's an embarrassment to disney, it's an embarrassment to hulu, it's an embarrassment to british government and mi6 if this guy ever worked for them, and looked, there is probably more to come. i'm sure it will be quite a comical, entertaining movie. >> jesse: i don't think they are embarrassed at all. for them, this is legacy repair. >> sure. >> jesse: this is putting a historical record down, digitally, to cover up all the dirty deeds that these guys did. so, you know, 50 years, 75 years, you look back, who was christopher steele? christopher steele is going to look like a good guy. he is going to look like a guy
4:34 pm
that took on trump, not the real dirtbag that he actually is, and when you have the power of hulu, disney backing, a polished stephanopoulos sitting there stroking himself, it legitimizes someone like this, who in any sane world would be seen as one of the dirtiest international scoundrels in the last, you know, couple decades, politically. speaking of scoundrels, i'm glad i referenced that, mccabe, your good buddy over at the doj, remember he got fired for lying and leaking. not anymore, he's going to get his pension back, the biden doj -- he's going to get cufflinks back, and they are going to scrub any mention he was fired from the fbi. >> yeah, look, this is what we expect from biden's doj. i think it was a given that they were going to do this.
4:35 pm
but that doesn't mean, to your point, didn't he can do what they want to do. the biden doj can let people off if they like. durham is still out there, and a lot of the future of this country really depends -- the department of justice and the fbi to have any support amongst conservatives or half of this country, it's going to really depends on who durham invites, and i think that is what a lot of us are waiting for. it appears like he is moving in the right direction, and hopefully he gets to finish his investigation so we can get closure for this. i agree with you, that is part of where we are in this world right now. you got basically reality, then an alternative reality that is created by the left, and it is what we deal with every day. >> jesse: durham better hurry up, a lot of pressure on that guy. i'm so happy for mccabe to get his cufflinks back. they must be very nice cufflinks. high-class problems, when you can't have your cufflinks. i'll see you later, congressman. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: san francisco totally on fire.
4:36 pm
organized retail crime out of control. the california retail association estimates millions of dollars of merchandise has just been walking off the shelves in san francisco alone. i guess crime does pay. mayor london brief -- walgreens has decided to close five stores in san francisco, a whole new meaning to the term supply chain crisis. victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and author of the dying citizen, which i have endorsed, it has my full endorsement, as donald trump would say, so vdh, these criminals are like children, going to do as much as you let them get away with, and in san francisco, california, they will let you get away with pretty much everything. what's going on there? >> you know, we always want to know what the time frame is, like critical legal theory are critical race theory or the new green new deal, and do systems
4:37 pm
collapse when they are actually tried? i think biden showed us it is about nine months. you say the new green new deal, you get $5 or $6 a gallon a gas, and for people going 100 miles and getting a fill up. if you are critical legal theory that the law is not based on, you get looting at walgreens and poor people can't fill up prescriptions or you can't drive your car to san francisco because the window will be bashed in, $900 conveniently below the $1,000 felony limit will be stolen, then people won't go to san francisco. they took, you know, a paradise and turned it into purgatory, because all these theories, when they are actually tried in the real world, and only a place like california and san francisco will go the full a wreck, the san francisco school district is $100 million -- yet what are they doing, jesse?
4:38 pm
filthy bathrooms, filthy classrooms, and they tried to rename jefferson washington lincoln, they tried to cover up or even destroy the beautiful mural of washington, and when they can't address these existential problems, they go to these extraneous issues, and nobody wanted anymore. half the people polled in san francisco want outcome and these are very liberal progressives that want out of what they once thought was paradise. >> jesse: you are right about it all, starting in the university center setting. i'm reading a book right now that talks about in africa, they gained freedom and our countries were liberated from colonial rule in the 1960s, they had all these very intelligent africans come back from european, western universities, with all these great theories about socialism and price controls and equality, then the implemented all these theories they learned in these western universities in europe to the
4:39 pm
actual countries that they were supposed to be in charge of, and what happened? every single african country that they tried that with, it just spiraled into negative growth, chaos, and destruction. and it took them decades to figure out they just needed to reverse it. >> and remember, people like nancy pelosi or dianne feinstein or gavin newsom, these ideas they embraced, their kids and grandkids go to prep school and are isolated, live in gated communities, so this is all an experiment on the lower and middle classes and they are always immune from the consequences of their own bankrupt ideologies. >> jesse: that's true, they live in those gated communities. we reported last week that nancy pelosi owns 16 acres and a very nice neighborhood out there, and is obviously fenced in, but you know, doesn't matter. people fighting over crumbs, not her problem. vdh has a new book out, i want everyone to check it out. thank you for coming on "primetime," as always. >> thank you, jesse.
4:40 pm
>> jesse: coming up, opening shots fired in the war on christmas. also going after halloween and valentine's day, too. not valentine's day. is any holiday safe from the left? ♪ ♪ on it. -on it. on it, with jardiance. meet the people who are managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk with jardiance. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. jardiance also lowers a1c. and it may help you lose some weight. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction,
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: last night, we brought you a story of a seattle area school that canceled halloween because it's racist. good news, though, we are sending all of those kids candy courtesy of fox, the good stuff like the big kit kats, but now it looks like we have to send another care package to east lansing, michigan, we just learned half a dozen schools have canceled halloween, valentine's day come and are considering canceling christmas, too. a group of principals in the town explain this: along with a flood of halloween parties and parades, we have students who do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in festivities. the letter also claims valentine's day celebrations must be canceled because they can cause "classroom drama and teasing" peter [laughs] joining me now, fellow
4:46 pm
foot soldier in the war on christmas matt walsh, host of "the mat will show." matt, life is drama and i think may be some grade school kids could maybe use a little drama so they don't, you know, go to high school and they have their face melt off. it is okay to have a little drama in elementary school. wouldn't you agree? >> yeah, i'd say so, although i have to admit -- i don't mean to be a traitor here, but as far as the war, i am actually a member of the war on valentine's day, i'm okay with that one because that is a holiday invented by greedy card companies. but the other ones, you would think especially in this environment, the left would embrace halloween all the more because a lot of kids are wearing masks, that is part of the cost and from and it would be fine with that. what you see here, this idea we have to be inclusive but every time we hear about inclusiveness, we are getting rid of things, rather than actually including things, we are including people in
4:47 pm
celebrations, just erasing them, erasing the things people enjoy doing, and that is the way it works with politically correct culture and inclusiveness, a negation of something. >> jesse: when you are in that age group, one of the most exciting things is wearing a costume to school, eating candy in school, it founds you to the other students and the teachers, and then christmas, people get into the spirit, they draw little reindeer, it's exciting. i know you are anti-valentine's day, but when some girl gives you a little candy heart, matt, it can really melt your heart. >> you know, i never got the candy hearts in school, so that is probably why i hold a grudge. but look, they also say, hey, we can have this holiday because some people don't celebrate it. well, when you get out into the world, people are doing things and celebrating things that maybe you are not a part of. isn't this also where tolerance comes into play?
4:48 pm
maybe you need to learn to be tolerant of these celebrations are not part of the air if i don't know if that is a possibility. >> jesse: it's all now about warning about kids who might have an uncomfortable emotion because he doesn't like his particular costume, and we don't want to have any kid feel an uncomfortable emotion because we have to protect these people because uncomfortable emotions might kill them, and that is what is wrong with this country, protecting kids from uncomfortable emotions. how about if that resilience, right? a little resilience could help you succeed in life. >> when you have one person -- this is the way it works, one person is uncomfortable, 99 people are uncomfortable, but we have to get rid of the thing 99 people like for the sake of one, and that is not how the actual world works. i know the left wants to make the world work that way but it can't and it never actually will, so you are not preparing kids to live in the real-world. >> jesse: >> jesse: last night, i don't know if you saw
4:49 pm
the show, but we told you about liz warren's new show called "pinky promise," and about a liy who keeps being told she can't do things because she is just a little girl, but then she meets the failed presidential candidate and fake indian liz warren and her whole life changes. could you imagine if donald trump wrote a children's book about a struggling young man whose life turned around when they met donald trump? >> it is -- it's incredibly self-serving. my favorite kids book growing up, one of my favorite was called "the indian in the cupboard," so she missed an opportunity here to expand on that series, i guess. also, i always have to bring this up. any time we get this girl power stuff from the left and anyone like elizabeth warren, you are saying this is all about empowering girls. the question i would like to ask elizabeth warren, what is a girl? can you even tell us? can you define what that is?
4:50 pm
that's a follow-up question i would like for someone to ask. >> jesse: she is too gender binary, and shame on her, she should know better. matt walsh from "the mat will show," thank you so much. don't go anywhere, carley shimkus is here, she is a real girl, and she is going on the clock next. ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: welcome back, everybody. just a few minutes back in the show. time to put carley shimkus on the clock, four stories, 60 seconds each, let the emojis be our guide. first topic, the rolling stones no filter tour has been filtered, the band no longer playing one of its greatest hits, "brown sugar," because people are mad at the lyrics. listen. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ brown sugar ♪♪ >> jesse: society, whatever that is, says this 1970s classic has to go, but songs like "f the police" have to say.
4:56 pm
make sense? >> you make a good point, jesse. >> jesse: some people say i do have good points. >> i had to look at the lyrics -- >> jesse: have you ever heard of the rolling stones? >> in my research of the song, the sun came out a couple years before you were born, came out eight years before you were born. it is before my time, i was wondering if it was before yours. than i had to google a translated version of the lyrics because i am not a lyricist, they speak poetry, i speak prose, and i learned it was about the horrors of slavery -- >> jesse: historical fact. >> my point on this, it talks about the accurate good versus evil, the only people that should have a problem with that are slave owners, and if they don't like the song come i'm okay with that. >> jesse: we don't have a lot of those in our country. you can't cancel mick jagger. on the way out, taking a whole city down with him. the mayor running late to
4:57 pm
meetings, destroying businesses with his vax mandates and making last-minute changes. say goodbye to the thomas jefferson statue. it's been there for two centuries, carley! >> okay, what mayor de blasio probably does not know is when thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence, he changed john locke's "life, liberty, property" to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," all men are created equal, the declaration of independence became an abolitionist document. >> jesse: i don't think de blasio knows that. how does carley shimkus know what the mayor does not know? >> a weird insult. >> jesse: a mayor of the biggest city in the country. no offense intended. moving on, pop singer kesha, i did not know how to announce
4:58 pm
that until carly explained it, has a new job, going ghost hunting. her new series on discovery plus is going to get a little weird because castro says see is a spectro-sexual, someone who has sexy times -- >> that was new for me. i didn't even know his name, he was a ghost. >> jesse: can't get pregnant that way. >> no time for small talk, not like what is your name, what century were you born? i think there are a couple of missed opportunities. >> jesse: did not even buy her a drink, just went right to it. >> exactly. >> jesse: showed she did not get tangled up in a bunch of sheets. >> i would want to show a ghost when a microwave was. like, how easy is it -- >> jesse: i would probably
4:59 pm
kill the ghost in the microwave. have you watched "ghostbusters?" you haven't? a wife got fed up with her husband for not cleaning the fish tank, she decided to fry the aquatic pet in the pan. one of the most extensive aquarium fish in the entire world. it can cost 300 gs. >> $300,000. >> jesse: you women, no respect. >> you can't include me in this. also, why would you recklessly spend $300,000 on a fish? >> jesse: that is what guys do. it is a guy thing. >> it really is horrifying she got so mad, she fried his pet and then made him eat it, is that what happened? >> jesse: she made him eat -- >> i don't know! >> jesse: she served him the pet as dinner and he didn't know it was his pet? >> apparently that is the story. >> jesse: that is one expensive fish.
5:00 pm
300,000? that's a lot. all right, carley, if i offended you, i'm sorry. >> thank you for involving me. i'm over it. >> jesse: not a spectro-sexual, just want to clear that up. thanks for watching "fox news primetime," we will be out tomorrow, and the book is still available, "how i saved the world." my friend tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in january of 2000, bill clinton gave his final state of the union address to congress. clinton used that speech to push for dropping trade barriers against the government of china. here is the argument he made. allowing china into the world trade organization, clinton promised america, would "open china's markets to the united states" and "plainly advance the


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